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Exhibitor Country Stand NumWebsite Products

A5 MARINESweden 1.105 Environment & Technology

AACE ADVAGreece 2.345 http://wwwAutomation,Internet Services,Monitoring Equipment,Satellite Communications
AAGE HEMSpain 2.121 Communication Aids,Navigation Aids,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Sa
Belgium 1.547 Computer Applications, IT Services,Energy Efficiency,Environment & Technology,Mo
ABACUS MA Greece 4.203 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ABB SA Greece 2.211 http://ww Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technolo
ABB TURBOSwitzerlan 2.211 Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
ABC MARINGreece 4.317/E Bearings,Propellers,Propulsion Systems,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Seals & Packing
ABCON A/SDenmark 3.411/B http://ww Bunkers, Lubricants,Deck Equipment,Petroleum Products,Propulsion Systems,Steeri
ABS USA 3.101, WS http://www Air Emissions Control,Ballast Water Management,Classification Societies,Clean Ener
ABS ACAD Greece 3.101 Maritime Training Programmes
ABS GROUUSA 3.101 Consultancy Services
ABS NAUTIUSA 3.101 Computer Applications, IT Services
ABU DHABIUnited Ara1.340 http://wwwOffshore Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Yachting, Brokers, Services
ACE VALVEKorea, Repu 4.127 http://wwwPumps, Valves
ACME United Ara1.317, 3.131 Ship Spare Parts
ACR ELECTUSA 3.203 http://wwwCommunication Aids,Electrical, Electronics,Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Com
ACR ELECTUnited Ki 1.128 Beacons, Markers,Electrical, Electronics,Safety Equipment, Services
ACS AMERUSA 4.219 http://wwwCommunication Aids,Satellite Communications
ACTIVE COGreece 3.519 http://wwwComputer Applications, IT Services
ADAMALLYS United Ara2.151 http://ww Anchors, Chains,Bearings,Blasting Equipment,Cables,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Ele
ADAMS SHIUnited Ara2.315
ADASH Czech Repu3.539 Monitoring Equipment
ADERCO MA Belgium 2.442 http://ww Bunkers, Lubricants,Chemicals,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Energy Efficien
ADRIATIC BMontenegr1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ADS SHIPPCyprus 2.111/P Consultancy Services,Offshore Services,Other,Shipbrokers,Shipbuilding, Repair Yard
ADVANTAGGreece 2.145 http://wwwConsultancy Services
ADVANTECGreece 1.338 http://wwwAutomation,Computer Applications, IT Services,Electrical, Electronics
AEC MARITNetherland4.134 Air Emissions Control,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments
AEGEAN AIGreece 3.423 http://wwwAirlines, Aviation
AEGEAN BU Gibraltar 2.106 Bunkers, Lubricants,Logistics,Ship Suppliers
AEGEAN MGreece 4.223 http://wwwBunkers, Lubricants
AEGEAN PRGreece 3128 Coatings, Paintings,Corossion Protection
AEGIR - M Netherland4.317/E http://ww Bearings,Propellers,Propulsion Systems,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Seals & Packing
AEP MARINNetherland1.526 http://ww Electrical, Electronics,Other,Ship Spare Parts
AGRU KUNAustria 2.145 http://wwwPipes, Fittings,Repair Services,Ship Suppliers
AGV COMME Greece 2.313 http://wwwAccommodation Systems,Automation,Ballast Water Management,Deck Equipment,
A HILIOS L Greece 3.114, CW http://www Blasting Equipment,Coatings, Paints,Compressors Suppliers,Corrosion Protection,Re
AIR FRANCGreece 1.236 Airlines, Aviation
AIRLIFE Italy 4.211 http://www.
Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments
AIR PRODUNorway 3.105 http://wwwInert Gas Systems
AIR SPECT United Ki 4.134 Pollution Control
A ISMAILOGreece 2.456 http://wwwOther
AKTINA TRGreece 1.503 http://wwwTravel Services
ALANG INFIndia IPDC Publications, Media
ALATAS AMUSA 1.216/A Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services,Safety Equip
ALATAS G Germany 1.216/A Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services,Safety Equip
ALATAS HOHong Kong1.216/A Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services,Safety Equip
ALATAS MEMexico 1.216/A Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services,Safety Equip
ALATAS MIUnited Ara1.216/A Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services,Safety Equip
ALATAS NONorway 1.216/A Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services,Safety Equip
ALATAS PAPanama 1.216/A Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services,Safety Equip
ALATAS SI Singapore 1.216/A Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services,Safety Equip
ALATAS UKUnited Ki 1.216/A http://www Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services,Safety Equip
ALBA GRADGreece 2.237 http://wwwMaritime Education
ALBATROSSCyprus 2.111/E http://www Insurance, P&I
ALBATROS Spain 3.428 Shipchandlers
ALCO FILT Germany 3.243 Filtration
ALEWIJNSERomania 3.236 Automation
ALEXANDRGreece 3.201 Ports, Port Authorities
ALFA LAVASweden 2.204 http://wwwAutomation,Ballast Water Management,Chemicals,Desalination Equipment,Enginer
ALFA LAVAGermany 3.111, 3.112 Air Emissions Control,Boiler,Burner,Inert Gas Systems
ALFA LAVADenmark 2.204 Desalination Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services
ALFA - LAVKorea, Repu
3.132 Desalination Equipment,Separators
ALFA LAVASweden 2.204 Chemicals,Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
ALFA LAVALFrance 2.204 Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
ALFA LAVADenmark 2.204 Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts,Tank Cleaning Systems
ALFA LAVASweden 2.204 Automation,Ballast Water Management,Chemicals,Engineroom Equipment,Pipes, F
ALGECIRASSpain 3.428 http://wwwAssociations, Organisations,Bunkers, Lubricants,Legal Services,Logistics,Ports, Port A
USA & T 1.547 Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Design & Innovation,Servic
ALL-FLO P USA 4.134 Pumps, Valves
ALLIANZ GGreece 2.525, WS http://www. Crewing Services,Medical Services,Offshore Services,Services Providers,Travel Servi
ALLIANZ GFrance 2.526 http://wwwInsurance, P&I
ALL MARINGreece 3.134 http://wwwShip Suppliers
ALNIC INV Cyprus 3.429 http://wwwAdvertising, Marketing, Public Relations,Communication Aids,Design & Innovation,E
ALNI ENERGreece 3.429 Other
ALPHADYNGreece 1.126 http://ww Pumps, Valves,Shipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
ALPHA MAR Greece 3.105 http://ww Automation,Ballast Water Management,Burner,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electron
ALPHAMEKS Greece 3.325 Deck Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Repair Servi
ALPHATRONetherland1.305, 1.205 Communication Aids,Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Servi
ALULAND Netherland4.211
A MALLIOSGreece 3.236 http://wwwCables,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
AMCHAM USA 2.435/6 Government Organisations / Institutions
AMERICANUSA 3.425/4 Firefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
AMI MARI United Ki 1.206 Safety Equipment, Services
AMI MARIN United Ki 1.305 Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids
AML - ATL Malta 2.221 http://ww Crewing Services,Vessel Registration
AMMITEC Greece 1.530 http://ww Associations, Organisations
AMOS INTESingapore 3.134 Ship Suppliers
ANGLO BELBelgium 2.241 http://wwwEngineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Propulsion Systems
ANIPSOTIKIGreece 3.114 Other
ANTAEUS TGreece 1.414 http://wwwTravel Services
ANTHEM Canada 2.345 Other
ANTIPOLLUGreece 4.321 http://wwwEnvironment & Technology,Pollution Control,Port Agencies, Services,Services Provid
ANTWERP BDelgium 2.421 http://WWRepair Services
ANYLAND Greece 3.325 Travel Services
APATEQ - Luxembour2.329/B http://ww Ballast Water Management,Design & Innovation,Energy Efficiency,Environment & Te
A PEREZ Y Spain 3.428 Ship Agents
APHENTRICCyprus 2.111/F http://www Insurance, P&I
API MARINDenmark 2.334 http://ww Automation,Cargo Handling,Monitoring Equipment,Offshore Services,Shipbuilding,
APV/SPX Denmark 3.121 http://ww Engineroom Equipment
AQUAMETR Switzerlan 2.449 http://ww Energy Efficiency,Monitoring Equipment
AQUAMETR Korea, Repu3.132 Other
AQUATA Germany 3.425/4 Underwater Technology
AQUAWATTAustria 2.145 http://wwwEnergy Efficiency,Environment & Technology,Other
ARAB ACADEgypt 2.539 http://wwwAssociations, Organisations,Crewing Services,Maritime Education,Maritime Training
ARAB EAGLUnited Ara4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ARAB HEAVUnited Ara4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ARCELORMI Luxembour2.329/C http://induMetals & Mining Industries
ARCO LTD Greece 3.325 Other,Repair Services
ARDENT MBanglades 2.419 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services
ARGO SA GGreece 2.240 http://wwwBunkers, Lubricants,Petroleum Products,Ship Agents,Shipping Companies,Ship Supp
ARGO SYS Greece 2.332 http://W Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Internet Services,Managem
ARGO TRAVGreece 1.236 http://wwwAccommodation Systems,Airlines, Aviation,Travel Services
ARK MARINJapan 4.230 Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Pumps, Valves,Refrigeration Systems,
ARMA MARI Turkey 2.239 http://ww Anchors, Chains,Coatings, Paints,Corrosion Protection,Deck Equipment,Electrical, E
ARNESON Italy 3.116 Propulsion Systems
ARSI SERV Greece 2.155 http://WWAutomation,Electrical, Electronics,Metals & Mining Industries,Other,Port Equipmen
ASCENZ SOSingapore 1.521 http://ww Bunkers, Lubricants,Monitoring Equipment
ASG SHIPPSpain 3.428 Ship Agents
ASL SHIPYASingapore 1.317, 1.548 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ASL SHIPYAIndonesia 1.317,1.548 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ASMAR SHChile 2.148 http://wwwRepair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ASPIDA Greece 4.227 http://wwwComputer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Maritime Training Program
ASPIDA HSGreece 4.227 Computer Applications, IT Services,Maritime Training Programmes,Offshore Service
ASPIDA TRGreece 1.529 http://wwwAirlines, Aviation,Travel Services
ASRY (ARABahrain 2.119 http://wwwConsultancy Services,Design & Innovation,Offshore Services,Repair Services,Shipbu
ASSA TRANGeorgia 1.438/K http://www Cargo Handling,Consultancy Services,Container Services,Logistics,Port Agencies, Se
ASSFOR LOBelgium 1.511/2 Logistics,Ship Spare Parts
ASSOCIATISingapore 2.401/H http://ww Associations, Organisations
ASTANDERSpain 4.309 http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ASTICAN ASpain 4.309 http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ASTILLEROSpain 3.428 Repair Services
ATLANTIDASpain 3.428 In-Water Repairs
ATLANTIS United Ara2.419 In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Underwater Technology
ATLANTIS Brazil 2.419 In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Underwater Technology
ATLAS AUSAustralia 4.232 Consultancy Services,Port Agencies, Services
ATLAS COPGreece 4.107 http://www Other
ATLAS INC Denmark 1.327 Ship Spare Parts
ATLAS MARTurkey 1.115 http://www Pumps, Valves,Ship Suppliers
ATPI GRIF United Ki 1.424 http://www Travel Services
ATS SPECIAItaly 2.139 Seals & Packings
AURAMARIFinland 4.116 Engineroom Equipment
AUXANO TUnited Ki 2.313 Propulsion Systems
AVENTICS Germany 3.132 Other
AVIC INTE China 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
AVIC SHIP China 2.303/A http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Shipping Companies
AVIC WEIHChina 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
AWI SPAINSpain 3.428 Repair Services
AZCUE PU Spain 3.121 http:// Pumps, Valves
AZIENDA CItaly 4.219 http://ww Corrosion Protection,Water Saving & Treatment Systems
AZIMOUTHI Greece 1.235 http://www Publications, Media
AZUMA ENG Taiwan 4.101/1 Repair Services
AZUMA ENG China 4.101/1 Repair Services
AZUMA ENG Singapore 4.101/1 http://ww Pumps, Valves,Repair Services
AZUMA HON Hong Kong4.101/1 Repair Services
AZUMA KAK Japan 4.101/1 Repair Services
AZUMA KAKOJapan 4.101/1 Repair Services
AZUMA KAK Japan 4.101/1 Repair Services
AZUMA MAR Malaysia 4.101/1 Repair Services
THE AMERIUSA CWS8 http://ww Insurance, P&I
TRAINING Ukraine 1.138 http://www Maritime Education
BADA HEAVKorea, Repu3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
BALDEN-DENTurkey 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
BALDWIN FUSA 3.243 Chemicals,Corrosion Protection,Filtration,Separators,Ship Spare Parts,Steering Gear
BALTIC SPAPoland 2.446 http://bss.Bearings,Compressors Suppliers,Engineroom Equipment,Propulsion Systems,Pumps
BALTIC TR Poland 2.000 Publications, Media
BALTYARD Poland 1.548 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
BALUCO G Germany 3.217 http://ww Bunkers, Lubricants
BANSAL INUnited Ara1.227 Separators
BANSAL MIndia 1.227 http://W Repair Services,Separators,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
BANSAL MA USA 1.227 Separators
BARDI ITALItaly 3.111 Engineroom Equipment
BATUMI HIGeorgia 1.438/D http://www Other
BATUMI INGeorgia 1.438/G http://www Port Agencies, Services
BATUMI SEGeorgia 1.438/F http://ww Ports, Port Authorities
BAUER KO Germany 4.319 Compressors Suppliers,Deck Equipment,Firefighting Equipment,Other,Safety Equipm
BCA COLLEGreece 4.322 http://wwwMaritime Education,Maritime Training Programmes
BCS Italy 3.116 Engineroom Equipment
BC TAECHAKorea, Repu3.111 Engineroom Equipment
BECKER MAGermany 1.327 Energy Efficiency,Ship Spare Parts
BECKER V Germany 2.321 Pumps, Valves
BENEFIT S Greece 4.318 http://wwwComputer Applications, IT Services
BEN MARI France 1.113 Electrical, Electronics,Ship Suppliers
BERMAD CS Israel 4.116 Firefighting Equipment,Pumps, Valves
BERMUDA Bermuda 2.252 http://ww Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations,Airlines, Aviation,Beacons, Markers,Bearing
BERNHARDCyprus 2.111/G http://ww Consultancy Services,Crewing Services,Design & Innovation,Maritime Training Prog
BESIKTAS Turkey 2.115 http://wwwShipbuilding, Repair Yards
BESTOBELLUnited Ki 2.313 Pumps, Valves
BEST PRACGreece 1.439 http://wwwComputer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Management Systems
B-HEPWORUnited Ki 3.116 Deck Equipment
BIGA GROUCroatia 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
BIMCO Denmark 1.507 http://wwwAssociations, Organisations,Consultancy Services,Maritime Education
BIOFRIENDUSA 2.435/7 http://www Air Emissions Control,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Environment & Techno
BIO-UV France 1.445 Ballast Water Management
BJB Germany 1.419 Electrical, Electronics
BLAY MARISpain 2.428 Repair Services
BLRT GRUPEstonia 1.102 http://wwwCoatings, Paints,Electrical, Electronics,Pipes, Fittings,Propulsion Systems,Pumps, Va
BLUCHER Denmark 4.211 http://ww Other,Pipes, Fittings,Retrofitting,Sewage Treatment
BLUE OCEASingapore 2.401/A Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Environment & Technology,Ship Spare Parts
BLUE OCEASingapore 4.309, 1.445 Air Emissions Control,Energy Efficiency,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Tech
BMT REPAISpain 3.428 Repair Services
BMT SMARUnited Ki 3.315 http://ww Automation,Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Electrical, Elec
BODEWES Netherland3.419 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
BOERGER Germany 4.134 Pumps, Valves
BOGDANOS- Greece 1.112 http://ww Consultancy Services,Other
BOHAMETPoland 2.313 Accommodation Systems
BOLIDT SY Netherland3.315 http://wwwAccommodation Systems,Coatings, Paints,Corrosion Protection,Deck Equipment
BOLL UND Germany
K 1.108 Filtration
BOSCH RE Germany 3.131, 3.132 Automation,Electrical, Electronics
BOSUNG EN Korea, Repu
3.132 http://ww Accommodation Systems,Airconditioning, Ventilation,Automation,Ballast Water Ma
BOTA TECHPoland 1.548 Propulsion Systems
BPCO LTD Greece 2.419 http://ww Air Emissions Control,Anchors, Chains,Automation,Ballast Water Management,Elec
BRAGANZAGreece 1.511/2 Shipbrokers,Shipchandlers,Ship Suppliers
BRAMIDANDenmark 2.511 Environment & Technology
( 3.105 http://ww Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment
BRANNST Sweden 3.131 Pollution Control
BREEZE TRUnited Ara1.115 http://www Airconditioning, Ventilation,Compressors Suppliers,Gases, Refrigerants,Pipes, Fitting
BREMSKERL Germany 3.515 Anchors, Chains,Deck Equipment
Bright MarGreece 2251 Crewing Services
BRIGHT M Philippines2.251 http://www Crewing Services
BRITISH VIBritish Virg3.513,3.51http://www Government Organisations / Institutions,Services Providers,Vessel Registration
BRUNVOLLNorway 3.105 http://www Propulsion Systems
BSOL SYST India 1.140 http://bso Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Management Systems,Offs
BULYARD SBulgaria 1.104, 1.5 http://ww Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
BUNKERSPUnited Ki 2000 Publications, Media
BUREAU VEFrance 2.201 http://www Classification Societies
BURGMANN Germany 2.139 Seals & Packings
BVI FINAN British Virg3.513 Finance, Banking Services,Government Organisations / Institutions,Legal Services,O
N BOGDANGreece 1.112 http://ww Ballast Water Management,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Coatings, Paints,C
THE BAHAM Bahamas 2.210 http://ww Finance, Banking Services
THE BAHA United Ki 2.210 http://ww Government Organisations / Institutions
THE BAHA United Ki 2.210 http://ww Associations, Organisations
THE NATIOSaudi Arab3.507 http://www Logistics,Services Providers,Shipmanagement,Shipping Companies
C4EYE Greece 2.453 http://www Computer Applications, IT Services,Monitoring Equipment,Other,Safety Equipment,
CABLEL HEGreece 1.410 http://www Cables,Electrical, Electronics,Offshore Services,Underwater Technology
CALGAZ LTUnited Ki 4.219 http://www Gases, Refrigerants
CAMPLIN Australia 2.419 In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Underwater Technology
CANAL DE Panama 2.112 http://www Canal Authorities, Services
CANDOL PAustria 2.145 http://ww Shipchandlers,Ship Suppliers
CANON Japan 2.453 Security, Ship & Ports
CANTALUPIItaly 3.236 Accommodation Systems,Automation,Deck Equipment
CANTAS DENTurkey 1.425 http://www Chemicals,Firefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
CAPE DIVI United Ara1.115 http://www In-Water Repairs,Underwater Technology
CAPE ENGIKorea, Repu 4.230 Engineroom Equipment,Ship Spare Parts
CAPE LITE Cyprus 3.233 http://www Firefighting Equipment,Other,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers,Ship Sp
COMPOSI 1.547 Design & Innovation,Pleasure Craft,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CARDIOEXPGreece 2.457 http://www Computer Applications, IT Services,Environment & Technology,Management System
CARENA SHIvory Coast1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CARETTA I Greece 1.240 http:// Design & Innovation,Firefighting Equipment,Other,Repair Services,Retrofitting
CARGO CAR Netherland2.319 http://www Cargo Handling,Retrofitting,Seals & Packings,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts
CARIA MARTurkey 4.228 Engineroom Equipment,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
CARIBBEANTrinidad a 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CARIBBEANAruba 2.419 In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Underwater Technology
CARRIER MUSA 2.425 Airconditioning, Ventilation,Refrigeration Systems
CARTEC SEKorea, Repu 3.111, 3.112 Seals & Packings
CASS TECHGreece 3.111, 3.113 Shipbrokers
CASTOR N Netherland2.345 Internet Services,Satellite Communications
CATHAY MA China 1.314/E http://ww Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Va
CATHELCO United Ki 3.426 Other
CAUCASIAN Georgia 1.438/J http://cmtMetals & Mining Industries
CAVOTEC IUnited Ki 1.546
CAYMAN RE Cayman Isl4.106 http://wwwGovernment Organisations / Institutions,Vessel Registration
CCS AMERIUSA 2.501 Classification Societies
CCS ATHENGreece 2.501 Classification Societies
CCS EUROPUnited Ki 2.501 Classification Societies
CCS HAMBGermany 2.501 Classification Societies
CCS HONKHong Kong2.501 Classification Societies
CCS LOND United Ki 2.501 Classification Societies
CCS NORTHJapan 2.501 Classification Societies
CCS OSAK Japan 2.501 Classification Societies
CCS PUSA Korea, Repu2.501 Classification Societies
CCS SOUTHSouth Afri 2.501 Classification Societies
CCS SOUTHHong Kong2.501 Classification Societies
CEA TRADIUnited Ara4.109 Ship Spare Parts
CECCATO Italy 2.321 Compressors Suppliers
CENTRE DESenegal 2.419 In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Underwater Technology
CENTURY Korea, Repu 3.132 Airconditioning, Ventilation,Refrigeration Systems
CERESOLE Greece 1.446 Insurance, P&I
CERESOLE Greece 1.446 http://wwwInsurance, P&I
CERNAVAL Spain 2.419 Repair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CHALKIS S Greece 3.311 http://wwwShipbuilding, Repair Yards
CHAMBERSGreece 1222 Government Organisations / Institutions
CHANGSHUChina 1.317 Ship Spare Parts
CHANGXING China 1.521 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CHANTIER France 2.428 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CHANTIER Cameroon1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CHART FERCzech Repu3.315 http://wwwAir Emissions Control,Burner,Deck Equipment,Energy Efficiency,Engineroom Equipm
CHARTWOR Germany 1.105 Navigation Aids
CHEMCO IN United Ki 2.225, 1.4 http://ww Chemicals,Coatings, Paints,In-Water Repairs,Repair Services,Underwater Technolog
CHEMO Greece 1.523 http://ww Chemicals,Coatings, Paints,Tank Cleaning Systems
CHENGXI SChina 3.111, 3.112, 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CHENGXI China 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CHENGXI China 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CHINA CHAChina 1415 http://wwwAdvertising, Marketing, Public Relations
CHINA CHAChina 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CHINA CLASChina 2.501 http://wwwClassification Societies
CHINA COUChina 4.212, 2.3 http://wwwAssociations, Organisations
CHINA DUTChina 2.303/D http://www Ship Suppliers
ChinaSERV 1.547 Insurance, P&I,Legal Services,Other,Port Agencies, Services,Services Providers
CHINA SHIChina 1.409 http://wwwShipbuilding, Repair Yards,Ship Suppliers
CHINA SHIChina 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CHINA SHIChina 4.212/A http://ww Accommodation Systems,Anchors, Chains,Cables,Electrical, Electronics,Firefighting
CHINA SHIChina 1.409 Ship Suppliers
CHINA SHIChina 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CHINA SHIChina 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CHINA SOUChina 1.232 http://wwwAirlines, Aviation
