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Keysoarp 1 / Conpuctor SCORE ALTERNATE ORCHESTRATION Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman. Music by Alan Menken. Based on the film by Roger Corman Originally Produced by the WPA Theatre (Kyle Renick, Producing Director) Originally Produced at the Orpheum Theatre, New York City by the WPA Theatre, David Geffen, Cameron Mackintosh and the Schubert Organization NOTICE: DO NOT DEFACEI Should you find it necessary fo mark cues or cuts, use @ soft black lead pencil only NOT FOR SALE This book is rented for the period specified in your contract. I remains the property of J PLEASE RETURN ALL MATERIALS TO: (MTI MUSIC LIBRARY 31A INDUSTRIAL PARK ROAD a NEW HARTFORD, CT 06057 (212) 5414s Book Copyright © 1982, 1983 by Howard Ashman, Lyrics Copyright © 1982, 1983, 185 (Acting Edition) by Foward Ashman (ASCAP). Musie Copyright © 1982, 1983 by Menken Music and “Trunksong Music (A Division of The Shukat Company, Limited) (BMD. All Rights Reserve, 1m accordance withthe terms and conditions specified in your performance license, all musi, lyrics and dialogue contained herein are the property ofthe Authors and are lly protected by copyright You are not permitted to make any changes tothe music, lyrics or dialogue ofthe Play, including the interpolation of new material and/or the exclusion of existing material. Any changes shall com- stitute a willful infringement of said copyright and wil subject you to all the criminal penalties and civil liabilities under the United States Copyright Act ‘This book may not be duplicated and must be returned atthe conclusion of your production, This Play is the property of its Authors. Remember, you have rented these materials and been granted 4 performance license. You mary not duplicate any portion ofthese materials, disseminate them in ‘any way, in wohole o in par, including electronic or digital transmission and posting on the Internet, or use them fr performances other than those specified in your lense agreement, Federal Copyright Law specially prohibits the public performance ofthe enclosed material with ‘out a performance license. MTI's delivery ofthe enclosed material doesnot authorize you or your _group to perform the enclosed shows) in any manner whatsoever, For example it does not mat- ler whether your audience pays for ther tickets or not: dows not matter if your group i. school or not. The law requires you to obtain a license prior to performing the enclosed material. For further information regarding the severity of the punishments for willful infringement of copyright, please visit wurw copyright gov. Music THrarke INTERNATIONAL 421 West 54th Street New York NY 10019 (212) 541-4684 ‘A Note About the Alternate Orchestration ‘This orchestration was created for the 2003 Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors, Renowned orchestrator, Danny Troob, was brought in to re-orchestrate the show — expanding the original Off-Broadway orchestration from 5 insteuments (Keylodril 1, Keyboard 2, Guitar, Bass, aid Drurns) to 10 instruments (Keyboard 1, Keyboord 2, Reed I, Reed 2, Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, and Drums). In addition to Danny Troob's work, there were other minor changes made throughout the show, including: # New and expanded vocal harmonies for Crystal, Ronnette and Chiffon. ‘¢ Small adjustments in underscoring, playoffs, tags, etc © The addition of a bridge in the title song, dance music in “Mushnik and Son” and an “Ent'acte” ¢ Alternate keys for several songs* [Note for Orin's songs, dc othe sizable transpositions made for the 2003 version, ‘wet also incuded the original Off Broadony keys for “Be A’ Dentist” and “Naw (tc fut The Cas)" © Resnumbering of songs (i. “#3 - Da Doo” is now song “43a - Da Doo") AS a result of these alterations, there will be minor discrepancies between this orchestration ‘and the standard Libretio/ Vocal Books included in your rehearsal set. To help navigate these differences, we have created separate “Vocal Books” (included with these materials) to match. the altemate orchestration. You, and your cast, must use the alternate Vocal Books when rehearsing the show. Do not rehearse from the vocal books included in the back portion of the Libretto. Should you require further assistance, please contact your MT licensing representative or ask to speak to someone in the Music and Materials Department. “Noe Tansstins-On-Demand are ole for al sttins i Ha Alserate Ondtration. Tragpesitons are wo lable e selectons i the Standard Ovcestrtion Contact your repsentaive fr mane dels Keyboard I Patches Piano Acoustic Grand ‘Acoustic Rhodes Acoustic + Wurly ‘Acoustic + B-008 Wide Rhodes Exp-B020-Acoustic/ Dry Wurly Little Shop of Horrors Keyboard 1 / Conductor Score Act I A. Prologue ssn 1 Little Shop of Horrors. 