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Practice of English I.

Student Name: ___________________Tuition: _____________

Teacher: José Vásquez

Read. Answer Y (yes) or N (no).

My English class is large. There are ten men and twelve women in the class. We speak six
different languages. We don't have desks. There are three large tables in our classroom.

____ 6. The students speak different languages.

Read the story. Answer Y (yes) or N (no).

My name is Richard. This is my wife, Tanya. We have two daughters. My parents live in New
Jersey. I e-mail my parents once a week. Tanya has a cell phone. She calls her father in the
Philippines. She calls him once a month.

____ 7. Richard is married.

____ 8. Richard calls his parents every week.

Complete each sentence or statement.

Complete the sentence. Use these words: This, he, name, from, her.

2.5 puntos
Complete the sentence. Use words from the box.

my sister Boston four an apartment Avenue 150

9. _____ is my friend. _____ _____ is Erica.

10. I live at __________ North __________ in __________.

Read the question. Complete the answer.

11. Q: Are the glasses on the table?

A: No, _____ _____.

Make questions.

12. Carlos is intelligent. _____________________________________________________

13. Nelissa studies English on Saturdays. ________________________________________

Make negative sentences or statements.

14. Carlos is intelligent. _____________________________________________________

15. Nelissa studies English on Saturdays. _______________________________________