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December 6, 2017


35 Dhanmondi, Road# 2, Dhaka-1205

Subject: Prayer for extend the time of document submission


With due respect and humble submission I want to state that I am Md. Muddasir. On October 26,
2017, you have sent an offer letter to me to join as a Trainee Officer-Billing, Accounts, at Corporate
Office. I was quite enthusiastic to work in your company as it’s near from my location and I love to
work in such an environment that your Company provides. But when I arrived with my documents it
was found that there’s some problem with my NID. To sort out the problem I requested HR
department to give me some time. But as I went to Bangladesh Election Commission they found that
there’s no data of mine on their server. So they give me a letter describing the problems of their and
promised me to sort out the described problem. I am doing my best to resolve the problem as I
frequently go to Bangladesh Election Commission at Dhaka as well as my local Election Commission.
Finally, I was able to become a new voter yesterday. I hope I will be able to submit my NID & e-TIN
within the next 3 weeks.

I therefore hope that you would kindly consider my situation and extend my times somewhat. The
letter, given by Bangladesh Election Commission and NID form slip are attached with the application.

Sincerely Yours

Selected Candidate