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Prepare to enter a world of war and death, of violence, nobility and madness. You will take command of a force of
mighty warriors, monsters and siege engines and do battle in strange and sorcerous realms, unleashing powerful
magic, darkening the skies with arrows, and crushing your enemies in bloody combat.

The following rules explain how to without specifying that they are RE-ROLLS
play a game of Warhammer Age of friendly or enemy, then it affects all Some rules allow you to re-roll a
Sigmar. First, you must prepare the models, friend or foe. dice roll, which means you get to roll
battlefield and muster an army of some or all of the dice again. If a rule
Citadel Miniatures. The battle is then allows you to re-roll a result that was
fought in a series of battle rounds, UNITS made by adding several dice together
where each player takes a turn to Models fight in units. A unit can (e.g. 2D6, 3D6 etc.) then, unless
move and fight with their army. have one or more models, but cannot otherwise stated, you must roll all
include models that use different of those dice again. You can never
warscrolls. A unit must be set up re-roll a dice more than once, and re-
BATTLEPLANS and finish any sort of move as a rolls happen before modifiers to the
Before fighting a battle, you must single group, with all models within roll (if any) are applied. Rules that
pick a battleplan to use. The 1" horizontally, and 6" vertically, refer to the result of an ‘unmodified’
battleplan will tell you how to set up of at least one other model from dice roll are referring to the result
the battlefield, where each army will their unit. after any re-rolls but before any
be set up, any special rules that apply modifiers are applied.
to the battle, and (most importantly!) If a unit is split up at the end of a
what you need to do in order to win. turn, models must be removed from ROLL-OFFS
You can find more about battleplans the unit until only a single group Sometimes a rule may require the
on page 11. of models remains in play (see Split players to make a roll-off. When this
Units on page 5). is the case, each of the players rolls a
dice, and whoever rolls highest wins
WARSCROLLS Sometimes there will not be enough the roll-off. If there is a tie for the
The Citadel Miniatures in room to set up all of the models highest roll, make the roll-off again.
Warhammer Age of Sigmar are from a unit. When this is the case, Neither player is allowed to re-roll or
referred to as ‘models’. Each model any models that cannot be set up are modify any of the dice when making
has a warscroll, which provides all of considered to have been slain. a roll-off.
the information needed for using the
model in a game. You can find more
about how to use warscrolls on pages
13-14. Some models can be included
in formations known as warscroll MEASURING
battalions, which provide additional DISTANCES
rules. You can find more about Distances in Warhammer Age
warscroll battalions on page 15. of Sigmar are measured in
inches ("), between the closest
points of the bases of the
THE ARMIES models you’re measuring to
Each player in a game of and from. If a model does not
Warhammer Age of Sigmar have a base, measure to and
commands an army. Armies can be TOOLS OF WAR from the closest point of that
as big as you like, and you can use as In order to fight a battle you will model instead.
many models from your collection require a ruler or tape measure (to
as you wish. The more models you measure distances) and some dice. When measuring the distance
decide to use, the longer the game Warhammer Age of Sigmar uses six- between units, always use the
will last and the more exciting it will sided dice (sometimes abbreviated closest model from each unit
be. Typically, a game with around a to D6). Some rules refer to 2D6, to measure how far apart the
hundred miniatures per side will last 3D6 and so on – in such cases, roll units are. So, for example, a
for about an evening. that many dice and add the results unit is within 12" of another
together. If a rule requires you to roll unit as long as any model from
Models from your army are referred a D3, roll a dice and halve the total, one unit is 12" or less from any
to as friendly models, and models rounding up. If a rule requires a dice model from the other unit.
from the opposing army are referred roll of, for example, 3 or more, this is You can measure distances
to as enemy models. If a rule states often abbreviated to 3+. whenever you wish.
that it affects ‘models’ or ‘units’
All games of Warhammer Age of Details of how the armies should be RESERVES
Sigmar are fought upon a battlefield. set up can be found in the battleplan Reserves are units that are
This can be any flat surface upon you are using. part of your army, but which
which the models can stand – for have an ability that allows you
example a dining table or the floor Sometimes an ability will allow a to set them up in a location
– and can be any size or shape unit to be set up in a location other other than on the battlefield
provided it’s at least 2-foot square. than the battlefield; when this is and deploy them later once the
the case, tell your opponent where battle has begun. Setting up a
The scenery found on a battlefield the unit is set up and keep it to one reserve unit is not considered
is represented by models from the side rather than placing it directly a move for the unit, but it may
Warhammer Age of Sigmar range. on the battlefield. It will arrive later restrict a unit’s ability to move
These models are called terrain as a reserve unit as described on in the same turn. Any reserves
features to differentiate them from the right. that have not been set up when
the models that make up an army. the battle ends are treated as if
Terrain features are set up on the they had been slain when you
battlefield before the battle begins are working out which side won
and the armies deploy. the battle.

It doesn’t really matter how many

terrain features you use in your
battles. A good guide is to have at
least one terrain feature for every KEYWORDS
2-foot square area of the battlefield. Every warscroll includes a list
The more terrain features your of keywords that apply to the
armies have to navigate around, the model the warscroll describes.
more interesting and dynamic your Keywords appear in Keyword
battles will be. Bold in the rules.

Keywords are sometimes

THE BATTLE BEGINS linked to (or ‘tagged’ by) a rule.
With the battleplan chosen and the CHOOSE GENERAL For example, a rule might say
battlefield prepared, you are now Once you have finished setting up all that it applies to ‘all Order
ready to deploy your armies ready of your units, nominate one of the models’. This means that it
for the coming conflict. Before the models you set up to be your general. would apply to models that
battle begins you must set up your If your general is slain, pick another have the Order keyword on
army, choose your general, and use model from your army to become their warscroll.
any pre-battle abilities. your new general.

1" 1"✓

3" 1"

All models from the same unit must be within 1" of at least one other model from their unit. The leader of this unit of
Stormcast Eternals could not be placed in the position shown above, as he would be more than 1" away from any other
model from his unit.
The maelstrom of battle begins! Units of bellowing warriors charge and counter-charge, hacking at the foe with
axe and sword. The ground trembles under the hooves of galloping cavalry. Archers unleash barrages of bolts at
the foe, and monstrous creatures crush their enemies with mighty blows from their taloned fists.

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar battle HERO PHASE command points you do not use can
is fought in a series of battle rounds, 1 Many of the abilities found be used in a future turn. A command
each of which is split into two turns on warscrolls are used in your hero ability will usually specify when it is
– one for each player. Once the first phase. In addition, Wizards in used; if it does not, it is used in your
player has finished their turn, the your army can cast spells in this hero phase.
second player takes theirs. Once phase (pg 8).
the second player has also finished, At the Double: You can use this
the battle round is over and a new COMMAND ABILITIES command ability after you make a
one begins. If you have any Heroes in your run roll for a friendly unit that is
army, you can use command within 6" of a friendly Hero, or 12"
At the start of each battle round, the abilities. Some command abilities of a friendly Hero that is a general.
players must roll off, and the winner are available to all armies, like the If you do so, the run roll is treated as
decides who takes the first turn. If the three on the right, while others are being a 6.
roll-off is a tie, then the player who specific to certain models and appear
went first in the last battle round can on their warscroll. Some of these Forward to Victory: You can use
choose who goes first in this one, but command abilities can only be used this command ability after you make
if it is the first battle round, the player if that model is your general; when a charge roll for a friendly unit that is
that finished setting up their army this is the case, it will be noted in the within 6" of a friendly Hero, or 12"
first chooses who has the first turn. rules for the command ability. of a friendly Hero that is a general.
If you do so, re-roll the charge roll.
In order to use any command ability
you must spend 1 command point. Inspiring Presence: You can use
TURN SEQUENCE You start the battle with 1 command this command ability at the start of
point for each warscroll battalion the battleshock phase. If you do so,
1 Hero Phase
Cast spells and use
you have in your army. In addition,
you receive 1 command point at the
pick a friendly unit that is within 6"
of friendly Hero, or 12" of a friendly
heroic abilities. start of each of your hero phases. Hero that is a general. That unit
You can use the same command does not have to take battleshock
2 Movement Phase
Move units across
ability several times in the same
phase as long as you have enough
tests in that phase.