4a. Tick Tocks. 2 Skid Row ... 2a. Skid Row —Playotf. 3.Da Doo 3a, One Strange And Interesting Plant 4. GROW For Me nn 4a, WSKID Radio Jingle. 5.Ya Never Know 6.Somewhere Thats Green 7. Closed For Renovation. 7a, Orin's Play-On (Revised Broadway Key)... 8. Be A Dentist (Revised Broadway Key) sro 8a, Orin’s Playoff (Revised Broadway Key) 7a. Orin’s Play-On (Original Key). 8, Bea Dentist (Original Key) 88, Orin’s Playoff (Original Key) 9, Mushnik And Son. 9a. Sudden Changes. 10.Git lt Wa. Dentist Chair Play-On 11. Now (I's Just The Gas) (Revised Broadway Key) Ma, Act I Finale (Revised Broadway Key) 11. Now (It’s Just The Gas) (Original Key) Tha, Act I Finale (Original Vocal Key) nen 80 or ea 90 102 113 18 124 123 129 Little Shop of Horrors Keyboard 1/ Conductor Score Act II 1b. Entacte... 12, Call Back In The Morning. 15, Suddenly Seymour. 183, Melodramatic Chords... 14. Suppertine 15. The Meek Shall Inherit 15a. Thunder And Lightning sess. 15b, Seymour Plots 16. Sominex/Suppertime— Reprise. 17. Somewhere That's Green — Reprise... 7a. Death OF Audrey ... 1b, Death Of Seymour 18. Finale 19. Bows. 132 135 147 155 156 165 186 188 191 vw 198 218 PIANO/CONDUCTOR Girts Prologue Pe = + A-Prtoge i0) Gan 7 en a b gpessom | 3 ‘tno seeing cover “One rf dy of he mot of Somer in on ert er fe dee nt Bl eygume . » &l ge a dint red et ‘Sich sd gb mt nl be ees” —-* ss ross yp | cy _ gy TO uc to proceed: [Show drop waist high] ‘Segue as one “Little Shop Of Horrors” I0g000 ie) PIANO/CONDUCTOR 1 os Little Shop Of Horrors Orchestration: Danny Troob [Direct segue from “Prologue” Fan Easy (d=159 2a hess SF Lied shop, it~ de shop-a hor rm Lit-te shop, Lit te shop-a ter ~ ror oo fii | faneste oe F sing--tog (rnd tpe) 7 ssinga-ing Shing Shing Me shop-2 hor = rary Bop. bop, What cep thing to be happening — ~ ling thing bap-pen-ng— ons Look Lit te shop-a ter ~ ror Look ot! Look ox cout! Leck out! Look ont! ne + seuso8 2p g om 2 a - Feat thi'sarm and drang in the aie Yeah, y= eth, yeah ling emg, 2 = Stop right where you re Don-cht move a thing. = I tee See tyne jo999000090 10 oo as SF sitey op. MP Ailey cop, shoop. Shoop-ashoop op (stand cep) Sac away! costo “mp, "Look a-roun,roun' Look rows’, down Hal ie offthestop.chil.'m warning yoo ook ot, > a Fick ot, Warning ou ook ost; fnk ont seeet_ for you So eth em TT O Lion te = cha Bee yer bute ya betcha! Hest belive i, snip come to, get-ca! orci ° mh yak" came-a come-a come ase) . never sop the ter = or Lie - de shop, 5 (sett) 5 anny Chi fits Intempo “ ~ i alee 5 Conducted [Applause segue] pases: -i0- PIANO/CONDUCTOR Tick Tocks Orchestration: Danny Troob {Applause segue from “Lite Shop Of Horrors" 7000 Ticktock tempo (Cut on: [Crash] 99000 onen Vamp Cat ons ‘Gut proged IMs Udy enters shop} A A e s ones “1 PIANO/CONDUCTOR ae) Mush Wino factor playing Audrey (rs ts pes tet ‘Wine 3 (Puppeteer) a ash nnd eer EEC yal Mi hf Sl ea hg "rely al } 300 A - lem goer af at seven and you st up ~ town 2 exy2nrinbe a ) } [Piano] mp oi “TL i fre Gm} cae dines -2- = ‘Tempo ala King cue Som _1p Cryo fa] 3 e en = wen, nate sess -13- me + sue Row nico ‘Where the hop-beads flop — cone 4 ° ) a 1D conga - bmi? es oases -15- [S) eomtcnn) townyou citer to 2 miblonwhores— You drumfecrterrz-10 anther bathroom gars —, Wino 5 } oases =16- ) rns -17- ae fa-anes) 9 a) tases ~18~ = Pe * #2 °Shid Row" 300 jo00 pases -19- ne [a] 2 ald of the sree Pe ae ssid Row “Treas me like dire Call mes Sins -21- ne a esis Row When your Hes + mes you live ‘Where de ~ presi je! stun gu. ‘conation JI3 ) presen 22 399 me a sid Rw” tou = here outa tee) Ploue won't some-bod = y say——TI gee out = tt here 10 0 ) mes ~23- eakt AO + 9 Be ony ching op lan pt out = te "Chie te din = ger-omm Down ~ sown cawe tk dan germs, Some-one tell me I stl Down town Where the rsin-bow jut ance -24- Pie ae 