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Módulo 7.

Unidad 2.

Actividad Integradora.
How was it?

1.- When the accord de Xochimilco start?

On 4 October 1914.
2. What was the purpose of this accord?
The takeover of the city of Mexico
3.- Who were you involved in this movement?
Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata.
4.- What year was settle Pancho Villa?
On 6 de October 1914.
5.- In that year leaves Pancho Villa México city?
On 16 de October 1914.
6.- Who sent the offensive against Carranza?
Emiliano Zapata.
7.- Who defeated the troops of Pancho Villa?
8.- when year defeated the troops of Pancho Villa?
On January 1915.
9.- Who signed the decree to dismiss Pancho Villa?
10.- When year come the troops of obregon México city?
On 1915.