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relevant to the shipping, transport and insurance communities

December 2 2005

Greenpeace bid to
halt Le Havre uranium
‘Secret’ shipments claim, writes Andrew Spurrier in Paris — Friday December 02 2005

FRENCH police intervention They said the waste was being taken to “The level of radioactivity of this
s q u a d a r re s t e d a n u m b e r o f St Petersburg and then overland to Tomsk c a rg o i s v e r y l o w, a b o u t t h e l e v e l o f
Greenpeace activists at the port in Siberia, where it was to be stored natural radioactivity,” a spokesman said.
of Le Havre yesterday after they took without protection in the open. Greenpeace rejected this explanation,
action to stop the loading of a Russian A Greenpeace representative claimed however, claiming that the material being
ship which they claimed was being used that the shipment was part of a nuclear shipped was waste comprising two types
for secret shipments of nuclear waste. of uranium, one produced by reprocessing
waste transport chain which had been kept
Greenpeace claimed that the Northern and the other by enrichment, processes
secret by the nuclear industry and the
Shipping cargoship Kapitan Kuroptevwas carried out by Areva for Electricité de
French authorities.
being loaded with uranium waste for France and its electricity generating
customers elsewhere in Europe.
dumping in Siberia. But this was denied Proof “To claim, like EdF, that the aim of
by the French nuclear fuels group Areva,
this traffic is recycling is a lie,” said
which said the material being loaded was He added that the organisation had Greenpeace International anti-nuclear
low-grade uranium destined for proof that at least 100,000 tonnes of campaigner Shaun Burnie.
enrichment in Russia.
nuclear waste had been shipped to Russia “More than 90% of waste sent to
by different European countries since the Russia is abandoned there.”
“The export of uranium waste is an * French fishermen blockaded the
Police arrested 17 French and three northern French ports of Calais, Boulogne
immense scandal,” said Frédéric
Swiss nationals, most whom had been and Dunkirk yesterday morning to protest
Marillier, head of Greenpeace France’s
occupying a quayside gantry crane and over reduced European Union fishing
anti-nuclear campaign.
two cranes aboard the Kapitan quotas due to come into force in 2006.
Kuroptev, and transferred them to the Le “Thousands of tonnes leave by sea
Ferry services out of all three ports
Havre police commissariat. each year and cross Russia to be
were halted for varying periods by the
The Greenpeace activists halted the abandoned in sites among the most
protest but were able to resume when the
loading of the ship shortly after 0100 hrs polluted on the planet. fishermen lifted their blockade at the end
yesterday. They claimed it was being Areva insisted that the shipment from of the morning.
loaded with 47 containers containing 450 Le Havre consisted of low grade uranium, SeaFrance said that the fishermen had
tonnes of waste which had been brought which would be returned to France as given advance notice of their action,
by train from the Areva Eurodif plant in nuclear fuel once it had been enriched in enabling it to advise its customers
southern France Russia. planning to take sailings yesterday

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Summary of Major Cases in this week’s issue of Lloyd’s Casualty Week

Vessel Type Flag Class GT DWT Blt Casualty

ABDULRAHMAN ore PRK — 3,923 5,735 1971 Master requested assistance as crew wanted
to abandon ship due engine damage and not
under command in lat 37 52.8N, long 24 30.7E,
Nov 23. Anchored in lat 37 53.34N, long 24
30.43E attempting to effect repairs.

ADORACION chem PAN NK 1,899 2,297 1996 Drifting with engine problems in lat 32 16.3N,
tanker long 128 47.2E, Nov 17. Reported removed
from navigation warnings Nov 18. Arrived
Shimonoseki Nov 19.

ALDRIN general BHS LR 4,297 6,570 1978 Had engine problems in lat 57 01.29N, long 04
24.9E, Nov 20. Taken in tow for Haugesund.
At Kopervik Nov 22, effecting repairs.

ALLORA general HND — 285 549 1964 Grounded in lat 58 47N, long 13 11E, Nov 24.
Water ingress reported.

AMADA general PRK — 995 1,228 1971 Reported not under command in lat 36 48N,
long 21 43.12E, Nov 19 due to engine
damage. Taken in tow for Kos. Arrived
Kalamata Nov 22 in tow.

AN JIN general CHN CS 3,124 5,118 1982 Distress signal received in lat 08 59.9N,
long 109 01E, Nov 21. Nine crew rescued;
13 missing. Oil slick & debris found in area but
no sighting of vessel. Sank.

