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ENDRESS Elektrogerätebau GmbH

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The Company

• ENDRESS develops, manufactures and

distributes power generators for the global

• ENDRESS manufactures for Fire brigades,

police, technical relief, construction industry
and agriculture.

• Founded 1914 in Bempflingen

Product Range

Mobile power generators Rental Line

1.0 –15 kVA
20.0 – 225 kVA
Petrol / diesel

Power supply units Hybrid / Energy Storage

10 - 730 kVA 10,5 kW – 24 kW

Power take-off
Lighting systems alternators
mobile / stationary 25-100 kVA

Power generators in accordance

with DIN 14685-1 / 2 / 3,
mobile lighting systems
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The new DUPLEX Line 4.0 – 15.0 kVA

A mains supply socket with transfer switching equipment for supplying power
to a building in the case of a power failure according to
VDE 0100-551:2017-02 is optionally available Integrated crane
loading device

Fuel tank Large fuel tank for

indicator long running times

4-in-1 display A slide in

compartment for
Protection Class instructions and
IP 54 a tools integrated
directly under the
Folding handles fuel tank

ECOtronic System
RENTAL Line RS 20 – 225 kVA

Up to

89 dB

* ESE 50 YW/RS

RENTAL Line RS 20 – 225 kVA

Central crane Galvanised hood for

loading device increased corrosion

IP 54 Large steel tank for running

Manual/ automatic times of 24 - 50 hours
instrument (dependent on the model)
Problem-free use also in
winter due to standard engine
Individually and coolant prewarming
fused sockets
Outlet for external
Skid frame with a continuous
fork-lift plates and ram Liquid collecting tray to
protection protect the environment

20 – 50 kVA 67 – 225 kVA

Rental Line RS
Endress Rental Line RS - universal and versatile

Endress relies on Yanmar 4 cylinder industrial motors

within a power range of 20 - 50 KVA which have a high
reputation in the building sector.(Mini-digger)

Advantage for the Renter:

Optimal service and quick spare part replacement is
guaranteed by the authorised Yanmar contracted
suppliers nationwide.
Rental Line RS
Endress Rental Line RS - Universal and Versatile

Endress relies on John Deere 4 or 6 industrial cylinder motors

within a power range of 67 - 225 KVA.

John Deere enjoys an outstanding international reputation and a

high name recognition.
Renowned construction machine manufacturers such as Liebherr
rely on John Deere motors.

Advantage for the Renter:

Safety, high trustability, simple maintenance and quick spare part
replacement - via 4000 authorised John Deere contractual
workplaces worldwide.
Maintenance intervals only after 500 operating hours -
maintenance costs only after 3 months for daily 8 hour operation.
For Universal Use
Large tank for Long Running Times

Standard: Large steel tank for running times of 24 -

50 hours (dependent on the model)

Advantage for the Renter:

Long-term use for day and night building sites and
events without refuelling
For Universal Use
Socket combination

The control panel is standard equipped with the following

individually protected sockets:
1x CEE 400 V / 63 A
1x CEE 400 V / 32 A
1x CEE 400 V / 16 A
1x CEE 230 V / 16 A
1x 230 V / 16 A shockproof socket
Advantage for the Renter and User:
Individually protected sockets ensure the unrestricted flawless
operation at the building site.
For Universal Use
Manual and Automatic Switchboard Unit

The standard control unit can be used in manual or

automatic mode. This way, the Rental Line RS Generator
can be started manually and also automatically in case of
power failure.

Advantage for the Renter:

Dual implementation for user and renter. Additionally, the
machine can be rented as power supply equipment
(optional changeover contactor).
For Universal Use
Dummy Load

The dummy load (load resistance) avoids damages

under low-load conditions.

Advantage for the Renter:

Figure Increased life cycle of the motor
similar Dummy load is automatically switched on and off
under low-load conditions
For Universal Use
Cold start feature

Enhanced cold start feature (up to minus 25 degrees

Celsius) by standard pre-heating of air in suction channel.
A clearly enhanced starting behaviour in automatic mode
is also ensured by the standard coolant pre-heating.

