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Pre-Midterm Examination on Understanding Culture, Society,

and Politics 5. The spread of cultural attributes from one culture to another through
contact between different cultural groups
Name: Grade/Strand: a. assimilation
b. diffusion
Instructions: Encircle the letter of the correct answer.
c. acculturation
Avoid erasures. 2 points each
d. enculturation

1. It is an interaction among people where they can share a common

6. A process whereby we recognize or gain better understanding of
already existing elements in the environment
a. culture
a. invention
b. society
b. innovation
c. politics
c. discovery
d. anthropology
d. creation

2. It encompasses all social aspects including language, customs,

7. A cultural modification of an individual or group of people by
values, norms, mores, beliefs, education, etc.
adapting to or borrowing traits from another culture
a. culture
a. acculturation
b. society
b. enculturation
c. politics
c. assimilation
d. anthropology
d. globalization

3. It happens when the rulers of a country lose power or when the type
8. The process by which members of an ethnic minority group lose
of government changes
their cultural characteristics that distinguish them from the dominant
a. election day
cultural group
b. cultural change
a. acculturation
c. local change
b. enculturation
d. political change
c. assimilation
d. globalization
4. It is the transformation of social institutions over time.
a. political change
9. It is when one parent or both parents lives and works in another
b. social change
country while the children remain in their country of origin
c. cultural change
a. migration
d. diversity
b. localization
c. refugees
d. transnational families
15. The theory of William Ogburns which states that material culture
10. It is the use or involvement of a volunteer or free labor in a changes faster than non-material culture
community services a. cultural anthropology
a. local public services b. cultural relativism
b. community involvement c. cultural lag
c. youth encounter d. culture-specific syndrome
d. volunteerism

11. It is the central concept in the study of social change and refers to ESSAY: 10 points each
social patterns resulting from industrialization
a. globalization 1. Why is it important to know the similarities and diversities of
b. socialization cultures and societies?
c. colonization
d. modernization 2. How are culture, society, and politics manifested in everyday life?

12. He equates modernization to the increasing presence of fast food

businesses in common social institutions and thereby coined the
concept of McDonaldization of Society
a. Max Weber “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their
b. Karl Marx dreams.”—Eleanor Roosevelt
c. George Ritzer
d. Emile Durkheim ***GOD BLESS***

13. The branch of social science that deals with the study of government
and how they work
a. economics
b. political science
c. geography
d. sociology

14. A field of anthropology that deals with the study of the customary
patterns in human behaviour, thoughts, and feelings
a. biological anthropology
b. linguistic anthropology
c. cultural anthropology
d. archaeology