CHINA STAChina 2.301 http://wwwOffshore Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Shipmanagement
CHINA STAChina 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CHRIS MARSweden 4.125 Fuel Analysis Services
M 3.413 http://wwwCoatings, Paints
CIC - BO China 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CIC CHANGChina 1.317, 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CIC - LIXI China 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CIRAMAR SDominican4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CIRAMAR SDominican1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CISCO HELGreece 1.120 Communication Aids,Computer Applications, IT Services,Entertainment Systems,Int
CLARKSONUnited Ki 1.216/E http://www Vessel Registration
CLASSNK Japan 2.102, CW http://www Classification Societies
CLEANHULNorway 3.111, 3.112 In-Water Repairs
CLEARWATE United Ki 4.108, 4.109 Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Other,Security, Ship & Port
CL MARINETrinidad a 1.317, 3.111, 3.112, Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CLORIUS CDenmark 3.315 http://wwwAutomation,Engineroom Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, V
CME-ZHENChina 3.132 Ship Spare Parts
C M HAMMSweden 1.443 Safety Equipment, Services
CMR TUNISTunisia 2.313 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CNMP (COFrance 1.540 http://ww Cargo Handling,Container Services,Logistics,Repair Services
COBHAM SDenmark 1.527, 1.113 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Satellite Communications,Ship Suppliers
COLDHARBUnited Ki 4.203 http://ww Ballast Water Management,Inert Gas Systems
COLFAX FLSweden 3.111, 3.112 Pumps, Valves
COLUMBIACyprus 2.111/H http://ww Shipmanagement
COMBIJET Cyprus 2.411 http://ww Blasting Equipment
COMET United Ki 1.128 Safety Equipment, Services
COMIG - XGreece 2.139 http://wwwOther,Seals & Packings,Ship Spare Parts
COMMERCIA New Zeala4.309 Underwater Technology
COMPORTSpain 3.428 Associations, Organisations
COMTECH Italy 3.426 Other
CONFLOW Italy 2.316 Pumps, Valves
CONSILIUMSweden 3.414 http://wwwElectrical, Electronics,Firefighting Equipment,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Safety Equ
CONSTANTA Romania 1.404 http://wwwShipbuilding, Repair Yards
CONTROL4USA 2.345 Automation
COOL DYNA Greece 2.238 http://wwwRefrigeration Systems,Retrofitting,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
COOPER SPUnited Ki 3.515 Bearings
COOPS & NNetherland3.419 Deck Equipment
CORROSIONetherland4.125 Other
COSCO (DAChina 4.309, 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
COSCO (GUChina 4.309, 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
COSCO (NAChina 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
COSCO NAN China 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
COSCO (SHChina 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
COSCO SHAChina 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
COSCO SHIChina 1.521 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
COSCO SHIChina 4.305, 1.31http://www
Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
COSCO (WEChina 4.309 Ballast Water Management
COSCO XIAChina 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
COSCO (ZHChina 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
COSCO ZHO China 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
COSMOS NA Greece 2.146
COTECMARColombia 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CR OCEAN USA 2.435/10 http://ww Air Emissions Control,Environment & Technology,Pollution Control
CROMWELL Argentina 2.419 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services
CROSBY E France 1.326 Anchors, Chains,Deck Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Other,Ship Spare Pa
CROSSCOMSpain 2.121 Bearings,In-Water Repairs,Repair Services
CROSS TECGreece 4.116 http://www
Cargo Handling,Energy Efficiency,Monitoring Equipment,Pollution Control,Retrofitti
CRYOSTAR France 3.111, 3.112 Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments
CSBC CORPTaiwan 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
C&T PERDIGreece 3.325 Consultancy Services,Design & Innovation,Other,Retrofitting
CUBIC MARGreece 3.325 Airlines, Aviation,Cargo Handling,Container Services,Courier Services,Launch servic
CURACAO Netherlands 4.317/D Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
CUROIL Netherlands 4.317/D Bunkers, Lubricants
CY ENGINEChina 3.111 Bearings
CYPRUS D Cyprus 2.111/A, http://www Vessel Registration
CYPRUS POCyprus 2.111/B http://www Ports, Port Authorities
CYPRUS SHCyprus 2.111/D http://www Associations, Organisations
CYPRUS TOCyprus 2.111/C
H CEGIELSKPoland 3.137 http://www
Automation,Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
DAEHAN SH Korea, Repu
4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
DAESANG Korea, Repu 2.419 In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Underwater Technology
DAESUN SHKorea, Repu3.246, 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
DAEWOO SH Korea, Repu
3.301/A, 4 http://www
Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
DAEYANG Korea, Repu 3.132 Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics
DAIDO Japan 3.132 Bearings
DAIHATSU Japan 4.101/2 http://www Generating Sets,Propulsion Systems
DAIKIN Japan 4.117 Airconditioning, Ventilation,Refrigeration Systems
DAISHAN HChina 1.317, 4.309, 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
DAKARNAVE Senegal 2.119 http://www
Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
DALIAN ANChina 3.111, 3.112 Propellers
DALIAN DAChina 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
DALIAN PRChina 3.111 Propellers
DALIAN SHChina 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
DAMEN SCH Netherland3.132 http://ww Automation,Bearings,Engineroom Equipment,Pumps, Valves,Retrofitting,Ship Spare
DAMEN SHNetherland1.311 http://ww Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
DANAOS MGreece 2.205 http://wwwComputer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Management Systems
DANAOS PEGreece 2.205 Communication Aids,Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services
DANELEC Denmark 1.113 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Ship Suppliers
DANFOSS Denmark 1.419, 2.425, 3.131 Airconditioning, Ventilation,Automation,Refrigeration Systems
DANFOSS SUSA 3.116 Desalination Equipment
DANIAMANDenmark 3.218 Firefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
DANIAMANUnited Ki 1.128, 1.443 Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Safety Equipment, Services
DANISH MDenmark 3.411/G Other
DANISH MA Denmark 3.411/A, 3 http://ww Associations, Organisations
DANISH MDenmark 2000 Publications, Media
DAROS FE Sweden 1.518 Ship Spare Parts
DATA61 Australia 2.542 http://wwwComputer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Government Organisations
DE CASTROSpain 3.428 Legal Services
DECKMA HGermany 2.521 Monitoring Equipment,Pollution Control
DEIF A/S Denmark 3.411/C http://www Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Energy Efficiency,Management Systems,Monitori
DEKO OCE Denmark 3.411/G http://ww Accommodation Systems,Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Supplier
DELITEK ASNorway 3.105 http://wwwDeck Equipment,Environment
Computer & Technology Electronics
Applications, IT services,Electrical,
DELL Greece 4301
DELLNER BSweden 3.515 Propulsion Systems
DELMAR S Turkey 1.213 Firefighting Equipment,Other,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers
DELTA SHIPUnited Ara3.307 Repair Services
DELTEC & Bahamas 2.227 http://ww Finance, Banking Services,Insurance, P&I
DEMETRIAD Cyprus 2.411 http://ww Bearings,Bunkers, Lubricants,Compressors Suppliers,Filtration,Fuel Analysis Service
DEMOS MO Greece 1.427 http://demAutomation,Bearings,Electrical, Electronics,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Sewage T
DENIZ ENDTurkey 2000 Publications, Media
DEN-JET MSingapore 3.247 http://ww Blasting Equipment,Corrosion Protection,Deck Equipment
DENO COMNetherland4.230 Compressors Suppliers
DEPARTMEBermuda 2.252 Government Organisations / Institutions,Other,Vessel Registration
DEPARTMEN Greece 2.427 http://wwwAssociations, Organisations
DESAN SHITurkey 3.113 http://wwwShipbuilding, Repair Yards
DESMI Denmark 3.315 http://ww Air Emissions Control,Automation,Ballast Water Management,Electrical, Electronics
DESMI OC Denmark 3.315 Ballast Water Management
DESMI PU Denmark 3.315 http://ww Air Emissions Control,Automation,Ballast Water Management,Electrical, Electronics
DESSO MAR Netherland3.315 http://ww Accommodation Systems
DETEGASASpain 2.342 http://ww Energy Efficiency,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology,Sewage Treatm
DETYENS SUSA 1.548 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
Brazil & NAVAL
1.317 LTDA Repair Services
DGS MARI Cyprus 2.111/X http://ww Insurance, P&I
DHL EXPRESGreece 2.503 http://ww Courier Services,Logistics
DHP ENGINKorea, Repu 3.403/6 http://ww Energy Efficiency,Engineroom Equipment
D-I DAVIT Germany 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
DIEPA SPE Germany 1.326 Cables,Mooring Equipment & Ropes
DIESEL EX Greece 1.516
DIESEL & Germany IPDC Publications, Media
DIGITAL C Greece 1.325 http://wwwAutomation,Ballast Water Management,Beacons, Markers,Consultancy Services,Ele
DIGITAL SHUnited Ki 1.530, 2.000 Publications, Media
DIRECT MAHong Kong3.435 http://wwwOther
DIVING ST Greece 3.111, 3.112 In-Water Repairs
DMCC FREUnited Ara4.205 Government Organisations / Institutions
DMC (DONKorea, Repu 3.315 http://ww Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Dredging Equipment,Engineroom Equipment
DMH MARIN Korea, Repu3.116 Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves
DMT MARIRomania 2.511 Deck Equipment
DNV GL Germany 4.115, CW http://ww Associations, Organisations,Classification Societies,Computer Applications, IT Servic
DOCMAP Norway 3.145 http://ww Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Internet Services,Managem
DOLPHIN 1Bulgaria 4.125 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
E Repu4.109 Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology,Retrofitting,Water Saving & Trea
DONGHWAKorea, Repu 3.132 Compressors Suppliers
DONGNAMKorea, Repu 3.315 http://ww Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Dredging Equipment,Engineroom Equipment
DONG SUNG Korea, Repu4.309 Repair Services
DONGSUNG Korea, Repu3.121 http://wwwOther
DONG WOO Korea, Repu3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
DONJUN China 1.337 Automation
DOOSAN EN Korea, Repu3.132 Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Ship Spare Parts
DORMAC M South Afri 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
DOUROSTEE United Ara3.307 Repair Services
DRAEGER HGreece 1.128 Safety Equipment, Services
DRAFT MAR Brazil 1.106 http://wwwBearings,Cables,Chemicals,Compressors Suppliers,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electr
DREW MARI Greece 3.203 http://ww Air Emissions Control,Chemicals,Coatings, Paints,Computer Applications, IT Services
DREW MARI United Ki 3.203 Safety Equipment, Services
DR STARKEGermany 2.543 Petroleum Products
DR STHAMGermany 3.425/4 Firefighting Equipment
DRYDOCK United Ki 2000 Publications, Media
DRYDOCKSUnited Ara1.103 http://wwwBallast Water Management,Coatings, Paints,Corrosion Protection,Offshore Services
DSB – DE Germany 1.128 Safety Equipment, Services
DUBAI MAR United Ara4.205 http://ww Government Organisations / Institutions
DUNG QUAT Vietnam 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
DUPONT MUSA 2.524 http://ww Air Emissions Control,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Retrofitting
DURBAL Germany 3.515 Bearings
DVV MEDI Germany 2.338 http://ww Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations
DVZ-SERVIGermany 3.116 Separators,Sewage Treatment
EAGLEBURGermany 2.242 Pipes, Fittings,Seals & Packings
EASTMAN C S yprus 4.109 Ship Spare Parts
EATON Germany 1.345 Pipes, Fittings
EATON HY USA 1.229 Automation,Cargo Handling
EBARA INTUSA 3.121 http://www Engineroom Equipment,Pumps, Valves
ECOCHLORUSA 2.428 Ballast Water Management
ECOMASYNGreece 1.233 http://www Accommodation Systems,Airconditioning, Ventilation,Air Emissions Control,Associa
ECONOSTONetherland3.116 Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves
ECOSPRAY Italy 3.121 http://www Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Environment & Technology
ELDEN ENGUSA 4.134 Services Providers
ELEFSIS P Greece 3.201 Ports, Port Authorities
ELGIN BROSouth Afri 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ELGIN BROSouth Afri 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ELGIN BROSouth Afri 4.309 http://ebh.Repair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ELGIN BROSouth Afri 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ELICHE RA Italy 3.116 Bearings,Propellers,Propulsion Systems
ELIN MOT Austria 2.145 http://www Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
ELINOIL SAGreece 3.415 http://www Petroleum Products
ELITE MARChina 1.344 Ballast Water Management
ELITE MARChina 1.344 http://www Ballast Water Management,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
ELKCO MAGreece 1547 http://www Airconditioning, Ventilation,Air Emissions Control,Ballast Water Management,Clean
ELLEHAMMDenmark 2.511 Firefighting Equipment,Pumps, Valves
ELNAVI SHGreece 2.126 http://www Publications, Media
ELVAL COL Greece 1.410 http://www Coatings, Paints
ELVAL SA Greece 1.410 http://www Metals & Mining Industries
ELVIK SA Greece 3.325 Accommodation Systems,Design & Innovation,Repair Services
ELWA Germany 1.108 Engineroom Equipment
EMBASSY Greece 2.110 http://ww Government Organisations / Institutions,Vessel Registration
EMC LIMITGreece 1.213 http://ww Firefighting Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services,Underwa
EMCO DIVIsrael 2.419 In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Repair Services,Underwater Technology
EMERSON Greece 3.411/D http://ww Automation,Ballast Water Management,Bunkers, Lubricants,Cargo Handling,Deck E
EMIRATES United Ara1.424 Airlines, Aviation
ENAMOR LPoland 2.121 Communication Aids,Navigation Aids,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Sa
ENDRESS+H Greece 1.120 Automation,Energy Efficiency,Monitoring Equipment
ENECON USA 2.435/4 Corrosion Protection
ENECON HEGreece 2.435/4 http://ww Corrosion Protection
ENERFORCE Cyprus 3.429 Air Emissions Control,Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Man
ENERGY EFKorea, Repu3.246 http:// Associations, Organisations,Design & Innovation,Energy Efficiency,Government Orga
ENGINE PANetherland1.525 http://W Engineroom Equipment,Propulsion Systems,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
ENGINE PAGreece 1.525 Engineroom Equipment,Propulsion Systems,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
ENIRAM LTFinland 2.544 http://www Energy Efficiency,Environment & Technology
ENOC MARIUnited Ara1.123 http://ww Petroleum Products
ENRICO POItaly 2.428 Ship Spare Parts
ENTERPRISGreece 2.450 http://wwwGovernment Organisations / Institutions,Other,Services Providers
ENVIRONME Greece 4.211 http://wwwAutomation,Ballast Water Management,Desalination Equipment,Design & Innovatio
ENWA WATSweden 2.313 Desalination Equipment
EPAFOS LT Greece 2.249 Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Management Systems,Oth
EPSILON HCyprus 1.414 http://wwwCrewing Services,Maritime Education,Maritime Training Programmes
ERCI - EM Greece 4.227 Associations, Organisations
ERICSSON Sweden 2.455 http://wwwComputer Applications, IT Services,Entertainment Systems,Environment & Technolo
ERMA FIRSGreece 4.211 http://wwwBallast Water Management,Design & Innovation,Environment & Technology,Pollutio
ETEKA SA Greece 3.421 http://wwwPetroleum Products
ETEM SA Greece 1.410 http:// w Ship Suppliers
ETHIOPIANEthiopia 3.221 Maritime Education,Maritime Training Programmes
ETIHAD AI United Ara2.135 Airlines, Aviation
ETP TRANSSweden 2.242 Ship Spare Parts
EUCARO Germany 3.116 Pipes, Fittings
EUPLOIA DCyprus 2.428 http://wwwAnchors, Chains,Ballast Water Management,Bunkers, Lubricants,Mooring Equipmen
EUROFLAGLuxembour2.329/D http://www Vessel Registration
EUROPAFILSweden 4.228 Energy Efficiency,Engineroom Equipment
EUROPEANUnited Ki IPDC Publications, Media
EUROPE & United Ki 2000 Publications, Media
EUROPETRO Greece 2.549
EVAC Finland 4.211 http://ww Desalination Equipment,Management Systems,Other,Sanitation Equipment,Sewage
EVAL SA Greece 2.451 http://wwwSafety Equipment, Services
EVERTEC ASweden 4.109 Bunkers, Lubricants
EVIA PORTGreece 3.201 Ports, Port Authorities
EVONIK REGermany 2.253 http://ww Ballast Water Management,Chemicals
EVOQUA WA United Ki 3.326 http://ww Ballast Water Management,Corrosion Protection
EXPORTADO Brazil 1.106 http://wwwChemicals,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Mooring
EXTRONICSUnited Ki 4.219 http://wwwMonitoring Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
FAD FLANGItaly 1.345 Pipes, Fittings
FARAD SA Greece 3.205 http://wwwShip Spare Parts
FAR EAST Korea, Repu 3.246 Design & Innovation
FAROE ISL Faroe Islan1.220 http://wwwGovernment Organisations / Institutions
FASSMER Germany 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
FASSMER China 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
FEDEX - O Greece 3.147 http://wwwCourier Services
FESDEC Korea, Repu 3.246 Design & Innovation
FG MARINEChina 1.115 http://ww Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
FICHTE & United Ara4.205 Government Organisations / Institutions
FIL-TEC R Germany 1.524 Filtration
FILTERKONGreece 1.108 http://wwwBallast Water Management,Blasting Equipment,Corrosion Protection,Deck Equipme
FILTERSAFEIsrael 2.546 http://www.
Ballast Water Management,Environment & Technology,Water Saving & Treatment S
FILTREX - Greece 2.541 http://www.
Airconditioning, Ventilation,Environment & Technology,Filtration,Medical Services,P
FILTREX SRItaly 3.111, 3.112 Filtration
FINCANTIEItaly 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
FINCANTIEItaly 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
FINCANTIEItaly 4.309 http://wwwShipbuilding, Repair Yards
FINCANTIEItaly 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
FITCO SA Greece 1.410 http://wwwMetals & Mining Industries,Pipes, Fittings
FIVE OCEAGreece 4.114 http://wwwTowage, Salvage
FLAKT WOIreland 3.315 http://wwwAccommodation Systems,Airconditioning, Ventilation
FLEET MA Hong Kong2.111/I Shipmanagement
FLEETONE Greece 1.115 http://ww Accommodation Systems,Airconditioning, Ventilation,Air Emissions Control,Anchors
FLEXBALL Italy 3.116 Cables,Deck Equipment
FLEXITALLIUnited Ki 2.139 Seals & Packings
FLIR USA 3.539 Environment & Technology,Monitoring Equipment
FLIR COMM Netherland2.104 Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Services
F LLI PARISItaly 2.139 Seals & Packings
FLUTEK Korea, Repu 3.132 Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Steering Gear, Equipment
FMI SPA Italy 2.139 Other,Seals & Packings
FML SHIP Cyprus 2.111/I http://www Shipmanagement
FNT ADVANGreece 3.146 http://wwwConsultancy Services,Services Providers
FORTUNE TGreece 3.122 http://wwwComputer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Management Systems
FOSS MARIUSA 2.228 Towage, Salvage
FRAMO ASNorway 2.105
FRAMO NENetherland2.105 Cargo Handling
FRANMANJapanF 4.108, 4.109 Other
FRANMANGreece 4.109, 4.1 http://www Airconditioning, Ventilation,Air Emissions Control,Automation,Ballast Water Manag
FRANMANGreece 4.108, 4.1 http://www Bunkers, Lubricants,Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Other,
FRANMANGreece 4.108, 4.109 Consultancy Services,Shipbrokers
FRENZELI Germany 2.139 Other,Seals & Packings
FREUDENBE Germany 2.139, 2.242 Seals & Packings
FRIENDSHIChina 1.214/C http://www Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Pipes, Fittings,Safety Equipment, Services
FUJIAN HUChina 3.307, 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
FUJI ELEC Japan 3.131 Air Emissions Control,Automation,Electrical, Electronics
FUJI TRAD Japan 4.101/3 http://www. Logistics,Offshore Services,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Prov
FUJI TRAN Japan 4.101/3 Logistics
FUKAI SHI China 1.314/H http://www Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Agents,Ship Suppliers
FULCRUM United Ki 1.305 Management Systems,Safety Equipment, Services
FURUNO HE Greece 1.202, 1.2 http://www Communication Aids,Electrical, Electronics,Internet Services,Maritime Training Prog
GALI INTE Spain 1.122 Engineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Other,Propulsion Systems
GAOMI HUChina 2.429 http://ww Deck Equipment,Repair Services,Seals & Packings,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
GASTRON CKorea, Repu 3.403/8 http://www Monitoring Equipment,Other,Safety Equipment, Services
GAVALAS NGreece 2.425 http://WWAirconditioning, Ventilation,Compressors Suppliers,Refrigeration Systems,Repair Se
GBA MARIN Norway 3.111, 3.112 Air Emissions Control
GCL Greece 1.206 Port Agencies, Services
GC MARITIUSA 4.309 Safety Equipment, Services
GEA ITALY Italy 4.134 Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Services Providers
GEA MECHA Italy 4.134 Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Separators,Services Providers
GEA WESTFGermany 4.134 Ballast Water Management,Engineroom Equipment,Separators,Shipbuilding, Repair
GEISLINGEAustria 3.121 http://wwwEngineroom Equipment,Other
GEMAK GRTurkey 2.119 http://ww Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
GENERAL CGreece 2.110 http://ww Government Organisations / Institutions,Vessel Registration
GENERAL FGreece 3.243 http://www.
Compressors Suppliers,Engineroom Equipment,Filtration,Inert Gas Systems,Osmosi
GENERAL M Greece 4.228 Other
GENOIL INUSA 1.112 http://wwwEnvironment & Technology,Filtration,Separators
GEORGE MGreece 4.213 http://ww Shipbrokers,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
GEORG FISSwitzerlan 1.136 http://ww Accommodation Systems,Air Emissions Control,Ballast Water Management,Pipes, F
GEORGIANGeorgia 1.438/I http://www Other
GEORGIANGeorgia 1.438/H http://www Airlines, Aviation,Cargo Handling,Chemicals,Container Services,Logistics,Metals & M
