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Colonel and Member of the Central Committee is now Commander-in-Chief
by TRABARDIA Shortly after, the victorious followed by Petrovsky and
General Secretary addressed his finally Trabardia.
ADMIN COUNCIL HQ - The opponent: “Thank you for this Last Thursday, the Ministry of
results of the runoff election for amazing opportunity. Having Information hosted a General
General Secretary were the competition being so Secretary debate that was no
published on Thursday, competitive, and just generally doubt filled with newfound
indicating that Lil’ Stapler has good, was a challenge for me.” bitterness and roasts between
won July’s election for General the candidates. The Repeater
Secretary. The member of the A nail-biting campaign published a public opinion poll
Central Committee and Colonel asking who won the debate, and
in the PRAF won with 24 votes July’s GS campaign began Lil’ Stapler won with a
to 18 for his opponent with a relatively quiet start. comfortable margin of 12 with
Trabardia. Incumbent Tarrin Kael 8 votes cast for other
The results, only revealed registered along with CCM Lil’ candidates. Micha has
after the closing of the polls, Stapler and Justice Kirk published a full transcript of the
ushered in a new era of Bloc Socramander. The election GS debate in the Ministry of
history as the two-term Kael became more competitive when Information subforum.
Government came to a close. Minister of Information
The first reactions on Discord Trabadia and later CCM Pytor The platforms
in the #main channel, with Petrovsky signed up. Kael,
many users congratulating Lil’ Socramander, and Stapler were All candidates with the
Stapler. the first to post their campaigns see RUNOFF, A3
WORLD Flood Cruises to Victory, Becomes WORLD

Delegate Davelands
Inaugural Holder of the DGS Position No resolution is at
of the West Pacific vote in the WA.
has stepped aside and
appointed Neenee as Last SC Vote:
his successor. He Commend Greater
served as TWP Dienstad. Passed on
delegate for almost the 3rd of June
300 days. A 13,689 to 1,317.
large-scale transition
of endorsements from Last GA Vote:
one delegate to the Repeal “Ban on
next is taking place. Secret Treaties.”
Neenee still has about Failed on the 14th of
120 endorsements to July 9,914 to 5,678.
gain before gaining
the official delegate The Security Council
seat. In his farewell has one resolution
speech, Davelands proposed by
said that Neenee “is Struberria, Commend
one of the most The United Dark
experienced players Republic. It has 9
in the game.” delegates in support
but is unlikely to
Anti-fascist forces led reach a quorum of 88
by the MT Army in the next 65 hours.
have captured the
region of Nova Jane Imperium Anglorum,
Austinus, which held a prominent
embassies with commended GA
several nazi regions. Deputy General Secretary Lewis Flood reviewing Cabinet documents. author, submitted a
The People’s flurry of General
Revolutionary Armed by TRABARDIA General Secretary. Assembly proposals
Forces has been to the proposal stage
dispatched to assist
Flood’s opponent, Frits, is First that ultimately failed
with the efforts to ADMIN COUNCIL HQ - Lewis Secretary of the Worker’s Party, of by small margins in
secure the region Flood was announced the victor of which Flood is a former founding the last few minutes,
permanently. as some of the
the first-ever election for Deputy member. Frits ran on the promises proposals were just a
Many regions across General Secretary after the of transparency, the repeal of few approvals short
NationStates, big and position was established via the Executive Order #14 and a from World
small, are going Assembly Delegates
through the slow and 23rd Constitutional Amendment. cautious policy towards issuing to be sent to the
tedious process of Flood ran a campaign based on his EOs, and ensuring that Ministers voting stage. His
moving their storied proposals varied from
communities off
experience and activity in the are active to fulfill their office. topics like asbestos
ZetaBoards forums Cabinet (he has previously served A debate was held a few hours regulations to
and onto alternatives as GS) and promised to serve as an before the General Secretary freedom of religion to
like XenForo. The the trade of cultural
moves are occurring advisor to the incoming General debate between Flood and Frits. artefacts. One thing
because Zathyus Secretary and Cabinet. The transcript can be found in the they all had in
Networks announced The final vote tally, revealed at common, however,
the integration of all
Ministry of Information forum or was that they all
ZetaBoards forums the conclusion of the election, was pinned to the regional factbook. repealed previous
into Tapatalk, which 24 for Flood and 10 for Frits, his Once assuming office on resolutions.
would place several
discouraging cons on
opponent. Flood’s inauguration Thursday, Flood set out to The Ministry of
regions that currently into the position was set back two organize the Cabinet through task Information will keep
use the ZetaBoards days due to the runoff election for documents and playing a role in you updated on any
service for their WA votes in the
community. ministerial appointments. future that affect all
WA member nations!

