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Waterstops for Chemical, Industrial, & Environmental Applications

W aterstops play a critical role
in the integrity of concrete
structures. They provide a fluid-

tight diaphragm when embedded in, and running

through concrete joints.

Earth Shield® Thermoplastic Vulcanizate Water-

stop (TPV), by JP Specialties, Inc., greatly expands
the scope of conventional waterstop by offering un-
matched chemical resistance to a broad spectrum of
aggressive chemicals, solvents, and hot petroleum oils.
Manufactured NSF certified, EPA-compliant water-
stop profiles are available for new construction and
retrofit, as well as the tools and accessories for proper
Earth Shield® JP636 TPV Ribbed Centerbulb (6” width) is the field installation.
de facto industry standard, utilized on most jobs for its proven
fluid-sealing properties.
JP Specialties has been the respected innovator in the
See page 4 for more info
waterstop industry since 1954. We are known world-
wide for our high-quality waterstop, and we hold the
patent on the ST-10® In Line Waterstop Splicing Table
and the XLT2000 Waterstop Fabrication — the equip-
ment used to mechanically weld thermoplastic water-

Earth Shield® Retrofit Column and Pipe Fitting (part number

JP320LC1.XX* [*XX is diameter in inches]) is manufactured with
a flexible, chemical-resistant polymer and includes all stainless Earth Shield® Chemical Resistant Waterstop
steel anchoring hardware. P.O. Box 1507, Lake Elsinore, CA 92531
See page 7 for more info Phone: 888-836-5778; International: 951-674-6869
Fax: 951-674-1315 J P SPECIALTIES, INC.

Page 2
style also allows for joint movement and
may be used in above or below grade ap-
plications. Additional shapes are available
for retrofit, extreme expansion, stainless
steel and base seal applications.

Different varieties and grades of thermo-

plastic elastomers (TPE) are commercially
available. On the low-end there is ther-
moplastic polyolefin (TPO), which has a
rubber phase that is not cross-linked. On
the high-end there is thermoplastic vulca-
nizate (TPV)... Earth Shield® has chosen
a fully cross-linked TPV as our standard
elastomer compound, which provides
Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV / TPER) superior mechanical properties, reten-
Waterstop Basic Use tion, and chemical resistance. In fact, when com-
Earth Shield® Thermoplastic Vulcanizate Water- pared side-by-side, no competitive product is even
stop is used as a fluid-tight diaphragm, embedded close to achieving the physical properties of Earth
in concrete, across and along the joint, for primary Shield®.
and secondary containment structures. Earth
Shield® Chemical Resistant Waterstops are resis- Typical Applications
tant to a wide range of oils, solvents, and aggres- • Primary and secondary containment
sive chemicals. Alcohol, ketones, glycols, esters,
and aqueous solutions of acids, salts, and bases • Waste water treatment plants
have little effect on Earth Shield® Thermoplastic • Refineries
Vulcanizate Waterstop. • Ozone contactor structures
• Mining facilities
Unlike polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterstop,
Earth Shield® waterstop contains no plasticizer, • Fueling areas
stabilizer, or filler to leech out when exposed to • Chemical factories
chemicals, fuels, and aggressive industrial fluids.
• Manure pits
Also, unlike PVC waterstop, Earth Shield® can
withstand prolonged exposure to high and low
temperatures (-78°F to 275°F long term) without Earth Shield® Advantages
detrimental effect. • Outstanding fluid resistance to a wide
range of aqueous-based fluids, oils,
Earth Shield® TPV Waterstop is NSF Standard 61 and hydrocarbons
Certified for use in drinking water and is made of • Excellent retention of physical
a recyclable polymer, so it’s good for health and properties at elevated temperatures
the environment. • Superior ozone and weather
The superior chemical resistance of Earth Shield®
Thermoplastic Vulcanizate Waterstop is enhanced Installation
by the use of a ribbed centerbulb configuration, Install Earth Shield® TPV Waterstop in all con-
which is available in a 4, 6, and 9-inch width. This crete joints. Waterstop should be centered in, and
provides for greater mechanical bonding with the run the extent of the joint. All changes of direc-
concrete and a barrier against migration of liquid tions should be prefabricated (see Shop Made
flow around the waterstop. The ribbed centerbulb Fittings), leaving only butt-welding for the field. If
Page 3
installing in an expansion joint,
keep center bulb unembedded
to allow it to accommodate
movement as designed. Use #3
hog rings and tie wire to secure
waterstop to reinforcing steel to
avoid displacement during the
concrete pour. Splice straight
lengths of waterstop, and
Shop Made Fittings to straight
lengths, with an ST-10® In Line
Waterstop Splicer with the iron
temperature set to 410°F to
More detailed installation in-
structions can be found in our
Standard 3-part Specifications.

