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Aluminum Design Manual PARTI Specification for Aluminum Structures @ ' ‘Specitication for Aluminum Structures FOREWORD ‘The ist edition ofthe Speciation for Aluminum Stractre was published in November, 1967, followed hy subsequent edi in 197, 1996, 1982, 1986, 1998, 2000, 200, 2010, and 2013. This 100 eon ofthe Specification, developed 5 8 ‘onsenss doce, cles new o revised prvisinsconceming + material speciation (3.1) “modulus flasticity.compressine ye strength and shear ultimate strength (A..1) * casaloy sens (A333) “etfocve nt aca 03.2) + el compression member beklingstongth(E2) “ alematve meted or deiermining columa and beam eli strengts (2,21) * eral stength(F:1,F2,F3.F4) + shea in webs supported on one ege (6.3) + ea strengs of ros (6.5) * shear and sina sbengts (0.1, 12) * welded connections 0.2) ‘sips conection (13.7) “pins 6) * abrcation of ees (M2 Mt) + comact with isnt materials (M7) * gal contol nd ait asurance (Chapter 8) ‘esting Appendic 1) *atgue (Append 3) ‘The Aluminum Asscition gratefully acknowledges the efor oF the Engineering Advisory Commitee in developing the Speciation “THE ALUN ASSOCUTION ENONERNG ADVISORY COMMITTEE Steve Sunday, leva Ine, Char Robert E Abend owe Saw University “Tony Aadecson, ITH Welding North America Joseph Bown, Hapco American Flag Frank Arm, Linco lectricCa, “erence Cavanagh FIC ond Associates, ne. “Taya Dolby, Kawneer Company, ne aren C. Cho, Northvestrn Uniersiy ‘Randy Kissel, The TOB Parership CCymia Eber Larson Engineering he. (George Ove, Bneos Crm. Michael Fldbers, Vlnons Inui, ne Gerald Oniso0, CST Covers Ande J. lake, Wyle ‘Toman Pek, Cornell Unversity James LaBelle, Conputericed Sutra Design Frank Shoup, Aleoa Inc LeRoy Luv, ConpuertedSisctaral Design Robert W. Walton, Consultant Kon Wales, Pemastelza North merce Ronald D. Ziemian, BctullUniverty Sohn West, The ein Association Ine January 2015 bee