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Course Name : NOKIA SRAN

Objectives : Upon completion of the course participants would able to understand

the SRAN Nokia and their functionalities.
Prerequisite : Participants should have the basic knowledge of the Nokia product
Course Content :
SRAN overview

 Key drivers and product highlights

 SRAN SOAM architecture
 Introduction to BTS Mediator
 Web EM and functionalities
 Common transport and one synchronization overview
 SRAN roadmap and SW compatibility
SRAN hardware configuration

 SBTS supported hardware

 SBTS supported configurations
 From profiles to cells sets
 FMR10 Air scale configuration
 SRAN cell sets
o BB sets
o RF sets
o SRAN updates
 TOP implementation
SRAN Configuration

 TOP implementation
 POP migration – SRAN 17 -2G, 3G, LTE
 Object deletion & creation SRAN17 sites
 TRX add/delete – 2G
 X2 link addition/audit
 Software upgrade
 SCF file preparation
 Online SCF conversion
SRAN Troubleshooting

 Performance monitoring
 Trouble shooting of SRAN17 sites
 SRAN Snap shots
 SRAN diagnostic
 Relation and hardware errors troubleshooting
 RP connectivity troubleshooting
 RF cell sets and BB cell sets troubleshooting’s
Lecture type : Class room
Course Duration : 3 days