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@) BRIDGE COLUMNS ©) BRIDGE ASSEMBLY larger the four smaller ones. Put them to one side and leave them to dry. © BRIDGE PARAPET Glue tne central ang sloping parapets into the bridge columns as DECORATIVE SPIKES ilustrated Caretully slot together two sections of the decorative spikes as shown. Repeat this process until you have eight spikes, enough to decorate each column top. Glue these onto the top of the bridge columns as shown in C. : WALL @) TOweR SECTION p (8) assemety , Fold the tower walls round and glue the i“) Glue the side walls to the side tab into position. Fold the roof ‘gable section of the main section round and glue tab into place. building as shown. When When dry glue the roof onto the tower. dry glue the remaining end SPIRE AND ROOF BUTTRESSES ASSEMBLY AND GABLE ENDS ¢ Locate the To complete the tower, tower into the glue the roof gables into slots provided the slots provided. Fold inmain the buttresses round as building. Bend ‘shown and carefully round the root glue the top section ‘and glue the tab as shown. Bend the IMto position. When a Jong tabs inward and | dry, glue the roof glue to the side walls ‘onto the main, of the main building. Repeat this process for the remaining buttresses. MAUSOLEUM (®) WALLASSEMBLY (© ROOF sHaPING aes Glue the end and side panels Bend of the Mausoleum into: 43 am the slots provided in >) sides and top round PY) and glue into position Before assembling as shown. Mausoleum roof take the Repeat this individual roof sections and process for ‘gently curl them over a table the remaining columns. ‘edge or similar square comer. ‘Once complete set them Do this carefully to give a good aside to dry. curve to the card. Ensure that the side with the number on is uppermost. ROOF AND PLINTH ASSEMBLY (© MAUSOLEUM ASSEMBLY Slide the spiked rail into the gap between the two Caretully glue the root to the Mausoleum, without sticking the top edge. This leaves a (@ GRAVESTONE ASSEMBLY (® HERO'S TOMB ASSEMBLY —_ (G) HERO'S TOME Fold round the Cretuty gus the ph skdee logather. Finally when all the glue sides and tops of ‘Glue the two tomb ends into sections are dry, glue the the graves and the central locating holes decorative side and enc glue into position. ‘as shown. When dry panels int Repeat this bend the tomb lid the slot process for the round and give into provided remaining two position. Glue the gravestones and headstone (4.1) you the larger rectangular gravestone 4.1. previously made ‘The three smaller gravestones can be into position glued to the smail rectangular piece of Girectly behind card for extra stability. © Ny Mey BA , Ak 4 © © © © CIRCLE OF BLOOD 9 26 02 99 001 ©