Stapler Clinches
Victory in Runoff
for General

exception of Alexandria Whittaker

published a platform for the position.
The platforms released by the
candidates detailed the issues they’d
like to focus on and the reasons why
they should be voted in. the General Secretary celebrating his victory in Rukiana on
Most candidates did not receive too
Thursday morning before delivering a speech to his supporters.
much attention in the campaign thread
— however, discussion in Tarrin
Kael’s thread resulted in an accusation Separation of powers poll
that Trabardia violated the Electoral
Code after he posted a meme shows residents largely in favor
criticizing the Kael Government. All
candidates received questions to by TRABARDIA four established branches of
elaborate on their policy proposals and government (executive,
past actions. 1000 SEPTEMBER 26th legislative judicial, and
AVENUE - Outgoing General administrative).
After his victory, Lil’ Stapler Secretary Tarrin Kael posted The former General Secretary
proposed his new Cabinet and Line of an analysis of the separation posted an analysis of the
Succession. Some of the prominent of powers poll commissioned results of both polls after the
changes to the executive include in his office after the results of conclusion of the GS runoff
Nathaniel Penrose as Minister of the poll were released on the election. He noted that turnout
Foreign Affairs and the merger of the forums and on the regional for the forum was admittedly
operations of the Ministry of page. low as was the case with most
Intelligence into the Defense Ministry. The three options were full forum polls. The voters were
separation of powers, partial divided between full
separation, and no separation. separation and partial
The forum poll was 6-6-4 and separation with a less sizeable
the regional poll was 18-35-7. portion of those wishing to
A handful of citizens have no separation.
expressed in the forum thread The on-site poll, Kael noted,
that they believed in signaled that the region’s
separation of powers yet residents are more inclined to
believed that the region is not vote for a compromise option
large enough nor active as a majority of 35 went to the
enough to support a full partial separation of powers
A visual representation of Thursday’s
results. Lil’ Stapler is in black.
separation of powers in the option.

Election Central

The five judges of the People’s Tribunal

receiving oral arguments during the case
Trabardia vs. Cheval last term.
The PRC in session earlier this year. Judicial Elections Open, a Flurry
Could We See a Revival of the of Independent Candidates
People’s Roleplay Council? by TRABARDIA

by TRABARDIA Chief Justice M.M. has convened the July Judicial

Elections to select all 5 seats on the People’s
Former General Secretary and President of the Tribunal, and a field of 8 candidates have already
People’s Roleplay Council Tarrin Kael opened registered. Kirk Socramander, M.M., Vlad Schpilkes,
elections for the Council yesterday evening, and Thomas Calloway, Tarrin Kael, Frits, Egaleca, and
five candidates have already registered -- Lewis Gabriel Xavier have all put their name on the ballot.
Flood of Stiegae, Tarrin Kael of Shaiman, Pytor The amount of active and willing candidates has seen
Petrovsky of Ducktopia, Egaleca, and Nathaniel a drastic trend forward, as the last election only
Penrose of Ubertas. resulted in two judges elected that are relatively
Tarrin Kael is the only registered candidate to active currently.
have posted a campaign, while the user All candidates have released their platforms with
Chairman Chërmin has posted a short message the exceptions of Thomas Calloway and Egaleca.
but has not officially registered. Kael’s Deputy First Secretary of the Worker’s Party Frits
campaign focuses on policy such as fixing the has received some concerns in his thread that his
Communism Interstellar Act and encouraging immediate reaction to Trabardia’s campaign
the formation of co-operatives. telegram to the region was biased and not
The People’s Roleplay Council has largely appropriate for a possible future justice, but he has
been vacant for the past extended term, and with stated that he would review all the arguments and
a new and active batch of candidates that have facts presented during a court case that is rather
experience in the Nation RP of the Bloc, the different from a Discord conversation.
hopes are high that the PRC will once again This election is the most contested judicial election
return to activity. in the Bloc’s history, and we have yet to see if the
new justices will have work to do in office.