2 -sit Row ‘somo ‘Tempo primo ° Gee ie more would be sell tw get out - fm dnt i Bid the gutter fre-wel____ and. get out aitasno 25 M9 Someta) 7 op *Y ano-antt) ary Bae a bell of 2 lot__w-pet oot = ‘usta People tell me theres noe concen :000 70000 9000 Applause Segue: “Skid Row Playoff” ne -27- PIANO/CONDUCTOR 24 Skid Row~Playoff “Little Shop OF Horrors” [Applause segue from “Skid Row") Slot tae a ent a nf egeto Sinan ~28- yAgagNOoONOOOOOONADA 1090000 jO09D0900N900009 3 “Little Shop Of Horrors” Giris Seymour _ Da Doo Warn [Customer ‘sneer sen nbn ike i.” Seymour "No ne er oni! (Cstomer: Wer di yu ge” (Cae (Seymour “ll fl aay 508 Fest Seymour “iw remember ht tl ep of the on a cope of eck og Ab Ove hak ler dri ht de” And py spa er et Chine mat Shoop dt - do $$ f - soo aise 29 1% snd iho varning, TG (X20) some vain: There wae thin To a eocine “ot rensar (Banton) ‘seaetlon) And hen te ig came beck, = * s3°DaDow" ) Joon el ead ben thr fire Bat hod Chine man ito mee. Fora dle inet ° 2 aD Sh lal I a a el I do do do doo! : ervey) a 99, onsesa =31- PIANO/CONDUCTOR One Strange And Interesting Plant Orchestration: Danny Troob (Cue Customer: "Ys hr one range end intresting pln” [Me ext Door closes] Easy Swing 1g vmstat) 2 ox 2 4 ([Acousticithodes] 1999 o. Yemp {As Mtn pasha on hed ‘Cue to proceed [Mushohl: “taking aol oto diver = by aT Vig ome dasesee -33- Grow For Me Orchestration: Danny Troob Goad ig.” Inte eaver Door oss] an aay Ss feel 7 Seymour “a Toy Id new hte (igh trong) am Fee eee se sese teases LELELEEEL EL, = Me Musik nd nr, met jo, ut Pv Ben ing rag hi wit yo for eco AEEEE 70 ond il, prt and flop. Ar yo iy lie pln at arn? What i ity wt? Wha iit yo ed? tee t 34 Tee gin you dire arom) Tm begin" you 19 1D 10900. mnsosis: -35- You've given me ) ) 199 me + 4G Fore Vi sposed Youre barely a= lve ve wed you at ven you grow lghs and mineral sup-ple-mens. What do you wane fom me, Mood? bompr oy F —— br anes ~s7- [Plant responds to ‘Seymour sacking Enger tases -38- ne * 4p For Met Berm [Seymour “plays” withthe plant mp mt == - Po teti te ae? Hy Cueto proceed ISeymourl: Think I wht mae de ht Val, gna fs dope col bre onesie ~39- Langu dnt ak bain of tor amyhing* (Bla) Slower, poco rubato few drops f duel ap = Now (mae) Maur sts erie Y 2nse.se2 ~40- 19 999900 7 yd ) Cae to proceed [Seymourl"Gra fr ma?” Atempo Iieteaves, x_Atempo, heavier Applause segue oases a41- PIANO/CONDUCTOR 4A ~ Gins Guys WSKID Radio Jingle 9 [Live band, pre-recorded vox] Easy owing (oung 8) 12345670 (Rcoasioo 8-008 Wide RRades] stetpexy2mete) 7 13 2 ee) Dow-tle-U S 5 Segue as one Mi Mas ice “va Never Know” — pias 42 PIANO/CONDUCTOR 5 ‘Mushnik, ae Ya Never Know [Segue as one foes WSKID Radio Jingle] tp asying ‘J “An the once or intervie wit Sar Kelbar, ong boa ~ de you mind allow?” x2) ‘Seymour: “Gn, w." DJ “The ena bo deep mew bred of plan if bth nan om he pet. he Arey (jas on gusto Krall. Dao ede ambingecil”™ a » Seymour: “Spr? Br... mith et firme bi... mt ard cme by” Dj Loe. Wel te for 5 4 = y ee 8 a (9025) rpping by and -* Mashniks “Tears, adres! Menton te — Seymour“ i remind ole that be Arg IT io diy cri ar Mai) Ski Rew rie enc dey webon ™ Dye ht ar ae ot erie een ene SKID” - ‘Mushalle “0b sell 1s reat adver” Vamp 1 cantbelieweit— It coal be bp - pening. Pinch me, gdh It couldat be hap ~ pening (Girfsesot) ahaaaee -4- D me s £5 Nevers" sng ot ofthe Ble! itty) ‘mf Doo daar do door doo doo doe onutprcatate) po 6 > 1 puasignop right in thefroatwin— dow Anad-verskement right in thefontwin dow — b “Stop in and see the a ~ musing new plant Arey “To icon arses =45— really remark = able things tha peo-ple, hey do! aiteyton Doo doot doo doot doo ‘They sire do doi ervipcdatey Soy-mour that eviep of 2K n'y dil some-hing sight Audrey Tro drives em nts: What bles-ing hi ro OP mre oe Seymour: “Wa beso?" (Chifon: "srt, Spur” Cyst “Tor smd xe tha the Wilfinen a 390 ‘Mashniks “Bat youd mento se ar of the hap, How mary ba Fd. > Seymour ‘Tm ony. ers, Whe Aare? Sb sid ote bre” Manik “org abut dry, —S ansesi -47 © Cut proceed Ronnetl — “You've an srnight sensation, Seymour” We'd bare blood?” [7a] *PCC1Y ‘Vamp 2 — day hs taro ‘hi’ in his news but gloom and doom ‘Then be it «fe and rade and watch that muth-4 bow! Bang Ker-boom!