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A. Choose the verb in the parentheses that agrees with the subject. Write your
answers on your paper.
1. Pet owners (treat, treats) their pets well.
2. Before the advent of motor vehicles, the horse (was, were) the fastest means of
transportation on land.
3. In some parts of the country, horse drawn rig (seem, seems) to be still a common
means of transport.
4. Marionne (drive, drives) a banca.
5. Either my Mom or my Dad (know, knows) how to use the Internet.
6. Most animals in the zoo (was, were) rescued from the wild.
7. The ruthless usually (dislike, dislikes) taking care of animals.
8. Mr. and Mrs. Del Fonso (tend, tends) to travel around the Philippines every

B. Work with a partner and compose your own sentences using the following pairs of
subject and verb in a sentence. Be sure to observe rules in subject-verb agreement.
1. Neither the soldiers nor the master- believe
2. Either the pupils or Mrs. Price- ridicule
3. Belle or the Beast- dance
4. Alden and Yaya Dub- love
5. She- allow

C. Choose the correct verb in the parentheses to complete the sentence and then
write your answer on a piece of paper.
1. Mrs. Hulipas (teach, teaches) her pupils well.
2. The pupils (learn, learns) much from her.
3. The MAPEH Teacher (teach, teaches) beautiful songs to her class.
4. sing the songs.
5. The coach (explain, explains) the techniques in singing.
6. My pupils (is, are) excited to visit the National Museum.
7. My parents (own, owns) a small piggery.
8. My younger brother (work, works) as a nurse in the U.S.
9. He (drive, drives) his own car to work.
10. Andrei (study, studies) his lesson with his father.
with his father.
11. Byron (clean, cleans) his room every weekend.
12. We all (live, lives) in a world full of wonders.
13. I can (show, shows) you the world.
14. Volunteers (donate, donates) books at Bakakeng Elementary School.
15. James and Nadine (visit, visits) the orphanage.