Advantage for the Renter:

Troubleless and safe implementation also in winter
For Universal Use
Hybrid system

The hybrid ENDRESS Rental Series within a power range

of 20-50 kVA
The Endress hybrid system is based on the separation
between three-phase current and alternating current
applications. While all alternating current applications are
exclusively provided by the battery, three-phase consumers
are customarily operated by the generator.
Advantage for the Renter:
• During the night, LED lamp posts can be operated in residential
areas without motor operation. ( approx.15 hours )
• Emergency lighting in accommodation container settlements
For Universal Use
Twilight switch

A twilight switch is integrated into the switchboard of a

Figure generator, for start-up during darkness. A lamp post
connected to a generator is then started automatically in
the twilight.

Advantage for the Renter:

Expanded applications
For Universal Use
Float switch

A float switch is suspended for example in a building pit.

As soon as a specific water level has been reached, the
generator is started automatically. It then supplies power
to an immersion pump. As soon as the water level has
reached a pre-set lower point, the generator is switched off

Advantage for the Renter:

Expanded applications
For Universal Use
Parallel switch feature

From autumn 2017 - our Rental Line RS generator can

be switched in parallel. Up to 32 generators can be
switched parallel.

Advantage for the Renter:

similar Saves further investments for high short-term performance
requirements. If required, also 5 pcs 40 KVA instead of one
200 KVA can be rented.
For Universal Use
Skew start behaviour

The John Deere engines installed in our Rental Line RS

can be dropped down in a roll-up container from the
truck during operation.
For a short period 45°skew (67 up to 145 Rental)
respectively 35° skew (180 and 225 Rental) possible.

Advantage for the Renter:

Additional rental income with safety and security
Organizations possible.
Safety and Environment
Safety and Environment
IP 54 Panel

Panel in IP 54
For unrestricted use, generators must correspond to at least
protection class IP54 in the open air.*
*Source: DGUV Information 203-032, edition 05.2016

Advantage for the Renter:

DGUV conformity - highest safety and protection for
user and renter according to the BG Bau Directive.
No humidity entry.
Safety and Environment
Touch protection

Movable and hot motor parts are protected by a touch

protection. This minimises the hazard of injury by burns and

Advantage for the Renter:

Reduced hazard of injury
Safety and Environment
Soot particulate filter

HJS - Leader in the area of exhaust gas treatment

HJS stands for many years of experience in the area of exhaust

gas treatment.

Our innovative technologies and products contribute highly to

the protection of people and the environment.
Advantage for the Renter:
Expanded applications: Stuttgart 21, Berlin, Switzerland

The bumper on the roof makes the Rental Line RS

generators stackable requiring little space for storage.

Advantage for the Renter:

The stackability allows the storage of several power supply
devices with little space requirements.
Ram protection

The fixed lateral bumpers protect the generator against

damages at building sites or during transport.

Advantage for the Renter:

Additional protection by standard bumper.
They reduce the damages for the user and during transport.

We offer a compact and cheap chassis for the Rental Line

RS 20 – 50 kVA generator
(fixed and height adjustment).
This option is specifically enabled for ENDRESS by the
Federal Motor Transport Authority.

Advantage for the Renter:

Easy transport for customer without the requirement of a
forklift for loading.
Cost efficient purchase because the hole pattern is already
integrated into the framework of the generator.
Service and Maintenance
Service and Maintenance
Access to the aggregate via smartphone, PC & tablet

Developed for the monitoring of your rental equipment

also over large distances. It does not matter where you
are in the world, with the E-RMA system from ENDRESS
you always have an overview of the most important data.