GEORIM ENKorea, Repu3.132 Filtration
GEPA FIBE Turkey 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
GERANOLIM Greece 2.155 Port Equipment
GERFLOR France 3.315 http://wwwAccommodation Systems
GERMAN DGermany 1.548 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
GERTSEN &Denmark 3.105 http://wwwEngineroom Equipment
GET - GEN United Ki 4.228 Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
GE TRANS USA 1.341 Generating Sets,Propulsion Systems
GFG EUROUnited Ki 3.539 Air Emissions Control,Gases, Refrigerants
GIBDOCK Gibraltar 2.106 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
GIBRALTARGibraltar 2.106 http://wwwAdvertising, Marketing, Public Relations,Airconditioning, Ventilation,Air Emissions C
GIBRALTARGibraltar 2.106 Bunkers, Lubricants,Sewage Treatment,Ship Agents,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Unde
GIBUNCO Gibraltar 2.106 Services Providers,Ship Agents
GIBUNCO SSpain 3.428 Ship Agents
GIBUNCO SGibraltar 2.106 Services Providers,Ship Agents
GIMAS SHITurkey 3.425/1 http://ww Shipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
GISAN SHI Turkey 3.425/2 http://wwwShipbuilding, Repair Yards,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
GISBIR-TU Turkey 3.425/5 http://wwwAssociations, Organisations,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
GKC REPAI Greece 3.138 http://wwwCoatings, Paints,Corrosion Protection,Pipes, Fittings,Repair Services,Retrofitting
GK MARINEGreece 3.330 http://wwwAirconditioning, Ventilation,Design & Innovation,Refrigeration Systems
GK MARINEPortugal 3.330 Airconditioning, Ventilation,Design & Innovation,Refrigeration Systems
GLAFCOS M Greece 2.202 http://wwwClean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultan
GLAMOX AGermany 3.315, 1.4 http://ww Accommodation Systems,Automation,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Energ
GLINAR GLLatvia 3.533 Ship Spare Parts
GLOBAL D Germany 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
GLOBAL MA Netherland1.548 Repair Services
GLOBAL NAUnited Ki 4.136 http://ww Navigation Aids,Satellite Communications
GMS LEADEUnited Ara4.205 Government Organisations / Institutions
GOLDAIR Greece 1.232 http://wwwTravel Services
GOLDEN CGreece 1.511/1 http://www Airlines, Aviation,Courier Services,Logistics
GOLDEN CO Greece 1.511/1 Courier Services
GOLDEN HA China 1.241 http://wwwShipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts
GOLDEN T Greece 1.511/1 Travel Services
GO SHIPP Greece 3.325 Other,Shipbrokers,Shipmanagement
GPC CO LT Korea, Repu
1.105 Generating Sets
GRANADA United Ara2.120 Bunkers, Lubricants
GRAND BAH Bahamas 1.320 http://ww Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
GRATIA PUGreece 3.231 http://wwwPublications, Media
GREBEN MCroatia 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
GREEK EC Greece 2228 Other
GREEK SHIGreece 1.511/2 Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations,Publications, Media,Services Providers
GREEN4SEGreece 3.223 Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations
GREEN OCESingapore 4.309 Repair Services
GREENOIL Denmark 1.521 http://wwwDeck Equipment,Energy Efficiency
GREEN PORGibraltar 4.225 http:// Environment & Technology
GREEN POGermany 4.225 http://ww Environment & Technology
GREEN SA-Greece 4.321 http://wwwEnergy Efficiency,Services Providers
GREENSTEDenmark 3.411/E http://ww Computer Applications, IT Services,Energy Efficiency,Environment & Technology
GRUPO ETUruguay 3.337 Consultancy Services,Crewing Services,Legal Services,Logistics,Maritime Training Pr
GRUPO PI Spain 3.428 Pollution Control
GRYFIA SHPoland 3.111, 3.112 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
GS TRAVELGreece 1.143 http://wwwTravel Services
GTMARITI Greece 4301 Internet Services,Services Providers
GTT France 3.525 http://wwwOffshore Services,Other,Services Providers,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
GULF DIES United Ara2.520 http://wwwEngineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
GULF MARIChina 1.547 Safety Equipment, Services
GULF OIL Hong Kong4.131 http://wwwBunkers, Lubricants,Other
GULF STATUSA 1.547 Repair Services
GULF TURBUnited Ara2.520, 3.531 Bearings,Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Ship Spare Parts
GURDESANTurkey 1.127, 3.1 http://wwwDeck Equipment,In-Water Repairs,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Propellers,Propulsio
GUVEN KEPTurkey 2.505 http://ww Cargo Handling
JOHN GIOXGreece 1.345 http://wwwPipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves,Ship Suppliers
TJ GIAVRIDGreece 4.309 http://wwwBallast Water Management,Boiler,Corrosion Protection,Deck Equipment,Firefighting
HAI CHEUNChina 4.203 Ballast Water Management,Inert Gas Systems,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
HAJIEFREMGreece 3.325 Crewing Services,Ship Agents
HALCOR SAGreece 1.410 http://wwwPipes, Fittings
HAMMELMGermany 1.108 Blasting Equipment
HAMWORTH United Ki 3.105 http://ww Boiler,Burner,Engineroom Equipment
HANGZHOU China 1.314/C http://W Other,Propellers
HANJIN HEKorea, Repu3.301/F, 4 http://wwwShipbuilding, Repair Yards
HANKISONUSA 2.321 Environment & Technology,Filtration
HANKUK CKorea, Repu 3.111, 3.112 Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments
HANLA IMSKorea, Repu3.505 http://ww Ballast Water Management,Management Systems,Monitoring Equipment
HANSA-INTGermany 2000 Publications, Media
HANSEATICGermany 3116 Other
HANSHIN EKorea, Repu1.401/A Communication Aids
HANS JENSDenmark 1.547 Engineroom Equipment
HANSSON Sweden 1.443 Safety Equipment, Services
HANSUN (SChina 1.105 Engineroom Equipment
HARDING ANorway 3.111,3.112 Other,Safety Equipment, Services
HARLAND -Ireland 4.125 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
HARRIS PYDenmark 3.429 Engineroom Equipment,Other
HATECKE Germany 1.543, 3.116 Deck Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
HATECKE SGermany 1.543 http://wwwSafety Equipment, Services
HATLAPA FCyprus 4.230 Filtration
HAT-SAN STurkey 3.111, 3.112 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
HAT-SAN STurkey 2.509 http://wwwShipbuilding, Repair Yards
HEADWAY China 2.313 Ballast Water Management
HEARTMANKorea, Repu 3.403/5 http://www Engineroom Equipment,Propulsion Systems,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Ship Spa
HEBEI HAI China 3.116 Pollution Control,Ports, Port Authorities,Tank Cleaning Systems
HEFEI RONChina 4.109 Engineroom Equipment,Retrofitting
HEINZMANGermany 1.122, 3.111, 3.112 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Monitor
HELENGI EGreece 4.211 http://wwwClean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Consultancy Services,Design & Innovation,En
HELEXCO United Ki 4.219 http://wwwCommunication Aids,Corrosion Protection,Environment & Technology,Gases, Refrig
HELLENIC Cyprus 2.111/J http://www Finance, Banking Services
HELLENIC Greece 4.225 http://wwwEnvironment & Technology
HELLENIC Greece 1.324 http://wwwGovernment Organisations / Institutions
HELLENIC Greece 2.317 http://ww Maritime Education,Maritime Training Programmes,Shipbrokers
HELLENIC United Ara1.206 Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Commun
HELLENIC Greece 1.231 http://wwwGovernment Organisations / Institutions,Maritime Education
HELLENIC Greece 1.228 http://wwwGovernment Organisations / Institutions
HELLENIC Greece 3.201 http://wwwPorts, Port Authorities
HELLENIC Greece 1.206 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Services
HELLENIC Greece 1.206 Communication Aids
HELLENIC Nigeria 1.206 Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Commun
HELLENIC Greece 1.206 http://wwwCommunication Aids,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Commun
HELLENIC USA 1.206 Satellite Communications
HELLENIC Greece 3.229 http://wwwClassification Societies
HELLENIC Greece 3.325 Associations, Organisations,Consultancy Services,Corrosion Protection,Managemen
HELMEPA Greece 2.212 http://ww Associations, Organisations,Maritime Training Programmes
HELSINKI Finland 4.230 Environment & Technology,Other
HEMEXPO G – reece 3.235 http://ww Accommodation Systems,Airconditioning, Ventilation,Anchors, Chains,Ballast Water
HEMPEL A/Denmark 3.411/F http://ww Coatings, Paints
HENRIQUEDominican1.548 Port Agencies, Services
HENRI SYS Netherland3.315 http://wwwAutomation,Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Monitoring Equipment
HERAKLIONGreece 3.201 Ports, Port Authorities
HERCULANNetherland4.317/G http://ww Accommodation Systems,Offshore Services,Yachting, Brokers, Services
HERCULES Greece 1.327 Propellers,Repair Services
HEXAGON Sweden 3.539 Other
HI-AIR KO Korea, Repu3.121 http://wwwAirconditioning, Ventilation,Refrigeration Systems
HI AIR KORKorea, Repu3.132 Airconditioning, Ventilation,Refrigeration Systems
HIFI FILTERRomania 2.246 http://www.
Filtration,Other,Ship Spare Parts
HIFI FILTR France 3.243 Filtration
HIGHLANDChina 1.305, 1.527 Safety Equipment, Services
HISAKA WOJapan 3.531 Refrigeration Systems,Repair Services
HISPANIOLDominican1.548 Repair Services
HITACHI Z Japan 3116 Other
HOEFERT SGermany 3.515 Seals & Packings
HOGLUNDNorway 3.105 http://ww Automation
HONEYWELUSA 2.140 Automation,Logistics,Monitoring Equipment
HONEYWELSwitzerlan 2.521 http://W Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Pollution Control,Safety Equi
HONEYWELUSA 2.140 Satellite Communications,Security, Ship & Ports
HONEYWELFrance 4.109 Automation,Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Retrofitting,Sa
HONEYWELKorea, Repu 4.109 Automation,Cargo Handling,Engineroom Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Retrofi
HONEYWELUSA 2.140 Monitoring Equipment
HONG KONHong Kong1.401 Government Organisations / Institutions
HONG KONHong Kong1.401 http://ww Government Organisations / Institutions
HONG KONG Hong Kong1.401/C http://ww Other,Vessel Registration
HONG KONG Hong Kong1401 http://ww Government Organisations / Institutions
HON MARIN Malaysia 1.547 Repair Services
HOPPE MAGermany 1.105 Cargo Handling
HORN INTENorway 1.328
HOSTMOSTHong Kong1.401/A http://ww Ballast Water Management,Communication Aids,Entertainment Systems,Navigation
HRB China 4.128 Bearings
HSN-KIKAI Japan 1.105 Pumps, Valves
HUANGPU China 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
HUARUN DChina 1.317,4.309,4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
HU CHERNTaiwan 2.419 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services
HUDONG China 3.132 Ship Spare Parts
HUG ENGI United Ki 3.426 Other
Finland 1.547 Monitoring Equipment
HUNGER DGermany 2.139 Seals & Packings
HWASEUNG Korea, Repu
4.230 Seals & Packings
HYDEL OV China 1.547 Automation,Repair Services,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts
HYDE MARIUSA 1.547 Ballast Water Management
HYDREX BVBelgium 1.112 http://wwwIn-Water Repairs,Underwater Technology
HYDROMAS Netherland2.511 Propulsion Systems
HYUNDAI EKorea, Repu 4.230 Electrical, Electronics
HYUNDAI HKorea, Repu 3.131 Automation,Electrical, Electronics
HYUNDAI HKorea, Repu3.301/B, 3 http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
HYUNDAI LKorea, Repu3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
HYUNDAI M Korea, Repu
3.301/E, 3 http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
HYUNDAI SKorea, Repu3.301/D, 3http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
HYUNDAI VVietnam 3.301/E Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ICON RESEUnited Ki 3.429 Engineroom Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Other
IEC SAFA United Ara1.210 Satellite Communications
IFB INTEREGreece 1.346 http://www Corrosion Protection,Desalination Equipment,Filtration,Osmosis Systems,Water Sav
IGOUMENIGreece 3.201 Ports, Port Authorities
IGUS GMBH Germany 3.515 Bearings,Cables,Port Equipment
IHS United Ki 1.219 http://ihs Consultancy Services,Publications, Media
IKNOW MACHJapan 4.109 Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Retrofitting
I-LAW.COMUnited Ki 2.203 Publications, Media
ILIADIS B Greece 4.319 http://www Compressors Suppliers,Firefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services,Underwa
ILKFER GR Turkey 3.429 Other
ILYICHEVSKUkraine 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
IMABARI SJapan 4.202/A http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
IMAREST - United Ki 2.433 http://www Government Organisations / Institutions,Maritime Education,Maritime Training Pro
IMS GROUPNorway 3.315 http://ww Accommodation Systems,Automation,Deck Equipment,Engineroom Equipment
IMTG GREEGreece 1.236 Travel Services
INCHCAPE United Ki 3.501 http://www Ballast Water Management,Cargo Handling,Computer Applications, IT Services,Insu
INDUSTRIAGreece 1.229 http://www Automation,Deck Equipment,Other,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Sh
INFRASPECGreece 1.516 Services Providers
INGERSOLLIreland 4.211 http://www Airconditioning, Ventilation,Compressors Suppliers,Design & Innovation,Energy Effic
INJEGOV SGreece 1.122 http://www Ballast Water Management,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equ
INJEGOV TTurkey 1.122 Generating Sets,Propulsion Systems,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Ship Spare Parts
INMARSATUnited Ki 1.211, 1.2 http://ww Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Communications
INNOSPEC Greece 2.111/K Chemicals
INNOSPEC Cyprus 2.111/K http://www Chemicals,Other,Stabilisers
INSIDE MAUnited Ki IPDC Publications, Media
INSTITUTEGreece 2.317 http://ww Maritime Education,Maritime Training Programmes,Shipbrokers
INTELLIANNetherland2.122 http://www Communication Aids,Electrical, Electronics,Satellite Communications
INTELLIANKorea, Repu2.104 Satellite Communications
INTELSHIP Greece 1.105 http://www Automation,Engineroom Equipment,Filtration,Monitoring Equipment,Pumps, Valve
INTERNACIBrazil 1.106 http://www Bearings,Chemicals,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,
INTERNAFTGreece 3.116, WS http://www. Accommodation Systems,Airconditioning, Ventilation,Bearings,Cables,Cargo Handli
INTERNATIUnited Ki IPDC Publications, Media
INTERNATIUnited Ki IPDC Publications, Media
INTERNATIGreece 2.225 Coatings, Paints
INTERNATIUnited Ki 1.216/F http://www Consultancy Services,Publications, Media,Shipmanagement
INTERNATIGreece 2.333 http://www Classification Societies
INTERNATISingapore 4.110 http://www Coatings, Paints
INTERNATIUSA 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
INTERNATIUSA 1.521 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
INTERNAVAGreece 2.511 http://www Anchors, Chains,Cables,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Environment & Tech
INTER-OCEKorea, Repu3.134 Ship Suppliers
INTEROCEAUnited Ara2.419 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services
INTERORI Cyprus 2.111/L http://int Shipmanagement
INTERSCHAGermany 1.113 Air Emissions Control,Cargo Handling,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Commu
INTERSHIPGreece 1.327 http://inteConsultancy Services,Energy Efficiency,In-Water Repairs,Monitoring Equipment,Pro
INTERSHIPCyprus 2.111/M http://www Crewing Services,Maritime Training Programmes,Shipmanagement,Shipping Compa
INTERSHIPUSA 1.547 Services Providers,Tank Cleaning Systems
INTERSPIR Latvia 3.218, 3.425/4 Firefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
INTERTEK United Ki 2.337 http://www Bunkers, Lubricants,Fuel Analysis Services
INTRA MA Greece 3.315,3.24http://www Accommodation Systems,Airconditioning, Ventilation,Air Emissions Control,Automa
INVEST H Hong Kong1.401/D http://www Government Organisations / Institutions,Other
I-PASS CORKorea, Repu
4.109 Bearings,Seals & Packings,Steering Gear, Equipment
IPCO POWNetherland1.521 http://ww Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Energy Efficiency,Engineroom Equipment,Env
IQ SOLUTI Greece 2.403 http://www Computer Applications, IT Services
IRIDIUM C USA 1.110 http://www Communication Aids,Satellite Communications
IRI / THE USA 4.215 http://www Vessel Registration
IRON PUMP Denmark 2.511 Pumps, Valves
I-S SHIPYA Japan 4.202/A Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ISTANBUL STurkey 3.133 http://www Anchors, Chains,Bearings,Bunkers, Lubricants,Cables,Canal Authorities, Services,Ch
IST MARINNetherland1.437 Ship Spare Parts
ITOCHU C Japan 4.202/L http://www Other
IWAGI ZOSJapan 4.202/A Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
THE INTERSpain 2.121 http://www Associations, Organisations,Automation,Communication Aids,Computer Application
JAN DE NULuxembour2.329/J http://www Cables,Dredging Equipment,Offshore Services
JAPAN MARJapan 4.202/B http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
JAPAN RADNetherland1.305 Communication Aids,Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Servi
JAPAN RADJapan 1.205, 1.4 http://www Communication Aids,Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Servi
JAPAN SHI Japan 4202 http://www Associations, Organisations
JAPAN SHI Japan 4101 http://www Associations, Organisations
JEPPESEN Greece 1.505
JEPPESEN Norway 1.305 Navigation Aids
JETS A/S Norway 3.111, 3.112 Sanitation Equipment
JFE ENGIN Japan 1.112 http://www Ballast Water Management,Environment & Technology,Retrofitting
JIANGDANG China 4.109 Engineroom Equipment,Retrofitting
JIANGSU HChina 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
JIANGSU HChina 1.443 Firefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
JIANGSU J China 1.314/G http://www Airconditioning, Ventilation,Refrigeration Systems
JIANGSU MChina 2.303/C http://ww Anchors, Chains,Deck Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Steering Gear, Equip
JIANGSU UChina 1215
JIANGYIN China 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
JIANGYINSH China 1.105 Deck Equipment
JIANGYIN XChina 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
JIBE Singapore 2.454 http://www Computer Applications, IT Services,Management Systems
JINHAI HE China 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
JIUSHENG China 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
JNE MARI Greece 3.307 Ship Spare Parts
JOHN A P Greece 1.443 http://www Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Firefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Se
JOHN DEERUSA 2.543 Engineroom Equipment,Generating Sets
JOHN LILLEUnited Ki 1.305, 2.104 Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids
JOHNSON Denmark 3.121 http://www Airconditioning, Ventilation,Refrigeration Systems
JO (ME) E United Ara1.519 Automation,Ballast Water Management,Boiler,Cables,Compressors Suppliers,Electr
JONGHAP M Korea, Repu
4.228 Ship Spare Parts
JOTRON Norway 1.401/A Communication Aids,Safety Equipment, Services
JOTRON UKUnited Ki 1.305, 1.206, 1.113 Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Suppliers
JOTUN Norway 4.217 http://ww Coatings, Paints,Corrosion Protection
JP SAUER Germany 3.121 http://ww Compressors Suppliers,Engineroom Equipment
JUNISA IN China 1.415/B http://www Port Agencies, Services
JUNMA SERSingapore 3.531 Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
JURA MOPE Lithuania IPDC Publications, Media
JX NIPPONUnited Ki 3.319 http://www Other,Petroleum Products,Ship Suppliers
THE SHIPBJapan 4.202/K http://www Associations, Organisations
D KORONAK Greece 3.521 http://www Mooring Equipment & Ropes
KAERCHERGermany 3.426 Other
KAESER COGermany 4.129 http://kae Compressors Suppliers
KAFSIS BIOGreece 4.321 http://www Environment & Technology,Pollution Control,Services Providers
KAMINCO USA 2.435/10 http://ww Airconditioning, Ventilation,Air Emissions Control,Automation,Computer Applicatio
KANGRIM H Korea, Repu
4.109 Engineroom Equipment,Inert Gas Systems,Retrofitting
KANGRIM IKorea, Repu4.109 Deck Equipment,Retrofitting
KANNAD MUnited Ki 1.443 Electrical, Electronics
KANSAI SHJapan 1.317 Ship Spare Parts
KAPELOS DGreece 2.543 http://www Energy Efficiency,Engineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Petroleum Products,Pleas
KARCO (KAIndia 2.247 http://www Maritime Education,Maritime Training Programmes
KARDESLERTurkey 3.425/3 http://www Bunkers, Lubricants,Dredging Equipment,Port Equipment,Ship Agents,Shipbrokers,S
KARL DEUTGermany 3.539 Other
KASSIDIARGreece 3.131 http://www.Air Emissions Control,Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Monitoring Equipment,Retr
KATRADIS Greece 3.110 http://www Anchors, Chains,Deck Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Port Equipment,Ship
KAVALA POGreece 3.201 Ports, Port Authorities
KAWASAKIJapan 4.202/C http://glo Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
KAWASAKIUnited Ki 1.229 Deck Equipment
KAYSE Turkey 3.236 Automation
KBB KOMPGermany 3.533 Other,Ship Spare Parts
KCC CORP Korea, Repu3216 http://www Chemicals,Coatings, Paints
KCDC Korea, Repu
3.246 Design & Innovation
KC LTD Korea, Repu
3.111, 3.112 Corrosion Protection
KEFI SA Greece 2.228 Travel Services
KELVIN HUUnited Ki 2.104 Navigation Aids
KELVION HGermany 4.134 Engineroom Equipment
KEMEL CO United Ki 4.117 http://ww Propellers,Propulsion Systems
KEM KUPPGermany 3.111, 3.112 Engineroom Equipment
KEPPEL BAPhilippines4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
KEPPEL OFSingapore 2.401/A, 4 http://ww Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
KEPPEL PHPhilippines4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
KEPPEL VENetherland4.309 http://wwwRepair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
KERKYRA PGreece 3.201 Ports, Port Authorities
KET MARINGreece 4.125 http://wwwRepair Services,Retrofitting,Separators,Ship Spare Parts
KEY MARINCanada 1.522 http://wwwCoatings, Paints,Corrosion Protection,Safety Equipment, Services
KEYSTONE Korea, Repu2.316 Pumps, Valves,Ship Suppliers
KEYSTONE(Italy 2.316 Pumps, Valves,Ship Suppliers
KIMO INS France 3.539 Airconditioning, Ventilation,Air Emissions Control
KIOUR Greece 2.320 http://wwwAutomation,Computer Applications, IT Services,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electron
KLUEBER LGermany 2.242 Bunkers, Lubricants
KNUD E H Denmark 1.311 Design & Innovation
KOBE STEELJapan 4.101/12 http://www Compressors Suppliers,Environment & Technology
KOCKUM SSweden 3.121 http://ww Electrical, Electronics
KOMERI Korea, Repu 3.246 Design & Innovation
KOMPANIACuracao 4.317/D Towage, Salvage
KOMPANIANetherlands 4.317/D Towage, Salvage
