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Comic Strip Rubric

Category 4 3 2 1

Basic Comic strip Comic strip Comic strip Comic strip is

elements contains all contains all is missing missing two
(title, author, elements in elements. one basic or more basic
six completed a creative, element. elements.
panels) organized form.
Panels/layout All six panels All six panels are Five panels Four or fewer
are complete complete with are complete panels are
in a creative, an appropriate with an complete
organized cause-and-effect appropriate with an
format. relationship. cause- appropriate
and-effect cause-
relationship. and-effect
Illustration Strip contains Strip contains Strip contains Strip contains
six completed six completed five or fewer four or fewer
(colored) (colored) completed completed
drawings in drawings. (colored) (colored)
a creative, drawings. drawings.
Grammar/ There are no There are no There are no There are five
mechanics more than two more than three more than or more errors.
errors. errors. four errors.
Oral Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation
presentation demonstrates demonstrates demonstrates lacks fluency,
fluency, fluency, some fluency, appropriate
appropriate rate, appropriate appropriate rate, and
pronunciation, rate, and rate, and pronunciation.
and enthusiasm. pronunciation. pronunciation.