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Article with research questions

Ser Title Research Question

1. Evaluating English 1. Is it possible to evaluate the quality of English
translations of ancient chinese translations of an ancient chines poem objectively?
poetry with special reference 2. If objectivity is possible, how can the quality of
to image schemas and English translation of an ancient chinese poem be
foregrounding evaluated with special reference to image schema
and foregrounding?
3. Can a framework be made for objectively
evaluating poetry translation from a stylistic
2. The relevance of 1. What strategies can be used in rendering marked
foregrounding in translation: structure in a related English argumentative text of
Literarily text in focus this study?
2. What is the frequency of usage in each kind of
marked structure in a related English
argumentative text of this study and its translations
into Persian?
3. Style in translation: a 1. Whether literature has language of its own?
comparative stylistic analysis 2. How literature could be useful in studying
of the sand child by Tahar language?
Ben Jelloun 3. What extent could the translator be successfully
able to transfer the stylistic
dimensions of the text without neglecting the
meanings embedded in the style choices?
4. If the translator ability to transform the style of the
original author would implicitly or explicitly
transfer the meaning embedded in those stylistic
features of the original text?
4. Repetition in literary Arabic: 1. How to come to translate a text that consists of
foregrounding, backgrounding several parts by several translators?
and translation strategies
5. The role of grammatical and 1. Do L2 readers demonstrate a foregrounding/
lexical aspect of backgrounding effect of aspectual
foregrounding of the events information during narrative comprehension? If so,
does L2 proficiency play a role
in this process?
2. Does grammatical aspect influence L2
foregrounding/ backgrounding during
narrative comprehension, and if so, is there an
effect of L2 proficiency?
3. Does lexical aspect have an impact on L2
foregrounding/ backgrounding in
narrative comprehension, and if so, does L2
proficiency have an influence on this
4. Finally, is there an interaction between
grammatical and lexical aspect in the
foregrounding/ backgrounding of aspectual
information in narrative
comprehension, and does L2 proficiency have an
impact on this interaction?