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Hydraulic Design

Intake flow optimization at operational flood condition

Description Value Unit

Flood discharge at 20 years 126.00 m3/s
Width of the weir 12.00 m
Weir crest level 1157.50 amsl

Flood level in River HFL 1160.74 amsl

Design discharge Q 1.87 m3/s

Intake parameters
Number of opening n 1.00
Width of opening b 3.20 m
Depth of opening d 0.80 m
Coefficient of orifice Co 0.65

Gate parameters
Width of gate b 2.00 m
Depth of gate d 2.00 m

Spillway parameters
Coefficient of weir Cd 1.70
Crest width l 5.00 m
Spillway crest level 1157.50 amsl

Flow Optmization
Head over crest for spillway hs 0.50 m
Discharge capacity of spillway Qs 3.01 m3/s
Water level at spillway SWL 1158.00 amsl

Flow from intake Qg 4.88 m3/s

Head required hg 0.18 m
Water level inside intake canal 1158.18 amsl

Flow from intake orifice Qg 4.88 m3/s

Head required for orifice hg 0.44 m
Water level at river 1158.62 amsl

Provided width of the spillway L 5m



20 years flood level

Finished concrete surface

Side weir
For iteration

Total flow from gate

Q D v
11.36 2.3 2.734216
10.8 2.2 2.841113
9.5 2 3.023944
11.36 2 3.616