— Dont go to show ya nev-er know? biases 4a- be-come 4 he-10? pases 49- AL the word used to hae him Now they starei' Cappere = (Cryo) ets) anes -50- 395 ) pe * 15a Never Ko And al be-cause of the strange litle plant over there tenon: eres a chap—— Ey ny thing is Sandia? in = hing oor of Edgar Al-len Poe apsasar -51— Zam ba-rpl— Donte Sling-in! bash Fee a2t6n) [Conduct it 135) (tone) Semis fe go 0 show ya never know? Tih so rejected Light-it ash! — Now — you rte the big bri-vi-si = mot re One ay yn're Va > ae] ce ne Wow! on) Leck jatoNNN 1990 PIANO/CONDUCTOR 6 ‘Audrey: Somewhere That’s Green Warning {Romnetk: “his il afer fom os image” Chiffon "You hoe a ine” {Cue (Crystal “Se bees prom.” Frely 1 know Sey-mourh the greatest Bur Tm de-ting ase sed my am in a Sell that Sey-moues if not pases 55 oars Atempo ast (Crystal: “What kind of place is that? Am emergency room?” Audrey: “Ol, no, Ie just « daydrecem of mine, A litle Leta aaa ere tees cs 2g y —s ep ere ae eee aes Fee) ape Fel 2 ers gm ples eb hsm ie fond te mek agp ik A ne oe pron : aia ~56~ C asd prey aay alk jut lis, Contin on: (08 re or ira ne Fate andthe ter and wet iy Sema” co 199999999 7 57 me + 16 Somewhere Th Go” act howe tat — aes 19) I the pls - tic on our fum-i-mre—_ tm kaep it neat and lean onsen -58- 2 Bal, nevaeen myorety : Hes ther, he knows bat" - (Dnt ae) Kis wach How-dy Ded dy. asthe sun sets in the wes aS a Sencom peste out of Better Homes and Gar-dens mig - Far from Skid ee rn) Somewhere thats (sea) tern Serie Applause segue “Closed For Renovation” onsasin 60 PIANO/CONDUCTOR 7, Semeur : in, Closed For Renovation Orchestration: Danny Troob on rt not at (ala Gilbert & Sllivan) C Jean ym) — a c Wf ttety. (om ansesar ~61- Pe 2 7 -Rennetin” sping wp andgroom-og ‘Cause ow-tormersate facing and need re-fg-er- ation ih our new, im-proved dis-play So wee, cloned Tor THO va-tion to Gendly Be diy, Renovated shop reveal), Cor Coe CEE etm ET ‘Mushniks “es nde ii the sp you ered av on Chanel Fe nc. es the Audrey Ta ion diply S a (lied for deco ration ‘Caste fr-tine has een smiling, dosed for deco r4-tion ‘Came Gr-tune bat been anil-ing, So (rim a - Ops) x uf omer ca) sow we're dae for psig and re-dl-ing, Well nt-ng * New plaza ing, and re-l-ing. Well make ship-shpe show place of 4 a? op now were due for painting Pe + 7 Reoatin” Hic- de shop and then, Te = mor-row welll be o-pen a - pin co lie de shop and then, 2 oI = Sp ‘urey Tw’ ben geting burt mach erly.” Seymour. “Er... kom key tne I pice pa praming sears li.” Re = 7 mention” 2) sner 8 en Were ated for re-no-va-von For swabbing down and becoming Cause Were closed for re-no-ma-tion For smb-bing down and broom-ing "Came a af bus-ness has ben thrie-ing since Aud-rey o's been blooming The phones have ot stopped ringing withthe Tuco: hae been titing since Aud ay ‘Fro bon bloom ing ‘The phoncr ve not wepped singing whe cust - mers who sy “An = other Tamar of pe -on-ies Andee C0 eye Bn = oth-er doe-on devs, lowe ones a Soran An-em pid in fills and GO. DS slowed for te = po =v = on lid in fuls and CO. DS onaasen ~66~ 130 199 ce PIANO/CONDUCTOR 7A Orin’s Play-on (Revised Broadway Key) Orchestration: Danny Troob Cue tAudeey: Gi Me tf Syanitteloc an nie i Heavy {On door stad iy wa 7 iS c [Ep BRR) “AcoustilDry Wily” c Cz senator) z 2 lanes -69- PIANO/CONDUCTOR 8. Orin ae Be A Dentist 3 Revised Broatvay Key) Orchestration: Danny Troob ~ Warn {rin}: buman pn and fring” (Cue Orin “Ales me wear” o es When Twasyounger usta bed ki yaa nocodfanny things Idd — mf (compas) ‘emia ‘AalDey Waly B 3) Like shoot poppies with a B. B gun — TT palson puppies and when Twas done, — 5 "Thats when my mama sds — ahnwose -1- ia) 000 me What did she sy? ‘tains Ri) > (Conger cent) She sid “My boy 1 ink rome aay poy Youll be Play B cxyzinetcn You have a talent for causing things pin cowounon Son, bet as ae temp er= "ments wrong Peo-ple will pay you to be in-hu ~ mane ~~ T= o-mane } } [2] 3 Ss Hire hes gts, The Lever of The Plague (6) _teptiaeoaps- hist) Aw shut py onpen wie, here I come! me * seep SS en = ist And I en - jy thecarcerthatT picked! Uk 1 amyoar den = st a Wen - tet Fitting smo tae You git will be scream -ing. ike ames -74- And though it may cxsse my patients dis = est (orysien tow) ey e Po, Some-where im hea = ven a ex) DE cumin ve -75- ote -76- a toma PIANO/CONDUCTOR 8A Orin’s Playoff (Revie rotay Orchestration: Danny Troob [Applause Segue from Dentist} fe fl