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27 LAST TRAIN TO LONDON ‘Medium Disco feel nine = twenty ni nights when Words and Music by JEFF LYNNE nine twen- ty © nine, one of those nights, is burnin’, Copyright © 1979 UNITED ARTISTS MUSIC LTD. and JET MUSIC INCORPORATED ‘lll rights for the U.S.A. and Canada administered by UNART MUSIC CORPORATION International Copyright Secured Made in USA. ‘All Rights Reserved Bm7 Gmaj? It was one of those nights, fon of those nights whan There you were on your own, look =~ in’ Hike you AmT You were stand in’ there, 1 had tbe with you, 1 should have been © way, but | knew I'd have to Cmaj7 Gmaj7 just bead you feel ware the there was roth - in’ + i’ oat, — 29 omar Graz omg? want to-night to fast__ Am? mu -sie pley on down_ the — fing, 10 night, 2