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Charity Empathy Idealism ▲ Patience

Compassion Fidelity Innocence ▲ Tolerance
Confidence Fortitude Justice ▲ Valour
Determination Honesty Loyalty ▲ Wisdom
Character: _____________ Discipline Honour Mercy ▲ Zeal

Bree-land (1-25) The Shire (1-16) Ered Luin (1-15) North Downs (22-26)
Exploration: Exploration: Exploration: Exploration:
The Barrow-downs ▲ The Farms of the Shire (L 7) ▲ Elf-Ruins Exploration ▲ Strongholds Exploration
The Old Forest ▲ The Sights of the Shire Places of the Dwarves ▲ The Eastern Ruins ▲
The Ruins of Bree-land ▲ Reputation: Rath Teraig Exploration The Villages of the Earth-Kin ▲
Lore: No Place for Spoiled Pies ▲ Scouting the Dourhands The Western Ruins ▲
Lore of the Cardolan Prince ▲ Restoring the Quick Post (L 6) ▲ Reputation: Reputation:
Flowers of the Old Forest Shire Brew-master Avenger of Sarnúr Of Glories Long Past (Adv) (Final)
The History of the Dúnedain The Life of a Bounder (Adv) (Final) Ally of Ered Luin Slayer:
Reputation: Slayer: Defender of Ered Luin Goblin-Slayer Adv ▲
Bree-land Adventurer (Adv) (Final) Brigand-Slayer Adv Hero of Ered Luin Orc-Slayer Adv
Slayer: Goblin-Slayer Adv ▲ Slayer: Redeemer Adv
Barghest-Slayer Adv Harvest-fly Slayer Adv Brigand-Slayer Adv Troll-Slayer Adv
Bree-land Woodsman Adv Slug-Slayer Adv Goblin-Slayer Adv ▲ Warg-Slayer Adv
Brigand-Slayer Adv Spider-Slayer Adv Hendroval-Slayer Adv Worm-Slayer Adv
Neekerbeeker-Slayer Adv Wolf-Slayer (L 7) Adv Spider-Slayer Adv ▲
Orc-Slayer Adv ▲ Wolf-Slayer Adv
Sicklefly-Slayer Adv Betrayer's Bane (Sarnur) Adv
Spider-Slayer Adv Master of Beasts (L40) (Sarnur) Adv
Wight-Slayer Adv Troll Kicker (Sarnur) Adv ▲
Brood-hunter (HI) Adv ▲
Grave-digger (HI) Adv
Nemesis of the Fallen (HI) Adv

Lone-land (16-32) Trollshaws (32-40) Misty Mountains (38-50) Evendim (32-38)
Exploration: Exploration: Exploration: Exploration:
Defences of the Lone-lands Ruins of the Trollshaws ▲ Goblin-town Ruins of Evendim
Garth Agarwen Explorations (L 30) The Road to Rivendell Ruins of the Misty Mountains ▲ Tombs of Evendim
The Grimfens The Wilds of Tâl Bruinen The Forbidding Heights Wilds of Evendim ▲
Weathertop Exploration ▲ Reputation: The High Passes ▲ The City of the Kings (Ann)
Reputation: Brave Deeds/Wilderness (Adv) (Final) Where Giants Dwell Reputation:
Tales of the Lonely Road (Adv) (Final) Slayer: Lore: Wanderer of Evendim
Slayer: Crawler-Slayer Adv Bilbo's Buttons Pilgrim of Evendim (Adv)
Bog-Lurker Slayer Adv Giant-Slayer Adv Reputation: Warden of Evendim (Final)
Craban-Slayer Adv Troll-Slayer Adv ▲ Perils of the Mountains (Adv) (Final) Slayer:
Goblin-Slayer Adv ▲ Wight-Slayer Adv Slayer: Gauradan-Slayer Adv
Orc-Slayer Adv ▲ Wolf-Slayer Adv Bear-Slayer Adv Giant-Slayer Adv
Spider-Slayer Adv Worm-Slayer Adv ▲ Giant-Slayer Adv ▲ Goblin-Slayer Adv
Troll-Slayer Adv Snow-Beast Slayer Adv Kergrim-Slayer Adv ▲
Warg-Slayer Adv Troll-Slayer Adv ▲ Limrafn-Slayer Adv
Wight Slayer Adv KEY: Warg-Slayer Adv Salamander-Slayer Adv
Worm-Slayer Adv Tomb-Defender Adv
Brutes from the North (Ann) Adv
Ann Annuminas Leaders of the Invasion (Ann) Adv
HI Haudh Iarchith Spirits Aiding Angmar (Ann) Adv ▲
Invaders from Angmar (Ann) Adv ▲