Vistesso tempo me orspsicnines) © cansunay) & [sin closes door On door stam) omnes -7- } 7 7 PIANO/CONDUCTOR 7A Orin’s Play-on (Original Key) Orchestration: Danny Troob Gt Auaeey cn, Phe fic my fi Myce be hereon mite ae mH [On door sant “Acoustic/Dry Wurly” ea esuetoniny : z tows -10- Be A Dentist (ovina Ke) Orchestration: Danny Trooh ‘Warn [Orn umn pine (Cue Orin: “Ais mer xt” When Lwasjounger Justa bad It-de ba, Mymemanosicedfuney things id (conga = (ona) Lite shoossin’ poppies with BB gun, — 1d poi-songup-pes and when Twas done,— aj Pd God 2 por-ay-cat and bash in is head — ‘Thaek when my mama si anes = 0 - He What did she 9 tapers Rae =: She sid “My boy I think some day you'll ind ¢ Youll be Play = examen oaosigeronaps ot You hive 2 al-ent for causing hinge pain Son, be a yin ? Paint at ryt Rot PF son, be 8 den-tit vempsers'mentt wrong— for the prest-hood to be in-hu = mane And teaching would t— you ) ‘Watch him sick up that gus! Oh, my God! Satter he i, git The Let-der of The Plage daca ) Hevadensisandhell newer ever be an-y good Whowanathsirteahdoneby the MarquisdeSade? Oh,that open wide, ere 1 come! Po. mot nombt poses 83 ira] den = ta! And Ten ~ jy thecareerthat 1 picked!Uh I amyour den cytcaunon ST den ~ tnGoodaess praca W den ~ tieing (ersten . And 1 tof on the pin I in = fie! When [sare ex-uacting those Yow realy love it You gil will be seaming ike ho And though it may cae my patient ds ees (erytens ton " * fh °F be erese poco a 000 a (cela) swe) re pasec -85— ite oi Say ae (satnpnkpgore) ute ie Say ont af Quick Segue fuses a0- PIANO/CONDUCTOR 8A Orin’s Playoff ‘(Original Key) ret [Applause Segue trom Dentist] Eas tempo @ : ma (Reoaitie& Wary) [On door stam anaes ere PIANO/CONDUCTOR 9 Seymour Mushnik And Son Orchestration: Danny Troob Warn [Osa “i gor ch bondgi™ Caer Then keg [start bar 71 lee ere = e . Sepang at i tg Mr ie Hell think a= bout ie ‘Ait jo oul rte eal dy.” <2, 6x) —— 4 Syms Newly ea Go Hin No thei jt il a ne SR A ea divas — he left me IF Sey-mour Ie me Why then Tbe right back where I started which was war | | | hr tie) jo n Seymour: Suurand ud and he she, She doers prin, nit deep ke aa a a ld, and be = ref n, [3] reomennmome ‘Seymour: “He. digrac tte den pefeion.” me * 9a" Seymour. How would you like to be my (eager demas) (@ne-er ike him much be ~ fre bt count the cash eatin the drawer TOE BOP choice! Pn much to ar me + 9M wane os yo climbing Towed eo sink you ls _— se yds stench bur now I. see that youre 2 menschso TH pro-por-ing! Be my son! swords with the ring of r A ene A fori Js say the word Fave my ream so Sermon lawyer on — the phone! e Pe * 9a Seymour) Moni co Mase rash You al-ways ad that T was ash. Oh, [wat joking! Si, Tm chok-ing!“Sease the phy-sical ex Ems sternal mish goss Ive held pent up in-sde - AA [B] Atempo Go shea and sy i, Sey-mour, Tl me that you will ne » 9M Mosk A Atempo Gee, Pd really ike to, but. Pl O-lay you win 1 be your 3 eosin) ‘Masini “ray, Twin! Way he ap ie papi dl Pm nd Ee aaa 2 abel _ Maas Seymour And when you reach age eight-y vee Te you come move in with me You smear? I promise! What 4 VIII oy_Seymourasnits Ta wou-ble, scenes, and in asso -95~ me * 9M vos (seus) Mose Seymour 0 Mast Death wel share the plant and share the weak YL call my law-yer Call me son 1, Seymour Ga] Soot Muh - nik and “0 Tha ees neem ar aff erp) onsesas 96 ‘smowrai) our sen-ine and jun ~ior ————_ 29 -naiiisoe™ schtick me a 19 Mao 128 Gamo) Masi Sermon [Applause seguel PIANO/CONDUCTOR Seymour Sudden Changes [Applause segue from “Mushnik And Son” Listen tempo wo pa eo a found me me rs 2 94 Sudden Chg” ‘Thanks a mi-ton for —mak-ing the sag-ie you dg—2—— ae = ‘Thanis to you, sweet pe - wa-s, Mosbriky kin! a junio omen “se = some day when Town this whole shop ee [a] ‘Quasi tempo, very gently op Lt towesa ~100- * Suen Changes? = ag. tthe anise thao S bP ad fe dy. ll i igtaddes hen wo it ol pa Tym ik mgy om gonna ram deat Shenton ge iat” Cut immediatly on: “Tey ter" 2 2 a a ie Tua Shing-a-ting What a creepy thing to be hap-pen-ing (Feed ne) 2 a nf (ont) RSCUGWA Gop Shang-a-lang, Feel the star and deang in the ai aera Gaaes ~129- ne AAP [a] Stowe tne ae ip 2) paving tara Rock A Mer ase serie End Act aasasus =190- Little Shop Of Horrors ACT 2 PIANO/CONDUCTOR 1B _ Entr’acte > Orchestration: Danny Troob Tempo di “Lite Shop” Ns) eles) oxy Lf Chong ‘scent onsen ~192~ Natt tance) ey aniesa 193 ca + en -eaeat 508) 42-p2egt)|ab7 - 2 si seue oe ¢ ene ee Serie ‘Segue as one “Call Back In The Morning” [Bar 5]. 