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Amit Chaturvedi

Philosophy Department
University of Hong Kong


Indian and Buddhist Philosophy Classical Chinese Philosophy
Philosophy of Mind Epistemology
(esp. perceptonn consciousness) Moral Psychology


PhD Philosophyn University of Hawai'i at Mānoan 2018

Dissertatonn "Conceptsn Atentonn and the Content of Conscious Visual Experience."
MA Philosophyn University of Hawai'i at Mānoan 2009
BA Philosophy (magna cum laude)n Politcal cience (cum laude)n Tufts Universityn 2007
Visitng tudent in Philosophyn Politcs and Economicsn University of Oxfordn
Pembroke Collegen 2005-2006


2018– Assistant Professor of Philosophyn University of Hong Kong


Refereed Journal Artilee

2018 “Against a ‘Mindless’ Account of Perceptual Expertsen, Phenomenology and the

Cognitie Sciences (forthcoming)
2012 “Mencius and Dewey on Moral Perceptonn Deliberatonn and Imaginatonn, Dao 11n 163-

Book Reviewe

2014 Review of Christan Coserun Perceiiing Reality: Cons cious nes s , Intentonality, and
Cogniton in Buddhis t Philos ophyn in Philos ophy Eas t and Wes t 64n 506-513


Univereity of Hawai'i at Mānoa:
2015 College of Arts & Humanites Dissertaton Research Award
2014 Jagdish P. harma Memorial cholarship

Chaturvedi – CV 1 of 3
2013 Mansfeld Freeman Dissertaton Award
2012 J. Watumull cholarship for the tudy of India
2010 Uehiro Essay Award in East Asian Philosophy
2009 Wing-Tsit Chan Graduate Fellowship in Chinese Philosophy
East-West Center Graduate Degree Fellowship
2008 Uehiro Essay Award in East Asian Philosophy


Invited Preeentatone

2018 “The Evoluton of Buddhist and Nyāya Theories of Non-Conceptual Percepton.,

Associaton of Asian tudies in Asian July 5-8
2018 “First-Order Representatonalism and a Navya Nyāya Theory of Perceptual
Consciousness., Pacifc APA (invited symposium)n March 28-31
2018 "The Roles of Atenton and Memory in Constructng Visual Experiencen Clues from
Gaṅgeśa." The Virtues of Atenton workshopn NYU hanghain March 8-9
2014 "Nyāyadarśanādhunikamanoiijñānayoḥ Pratyakṣaprakriyāparīkṣā (lecture in anskrit;
“An Examinaton of the Process of Percepton With Reference to Nyāya Philosophy and
Contemporary Psychology)." Karnataka anskrit Universityn July 21

Conferenie Papere

2018 “There's omething Wrong With Raw Perceptonn After Alln Vyāsasrtha's Refutaton of
Niriikalpaka Pratyakṣa., 17th World anskrit Conferencen July 9-13
2017 “Undercutting Buddhist Non-Conceptualism With the Help of Navya Nyāya and Vision
cience., Central APAn Commitee on Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and
Philosophiesn March 1-4
2016 “Imaginaton and the Making of Conscious Perceptual Experiencen A Revised Nyāya –
Kant Account., ociety for Asian and Comparatve Philosophyn June 2-5
2016 “Perceptual Content as Non-Linguistc and Conceptual., Uehiro Graduate Philosophy
Conference (Ruth Kleinfeld-Lenny Award for best presentaton)n March 16-19
2012 “ elf-Luminosity and the Problematc Phenomenology of Pre-refectve elf-Awareness.,
Australasian ociety for Asian and Comparatve Philosophyn July 9-11
2010 “Mencius and Dewey on Moral Perceptonn Deliberatonn and Imaginatonn, ociety for
Asian and Comparatve Philosophyn June 18-21
2009 “Witgenstein and Dharmotara on Perceptonn Intentonalityn and Non-Conceptual
Content., ociety for Asian and Comparatve Philosophyn June 14-17
2008 “The Phenomenology of Zhuangzi’s Philosophy., ociety for Asian and Comparatve
Philosophyn June 8-11

Chaturvedi – CV 2 of 3
Invited Commentary
2018 Comment on Jingjing Lin “Through the Mirrorn Chinese Yogācāra and the Problem of
Other Minds., Eastern APAn January 3

Primary Inetruitor, Univereity of Hong Kong
Buddhist Philosophy
Primary Inetruitor, Univereity of Hawai'i at Mānoan
Introducton to Philosophy
Introducton to Inductve Logic
Ancient Greek Philosophy
First- & econd-year anskrit


2018 Partcipantn NEH ummer Insttuten “ elf-Knowledge in Eastern and Western

Philosophies., College of Charlestonn May 20-June 2.
2014 Visitng scholarn Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Rajasthan anskrit University & Karnataka
anskrit University
2012 Researchern “Vedanta And Me, iPhone appn Baryon Labs


2018– Refereen Dao: A Journal of Comparatie Philos ophy

2017– Manuscript reviewn Oxford University Press
2017 Proposal writern UH-Mānoa Quanttatve Reasoning Designaton For Inductve Logic
2016 Faculty award commiteen David Hall Undergraduate Essay Prize
2011-7 Organizer/tutorn UH-Mānoa graduate reading groups in anskrit philosophy/literature
2008-9 Philosophy department representatven Graduate tudent Organizaton
2008-9 Vice Presidentn Philosophy tudents Associaton


anskrit – reading/writng profciency

Classical Chinese – basic translaton competence

Arindam Chakrabart Jonardon Ganeri
University of Hawai'i at Mānoa New York University Global Network

Chaturvedi – CV 3 of 3
Roger Ames Ron Bontekoe (teaching reference)
University of Hawai'i at Mānoa University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

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