Technical Assistance
Qualified technical assistance
is available during any phase of your construction to be provided by the manufacturer.
project. 2. Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV) Waterstop
shall be independently certified for use in po-
table water per NSF/ANSI Standard 61. Third-
party certified documentation to be provided by
Standard 3-part Specifications are available at
the manufacturer.
our website in Microsoft® Word and Adobe® PDF
3. No equals or substitutions allowed.
format, and upon request in printed and a vari-
ety of computer word processor formats. Call our
Property Test Method Required Results
Technical Sales Staff for additional help with your
Specific Gravity ASTM D792 .96
Shore A Hardness ASTM D2240 90±3 at 77°F
(5 sec.)
Tensile Strength ASTM D412 2,300 psi
Suggested Proprietary Short Form Guide Ultimate ASTM D412 530%
Specification Section 03150 Elongation
(Master Format 2004 — 03 15 13) 100% Modulus ASTM D746 1,000 psi
TPV Chemical Resistant Waterstop Tear Strength ASTM D624 278 pli at 77°F
Waterstop indicated in drawings and specifications Compression Set ASTM D395 29% at 77°F
for contraction (control), expansion and construc- Brittle Point ASTM D746 -78°F
tion joints to be Earth Shield® TPV Chemical Re- Drinking NSF/ANSI 61 Waterstop certified by
sistant Waterstop Part No. #### [Designer insert Water Safe NSF for use in potable
appropriate part number here] as manufactured by water
JP Specialties, Inc.; 551 Birch Street, Lake Elsinore, Ozone Resistance ASTM D1171 Passed, no cracking at
CA 92530; Phone 951-674-6869 450 pphm
1. Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV) Waterstop Chemical ASTM D471 Meet or exceed spe-
shall conform to EPA Title 40 CFR Section Resistance cific testing standards
265.193. The suitability of the waterstop for for contained fluids
as required by Owner
a specific application should be determined by and certified by Manu-
specific testing for that particular requirement facturer
per ASTM D471. Project-specific certification Green Certification GreenSpec Approved
Page 4

Ribbed Centerbulb

R ibbed centerbulb is the most versatile type of wa-

terstop available. The centerbulb accommodates
lateral, transverse, and shear movement. Ribbed
dumbbell type waterstop. This is because the stress
is first applied to the inward-most anchoring rib, and
decreases to the subsequent ribs.
centerbulb can be used in expansion, construction,
and control joints. The centerbulb allows for joint movement beyond
the ultimate elongation of the material (530%), with-
out causing distortion to anchoring ribs.
All of our ribbed centerbulb waterstops
are manufactured with a 9/16” outer di-
ameter centerbulb, which is the largest in
the industry. This centerbulb, coupled with
the outstanding mechanical properties of
our proprietary TPV elastomer (ultimate
elongation, tensile strength, etc.), provides
for unsurpassed joint movement and seal-
ing abilities.

Like all our thermoplastic vulcanizate

waterstops, ribbed centerbulb can be
heat-welded using a standard waterstop
splicing iron. This allows for easy field
fabrications, and allows the waterstop to
function as a continuous, homogeneous,
Ribbed centerbulb waterstops provide superior fluid-tight diaphragm. Waterstop change of direc-
anchoring abilities and a long fluid-flow path be- tions (fittings) can be purchased along with straight
cause of the multiple ribs on the exterior flanges. roll stock, and custom, fit-to-print waterstop modules
Under stress, the multiple ribs will distort less than a are produced to order.
Page 5

Ø 9/16"
[Ø 14.29]


1/4" 1/4" 4” Ribbed Centerbulb Waterstop
[6.35] [6.35]

Ø 9/16"
[Ø 14.29]


6” Ribbed Centerbulb Waterstop
1/4" 1/4"
[6.35] [6.35]


Ø 9/16"
[Ø 14.29]

1/4" 1/4"
[6.35] [6.33] JP936
9” Ribbed Centerbulb Waterstop

Standard Fabrications
JP436X1 Flat Cross
JP636X1 Flat Cross
JP436L1 Flat Ell JP936X1 Flat Cross
JP636L1 Flat Ell
JP936L1 Flat Ell

JP436T1 Flat Tee

JP636T1 Flat Tee
JP936T1 Flat Tee

JP436T2 Vert Tee

JP636T2 Vert Tee
JP436L2 Vert Ell JP936T2 Vert Tee JP436X2 Vert Cross
JP636L2 Vert Ell JP636X2 Vert Cross
JP936L2 Vert Ell JP936X2 Vert Cross
Page 6

Retrofit Waterstop Systems
R etrofit waterstop is de-
signed to provide a fluid-
tight seal between existing
and new concrete construc-
tion, without resorting to
the labor-intensive and
structurally destructive saw-
cut-and-grout method. It is
ideal for constructing a new
containment curb or wall to
an existing slab, or joining a
new slab to an existing wall.
Special profile fabrications
are available for columns and
pipe penetrations.

