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boarding school internado

class clase
co-educational / "co-ed" mixto
course curso
diploma diploma
dormitories / dorms residencias para estudiantes
alumna ex-alumna
alumnae ex-alumnas
alumnus ex-alumno
alumni ex-alumnos
exam/examination examen
grade calificación
grading system sistema de evaluación
holidays (GB) / vacation (US) vacaciones
homework tarea
kindergarten jardín de infantes / preescolar
notebook cuaderno
nursery school guardería / jardín de infantes
primary / elementary school escuela primaria
principal / headmaster director/a
private school escuela privada
faculty profesorado
school year año escolar
secondary / high school escuela secundaria
semester semestre
student estudiante
subject materia
teacher / professor (university) profesor/a

to drop out dejar la escuela

to learn aprender
to pass aprobar
to repeat a grade reprobar, repetir el año
to take an exam rendir examen
to teach enseñar

education vocabulary
Boarding School:(noun) A type of school where students live as well as study.

'During my first few weeks at boarding school I missed my parents a lot.'

Cheat: (verb) To act in a dishonest way to get what you want.

'The student cheated by writing the answers on his hand and looking at them
during the test.'

Co-educational: (noun) A school that has both male and female students. A
schools for just boys (or girls) is called a single-sex school.

'I think co-educational schools helps students to form better relationships with
members of the opposite sex in later life.'

Coursework: (noun) Coursework is the work done by students that contributes

towards their overall grade, but which is assessed separately from their final
exams. Coursework can, for example, take the form of experimental work, or may
involve research. It can comprise of dissertations, reports or essays.

'I get nervous when I take a test. I prefer to do coursework because I have a long
time to do it and I can do it at my own pace.'

Enrol: (verb) To enrol means to join a course. In American English it is

spelt enroll. The noun form is enrolment (enrollment US)

'To enrol on this course you need to be here on 7th January to do the paperwork.'

Fail: (verb) To fail means that you did not pass your test. You did not get the
necessary grade / score. Failure is the noun form.

'40% of students failed the test. The other 60% passed.'

Qualification: (noun) A qualification is the official proof that you have successfully
completed a course or that you have the necessary skills.

'What academic qualifications do you have? Do you have a degree?'

Retake: (verb / noun) As a verb retake means to take an exam you failed in the
past for a second time. As a noun retakes mean the exams which are held again
for students who did not pass them the first time around.
'Retakes will be held in February for all those students who did not get 40% on
the last test.'
'Don't worry you will be able to retake this exam if you don't pass.'

Revise: (verb) To revise means to study before a test. This word is used in British
English. In American English study or review is used. Revision is the noun form.

'I'm going to stay in tonight and revise for Monday's test.'

Semester / Term: (noun) Both of these words are used to mean the periods of the
school year. The school year is usually divided into three terms / semesters:
Spring, Autumn and Winter.

'At this school each semester is 12 weeks long.'