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The War f

the R ses
1455- 1485

Prof. Jesús Centen Camarg

The son. All this divided York and Lancaster. Richard III . compell’d."England hath long been mad. The father rashly slaughter’d his own son..“ William Shakespeare. been butcher to the sire. and scarr’d herself: The brother blindly shed the brother’s blood..



the ruling Lancastrian king. Henry VI. surrounded himself with unpopular nobles. Causes both houses were direct descendents of king Edward III. the civil unrest of much of the population. . the untimely episodes of mental illness by King Henry VI. the availability of many powerful lords with their own private armies.


During his reign his country lost the Hundred Year's War and all of its French territories except for Calais. . In 1445 he married Margaret of Anjou. Henry VI • Henry VI was crowned king of both England and France when he was an infant. • At the age of 32 (1453) he suffered his first attack of mental illness and control of the country was taken up by Richard. He was briefly restored as ruler from 1470 to 1471 but before the battle of Barnet in April he was captured by Edward and sent to the tower of London where he was murdered on May 21. duke of York. The next year he recovered and clashed with Richard over who would rule England thus starting the Wars of the Roses. 1471. • At the battle of Northampton in 1460 he was captured by the Yorkist forces and forced to acknowledge Richard as the rightful heir to the throne. • In 1461 he lost the throne to Richard's son Edward IV.

his legacies include two young sons. for the entire decade of the 1450s. Unable to muster enough forces to confront a set of Lancastrian armies (one of which was led by Richard Neville. Edward V and Richard. duke of York. . • The next year he returned and defeated the Lancastrian forces at the battle of Tewkesbury. Edward IV • Edward IV ascended to the throne in 1461 finally achieving the goal of seating a member of the York family pushed forth by his father. That same year he had Henry VI executed. • Edward defeated the Lancastrians at Mortimor's Cross and was proclaimed king in March 1461. Richard. Edward fled to Holland in September 1470. • Upon his death in 1483. both of which would be murdered in the Tower of London that year. earl of Warwick). • In 1464 he married Elizabeth Woodville which became the root of many future troubles.

1483. Richard joined him. his uncle and designated protector. Later that same month the young king was declared illegitimate by Parliament because the marriage of his father to his mother (Elizabeth Wydville) was declared illegal. His coronation date was set for May 4. . Edward V • Edward V was 12 years old when his father (Edward IV) died in 1483 leaving him next in line for the throne. Both boys were murdered sometime later creating one of the most notorious murder mysteries in history. Edward was intercepted and detained by Richard. On his way to London. Duke of Gloucester (Richard III). in mid-June. Richard canceled the coronation and kept Edward confined at the Tower of London where his brother.

Edward V and his brother Richard. When Edward died in 1483 he took control of Edwards heirs. the younger brother of Edward IV. • Richard III was crowned king that year. • He fough for Edward at the battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury in 1471. . Richard III • Richard III. The young brothers were held in the Tower of London and murdered in June 1483. He was killed by Henry VII at the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. was made duke of Gloucester at age nine.

Henry VII .

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