All of our retrofit waterstops

are sold as a system, and
include all the necessary
stainless steel bars and bolts.
We also offer a high-quality
chemical resistant novolac epoxy — VEN 1000. Earth Shield® retrofit waterstops are manufactured with our
proprietary thermoplastic vulcanizate compound, which provides for unsurpassed chemical resistance.

Like all our thermoplastic vulcanizate waterstops, Earth Shield® retrofit can be heat-welded using a standard
waterstop splicing iron. This allows for easy field fabrications, and allows the waterstop to function as a con-
tinuous, homogeneous, fluid-tight diaphragm. Waterstop change of directions can be purchased along with
straight roll stock, and custom, fit-to-print waterstop modules are produced to order. Prefabricated ells, tees,
tank pads, column fittings, and many others are in stock and ready to ship.

3 9/32"
R 9/32"
3/16" [R 7.14] 3"
[4.76] [76.2]

7/16" 7/16"
[11.11] [11.11]

3 11/16" [6.35]
1/4" [93.66]

JP320L JP336L
3/16" 3/16"
Retrofit Waterstop System [4.76]
Retrofit Waterstop System
(Includes all batten bars and anchors) (Includes all batten bars and anchors)
Page 7

3 43/64"

3 13/64"

3 45/64"
3 25/64" [76.2]
3" Ø 9/16"
[76.2] [Ø 14.29]

Ø 9/16" 3/16"
4 1/2" 7/16"
[Ø 14.29] [4.76]
[114.3] [11.11]
7/16" 3 1/4" 1/4"
[11.11] [82.55] [6.35]

45/64" [6.35]
1/4" 1/4"
[6.35] [6.35] 1/2" JP450T
[12.7] Retrofit Waterstop System
Retrofit Waterstop System (Includes all batten bars and anchors)
(Includes all batten bars and anchors) [7.94]

Slab to Slab Connection

Earth Shield® has solved a long-standing problem for engineered concrete

structures with circular protrusions, such as columns, pipes, piers, and
pilasters. The problem: how to permanently seal the concrete joint
when cast-in-place concrete is formed against an existing circular
member. The solution: Earth Shield® Column & Pipe Fitting (part no.
JP320LC1.XX* [*XX is the diameter in inches]) manufactured with a
flexible, chemical-resistant polymer and stainless steel anchoring
hardware. A single laborer on the job site can quickly install the col-
umn fitting and its associated hardware. Simply apply an epoxy gel
bed to the existing surface; place the polymer ring into the epoxy gel
bed; heat weld the single opening on the polymer ring using a waterstop
splicing iron; and finally, complete the system with the stainless steel closure

The Earth Shield® system functions as an internal dam, centrally located within the cast concrete, to stop aggressive chemicals,
solvents and hot petroleum oils from penetrating the joint. By preventing the passage of hazardous liquids the Earth Shield® Col-
umn Fitting provides facility owners, engineers, and contractors with the necessary EPA-mandated containment compliance (EPA
Title 40 CFR 265.193). Of course, the system prevents the passage of water as well. The mechanical properties of the polymer, plus
the tear-web design of the JP320L profile, enable the column fitting to function equally well in expansion (isolation) joints and
construction joints.
Page 8

Integrated Cap Systems

I ntegrated expansion board cap waterstop

systems are designed to replace post-applied
joint sealant, and provide a fluid-tight internal
seal like a traditional waterstop with a one-step,
integrated unit.

Earth Shield® expansion board cap waterstop

is installed on top of conventional expansion
board filler. The expansion board acts as the JPEB375
form; therefore, no form splitting is necessary. 3/4” Expansion Board Cap Waterstop
This greatly accelerates the project schedule
and provides a long lasting, attractive finished
concrete joint.

