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Management Series Tetrahedron Academy

Daily Work Management - DWM
Manufacturing Business and its
dynamics are now so complex and
difficult, the survival of firms so
hazardous in an environment
increasingly unpredictable,
competitive, and fraught with danger,
that their continued existence
depends on the day-to-day review
and mobilization of every ounce of
Course Objective Benefits of attending
The purpose of Daily work management is With daily management at the heart of its modus
to make everyone come at a common operandi, an organization will be able to quickly
platform, take charge and ownership of identify deviation, start solving problems and make
each and every aspect for example strategy deployment a success.
improving production, productivity,
material availability etc, and most Participant will learn the DWM methodology and
important is the increasing develop DWM for selected area / department by
communication. series of group work, role-play and simulation of
DWM provides a framework that allows DWM
an ongoing self-review of an organization. This session will help the participants to
Its short-term function is to come up with 1. Identify the need of DWM in specific area and
an action plan to stay on track & long- customize the DWM as per specific requirement
term perspective is to develop sustainable of the situation
results 2. Deploy strategy to all level in the organization
Who should attend and each level aligns its performance with
business strategy
Senior Managers
3. Relate the DWM with individual / departmental
Cross Functional Team and organizational goal and see the impact of
Customer Relationship Managers each item in DWM on overall performance
All Dept head and Managers 4. Customize the DWM reviews / MIS and help
other understand the way forward in
Manufacturing Heads implementing the DWM
HR Managers 5. Develop and implement solutions for chronic
Maintenance and Plant Engineers problems by scientific methods
6. Motivate the team and horizontally deploy
Manufacturing Business Analyst

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Management Series Tetrahedron Academy Workshop Agenda Introduction to DWM Daily Accountability Process (DAP) 7 Aspects of Daily Work Management Daily accountability process helps the leaders to Concept of Role Definition. DWM Creating an Effective Action Plan for quick result Developing MP & CP Introduction to MPs – Managing Points Group Work 1 Introduction to CPs – Check Points Participants will select a Department and create Customizing MPs and CPs as per business annual goals.Automotive Gear Manufacturer turn-around by implementing 4. Mfg Strategy and New Product 5.Leading Electric Vehicle Manufacturer He is a passionate reader and have inclination to solve complex business. and Responsibilities & Accountabilities What steps to be taken by whom Assigning Suitable Resources& setting due dates. Ltd Phone : +91 7042140046 Email : training@tetrahedron. Follow DAP Daily Work Monitoring & Control Supporting Tools for DWM Business / Department Process Mapping Tools for standardsation of Process Business Driver Finalisation Tools for standardsation of Human Action Developing DWM System and customisation Problem Solving Skills for Effective DWM MIS / Visual Management in DWM Tools for Prioritization of Various Actives Case Study –Departmental DWM Structure Know your trainer Industry Participants B Tech from IIT Roorkee. He is 2. PGDM from IIM Calcutta and is an Ex IES officer with 1. scrutinize visual data daily.r. cascade in DWM. © Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services Pvt. Developing Monitoring and Control MIS.Leading Ride Control Manufacturer intensive experience in various sector. Clarity of Role.India’s Largest Jewelry Manufacturer Manufacturing Excellence through Lean. Cascading Company Goal in DWM Develop the Strategy map and convert these Leaders and Managers Role in DWM into individual / departmental daily / periodic How to Drive the DWM process goals Skills Required for Problem Solving w.Leading Automotive HVAC a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Trainer Manufacturer He has helped manufacturing companies 3. develop MPs and process .Medical Diagnostic Equip Manufacturer Development & Breakthrough Innovation 6. Six Sigma.