the battlefield. command points to do so. Any

3 Shooting Phase
Attack with
missile weapons.

4 Charge Phase
Charge units into combat.

5 Combat Phase
Pile in and attack with
melee weapons.

6 Battleshock Phase
Test the resolve of
depleted units.
MOVEMENT PHASE Remember that a unit must finish Units starting a normal move within
2 Start your movement phase any type of move as a single 3" of an enemy unit can either
by picking one of your units and group, with all models within 1" remain stationary or retreat. If a unit
moving each model in that unit until horizontally, and 6" vertically, of retreats, it can move within 3" of an
you’ve moved all the models you at least one other model from their enemy, but must end the move more
want to. You can then pick another unit. If this is impossible, then the than 3" from all enemy units. Models
unit to move, until you have moved move cannot be made. in a unit that retreats can’t shoot or
as many of your units as you wish. charge later in the same turn.
No unit can be moved more than MOVING OVER TERRAIN
once in each movement phase. Unless stated otherwise, a model can RUNNING
be moved over a terrain feature but When you pick a unit to make a
MOVEMENT not through it (so models can’t move normal move, you can declare that
You can change the position of a through a wall, or pass through a it will run. Make a run roll for
model on the battlefield by making a tree, but can climb up or over them). the unit by rolling a dice. Add the
move with the model. Models can be result of the run roll to the Move
moved in the movement phase, the A model can be moved vertically characteristic of all models in the
charge phase and the combat phase, in order to climb or cross a terrain unit for that movement phase.
and some abilities may allow a model feature, counting the vertical The unit can then move up to that
to make a move in other phases too. distance up and/or down as part of distance in inches. Models in a unit
its move. that runs can’t shoot or charge later
Whenever you move a model, it in the same turn.
can be moved in any direction or NORMAL MOVES
combination of directions, but Moves made in the movement phase FLYING
cannot be moved across other are referred to as normal moves, If the warscroll for a model says that
models or their bases, nor can it to differentiate them from charge the model can fly, it can pass across
cross the edge of the battlefield. You moves (made in the charge phase) models and terrain features as if they
can pivot the model at the end of and pile-in moves (made in the were not there when it makes any
the move so that it is facing in any combat phase). A model making a type of move. Any vertical distance
direction. The distance a model normal move can move a distance in up and/or down is ignored when
moves is measured using the part of inches equal to or less than the Move measuring a flying model’s move.
the model’s base that moves furthest characteristic shown on its warscroll. It cannot finish the move on top of
from its starting position (including another model.
pivoting). If the model has no base, ENEMY UNITS AND RETREATS
measure the move using whichever When you make a normal move for
part of the model moves furthest a model, no part of the move can be
from its starting position. within 3" of an enemy unit.

The Lord-Arcanum has a

Move characteristic of 12". It
moves 4" to reach a low wall
that is 2" high. It will need 4"
of movement to cross the wall
(2" up and 2" down), leaving
it with a maximum of 4" of
2" 2" movement on the other side.

3 In your shooting phase, you 5 In the combat phase, the 6 PHASE
5 can shoot with models armed with players take it in turn to pick units In the battleshock phase, both
missile weapons. Pick one of your to fight with, starting with the player players must take battleshock tests
units. Each model in the unit attacks whose turn is taking place. for units from their army that have
with all of the missile weapons it is had models slain during the turn.
armed with (see Attacking, opposite). When it is your turn, you must The player whose turn it is tests first.
Remember that models that have run either pick an eligible unit to fight
or retreated cannot shoot in the same with, or pass (note that you cannot You must make a battleshock
turn. After all models in the unit have pass if there is an eligible unit from roll for each unit that has to take
shot, you can choose another unit to your army that can fight). A unit is a battleshock test. To make a
shoot with, until all units that you eligible to fight if it is within 3" of an battleshock roll, roll a dice. Add the
want to shoot with have done so. enemy unit, or if it made a charge number of models from the unit that
move in the same turn. No unit have been slain this turn to the dice
ENEMY UNITS can fight more than once in each roll, and add 1 to the unit’s Bravery
A unit can shoot when it is within combat phase. characteristic for every 10 models
3" of the enemy, but if it does so it that are in the unit when the test
can only target enemy units that If you pick a unit to fight, it first piles is taken.
are within 3" of it with its shooting in, and then the models in the unit
attacks. A unit can shoot at an enemy must attack. If the modified battleshock roll is
unit that is within 3" of another greater than the unit’s modified
friendly unit without penalty. If you pass, you do nothing, and Bravery characteristic, the
the option to fight or pass goes back battleshock test has been failed. If
LOOK OUT, SIR! to your opponent. If both players the test is failed, for each point by
You must subtract 1 from hit rolls pass in succession, the combat which the modified roll exceeds
made for missile weapons if the phase ends. the unit’s modified Bravery
target of the attack is an enemy characteristic, one model in that
Hero that is within 3" of an enemy PILING IN unit must flee. You decide which of
unit that has 3 or more models. The A unit can make a pile-in move if it the models from your units flee –
Look Out, Sir! rule does not apply if is within 3" of an enemy unit or has remove them from play and count
the target Hero is a Monster. made a charge move in the same them as having been slain.
turn. If this is the case, you can
move each model in the unit up to SPLIT UNITS
4 Any of your units within 12"
3". Each model must finish its pile-in
move at least as close to the nearest
At the end of each turn, you must
remove models from any of the
of the enemy in your charge phase enemy model as it was at the start of units in your army that are split up
can attempt to make a charge move. the move. into two or more groups, until only
Pick an eligible unit and make a one group of models from the unit
charge roll for it by rolling 2D6. FIGHTING remains in play. The models you
Each model in the unit can move a Each model in the unit must attack remove count as having been slain.
number of inches equal to the charge with all of the melee weapons it is
roll. You cannot make a charge move armed with (see Attacking).
with a unit that has run or retreated
earlier in the turn, or with a unit that
is within 3" of an enemy unit.

The first model you move from a unit

making a charge move must finish
the move within ½" of an enemy
model (you do not have to pick the
target for the charge before making
the charge roll). If that’s impossible,
or you decide not to make the charge
move, the charge fails and no models
in the unit can move in this phase.

Once all models in one unit have

made their charge moves, you can
pick another eligible unit to make a
charge attempt, until all units that
you want to make charge attempts A unit of Castigators prepares to open fire on a Chainrasp Horde.
have done so.
Battles are decided by the spilling of blood. Arrows fall like rain, war machines hurl their deadly payloads at
the foe, and warriors cut and stab at each other with blade and claw. Soldiers fall from grievous wounds and
fortifications burn as carnage engulfs the battlefield.

When a unit shoots or fights, it MISSILE WEAPONS ATTACKS

makes attacks with the weapons it In order to attack with a missile CHARACTERISTIC
is armed with. A unit attacks with weapon, the model using the weapon The maximum number of attacks
all the weapons it is armed with, must be in range of the target unit that can be made by a weapon is
including any used by its mount. (i.e. within the maximum distance, equal to its Attacks characteristic.
in inches, of the Range listed for the Make the attacks one at a time,
The weapon options a model has weapon making the attack), and the unless you are using the rules for
are listed on its warscroll. Missile target unit must be visible to the Multiple Attacks (pg 7).
weapons can only be used in model with the weapon (if unsure,
the shooting phase, and melee stoop down and look from behind If a weapon has an Attacks
weapons can only be used in the the shooting model to see if a model characteristic of more than one,
combat phase. from the target unit is visible). you can split the attacks between
For the purposes of determining any eligible target units you wish.
visibility, a model can see through When you split the attacks made
PICKING TARGETS other models in its unit. by a weapon between two or more
When a unit shoots or fights, you enemy units, you must resolve all of
must first pick the target unit(s) for Some missile weapons have a Range the attacks against one unit before
all of the weapons it is using, before characteristic with a minimum moving on to the next one.
any of the attacks with the weapons range, for example 6"-48". Such
are resolved. Only enemy units can weapons cannot attack units that are Some models are armed with
be chosen as the target for an attack. wholly within the shorter range. two identical weapons. When
attacking with these weapons, do
If a unit can use two or more MELEE WEAPONS not double the number of attacks
different weapons in the same phase, In order to make an attack with a that the weapons make; either
the unit can use the weapons in any melee weapon, a model must be in the Attacks characteristic for the
order you wish after targets have range of the target unit. weapon will already take the extra
been picked, but you must resolve all weapon into account, or the model
of the attacks for one type of weapon will get an ability on its warscroll
before using the next type of weapon. that represents the effect of the
additional weapon.