Earth Shield® screed key cap slides over the top

of metal screed key, eliminating the need for

• No split forms
• Accelerated installation
• No sawcutting or sealant
• No joint finishing
• Long life
• UV and abrasion resistant
5/8" JPEB350
[15.88] 1/2” Expansion Board Cap Waterstop

JP158 1"
Screed Keyway Cap [25.4]


3/4” Exp. Board Cap Retrofit Waterstop
(Includes all batten bars and anchors)
Typical Joint Detail
Page 9

Typical Joint Detail

Standard Fabrications
JPEB350X1 Flat Cross
JPEB375X1 Flat Cross

JPEB350T1 Flat Tee

JPEB375T1 Flat Tee

JPEB375RL1 Outside Corner

(Includes all batten bars and anchors)

JPEB350L2 Inside Corner

JPEB375L2 Inside Corner

JPEB350L3 Outside Corner

JPEB375L3 Outside Corner

JPEB375RL2 Inside Corner

(Includes all batten bars and anchors)

JPEB350L1 Flat Ell

JPEB375L1 Flat Ell
Page 10

Special Shapes
Earth Shield® tear web
waterstops are designed
for large joint move-
ments such as tank
foundations. Tear web is 6"
suitable for expansion JP678
joints. For construction 9/16"
Ø 9/16" 6” Tear Web Waterstop
[Ø 14.29]
and contraction (control) [14.29]

joints, ribbed centerbulb

should be used instead. 3/16"

1/4" 3/16"
[6.35] [4.76]

9” Tear Web Waterstop


1/4" 3/16"
[6.35] [4.76]

Base Seal
Base seal waterstop is ideal for flat pavement jobs such as runways, large containment slabs, etc. Base seal
waterstop is by far the easiest waterstop to install... Simply lay the waterstop directly on the compacted
subgrade, place and finish concrete, and create control joint using saw cut or other method. The base seal
provides a permanent, life-of-structure seal at the bottom of the joint.

Base seal is suitable for construction, contraction (control), and expansion joints. Base seal should not be
used on jobs that make interior wall transitions as the part is non-symmetrical and therefore cannot function
correctly. For large hydrostatic head pressures (>50 foot) ribbed centerbulb should be used instead.
R 3/4"
[R 19.05]
19/32" 5/8" 1 59/64" 39/64"
[14.99] [15.88] [49.01] [15.63]


9” Base Seal Waterstop 27/64"

Page 11

Dumbbell waterstop is usually used in
below grade applications, where limited 6"
movement is expected. Dumbbell wa-
terstop can be installed in construction
and contraction (control) joints; where-
as, dumbbell centerbulb can be installed 5/8" 1/4"
[15.88] [6.35]
in construction, control, and expansion
joints. JP647
6” Dumbbell Waterstop
The large centerbulb (1-1/2” outer
diameter) on the JP949 (and JP1149)
waterstop profile, coupled with the [152.4]

outstanding mechanical properties of

our thermoplastic vulcanizate and large 3/8" 3/4"
[9.53] [19.05]
endbulb anchors, enable the product to
withstand large -scale joint movement JP648
(seismic, settlement, etc.). JP648, JP948, 6” Dumbbell Waterstop
JP949 and JP1149 are all 3/8” thick... The
largest and thickest profiles available in
the industry! 9"

[9.53] 1"

9” Dumbbell Waterstop

Ø 1 1/2"
[Ø 38.1]

3/8" 1"
[9.91] [25.4]

9” Dumbbell Centerbulb Waterstop

11 7/8"
[300.23] Ø 1 1/2"
[Ø 38.1]

3/8" 1"
[9.53] [25.4]

12” Dumbbell Centerbulb Waterstop
Page 12

Waterstop Shop Made Fittings

T esting has shown that the majority of waterstop

failures are caused when the waterstop must
make directional changes. This is because directional
changes, or fittings as they are commonly known,
require special tools and skills that are not gener-
ally required for welding the straight edges of wa-
terstops. Consequently, the fittings are either made
wrong (edge welding); there is no tensile strength in
the welds; the material is charred, burnt or otherwise
contaminated; or the worker’s lack of experience
causes unreliable welds. Shop Made Fittings are ma-
chine welded using an XLT-2000 Waterstop Splicing
Table. JP Spe-
cialties invent-
ed the XLT-2000 (generally water) traverse, the structure
and retains the that uses edge welded waterstop will
patent on the naturally leak, as fluids migrate to any
technology. tears in the weld and pass through to
The XLT-2000 the other side of the joint.
applies force
evenly, creat- Structures that use Shop Made Fit-
ing monolithic, tings will significantly reduce these
homogeneous waterstop failures. The tensile strength
and contami- of the weld will be at least 80% of the
nant-free welds. parent material. Continuity of the bulbs
and ribs shall be maintained across the
Shop Made weld. In other words, the waterstop will
Fittings are perform as intended and last the life of
recognized and the structure.
specified world-
wide by major
firms. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers also specified
Shop Made Fittings in the July, 1995 revision of CEGS
Section 03250. Shop Made Fittings are specified be-
cause they work. Edge welding waterstop seriously
compromises the integrity of any project. Even the
limited movement of concrete during the coefficient
of expansion and contraction can be too much for
edge welded waterstop. The edge welded water-
stop lacks the proper tensile strength and does not
maintain the characteristics of the parent material
(bulb or rib continuity). Consequently, the waterstop
often tears at the most critical junction: the change
of direction. Since all waterstops are designed to act
as a continuous, fluid-tight diaphragm which fluids
Page 13

