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Living on another planet

Did you ever think about living somewhere else? I don’t mean two streets away, but I
mean living on another planet. It is not a normal subject to think about, but it
becomes more and more the reality. You have maybe a lot of questions about how it
becomes the reality and how we can reach another planet with this huge amount of
people of the Earth. But there is first a big problem what we need to solve. Because
there is not yet a planet discovered that has all things that we, as people need.
Scientists are doing research if there are some viable planets in the solar system.
The biggest chance on living for now is on the planet Mars. Scientists did already
research if live is possible on Mars and the research resulted that there was a time
that there was live possible on Mars. Travelling to Mars takes with the equipment that
we have now 8 months. That is also a problem because it is a very long trip to travel
and we are with a lot of people on the Earth. We need therefor also a faster way to
travel, so that is also something what needs to improve. We need another planet for
different problems that’s becoming more the reality, one of that problems is
overpopulation. If the overpopulation becomes so big that there is not enough space
on the Earth for living thing anymore, we need another planet to live on. Another big
problem is the climate change that’s becoming more worse. The Earth is already
heating up by global warming but when the temperature increasing is becoming a few
degrees more, the Earth is already too warm for living thing.
There are some astronauts that has already been on the moon, but they had stay
there only for a short time. An example of an astronaut like this is Neil Armstrong. He
was the first man as mankind that was on the moon and he had stay there for only 2
hours and 31 minutes. The other astronauts that have been on the moon has stays
for a longer time but they still did not really live on the moon. So it is not the same as
living on another planet but it is already a start.
I think that the life on another planet is very different then the life on earth. But a fact
is that we need the same things to survive there. Another planet is not yet needed,
but we need to think more about the solution for the problems. I think that it becomes
the reality but the question is than when does it becomes the reality, how does it
becomes the reality and on which planet are we than going to live.
The humanity has therefore a big challenge to continue the search for viable planets
and maybe in the future, living on another planet is possible.