KOMYO RIKJapan 4.219 http://wwwMonitoring Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
KONGSBERNorway 4.311 http://ww Automation,Ballast Water Management,Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Dredging
KONGSBERG Greece 4.311 Automation,Cargo Handling,Electrical, Electronics,Monitoring Equipment,Propulsio
KONSTANTGreece 3.325 Other,Port Agencies, Services
KOREA CONKorea, Repu3.246 Design & Innovation
1.105 Filtration
KOREAN REKorea, Repu3.401 http://wwwBallast Water Management,Classification Societies,Computer Applications, IT Servic
KOREA OFFKorea, Repu3.301/G http://www Associations, Organisations
KOREA YANKorea, Repu3.246 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
KORKIDIS Greece 1.419 http://wwwAutomation,Cables,Electrical, Electronics,Ship Suppliers
KORVAL COKorea, Repu3.132,4.109 Automation,Cargo Handling,Engineroom Equipment,Other,Retrofitting
KOSEQ Netherland4.317/H http://ww Pollution Control
KOTRA(KORGreece 3.403/10 http://www Government Organisations / Institutions
KOUAN SHIChina 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
KR ATHENSGreece 3.401 Classification Societies
KR EUROP Greece 3.401 Classification Societies
KR HELLASGreece 3.401 Classification Societies
KROHNE MNorway 3.315 http://ww Automation,Cargo Handling,Computer Applications, IT Services,Deck Equipment,Ele
Greece 1.547 Security, Ship & Ports
KSB AMRI France 3.105 http://ww Pumps, Valves
KSB SEIL C Korea, Repu
3.105 http://ww Engineroom Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Pumps, Valves
KSP (KOREAKorea, Repu3.403/9, 3 http://www Pumps, Valves,Ship Spare Parts
KTE CO, LT Korea, Repu
4.109 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,R
KUEHNE + Greece 3.339 http://www Logistics
KUZEY STATurkey 1.139 http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
KVH USA 1.401/A Entertainment Systems,Satellite Communications
KVH INDUSDenmark 1.218, 1.3 http://ww Entertainment Systems,Internet Services,Maritime Training Programmes,Satellite Co
KYMA AS Norway 4.109 Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology,Fuel Analysis Services,Monitorin
KYOKUYO EJapan 4.101/10 http://kyo Electrical, Electronics,Security, Ship & Ports
KYVERNITIGreece 2.135 http://www Travel Services
P KOKKINISGreece 3.325 Ballast Water Management,Boiler,Filtration,Firefighting Equipment,Osmosis System
S KONSTANGreece 2.532 http://ww Medical Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Suppliers
IP LIBERTYGreece 2.341 http://www Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations,Publications, Media
LAGERSMINetherland4.125 http://www Bearings,Other,Retrofitting,Seals & Packings,Ship Spare Parts
LALIZAS SAGreece 4.320 http://www Deck Equipment,Firefighting Equipment,Marine Fenders & Hoses,Mooring Equipme
LA MARITIUSA 4.309 Safety Equipment, Services
LAME SRL Italy 1.345 Pipes, Fittings
LAMPITALIItaly 1.419 Electrical, Electronics
LANAVAL (Spain 1.541 http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
LANDMARSUnited Ki 3.503 Other
LAROS - P Greece 3.325 http://www Electrical, Electronics,Energy Efficiency,Management Systems,Monitoring Equipmen
LATVIJAS FLatvia 3.111 Engineroom Equipment
LAVRION PGreece 3.201 Ports, Port Authorities
LAZARIS LTGreece 3.325 Other,Repair Services
LEADER MAChina 1.548 http://ww Chemicals,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Firefighting Equipment,Gases, Ref
LEFEEL MAChina 1.215/D Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
LEGERO INNetherland1.437 http://ww Logistics,Shipping Companies
LEISTRITZ Germany 3.315 http://www Cargo Handling,Engineroom Equipment,Pumps, Valves
LEMAG – Germany 3.111, 3.112 Engineroom Equipment
LEPL - BA Georgia 1.438/B http://bsmOther
LESER GMBGermany 2.316 Safety Equipment, Services
LEVER Greece 2.435/4 Repair Services
LEXMARK Greece 1.520 http://www Computer Applications, IT Services
LFA GLOBASingapore 2.401/D http://www Ballast Water Management,Chemicals,Deck Equipment,Inert Gas Systems,Marine F
LG China 1.419 Automation
LIBEROSERGreece 2.245 http://www Classification Societies,Consultancy Services,Management Systems,Maritime Educa
LIBRA-PLASNorway 3.315 http://www Accommodation Systems,Deck Equipment
LIEBHERR Austria 3.531 Cargo Handling,Repair Services
LINDAB A/Denmark 4.211 http://ww Airconditioning, Ventilation
LINDIRIDI Greece 2.321 http://www. Automation,Deck Equipment,Environment & Technology,Filtration,Pumps, Valves,Re
LISNAVE E Portugal 2.119 http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
LIWEI GROChina 1.314/D http://www Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Launch services,Mooring Equipment & Rope
LLOYD'S LI United Ki 2.203 http://lloy Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations,Publications, Media
LLOYD'S LI United Ki 2.203 Publications, Media
LLOYDS M United Ki 1.216/C
LLOYD'S R United Ki 4.201, LWShttp://www Classification Societies,Consultancy Services,Environment & Technology,Maritime T
LNG INDUSUnited Ki IPDC Publications, Media
LOCK N ST USA 1.122 Repair Services
LOCOMARICroatia 2.104 Communication Aids,Computer Applications, IT Services,Internet Services
LOKIT POL Singapore 3.316 http://www Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Seals & Packings
LONG KONG China 4.309 Repair Services
LONGSHANChina 1.317, 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
L'ORANGE Germany 1.518 Other
LPC SA Greece 2.307 http://www Bunkers, Lubricants,Petroleum Products
LUBRICATI Australia 2.435/9 Bunkers, Lubricants,Chemicals,Other,Petroleum Products
LUBRICATI USA 2.435/9 Bunkers, Lubricants,Chemicals,Other,Petroleum Products
LUBRICATI United Ki 2.435/9 Bunkers, Lubricants,Chemicals,Petroleum Products
LUBRICATI Greece 2.435/9 http://www Bunkers, Lubricants,Chemicals,Environment & Technology,Mooring Equipment & Ro
LUBRICHEM Greece 2.423 Bunkers, Lubricants,Chemicals,Consultancy Services
LUFTHANSA Germany 1.503 http://LH. Airlines, Aviation,Travel Services
LUKOIL MAGermany 4.104 http://www Ship Suppliers
LUPI SRL Italy 2.428 Separators
LUXEMBOULuxembour2.329/H http://www Associations, Organisations,Other
LUXEMBOULuxembour2.329/G http://www Government Organisations / Institutions
LUXEMBOULuxembour2.329/I http://www Associations, Organisations
LUXEMBOUR Luxembour2.329/A http://www Associations, Organisations
THE LIBERIUSA 3.221 http://www Vessel Registration
MACC ENGSouth Afri 2.419 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services
MACGREGFinland 3.123 http://ww Cargo Handling,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Compressors Suppliers,Conta
MACOIL Gibraltar 2.106 Bunkers, Lubricants,Cargo Handling,Services Providers
MAKITA C Japan 4.109 Engineroom Equipment
MALAYSIA Malaysia 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
MALWI MAIndia 1.318 Airconditioning, Ventilation,Automation,Compressors Suppliers,Deck Equipment,En
MANABE ZO Japan 4.101/9 http://www Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment
MAN DIESEGermany 2.101 http://ww Engineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Propellers,Propulsion Systems,Retrofitting,
MANN HUUnited Ki 2.138 Separators,Ship Spare Parts
MANSEI INJapan 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
MANTANOV Greece 3.131 http://www Automation
MAREL ELEGreece 2.104 http://www Communication Aids,Electrical, Electronics,Internet Services,Maritime Education,Na
MARE MARI Greece 3.132 http://ww Airconditioning, Ventilation,Anchors, Chains,Automation,Bearings,Boiler,Compresso
MAREVANTGreece 1.518
MAREX SHIBrazil 1.106 http://ww Chemicals,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Mooring
MARIAPPSSingapore 1.412 Computer Applications, IT Services
MARICHEMGreece 1.301, WS http://ww Ballast Water Management,Blasting Equipment,Chemicals,Clean Energy Solutions &
MARILOT EGreece 1.527 http://www Electrical, Electronics
MARINEDETurkey IPDC Publications, Media
MARINE E United Ki IPDC Publications, Media
MARINE LEUnited Ki 2.433 Maritime Training Programmes
MARINE LIGreece 3.233 http://wwwSafety Equipment, Services
MARINE L USA IPDC Publications, Media
MARINE &United Ki IPDC Publications, Media
MARINE PLGreece 3.307 http://wwwBallast Water Management,Repair Services,Shipbrokers,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,S
MARINE PRUnited Ki 2000 Publications, Media
MARINE SPGreece 2.138 http://wwwBearings,Generating Sets,Separators,Ship Spare Parts,Water Saving & Treatment Sys
MARINE SUNetherland2.422 http://wwwLogistics,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
MARINE S Greece 3.126 http://ww Airconditioning, Ventilation,Refrigeration Systems
MARINETEGreece 1.318 Ship Spare Parts
MARINETEC United Ara1.318 http://ww Airconditioning, Ventilation,Anchors, Chains,Automation,Compressors Suppliers,De
MARINE T Greece 1.313 http://wwwTravel Services
MARINFLOSweden 4.203 Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology,Separators,Sewage Treatment
MARINOCOBulgaria 1.547 Design & Innovation
MARIOFF Finland 4.211 http://wwwFirefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
MARIS - N Norway 1.305 Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Services
MARISO C China 3.429 Engineroom Equipment,Other,Repair Services
MARITA HEGreece 3.218 http://wwwFirefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
MARITEC EKorea, Repu2.419 In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Repair Services,Underwater Technology
MARITIMASpain 3.428 Ship Agents
MARITIMEFrance IPDC Publications, Media
MARITIMEMalta 2.108 http://wwwGovernment Organisations / Institutions,Vessel Registration
MARITIMEIndia IPDC Publications, Media
MARITIMENetherland1.112 http://wwwPropellers,Propulsion Systems
MARITIMEUSA 2.528 http://wwwPublications, Media
MARITIMEUSA IPDC Publications, Media
S 1.106 http://WWDeck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Mooring Equipment
MARITIMEGeorgia 1.438/A http://mtaGovernment Organisations / Institutions
MARKETEXEstonia 1.102 Offshore Services
MARLINK France 1.116 http://ww Satellite Communications
MARLINK SBelgium 1.305 Internet Services,Satellite Communications
MARLOW NCyprus 2.111/N http://wwwCrewing Services,Maritime Education,Maritime Training Programmes,Offshore Serv
MARORKAIceland 3.529 http://ww Consultancy Services,Energy Efficiency,Environment & Technology,Management Sys
MARSEN CO Korea, Repu
3.116 Monitoring Equipment
MARSHALLSingapore 2.401/C http://wwwPublications, Media
MARS SHIPPoland 2.226 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
MARTECHNGermany 3.233 http://ww Engineroom Equipment,Fuel Analysis Services,Monitoring Equipment,Ship Spare Pa
MARTEK MUnited Ki 2.313 Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Gases, Refrigerants,Monitoring Equip
MARUBENIJapan 4.202/M http://ww Other
MASSON MFrance 1.341 Propulsion Systems
MASTER DISri Lanka 2.419 In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Underwater Technology
MATERMOL Italy 1.450
MCH MARIN Cyprus 3.429 Consultancy Services,Other
MCMURDOUnited Ki 2.104, 1.443 Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Services
MECKLENBGermany 1.327 Propellers,Repair Services
MEC PANAPanama 3.307 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
MEC SHIP Panama 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
MEGATUGSGreece 4.126 http://ww In-Water Repairs,Offshore Services,Pollution Control,Towage, Salvage
MEKANORDenmark 3.116 Steering Gear, Equipment
MEKNAFT Greece 3.533 Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
MELDEMAR Greece 1.450 http://wwwAccommodation Systems
ME PRODUDenmark 3.429 Air Emissions Control
MERCANTIL Panama 2.422 http://ww Logistics,Shipchandlers,Ship Suppliers
MERKEL F Germany 2.139 Seals & Packings
MERTRAMAR Spain 3.428 Ship Agents
MES TECHNJapan 3.531 Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services
METALDYNE United Ki 4.230 Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Retrofitting
METALINE Germany 3.225 http://wwwCoatings, Paints,Repair Services
METALSHIPSpain 2.313 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
METLOCKAS Greece 2.255 http://wwwEngineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
METOS OYFinland 3.111, 3.112 Accommodation Systems
METROPOLGreece 2.343, WS http://www Maritime Education
MFE CENT China 2.303/B http://ww Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations,Computer Applications, IT Services,Interne
MIBA BEA Austria 2.138 Bearings
MICFIL Germany 1.516 Filtration
MICROSOFT Greece 2.250 http://wwwComputer Applications, IT Services,Electrical, Electronics
MIDDLE EAUnited AraIPDC Publications, Media
MIE CO LT Greece 3.426 http://wwwBallast Water Management,Engineroom Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Separat
MI LNG COJapan 4.202/D Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
MINIMAX Germany 3.111, 3.112 Firefighting Equipment
MINISTRY Panama 2.114 http://wwwOther
MIRAE INDKorea, Repu2.144 http://ww Mooring Equipment & Ropes
MITSUBISHGreece 1.419 Electrical, Electronics
MITSUBISHJapan 4.202/N http://www Other
MITSUBISHISingapore 4.202/D Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
MITSUBISHJapan 4.202/D, 3http://www Automation,Engineroom Equipment,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
MITSUBISHJapan 4.202/D, 3http://www Automation,Engineroom Equipment,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
MITSUBISHJapan 4.101/4, 4 http://ww Bearings,Boiler,Deck Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Other,Retrofitting,Seals &
MITSUBISHJapan 4.202/D Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
MITSUBISHGreece 1.419 Electrical, Electronics
MITSUBISHNetherland3.132 http://ww Generating Sets,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
MITSUI & United Ki 4.202/O Other
MITSUI & CJapan 4.202/O http://www Other
MITSUI ENJapan 4.202/E http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
MITTAL Romania 1.345 Pipes, Fittings
MIURA MAC Japan 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
MJP WATERSweden 1.341 Propulsion Systems
MMC EURO United Ki 4.116 Cargo Handling,Monitoring Equipment
MME GRONetherland4.309 Corrosion Protection
MMG- MECGermany 1.327 Propellers,Repair Services
MMHE SHIMalaysia 2.419 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
MMSL PTESingapore 4.202/M Other
MOBILE T Greece 2.140 http://wwwAutomation,Logistics,Monitoring Equipment,Satellite Communications,Security, Shi
MODELL MNorway 3.315 http://ww Accommodation Systems
MOL TECHN Japan 4.101/5 http://www Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Energy Efficiency,Environment & Technology,
MORSKA SPoland 1.317, 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
MOTEURS France 1.341 Generating Sets,Propulsion Systems
MOTORCHE Germany 1.516 Other
MOTORTECGermany 1.122 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technolo
MSC IN IN Greece 2.431 http://wwwGovernment Organisations / Institutions,Maritime Education
MSC MARIN Netherland2.422 http://wwwLogistics,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
MSI GMBHGermany 1.443 Safety Equipment, Services
MSR GRYFIPoland 2.226 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
MTA7 United Ki 1.529 Airlines, Aviation,Travel Services
MT.H CONTKorea, Repu4.230 Pumps, Valves
MURIMARSpain 3.337 Insurance, P&I,Logistics
MURIMARSpain 3.337 http://ww Cargo Handling,Classification Societies,Consultancy Services,Crewing Services,Insur
MUSASINOJapan 3.121 http://wwwElectrical, Electronics
MUSSON M Ukraine 1.142 http://mu Beacons, Markers,Computer Applications, IT Services,Design & Innovation,Port Equ
MYMARINGreece 3.411/B Bunkers, Lubricants,Deck Equipment,Petroleum Products,Propulsion Systems,Steeri
THE MARITUSA 2.530 http://marAdvertising, Marketing, Public Relations,Internet Services
THE MARSUnited Ki 3.503 http://W Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Security, Ship & Ports
THE MOTOUnited Ki 2.322, 2.0 http://ww Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations,Publications, Media
G & AP NAGreece 3.325 Repair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
NABTESCOJapan 1.105
NAFTILIAKGreece 3.104/2 http://www Consultancy Services,Publications, Media
NAFTILIAKGreece 3.104/2 Publications, Media
NAIAD DY USA 3.116 Propulsion Systems,Stabilisers
NAKASHIMA Japan 3.121 http://wwwEnergy Efficiency,Propellers
NAKILAT-K Qatar 4.309 http://ww Repair Services,Retrofitting,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
NAMURA SH Japan 4.202/F http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
NANIWA PU Japan 4.109 Engineroom Equipment,Pumps, Valves,Retrofitting,Water Saving & Treatment Syste
NANONORD Denmark 4.134 Fuel Analysis Services,Monitoring Equipment
NANOPHOS Greece 3.241 http://ww Coatings, Paints
C 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
NANTONGChina 1.317 Refrigeration Systems,Repair Services
Y 1.215/B http://www Offshore Services,Port Equipment,Shipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
NAPA GROFinland 2.102 Other
NASCO (ZHChina 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
NATIONAL Greece CWS6 http://wwwFinance, Banking Services
NATIONAL Saudi Arab3.507 Services Providers,Shipping Companies
NAUTA SHIPoland 2.226 http://wwwShipbuilding, Repair Yards
NAVALINE Romania 1.547 Repair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
NAVAL SHIPoland 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
NAVANTIA Spain 1.411, 2.1 http://wwwGenerating Sets,Repair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Ship Spare Parts
NAVARINOGreece 4.301 http://wwwSatellite Communications
NAVICO Italy 3.414 Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids
NAVICO G Netherland3.111, 3.112 Satellite Communications
NAVIGATORGreece 2.228 http://wwwConsultancy Services,Ship Agents,Towage, Salvage,Travel Services
NAVIKON EPoland 4.309 Repair Services
NAVIKON SPoland 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
NAVITRONUnited Ki 1.113 Electrical, Electronics,Ship Suppliers
NAVKRATISCyprus 2.330 Ship Suppliers
Greece 1.547 Repair Services
NAVTOR Norway 1.149, 2.1 http://www Navigation Aids
NCM Romania 1.547 Repair Services
NED MARIN Netherland4.211 Other
NEKO SHIPSpain 3.428 Repair Services
NEPTUNE TGreece 1.548 http://wwwAccommodation Systems,Anchors, Chains,Consultancy Services,Deck Equipment,De
NETA SEA Turkey IPDC Publications, Media
NET CO LT Korea, Repu
3.429 Communication Aids,Computer Applications, IT Services,Electrical, Electronics,Ente
NETHERLANetherland4317 http://marAssociations, Organisations
NETU CONSCyprus 2.111/W http://www Automation,Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Management
NET VISIONSingapore 2.401/F http://www Computer Applications, IT Services,Management Systems
NETWAVE Netherland1.113 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Ship Suppliers
NEUENHAUGermany 3.111, 3.112 Compressors Suppliers
NEWCOURS China 2.229 http://wwwAirconditioning, Ventilation,Anchors, Chains,Automation,Bearings,Blasting Equipme
NEW HAI AChina 4.213 Repair Services
NEWPORT Turkey 2.428 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
NEWSFRONT Greece 3.104/2 Publications, Media
NEW SUNRI China 1.415/A http://ww Communication Aids,Navigation Aids
NEW TIMESChina 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
NEW YORKGreece 1.528 http://wwwMaritime Education
NEXANS Greece 1.419 Cables
NEXT MARSpain 2.228 Ship Agents
NICO INTEUnited Ara4.125 Boiler,Underwater Technology
NINGBO DAChina 1.415/D http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Ship Suppliers
NINGBO LEChina 1.215/D http://www Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
NIPPON PAJapan 2.118 http://ww Coatings, Paints
NISHI-F & Japan 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
NITEK USA 2.453 Computer Applications, IT Services
NK CO LTDKorea, Repu3.121 http://wwwBallast Water Management,Firefighting Equipment
NLB CORP USA 2.435/2 http://ww Automation,Blasting Equipment,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Coatings, Pa
NOK CORPJapan 2.139 Seals & Packings
NORDIC FLSingapore 1.521 http://wwwAutomation,Monitoring Equipment,Pumps, Valves,Retrofitting
NORIS GR Germany 2.313 Automation,Monitoring Equipment
NORSAFE ANorway 3.420 Safety Equipment, Services
NORSAFE W Greece 3.420 http://ww Deck Equipment,Maritime Education,Maritime Training Programmes,Safety Equipm
NORTH IN Denmark 2.104 Navigation Aids
NORTHROPUnited Ki 1.113, 1.445 Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids,Ship Suppliers
NOVA ELECGreece 1.205 Electrical, Electronics,Satellite Communications
NOV FIBERNetherland1.112 http://wwwCorrosion Protection,Pipes, Fittings,Retrofitting
NZK Japan 3.132 Pumps, Valves
THE NAFTEGreece 3.334 http://wwwPublications, Media
THE NAUTIUnited Ki 1.216/B http://www Other,Publications, Media
OCAS LTD United Ki 4.219 Safety Equipment, Services
OCEAN CL Germany 2.521 Ballast Water Management,Pollution Control,Separators,Sewage Treatment
OCEANDYNCyprus 2.330 http://ww Automation,Boiler,Burner,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Retrofitting,
OCEANIC MGreece 1.112 http://ww Consultancy Services,Repair Services
OCEANKING Greece 3.121 http://wwwAccommodation Systems,Airconditioning, Ventilation,Air Emissions Control,Automa
OCEAN MAR Korea, Repu
4.109 Ship Spare Parts
OCEANSAVNorway 3.105 http://ww Ballast Water Management
OCEAN SIGUnited Ki 3.203, 1.3 http://wwwCommunication Aids,Electrical, Electronics,Safety Equipment, Services
ODESSOS SBulgaria 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
OIL AND GUnited Ki IPDC Publications, Media
OLOCEAN Hong Kong1.337 Ballast Water Management,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
OL SHIPPI Cyprus 2.111/O http://ww Shipmanagement,Shipping Companies
OLYMPIA EGreece 3.143 http://wwwElectrical, Electronics
OLYMP WEAustria 2.145 http://wwwBoiler,Burner,Corrosion Protection,Energy Efficiency,Pumps, Valves
OMAN DRYOman 2217 http://ww Repair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
OMRON Greece 1.419 Automation
ONCAM GRUnited Ki 2.453 Security, Ship & Ports
ONENOVATCyprus 1.445 Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Design & Innovation,Intern
ONETECH Cyprus 3.429 Other
ONE TECH Greece 1.445 Air Emissions Control,Automation,Ballast Water Management,Clean Energy Solutio
ONETECH SGreece 1.445 http://wwwAir Emissions Control,Ballast Water Management,Coatings, Paints,Corrosion Protec