A Chainrasp Horde charges in to attack a unit of Sequitors.

7 Attacks are resolved one at a time using the following attack sequence. Add 1 to save rolls for a unit
In some cases, you can resolve all of the attacks made by the same type if all of its models are wholly
of weapon at the same time (see Multiple Attacks, below). on or within a terrain feature
when the rolls are made. This
1. Hit Roll: Roll a dice. If the roll equals or beats the attacking weapon’s modifier does not apply in the
To Hit characteristic, then it scores a hit and you must make a wound combat phase if the unit you
roll. If not, the attack fails and the attack sequence ends. A hit roll of are making save rolls for made
1 before modification always fails to hit the target, and a hit roll of 6 a charge move in the same
before modification always hits the target. turn, and never applies to units
containing models with the
2. Wound Roll: Roll a dice. If the roll equals or beats the attacking Monster or War Machine
weapon’s To Wound characteristic, then it is successful and the keyword that have a Wounds
opposing player must make a save roll. If not, then the attack characteristic of 8 or more.
fails and the attack sequence ends. A wound roll of 1 before
modification always fails, and a wound roll of 6 before modification
is always successful.
3. Save Roll: The opposing player rolls a dice, modifying the roll by the Some attacks, spells and
attacking weapon’s Rend characteristic. For example, if a weapon has abilities inflict mortal wounds.
a -1 Rend characteristic, then 1 is subtracted from the save roll. If Do not make hit, wound or
the result equals or beats the Save characteristic of the models in the save rolls for mortal wounds.
target unit, the save succeeds and the attack sequence ends without Instead, the damage inflicted
causing any damage. If not, the save fails and the attack is successful, on the target is equal to the
and you must determine damage on the target unit. A save roll of 1 number of mortal wounds
before modification always fails. that were suffered. Allocate
any mortal wounds that are
4. Determine Damage: Each successful attack inflicts damage on the caused while a unit is attacking
target unit equal to the Damage characteristic of the weapon making at the same time as any other
the attack. Most weapons have a Damage characteristic of 1, but some wounds caused by the unit’s
have a Damage characteristic of 2 or more. attacks, after all of the unit’s
attacks have been completed.
Mortal wounds caused at other
MULTIPLE ATTACKS Wounds are allocated one at a time times are allocated to models
In order to resolve several attacks to models in the target unit. You can in the target unit as soon as
at once, all of the attacks must be allocate the wounds inflicted on your they occur, in the same manner
made by models from the same unit, units as you see fit (the models do as wounds caused by damage
with the same type of weapon, and not have to be within range or visible from an attack.
against the same target unit. If this to the attacking unit). However, if
is the case, make all of the hit rolls at you allocate a wound to a model, After they have been allocated,
the same time, then all of the wound you must keep on allocating wounds a mortal wound is treated in
rolls, and finally all of the save rolls. to that model until it is slain – a the same manner as any other
unit can never have more than one wound for all rules purposes.
wounded model.
Sometimes a single successful hit roll SLAIN MODELS
will score 2 or more hits. If this is the Once the number of wounds
case, make all of the wound rolls for allocated to a model during
those hits at the same time, and then the battle equals its Wounds
all of the save rolls. characteristic, the model is slain.
Place a slain model to one side – it is
removed from play.
ALLOCATING WOUNDS Some abilities allow you to make
Once all of a unit’s attacks have been a roll to negate a wound or mortal HEALING WOUNDS
resolved, add up the damage that was wound allocated to a model; in Some abilities allow wounds that
inflicted. The player commanding this case the roll is made for each have been allocated to a model to
the target unit must then allocate individual wound or mortal wound be healed. For each wound that is
a number of wounds to the target as it is allocated to the model in healed, remove one of the wounds
unit equal to the damage that question. If the wound or mortal that have been allocated to the
was inflicted. wound is negated it has no effect on model. You can’t heal wounds on a
the model. model that has been slain.
The realms are saturated with magic, a seething source of power for those with the wit to wield it. In battle, magic
is a force as real and potent as a sword blade. It can be used to infuse allies with strength and valour, and enemies
with frailty and dread. More commonly, wizards unshackle the raw power of magic to smite their foes with bolts
of eldritch power.

Some units have the Wizard the casting value of the spell, the wound. If the casting roll was 10
keyword on their warscroll. You can spell is successfully cast. or more, the unit suffers D3 mortal
use a wizard to cast spells in your wounds instead.
hero phase, or to unbind spells in If a spell is cast, the opposing player
your opponent’s hero phase. can choose one of their Wizards Mystic Shield: Mystic Shield has
that is within 30" of the caster to a casting value of 6. If successfully
Sometimes an ability will allow a attempt to unbind the spell before cast, pick a friendly unit within 18"
model that is not a wizard to attempt its effects are applied. To unbind a of the caster that is visible to them.
to cast or unbind spells. They do spell, roll 2D6. If the roll beats the Re-roll save rolls of 1 for that unit
so using the rules below and are roll used to cast the spell, then the until your next hero phase.
affected by abilities that modify spell is not successfully cast. Only
casting or unbinding rolls, but one attempt can be made to unbind
they are not a wizard for any other a spell.
rules purposes.
LORES OF MAGIC Wizards are usually fielded
CASTING SPELLS The spells a Wizard knows, and the as a unit consisting of just
A Wizard can attempt to cast spells number of spells it can attempt to one model. If a unit with the
in its own hero phase. You cannot cast or unbind in a hero phase, are Wizard keyword has more
attempt to cast the same spell more detailed on the wizard’s warscroll. than one model, it counts as
than once in the same turn (even Most wizards know the following a single wizard for all rules
with a different wizard). Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield spells. purposes, and you must pick
a model from the unit to cast
In order to cast a spell, first say Arcane Bolt: Arcane Bolt has a or unbind a spell before you
which spell the wizard is going to casting value of 5. If successfully attempt to cast or unbind it;
attempt to use (it must be one they cast, pick an enemy unit within measure the distance and
know). To cast the spell, roll 2D6. If 18" of the caster that is visible to check visibility using the model
the total is equal to or greater than them. That unit suffers 1 mortal you picked.

If your army won a major victory in its previous battle, roll a dice when
Victory in battle can inspire you pick your general and look up the result on the table below.
warriors to even greater feats of
valour when they fight again.
Confident in their ability to defeat D6 Triumph
the foe, they may be inspired to 1-2 Inspired: Once per battle, when a friendly unit is selected to
redouble their efforts when they shoot or fight, you can say that it is inspired. If you do so, re-roll
attack, or hack at the foe with failed hit rolls for that unit until the end of the phase.
bloodthirsty fury, or to carry on
fighting with an indomitable spirit 3-4 Bloodthirsty: Once per battle, when a friendly unit is selected
even if they have grievous wounds. to shoot or fight, you can say that it is bloodthirsty. If you do so,
re-roll failed wound rolls for that unit until the end of the phase.

5-6 Indomitable: Once per battle, when a friendly unit has to make
a save roll, you can say that it is indomitable. If you do so, re-roll
failed save rolls for that unit until the end of the phase.

A Knight-Incantor casts Arcane Bolt at a unit of Grimghast Reapers, mortally wounding two of them.

A host of Nighthaunt units led by a Guardian of Souls advances towards a Celestar Ballista.
Be they pillars of flame, altars of brass or haunted ruins, the realms are filled with strange sights and deadly
obstacles. Mighty skull-studded fortresses rise from plains littered with bones, while other, older ruins mark the
scarred and smoking landscapes of the Mortal Realms. These are the sites of battlefields and massacres, ruled over
by power-hungry warlords.

The rules for movement and cover

explain how models can cross or take SCENERY TABLE
cover on terrain features. Terrain SCENERY DICE FACES
features are considered to be friendly D6 Scenery Rule
to both sides and cannot be chosen 1 Damned: At the start of your hero phase, you can pick one
as the target of an attack. SCENERY DICE FACES
friendly unit within 1" of a Damned terrain feature to make
a sacrifice. If you do so, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds, but
you can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for it until your next hero phase.