Trust Your Critical Water

Projects to Earth Shield® —
NSF Standard 61 Certified,
EPA Compliant Waterstop
NSF/ANSI Standard 61 was Water is arguably the most valuable resource in the world. Today’s water treatment,
developed to establish mini- distribution, and storage projects are under ever-increasing layers of regulations and
mum requirements for the requirements, one of the foremost being that components and materials that contact
chemical contaminants and potable water not have potential adverse human effects.
impurities that are indirectly
imparted to drinking water Earth Shield® TPV Waterstop, with NSF 61 certification,
from products, components, is the perfect choice for today’s critical water
and materials used in drink- projects, and in particular drinking
ing water systems. water projects.

Standard 61 is intended to
cover specific materials or
products that come into
contact with drinking
water, drinking water
treatment chemicals, or
both. The focus of Stan-
dard 61 is evaluation of
contaminants or impurities
imparted indirectly to drink-
ing water.

In the U.S., 47 of 50 states

have legislation that requires
compliance with NSF/ANSI
Standard 61. Products that
are NSF Certified against
NSF/ANSI Standard 61
demonstrate compliance
with both Canadian and U.S.
Plumbing Codes. NSF Certifi-
cation and Testing is widely
accepted. NSF data is recog-
nized by ASSE, BOCA, IAPMO,
ICBO-ES, SBCCI, City of Los
Angeles and many others.
Page 14

& Econ

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High-Qncrete Con atersto
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Type 2 ell when expt deteriorateclay-based the passage
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Simplythe waterstoNo splitting ight seal. te rs to ps are D2
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ubber Volatile
pour o ary to achie Butyl R 40 mm
ro philic ASTM D6 77°F
nece ss
pe 20
& 23 H
yd ation, Co ne
Penetr. 5 sec. ASTM D217 -30° to
180°F Metallic W
Earth S r:
hield Ty
tility Vles
lt s 15 0 gm
mp., °F
aterstop fo
a l fo • U
Appli c a ti o ns Se rvice Te Black r Extreme C
id e
ing ns • M t-in-Place anho r Colo lls per
ca on
ing 6 0 lft. per carton
hemical Re
• No e Penetratio • Cas ce. Type 20
Packag 10
3/4" x 1"
x 16'8"
• P bs & Walls e surfa an, r carton concre play a critical ro
om th e rolls pe
S la n s particles fr on to the cl in ag ing 8 0 lft. per carton diaphragm te structures. They le in the integrity
• o d e ck
tructi se dirt an Adhesiv available concrete jo when embedded in provide a fluid-tigh of
Pa 20 ’
Ins move loo 0 Primer hesive is Type 23 x 3/ 4" x 25
ation 3/8" ints. , and runn
ing throug t
Insta. llBrush anderecoat of Typee 20 Primer A
2 d
Earth Shiel ® h
1 sh on ce. Typ n can
ions o surface. 3/4" most corro d Metallic Water
2. Bruncrete surfans. ing acti
r direct ] elevated te sive fluids in their tra stop can sto
llon ca to cure (pe the primedwith a knead or air [19.05
co p even
and gaugesmperatures. A varie cks, even at severethe
n e g a
o mer rmly onto ), and join tion
o w p ri fi se p a ra 3/8" gauge 316 are available. Earthty of metals, grad ly
3. All ss Type 20 (1" minimum there is no
4. Pre rlap ends gether until [9.53] offers broa low carbon as our Shield utilizes 20es,
5. O ve
nds to aggressive d spectrum corros standard alloy, whi
press ets. n pape
cond p
our. deleteriou media, and is virtuion resistance to m ch Designed for
Type 2
pocke ve separatioy for your se n n for ozone s effects of ozone, m ally untouched by th ost
pro! Our Pro th
R e mo w re ad c if icatiofor constructsio treatment contactor structuresaking it an ideal choic e Waterstop SplSe
6 .
u are n
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7. Yo o rm Guided specificati2o0 WaterstoLpake plants. used in mod
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manufactured ici
hort F ings an Type Street, -674- 1" Earth Shiel highest quality w
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Suggrsetop indicathe Shield® Hyltdies, Inc. —8559; Internatimo ; E-mail [25.4] including ndard shapes and aterstop is availab
Wate to be Eart JP Specia 800-821-3 element, ergonled
All changeprofiles for new conssizes (see inside), le om
joints factured by 0 — Phone www.jpspe of direction tru grip
manu re, CA 9253 -1315; Web si. 3/4" pr emanuf fabrica ction and retrofit.
: 100 p for the fie actured leaving only tions can be
Earth Shiel ther
uous. ]
Elsino Fax 951-674 contin re resistance our engin d does fabricate cu ld. straight bu temp
16’-8” directly if eering and owner cli stom waterstop pro
6869; jpspecialt : 3/4” x 1” x static pressuallowed. yo ur project req en ts. Feel free to file s for JP Special
tt welding
jpspec@1. Size ed hydro itutions you do no uir contact us
Requiruals or subst gauges aret see listed in our ca es a fabricated profile the watersties has been the re UL a
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Type 2
2. steel and oth clu ion wo p in du str ec te d in appro
No eq ers). din g copper, ga al grade
lvanized, cars and rldwide fo y
r our high since 1954. We arevator in
3. t.html bon hold the pa -qualit known
produc 92531 5 ties, Inc.
Splicing Ta tent on the ST-10® y waterstop, and we and a
s, Inc. Elsinore, CA 1-674-131
w w w .jp specia
cialtie ark of JP
Special Fabricatio ble and the XLT2 In Line Waterstop Teflon
e 95 tradem n Ta 00 0
JP Spe x 1507, Lak 859; Fax: com is a regi
stered mechanica bl e —
lly weld the equipment used p
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P.O. B e: 800-821 specialties.
iel d® thermoplastic
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Phon : jpspec@jp MOVING
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E-mail ww.jpspeci SHOULD
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Type 20 Earth Shiel
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P.O. l Resista
Phone: 88Box 1507, Lake Elsinont Waterstop
8-836-5778 re, CA 9253
E-mail: david; Fax: 951-674-13151
Web: www.
Meets or exceeds Black & Veatch specification requirements earthshiel