ONE TECH Cyprus 1.445 Automation,Ballast Water Management,Beacons, Markers,Clean Energy Solutions &
ONURSAN TM urkey 3.425/4 http://www Firefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Spare Parts
OPEM SISTItaly 3.116 Ship Spare Parts,Steering Gear, Equipment
OPSIS COLGreece 3.429 Design & Innovation
OPTIBELT Germany 2.242 Ship Spare Parts
OPTIMAX CKorea, Repu2.428 Ship Spare Parts
ORANGE France 1.206 Satellite Communications
ORBINOX SSpain 1.345 Pumps, Valves
ORESUND Sweden 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ORIENTAL Korea, Repu 3.132 Deck Equipment
ORIENTAL Korea, Repu 1.521, 3.1 http://wwwAccommodation Systems,Deck Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Safety Equipmen
ORIZON MA Brazil 1.106 http://wwwBunkers, Lubricants,Chemicals,Crewing Services,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electron
ORKOT MAR United Ki 3.515 Bearings
ORPHEE BEGreece 3.147 Cargo Handling,Logistics
ORTS GMBGermany 3112 Deck Equipment
ORWAK ABSweden 1.221 http://ww Environment & Technology
OSEI - OIL Greece 2.435/9 Environment & Technology,Pollution Control
OSHIMA SHJapan 4.202/G http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
OSM AVIATCyprus 2.111/P Airlines, Aviation
OSM CREWCyprus 2.111/P http://ww Consultancy Services,Crewing Services,Insurance, P&I,Maritime Training Programm
OSM MARICyprus 2.111/P Accommodation Systems,Consultancy Services,Crewing Services,Insurance, P&I,Log
OSRAM LAGermany 1.419 Electrical, Electronics
OSTAR MAR China 3.134 Ship Suppliers
OTESAT_MA Greece 1.201, WS http://www Internet Services,Satellite Communications,Services Providers
OVAKO COU Sweden 3.515 Propulsion Systems
OXFORD I Germany 3.539 Fuel Analysis Services
OZGEN BOYTurkey 1.317 Ship Suppliers
E POLIPODItaly 3.116 Corrosion Protection
G PIEROTTIBrazil 1.106 http://WWChemicals,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Mooring
J&E PAPADGreece 3.515 http://ww Bearings,Cables,Consultancy Services,Deck Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Mon
PAINT CONGreece 3.242 http://wwwCoatings, Paints,Consultancy Services,Corrosion Protection,Offshore Services,Servic
PALAU INTUSA 1.212 http://wwwVessel Registration
PALMARINE Greece 1.521 http://wwwAccommodation Systems,Coatings, Paints,Corrosion Protection,Crewing Services,De
PALUMBO Malta 1.501 http://ww Repair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
PANAMA MPanama 2.110 http://ww Government Organisations / Institutions,Vessel Registration
PANAMANIA Greece 2.136 http://wwwConsultancy Services
PANAMA SH Panama 2.515, CWS3
PANASIA CKorea, Repu 2.419, LWS1http://ww Air Emissions Control,Ballast Water Management
PANMARINE Greece 4.134 http://ww Ballast Water Management,Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Sep
PANOLIN I Switzerlan 2.423 http://ww Bunkers, Lubricants,Chemicals,Consultancy Services
PANTECHNIGreece 4.134 Design & Innovation,Engineroom Equipment,Retrofitting,Services Providers,Ship Ou
PAPADAKISGreece 1.317 http://wwwAnchors, Chains,Ballast Water Management,Bearings,Blasting Equipment,Cargo Ha
PARADIGMCanada 2.345 Other
PARAMINAGreece 3.325 http://wwwCompressors Suppliers,Deck Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Spare Part
PARKER KI United Ki 3.111, 3.112 Engineroom Equipment
PATRAS POGreece 3.201 Ports, Port Authorities
PATRIOT R Cyprus 3.310 http://wwwEnvironment & Technology,Security, Ship & Ports,Services Providers,Underwater Te
PAXOCEANSingapore 2.401/B,1. http://ww Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
PAXOCEANChina 4.309, 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
PAXOCEANSingapore 2.401/B, 1.http://ww Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
PBS TURB Czech Repu4.128 Bearings,Other,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Seals & Packings,Ship Spare Parts
PCCW GLOB Hong Kong2.137, 1.4 http://ww Other
PCE INTER United Ki IPDC Publications, Media
PEINER SMGermany 2.223 http://wwwCargo Handling,Container Services
PENINSULAGibraltar 2.106 Bunkers, Lubricants
PERMA-TEGermany 2.242 Bunkers, Lubricants
PETERS Germany 1.443 Navigation Aids
PETER TA Spain 3116 Desalination Equipment
PHILA COATUSA 2.318 http://wwwCoatings, Paints
PHOENIX CGermany 4.134 Automation,Electrical, Electronics
PHOENIX RGreece 2.123 http://wwwClassification Societies,Consultancy Services,Maritime Education,Maritime Training
PICCARD DGreece 3.537 Other
PILGRIM I United Ki 4.120 http://wwwPropulsion Systems
PIRAEUS MGreece 2.535 http://wwwBallast Water Management,Consultancy Services,In-Water Repairs,Repair Services,S
PIRAEUS PGreece 4.315, 3.2 http://www Ports, Port Authorities
PL MARINEGreece 1.327 http://wwwConsultancy Services,Propellers,Propulsion Systems,Repair Services,Retrofitting
PODSZUCKGermany 3.111,3.112 Firefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
POLAR INTNorway 2.313 Water Saving & Treatment Systems
POLARMARSweden 3.121 http://ww Tank Cleaning Systems
POLESTAR United Ki 1.305 Management Systems,Safety Equipment, Services
POLE STARUnited Ki 1.206 Safety Equipment, Services
POLYECOGUnited Ara4.211 http://ww Chemicals,Consultancy Services,Environment & Technology,Fuel Analysis Services,M
PORTNEWSSpain IPDC Publications, Media
PORT SERVRussia IPDC Publications, Media
PORTS OF Curacao 4.317/D http://www Ports, Port Authorities
PORTS OF Netherlands4.317/D http://www Ports, Port Authorities
POSEIDON-Cyprus 1.128 Beacons, Markers,Firefighting Equipment,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Service
POSEIDONGreece 1.128 http://ww Beacons, Markers,Deck Equipment,Firefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Servic
PPG PROTENetherland3.128 http://ww Coatings, Paints,Corrosion Protection
PRATIKEL Turkey 3.116 Airconditioning, Ventilation
PREMIUM Germany 2.242 Engineroom Equipment
PRES-VAC Denmark 3.121 http://wwwOther,Pumps, Valves
PRIMAR Norway 1.305 Navigation Aids
PRIME PRONetherland2.113 Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Suppliers
PRIME PROUnited Ara2.113 Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Suppliers
PRIME PROGreece 2.113 http://ww Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Suppliers
PRIME PROSingapore 2.113 Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Suppliers
PRIMERA M Romania 1.317 Crewing Services
PRINCE MAKorea, Repu1.317 Ship Spare Parts
PRISMA ELGreece 3.325 http://wwwElectrical, Electronics,Energy Efficiency,Management Systems,Monitoring Equipmen
PROCEANICUSA 2.435/1 http:// Blasting Equipment,Offshore Services,Tank Cleaning Systems,Underwater Technolog
PROFESSIOPanama 2.419 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Repair Services,Unde
PROIOS MABelgium 1.511/2 http://www Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Shipchandlers,
PROIOS SAArgentina 4.309 Repair Services
PROSAVE Korea, Repu 3.429 Other
PROTEK J Greece 1.135 http://wwwSafety Equipment, Services
PROTISTONGreece 1.524 http://wwwAirconditioning, Ventilation,Bearings,Burner,Compressors Suppliers,Deck Equipmen
PRYSMIANFinland 1.419 Cables
PSC TEMA Ghana 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
PSOMAKARA Greece 2.149 http://ww Consultancy Services,Crewing Services,In-Water Repairs,Launch services,Offshore S
PSOMAKARTurkey 2.149 Consultancy Services,Crewing Services,In-Water Repairs,Launch services,Other,Rep
PSOMAKARCyprus 2.149 Consultancy Services,In-Water Repairs,Repair Services,Services Providers
PSOMAKARTogo 2.149 Consultancy Services,Crewing Services,In-Water Repairs,Launch services,Other,Rep
PSYCTOTH Greece 3.325 http://wwwAirconditioning, Ventilation,Refrigeration Systems
PUBLIC POGreece 3.244 http://wwwConsultancy Services,Services Providers
PUERTO Y Spain 3.428 Shipchandlers
PULCHRAMSpain 3.428 Shipmanagement
PYROGENES Greece 4.228 Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Coatings, Paints,Corrosion Protection
QATAR AIRUnited Ara1.313 Airlines, Aviation
QCONTROLGreece 3.539 http://wwwAirconditioning, Ventilation,Air Emissions Control,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipm
QINGDAO B China 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
QINGDAO B China 4.309, 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
QINGDAO C hina 2.256/2 http://W Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves,Ship Spare Parts
QINGDAO China 1.305 Ballast Water Management,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Services
QINGDAO JChina 1.415/Η http://www Marine Fenders & Hoses
China CAST1.317
CO, Services
QINGDAO China 4.213 Repair Services
QMI QUALIUnited Ki 4.219 http://wwwMonitoring Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
QUEEN MAR United Ki 2.317 Maritime Education
QUEENSWAY Georgia 1.438/C http://ww Consultancy Services,Crewing Services,Maritime Education,Maritime Training Progr
RABOBANKNetherland3.419 Other
RADIAL CI Nigeria 2.121 Communication Aids,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Commun
RADIO MAR Venezuela 2.121 Communication Aids,Navigation Aids,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Sa
RADIUM NGermany 1.419 Electrical, Electronics
RAFINA POGreece 3.201 Ports, Port Authorities
RANDOX TEUnited Ki 3.335 http://wwwCrewing Services,Medical Services,Other,Safety Equipment, Services
RAVEBO B Netherland3.316 Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Seals & Packings
RAYCAP SAGreece 3.239 http://ww Electrical, Electronics
RAYTHEONGermany 1.305 Communication Aids,Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids
REALF'S D Australia 2.419 In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Underwater Technology
REAL SAFEDenmark 1.548 Safety Equipment, Services
RECOM Italy 3.131 Automation,Safety Equipment, Services
REGAL BELUSA 3.515 Bearings
REGELTEX France 1.419 Safety Equipment, Services
REGULATE Netherland1.122 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Monitor
RELIABLE MIndia 2.247 Cargo Handling,Chemicals,Other,Tank Cleaning Systems
RELOAD G United Ki 1.545 http://ww Associations, Organisations
1.549 http://www Bearings,Chemicals,Firefighting Equipment
REMONTOPoland 1.325 Accommodation Systems,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Services Providers,Shipbuildin
REMONTOW Poland 1.101 http://remShipbuilding, Repair Yards
RENK AG Germany 3.426 Other
RESOLUTE Greece 2.119 http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
RIGA SHIP Latvia 1.317, 1.548, 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
RIGHTSHIPAustralia 2.214 http://www Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Energy Efficiency,Environm
4.219 http:// Monitoring Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
RINA HELLGreece 3.211 http://www Classification Societies
RINA (THE United Ki 1.542 http://www Publications, Media
RINGFEDE Germany 2.242 Ship Spare Parts
RISKMAP. United Ki 3.503 Computer Applications, IT Services,Internet Services,Other,Security, Ship & Ports
RITA HELLAGreece 1.419 Electrical, Electronics
RIVERTRACUnited Ki 3.111, 3.112 Water Saving & Treatment Systems
RKI GAS D USA 3.425/4 Monitoring Equipment
RMS MARIN China 2.422, 1.3 http://ww Logistics,Offshore Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Agents,Shipchandlers,Sh
ROBBAN ALebanon IPDC Publications, Media
ROI PUMPSGreece 3.144 http://www Airconditioning, Ventilation,Dredging Equipment,Firefighting Equipment,Osmosis Sy
ROLLA PROSwitzerlan 3.116 Propellers
ROLLS-ROYNorway 4.210 http://www Deck Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Monitoring Equipment,M
ROLLWAY BBelgium 3.515 Bearings
ROSI Italy 1.419 Electrical, Electronics
ROSS MARGreece 4.117 http://www Airconditioning, Ventilation,Bearings,Compressors Suppliers,Consultancy Services,E
ROUTLEDGE United Ki 2.251 http://ww Maritime Education,Publications, Media
ROXTEC INSweden 2.511 Safety Equipment, Services,Seals & Packings
ROYAL BLUGreece 4.230 http://www.Engineroom Equipment,Filtration,Other,Pumps, Valves,Refrigeration Systems,Separ
ROYAL BO Netherland4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
RS Greece 1.419 Electrical, Electronics
RSC BIO S USA 3.318 http://rsc Bunkers, Lubricants,Chemicals,Environment & Technology,Pollution Control
RS COMPOGreece 1.514 http://www Automation,Beacons, Markers,Cables,Electrical, Electronics,Safety Equipment, Serv
RUITAI NA China 4.213, 1.547 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
RUSSIAN MRussia 1.307 http://www Classification Societies
RUSTIBUS Belgium 1.420 http://www Blasting Equipment,Corrosion Protection,Deck Equipment,Other,Safety Equipment,
RWO GMBH Germany 4.109 Ballast Water Management,Desalination Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Enviro
K&A SYNOD Greece 1.326 http://www Anchors, Chains,Cables,Deck Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Other,Safety
S5 ASIA Singapore 4.309 Ship Agents
SAAB AB Sweden 1.113 Electrical, Electronics,Ship Suppliers
SAACKE MA Germany 2.330 Automation,Boiler,Burner,Repair Services,Retrofitting
SAFEBRID Germany 1.305 Maritime Training Programmes
SAFE@C United Ki 4.219 http://www Monitoring Equipment
SAFETY4SEGreece 3.223 http://www Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations,Associations, Organisations,Consultancy Se
SAFETY ENGreece 1.337 http://www Firefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
SAFETY TONorway 1.105 Engineroom Equipment
SAIFEE SHIUnited Ara1.519 http://wwwCables,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Firefighting E
SAILORS' SUnited Ki 4.227 Associations, Organisations
SAINT-GOBGermany 3.315 http://wwwAccommodation Systems
SAINT GOBGermany 3.315 http://wwwAccommodation Systems
SAINT-GOBNorway 3.315 http://ww Accommodation Systems
SAIT COMM Cyprus 1.113 http://ww Satellite Communications
SAMGONGKorea, Repu 3.132 Other
SAMJOO EN Korea, Repu
1.521 http://wwwAccommodation Systems,Electrical, Electronics
H Repu
3.301/C http://ww Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
H Repu
1.325 Automation,Ballast Water Management,Energy Efficiency
SANGBONGKorea, Repu 3.315 http://wwwCargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Pipes, Fittings
SANGHAI- China 1.419 Electrical, Electronics
SAN GIORGItaly 2.428 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SANOYAS SJapan 4.202/H http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
C Repu
3.132 Navigation Aids
SASAKURAJapan 3.531 Separators,Sewage Treatment,Water Saving & Treatment Systems
SASEBO HEJapan 4.309, 4.202/F Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SATLINK (MCyprus 2.111/Q http://ww Communication Aids,Consultancy Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Com
SAXO BANKGreece 4.118, WS http://www Finance, Banking Services
SBIC (SHI Vietnam 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SCAME Italy 1.419 Electrical, Electronics
SCAMP Gibraltar 2.106 Fuel Analysis Services,Underwater Technology
SCAMP MAR Spain 3.428 Repair Services
SCANA KORKorea, Repu3.315 http://wwwAutomation,Cargo Handling,Engineroom Equipment,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves
SCANA SK Norway 3.315 http://ww Automation,Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equ
SCANDIA GNetherland4.317/B http://www Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Outfitters
SCANJET Korea, Repu 3.315 Monitoring Equipment
SCANJET MSweden 3.315 http://wwwAir Emissions Control,Automation,Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electr
SCANJET PUnited Ki 3.315 Monitoring Equipment
SCANJET Sweden 3.315 http://wwwAir Emissions Control,Automation,Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electr
SCANJET UUnited Ki 3.315 Tank Cleaning Systems
SCHAAF G Germany 4.229 http://ww Bearings,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Offshore Services,Other,Pipes, Fittin
SCHAEFFLEGermany 2.242 Bearings,Services Providers
SCHAFFRAN Germany 3.111, 3.112 Propellers
SCHALLER Germany 3.131 Automation,Safety Equipment, Services
SCHENCK Germany 3.539 Other
SCHNEEKL Germany 3.111, 3.112 Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Propulsion Systems
SCHNEIDERGreece 1.120 Automation,Electrical, Electronics
SCHNIEWI Germany 4.134 Engineroom Equipment
SCHOENROGermany 3.111, 3.112 Accommodation Systems,Deck Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
SCLASHINGChina 4.230 Container Services
SCSC SHIP China 1.317, 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SEAGULL MNorway 1.530 Maritime Training Programmes
SEAGULL SGreece 2.428 Logistics
SEAMARK Greece 3.419 http://wwwAnchors, Chains,Beacons, Markers,Cargo Handling,Container Services,Deck Equipm
SEAMARSHUnited Ki 3.503 Security, Ship & Ports
SEANEWS Turkey IPDC Publications, Media
SEA POWER Greece 3.531 http://wwwBallast Water Management,Boiler,Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Energy Efficienc
SEA SAFE LGreece 1.415/J Safety Equipment, Services
SEASAT C Cyprus 4.301 Satellite Communications
SEATRADE United Ki 3.104/1 http://www Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations,Other,Publications, Media
SEC SHIPS Germany 3.419 http://ww Cargo Handling,Container Services
SEC SHIP' Netherland3.419 http://wwwAnchors, Chains,Deck Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes
SECUMAR Germany 3.425/4 Safety Equipment, Services
SECURISOHTurkey 1.115 http://wwwSecurity, Ship & Ports
SEFINE SHITurkey 1.203, 1.3 http://wwwRepair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SEKIGAHARJapan 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
SELCO LIT Denmark 3.131 Automation
SELECTRONGreece 3.131 Automation
SELMA (SHGreece 1.144 http://wwwAutomation,Electrical, Electronics
SEMBCORPSingapore 2.401/G http://ww Offshore Services,Other,Repair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SENDA SHIChina 1.315 http://ww Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
SENKO Korea, Repu
3.403/1 http://www Gases, Refrigerants,Safety Equipment, Services
SEPARATORPoland 2.523 http://wwwBearings,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Seals & Packings,Separators,Ship Spare Part
SEPFLUTE Germany 2.138 Water Saving & Treatment Systems
SERVOMEXUnited Ki 3.131 Air Emissions Control
SES TECHCLuxembour2.329/E http://ww Communication Aids,Satellite Communications
SES YACHTTurkey 3.425/6 http://www Design & Innovation,Pleasure Craft,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Yachting, Brokers, Ser
SETELHELLGreece 1.120 http://wwwCommunication Aids,Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Energ
SEVEN SEAUnited Ara1.421 http://ww Chemicals,Logistics,Offshore Services,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Sh
SF COMPOGermany 2.139 Seals & Packings
SF-FILTER China 3.116 Ship Spare Parts
SFZ SAS France 3.111, 3.112 Engineroom Equipment
SGS GROUSwitzerlan 3.511 http://ww Air Emissions Control,Airlines, Aviation,Ballast Water Management,Bunkers, Lubrica
SHANDONG China 1.214/D http://www Marine Fenders & Hoses,Safety Equipment, Services
SHANGHAIChina 1.215/C http://ww Security, Ship & Ports,Services Providers,Sewage Treatment,Ship Agents,Shipbroker
SHANGHAIChina 1.447 http://wwwBallast Water Management,Environment & Technology,Sewage Treatment
SHANGHAIChina 1.317 Repair Services,Seals & Packings,Ship Spare Parts
SHANGHAIChina 1.521, 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SHANGHAIChina 1.214/B http://www Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Deck Equipment,Pipes, Fittings
SHANGHAIChina 1.521 http://ww Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment
SHANGHAIChina 1.215/A http://ww Automation,Firefighting Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Repair Services,Retrofitti
SHANGHAIChina 4.212/B http://ww Engineroom Equipment,Firefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Spa
SHANGHAIChina 1.105 Deck Equipment
SHENZHENChina 4.309 Tank Cleaning Systems
SHIGI SHIPJapan 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
SHIMANAMI Japan 4.202/A Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SHIN KASAJapan 4.202/A Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SHIN KURUJapan 4.202/I http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SHIN MYUN Korea, Repu
3.132 Deck Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes
SHIP2SHO Italy IPDC Publications, Media
SHIPBUILDNetherlandIPDC Publications, Media
SHIPCARE Belgium 4.309 Repair Services
SHIP EFFI United Ki IPDC Publications, Media
SHIPINSIG United Ki IPDC Publications, Media
SHIPLINK SGreece 1.127 http://wwwDeck Equipment,In-Water Repairs,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Propellers,Propulsio
SHIPLUS MChina 2.419 Automation,In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services
SHIP MAN United Ki IPDC Publications, Media
SHIP&OFF Germany IPDC Publications, Media
SHIPPING United Ki IPDC Publications, Media
SHIPSAFE Greece 4.226 http://wwwAnchors, Chains,Cargo Handling,Container Services,Deck Equipment,Desalination E
SHIP'S EQ Netherland3.419 http://wwwAnchors, Chains,Deck Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes
SHIP TECHUnited Ki IPDC Publications, Media
SHOUGUANG China 2.256/1 http://www Marine Fenders & Hoses,Other
SHUNJIE MChina 1.317 Repair Services
SICK AG United Ki 4.108, 4.109 Air Emissions Control
SIDENOR SGreece 1.410 http://wwwMetals & Mining Industries
SIEMENS Germany 1.419, 3.131 Automation,Electrical, Electronics
SIERRA LE Cyprus 3.432 http://ww Vessel Registration
4.109 Propellers,Propulsion Systems,Retrofitting
SIMRAD - United Ki 1.305 Communication Aids,Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Servi
SIMS PUMUSA 2.435/8 http://ww Pumps, Valves,Ship Spare Parts
SINGAPOREGreece 1.529 http://wwwAirlines, Aviation
SINGAPORSingapore 2.401/H http://www Associations, Organisations,Maritime Education
SINGAPORESingapore 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SINGATAC Singapore 2.419 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Refrigeration Systems,Repair Services
SINOPACIFChina 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SINOTRANSChina 1.547 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SKF Sweden 3.515 Bearings
SKF MARINGreece 2.409, WS http://www Bearings,Consultancy Services,Design & Innovation,Engineroom Equipment,Maritim
SKF MARI Germany 3.426 Other
SKIPPER Norway 1.305 Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids
SKIPPER OGreece 1.342 http://wwwAdvertising, Marketing, Public Relations,Publications, Media
SKV GROUSpain 2.138 Generating Sets,Ship Spare Parts