Arcane: Add 1 to casting or unbinding rolls for Wizards
while they are within 1" of any Arcane terrain features.
3 Inspiring: Add 1 to the Bravery characteristic of units while
they are within 1" of any Inspiring terrain features.
When you set up the terrain for a
battle, you and your opponent can 4 Deadly: Roll a dice for each unit that finishes a normal
agree to give each terrain feature one move or charge move within 1" of any Deadly terrain
of the scenery rules from the Scenery features. On a 1, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.
table on the right if you wish. Either
pick a scenery rule for each terrain 5 Mystical: Roll a dice each time you allocate a wound or
feature, or roll a dice for each terrain mortal wound to a model within 1" of any Mystical terrain
feature to randomly determine a features. On a 6+ the wound or mortal wound is negated.
rule. If a warscroll is available for a
terrain feature, you can use the rules 6 Sinister: Subtract 1 from the Bravery characteristic of units
on the warscroll instead of using a while they are within 1" of any Sinister terrain features.
rule from the Scenery table.

OBSTACLES feature is wholly within the unit’s In addition, subtract 1 from the
Some terrain features are obstacles territory. Alternatively, a unit can hit rolls of attacks made against a
that block attacks to targets that lie garrison a terrain feature instead of garrisoning unit.
beyond them. When this is the case, making a normal move if all of its
it will be noted on the warscroll for models are within 6" of the terrain A garrisoning unit can leave in your
the terrain feature. feature, and there are no enemy movement phase. When it does, set
models within 3" of the terrain it up so that all models from the unit
When a missile weapon targets an feature or already garrisoning it. are within 6" of the terrain feature
enemy unit that has all of its models and more than 3" from any enemy
within 1" of an obstacle, then the Units that garrison a terrain feature units. This counts as their move for
target unit receives the benefit are removed from the battlefield and that movement phase.
of cover if the attacking model is are assumed to be ‘inside’ the terrain
closer to the obstacle than it is to the feature. Units must treat a terrain Many terrain features that can be
target unit. feature garrisoned by the enemy as if garrisoned include flat areas upon
it were an enemy model. which models can stand. Only
garrisoning models can be placed
GARRISONS The range and visibility to or from or moved onto the flat areas (other
Some terrain features can be a garrisoning unit is determined to models that can fly can move over
garrisoned by units. When this is the or from the terrain feature instead. flat areas but cannot finish a move
case, it will be noted on the warscroll A garrisoning model can attack or be placed on that area unless they
for the terrain feature. and be attacked, cast or unbind are part of the garrison). Doing so
spells, and use abilities, but cannot is purely decorative; these models
A unit can be set up as a garrison move. A garrisoning unit counts are still treated as garrisoning the
at the start of a battle if the terrain as being in cover if it is attacked. terrain feature for rules purposes.
Before you can wage war in a game The maps we include with our
of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, you battleplans assume that the OBJECTIVES
must select a battleplan. battlefield is a 6' by 4' rectangle. If Battles are sometimes fought
you are using a battlefield that is to gain control of one or more
We have included a battleplan here a different size or shape, you will vitally important locations.
– First Blood – which is ideal to get need to adjust distances, and the In Warhammer Age of
the action started quickly. Other location of territories, objectives Sigmar, these locations are
battleplans can be found in the and terrain features, in a way that is called objectives, and use the
books we publish for Warhammer appropriate for the size and shape of following rules.
Age of Sigmar, or you can use a the battlefield you are using.
battleplan of your own creation. If If a battle has any objectives,
you and your opponent can’t agree SPECIAL RULES then the battleplan will say
on which battleplan to use, roll 3 Many battleplans include one where they are located upon
off, and the winner decides which or more special rules. These cover the battlefield. Objectives need
battleplan is used. unique situations, tactics or abilities to be represented by a suitable
which can be used during the marker, such as a coin. Even
battle, or which affect how you pick better, if you have components
BATTLEPLAN your army or set up terrain on the available, you can model
INSTRUCTIONS battlefield. The ‘First Blood’ rule in your own objective markers
All battleplans include a set of the First Blood battleplan, opposite, using parts from Citadel
instructions that describe how a is an example of a special rule. Miniatures kits.
battle is fought.

4 GLORIOUS VICTORY When measuring distances to
1 The name of the battleplan
Most battleplans will tell you
when the battle ends and what you
and from objectives, always
measure to and from the centre
and a short description of the need to do in order to win the game. of the marker.
circumstances of the battle, to give If neither player manages to achieve
you an understanding of what it is a victory then the game is considered At the end of each player’s turn,
about and what you will need to do to be a draw. you must check to see if either
in order to be victorious. player has gained control of any
If the battleplan does not explain objectives. To do so, you and
Each battleplan includes a
how to win the battle, you must slay
all of the models in the opposing
your opponent must count up
the number of models you have
map that shows where each side army to win a major victory. If within 6" of the centre of each
can set up the models in their army neither player has done this by objective; you gain control of
(called the army’s territory), and the end of the fifth battle round, an objective where your count
will list any restrictions that apply to the player that has slain a higher is higher than your opponent’s
setting up. percentage of models in the opposing count. Once you gain control of
army than they have lost from their an objective, it remains under
own army wins a minor victory. your control until the enemy is
able to gain control of it.


NIGHT more than
ORY Often the goals
GLORIO that has scored ) at
the for
and change, forcinga battle will shift OBJECT
ion an army to first IVES
The coalit y points (see below wins

attack in one direction This battle is fought
274 be set up and then GLORIOUS
Units must enemy units. Each y most victor fi ft h battle rounda tie, another, or to
stubbornly defend two objectives, to control
The coalition that
place at 9" from any must be set up wholl the end of
the of one
confusing victory.
In the case victory. an objective at territory. However in each side’s has
most victory points scored the
field is a uncommo
n to
contingent erent territory,
which a major a minor
launch an all-out moment and ,
the two objective the locations of (see below) at
A battle it is not dly ions win assault the next. the end of the
diff s may change each
night, when where other frien within a coalition’s . both coalit battle round. fi ft h
a major victory. battle round wins
of s as their
be unsure let alone then count the rest of the battle POIN TS follows:
In the case of a
located, for VICTORY s are scored as COALI TION
both coalition tie,
forces are territory OF DEATH At the start of s win a minor vi
the enem
they may
place Victory point a This is a battle each
each warlord rolls battle round,
r desires, instead d each time for three or more VICTORY POINTS
If a playe units in reserve fi eld. point is score l that
players. Use the
Coalition of Death objectives are
a dice. The
Victory points
DEATH any of their on the battle any 1 victor y enemy mode 10 rules from page located in each are scored as follows:
ON OF them up in slays an of 272. warlord’s territory
COA LITI for three or more of setting enter play coalition ds characteristic the area shown at the centre of
battle tion of Death units can ment phases has a Woun on the map that 1 victory point
This is a Reser ve s move corresponds to is scored each
the Coali coalition slays time a
players. Usepage 272. of their team’ the second battle unit or more. SET-UP their dice roll.

an enemy model
from the a coalition has a Wounds that
rules from starting ls in scored if Both warlords characteristic
of the mode ory y point is 1 additional roll off, and the or more. of 10
round. All up in the same territ withi n 1 victor enemy general. gener al winning team
must pick a territory
set , an the
must be contingent than 9" slays scored if and set up first.
into rest of their y point is rd’s genera
l. The opposing 1 victory point
SET-UP ion must be split more
ly as the table edge, and is counts as victorthe enemy warlo team then sets
up their army slays an enemy
is scored if a coalition
Each coalit with rough 3" of the . Th was the remaining in general. 1 additiona
ngents, each the enemy units  phase. 1 victor y territory. Units victory point is
scored if the generall
three conti the units from from any for that movement tive is worth ols must be set up
wholly was the enemy
one-t hird
ts from the their move Each objec coalition that contr own territory more within their warlord’s general.
Contingen to be exact ly point to
the turn if it
is than 9" from
coalition. end of their territory, and
enemy territory.
side do not need as none CTIV ES contr ol six it at the Each objective
is worth
size, as long is fought d at their own d in points to the coalition D3 victory

the same twice as
many This battle One objective is locate located in points if it is locate If a player desires,
more than map). that controls

A model can only be counted

y they may place it at end of their
conta ins objectives. each territory (see D3 victor ory. any of their units turn
other. e of in their own territory,if it is located
units as any the centr enemy territ of setting them
in reserve instead
and D6
ing up on the battlefi victory points
. The winn NLIGHT Reserve units can eld. if it is located in
rds roll off . All BY MOO , the range enter play in any enemy territory.
Both warlo one contingent ILL MET of their team’s
up battle round is movement phases
team sets that contingent mustthe In the first le weapons or spells start starting from the
n one of the second battle

towards gaining control of one

units from of any missi Roll a dice at round. All of the
wholly withion the map 12".
limited to d battle round. On y,
a roll models in the
be set up show n up
must be set up
in their coalition
six territ opposing team sets same of the secon ends immediatel starting territory, ’s
e rule within 3" of the
below. Th contingents in the of 1-3 this of 4 or more it table edge, and
roll second more than 9" from
one of their then the first team so and on a end of the any enemy units.
until the This counts as
and ngent, and continues , and then ends.

objective per turn. If one of

move for that movemen their
second conti been battle round
sets up a contingents have t phase.
on until
set up.

your models could be counted

1 Objective
Territory 1-2 Objective
3-4 Objective
Objective 5-6

towards gaining more than one

Objective Coalition A
itory 4 Objective

objective, you must pick which

Terr Objective
3-4 Objective
Objective 5-6
Objective Coalition B

one they are counted towards

that turn.

