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Thirteen things you should not accept :

1. Debt
2. Divorce
3. Delay
4. Dream attacks
5. Stagnancy
6. Joblessness
7. Sickness
8. Barrenness
9. Addictions
10. Poverty
11. So-called incurable disease
12. Failure at the edge of breakthrough
13. Rejection

Why should you NOT accept them?

Because most of these things are from the enemy.

These are NOT the portion of the people of God.

Take for instance 7 and 11:

Sickness and incurable disease.

What does the Lord say about it?

Exo. 15:26:

"And said, If you will diligently listen to the voice of the

LORD your God, and will do that which is right in his sight,
and will give ear to his commandments...

... and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases
on you, which I have brought on the Egyptians: for I am the
LORD that heals you."


Now let's DEMONSTRATE the gospel.

Not just talk about it.

So let's take #13: Rejection

If the enemy attempts to manipulate others into rejecting you,

what should you do?
Let's see how Chantelle, a member of the Prayer Eagle Army,
just did it on behalf of her friend (this happened less than
24 hours ago).

She says:


"I prayed for a friend of mine, who told me the day before
that she got a call from the company she went for an interview
and they hired her. She was going to resign this coming Friday.
We praised the Lord together and thanked Him.

However this morning, she sent me a message that the manager

has changed her mind and she might not take her for the job.

I then got this holy anger inside of me and remembered

someone's testimony on your site who had a similar situation but
went back and prayed targeted prayer and she was called back
and offered the job again.

I then sent her this prayer point, "every battle at the edge of my
breakthrough die in the name of Jesus."

I sent the prayer point at 12h06... guess what happened?

12h11 she sent a message and said "Your prayer worked,

the manager just offered me the same job but in even better closer
to my home and starting on the [date]".

The first offer was good but she had to relocate which was going
to cause more stress for her, but even better she does not need to
move now or leave her son with her mother.

WOW I have no words to thank God, He is indeed powerful,

Almighty, Loving, Kind, full of Mercy and Grace.

- Chantelle


Praise the LORD.

TARGETED prayer.

Took all of 5 minutes to provoke divine intervention.

This testimony is HOT and FRESH.

Powerful PROOF that you should not accept any of these
things without putting up a stiff fight.

That's what we teach in all our programs.

Congratulations if you are currently in one of the many

TAKE BACK sessions going on right now.

With the targeted prayers embedded in this year's programs,

owners of the 13 evil loads listed here will soon be forced to carry
their load from your life in Jesus name.

Be An Overcomer


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