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Lizards are one kind of reptile that belong to order squamata or the
same class to snake that has small body,small head,movable eyes,and a
rough,scaly or spiny skin which can be seen everywhere,specially on the wall of
our house.They have this suctions feets which make them a very good
climber.Lizards are commonly predator of certain insect ,they use their sticky
and extensible toungue to catch their food easily.Did you know that komodo
dragon is the bigeest lizard in the world that was written in the history?Its length is
10 ft. weighing 70 kg.(150 lb.)and it also belong to varanidae family of lizard.

When it comes to regeneration lizards is the best example of it and for

the study,the researcher took a close look at roughly 23,000 genes found in
sample of its slice tail.They found out that atleast 326 specific spot along each
tail where turned on during regenerating,which explains the lizards DNA has a
genetic recipe for regeneration.Curing disease is the another ability of lizard.It is
true that some people eat lizard as their meal,because they take it as a
medicine while wishing benefits such as providing them an energy,,improving
their stamina,preventing asthma attack,and etc.Lizards meat contain high
proteins and amino acid which makes their meat a very special kind of
meat.Some people who take it has been cured,some dosen`t that makes the
scientists to be confused on making it as a medicine.

Asthma attack is a chronic disease that affects the respiratory

system,wherein the lungs where located and usually people that have this kind
of disease experience difficulty on breathing.The most common reason on
having asthma attack is tiredness and it also depends on the temperature of a
place.This disease is hereditary,where it can be inherit from our arents.People
who have this kind of disease tend not to join many outdoor activities like
execise,playing badminton,volleyball,basketball,and many more,because if
they feel a little bit of tiredness it can cause them to experience the symptoms
of asthma attack such as wheezing,shortness of breath,chest tightness,and
coughing which can turn into serious one.

It is believed that eating lizard can cure asthma attack and heres the
reasons why;first is the tuko which is included in the family of lizards,this contains
a powerful enzymes that can treat asthma while the meat is turned into powder
to be ingested as a medicine.Health authorities claimed that all these report
was a ”myth” that should have first a medical researchto support such thing,but
people who have been cured is living proof that its not a myth but a natural
medicine for such terrible disease.You can choose on what type of cooking you
want it like dried,grilled or fried but it has such a bad taste wherein the
consumer will suffer on its bad taste,supposedly to ure asthma attack.

People who take it as medicine to cure disease is very few that in 100%
there are only 20% user and most of them are those people who live on hidden
places such as mountain or forest.Knowing that lizard can cure disease was
discovered by our anscestors,because before there are no medicine that’s in a
capsule or in a syrup ,they just have a herbal medicine ,which was proven very
effective.even though it was still not a true medicine the have been a living
proof that it can cure disease,that a lizard can cure disease.

1.what part of the lizard can cure diseasess

1.1 head only
1.2 whole body lasertilia help us to live:
1.1 medication
1.2 lessen the pest
3. why lizard can prevent asthma attack
1.1 it has a powerful enzymes
1.2 its meat contain high proteins and amino acid