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Charity Empathy Idealism ▲ Patience Compassion Fidelity Innocence ▲ Tolerance Confidence Fortitude Justice ▲ Valour Determination Honesty Loyalty ▲ Wisdom Character: _____________ Discipline Honour Mercy ▲ Zeal Angmar (38-50) Eregion Moria Moria Lower Deeps Exploration: Collection: Exploration: Exploration: Bastions of Hope ▲ Ring-lore of Eregion In The Footsteps of the Fellowship The Flaming Deeps ▲ The Circle of Despair Exploration: Bulwarks of the Enemy ▲ The Foundations of Stone ▲ The Road to War Dens of the Beasts ▲ Slayer: The Redhorn Lodes ▲ Enemys Stronghold (Carn Dum) ▲ The Ring Goes South Deep-Claw Slayer Adv ▲ The Waterworks ▲▲ The City of Orcs (Urugarth) The Ruins of Eregion ▲ Dragonette Slayer Adv ▲ Reputation: Reputation: Reputation: Goblin Slayer Adv (Int) (Adv) (Final) Marching into Shadow (Adv) (Final) (Int) (Adv) (Final) Globsnaga Slayer Adv Slayer: Slayer: Slayer: Grodbog Slayer Adv Glow-worm Slayer (DD) Adv ▲ Angmarim-Slayer Adv Craban Slayer Adv Morroval Slayer Adv Leaders of the Nameless (DD) Adv ▲ Orc-Slayer Adv ▲ Dunlending Slayer Adv Nameless Slayer Adv Nameless Slayer (DD) Adv ▲ Troll-Slayer Adv Half-orc Slayer Adv Orc Slayer Adv Eyes of the Enemy (FG) Adv Uruk-Slayer Adv Lizard and Crawler Slayer Adv Spider Slayer Adv ▲ Heart of the Enemy (FG) Adv Warg-Slayer Adv Uruk Captians of Eregion Troll Slayer Adv Strength of the Enemy (FG) Adv Wight-Slayer Adv Wolf and Warg Slayer Adv Warg Slayer Adv Blinded by Fire (KD) Adv Worm-Slayer Adv ▲ Mercenaries of White Hand (Lib) Adv Worm Slayer Adv ▲▲ Orcs of the Forge (KD) Adv ▲ Allies of the Enemy (BG) Adv The Pale Followers (Lib) Adv Beasts of the Grand Stair (GS) Adv Overseers of the Forge (KD) Adv Allies of the Enemy (BG) Adv Scholars from Angmar (RF) Adv Brutes of the Grand Stair (GS) Adv Slaves to the Forge (KD) Adv The Dead that Live (BG) Adv Soldiers of the Enemy (RF) Adv Followers of Igash (GS) Adv ▲ The Blighted Ones (Sk) Adv The Angmarim of Carn Dum Adv Warriors of the Enemy (School) Adv ▲ Tamers of the Vile Wargs (GS) Adv The Corpse-Beasts (Sk) Adv The Orcs of Carn Dum Adv Villains of the Grand Stair 1 (GS) Adv Corpse-Eaters (Sk) Adv The Ancient Evil of Carn Dum Adv Villains of the Grand Stair 2 (GS) Adv The Horrors with Many Legs (Sk) Adv The Trolls of Carn Dum Adv ▲ The Hounds of Skumfil (Sk) Adv The Champions of Carn Dum Adv ▲ KEY: Leaders of the Hive (Sk) Adv Beasts of Urugrath Adv ▲ The Arms of the Watcher (VM) Adv The Champions of Urugrath Adv 16 16th Hall FT The Forgotten Treasury RF Ring-forge The Orcs of Urugarth Adv The Trolls of Urugarth Adv ▲ BG Barad Gularan GS The Grand Stairs Sk Skumfil DD Dark Delvings KD Forges of Khazad-dum WM The Vile Maw FG Fil Gashan Lib The Library Forochel Lothlórien Moria Central Halls Moria Upper Levels Exploration: Exploration: Exploration: Exploration: Battle for Forochel ▲ Wanderer of the Golded Wood The Great Delving The Cliffs of Zirakzigil Ancient Stones of Forochel ▲ City of the Lord and Lady ▲ Nud-melek Eastern Durin's Way Reputation: Slayer: The Silvertine Lodes Western Durin's Way Forced Expeditionary (Adv) (Final) Beast-slayer Adv Zelem-melek Reputation: Slayer: Orc-slayer Adv Reputation: (Adv) (Final) Dourhand Slayer Adv (Adv) (Final) Gauradan Slayer Adv Slayer: Grim Slayer Adv Carriers of the Blight (16) Adv ▲ Iron Crown Slayer Adv Fallen to Blight (16) Adv ▲ Sabre-tooth Slayer Adv Orcs of the 16th Hall (16) Adv ▲ Worm Slayer Adv ▲ Corruptions in Command (16) Adv ▲ Defilers of the (FT) Adv Intruders in the Vault (FT) Adv © 2009 Draznar. 2008 .net All rights reserved Corrections: Last modified May 07.