Two armies meet upon an open SET-UP FIRST BLOOD
battlefield. Each must strive to The players roll off, and the winner The player in command of the army
destroy as many of the enemy as decides which territory each side will that first slays an enemy model
possible – whoever first spills the use. The territories are shown on the receives 1 extra command point.
blood of their foe will be inspired to map below.
fight all the harder!
The players then alternate setting GLORIOUS VICTORY
Designer’s Note: In the Mortal up units one at a time, starting The battle continues until one player
Realms, battles are brutal and with the player that won the roll- has no units left on the battlefield,
uncompromising. They are often off to determine territories. Units or at the end of the fifth battle round
fought to the bitter end, the victorious must be set up wholly within their should this occur sooner.
side having destroyed its foe entirely. own territory, more than 12" from
enemy territory. When the battle ends, each player
However, as all wise generals know, calculates a victory score by adding
wiping out the opposing army does Continue to set up units until both up the Wounds characteristics of all
not in and of itself guarantee success. players have set up their armies. If the models from the opposing army
If one side slaughters the other but one player finishes first, the opposing that were slain during the battle. If
suffers massive casualties in doing so, player sets up the rest of the units in one player beats their opponent’s
then their victory is pyrrhic indeed. their army, one after another. score by 50% or more, they win
a major victory. Otherwise the
In this battle, the annihilation of player with the higher score wins a
the foe must be achieved without minor victory.
allowing the enemy to inflict more
damage on the conquering army than
was suffered in return. The victor will
therefore be the side that causes the
most bloodshed, rather than the side
that is simply left standing once the
battle is over.

Enemy Territory

Your Territory
Every Citadel Miniature in the The result applies to that model’s Many abilities are triggered by
Warhammer range has its own weapon for the rest of that phase. something that happens during
warscroll, which provides you When determining random damage the phase. For example, an ability
with all of the information needed in step four of the attack sequence, may allow you to re-roll a failed hit
to use that model in a game of make a separate roll to generate the roll. In this case the ability is used
Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The key value for each successful attack the immediately after the event that
below explains what you will find on weapon makes. triggered it.
a warscroll.
All warscrolls include a
WARSCROLL RULES description. This will tell you how to
All warscrolls include rules that tell organise the models into a unit, and
you how the model described by the what weapons the models in the unit
warscroll is used in a battle. can use.


1 Warscrolls include a set of If a model is fielded as part of a
characteristics that are referred to unit of two or more models, then
in the core game rules and which the description will say how many
determine how the model can be models the unit should have. If you
used in the game. For example, don’t have enough models to field a
a model’s Save characteristic unit, you can field one unit of that
determines what you must roll in type with as many models as you
order to make a save roll, a weapon’s have available. This is known as an
Attacks characteristic determines understrength unit.
how many hit rolls are made for it,
and so on. Command Models
Some units can include uniquely
Save of ‘-’ named champions, standard bearers
Some models have a Save of ‘-’. A and/or musicians. These are known
Save of ‘-’ means that you must roll a collectively as ‘command models’, Other abilities can be used during
7 or more. In most cases this will be and will have abilities that apply only a phase if a player wants to use
impossible, so no roll need be made, to them. Command models must be them. For example, you can use
but sometimes modifiers will allow represented by appropriate Citadel most command abilities in the hero
you to modify a save roll so that a Miniatures if they are included in a phase. Abilities that must be used at
result of 7 or higher is possible, in unit. Command models are assumed the start of a phase are carried out
which case you can attempt to make to carry the same weapons as any before any other actions. By the same
the save roll. other model in the unit unless noted token, abilities used at the end of the
otherwise, even if they are not shown phase are carried out after all normal
Random Values on the model itself. activities for the phase have been
Sometimes, one or more completed. Other abilities can be
characteristics on a warscroll will Mounts used over the course of the phase, in
have random values. For example, a Sometimes the description for a any order and whenever you desire.
Move characteristic might be 2D6, model will include information If both players want to use abilities at
or an Attacks characteristic might about the model having a mount, the same time, the player whose turn
be D6. such as a battle steed, a powerful is taking place uses their abilities
monster that they can ride, or a first, followed by their opponent.
When a unit with a random Move massive war machine that they can
characteristic is selected to move stand upon. Note that when the Note that abilities can only be used
in the movement phase, roll the model is slain both the rider and in the phase specified in their rules;
indicated number of dice. The their mount are removed. for example, an ability that says
total of the dice rolled is the Move it can be used in ‘the movement
characteristic for all models in
the unit for the duration of that 3 Most warscrolls include one
phase’ cannot be used to affect a unit
making a move in the hero phase,
movement phase. or more abilities that can be used while an ability that says it can be
by the warscroll’s models during a used in ‘your movement phase’
Generate any random values for game of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. cannot be used in the opponent’s
a weapon (apart from Damage) Abilities take precedence over the movement phase.
each time it is used by a model. core rules.
If a unit has an ability that affects D3, the result would be worked out Sometimes you will be allowed to
friendly units that are within a by rolling the D3 and adding 1 to assign or add a keyword to a unit
certain distance of it, then the ability the roll. for a battle. If you do so, treat the
will also affect the unit itself. unit as having the assigned keyword

Lastly, any extra attacks, hit rolls or 4 DAMAGE TABLES

Some models have a damage
on its warscroll for the duration of
the battle.
wound rolls gained by the use of an table that is used to determine one or
ability cannot themselves generate more of the model’s characteristics.
extra attacks, hit rolls or wound Look up the number of wounds
rolls. For example, if a hit roll of 6 the model has suffered (i.e. that are
or more allows you to make 1 extra currently allocated to the model and
attack, this extra attack could not have not been healed) to find the PRE-BATTLE
generate further attacks should you value in question. ABILITIES
roll another 6+. Some warscrolls allow you to

Modifiers 5 KEYWORDS
Every warscroll includes a list
use an ability ‘after set-up is
complete’ or ‘before the battle
Sometimes modifiers apply to of keywords that apply to the model begins’. These abilities are used
characteristics or abilities. For the warscroll describes. Keywords before the first battle round. If
example, a rule might add 1 to a hit appear in Keyword Bold when both armies have abilities like
roll or the Move characteristic of a they appear in the rules. this, roll off, and the winner
model. Modifiers are cumulative. can choose which player must
Modifiers can never reduce a dice Keywords are sometimes linked to use all of their pre-battle
roll to less than 1. (or ‘tagged’) by a rule. For example, abilities first.
a rule might say that it applies to
If a modifier applies to a random ‘all Khorne models’. This means After any pre-battle abilities
value, work out the random value that it would apply to models that have been used, the battle
first and then apply the modifier(s) have the Khorne keyword on begins with the first
to it. For example, if an ability adds their warscroll. battle round.
1 to a Damage characteristic of

l guardian
these fel
LORD-R and armour are replettene wit
Even amongst
death, for ors, their the gloried rank
h icons of ll as mighty warri mightiest and s of the Stormca
noblest are chos st
t hea ler s as we
that they radi en to lead an Extr Eternals and the star-born
ns rld. Po ate hiera
azure energies. emis Chamber. rchy of the Chil
ua l weapo of the under wo The power of the So infused with dren of Dracothi
Their rit g skies. stars themselve celes on, only the
figures. the gloom darkenin s is theirs to com tial power are the Lord-Cel
t sinister t Eterna ls from from the mand… estant and Star
noble bu
lictors are ls of the Storm
glory of
Sig ma r and cal
l storms
drak e

keep the nnel the Damage ✹

wers cha Rend MELEE WEA

arcane po To Woun
d 1 PONS
To Hit 16 3+ Range

-1 Celestine Ham Attacks To Hit

At tacks 3+ mer To Wound
Range 3+ Stormbound Blad 2" Rend
NS 4 9 e
3 3+ 2+
W EA PO 1" BR Stardrake’s Grea 3 -1
4" MELEE AV ERY t Claws 3+ 4+
mmer 1" -1
Relic Ha 4 2