SLS - SHI United Ara2.324 Associations, Organisations
SMALTOLINGreece 4.317/A Coatings, Paints,Monitoring Equipment
SMC Japan 3.131 Automation
SME HVACKorea, Repu 1.105 Airconditioning, Ventilation
SMIT Netherland4.105 http://ww Environment & Technology,Firefighting Equipment,Maritime Training Programmes,P
SMIT SALVGreece 4.105 Environment & Technology,Firefighting Equipment,Maritime Training Programmes,P
S&M - Ε S Greece 2.242 http://ww Bearings,Chemicals,Monitoring Equipment,Petroleum Products,Seals & Packings
SNAME, THUSA 2.435/5 http://ww Accommodation Systems,Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations,Airconditioning, V
SNRI / MA France 3.315 http://wwwCargo Handling,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves
SOCIETY OUnited Ki 1.216/G http://www Associations, Organisations
SOFRASERFrance 3.131 Electrical, Electronics
SOJITZ MAJapan 4.202/P http://www Ship Agents,Shipbrokers,Shipping Companies
SOLA CUREUnited Ki 2.313 Accommodation Systems
SOLAS MAR United Ara2.344 http://ww Compressors Suppliers,Firefighting Equipment,Marine Fenders & Hoses,Mooring Eq
SOLDECOMCyprus 1.530 Computer Applications, IT Services
SONDEX A/Denmark 2.316 Desalination Equipment
SONDEX K Korea, Repu 3.132 Other
SOUTHERNAustralia 4.232 http://ww Shipchandlers,Ship Suppliers
SOUTHERNSingapore 4.232 Shipchandlers,Ship Suppliers
SOUTHERNChina 4.232 Shipchandlers,Ship Suppliers
SPACE ELE Greece 1.205, 4.101/6 Electrical, Electronics,Satellite Communications,Services Providers
SPANMARIGreece 2.521 http://wwwBallast Water Management,Cargo Handling,Monitoring Equipment,Pollution Contro
SPANOPOUGreece 2.103 http://ww Dredging Equipment,Offshore Services,Other,Port Agencies, Services,Repair Service
SPECRO ABSweden 4.134 Chemicals,Tank Cleaning Systems
SPECS CORKorea, Repu 3.111, 3.112 Other
SPECTEC Cyprus 1.118 http://wwwComputer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Management Systems
SPERRE IN Norway 3.105 http://ww Engineroom Equipment
SPINDLE GISingapore 1.547 Repair Services
SPOHN & Germany 2.155 Deck Equipment
SPP SHIPBUKorea, Repu4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SPURS MAUSA 3.111, 3.112 Underwater Technology
SPX FLOW Netherland1.524 Pumps, Valves
SPX FLOW Denmark 3.121 http://ww Engineroom Equipment
SQE ACAD Greece 3.223 Maritime Education,Maritime Training Programmes
SQE MARI Greece 3.223 Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Management Systems
SQLEARN Greece 3.430 http://wwwComputer Applications, IT Services,Maritime Education,Services Providers
SRF HYDRAGreece 2.103, 3.325 Deck Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Other,Repair
SRH MARINGreece 1.113 http://ww Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids,Services Providers,Ship Suppliers
SSRS LTD - Greece 1.320 Ship Agents,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
S&S VALVEKorea, Repu 3.403/7 http://www Pumps, Valves
STADT AS Norway 4.117 Propulsion Systems
STATION71Israel 1.305 Internet Services,Satellite Communications
STATUS PRGermany 3.539 Other
STEP CONSPortugal 1.547 Repair Services
STG SPECIAUnited Ki 4.219 Gases, Refrigerants
STONE MAUnited Ki 1.539 http://wwwDeck Equipment,In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Propulsion Systems,Repair Services,Se
STOP BV Netherland2.215 Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Suppliers
STOP SA Greece 2.215 http://wwwSafety Equipment, Services,Ship Suppliers
STRAUB WSwitzerlan 3.116 Pipes, Fittings
STX OFFSHKorea, Repu4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SUBHADRAIndia 1.349 http://wwwPropellers,Propulsion Systems
SUBHAG India 1.349 Pumps, Valves
SUB SEA GUSA 4.125 Underwater Technology
SUBSEA INBelgium 1.112 http://wwwCoatings, Paints
SUHZOU JIChina 3.111, 3.112 Other
SUMITOMO Japan 4.202/Q http://www Other
SUMITOMO Japan 4.202/J http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
SUNBO INDKorea, Repu2.535 Ballast Water Management,Water Saving & Treatment Systems
SUNRUI MA China 3.307 Ballast Water Management
SUPERNOVA Cyprus 2.111/R http:// Consultancy Services,Environment & Technology,Management Systems
SURVITEC United Ki 3.218 Safety Equipment, Services
SWAN NETKorea, Repu 3.429 Other
SWAT SECUPanama 2.114 Security, Ship & Ports
SWIFT MARNetherland2.513 http://wwwAirlines, Aviation,Cargo Handling,Courier Services,Logistics,Port Agencies, Services
TADOTSU SJapan 4.202/A Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
TAE IL BL Korea, Repu
3.132 Other
TAIKO KIKAJapan 4.101/7 http://www Environment & Technology,Pumps, Valves,Sewage Treatment
TAIYO ELECJapan 4.109 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,R
TALLERES Panama 4.309 In-Water Repairs,Repair Services
TALLERES Panama 2.121 Repair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
TALLERES Mexico 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
TALLINN S Estonia 1.102, 1.548 Coatings, Paints,Engineroom Equipment,Pipes, Fittings,Propulsion Systems,Pumps,
TALOS SUPGreece 4.120 Ship Spare Parts
TAMROTORNorway 3.105 http://ww Deck Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology,Filtration
TANABE COJapan 1.105 Other
TANDANORArgentina 1.317, 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
TANKER O United Ki IPDC Publications, Media
TANKER SHUnited Ki IPDC Publications, Media
TAYLOR SMMauritius 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
TCC HELLAGreece 1.514
TEAMS BABahrain 4.228 Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
TEAMTEC Norway 3.105 http://ww Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology
TEAMTEC ANorway 2.253 http://ww Ballast Water Management,Chemicals,Environment & Technology
TECHCROSSKorea, Repu3.405 http://wwwBallast Water Management
3.403/4 http://www Automation,Monitoring Equipment
TECHNAVAGreece 3.111, 3.1 http://www Air Emissions Control,Bearings,Boiler,Cargo Handling,Coatings, Paints,Compressors
TECHNI SAGreece 3.537 http://wwwSewage Treatment,Underwater Technology
TECHNOMA Cyprus 4.228 Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
TECHNOPAL Greece 2.324 http://wwwAssociations, Organisations,Cargo Handling,Courier Services,Logistics,Ship Spare Pa
TECHNOSHIGreece 1.128 Beacons, Markers,Firefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
TEHO WATE Singapore 2.401/E http://www Anchors, Chains,Bunkers, Lubricants,Corrosion Protection,Desalination Equipment,E
TEKNO MAR Turkey 1.139 Repair Services
TELEMATICGreece 1.423 http://ww Medical Services,Other,Services Providers
TELEMATICGreece 1.423 Medical Services,Services Providers
TELEMEDICFrance 2.457 Computer Applications, IT Services,Medical Services
TELENOR Norway 2.104 Internet Services,Satellite Communications
TEMAK SAGreece 2.316 http://wwwCorrosion Protection,Desalination Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Environment
TENME COHong Kong1.317 Consultancy Services
TENME MAGreece 3.325 Other,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers
TERASAKI Greece 1.419,3.131 Automation,Electrical, Electronics
TERSAN SHTurkey 1.129 http://wwwShipbuilding, Repair Yards
TEXAS COM USA 2.419 In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Underwater Technology
TEXAS PETSingapore 2.120 Bunkers, Lubricants
THE BAHAM United Ki 2.210 Associations, Organisations
THE BUNKEIndia IPDC Publications, Media
THECLA B Netherland3.419 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
THE HAKODJapan 4.202/F Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
THE MAREX India IPDC Publications, Media
THE MARINUnited Ki 2.433 Publications, Media
THE SHIP United Ki IPDC Publications, Media
THESSALONGreece 3.201 Ports, Port Authorities
THOMAS SCyprus 2.111/Y http:// Crewing Services,Shipmanagement
THORDON Canada 3.111, 3.112 Bearings,Other
THURAYA United Ara1.210 http://ww Communication Aids,Offshore Services,Satellite Communications,Security, Ship & P
TK TUZLA Turkey 1.402 http://wwwShipbuilding, Repair Yards
TLV CO LTDJapan 1.345 Energy Efficiency,Pumps, Valves
TMH (EASTCyprus 2.111/S http://ww Airconditioning, Ventilation,Automation,Boiler,Burner,Cables,Compressors Supplier
TMS CYPR Cyprus 4.228 Engineroom Equipment,Ship Spare Parts
TNL GREECGreece 1.305, WS http://www Automation,Ballast Water Management,Communication Aids,Computer Application
TOKA SEIKIJapan 4.219 http:// Monitoring Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
TOKYO KEIKJapan 1.527 Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids
TOMOE VAJapan 1.345 Pumps, Valves
TORK Turkey 1.419 Automation
TOTAL LUBGreece 3.243 Bunkers, Lubricants,Ship Suppliers
TOTAL MARCyprus 2.111/T http://www Accommodation Systems,Anchors, Chains,Automation,Bearings,Boiler,Deck Equipm
TOTEM PLUIsrael 1.305,1.113 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids,Ship Suppliers
TOTOTHEOCyprus 2.111/U http://ww Anchors, Chains,Deck Equipment,Desalination Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,M
TOTOTHEOCyprus 2.111/V http://ww Communication Aids,Navigation Aids,Satellite Communications
TOURISM United Ki IPDC Publications, Media
TOWIMORPoland 2.313 Deck Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes
TP MARINEUnited Ki 3.503 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
TRADEWINUnited Ki 4.124 http://ww Publications, Media
TRAMARC Spain 3.428 Ship Agents
TRANSAS Ireland 4.303 http://wwwManagement Systems,Maritime Training Programmes,Monitoring Equipment,Navig
TRANSOCEA Netherland4.317/A http://www Coatings, Paints,Corrosion Protection,Monitoring Equipment
TRANSPORHong Kong1.401 Government Organisations / Institutions
TRANSPORRussia IPDC Publications, Media
TRELAWNYUnited Ki 1.128 Corrosion Protection
TRELLEBORUnited Ki 3.419 http://wwwClean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Design & Innovation,Energy Efficiency,Engine
TRELLEBORSweden 3.515 Seals & Packings
TRIANGLE United Ara2.419 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Repair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
TRIDONIC Austria 3.236 Electrical, Electronics
TROJAN MCanada 4.134 Ballast Water Management
TRS LTD Greece 3.325 Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
TRU-MARIN Singapore 4.309 http://ww Repair Services,Retrofitting,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Ship Spare Parts
TSAKOS INUruguay 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
TSUJI HEAVChina 1.317 Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
TSUNEISHIJapan 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
TTS GROUPNorway 4.221 http://wwwCargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Other,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
TURBO BE Belgium 2.428 Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services
TURBO GEN Greece 4.228 http://wwwBearings,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Compressors Suppliers,Consultancy
TURBOMAR Greece 3.309 http://wwwEngineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
TURBOMED Greece 3.533 http://ww Bearings,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
TURBONAVE Greece 2.535 Bearings,Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
TURBO POPoland 1.325 Bearings,Engineroom Equipment,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Serv
TURBO SOLSingapore 2.520,3.531 Bearings,Engineroom Equipment,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Ship Spare Parts
TURBOTECH Greece 4.128 http://wwwBearings,Other,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Seals & Packings,Ship Spare Parts
TURKISH AITurkey 1.515 http://ww Airlines, Aviation
TURKISH STurkey 3425 http://www.
Associations, Organisations
TURKU REPFinland 1.317, 1.102, 1.548 Coatings, Paints,Electrical, Electronics,Pipes, Fittings,Propulsion Systems,Pumps, Va
TURKU SHIEstonia 1.521 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
TUZLA SHI Turkey 1.317, 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
TWINCO PTSingapore 2.138 Ship Spare Parts
TWIN DISCBelgium 3.116 Engineroom Equipment,Propulsion Systems
TYCO FIRE United Ki 3.131 Automation,Safety Equipment, Services
TZIOKAS I Greece 2.435/2 Automation,Blasting Equipment,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Coatings, Pa
UAB NEPTULithuania 1.548 Chemicals,Classification Societies,Coatings, Paints,Consultancy Services,Propulsion
UMA MARIRussia 2.419 Automation,Electrical, Electronics,In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Repair Services,Ship
UMAR SHIPCyprus 4.125 Other
UMAR SHIPCyprus 4.125 http://ww Bearings,Blasting Equipment,Boiler,Burner,Cables,Coatings, Paints,Compressors Sup
UMOE SHAT Germany 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
UNDERWATSpain 3.428 In-Water Repairs
UNDERWATSingapore 2.419 In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Underwater Technology
UNIPATH Greece 1.530 Computer Applications, IT Services
UNISAFE - Denmark 3.131 Automation
UNISYSTEMGreece 1.530 Computer Applications, IT Services
UNITED K United Ki 3.106, 1.1 http://www Navigation Aids,Ship Suppliers
UNITED MA Greece 2.523 Bearings,Pumps, Valves,Separators
UNITHAI S Thailand 3.307 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
UNIVERSITGreece 2.522 http://wwwEnvironment & Technology,Maritime Education,Shipmanagement
UNTEL UNTTurkey 3.236 Cables
UNTHA SHAustria 2.145 http://ww Energy Efficiency,Environment & Technology,Other
US EMBASSGreece 2.435/6 http://exp Government Organisations / Institutions
UTECO SA Greece 3.325 http://wwwAutomation,Cables
VACDRAINChina 2.313 Accommodation Systems
VAF INSTR Netherland4.116 Electrical, Electronics,Energy Efficiency,Monitoring Equipment,Pollution Control
VALIADIS Greece 3.215 http://wwwElectrical, Electronics,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services
VANCOUVECanada 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
VANCOUVER Canada 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
VAN DER VNetherland3.111, 3.112 Propulsion Systems
VANOS SA Greece 2.113 Ship Suppliers
Bulgaria SH1.547 Repair Services
VEEOO United Ki 3.503 Management Systems
VELAN France 3.111, 3.112 Pumps, Valves
VELOMAT Germany 2.155 Electrical, Electronics
VEMAOIL Gibraltar 2.106 Bunkers, Lubricants,Cargo Handling,Services Providers
VERHAAR Netherland1.544 http://wwwBearings,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Compressors Suppliers,Energy Effici
VERIFAVIA France 1.148 http://wwwAir Emissions Control,Classification Societies,Environment & Technology,Other
VERITAS P Greece 2.415 Consultancy Services,Fuel Analysis Services
VERITAS P Netherland2.415 http://wwwConsultancy Services,Fuel Analysis Services
VETH PRO Netherland1.341 Propulsion Systems,Steering Gear, Equipment
VIANADECPortugal 1.119 http://wwwAccommodation Systems,Airconditioning, Ventilation,Design & Innovation,Electrica
VICKERS OIUnited Ki 4.120 http://WWBunkers, Lubricants,Environment & Technology,Propulsion Systems
VICTORIA Canada 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
VICTOR LE Croatia 4.125 Offshore Services
VICTOR MAUnited Ki 3.111, 3.112 Environment & Technology,Tank Cleaning Systems
VIDEORAY USA 2.435/1 Underwater Technology
VIKING AIRSingapore 1.547 Airconditioning, Ventilation
VIKING ENSingapore 3.531 Automation,Inert Gas Systems,Repair Services
VIKING LI Denmark 3.111, 3.112 Safety Equipment, Services
VIKTOR LE Croatia 4.125 Offshore Services
VINGTOR SNorway 2.511 Communication Aids
VIPER WRLAustralia 2.435/9 Other
VIRGIN IS British Virg3.513 http://wwwGovernment Organisations / Institutions,Services Providers,Vessel Registration
VITORIA B Brazil 1.317 Ship Agents,Shipchandlers
VMS SA Greece 2.205 Internet Services
VODAFONEGreece 2.309 http://wwwCommunication Aids,Internet Services
VOLOS PORGreece 3.201 Ports, Port Authorities
VSTEP NAUNetherland2.104 Maritime Education
VTE FILTE Germany 3.426 Filtration
VULKAN KUGermany 1.518 Propulsion Systems
WAGENE PNorway 2.313 Engineroom Equipment,Filtration
WARTSILA Greece 3.102 http://wwwAutomation,Ballast Water Management,Bearings,Cargo Handling,Design & Innovati
WARTSILA Denmark 3.105 Pumps, Valves
WAVESTORUnited Ki 2.453 Computer Applications, IT Services,Security, Ship & Ports
WEATHERNDenmark 1.217
WEBMARIN Greece 2.120 Bunkers, Lubricants,Shipchandlers,Ship Suppliers
WEISS HELGreece 3.325 Accommodation Systems,Design & Innovation,Other,Repair Services
WENCON Denmark 4.125 Other
WENZEL MGermany 3.136 http://ww Bearings,Boiler,Cables,Cargo Handling,Compressors Suppliers,Consultancy Services
WERTHEIMAustria 2.145 http://wwwSafety Equipment, Services,Security, Ship & Ports
WESCO Korea, Repu 4.230 Electrical, Electronics,Monitoring Equipment,Ship Spare Parts
WESCO NAGermany 3.315 http://ww Accommodation Systems
WESTAD INNorway 3.315 http://ww Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves
WESTERN I ndia 1.317 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
WESTERN SLithuania 1.317,1.102,1.548 Coatings, Paints,Electrical, Electronics,Pipes, Fittings,Propulsion Systems,Pumps, Va
WESTERN SLithuania 1.102,1.548 Ship Agents
WEST SQUSingapore 2.419 In-Water Repairs,Propellers,Underwater Technology
WE TECH SFinland 3.111, 3.112 Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Techn
WIDE SERVGreece 2.249 http://wwwComputer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Management Systems,Ma
WILHELMSE Norway 3.213 http://ww Airconditioning, Ventilation,Blasting Equipment,Canal Authorities, Services,Cargo H
WILHELMSNorway 3.213 Crewing Services,Offshore Services,Shipmanagement
WILHELMSE Norway 3.213 Airconditioning, Ventilation,Blasting Equipment,Canal Authorities, Services,Cargo H
WILHELMSE Georgia 1.438/E http://www Cargo Handling,Ship Agents
WIMA - WO Greece 3.325 http://ww Associations, Organisations
WIN GD Switzerlan 3.111, 3.112 Engineroom Equipment
WINTEB B Netherland3.111, 3.112 Pumps, Valves
WISKA HOGermany 1.419,2.511 Electrical, Electronics,Safety Equipment, Services
W&O EURONetherland1.521 http://ww Pumps, Valves
WOLRD MAR Sweden 1.322 http://ww Maritime Education,Maritime Training Programmes
WORLD BUUnited Ki 2000 Publications, Media
WORLD-LI USA 1.412 http://ww Computer Applications, IT Services,Internet Services,Satellite Communications
WORLD MAUSA 1.548 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
WORLD MAR Greece 2.422 http://ww Logistics,Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
WORLDOILS Singapore IPDC Publications, Media
WORLD WIUSA 1.522 Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves
WOUTER WI Netherland3.111, 3.112 Pumps, Valves
WSK - INT Poland 2.323 http://wwwRepair Services,Separators,Ship Spare Parts
WUXI HAI China 3.116 Safety Equipment, Services
WW TRADESingapore 2.120 http://ww Ship Agents,Shipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
WYCC - ICSLuxembour2.329/F http://ww Finance, Banking Services,Insurance, P&I,Management Systems
XANTHIS SGreece 1.341 http://wwwEngineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Pleasure Craft,Propellers,Propulsion System
YACHT NATGreece 3.434 http://wwwYachting, Brokers, Services
YAESU UK United Ki 1.305 Communication Aids
YANGFAN GChina 1.323/D, 4http://ww Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
YANGOSATUnited Ki 1.530 Satellite Communications
YANGZIJIA China 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
YANMAR Japan 2.543 Engineroom Equipment,Propulsion Systems
YANMAR CJapan 4.101/8, 4 http://ww Engineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Propulsion Systems,Retrofitting,Ship Spare
YANMAR EN Japan 4.117 Generating Sets,Propulsion Systems
YANMAR EN Greece 4.109 Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
YANTAI TA China 1.314/F http://www Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Other,Safety Equipment, Services
YAPAS ZINCTurkey 1.317 Anchors, Chains
YARA MARINorway 3.315 http:// wwAir Emissions Control,Automation,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technolo
YARDGEM Turkey 2.419 Repair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
YARDGEM TDurkey 3.202 http://ww Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
YCF MARITUSA 2.329/D Vessel Registration
YICHANG M China 1.112 http://ww Propulsion Systems
YIU LIAN China 1.317, 4.309, 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
YOKOGAWA Japan 4.101/6 Automation,Engineroom Equipment
YOKOGAWA Japan 4.101/6, 1 http://ww Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Services,Steer
YOKOHAMA Japan 4.101/3 Safety Equipment, Services
YOOWON IN Korea, Repu
3.403/2-3,http://ww Deck Equipment,Filtration,Steering Gear, Equipment
YUCHAI INTChina 1.105 Engineroom Equipment
YUDAL SHIKorea, Repu3.246 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
YUIL SHIP Korea, Repu
3.246 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
YUTUNG INChina 1.215/B Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Port Equipment,Shipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship S
ZALUX Spain 1.419 Electrical, Electronics
ZAMAKONA Spain 2.313 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ZEA MARITGreece 3.325 Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Mo
ZHANGJIAGChina 3.332 http://ww Boiler
ZHEJIANG China 4.309 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ZHEJIANG China 1.415/J http://www Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Spare Parts
ZHEJIANG China 1.323/A http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ZHEJIANG China 1.323/B http://www Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ZHENGZHOU China 1.415/F
ZHENJIANGChina 1.214/A http://www Automation,Electrical, Electronics,Vessel Registration
ZHONG XINChina 1.317 Consultancy Services,Repair Services
ZHOUSHANChina 1.317, 4.309, 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ZHOUSHANChina 1.323/E, 4 http://wwwShipbuilding, Repair Yards
ZHOUSHANChina 1.323/C, 4 http://ww Repair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ZHOUSHANChina 1.521 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ZHOUSHANChina 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ZHOUSHANChina 1.521,4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ZHOUSHANChina 4.213 Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
ZOELLNER Germany 1.419 Electrical, Electronics
nt,Satellite Communications
es,Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Communications,Services Providers
y,Environment & Technology,Monitoring Equipment

