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135 Years

Volume 136 Issue 22 Friday, August 10, 2018 90 cents plus tax

INSIDE Fifteen Years of Rockin’ The Fields

this week
Voiced Over
Joint Landfill

Waves of
Chilliwack rocks the Main Stage during opening night of Rockin’ the Fields 2018.

the turnout. “I am very were just looking to make ready sold pre-sale tickets
Photo by Hillary Miller

back to their classic-rock

pleased with how every- sure that everybody knew for next year,” Brian said roots, which was obvious-

If your
T he fifteenth annual
Rockin’ the Fields
of Minnedosa was host-
thing transpired”, he said.
Wenham said that the
actual numbers for the fes-
that they were there, and
that they were here to keep
everybody safe.”
enthusiastically. “We have
a lot of people looking for-
ward to coming back and
ly a wise move. They did,
however, have some more
modern-classic bands
reads ed on the shore of Lake tival are still unavailable, RFM organizers have doing it all over again.” He playing on Saturday eve-
Minnedosa last weekend, but that he could tell there received some feedback hopes that next year, RFM ning including Buck Cher-
18/08/31 and was a huge success. were more people than from attendees of this can grow again to be even ry and Three Days Grace.
It’s time to With a bigger crowd last year, and there were year’s music festival. A lot a greater success than in Wenham noted, “I think
renew your than they have seen in no major incidents. “We of positive comments from the past. probably Saturday was one
recent years, RFM Board had a great turnout and re- fans who had a great time, This year, the board of our biggest days, and it
President Brian Wenham lationship with the RCMP,” and are looking forward listened to the fans and was received really well.”
Call 867-3816 was very pleased with he said. “They (RCMP) to next year. “We have al- made the decision to go Continued on Page 7

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