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Growth in Berlin during Brexit

27 Jul 2018

Growth in Berlin during Brexit

German properties continue to grow during Brexit. Even the rentals are constantly growing in the city and
property is rather unaffordable for the local buyers. Germany offered easy citizenships to Britons during Brexit,
although, the country does not allow dual citizenships. It is treating Britons as citizens during the transaction
phase and there are provisions where the people who lived for more than 5 years in the country will be given
the settled status and citizenship benefits such as pensions and healthcare. During Brexit, Berlin is offering
opportunities in commercial investment where rents are growing for the small and midsize tenants. The
markets of Germany are transparent as compared to China. China growth declined from 7 to 4.5 per cent in
2017, and in the US, the home prices rose 6.3 per cent in 2017, where, Seattle showed the highest growth of
12.7 per cent – as per Knight Frank reports.

Investment inflow in Germany

BR-NAS bought office space for 30 million euros in Germany Düsseldorf and Essen. Finnish fund Ilmarinen
invested in Berlin, Amsterdam and US. Deutsche Industries bought three industrial properties in Berlin –
(Schleiz on Munich mototway, Bremen and Lower Saxony, Shortens for 8.05 billion euros). Dentan entered a
partnership with real estate company René Dubois to enhance business in Germany real estate. Swiss
company Swiss Life will buy Berlin-based BEOS to enhance its branches in mixed real estate business –
office space, manufacturing and logistics. Singapore wealth fund bought properties in GIC Pte, bought
properties in TechnoCampus Berlin with the partnership of local company for a project that transforms aging
buildings to office space.

Germany property fund investment increased in 2017 by 50 per cent and there are at least 13 German open
ended funds targeting institutional investors and private investors to invest in the country to gain during Brexit
volatility (as evaluated by Scope). In 2017, the total investment in Germany was 2.3 billion euro.
Inflation rose by at least 80 per cent in the leading cities of Germany in the past decade as per the statistics
released by the Deutsche Bank. The apartment rates in Munich doubled, while, in Hamburg it is growing at the
rate of 70 per cent. Germany is showing some of the highest growth, while, UK properties are slowing in
some regions. Hong Kong and Vancouver are other growing cities. Low interest rates, more jobs and growth
in population in the top cities are the key reasons for the rise in property prices leading to shortage where the
city such as Munich population grew several thousands in comparison to the available house units in
Germany. In Berlin, the prices grew 20 per cent y-o-y and on an average, the rates of properties in Frankfurt,
Munich and Hamburg grew 13 per cent in the last year.

Germany office space prices are growing and the price of commercial real estate in Germany sub markets
also increased. The growing demand from investors has led to the rise in price of office space three times in
five years. The welcoming visa and settlement options increased inflow of young tech workers in the country.

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