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Dual Plug System Operational Sequence

Figure 1
The Dual Plug System (DPS) wipes both in front of First pump down plug is released from cementing
and behind the cement, physically isolating the manifold ahead of the cement. The plug is pumped
cement column from contamination. The system has down the drill string wiping the inner bore and isolating
the same advantages as the traditional lead and the cement from the drilling fluid. When the plug
following plugs in conventional full string cementing. reaches the setting equipment, it latches into the lower
liner wiper plug.
The DPS system uses two pump down plugs in a
special cementing manifold. The plugs are dropped Figure 2
one at a time; one in front of the cement and one With first pump down plug latched, pressure up and
behind the cement. Two liner wiper plugs are used on shear lower liner wiper plug from setting tool. Continue
the end of the setting tool, each accepting a different pumping cement . During pumping, the liner wiper plug
pump down plug. isolates the cement from the drilling fluid down the liner
string. Continue pumping until lower liner wiper plug
latches into the landing collar.

Figure 3
When the liner wiper plug is latched, increase pressure
to shear the inner sleeve from the wiper plug
re-establishing fluid circulation. The sleeve containing
the pump down plug falls to the bottom of the well.

Figure 4
Release the upper pump down plug from the
cementing manifold. Pump displacing fluid behind the
plug. As the plug is pumped down the drill string, it
wipes the cement. Like the first plug, it isolates the
cement from the displacing fluid. Continue pumping
fluid until the second pump down plug latches into the
upper liner wiper plug.

Figure 5
With the second pump down plug latched into place,
increase pressure and shear upper liner wiper plug
from the setting tool. Continue with displacement. The
pressure from the drilling fluid on the back side of the
liner wiper plug causes the plug to wipe the cement
from the annulus of the liner and displacing it out
through the float shoe and up the annulus between the
liner and casing. Continue pumping until the upper
liner wiper plug latches into the top of the lower liner
wiper plug.

The plug system cleans residual mud from the
setting string and the liner while separating the
cement slurry from the drilling and displacement

Plugs shear independently from running tool

The plug system is vented which virtually

eliminates the risk of premature release.

All components are PDC drillable.


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