2mesm ~194- PIANO/CONDUCTOR 2 ‘Audrey Seymow Call Back In The Morning “Urchin! Lak, bo ten apie. Dlr thx tthe Ditch pve = 195 - cs 2 r1acat Back” (Customer: “Toe wen” Ronnete: “Net anlar ya ont rem, ym a, Shet ewer jal!” Customer “Lt g™ ‘Mash “Aue, efor be ye Ring Tl Scour ht Corman get bili.” Andrey “es am. m2) abs : "Ni dbo, gern forties ou name, eel TPR] Ronnete: “Thetis” Customer “Remake " Les a ° fe © Romnette: “You sid ic* Seymour “Ie se rial wrest lab Tyrie, Mr Masbik. Ste’ ral pee.” oxy) OF 5 ae a abe 2niese ~ 196 - Pe * ea-cattpaa| “Want sme fle?” Customer: “bt tak re of head feof he (Ring and of he onde ft.” ‘Audrey: “Maint nd So, con ou bl lave Ring’ Seymour “Thank ox. Come agin” Audrey “Muti and Sm ‘ayn hl?" Ring Sma ca ou bp me wt ex le Ring’ Sa Rao ori Fits J bl? Rg i oro 5A (xy ee xe OK wove) eS ‘Masi nd Son, Sid Re acre Prism you hl, plat?" ‘Vamp Now.youwere ying Flow for a prom ene sige? xt) ~197- 7 Gate lower the fu-‘alomne? Leaving ome AndrewsRosnan Forty dollars hold ie Charch a€ Ninth and Vine amp bn) ist thing in the morn-ing-—Theyll be there inthe miTagt 7 an sostse 198 ~ OF at (3) tempo fo? wane 199, 7 in = fe - ed ) = . Poy 2nsesu = 199- 2 140 - just a5 the plane fore told 333339 1333953 J3333 133333 33333333 Teese) 6) ansesa ~141~ Pe * e-cat paa”| ‘Seymour “geo ics tthe game! Mast nd So, Skid Ro omit lr! te ait Seven thousand bou-ton-niers? Car = mations or the ye-low roses? Holly hocks ae hard-i-er Which ones would your wife peer? Were you - ansesa 142 ~ Re * r2-car bat snit-ing long Bm sor-1y sir One She wane an-oth-er interview Sid eo being the plat with you thought we Bac ihod yermter- day Sor ry, shat the right 4-moune Andrey, 8 that new ac-count awe ~143— op yn) Sic, Tm two worn oat 0 Spe Sey-mour, lok! I six o'clock! a > Call lack nthe morning, won't you? (Gall tac dhe morning wil you? fy ub inthe morm-ing, dank you (Gal back jn. the mom = ing (Gall back inthe mom = ing. 4 antes =144- ne Segue to “Playofl™ te aS “as ~146— 90 PIANO/CONDUCTOR B eine” Suddenly Seymour Orchestration: Danny Troob Warm (udrey: “Te gue." (Gue Audrey "Ns mao lik thi Land may prea TAS he moves toward her! fi Gea with light gospel feet [Acoustic] ames -147~ ca 2 Suddenly Semone” Here, tke my Klee - net Wipe that peste 3-way— Sud = den mp ox) ansesi 148 - > ra] Dont have to pre - end 149 ~ 12d Seno” fem ~150- Daddy left ee 5 Suddly Sem” . 13S Semone” 1 sending —be ~ side me = 151- Plese wn-dertand— that 8% stllssange and right - ne For Josertikeve— been 186 anes 152- S eras rime) (Ae gil chats — in ~ side maton) — Af Sotto the gil hath in = side ~153- 1d Sor” me * 115 -Sdel Seymour SF moar youre aes eas fonesa = 154- ~ _ PIANO/CONDUCTOR BA Melodramatic Chords - Orcheste ‘Audrey “Gn, Smo ue Musk eh eee ad Sdn St io Fr Melodramatically anes ~155~ PIANO/CONDUCTOR 14 Audrey 1 cine Suppertime Orchestration: Danny Troob (Cue [Masha hen hy nt roe ar garkage na menk™ J Insidiousy (-108) emp Andy “Cueto proceed [Mushaiks us to proceed (Mas Hes got your zener sere (Acoustic ‘mp (0.Cym) 2 coin ahaa ~156~ 19 = 61 Sapprtine” Ome bot fb, yu meng ?™ 1 think up —_ Seyinour: “Tn imac! mac!” a ere ee -187- BE 4 "Musik “To bw do yu explain his! Seymour: “A pcre of hare cp?”Mushnik: "eur haba exp. Te pace fant in Soros sd me, nd Lad shy" Seymour “Did pn Masha NT or ‘pe yma al Seymour Bus yd at hed, be nso, ied” Sayoud ol Sa ee Vanp ‘Gye to proceed [Mashnikr ‘Then etme tb mee poke nd el ho sa." eee Maha Jat my cnc re xy Na ‘Mash go kp el Bead er” (2) cate m F come —— “Think a-bour all — hone of Aint no sme — to earn = 160- squeamish ae ow ce 7 seein - eee C Masha "Why mt” Seymour ft he contin” © mp "te ‘Mask 7 od of daar Whee” Fe a eh sates ~161- 2 cestion) * 1 10°Sepprine ‘cgcaie Come on Come (Aas ‘Seymour: Ire pow” Masti “te pln?” +a it aue| ‘ai ‘Seymour “slong tl efi ple No wif sal cer Ie nth, righ Muahaih “Te may’ nd te plot?