Advantage for the Renter:

Remote control
Service and Maintenance
Technology E-RMA connected power
Long life cycle
Long life cycle
Galvanised hood

Galvanised (zinc-coated) hood for increased

corrosion protection (rusting)

Advantage for the Renter:

Zinc-coated hood for expanded life cycle
and better-looking generator.
Long life cycle
Textured painting

The textured painting (orange peel process) increases the

paint resistance of the surface structure with a higher
resistance against scratches. A paint strength of 120 µm is

Advantage for the Renter:

Increased rust protection
Long life cycle
Massive base frame

Massive base frame with access protection, continuous

forklift pockets and drawbars:
The construction is appropriate for hard and robust "traction
and thrust applications" at the building site.

Advantage for the Renter:

Reduction of damages to base frame.
Easy rigging during transport
Problem Definition

Diesel – Power for construction …….

is there any Future for Diesel – Engine ?
Are we prepared for other options ?
Typical load profile of a construction site

Unit Output
Compressor 21,0 kW The summary of the conventional power
Crane 18,0 kW consumption is approx. 40 kW.
Table Saw 3,0 kW As a result, the standard generator requires a
Angle Grinder 2,4 kW power of approx. 50 KVA.
Percussion Drill 0,8 KW
The problem definition

The larger the power generator, the higher the consumption,

exhaust emissions and fine dust pollution
The problem definition

The electrical loads are not always used together, or at the

same time, i.e.. the power generator is oversized in many
day phases.

The construction sites are becoming more and more

electrified, the demand of the energy is increasing. Power
consumption itself becomes more energy-efficient.
LED technology is on the forefront of lighting and more
devices are being operated with batteries.

On the other hand, the power requirement at peak load

times remains, e.g. during the operation of crane systems.

The range of differently used consumers is increased.

The problem definition

An oversized power generator does not operate efficiently -

higher fuel consumption and thus also increased emissions.

In addition the generator is operated in a too low load level

which causes engine blow-ups and reduce the duration of the
Generator significantly.

In order to prevent engine blow-ups, the industry is using a

"dummy load", a load resistance to achieve a certain base load.

The dummy load is artificially increasing the electric

consumption and converts the energy into heat, which is
proverbially blown into the environment.

From the environmental perspective a disaster.

The solution – the combination of a conventionel
Generator with a Battery storage

The lowest-emission power generator is the

one that is not running

The solution - Hybridized construction site power
generators with built-in energy storage

A battery storage is integrated in the power generator, all

single-phase consumers, e.g. a construction site night
lighting can be covered - without fuel consumption, without
pollutant and noise emission.

The intelligent electronic always detect the charge status

of the batteries and start the power generator in case of
need. The charge of the batteries is controlled in a way
that the power generator is always in the range of the
optimum load level. The diesel consumption is also
The solution - Hybridized construction site power
generators with built-in energy storage

Conventional diesel technology versus the ENDRESS Hybrid System

15kW Diesel ENDRESS Hybrid System

Pel(100%) Pel(kW) kg/kWh l/kWh €/kWh C I(A) Q(%) €/kWh
0 0,0 0,5 0,6 0,6 0 0 100 0,0
10 1,5 0,85 1,0 1,0 0,1 30 100 0,3
20 3,0 0,52 0,6 0,6 0,2 60 100 0,3
30 4,5 0,41 0,5 0,5 0,3 90 95 0,3
40 6,0 0,37 0,4 0,4 0,4 120 90 0,3
50 7,5 0,35 0,4 0,4 0,5 150 85 0,3
60 9,0 0,31 0,4 0,4 0,6 180 80 0,3
70 10,5 0,29 0,3 0,3 0,7 210 75 0,3
80 12,0 0,29 0,3 0,3 0,8 240 70 0,4
90 13,5 0,28 0,3 0,3 0,9 270 65 0,4
100 15,0 0,28 0,3 0,3 1 300 60 0,4
5,2 3,3
Mix per 10 h Mix per 10 h
The solution - Hybridized construction site power
generators with built-in energy storage

Endress batteries can, compared to conventional


• be charged more quickly.