Carbon Steel
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Waterstop , IN
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CIA gauges, widths, and finishes. All waterstop


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Earth Shield® Carbon Steel Waterstop is available in a astic tion ater hield rsto
variety ofEgrades,
Earth Shield® Carbon Steel Waterstop — ty M truc tic w in
mas joints th S ate
uali te Cons
SP to order to the required ASTM or specification
Part No. JP550 (left); Part No. JP550B (right). Q g Ear lant W
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Hig Concre seali ving Se
self- -mo
Jrequirements. for lity, g non varie

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10 is m p
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Reference ASTM Specifications — Hot-Rolled Carbon
ype r fro idea al Pr r use
ASTM A569 — Standard Specification for Steel, Carbon (0.15 Typical Physical Properties ld® T ts wate n. the hysic certified fo0A.

hie s it a l P
Maximum, Percent), Hot-Rolled sheet and Strip Commercial. hS en ctio ake Typic0 Waterstoication SS-S ied for use
p is -21
Earth Shield® CS Waterstop is certified for use
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Alloy, Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled, General Requirements For. Earth Shield® CS Waterstop is certified for use
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ASTM A506 — Standard Specification for Steel, Sheet and Strip, 0’s n
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Specification for Military Construction CEGS
Alloy, Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled, Regular Quality and Structural ults • Slabs-oations Applic
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03250 Section 2.4.2 Rigid Metal Waterstops.

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ASTM A570 — Standard Specification for Steel, Sheet and Strip, • Util Tan • Cast- H D y, 7 7
Length 10 lft . r. ASTM ravit
Alloy, Carbon, Hot-Rolled (Replaced by ASTM A1011). • Septic Vaults lls • ints abo ific G
Yield Strength 49,741 psi • Burial ing Wa tig ht jo killed l g . Spec D71 le r
ASTM A1011 — (Replaces ASTM A570) Standard Specification for ate r ire s in Fil
• Retain ls AST ral
le w requ pon 3°C
). Mine -S-210
Tensile Strength 70,187 psi A
Steel, sheet and Strip, Hot-Rolled, Carbon, Structural, High-Strength e
Low-Alloy and High-Strength Low Alloy with Improved Formability. Elongation 30% • Tunne
a n tagtly flexiboes noturfaces. xidize u4°C to 9 Inert al Spec SS
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• A v n D
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ASTM A36 — Standard Specification for Carbon Structural Steel. 6" e1 0 erm o in lea ard o 20 la
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Reference ASTM Specifications — Cold-Rolled Carbon The• Provick and adhesiol not shrature: -3 the clean enin
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ASTM A109 — Standard Specification for Steel, Strip, Carbon, Cold- • Exc n
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• Rugge ons dirt a r Ad sive Penegm. 5 sec. A
ASTM A366 — Standard Specification for Commercial Steel (CS)
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Sheet, Carbon (.15 Maximum, Percent) Cold-Rolled. In ov pe rim n ca .
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ASTM A505 — Standard Specification for Steel, Sheet and Strip, alla h an coat Type ns o surface eading air ASTM
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Alloy, Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled, General Requirements For. e r Fire D92
ASTM A506 — Standard Specification for Steel, Sheet and Strip, JP550 (various widths available
• 12 gauge thick standard)
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Alloy, Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled, Regular Quality and Structural C
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JP Specialties, Inc. 4. Overla nds to er. second n t r u ctio
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P.O. Box 1507, Lake Elsinore, CA 92531 5. press ets. tion r you cific s for ufact 530
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Phone: 800-821-3859; Fax: 951-674-1315 poc ove se w read
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JP550B (various widths