pment,Environment & Technology,Monitoring Equipment,Propulsion Systems,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Services Providers,Ship Spare Pa

ices,Retrofitting,Seals & Packings,Stabilisers,Underwater Technology

oducts,Propulsion Systems,Steering Gear, Equipment
lassification Societies,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Design & Innovation,Electrical, Electronics,Energy Efficiency,Environment & Tec

ng, Brokers, Services

quipment, Services,Satellite Communications

pment, Services

es,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Firefighting Equipment,Logistics,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Offshore Se

ons & Equipments,Energy Efficiency

brokers,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards

ctrical, Electronics

ices,Retrofitting,Seals & Packings,Stabilisers,Underwater Technology

r Management,Deck Equipment,Desalination Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Filtration,Gases, Refrigerants,Inert G

uppliers,Corrosion Protection,Repair Services,Tank Cleaning Systems
nics,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts
nics,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts
nics,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts
nics,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts
nics,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts
nics,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts
nics,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts
nics,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts
nics,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts

Desalination Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Filtration,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves,Refrigeration Systems,Repair Services,Seals & Pack

epair Services

Ship Spare Parts

Parts,Tank Cleaning Systems

Engineroom Equipment,Pipes, Fittings,Pollution Control,Repair Services,Sanitation Equipment,Separators,Ship Spare Parts
al Services,Logistics,Ports, Port Authorities,Repair Services,Ship Agents,Shipchandlers
vices,Design & Innovation,Services Providers

s,Services Providers,Travel Services

ation Aids,Design & Innovation,Energy Efficiency,Environment & Technology,Management Systems,Monitoring Equipment,Offshore Service

ck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Propulsion Systems,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Sepa

Equipment & Ropes,Repair Services,Steering Gear, Equipment
on Aids,Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Communications

Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

gencies, Services,Services Providers

ergy Efficiency,Environment & Technology,Offshore Services,Separators,Water Saving & Treatment Systems

,Offshore Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards

time Education,Maritime Training Programmes

s,Shipping Companies,Ship Suppliers,Towage, Salvage

vices,Internet Services,Management Systems

ps, Valves,Refrigeration Systems,Ship Spare Parts

on,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Offshore Services,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Va

Industries,Other,Port Equipment,Repair Services,Retrofitting

vices,Maritime Training Programmes,Offshore Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Security, Ship & Ports,Underwater Technology
ng Programmes,Offshore Services,Security, Ship & Ports,Underwater Technology

Services,Repair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards

vices,Logistics,Port Agencies, Services,Ship Agents,Shipbrokers,Yachting, Brokers, Services
rs,Ship Spare Parts,Steering Gear, Equipment,Yachting, Brokers, Services
ment,Propulsion Systems,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Seals & Packings,Ship Spare Parts
g Equipment,Other,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers,Underwater Technology,Yachting, Brokers, Services

viation,Beacons, Markers,Bearings,Bunkers, Lubricants,Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Finance, Banking Services,G

novation,Maritime Training Programmes,Offshore Services,Retrofitting,Services Providers,Shipbrokers,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Shipmana

vices,Management Systems

Maritime Education
ipments,Environment & Technology,Monitoring Equipment

s,Propulsion Systems,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Safety Equipment, Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Steering Gear, Equip

& Technology,Ship Spare Parts

Equipment,Environment & Technology

nsultancy Services,Electrical, Electronics,Energy Efficiency,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology,Management Systems,Monito

n Protection,Deck Equipment

on,Automation,Ballast Water Management,Bearings,Boiler,Compressors Suppliers,Deck Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Filtration,Moni

Ballast Water Management,Electrical, Electronics,In-Water Repairs,Pipes, Fittings,Propellers,Refrigeration Systems,Repair Services,Safety Eq

Gases, Refrigerants,Pipes, Fittings,Refrigeration Systems,Repair Services,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

roviders,Vessel Registration

vices,Management Systems,Offshore Services

ns / Institutions,Legal Services,Offshore Services,Other,Services Providers

& Equipments,Coatings, Paints,Consultancy Services,Corrosion Protection,Energy Efficiency,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Techno

ping Companies
ipment,Other,Safety Equipment, Services,Security, Ship & Ports
erwater Technology

rvices,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts

Technology,Management Systems,Medical Services,Services Providers

Repair Services,Retrofitting
es Providers,Ship Spare Parts
pment,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Seals & Packings,Shipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

gy Efficiency,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology

Services,Underwater Technology

Services,Services Providers
ectrical, Electronics,Firefighting Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services

vices,Entertainment Systems,Internet Services,Services Providers

vices,Other,Security, Ship & Ports

uipment,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves

nications,Ship Suppliers

r Services,Retrofitting,Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Spare Parts

Ship Suppliers
ollution Control

ent & Ropes,Other,Ship Spare Parts

ment,Pollution Control,Retrofitting,Services Providers

s,Courier Services,Launch services,Logistics,Port Agencies, Services

s,Ship Spare Parts

ps, Valves,Retrofitting,Ship Spare Parts

vices,Management Systems
vices,Consultancy Services

ment, Services

vices,Government Organisations / Institutions,Services Providers

,Management Systems,Monitoring Equipment,Retrofitting

es,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

rvices,Services Providers

s,Filtration,Fuel Analysis Services,Marine Fenders & Hoses,Osmosis Systems,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves,Seals & Packings,Ship Spare Parts
Valves,Repair Services,Sewage Treatment,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

el Registration

anagement,Electrical, Electronics,Energy Efficiency,Engineroom Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Pumps, Valves

anagement,Electrical, Electronics,Energy Efficiency,Engineroom Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Pumps, Valves

ent & Technology,Sewage Treatment,Water Saving & Treatment Systems

Markers,Consultancy Services,Electrical, Electronics,Energy Efficiency,Firefighting Equipment,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Safety Equipment,

ent,Engineroom Equipment

Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Design & Innovation,Energy Efficiency,Environment & Technology,Management Sy

vices,Internet Services,Management Systems,Safety Equipment, Services,Shipmanagement

,Retrofitting,Water Saving & Treatment Systems

ent,Engineroom Equipment

g,Ship Spare Parts

Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Logistics,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Pipes, Fittings,Publications, Media,Pu

omputer Applications, IT Services,Corrosion Protection,Firefighting Equipment,Fuel Analysis Services,Gases, Refrigerants,Monitoring Equipm

ion Protection,Offshore Services,Repair Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards

on,Air Emissions Control,Associations, Organisations,Automation,Ballast Water Management,Blasting Equipment,Cables,Cargo Handling,Cle