3+ ✹ 3+

you can
9 o phase,

you r her ying for Wounds Suff DAM AGE TAB

Storm: In pra model
friendly that
ered LE
BR AV ERY Healing t this model is
so, pick a d Move
you can declare thastorm. If you do er nal key wor a roll 0-4 Great Claw
S o phase, a hea ling or mcast Etand roll a dice. On t
ABILI TIEStorm: In your her wil l pray for a St tha 5-8
12" s
Cavernous Jaws
tor unit h the mo del wou nds
Lig htning t the Lord-Relic pick an enemy e. On wit 12" of this up to D3 t you picked. A 3+
ed wit h so,
declare thastorm. If you do del and roll a dic D3 is wit hin re you can hea l tha 9-11
TION del. It is
arm model
of 3 or mo suffered by the for a hea ling stor
m and 3+
DE SCRIP tor is a single mo lightning hin 12" of this moyou picked suffers tract n y 10"
d-Relic that is wit or more, the uni
t st sub have bee tor cannot pra e turn. 12-13 2
A Lor mmer. of 3 r opp onent mu r nex t hero Lord-Relicg storm in the sam 4+
a Relic Ha a roll nds, and unit unt
il you tning a lightnin 14+
mortal wouhit rolls for the not pray for a ligh 4+
1 from all d-Relictor can in the same turn. 6" 1
phase. A a hea ling storm N 5+
storm and A Lord- Celestant
on Stard rake is 1
Whet her
the Lord- Celes a single
Ham tant wields a Celesmodel. Cavernous Jaws:
RD -R EL or a Stormboun tine
before it attack After this model piles in, but
RO, PR IEST, LO bear an encha nted d Blade, they will also s,
ride a formidable Sigmarite Thundershield. and roll a dice. pick an enemy model withi Rain of Stars: Roll
ETER NA L, HE its prey with its Stard rake to battle, which
They If
model’s Woun the result is greater than that3"
n enemy units on a dice and choose that many
MA N, STOR MC Great Claws. rends ds
whole and slain. characteristic, it is swallowed for each. On a the battlefield, then roll a dice
IA L, HU FLY show n on the You can do this as many times struck by a fragm of 4 or more, the unit is
CE LE ST damage table above as D3 morta l woun ent of a falling star and suff
OR DER, A Lord- Celestant
on Stard rake can Sweeping Tail:
. ds. ers
DS fly.
KEYWOR of its attack s in
After this mode
l has made all Arca ne Lineage:

each enemy unit combat phase, roll a dice for a Wizard Each time a casting roll is made

Inescapable Veng
ns, a gloeance: Ifanthis
ing d model has made a
than the numb withi n 3". If the result is less
D3 morta l woun of models in the unit, it suff
for your army, you withi n 18" of any Stard rakes
can choose to in

LORD-C ir Stormcast comradntees.d Fro

the result by 1. increase or decre
m their wa rif yin itsra,
g au
with to shield
e move this turn, it
Celestine Ham can make D3 extra attack s
ds. ers ase
its pu mer or Stormboun Lord of the Heav
tai foe with Sigm
d Blade.
a Stard rake can ens: In your shoot ing phase COM MAND
the arite Thunde ABILITY
tch over driving back the rolls of 1 for this rshield: You can re-rol l save Thunderhead or either breat he a Roiling
, Lord of the Celes
llants wa
rd-Caste many uses, from by a Lord- Celes tial Host: The Stard rake ridde
call a Rain of Stars
is successful, the model. If the re-rol led save the heavens.
re, the Lo
down from tant
s shield unleashes it is an intelligent is more than a mere moun n
ive warfa magical light ha ial energy. peal and each
enemy unit withi a deafening own right, a radia and cunning hunter in its t;
ste rs of defens th. Th is h cel est morta l wound. n 3" suffers a Roiling Thunder
w spills for ls wit head: Pick an enem ting beacon of
t Eterna Damage
engul fed in a furiou y unit to be star-spawned power for its
golden glo unded Stormcas
Stormbound Blade for each of its mode s storm cloud, then roll abilit y, all Star If a Lord- Celestant uses this
wo Rend: If the result ls that is withi a dice Guard and drakes, Dracothian
hea ling for aun
To Wo
d boun
Storm d Blade is 6 or 2 of any hit roll
Stard rake and
which it can see. n 18" of the Stormcast Eter
To Hit ed with the-1fury a bolt of lightn Heroes nal
wrack more , the target is ing streak s out For each result of 6, ridin
this one) are suffg Dracoths in your army (inclu
At tacks 3+ d rolls again
woun of the storm
st the target rathe. Make three
morta l wou nd. and the unit suff
Range 3+ r than one.
ers a your next hero used with the power of Azyr. ding
VE 3 phase, you can Until
MO NS rolls whenever re-rol
W EA PO 2" those models attack l failed wound
5" MELEE Claws and Fangs
or Great Claws. with their
Ha lberd

6 3+

, it is
t is chosenand
9 ernalofuni

mcast Et
s the lan unt il
BR AV ERY If a Storthe hea ling energies it has to ma ke nex t
Lord- bat hed in 1 to all save roll ition, unt il you 7
S o phase the add
ABILI TIE tern: In your her gica l energies ofer a you can hero phase. In add ke a save roll of ls
the ma t ma t hea
Warding Lan h k eith you r nex each time you the uni
may unleas
they do so, er nal unit se, model in
is armed Castellant ng Lantern. If hero pha that unit, one
TION model. It a ast Et for
their Wa unit or a Stor mcd-Castellant. or more
DE SCRIP llant is a single ries
d-Caste d and car Chaos hin 12" of the Lor a wound.
A Lor Ha lber
tellant’s that is wit ck by the a
wit h a CasLantern. , it is stru
Wa rding  s unit is cho sen and suffersnot
al Rea lm
If a Chao t of the Celesti emon units canrtal
sea ring ligh nd. Chaos Da and suffer
D3 mo
mortal wou this light
touch of
abide the tead.
wou nds
5 T
KEYWOR 147 155
Including a warscroll battalion
If you wish, you can organise the If the entry for a unit is a Keyword, in an army confers two
units in your army into a special type then any unit with that keyword can additional bonuses:
of formation by using a warscroll be used (including any units that you
battalion. Doing so will give you assign a keyword to). • You receive 1 command
access to additional abilities that can point at the start of the
be used by the units in the battalion. During set-up, you can set up battle for each warscroll
some or all of the units from a battalion included in
The following rules apply to a warscroll battalion at the same your army.
warscroll battalion, in addition to time rather than setting up each
the rules that apply to a warscroll. unit individually. • If you are using the rules
for allegiance abilities
The abilities listed for a
(pg 17‑18), you can take 1
extra artefact of power for
A warscroll battalion is made up of warscroll battalion only apply to each warscroll battalion
two or more units. You must decide the units that make it up (even if included in your army.
which warscroll battalions you there are other units of the same
want to use and which units are in type in your army), and they are in
each one when you pick your army. addition to the abilities listed on the
Reinforcements cannot be part of a units’ warscrolls.
warscroll battalion.
Usually, a unit can only belong
The organisation section of a to one battalion, and so can only
battalion lists the titles or keywords benefit from a single set of battalion
for the units it can or must include. If abilities. However, some very large
an entry is the title of a unit, any unit battalions include other, smaller
with that title can be used (you can battalions, and in this case it is
ignore sub-headers under the title possible for a unit to benefit from the
unless they are included in the entry abilities of two different battalions at
for the unit). Understrength units the same time.
(pg 13) cannot be used as part of a
warscroll battalion.


le The Harbinger
g a terrib Cha
s an d wreakin lence. enemies. Super-c mber uses the might of Sigm
their foe to yet greater vio harged with cele ar’s Tempest to
smiting m stial energies, strike deep into
dden fury, ly spurring the the Stormcast the heart of thei
s with su on Eternals glow r
ber strike wrath, any losses with a nimbus
plar Cham
The Exem None may stay the
. If 1 ORG ANISATION of power.

