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The work emerges somewhere from the conscious and unconscious
realms. I’m interested in aesthetic gestures that can say something
profound about the world we live in and the human condition. I’m
always hunting and gathering, travelling across the world, across
dreams and into memories of different times and places. These
gestures, dreams and memories present themselves in a third realm
and that is my practice, always changing, growing and reflecting
something perhaps not seen previously. The incarnations in my
conceptual portraits are inhabitants of these uncharted spaces; they
reveal themselves in my work, they are not me, they are something
else. The work first presents itself as an image, like a vision and
then it is my job as artist to bring it into full form to find its suitable
medium in this real world. A fundamental aspect of our nature as
humans is to understand ourselves from many perspectives over
time. I hope the audience is able to locate something of their own
path in my work.

Christian Thompson, London, 2015

Artwork images and Artist Statement courtesy of the artist and


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