• are more protected from deep discharge
• are usable for an ambient temperature range of -20 up
to +55 degrees Celsius.
• can also be charged at temperatures below 0 degrees
• have a service life of 1400 charging cycles for a DoD
of 80%.
• have a very low self-discharge period (up to 2 years
storage time is possible without re-charging).
• are cadmium free.
The solution - Hybridized construction site power
generators with built-in energy storage

1. Innovation
The Endress hybrid power generator offers a patented
separation between 230V and 400V consumers.
230V consumers have a lower power requirement and
can be supplied via the batteries only.

2. Safety, ergonomics, energy, environment

The power generator can be switched off for 230 V
consumers, what causes no emissions. No additional
noise is generated by a power generator at aconstruction
site by night.

The solution - Hybridized construction site power
generators with built-in energy storage

3. Economy

When an average load profile is used on construction

sites, the fuel savings are about 30%. The added value
for the silent power supply on construction sites in the
night is not to be quantified.

The solution - Hybridized construction site power
generators with built-in energy storage

4. Capability
The batteries have been designed to be fully operational in a
wide temperature range from -20 degrees up to +55 degrees.

All technical components are protected within the hood

construction, which was especially designed for the daily all-
weather operation on construction site use.

The intelligent electronic always detect the charge status of the

batteries and start the power generator automatic in case of
need. The user has to plug in the consumers only.
The solution - Hybridized construction site power
generators with built-in energy storage

The new ENDRESS energy storage units belong in

the category of the plug-in hybrids, also the power
socket hybrid. They are energy storage units, the Charge socket 1~
batteries of which can be charged both over a power
generator and also from the electrical grid.

In case of use it is always more economic to charge the

energy storage unit over the electrical grid and just to
use the power generator to increase the operating time
The solution - Hybridized construction site power
generators with built-in energy storage
Technical Specifications EHS 4/11-R
Continuous output @ 25°C 3,5 kVA
Peak output 30 min @ 25°C 4,0 kVA
Peak output 3s @ 25°C 10,5 kVA
Output voltage 230 V
Output current and output AC max.
with an attached AC source 16 A
Protective function Overload, over-temperature,
short-circuit, battery
Socket 16 A shockproof
Battery system Innovative technology, high discharge depth and
charging possible at minus temperatures
Nominal capacity @ C20 10,5 kWh
Battery cycles with DoD 60% @ 25°C 2200
Protection Class IP 54
Operating temperature range -20°C to 55°C (>40°C derating)
The solution– External Energy Storage
The solution– External Energy Storage

ENDRESS has developed an external module for three-

phase applications and higher power requirements, which
can either be used completely autonomously without a
diesel unit or in a network.

This external energy storage unit is available in the

performance class from 12 to 24 KVA and with a battery
capacity from 12 to 24 kW / h.

It is possible to connect several energy storage with a

simple synchronization cable that can extend the power
and battery capacity as required.

The ENDRESS energy storage haa a practical euro pallet

dimension for easy transport.
The solution– External Energy Tank

In addition to the energy storage ENDRESS has

developed an external energy tank, what can be used
as a range extender for the external energy storage.

The external energy tanks are available with a battery

capacity of 12 or 24 kW / h and are equiepped with an
integrated charger.

Several energy tanks can be connected by use of a

simple synchronization cable to expand the capacity as
Example of use 1:

Generator + Energy Storage

+ = 48 kVA

The generator act like a 24 kVA 24 kVA

range extender
Example of use 2:

Generator + Energy Storage + Energy Tank

+ = 24 kVA / 36 kW/h

24 kVA / 24 kW/h 12 kW/h

The generator act like a The energy tank act like
range extender a range extender
ENDRESS Energy Storage:


Construction Site

Advantages for the user on the building site

Use in an urban area or building sites with tougher

emission. Ever higher demands can arise on the
operator of building machines. In a country comparison,
England is number one in Europe followed by Germany
and Switzerland.
ENDRESS Energy Storage:


Night-time construction sites

ENDRESS Energy Storage:


Tunnel building
ENDRESS Energy Storage:
Many thanks for your attention