S ons of the
Storm abi
lity (pg 95)
to add 2
has the Sci
can choose
A Harbinger Cham
the following wars
ber consists of 2 ABILITIES
Lightning Strik
ABILITIE is battalion giance, you units fro
m croll battalions
e: This battalion
has the Scions
Strike: Th t Etern
als alle ability for your army has
the Stormcast of the Storm abilit
SATION Lightning Stormcas the Storm y (pg 95). If
ORGA NI s of y has the Scions of • 1 Lords of the or subtract 2 from Eternals alleg
iance, you can
ber consist your arm ls for the Storm , your rolls for choose to add
lar Cham ons: fro m, your rol • 3 Vanguard Wing this battalion. the Scions of the 2 to,
An Exemp roll battali or subtra
ct 2 se, s Storm ability for
ing warsc combat pha units from
the follow lion. slain in the
this batta amber is harnesses
mplar Ch That unit
Celestial Nim
rm m an Exe 10" of it. n the foe
. Add bus: The warriors
of the Sto a unit fro er within
that form a Harb
• 1 Lords therhoods Bond: If geance upo ainder of
with a nimbus inger Chamber
tation Bro Martial t fro m the chamb ena ct swift ven the rem with preternatu
of celestial energ
y that lets them are charged
ther uni to for
• 3 Devas pick ano n brethren weapons ral speed. Add anticipate their
opponents’ actio
their slai t’s melee 1 to the result of
energy of all the uni Harbinger Cha any hit rolls for ns
celestial teristic of mber. models from a
acks charac
1 to the Att
the battle

After picking a battleplan to use,
you can pick a Mortal Realm for
the battle to take place in. If you
The geography of each realm,
Each Mortal Realm is truly
do so, the Mortal Realm that you its climate, and the flora and fauna vast, and contains myriad
pick will determine which Realm that inhabit it are hugely varied and incredible regions. Sometimes,
of Battle rules you can use for your diverse, and can have a major impact a Realm of Battle will include
game. If you can’t agree on the on battles that are fought there. details of one or more of these
Mortal Realm to use, roll off and the regions. If this is the case, the
winner decides. REALM COMMANDS player that picked the realm
3 Each realm has a set of can also say that the battle
unique command abilities that can is taking place in one of the
REALM OF BATTLE RULES be used by the Heroes that are regions, allowing the Realm of
The Mortal Realm you have chosen fighting there. Battle rules that are specific to
determines which (if any) of the the region to be used.
Realm of Battle rules apply to the
battle that is taking place there.

Sets of Realm of Battle rules are REALM OF BATTLE:


included in many of the books THE REALM OF BEAST
Realm of Beasts.
The following Realm of
Battle rules can be used
for battles fought in the
Mortal Realm of Ghur, also known as

published for Warhammer Age of 1 The Mortal Realms you can

Wizards know the following REALMSCAPE FEATURES

in battles fought in this If a battle takes place in
realm, in this realm, the player that
addition to any other spells dice and look up the result picked the realm can roll
that on the table below to see a
they know. rule applies for the battle. which realmscape feature
The result applies to both

Sigmar, and new ones are being choose from are:

The wizard transforms their
into swift-moving bestial D6
forms. Realmscape Feature
Wildform has a casting 1 Savage Hinterlands: It
value of 5. If seems the lands of this region
successfully cast, pick a threat, at the moment. pose no

added all the time.

friendly unit
within 12" of the caster
that is visible
to them. Add 2 to charge This realmscape feature
and run has no effect on the battle.
rolls made for the unit you
picked 2 Hungering Animus: Even
until your next hero phase. the landscapes are possessed
predatory instinct, using of a
avalanches or ground-quakes
their prey. to kill

• Aqshy, Realm of Fire


After set-up, each player At the start of your hero
can set up a phase, roll a dice. On a 6+,
Monster that is not a Hero, anywhere on the battlefi pick a point
starting eld. Roll a dice for each
with the player that finished of that point. On a 4+ the unit within 6"
setting unit being rolled for suff
up their army first. These wound. On a 6+ it suffers ers 1 mortal
monsters D3 mortal wounds instead.

are called ‘monstrous beasts’

1 • Shyish, Realm of Death

in the 3 Primal Violence: Here
rules that follow. They are every creature is red in tooth
not part of and claw,
either army. A monstrous and both predator and prey.
beast can
be set up anywhere on the
that is more than 9" from At the end of each combat
any other phase, roll a dice. On a 6+,
monstrous beasts and more the combat phase again carry out
than 9" before moving on to the
from models from either phase (do not roll again battleshock

Wizards can know • Ghyran, Realm of Life

army. at the end of the second
see if a third combat phase combat phase to
takes place).
Monstrous beasts choose
their prey 4
at the start of each battle Reckless Aggression: A
round. philosophy of eat or be eaten
Their prey for that battle survive amidst the wilderness. is needed to
round will
be the army that has a unit
closest Any unit that is within
to them. For the rest of

additional spells that are aligned • Hysh, Realm of Light

that battle 12" of an
round, the monstrous beast charge phase suffers 1 mortal enemy unit at the start of their
joins the wound unless they finish
opposing army. If both charge phase within 3" of that
armies have an enemy model. In addition,
a unit equally close to a re-roll hit rolls of 1 for units you can
monstrous that have made a charge
beast, roll off to determine same turn. move in the
picks the monstrous beast’s
prey. 5 Beasts of Ghur: This is
Monstrous beasts will not

with the energies of the Mortal • Ghur, Realm of Beasts

pick each a realm of predators, an
other as their prey. ground where the strong endless hunting
survive and the weak are
Note that a monstrous beast’s Roll off. The winner can
prey set up an additional monstrous
can change each battle round, using the Monstrous Beasts beast
rule on the left.
and monstrous beasts will
‘swap 6 Territory of Beasts: Great
sides’ depending on which

Realm in which they are located. • Chamon, Realm of Metal

army migratory trails criss-cross
has the closest unit. Also made by groups of hunting the lands,
note that behemoths.
a monstrous beast can attack
any Both players can set up
unit in their prey’s army, an additional monstrous
not just beast using the
the closest unit, and cannot Monstrous Beasts rule on
itself be the left.
attacked or charged by units
the army it has joined.

Any such spells are in addition to the • Ulgu, Realm of Shadow

spells that the wizard already knows.

This game is set in arid,

Chaos-tainted Aqshy.
Introducing Realm of Battle
rules to your game adds a
new and characterful angle.
If your army has an allegiance, you any units that you assign a keyword TYPES OF ABILITY
can use a set of allegiance abilities to during set-up. For example, if Most allegiance abilities include
for it in your games of Warhammer all of the units in an army have the sets of battle traits, command traits,
Age of Sigmar. Allegiance abilities Stormcast Eternal keyword, artefacts of power and spell lores.
allow your army to use additional then the army can have allegiance to These are sometimes presented on
abilities and spells. the Stormcast Eternals faction, and a table – you can either roll on that
would be referred to as a Stormcast table to randomly generate an ability
Sets of allegiance abilities are Eternal army. or you can choose one. Remember
included in many of the books that allegiance abilities cannot be
published for Warhammer Age of used by allied units in your army.
Sigmar, and new ones are being
added all the time. The rules in this NAMED CHARACTERS
section explain how to use allegiance Named characters such as Nagash,
abilities in your games. Archaon and Alarielle are singular
and mighty warriors, with their own
personalities and artefacts of power.
ARMY ALLEGIANCE As such, these models cannot have a
When you choose your army, you command trait or artefact of power.
can also choose an allegiance for
it. If you do so, you can use the BATTLE TRAITS
allegiance abilities that correspond An army that shares common goals
to the allegiance you have chosen. and ideals is much deadlier than a
If an army can have more than one ragtag force of unlikely allies. To
allegiance, you must pick one to represent this, armies that share the
apply to it during the game. same allegiance often benefit from
ALLIES powerful additional abilities called
GRAND ALLIANCES One out of every four units included battle traits.
Units in Warhammer Age of in an army can be an allied unit.
Sigmar owe allegiance to one of the COMMAND TRAITS
Grand Alliances – either Order, Allied units are treated as part of Whether cunning strategist or
Chaos, Death or Destruction. The your army, except that they are not berserk butcher, every general has
Grand Alliance a unit belongs to is included when working out your a unique style of command. If your
determined by the keywords on its army’s allegiance, and can therefore general is a Hero and the allegiance
warscroll. For example, a unit with be part of a different Grand Alliance abilities for your army include any
the Death keyword is part of the or faction. In addition, an allied command traits, you can choose or
Death Grand Alliance. model cannot be the army’s general, roll for one for your general. If, for
and cannot use or benefit from your any reason, you must select a new
An army has allegiance to a Grand army’s allegiance abilities. general during a battle, immediately
Alliance if all the units in the army choose or roll for a trait for them.
are part of that Grand Alliance The factions that an army can ally Command traits have no effect on
(including any units that you assign with can be found in its battletome, attacks made by a general’s mount
a keyword to during set-up). For or with its Pitched Battle Profiles in unless noted otherwise.
example, if all of the units in an the current edition of the General’s
army have the Order keyword, then Handbook. For example, a Stormcast ARTEFACTS OF POWER
the army can have allegiance to the Eternal army can have allies from These treasures are borne to war
Order Grand Alliance, and would be any other Order faction. by mighty heroes. If the allegiance
referred to as an Order army. abilities for your army include any
REINFORCEMENTS artefacts of power, you can choose
FACTIONS Units that are added to your army or roll for one to be carried by a
Many units also owe allegiance once a battle is under way can be Hero from your army. You may
to a faction that is part of one of allies. They do not count against the choose one additional Hero to
the Grand Alliances. For example, limit on the number of allied units have an artefact for each warscroll
Stormcast Eternals are a faction of you can include in the army. battalion you include in your army.
the Order Grand Alliance. A Hero cannot have more than one
WARSCROLL BATTALIONS artefact of power, and an army may
An army can have allegiance to a A warscroll battalion can include not include duplicates of the same
faction instead of a Grand Alliance allies. They do not count against the artefact of power. Artefacts of power
if all the units in the army have the limit on the number of allied units have no effect on attacks made by a
keyword for that faction, including you can include in the army. hero’s mount unless noted otherwise.

