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14/05/2018 Unplanned Freight - Localization Latin America - SCN Wiki

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Unplanned Freight
Criado por Carla Bussolo, última alteração por Patricia Eidelwein em out 04, 2016

Unplanned freight is a cost that was unknown at the time of purchase order creation, so It is necessary to add this cost later on the process.

Nota Fiscal Type
It is necessary to use a Freight Nota Fiscal.

What is important is the model of freight NF for this scenario should be a model different than 57, this model is reserved for CT-e.

In this example below, we will use the NF with model 08 - Conhecimento Road.

To configure NF Type follow the path of SPRO below:

Cross-Application Components
General Application Functions
Nota fiscal
Define Nota Fiscal Types

It is necessary to configure the tax rate in J1BTAX for the freight in the dynamic exception table J_1BTXIC1 “ICMS Values”. Example shown below:

Standard Process Flow

ME21N- Purchase Order
You must check the GR-Bsd IV flag under invoice tab (mandatory flag, except for future delivery scenario). For more information about this flag, take a look at GR-Bsd IV flag issues.
As this is an unplanned cost, we will not add the condition FRB1 on the condition tab.
Just do your normal process here for your good receipt.

MIGO - Goods Receipt

Just do your normal process here for your goods receipt.

MIRO - Invoice Receipt

As this is an unplanned freight is assumed that two Notas Fiscais exists: one for the material and one for the freight.
First, you post your invoice normally for your material.
Then for the freight you will need to post a subsequent debit for this unplanned freight cost.
Select the option of subsequent debit as shown below.
In the reference field, you will enter the freight NF number.
In the field amount you will enter the freight cost without tax.
Then on the tab detail you can then enter the NF number of your material on the ‘header text field’.
You can change the vendor if different from the vendor of your material.
Very important is not to use the field unplanned delivery costs. It can cause inconsistency with the accounting document.
Enter the NF type created in the beginning specific for freight.
Go into Nota Fiscal the ICMS will be calculated according to the dynamic exception created in J1BTAX.
Save. 1/2
14/05/2018 Unplanned Freight - Localization Latin America - SCN Wiki

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