& Technology

allast Water Management,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Design & Innovati

ty Equipment, Services,Underwater Technology

water Technology
ubricants,Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Management Systems,Monitoring Equipment,Other,Port Equipment,Pum

es,Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Communications,Services Providers

rvices,Consultancy Services,Management Systems,Monitoring Equipment

ergy Efficiency,Government Organisations / Institutions,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards
pare Parts,Ship Suppliers
pare Parts,Ship Suppliers
vices Providers
on Equipment,Design & Innovation,Electrical, Electronics,Environment & Technology,Firefighting Equipment,Management Systems,Monitor

vices,Management Systems,Other,Services Providers

ining Programmes

Systems,Environment & Technology,Services Providers

vironment & Technology,Pollution Control,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts

rs, Lubricants,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Propulsion Systems,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Separators,Sewage Treatment,S

er,Sanitation Equipment,Sewage Treatment,Water Saving & Treatment Systems

ngineroom Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Publications, Media,Repair Services,Shipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

rrosion Protection,Deck Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Filtration,Ship Spare Parts

ogy,Water Saving & Treatment Systems
ogy,Filtration,Medical Services,Pollution Control,Ports, Port Authorities,Separators,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers,Tank Cleaning Systems,W
on,Air Emissions Control,Anchors, Chains,Automation,Bearings,Blasting Equipment,Boiler,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Compresso

vices,Management Systems

utomation,Ballast Water Management,Bearings,Blasting Equipment,Boiler,Bunkers, Lubricants,Cargo Handling,Coatings, Paints,Consultanc

ices,Consultancy Services,Other,Pleasure Craft,Security, Ship & Ports,Yachting, Brokers, Services

gs,Safety Equipment, Services

quipment, Services,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

Services,Maritime Training Programmes,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Communications

pulsion Systems
hip Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

Refrigeration Systems,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Ship Spare Parts

g,Services Providers
g,Separators,Services Providers
t,Separators,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards

ration,Inert Gas Systems,Osmosis Systems,Other,Petroleum Products,Port Agencies, Services,Ports, Port Authorities,Repair Services,Separat

ast Water Management,Pipes, Fittings,Water Saving & Treatment Systems

ner Services,Logistics,Metals & Mining Industries,Pipes, Fittings,Port Agencies, Services,Port Equipment,Separators,Ship Agents,Shipping Co

ning, Ventilation,Air Emissions Control,Airlines, Aviation,Anchors, Chains,Associations, Organisations,Automation,Ballast Water Manageme

,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Underwater Technology

s,Repair Services,Retrofitting
frigeration Systems
frigeration Systems
pplications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Design & Innovation,Electrical, Electronics,Energy Efficiency,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Safety
ment,Electrical, Electronics,Energy Efficiency,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Services
ns, Media,Services Providers

y,Environment & Technology

es,Logistics,Maritime Training Programmes,Shipbrokers,Shipmanagement,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers,Vessel Registration

ding, Repair Yards

etrofitting,Ship Spare Parts

ent & Ropes,Propellers,Propulsion Systems,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Safety Equipment, Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Steering Gea

tion,Deck Equipment,Firefighting Equipment,In-Water Repairs,Offshore Services,Port Agencies, Services,Repair Services,Safety Equipment,

Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

Monitoring Equipment
, Valves,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts

pment,Generating Sets,Monitoring Equipment,Propulsion Systems,Retrofitting

Services,Design & Innovation,Energy Efficiency,Other
ment & Technology,Gases, Refrigerants,Generating Sets,Maritime Training Programmes,Monitoring Equipment,Pollution Control,Repair Ser

ment, Services,Satellite Communications

Safety Equipment, Services

ment, Services,Satellite Communications

ment, Services,Satellite Communications

orrosion Protection,Management Systems,Maritime Education,Maritime Training Programmes,Repair Services

on,Anchors, Chains,Ballast Water Management,Cables,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Coatings, Paints,Computer Applications, IT Ser

toring Equipment
g, Brokers, Services

nics,Pollution Control,Safety Equipment, Services

toring Equipment,Retrofitting,Safety Equipment, Services

t,Monitoring Equipment,Retrofitting

ntertainment Systems,Navigation Aids,Other,Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Communications,Ship Spare Parts

p Spare Parts
tion,Osmosis Systems,Water Saving & Treatment Systems

ty Equipment, Services,Underwater Technology,Yachting, Brokers, Services

Education,Maritime Training Programmes,Publications, Media

ment,Engineroom Equipment

ter Applications, IT Services,Insurance, P&I,Launch services,Logistics,Medical Services,Offshore Services,Port Agencies, Services,Ports, Port
Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts,Steering Gear, Equipment

Design & Innovation,Energy Efficiency,Metals & Mining Industries,Other,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Ship Spare Parts
cal, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Monitoring Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Other,Propulsion Systems,Re
s,Retrofitting,Ship Spare Parts


itoring Equipment,Pumps, Valves,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Ship Spare Parts

tronics,Engineroom Equipment,Gases, Refrigerants,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Publications, Media,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Safety
on,Bearings,Cables,Cargo Handling,Coatings, Paints,Corrosion Protection,Deck Equipment,Desalination Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,
Electronics,Environment & Technology,Firefighting Equipment,Inert Gas Systems,Other,Propulsion Systems,Pumps, Valves,Safety Equipmen

Solutions & Equipments,Communication Aids,Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Container Services,Electrical, Electr

pairs,Monitoring Equipment,Propellers,Propulsion Systems,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Ship Spare Parts
hipmanagement,Shipping Companies,Travel Services

on,Air Emissions Control,Automation,Ballast Water Management,Cargo Handling,Deck Equipment,Design & Innovation,Dredging Equipmen

ency,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology

es,Canal Authorities, Services,Chemicals,Coatings, Paints,Compressors Suppliers,Crewing Services,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,En

ation Aids,Computer Applications, IT Services,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Navigation Aids,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services

on Aids,Safety Equipment, Services

on Aids,Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Communications


ent & Ropes,Steering Gear, Equipment

Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers

es,Compressors Suppliers,Electrical, Electronics,Generating Sets,In-Water Repairs,Offshore Services,Propulsion Systems,Pumps, Valves,Rep

ment, Services,Ship Suppliers

utomation,Computer Applications, IT Services,Consultancy Services,Deck Equipment,Design & Innovation,Dredging Equipment,Electrical, E

ng Sets,Petroleum Products,Pleasure Craft,Propellers,Propulsion Systems

pment,Ship Agents,Shipbrokers,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

onics,Monitoring Equipment,Retrofitting,Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Spare Parts

ent & Ropes,Port Equipment,Ship Suppliers
ment, Services

ck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Other,Refrigeration Systems,Safety Equipment, Services

dling,Deck Equipment,Dredging Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Propulsion Systems,Safety Equipment, Services,U

Monitoring Equipment,Propulsion Systems,Safety Equipment, Services,Steering Gear, Equipment

Computer Applications, IT Services,Environment & Technology,Fuel Analysis Services,Monitoring Equipment,Offshore Services,Safety Equip


, IT Services,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology,Fuel Analysis Services,Monitoring E

pment,Monitoring Equipment,Retrofitting

Training Programmes,Satellite Communications

,Fuel Analysis Services,Monitoring Equipment,Retrofitting

ting Equipment,Osmosis Systems,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Sanitation Equipment,Separators,Sewage Treatm

nders & Hoses,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Safety Equipment, Services

nt Systems,Monitoring Equipment

refighting Equipment,Gases, Refrigerants,In-Water Repairs,Launch services,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Safety Equipment

ment,Inert Gas Systems,Marine Fenders & Hoses,Pumps, Valves,Seals & Packings,Separators,Sewage Treatment,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,S

gement Systems,Maritime Education,Vessel Registration

ology,Filtration,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Separators,Sewage Treatment,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

ces,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Pumps, Valves,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards

nment & Technology,Maritime Training Programmes

vices,Internet Services

nology,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Other,Petroleum Products,Pollution Control

nts,Compressors Suppliers,Container Services,Deck Equipment,Design & Innovation,Energy Efficiency,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Retrofitti

ors Suppliers,Deck Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Other,Propellers,Propulsion Systems,Pumps, Valves,Separators,Ship

,Propulsion Systems,Retrofitting,Ship Spare Parts

Services,Maritime Education,Navigation Aids,Satellite Communications

ation,Bearings,Boiler,Compressors Suppliers,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Pumps

ngineroom Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Publications, Media,Repair Services,Shipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

emicals,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Coatings, Paints,Corrosion Protection,Deck Equipment,Environment & Technology,Firefightin
okers,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Ship Spare Parts

ts,Water Saving & Treatment Systems

ation,Compressors Suppliers,Deck Equipment,Dredging Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Other,Propellers,Propulsion Sy

,Separators,Sewage Treatment

ment, Services

water Technology

Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Publications, Media,Repair Services,Shipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

ining Programmes,Offshore Services,Shipmanagement,Vessel Registration

t & Technology,Management Systems

itoring Equipment,Ship Spare Parts

s, Refrigerants,Monitoring Equipment,Navigation Aids,Safety Equipment, Services
ment, Services

ol,Towage, Salvage

vices,Ship Spare Parts

Applications, IT Services,Internet Services

t,Monitoring Equipment,Separators,Ship Spare Parts,Stabilisers

ment,Other,Retrofitting,Seals & Packings,Ship Spare Parts,Steering Gear, Equipment

te Communications,Security, Ship & Ports

ency,Environment & Technology,Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

pment,Environment & Technology,Generating Sets,Monitoring Equipment,Propulsion Systems,Repair Services,Retrofitting

Services,Crewing Services,Insurance, P&I,Legal Services,Logistics,Maritime Training Programmes,Offshore Services,Ship Agents,Shipbroker

es,Design & Innovation,Port Equipment,Ports, Port Authorities,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Communications
oducts,Propulsion Systems,Steering Gear, Equipment

vices,Security, Ship & Ports

Water Saving & Treatment Systems

hip Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

ir Yards,Ship Spare Parts

Travel Services

ncy Services,Deck Equipment,Design & Innovation,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology,Firefighting Equipment,Generating S

vices,Electrical, Electronics,Entertainment Systems

nsultancy Services,Management Systems,Other

ation,Bearings,Blasting Equipment,Boiler,Cables,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Compressors Suppliers,Deck Equipment,Electrical, E

tions & Equipments,Coatings, Paints,Corrosion Protection,Offshore Services,Other,Pumps, Valves,Safety Equipment, Services,Tank Cleaning

ning Programmes,Safety Equipment, Services

ators,Sewage Treatment
lves,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

on,Air Emissions Control,Automation,Ballast Water Management,Cargo Handling,Compressors Suppliers,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electro

quipment, Services

y,Pumps, Valves

vices,Design & Innovation,Internet Services

anagement,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Coatings, Paints,Computer Applications, IT Services,Electrical, Electronics,Energy Efficienc
oatings, Paints,Corrosion Protection,Electrical, Electronics,Environment & Technology,Monitoring Equipment,Navigation Aids,Propulsion Sy
Markers,Clean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Coatings, Paints,Communication Aids,Computer Applications, IT Services,Corrosion Protectio
Ship Spare Parts
oom Equipment,Safety Equipment, Services
ck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Firefighting Equipment,Launch services,Logistics,Mooring Equipment & Ropes

&I,Maritime Training Programmes,Medical Services,Ship Agents

wing Services,Insurance, P&I,Logistics,Medical Services,Offshore Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Shipmanagement,Shipping Companies

ngineroom Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Publications, Media,Repair Services,Shipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
ent,Engineroom Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Other,Port Equipment,Seals & Packings,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers,Stabilisers,Steer
otection,Offshore Services,Services Providers

n Protection,Crewing Services,Deck Equipment,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology,In-Water Repairs,Monitoring Equipment

t,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Separators,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

fitting,Services Providers,Ship Outfitters

gs,Blasting Equipment,Cargo Handling,Consultancy Services,Corrosion Protection,Crewing Services,Deck Equipment,Engineroom Equipmen

ipment, Services,Ship Spare Parts

ervices Providers,Underwater Technology,Yachting, Brokers, Services

Packings,Ship Spare Parts

me Education,Maritime Training Programmes,Offshore Services,Yachting, Brokers, Services

n-Water Repairs,Repair Services,Services Providers,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Shipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts

s,Repair Services,Retrofitting

hnology,Fuel Analysis Services,Maritime Training Programmes,Offshore Services,Other,Pollution Control,Port Equipment,Safety Equipment

n Aids,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

ipment,Safety Equipment, Services,Shipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

nt Systems,Monitoring Equipment
g Systems,Underwater Technology
,Propellers,Repair Services,Underwater Technology
uipment & Ropes,Shipchandlers,Ship Suppliers
essors Suppliers,Deck Equipment,Filtration,Pumps, Valves,Separators,Ship Spare Parts

pairs,Launch services,Offshore Services,Port Agencies, Services,Repair Services,Services Providers,Ship Agents,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppli
pairs,Launch services,Other,Repair Services,Services Providers,Ship Agents,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers,Underwater Technology
ces,Services Providers
pairs,Launch services,Other,Repair Services,Services Providers,Ship Agents,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers,Underwater Technology

nts,Corrosion Protection

lean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Coatings, Paints,Energy Efficiency,Environment & Technology,Fuel Analysis Services,Monitoring Equipm

Equipment, Services

ducation,Maritime Training Programmes,Services Providers

ment, Services,Satellite Communications,Services Providers

es,Safety Equipment, Services,Satellite Communications,Services Providers

uipment, Services

pment,Generating Sets,Monitoring Equipment,Other,Propulsion Systems

ng,Services Providers,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards

vices,Energy Efficiency,Environment & Technology,Management Systems,Other,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers

s,Other,Security, Ship & Ports

ces,Ship Agents,Shipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

refighting Equipment,Osmosis Systems,Pumps, Valves,Ship Spare Parts,Underwater Technology,Water Saving & Treatment Systems

g Sets,Monitoring Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Propellers,Propulsion Systems,Stabilisers,Steering Gear, Equipment

Suppliers,Consultancy Services,Environment & Technology,Generating Sets,Propellers,Propulsion Systems,Pumps, Valves,Refrigeration Syste

ves,Refrigeration Systems,Separators,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

nology,Pollution Control
ctronics,Safety Equipment, Services,Security, Ship & Ports,Ship Suppliers

pment,Other,Safety Equipment, Services

t,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology,Osmosis Systems,Retrofitting,Separators,Sewage Treatment,Water Saving & Treatmen
quipment & Ropes,Other,Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Suppliers

ns, Organisations,Consultancy Services,Environment & Technology,Internet Services,Management Systems,Maritime Education,Maritime Tr

neroom Equipment,Firefighting Equipment,Marine Fenders & Hoses,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves,Safety Equip

ment Systems

quipment, Services,Satellite Communications,Services Providers

t,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves

ical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Monitoring Equipment,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves

Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology,Monitoring Equipment,Tank Cleaning Systems

Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Environment & Technology,Monitoring Equipment,Tank Cleaning Systems

shore Services,Other,Pipes, Fittings,Propulsion Systems,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers,Steering Gear, Equipment

quipment, Services
Container Services,Deck Equipment,Design & Innovation,Dredging Equipment,Metals & Mining Industries,Port Equipment,Retrofitting,Ship

Deck Equipment,Energy Efficiency,Engineroom Equipment,Generating Sets,Inert Gas Systems,Propellers,Pumps, Valves,Refrigeration System

ications, Media

g, Repair Yards

kings,Separators,Ship Spare Parts

epair Yards,Yachting, Brokers, Services

vices,Consultancy Services,Energy Efficiency,Environment & Technology,Internet Services,Medical Services,Monitoring Equipment,Satellite
es,Safety Equipment, Services,Shipchandlers,Ship Spare Parts

er Management,Bunkers, Lubricants,Cargo Handling,Consultancy Services,Environment & Technology,Fuel Analysis Services,Monitoring Equ

eatment,Ship Agents,Shipbrokers,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Shipchandlers,Ship Outfitters,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

ogy,Sewage Treatment

ent,Pipes, Fittings

uipment,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Spare Parts

ety Equipment, Services,Ship Spare Parts
ent & Ropes,Propellers,Propulsion Systems,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Steering Gear, Equipment
vices,Safety Equipment, Services,Ship Spare Parts,Underwater Technology

,Deck Equipment,Desalination Equipment,Marine Fenders & Hoses,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Offshore Services,Osmosis Systems,Petro

on Aids,Safety Equipment, Services

tems,Repair Services

,Engineroom Equipment,Maritime Training Programmes,Monitoring Equipment,Propulsion Systems,Repair Services,Seals & Packings,Separ

Maritime Training Programmes,Pollution Control,Safety Equipment, Services,Towage, Salvage
Maritime Training Programmes,Pollution Control,Safety Equipment, Services,Towage, Salvage
um Products,Seals & Packings
ublic Relations,Airconditioning, Ventilation,Air Emissions Control,Anchors, Chains,Associations, Organisations,Automation,Ballast Water Ma

ine Fenders & Hoses,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Navigation Aids,Other,Pipes, Fittings,Safety Equipment, Services,Services Providers

vices Providers
ring Equipment,Pollution Control,Separators,Sewage Treatment
Agencies, Services,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Ship Agents,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Shipmanagement,Shipping Companies,Towage, Salvag

vices,Management Systems

vices,Management Systems
tion,Services Providers
Equipment & Ropes,Other,Repair Services,Steering Gear, Equipment
iders,Ship Suppliers

lsion Systems,Repair Services,Seals & Packings

anagement Systems

ogistics,Port Agencies, Services

pment,Monitoring Equipment,Retrofitting

ngs,Propulsion Systems,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Retrofitting,Safety Equipment, Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Steering Gear, Equ

ent & Technology,Filtration

t & Technology

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Underwater Technology

Underwater Technology

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s,Environment & Technology,Firefighting Equipment,Inert Gas Systems,Monitoring Equipment,Pipes, Fittings,Pollution Control,Propellers,P
Water Saving & Treatment Systems

Saving & Treatment Systems

ing Gear, Equipment

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ervices Providers,Steering Gear, Equipment
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orities,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Shipbrokers,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Tank Cleaning Systems,Underwate

rts,Steering Gear, Equipment,Water Saving & Treatment Systems

r Saving & Treatment Systems

s,Separators,Sewage Treatment,Ship Spare Parts
ean Energy Solutions & Equipments,Coatings, Paints,Compressors Suppliers,Computer Applications, IT Services,Corrosion Protection,Deck E
stems,Pumps, Valves,Repair Services,Safety Equipment, Services,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Ship Spare Parts,Tank Cleaning Systems,Underw
ervices,Sewage Treatment,Ship Suppliers,Water Saving & Treatment Systems

er Saving & Treatment Systems

airs,Monitoring Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Offshore Services,Osmosis Systems,Pipes, Fittings,Pumps, Valves,Refrigeration Syst
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Maritime Training Programmes,Monitoring Equipment,Mooring Equipment & Ropes,Offshore Services,Other,Pipes, Fittings,Port Agencies, Se
s,Sewage Treatment,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Ship Spare Parts,Steering Gear, Equipment
Providers,Underwater Technology

ards,Water Saving & Treatment Systems

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Treatment Systems
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ms,Monitoring Equipment,Osmosis Systems,Pollution Control,Propellers,Propulsion Systems,Pumps, Valves,Refrigeration Systems,Repair Ser

achting, Brokers, Services

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Aids,Other,Refrigeration Systems,Separators,Water Saving & Treatment Systems
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,Ship Suppliers
g, Repair Yards

hip Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers

r, Equipment,Tank Cleaning Systems

viders,Steering Gear, Equipment

nk Cleaning Systems,Underwater Technology
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ackings,Services Providers,Sewage Treatment,Steering Gear, Equipment,Water Saving & Treatment Systems

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& Packings,Security, Ship & Ports,Services Providers,Ship Agents,Shipbrokers,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Shipmanagement,Ship Spare Parts

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es,Deck Equipment,Electrical, Electronics,Engineroom Equipment,Finance, Banking Services,Firefighting Equipment,Fuel Analysis Services,G
roviders,Sewage Treatment,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers,Stabilisers,Steering Gear, Equipment,Tank Cleaning Systems,Water Saving & Trea
trofitting,Sanitation Equipment,Services Providers,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
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iders,Sewage Treatment,Shipbuilding, Repair Yards,Ship Spare Parts,Ship Suppliers
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afety Equipment, Services,Sanitation Equipment,Services Providers,Sewage Treatment,Ship Agents,Ship Suppliers,Stabilisers,Tank Cleaning S

Suppliers,Towage, Salvage,Vessel Registration,Water Saving & Treatment Systems,Yachting, Brokers, Services
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ppliers,Stabilisers,Tank Cleaning Systems

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atment Systems
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