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To protect the business interest of your employer, all Floor Center (“FC”, “The Company”)
employees, especially those in the Sales Department, are cautioned that:

1. It is absolutely prohibited for any employee to be involved, to engage, to attempt to commit,

or actually commit acts of: selling, offering, advertising, substituting, conveying, consigning,
benefitting, affiliating, or to be pecuniary interested in the goods or services of any competitor,
to the prejudice of FC. All other similar acts to the foregoing are also prohibited;

2. All employees are expected to work solely, directly, and exclusively for FC;

3. There is a prohibition against conflicts of interest; and in the instance that conflict arises, the
interest of FC must prevail. There is conflict of interest when an FC employee represents
inconsistent interests of two or more opposing parties;

4. All employees are bound to perform their functions in good faith, without any commission of
fraud or deceit. unethical acts shall be


1. If an employee is found to have committed any of the above enumerated restrictions, the
Company, thru its lawyers, shall not hesitate to exhaust all possible remedies, as well as
institute criminal proceedings against the offending employee under the Revised Penal Code
(RPC) and Special Laws, such as, but not limited to: Article 318, par. 1 (Other deceits) of the
RPC, in order to protect its interest.

2. The Company shall, in addition to the abovementioned, institute civil actions to recover
damages and/or losses it suffered by reason of the commission of offenses or any prejudicial
acts detrimental to the interest of FC.

3. Further, the Company shall, in addition to the foregoing provisions, disclose pertinent matters
of the erring/offending party to his future employers.

The Penal provisions provided for by the Company Handbook, as well as the rules concerning
Company Policies shall be the basis of meted penalties and sanctions, in the absence of criminal or
civil cause of actions.

All of the above provisions shall be deemed written in every employment agreement and shall form
part of the restrictive covenants of Floor Center Inc. such as: The Confidentiality clause, Non-
disclosure agreement and non-solicitation agreement.


Legal Manager


HR Head