The Merger: Communist Revolutionaries Party

and People’s Party are Set to Form the PRP
by FRITS unition. Whether or not this is merge will revive the PP and
true is debatable, see M.M.'s CRP, nor that it will fix the
Yesterday we reported about recent article (see page B1) for current issues surrounding
the merge between the example. It is also debatable parties. The CC is almost
Communist Revolutionaries whether or not merging will entirely independent, and so the
Party (CRP) and the People's create unition, as it might unite 2 PRP will need to recruit new
Party (PP) to the People's parties and at the same time members. How they will do that
Revolutionary Party (PRP). The divide further from the other is unsure, and so is whether they
reason why is simple: both parties. will manage to do so.
parties have low membership The merge was initiated by the
and together they hope to PP, and may show a sign of Frits is the Party Affairs
become an important party again. desperation. The PP is not doing correspondent for the regular
The reason many left the parties that good lately, and also the edition of the Daily News and a
(and all other parties) is more CRP remains small. But does Ministry of Information staffer
complicated. Most believed that merging save the parties? Whilst along with serving in his role as
the parties were creating they do become bigger, the new First Secretary of the Worker’s
division, instead of party will still have only a few Party.
members. It is not likely that this

Printed in Lazhintsky, Trabardia

The Ministry of Information Daily News is
written, edited, and published by a dedicated
team of Ministry of Information staffers and
recurring opinion writers.

Chief Editor / Publisher: Trabardia

The Communist Revolutionaries Party headquarters late Party Affairs Correspondent: Frits
last June in Rukiana. The Party was founded by General Writers: Egaleca, Lil’ Stapler,
General Secretary Lil’ Stapler after a dissatisfaction lowbowie, Alexandria Whittaker
with the current party options available. Stapler was
forced to resign from his Party and the Party’s only If you would like to volunteer for the Ministry
Central Committee seat when he was elected General of Information, look no further than the Civil
Secretary on Thursday. Service application forum.

The Zennyist influence gradually stubbornly reintroducing

The Root of declined, but the notion of parties

as a divisive force survived well
into the administration of Pytor
incivility to the Bloc?
The answer is simple. It has
been with us through the Zennyist

Controversy Petrovsky, and beyond; even after

a multi-party coalition took power
and passed a series of reforms
flame wars, through the lawsuits
and catfights, and now it makes
itself as obvious as it knows how.
ending the days of a single As long as there are forceful
by M.M.
unified Worker's Party, that personalities in the Bloc, those
group's successor organization who believe strongly that they
We are no strangers to
launched a (futile) attempt to ban know best for the Bloc, and those
controversies, to hard debates, to
parties once again. The reason? who are willing to butt heads to
flame wars and moderator
"Unity." achieve their political goals and
intervention and well-placed roasts.
Not long after, the senior players dreams of the Bloc's future, there
One might argue that the Bloc runs
in Bloc politics abandoned the will inevitably be conflict
on these things, in fact. But it's
parties they had helped to found between them.
worth considering: what causes
en masse; the establishment of the
these controversies and scandals, M.M. is the owner of the Repeater
organization Direct Action was
and why do some of them run so newspaper, where this article was
the final nail in the coffin for the
hot, and for so long? originally published earlier this
party system debate. Almost
The Zennyist-Piperist philosophy morning.
overnight, the conflict on the
that dominated Bloc discourse for
issue evaporated.
so long held that political
Of course, controversy and
partisanship - conflict between
conflict continued, as was
parties - was the primary driver
evidenced during the recent
behind the schisms that divided
General Secretary election, in
Bloc politics. Of course, this notion
which candidates hurled invective
was obviously ludicrous even then.
throughout debates and Discord
Flame wars between Zenny herself
threads, hoping to drag the names
and self-styled opposition leader
of their rivals through the mud, or
Josh Conure were a constant part of
at least keep them back from a A member of the Central
life in the Bloc throughout much of
victory. Thus it no longer makes Committee speaking against the
2016; Zenny's moves to bring Bloc
any sense to point to parties, even Worker’s Party Amendment in
politics under her influence to (in
as a conceptual issue in theory, as May of this year.
her own mind, at least) end the
a factor in the mudslinging that
'incivility' of said politics merely
has continued to occur.
fueled the flames of those opposed
So what is it that keeps
to her policies. More on the next page.
experiences to exist within the
Bloc: 1) The Central Committee
representing our NationStates
government itself, and 2) the
PRC being the Bloc focused,
more fun (to me, anyway)
version of the World Assembly

As the new term of the PRC

approaches, we will see what it
has in store.

