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tHe OLD Wort uN) 2 ou hold in your hands the Liber Necris, Cre Ree eas oa ene seh Daeg ecr a Cones Rca) eT on ecu Toe tid Pee ee ane PC So er eC ees eo eareg produced. To survive in the grim Old World PORT nee Rete On these heretical pages is recorded the history of the vampires, the rise, fall and rise Pepe EO eC eet ces Ts ec Rome etka eaten] World like a plague. The story of the kings of Nehekhara is told and secrets revealed about the black art of necromancy. All aspects of undeath are explored in this in-depth, beautifully illustrated background book. But before you turn the page, beware! Your soul Ora A BLACK LIBRARY PRODUCT i UK S15 uiseat US $29.99 CAN $41.00 YH fw Book of Death in the Old World ‘