BRIGHT SUN bulker KOR KR 22,271 37,574 1985 Capsized and sank 25 nautical miles off
Currimao, Luzon Province, in lat 18 17N,
long 120 16E, Nov 18. Twenty of the 21 crew
rescued. Neither vessel nor missing crewman
located as of Nov 21.

EURO FJORD general NOR — 634 599 1962 Grounded in lat 62 20N, long 05 44.5E, Nov 23
due steering gear problems. Refloated same
day. Diver inspection completed at Averoy.
Discharging cargo the to proceed repair yard
at Hitra.

GUOYUAN 1 bulker CHN CS 36,606 69,755 1987 Dragged anchor from position at G3
anchorage, Chesapeake Bay, and grounded on
mud Nov 22. Refloated herself on tide and
escorted back to anchorage by tugs. No
damage or pollution.

ISSAQUAH ro-ro USA — 18,405 32,574 1980 Stranded in Washington State's Puget Sound
Nov 23 for 15 mins due propeller problem. Tied
up on Vashon for repairs and out of service
until further notice.

KARMSUND general BRB NV 2,728 1,250 1979 Grounded in lat 58 02.4N, long 06 57.3E,
Nov 24. Refloated by own means same day
and proceeded Lyngal. Minor hull damage &
small leak.

NOVA SCOTIA refrig ATG BV 5,875 6,060 1983 Towed into Montevideo Nov 21 due to engine
trouble. At anteport Nov 22, awaiting surveyor.
Will probably undergo repairs at Montevideo.

SPERCHIOS product LBR NK 39,964 61,540 1982 Ran aground in lat 17 57.69N, long 66 46.06W,
tanker Nov 21. Tugs on scene. Booms placed around
vessel as a precaution. Lighter barges on
scene. Refloated Nov 23 and anchored in
Guayanilla Bay for inspection.

TRIZAN general PRK — 1,652 2,074 1967 Sent Mayday near Thassos Nov 23. Drifted
from anchorage & grounded coast of Potamias,
Thassos, in lat 40 43N, long 24 45E. Still
aground Nov 24. Water ingress in engine-room.