Lewis Kuznetsov-Flood is a
prominent legal scholar, Head
Administrator, Deputy General
Secretary, and former Minister
of Information.
PRC representatives voting in a session last year.

The People’s Roleplay Council - Why we should

from legislature to NationRP tie-in ban “Lewis Flood”
by LEWIS expected from the get go,
KUZNETSOV-FLOOD however, the newly emerging There are several reasons as to
NationRP and the already nation why we should ban Lewis
From its inception, the People’s focused nature of the game led to Flood. Each is just as valid as
Roleplay Council (PRC) was successive sessions adopting a the rest. So let’s explore why
new, and it was rough around the more UN/EU style role - imaging Lewis should be banned.
edges. The Executive Order itself as how a regional
which established it, penned by Government would actually First off, just look at the
yours truly, laid a very basic function, with debates shifting to name. “Lewis”. What kind of
groundwork of how the actual ambassadorial styles. A perfect name is that? But I know what
Council would exist, however example of this was the you’re thinking. The name is
the council itself was quick to Newunfoundland(s) incident - L“ew”is, making it self
establish a self-governing the PRC interacted majorly with explanatory. It’s pretty gross.
Constitution, and precedents the NationRP, acting as how we Just say the name slowly.
regarding how legislation was would imagine a strong willed LOO-IS. That’s disgusting.
debated and discussed. UN would. Why would you want to see the
Early on, the personalities of Unfortunately, the forum move name that’s pronounced with a
the Bloc itself were the has killed the activity of the toilet innuendo in it? Number
participants of the Council, with PRC, with the first election on one reason to ban Lewis, the
debates framed in such a way the new forum being held as we name is weird asf.
that an individual was expressing speak. For me, a campaign Next, Lewis hurts mah
their own opinion.This reflected focused on representing my feelings. During the General
the way that the legislature of the nation will hopefully pave the Secretary debate, Lewis said
region itself operated. As I way for two parallel legislative see BANNING, page B3

Banning the Head

Administrator is Now
Sounding Exceptionally
Attractive to the New

some hurtful things and I almost cried. Why would

you want him here? It’s disheartening to see my
fellow comrades support him while he makes me cry.
Lewis gets very intense, and it’s good sometimes, but
most of the time it’s just too much. Number two
reason to ban Lewis, he makes me cry.
Lastly, Lewis is doing too much. Lewis has written
so many bills and he hasn’t saved any for the rest of
us. Like, wtf is the Central Committee supposed to
do for the rest of the term? Exactly. There isn’t much
left to do. What better way to give Lewis a break Look at this photo of Mr. Kuznetsov-Flood at his
than by just banning him from The Communist Bloc. desk in the dustbin known as the Deputy General
Number three reason to ban Lewis, he does too Secretary’s office. He’s definitely plotting
much. something evil, like a new confusing law. Or
So now we can see that Lewis should be banned. something bureaucratic.
The only problem is, I was gonna do it through
executive order but that route MAY run into some
issues. So this is a plea to the public and the Central Advertisements
Committee. Please ban Lewis Flood. For the sake of
yourself and the Bloc, he must be stopped! Vlad Schpilkes and Nathaniel Penrose have
(For those blissfully unaware, this article is all a started a university course on the Spanish
joke) language in the Jones Lecture Hall section of the
Brightbay University. The first lecture released
Lil’ Stapler is the General Secretary of the covers a basic history of the language, why
Communist Bloc and the editor is genuinely confused Spanish should be learned, and the Spanish
as to why this article was written. alphabet. The course is meant for anyone to read
and ask questions. The first lecture is found at

Thank you for reading!