™ se Sean Ew to promod eax scofeym) ‘Seymour, Ju.” Mush (bea “Kost?” Cae t proceed Plant i open ~ our Jarek” Masai Geo) (tec nl ne) seas 162 Ha + s0-Septine| (Bangor ext az) | dim. poco a poco Cc mw Cueto 7 [Plant Begins to close on Mushatk) tera ‘mp 7 poco poco dowosee ete ne * 1 10°Sepperine| ligt black notes Zz Bie Tigeti white notes Ga) J 7 ‘Segue as one: “The Meek Shall Inherit” dames ~164- a PIANOICONDUGTOR 15 The Meek Shall Inherit Orchestration: Danny Troob [Direct segue from “Suppertime”] Steady 2 100) vm ean ee ee eee Ronnelte: “Thor isi fd in! Thre Soper” Chit Caystal ei): “Sepa! Sema! Ook Seep” tanto) ron op tor pt ter pete : igecbetee etter ier pe Son aan gnarl Soom gk tte Ck ky Prd ka == === SS ——— . ; feeeg ptt z a. pe ee | pees ee Se = Levies P “as for tb Rise Bolt” Chiton: Lia the hpi drain the Ser Prom?” Seymour" ‘Nw plas” Ronnetes There anche big as fr ym See Fran pen. A Pr ope pr [rrr SSS SSeS ~165~ 15, miro 9 ‘onnete "Tet bin, ‘he bind foment, toate Te Soma” ermaein “sth nt “rt F HO to? —— =~ Bernstein: “Scour Krlra! Sei bey bay, prt” Seymour “Erp” ‘Yamp uni cue [Bernstein . Softee Batre yon gm b ay wh yu de os Mtb Vamp Proceed on (Bernstein “Thank yu gr” ames 168 - } } 7 s #15 Mose" Hig, Sey-mour Kel-boen, yow prince you My mame Ber-sein, Tim with N. B.C op S S oon 1 came down here to in - vince you Sey ~ mor Keel ~ bom Gar-den=ing For balf an ho-as, on Son-day, anes =167- me a 15 Mose epitome SP 8 wana Ty EVs fine home gar-den-ing ast | 2 | ee Youll make 4 mine and our rating’ will ‘They sey the meck shall in = ber it ook does ate They say che meck shall in - Berit mf oases ~ t68~ settee Pe WS pot a queen of mer - ie coup, Mies noe a ques-von of mer—~ it ‘And you're 2 meck Ue - de guy And youre 4 meek lit ~ de gry 169 - "ier rire ~170- JIJIIII3II 3333353339 1393 a ye) TP oe) 0: 2 25 -Mektae c ee 0 ee ‘amp until cue [Mrs. Luce: Societe 51] Nes tac sens cr q on OF the De-cem-berthind is sue of ansasae ~~ Life ite) yey anie.sur -172- me * 1s Mette For sos of you and your bem i - fl so) ‘They sey the meck shall in = ber it You Know the book doesn ie "They say the meck shall in = ber-it You know the book dcs-a i arses ~173~ cs ae 2 15-Meeae™ WS not a guerston of mer Tes ot demand and sup ~ ply ‘They my the meck gon-mi get ie And youre a meck it~ de guy = ‘They say the meck gon-na get it And you're 4 meek lt tle gay —— You know the meck are gon ~ na get whith tasasee ~174— Reet ee ro oP piper re _ cnt y vow Tooed on Saiph Sestee rea oySa® mses” ~i75- ne xsi (ay PSE doe Snip tt Now ler ay fi Forget the a = Ble we sent you repre = seat you ~176~ 115 Menfhr™ 4 TR ce to meee me the plen-mice is yours ox) a (2a) JIIIIII 13333333333 333339 JIIIIIIIIIIIG Rie ae 115 Meatte - SS eS Show the pling, then ky amcoer By ed-usea-tion-al, Io -cra-tve asesis: -17- -i78- JIIIIZIII3 OV) eee) ee) a) JJIIINII aga > ) a es = nas ystrngs 999199 mc “6 115 -Mesnbrt™ co = fe yon can — np) 9 oe fr Er 2 ‘This night - mare must - ecm 2 ay F ia ones = 100- e ne Aod-roy Lovey Audrey avon py st no al-tem-a-tve,Say-moar old boy though i means you'll be broke agin and unemployed it the Slower very frely le most be destroyed! a 1 Me were tawdry and in-pow'ished at be foe ~181- me a 21 Mesa Wiih-out my plant, she might noe love mean = y “They say the meck Sin = her ones =182- 2 me 1» 15 Minh” 3 1S soe a pes of met 0 es Conk wrong Gyeultan . Ich de eyo re - . — cae apm : "You now the meck are gonna get whats com - it eo ‘em! You know the meek are gonna cele ese poco a poco Gases ~ 183 = set whats com Faster, more forcefully Seymour F Ys know the meck are gon 18 Lf Yow know the meek are Bowe fo pet wines com et wha 15 Meche” Applause segue = 185 - PIANO/CONDUCTOR Thunder And Lightning Orchestration: [Applause segue from “The Meek Shall Inherit”) ‘Stormy and Gothic (Garren Ze = enim) = 15A 7 e225) JIIII3 JIIIIIIIIII jo00 me 2 3:4-Tandr® 2) rempor 2 2 a Tights wp) [Caton final thunded 2nsese =107- PIANO/CONDUCTOR 15B Seymour Plots ? Orchestration: Danny Troob a ‘Warning [Seymourk: “Then it sertled.” metroe Gaetasdeey har ea” ‘Audrey: “A gun?" Seymour, nd ules... and ration... anda mat stowly Adee.“ gu” Sey Tamares marin, righ ae Li mage as pita, yaa tere et!” Adres, fl serra a a a Siac “pce a Sr FA a Semon ‘ih. Th mh ply hm PU tT hme iri rma ae: Nem [foding No mr sang ol” hey. ting? Wht Mt |g Som Bale Fess ep. Ye cao me* Ee « . Seyppour: "There ming be sare of = ones jee - ININNo000 me 2 1188 rou so icc; nd me plans. No planta.” Nude “Sem oe talking pein" ‘may © 2 — ‘Seymour: “Tw fine” Audeey: “ere ar* Seymour: ‘Don sory lout me Dan ory abut aig” TCuton Audeeys Ext) = OTe 230.52 ~ 189 ~ ~190~ } 999 PIANO/CONDUCTOR 16 ‘Audrey ‘varey" Sominex/Suppertime~Reprise Orchestration: Danny Tob (Cue Seymour “Lak my at ofr: Yr orno?