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P.O.Box: 47359 SECTION 01 88 15 ‘Abu Dhabi - UAE. SEISMIC ANCHORAGE AND BRACING PART | GENERAL 11 SUMMARY ‘A. Section includes requirements for seismic anchorage and bracing for equipment and nonstructural components required in accordance with the Intemational Building Code (IBC) including, but not limited to the following: 1. Seismic restraints for isolated equipment and components. 2. Seismic restraints for non-isolated equipment and components. 3. Seismic restraints for distribution systems including fire protection systems. ‘Components buried underground are excluded, but entry of services through the foundation wall is included. Static analysis of seismic restraint designs. Centification of seismic restraint designs. Quality Assurance Plan and Special Inspections of seismic systems. Design of intemal components and associated seismic anchorage for assemblies qualifying as non-building structures as defined by ASCE 7. 1.2 DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS A. General: 1. Contractor is responsible for designing code required seismic attachments, braves, components, and anchors to the structure for elements of the mechanical, electrical, and other systems included in the Work in accordance with this section and the Contract documents. B, Design Requirements: 1. Inaccordance with 2009 IBC and therein referenced ASCE 7. 2. Design and detail bracing and anchorage of mechanical, electrical and other nonstructural systems, components, and permanently attached elements according to the requirements of the Code and ASCE 7. 3. Equipment, Packaged Equipment, and Packaged Systems: Equipment ‘manufacturers and packaged equipment suppliers to supply vibration isolation, seismic restraints, and certifications required for installation and operation of their specific eq 4, Seismic anchorage and bracing systems that will be ficld installed shall. be designed by a qualified Professional Engineer registered in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.B), 5. Seismic anchorage and bracing systems may supplement but not replace noise isolation devices, vibration isolation devices and general supports required by contract documents. 6, Design seismic attachments, braces, and anchorage for parts or elements of the mechanical and electrical systems shown on drawings, and described in the ‘Seismic Anchorage ‘August 2017 ‘ona Data Cente Ps 4,5 & 6 Ab Dhabi Se 501 8 15-Page 1 pev1128057_2 specification, and as required below in accordance with the provisions of the IBC and ASCE 7 and according to Component Project site design criteria. C. Items are exempt from seismic design and restraint only as identified by the Code. 13 COORDINATION REQUIREMENTS A. Support and Seismic Restraint of Equipment: L Installation and seismic details for equipment shall be provided by the equipment ‘manufacturer to ensure equipment anchorage and support systems are suitable for equipment, seismic, and wind requirements. Drawings and calculations are to be sealed by a Professional Engineer. Equipment Manufacturer is to test or analyze the equipment with consideration to the mounting system or anchorage and submit the instalation details and a Certificate of Compliance for equipment for review and acceptance. Install and restrain equipment in accordance with the engineered details. A Special Inspector shall verify that installation of equipment conforms to installation details and Certification of Compliance. B. Support and Seismic Bracing of Distribution Systems: PART 2 PRODUCTS 2.1 GENERAL. Engage a Professional Engineer for design of the seismic restraints in accordance with the specifications. Drawings and calculations shall be sealed by a Professional Engineer. Support and brace ition systems including but not limited to piping, fire protection, conduits, and HVAC ductwork systems and components in accordance with drawings and specifications. ‘A Special Inspector shall verify that installation of distribution systems conforms to the supporting documentation, details, and plans. ‘A. Attachments and supports transferring seismic loads to structure shall be constructed of ‘materials and products suitable for the application and be designed and constructed in accordance with the design criteria shown on Drawings and nationally recognized standards, B. Provide anchor bolts, and concrete and masonry anchors for anchorage of equipment in concrete or masonry, Size of anchor bolts and anchors, and required minimum embedment and spacing shall be based on the submitted calculations. C. Powder actuated fasteners and sleeve anchors shall not be used for seismie attachments ‘and anchorage where resistance to tension loads is required. Expansion anchors, other than undercut anchors, shall not be used for non-vibration-isolated mechanical equipment rated over 10 hp. Avs 2017 Seimie Anchorage Khaz Data Centre Pods 4,58 6 Abu Dia aes $01 66 15-Page2 pei 128957_2 PART 3 EXECUTION 3.1 GENERAL A Make seismic attachments, bracing, and anchorage in such a manner that component seismic force is transferred to the lateral force resisting system of the structure through a ‘complete load path. Seismic anchorage/bracing system is to provide restraint in all directions, including vertical, for each component or system so anchored, Components mounted on vibration isolation systems are to have snubbers in each horizontal direction and vertical restraints where required to resist overturning. Anchor piping in such a manner as to ensure piping system has adequate flexibility and expansion capabilities at flexible connections and expansion joints. Tall and narrow equipment such as motor control centers and telemetry equipment are to be anchored at the base and within 300 mm (12 inches) from the top of the equipment, unless approved otherwise by Employer . ‘Mechanical and electrical components shall not be attached to more than one element of the building structure, where the elements may move differently during a seismic event Such attachments shall not be made across building expansion and contraction joints. 32 INSTALLATION ‘A. Do not install components or their seismic anchorages or bracing prior to review and acceptance by Employer and permitting agency. B. __ Notify Employer within one week of completion of seismic anchorage/bracing, August 2017 sama Dts Cate Pod 5 26 Dai Seisie Anchonge | sor a8 15-Page3 peu 128957_2 SUBMITTAL SCHEDULE @ z ITEM NO. SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENT 2 AS INDICATED. 01 88 15-01 | Contractor to submit a leter indicating recognition | X | Within2 weeks after award and understanding of the Component Project of Contract. ___| seismic reauirements as specified herein. | 01 88 15-02 | Shop Drawings: ‘No less than 4 weeks in 1. Submit shop drawings with supporting advance of installation of calculations component equipment o 2. Submitted anchorage drawings and eee calculations ere identified as IBC deferred : Submits and willbe submited to and accepted by permitting agency by Contractor prior to installation of component, equipment or distribution system. 3. Manufacturers’ engineered seismic hardware product data 4. Seismic attachment assemblies’ drawing: include connection hardware, braces, nd anchors or anchor bolts for nonexempt components, equipment, and systems. Submittals will be rejected if proposed anchorage method would ereate an overiresed condition of Supporting member. Revise anchorages and strengthening of structural support so there is no overstressed condition 01 88 15-05 | Seismic Anchorage and Bracing Calculations No less than 4 weeks in 1. Include TBC and Component Project advance of installation of specific criteria as noted on General component, equipment or Structural Nobo Sheets on Drawing, ia. distribution system to be audition to manufacturer's specific et anchored to structure. used for the design; sealed by a Professional Engineer. 2. Manufacturers seismie hardware instalation requirements. END OF SECTION hae temadeCemenresacaminan — | Staab | sora. pew 128957_2