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Reading at cote Laat wn nt sin eatertiat ar tao : GEG snes enone i NOTING OF VALE 15 LEFT Fg ses ut retnetin n 7 © This van is locked at night. sows e[E [the Fim Clb his evening, members can see 1 afi fom Lat Amara, 8 comedy. (1300) of Woody Ale’ vey ny ‘nove araas. Also, dn foret ou © aroror mow oor amon 28.00 ‘A Stay ono pat oth poo wih another person if you extras erated Pee e ees 'B Koop oth shalow agi you ar on your oan te Scores pect PLE ald Accompany non-swenars ifthe wch ob inthe een ont Jotn Kevin can't leave work uti 6.30 so piease pick up the. Sree pes toni Hebe Se te certs conto 7.2 for hie Match Voatre pig later Paces BOOK YOUR NEXT HOLIDAY! ‘PAYMENT DUE TWO WEEKS BEFORE DEPAKTUKE (LESS 10% DEPOSIT NOW) arta Sen thinks there's a spore: oem aalble in your flab a to we? TW be back ext ee weekend ~ please phone me, = on 07788 43833, chive ‘A John should give eome of the team a lift. B John has a tennis match with Kevin at 7.0. © John will pick Andrea up from work tonight. A Book another holiday with us now to recelve a discount of 10%. BB Dopart on holiday within two wooks and eave your 10% depost. © Pay only 10% of the holiday cost until a fortnight before you leave, ‘Why dose Claire want Marta to call her? A to talk about Simon's offor of ront B to discuss sharing accommodation toplan her visit this weekend ‘vestions 6-10 Tho people below al wat to watch a programme on television tonight Cn the apposite page thre ae deserpllons ot eight TV pegrammes ‘Decide which programme would ba fw mast sutabe fore fling people. For questions @-10, ark the core lier (AH) on your ane sheet kat 1 nang tor a peagramim to nap ner wn a gography prec ene IS doing on the mourtans of Europe, She needs to find ut some basic Tacs Leore lnnaron's ssc. Jaks enjoys pgrammes abt real peepee welt ike oe ne that Invowves raveling As ne wants to relax hs everng. ne would preter to wat someting tha i oo seus ‘Anna and Kim are hoping to have shot halday s00n. They would Ike 1a watch 2 programme which wl gue them some practical advice about ‘where they coud go at an affordable price. David has promised hi parents that he will do ther ny ich, However, he lacks expen ad wants programma tat wl Rap rr 0 any out me work prope. & 4. &h A 10 Brian loves programmes about the past, whore he ean lear moro bout famous Inveual, He le partes Intrestd inventors of no instnenthcentiny On TV tonight Do-it-yoursell! tanight, this practical look at home improvements considers how to make Hite ‘easier for those who prepare the family :meals If you want to find out which is the right paint use andl explore stew possbuhties for even the smallest cooking spaces, you'l find al the answers you need Tonight - or on the programme's seriously delaited website Memorable people This series haa looked at a number of iniportant peuple, (ou Ure scientist Charkes Danain 1 Brune, the great nineteentt-century ‘orginoor. lonight's programme wal nttoduce us to Sir Humphry Davy, whoso fomoue development of the Davy safety amp in 1615, Ceniged the Hives Of miners a Une fries ‘over. New homes Continuing the ives of people who have moved to diterent countries in the last twelve months, tonight's episode follows Berit as she leaves her home in Norway and Urives soutl Iu her dreaus use i Spal. ven when she learms her turninire is stuck on a lorry north of the border, erit doesn't stop smiling, Highly entertaining TV. Imotueing the Matteriorn Terry Martin vet Switzerland to ting out more about the frmous mountain, flming both in winter and summer. He discusses how and when ‘te Mateion wes fred, a ars th view avout the waite and plants found beneath its ‘noun, a well a ling ome amusing etoies aout ninetenti-centurycimbers. challenge tonights true stay Is about ane man's artemat to reach the top of one ofthe most citicutt mountains in the world fifty years age. Recreated from diary entries and newspaper reports, this wonderful film will hold your attention right to the end, with its amazing Camerawork and unueualy detailed content on ‘his litle known climber Shelley's hitchon Visit top chef David Shelley's home tonight, for aa amusing hall hour of rege aad personal snes. In his own ketchen, Shelley rll be preparing recipes from the Haian mountain rgjons. He will cook a range of Usdicious mountaia dishes consisting mainly fof cheese. herbs and potatoes. Perfect lentertanment lor vegetenne! Friends fike us ‘his Australian eumedy series has many fans, sno love ts gentle jokes and wue-o-He characters. This evening, Vas cousin has come {fora short holiday, and decides to redesign the avaiuent ile everyone is uu at work, which Is very unpopular, and makes Val finaly Say ‘whats on her ming ‘Travel shop. ‘Tonight's programme reviows four of the hest holiday destinations in Burope and includes 2 special report on camping opportunities in the USA this summer, There's alsa a derated Jeok at tho cut-price wieokend broaks ‘llablo on the internot, with advioo on the best sites for last-minute bookings. Part 5 q+ Exam tip! oeeeeseseeeeee ite the words inthe spaces. Wher you hae finished read. Questions 26-35 Writing J through the text and check Fiead the text below and choose the correct word foreach space 5 they sound ight Part For each question, mark te correc letter &, B, Cor Dan your answer sheet," = Questions 1-5 Example: Here are some sentences about going out to a rightlub, ieee B tom © ty ow For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same asthe first Use no more than three words. ‘Write only the missing words on your answer sheet. Answer | 0 You may use this page for any rough work. Example: - © My tiend Gianni sid was spending oo much time studying My friend Gianni said ‘You «too much time studying: Weather Weatlier influences the HEN WY... €¥ELVONE, The Climate OF ny country depends tes postion on Barth, Hs 28) fron ave sea anal ow ugh iis counties whit have sea all 27) them, like Britain and New Zealand, winters re mild and summers ae cool, There #8 not huge change from one season to (28) 1. Gianni suggested gong toa nightclub on Thursday. Countries near the Equator have hot weather all year with some (29) rain. except in : dleserts wlicte iC rainy 80) Tite. Above the descit there are no clouds in the shy, 90 beieaiemsais ee Danke creme ine any Co the a an easly ware gro ring Hie ay I gets very cal a night 2 1 was too tired 10 go on Thursday, so we went on Friday. People are always (92) in unusual weather and pictures of tornadoes, for example, are We wont on Friday . Thursday, because | was too tired then shown on television, Strong windy and rain can (38) 4 Jot of damaye to buildings. and inspite of modern (34) ‘of weather forecasting they can (35) surprise us 3 Atte Blue Part rightcu, you can dance and there's als ve musi. 2 A astance 8 space © cep Deng {At the Blue Parotnightlub, there's dancing astvemusle, og sh ee © wun ahd 20 A next B nother © tater D other 4 Qurother tends dé get there unt! 1.00, 290A tc 8 tage © neay D geat twas 10.00, cour other fiends got there. 308 not B au © me D very a1 A beet B fo © ight D temperature 32 A atractod B intarosted © Woon D ovetod BE) eerste rene o 1: | eal eres red aa a mae B happen © hve D case "realy enjoyed myself of spending # lot of money. 34 A jobs B tools © methods D plans a5 A ot B cel © ready D over