™ (Cue to proced [Seymour “nd do bik you geting dose.” Ie teaves 1 audeey enters A 3 acon (neko) voisces in my head kept sy-ing: Go to Sey Talk Sey = mour 1 dean some insasee =191- on) Sey ~ mou sect = heart A fompe di “Sunpetine a ‘Audrey is He, - 2 1 16-SominesSepertine Ray” “Ady: mid in ther?” ) C — ays, 5, — ys, (el ee ee cs cw gm ei ew me ag 8, 2 1038 se - ‘Audiey: Ob my Gal (pe ame) a = =yotongs| 2nsese = 193— ‘Auey HB Baby Helle” ‘mp ke) ‘Arey “Aon dcaming ?” Audrey: "Nef ‘Gaeta proced [Audrey ‘Somatlngs ey rong ar” a cr. x “Audeyll “el ond ith al. sme fey vil ya eetcrt?™ Audrey: "Efco?® Adreyls * cede ter in the ort ay Lak ty rams Gueto proceed {Audrey I Tmagon ene.” = 1094- Pe . 16 SaminesSeppertine ae” [Be] Solid, Hard 2Mtotoven ‘Arey dor os fae” 7} j ‘Audrey: “dnd yur benches ardor hing” — Dont need m0 ‘Audey: “Tie secon” “ terre 195 ~ me + £16 -Somincs Sopp ep now ite eup-pee - cml — divas e =196 - Pe * 2 6-SaminlSopperine ay” a (timp—tet a) arses -197- PIANO/CONDUCTOR WwW > ‘Audrey 7 Somewhere That’s Green~Reprise Orchestration: ny Troob = (Cue Seymour: “Andy ae oul igh” a ‘Awsey: "ex No {she flit her knees) ‘Warmly, with much feeling on Seymour: "Dd ry. ado. la, le done." Andrey: Jou bs the pl ud be — 4A ‘mp dolce plus trang thig jas nw. i tht Orn ond Mr: Masi wr aby nie" Seymour: I ue iit. fed thom tit,” = Ss rey: “And ht) bat made its bigand rang and yon femur” Seymour“ done passe 198 - me = 17 -cooe — ow ‘erie tng, Bu note. Neve” Seymour, “Wba?™ eee ‘Audey: “Bat Ion yo, Sepa” ee Soto Jooo & ‘Youll sell my sweet per ~ fame, : a4 ean pnaesee 199 - and cae foe me, You'll ® — Doras 200 ~ 217 -Geatep® 1333333333 me + S17 -Gray| - ‘Atempo: c ae ee g a _ ~ | 2 pp — 2 ‘Segue as one “Death OF Audrey” } aasasae 201- PIANO/CONDUCTOR Girls Death Of Audrey Orchestration; Danny Troob (Direct segue from “Somewhere That's Green-Reprise”] [Seymour lifts Audrey] 1 Geundioeo 17A JIIJIIII9 ) 33309 71 7 ‘y Covicusnon FP A-Dnth Of hig” IANO/CONDUCTOR 17B “mewn Death Of Seymour Orchestration: Danny Troob Waring (Seymour: Bigger tn Hala Hope” (Cue Audrey Md Beer” Andante ES «deb rms Uses Soy ach dementia Tob oo Amer, Bion ang... Autey Wi "NO SHITE, SHERLOCK (Me) sas] (2 foe) aa Coa) Seymour: “Weve mt tating let oe bry lant he, Wee talng bt ~ orld gu” Seymnur te hinge tet” Oe ones 205 — me 2 11 -Det of Semeur” ‘And that and that and that “GIVE UP KRELBOURN?™ Sees Seymour: °Neer! Here! Ra pian! fat hat! BATT) RATT! BAT IT! BAT ers 2 ters pnd Fal Ghem matfy? Seymmen “gk er ; ebro Beebo! Beat —— = Pbakyo bt anweses 206 - me * 172-Dauth of Semour c one c Slow segue “Finale” anes ~207- PIANO/CONDUCTOR Ibecen uppeters} Finale (Cue [Martin “The rc ing onside” Orchestration: Danny Troob 18 ereeeeeee [Zlcxystcnicnone a . a ~ _ a = == a = Open team Bey Were ready ttt ding.” anise ~208- Sub-se-quent 0» the e-vents you have just wit-neved— yc 6K) 000 B= vents which bore suik-ng re = semble —— 199 1903 sins — 209. Pe * eerie” [a] om Sub-se-quent to the e-vents you have — just wit-nessed’——Un-sas - pect-ing jerks from Maine to Cal i am) for-nis "Made the se ~ qutint-ance of a new breed of fy tap anes -210- plants worked their terri-Mle will, Finding jerks who woud fod them their fll As the of oO pnts pro-ceed-ed to grow 1 sabe - gan what they came here 10 (sSm.cym) c Which was es = sen ea anaes man 212- [el Te densely : oe ‘They may of fe yon fr ove and money and in = Tey may ok fr you be ut what-e- ver they of - fr you, Dont feed the Borwhat-e Ter Bey of Er yon Dont eed he ‘They ony of = frm Ta -213- of cep tile But whst-e-yer they of = fer you, Dont-— fos the pl! Took out Here eames Andrey To Semone Look out Here eames Aad - ey Too. spies 214- ) 10 Hee 1 = Aust ‘ox Sa Hold your Yar and ang ent your seal! Something amin ‘ant = "Hold your at and hang on your soll = mm CLES © pasa ~215- Bo what-e Tver Bay ‘ax what-e over iy of TE we ght, weve sll poe 4 chance we Bight weve sil gor 4 chane Though Beye so hough eye slope me (at) plan -217- PIANO/CONDUCTOR 19 - Bows Orchestration: Danny Troob ome =218- me * F39"tow ir} anvesee ~219- re * £19-Bowe mars om danewe ~220- oes or fl b pneu = 221- Pe + ed Fes|o ob mses ~ 200