available • 12 gauge thick standard)
— P 5; Web
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Earth Shield® is a registered trademark of JP Specialties, Inc. s ia a k 9 ; .c o
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spe JP S Box 15 0-821- specia .com IN N
P.O. ne: 80 pec@jp cialties BE U
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Page 15
JP Specialties, Inc. manufactures a wide range of high-quality waterstop
and waterstop accessories for the concrete construction industry. Our
Distributed by:
Earth Shield® line of chemical resistant waterstop is designed to offer
solutions for today’s unique regulatory compliance needs. Our waterstop
welding equipment is used industry-wide as the standard for quality, high
Ergonomic, tensile strength waterstop welds. Knowing that a waterstop will only offer
Comfortable G
ri p a fluid-tight barrier if change of directions are done properly, JP Specialties
Built-in has been a leader since 1954 in Prefabri-
Thermometer cated Waterstop Modules and Shop Made

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#3 Ho ing PliTe s on® Coat
Hog R (no covers nec g
he waterstop
s and Plroject is comp
lete essary) VEN 1000 Physical Properties
Compounds Coverage
Hog R ing
eries t doe
er st p pt requir
osn’ Weight Per 11.39 lbs. • 1/8” depth by 3” wide: 50
W k Tef
ing Iron is No Stic th em . ® cov e Peel and
lon • 100% fac Gallon lft
out ers. ThestPro
er op • tory tested
with only thewithSeries is design ThedeWtoatworky only Maintains consistent
Pot Life* at 5 hours, 40 • 1/8” depth by 4.5” wide:

components, Sp equally es ll—wit
ialtiwe to carr and temperature 40°F min. 37.5 lft
JP therm— e icp rouhd all gs
d incoloy oplarast wa o g R in Pot Life* at 1 hour
Expincerluding uality Hterstops
ts Placement
mic vinyl e fin
thLD est q PVC, TPER, and 120 volt (part 75°F
p, built-in PE. 230 volt (part #12416) Pot Life* at 25 minutes Prepare existing concrete by
trol knob,
g Spe
ci fi
og Rinlties’ Hog Rintrength,
JP Spec gauge, high gJP