This Nurgle army is comprised not only of Rotbringers from the Maggotkin of Nurgle battletome, but also skaven from
the Skaven Pestilens battletome. All of its units have the Nurgle keyword, and hence it uses Nurgle allegiance abilities.

Wizards may know additional IES
ABILIT g armour fearlessly ts
spells drawn from lores of magic IANCE
These artefacts
are crafted in
the forges of Sigma
ALLEG g sight, ranks of warors.riorThs inis pag
or more esoter
le trai ic items, from ron. They can
gleamin s the batt potent tools in magical potion
s or charmed trinkebe blessed weapons, enchanted
e describe have.
the hands of the
Stormcast Eterna ts to inspiring armour
eral can

that are only used by the faction

inspirin ls. banners, but all
r oppress its gen are
army is an Realms from thei d traits that
If a Stormcast
st Eternals rtal the comman one may bear an army includes
any Heroes, then
A Stormca to liberate the Mo y possesses, and the artefact aft
artefact of power.
Declare which If the Hero is
a Totem, they
advancing nals arm er picking your Hero has may wield an item
mcast Eter general, and then Treasured Standa

or Grand Alliance they are part of.

artefact of power rds table instead from the
that a Stor fit the appeara
the Hero has. pick which
Ideally, that artefact Hero is a Lord-C of any other artefact
astellant, Lord-V . If the
AITS are a nce of the model, should eritant or Knight-
AND TR or the heroic backsto they may bear
ties, if they have given them. an item from the Azyros,
COMM their command abili nals army
tables and roll
Alternatively, pick
one of the followi
ry you any other artefact
. You may choose
Mystic Lights table
instead of
to st Eter

If the allegiance abilities for your

In addition a Stormca Pick the
trait a dice to random
ly select one.
ng have an artefact one additional
S general of list below. of power for each Hero to
TR AIT iance have Hero, the from the ively, army. The same warscroll battalio
nals alleg ity. Alternat
BATTLE mand trait model cannot n in your
st Eter have a com personal If, for have more than
the suits your
general’s e a trait. one artefact.
Armies with that best determin a battle,
abilities: randomly ral during

army include any spell lores, each the following ported a dice to new gene
als are trans you can roll t select a
cast Etern own han
reason, you mus for t hem.
m: Storm Sigmar’s any a trait
the Stor hurled by ely generate BLESSED WEA
Scions of derbolts, immediat Any Stormcast PONS
e by thun Eternals Hero
into battl

Wizard in your army knows one of

on a can be given one
nals unit t ral suffers The weapon picked of the followin
a Stormca
st Eter
say that mand Trai your gene to be blessed cannot g blessed weapon
setting up side and D6 Com h: When or more, be a weapon used s.
Instead of it to one lded by Fait a roll of 5 D6 Blessed Weapo by a mount.
place this with 1 Shie dice. On n
eld, you can
m. You can
do nd, roll a 1 Strife-ender:
the battlefi stial Real moveme
nt mortal wou is ignored. other This sigmarite
in the Cele tal wound Choose one

the spells from the lore, in addition it is set up each of your that mor with runes of emanci weapon has been
wish. In mander: alive, the pation and liberati
units as you units. mate Com general is 4 Fang of Dracot
as many each of these 2 Con sum
. Whi le your d abilities
on from evil. hion: Blessed by
the stormy breath
a dice for your army comman zodiacal godbea
phases, roll e this turn
– you Hero in also use any Pick one of this
Hero’s melee
st Dracothion,
this weapon’s void-co
of the
not arriv chose can ral. weapon s to be a bite is so fierce that even
the unit does model you your gene Strife-ender. Add ld

to any other spells they know.

up, a slight slash can
of 1 or 2 nt turns. , as if it were es are set 1 to the Attacks be fatal.
On a roll in subs eque it may have e both armi D3 weapon. Add 2 characteristic of
them again tegist: Onc ns, select instead if all of
the weapon’s attacks Pick one of this
can roll for ed to the ning Stra e round begi directed against Hero’s melee
3 Cun battl can each a Chaos unit. are weapons to be
is transport the fi rst units. Th
ey Dracothion. Re-roll a Fang of
e, the unit e than but before nals any wound rolls
lt of 3 or mor battlefield mor mcast Eter 2 Blade of Heroes of 1 for this weapon
On a resu unit on the
e for that friendly Stor up to 5". ll their .
– set up the is their mov e of ral can re-ro
: This shining blade 5 Obsidian Blade:
battlefield els. This make a mov r: Your gene
presence of a truly glows bright in
the In the lightnin
enemy mod Crusade dire threat, bolsteri of the Sicklestar g-spewing volcano
9" from any 4 Zealous
all friendly
spirit of the wielder
until no task seems
ng the warrior Peaks, the Obsidia
n Blades are forged.
nt phase. stance. general and
Their edges are

charge di insurmountable.
moveme the battle nder: Your add 1 to
their so sharp they can
cut bone like butter.
Realm when nch Defe within 6" Pick one of this
Celestial 5 Stau nals units . This
still in the st Eter this turn Hero’s melee
weapons to be Pick one of this
If a unit is d to be slain. Stormca not charged ifier Heroes. Re-roll
failed hit rolls made a Blade of Hero’s melee
considere if they have roll mod Blade. Improve s to be an Obsidia
ends, it is save rolls the save that target Heroes with this weapon the Rend charact n
stack with . or Monsters. eristic of this weapon
does not 1 (if it has a Rend

Some sets of allegiance abilities will

modifier in feature characteristic of by
on a terra your
within or ose one of ‘-’ it becomes -1).
for being Real ms: Cho on 3 Hammer of
Might: When
on of the be a weap the bearer strikes 6 Gift of the
6 Champi (it cannot its noble weapon true, this Six Smiths: Some
weap on profiles and increase unleashes a thunde
rclap of energy reforged after a Stormcast Eternal
s, when
general’s one) shatter every bone truly valorous
they have

include other types of unique ability.

that can death, will find
mount if in the victim’s body. weapons remade
used by a by 1. as well, perfect their
acteristic  Smiths’ craft that examples of the
Attacks char Pick one of this
Hero’s melee guide the bearer Six
weapons to be to his kill.
of Might. Wound a Hammer
rolls of 6 or more

When this is the case, the set of

double damage for this weapon Pick one of this
cause Hero’s melee
. Six Smiths. In each weapons to be
a Gift of the
turn you can re-roll
or damage roll one hit, wound
for an attack made
with this weapon

allegiance abilities will explain how 95 96

and when they are used.