gs are
Size: 4” x 3/4” 417)
x 14”
Weight: 8 lbs. Epoxy 90°F

VEN 500 Physical Properties

grinding away any
irregularities. Clean concrete by
using wire brush, needle gun,
and CSA s, spSpecifi
ec ial tie s, In high-pressure water or sand
oved 12 -1 /2
-clad, st
ee l rin
op form
in g . c. VEN 1000 — High Adhesion 2,850 psi
blasting. Remove all grease and
copper ed for WaterstLak Birch Street
er cord, Chemical Resistant laitance.
design e Elsinore, CA Color Light gray
a nonstick ca s
Tol 92530 Kit Size 1 gallon
u n
50 po gs pFax
d une:d800-821-3 Epoxy Gel
er p: o951-674-1315 859
n® coating For JP 320L & JP 336L
Flash Point 250°F
J P SPECIALTIE 196 Rinpening Apply continuous bed of
3/4 " O. ww Dia meter VEN 500 — Specific Gravity 1.36
epoxy paste using a 1/4” square
sed w.jpspecialties (Resin)
1/2" Clo .com Chemical Resistant notched trowel to provide
gs are easy ers are Specific Gravity .82
approximately 1/8” finished
Ho g R in ies’ Pli-made tools
provide Epoxy Gel (Hardener)
ialties’ ecialt depth by 3” wide bed of epoxy
JP Spec lar in shape toire. JP Sp le, custom e torsion set Volatile 0 grams per for JP 320L and JP 336L
triangu ent to Tie W durab use uniquof use, andHog Organic liter Retrofit Waterstop profiles.
attachm which s for ease a perfect Earth Shield® VEN 1000 and
g th steel p , and the springs to ensure ry time. VEN 500 are trowel grade
Weight Per 10.20 lbs.
en ss
High-strts due to stre is compatible screw closure eve epoxy gels designed to adhere
pullou -clad coating ore, no Ring Earth Shield Retrofit
Pot Life* at 8 hours, 30
co p p er th er ef Waterstop (part no. JP 320L,
ncrete; JP 336L, JP 325T, JP 450T, et
40°F min.
with coic reaction. al) to existing concrete Pot Life* at 45 minutes
galvan 75°F
surfaces, as well as a variety of
maintenance and bonding Pot Life* at 30 minutes
applications requiring extreme 90°F
chemical resistance.
Mixing Instructions
Applications 1. Place all of part “B” into
part “A” container. For JP 325T
• Primary and secondary Apply continuous bed of
containment 2. Mix thoroughly until the
INC. epoxy paste using a 1/4” square
IALTIES, • Refineries material is uniform in color
J P SPEC stop, • Fueling areas (no streaks). Scrape sides of notched trowel to provide
Water and approximately 1/8” finished
uality t, • Pulp & paper can to insure there are no
rs of Qg Equipmen ed By: depth by 3.5” wide bed of
acture unmixed areas. Unmixed
Manufstop Splicin 1954 Distribut • … And many more! epoxy for JP 325T Retrofit
Water sories Since product will not properly
Waterstop profile.
Acces VEN 1000 Physical Properties cure.
h Street 530 3. Once mixed, remove putty
551 Bircsinore, CA 92 Adhesion 2,800 psi
from can and place on
Lake El 1-3859 Strength
0- 82 specialtie rolling tray, cardboard, or
1- 67 4-6869 15 Color Light gray
95 9-674-13 wooden board. Spread
FAX 90 Kit Size 1 gallon
putty over surface of board.
Flash Point 250°F *Due to exothermic heat,
Specific Gravity 1.51 putty left in container will
S (Resin) accelerate the cure time,
CEG ive.
c Ad
hes Specific Gravity .95 causing epoxy to harden too
52% quickly. Try to keep the epoxy For JP 450T
Volatile 0 grams per depth below 3/8” to prolong
Organic liter Apply continuous bed of
1.22 the pot life. epoxy paste using a 1/4” square
48% Earth Shield® Chemical Resistant Waterstop manufactured by JP Specialties, Inc.
551 Birch Street, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
1% 888-836-5778 • FAX 951-674-1315 • •

62 m
°F °C)
e 77 (332
Con 217 630°F
TM D )
.C ., °F (3 32°C
C .O 630°F
.C., °
t, C.O k on
Blac r cart on
s pe rt
6 roll t. per ca '8"
g 100 x 1" x 16
agin 3/4"


Additional JP Specialties Products

e 10
Typ peci
s, Inc.
f JP S
ark o
red tr
is a re
h Sh
. Eart
Earth Shield® Chemical Resistant Waterstop is
readily available from a variety of sources:
• Preferred Regional Stocking Partners —
We are partnered with some of the very best
Concrete Accessories Distributors in the world.
All our preferred partners have large stocking
inventories and are factory trained to provide
the utmost in on-site assistance.
• Distributor Sales — Earth Shield® can be
special ordered from many distributor sales
channels throughout the world.
• Factory Direct — Earth Shield® may be con-
tacted directly for project quotation and prod-
uct purchase (call 888-836-5778). Visit Earth Shield® on the Web at
for all the latest information

Earth Shield® Thermoplastic Vulcanizate

(TPV / TPER) Waterstop Limited Warranty
JP Specialties, Inc. warrants to the Buyer that this product is
new and will be free from defects and will perform as represented
in writing subject to the two (2) following conditions: First, the
application of the product and the concrete construction practic-
es used in the application are in accordance with JP Specialties,
Inc. recommendations; and, Second, the Buyer has selected the
JP Specialties, Inc. is conveniently located proper product for the specific application required.
between Los Angeles and San Diego in
Lake Elsinore, California. We have stocking Any information supplied in good faith by JP Specialties, Inc.
Preferred Distributor Partners strategically with respect to its products is believed to be correct. JP Special-
located throughout the nation. ties, Inc. Makes no representation or warranties, expressed or
implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of such information.

The exclusive remedies of the Buyer and the limit of the liability
of JP Specialties, Inc. from any and all losses or damages result-
ing from the use of this product shall be either full refund of the
purchase price to the Buyer of this product or the replacement of
Distributed by: the quantity of product purchased by the Buyer at the discretion
of JP Specialties, Inc.

All supplied testing data has been performed by independent

testing laboratories. JP Specialties, Inc. has performed no tests.

Earth Shield® Chemical Resistant Waterstop

P.O. Box 1507, Lake Elsinore, CA 92531
Phone: 888-836-5778; International: 951-674-6869
Fax: 951-674-1315 J P SPECIALTIES, INC.

Publication Date August, 2007 • Earth Shield® is a registered trademark of JP Specialties, Inc.
All material copyright 2007 JP Specialties, Inc.