The following reports are reprinted from Lloyd’s List
Reports appear in alphabetical states: Chem.tank Adoracion (1899 gt,
order under the following built 1996) with engine trouble, is
headings and relevant page
number: adrift in 32 16.3N, long 128 47.2E at
1500, UTC, today.
London, Nov 17 — Following received
Marine, including Overdue from Japan Coast Guard, timed 1945,
& Missing Vessels 1 UTC: Chem.tank Adoracion is drifting
due to engine problems. Awaiting local
Piracy 12 ABDULRAHMAN (North Korea)
London, Nov 23 — Lloyd’s Casualty assistance.
representatives in Piraeus report: This London, Nov 18 — Following
Port State Control 12 morning, the master of North Korean Navigational Warning, dated today,
general cargo Abdulrahman HMV19, states: Engine troubled chem.tank
requested assistance from the Coast Adoracion removed.
Seizures & Arrests 12
Guard, stating he wanted the crew to London, Nov 21 — Chem.tank
abandon ship. The vessel had Adoracion was reported arriving at
Pipeline Accidents 14 sustained engine damage and Shimonoseki on Nov 19.
remained not under command near the
Pollution 14 islets of Mantili, Evia, in lat 37 52.8N, AEGITNA
long 24 30.7E. Immediately, all vessels (St. Vincent & Grenadines)
Vigo, Oct 30 — General cargo Aegitna
Weather & Navigation 15 in the vicinity were alerted, and a is still under repair at Vigo. — Lloyd’s
Coast Guard salvage craft, a naval Agents.
frigate, two helicopters and nearby c.c
Earthquakes 19 MSC Annamaria were mobilised, to
rescue the 19 crewmembers. However, AGGRESSOR (U.S.A.)
London, Nov 23 — A Coast Guard
Political & Civil Unrest 20 when the helicopters arrived on scene, Boston press release, dated Nov 22,
the vessel’s master advised that it was states: A Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk
no longer the intention to abandon helicopter crew from Air Station Cape
Labour Disputes 27 ship. The vessel was then anchored 3.5 Cod, Mass. rescued three fisherman
nautical miles south of the islets after their fishing Aggressor (139 gt)
Awards & Settlements 29 Mantili. It is understood that the ran aground on a shoal roughly 100
vessel had previously sailed from yards from the southern shore of Block
Smyrni bound for Portugal loaded with Island, RI, while enroute to their
Railway Accidents 32 5,500 tons of cement and was to call at homeport of New Bedford, Mass, at
Piraeus for bunkers. The frigate, MSC about 2230 yesterday. The crew
Computer Systems 33 Annamaria and the Coast Guard notified Coast Guard Sector Long
salvage vessel are all remaining near Island Sound and a helicopter was
the vessel. Winds in the area are launched. The fishermen put on
Miscellaneous 33
south-westerly, force 8. survival suits and were preparing to
London, Nov 23 — Following received abandon ship when the helicopter
Fires & Explosions 36 from Piraeus MRCC, timed 0910, UTC: arrived on scene near midnight. The
General cargo Abdulrahman remains crew of the HH-60 Jayhawk hoisted
Aviation 40 at anchor, in position lat 37 53.34N, the fisherman from the battered vessel
long 24 30.43E. The crew are and transferred them to Rhode Island
attempting to effect repairs. Hospital, at 0046 hrs. The cause of the
Product Recalls 43 Piraeus, Nov 23 — General cargo accident is under investigation.
Abdulrahman , Izmir for London, Nov 23 — Following received
Port Conditions 45 Portugal,loaded with a consignment of from Coast Guard Boston, timed 0050,
5,500 tons of cement had mechanical UTC: Fishing Aggressor , official
failure area of Kafireas Strait, Euboea No.1108300, is hard aground in lat 41
Port Conditions charts 46 Island, this morning. She was expected 08.42N, long 71 35.57W. The weather
to call Piraeus for bunkering. Vessel in the area is very bad so no salvage
remains anchored 3.5 nautical miles efforts have been made and no
from Mantili, a rocky island off Euboea assessment has been made to
and her crew members are trying to ascertain whether the vessel can be
repair the damages. Coast Guard, navy salved.
and c.c. MSC Anna Maria remain London, Nov 24 — A press report,
nearby ready to provide assistance if dated Nov 23, states: A Coast Guard
necessary. — Lloyd’s Agents. helicopter rescued three fishermen
London, Nov 24 — Following received from fishing Aggressor after the vessel
from Piraeus MRCC, timed 0550, UTC: ran aground near Block Island, Rhode
General cargo Abdulrahman (ex Iron Island, on Monday night (Nov 21.).
© Lloyd’s Marine Intelligence Unit 2005 Castle, 3923 gt, built 1971) remains at The fishermen were flown to Rhode
These reports may not be reproduced, anchor, however, vessel has been Island Hospital in Providence, where
stored in a retrieval system, or abandoned by crew who will probably they were treated and released, said
transmitted in any form or by any means return to the vessel when the weather Fleet Fisheries president Lars
electronic, mechanical, photographic, improves. Vinjerud, who owns the vessel. “The
recorded or otherise without the prior Piraeus, Nov 24 — General cargo men are back home,” Mr. Vinjerud said
written permission of the publisher. Abdulrahman is still anchored three yesterday. He added that he had not
nautical miles from Mantili island, yet spoken with the vessel’s skipper,
Euboea. The vessel’s crew have Thomas C. Wicherski, about what
reportedly repaired the damage. The happened. The vessel was returning
port authority at Karystos has from a Mid-Atlantic fishing trip when
prohibited the vessel from sailing until it ran aground on a shoal
it is inspected by a Class surveyor. — approximately 100 yards from the
Lloyd’s Agents. southern shore of Block Island,
according to a Coast Guard report. The
London, Nov 17 — Following vessel’s crew reported the accident to
Navigational Warning, dated today, Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound
at approximately 2230 hrs. The
Receive immediate notice as soon as a Casualty occurs. For further information please contact Andrew Luxton on +44 (0) 20 7017 4625.


fishermen were dressed in their a patrol vessel. On board were 10 crew 0940, local time, An Lan w a s
survival suits and preparing to members who are good in health. refloated. At 1500, local time, the hole
abandon the vessel, which was taking Following the incident vessel anchored in ship starboard bow had shown up.
on water, when a Coast Guard in the Gulf of Methonis and awaited At 1630, local time,”stopped up the
helicopter from Air Station Cape Cod the arrival of a tug and divers. The hole”. At 1730, local time, An Lan
arrived at about 2330 hrs, Coast master was instructed by the Coast departed Zhanghuabang port to shift
Guard Petty Officer Lisa Hennings Guard to take precautions to avoid sea to another pier for discharging
said. The Coast Guard hoisted each pollution. operation, and berthed at Bailianjing
fisherman from the deck into the London, Nov 21 — Following received port No.4 pier at 1815 hrs for
helicopter, Petty Officer Hennings from Piraeus RCC, timed 1023, UTC: discharging at 0630, Nov 19. The hole
said. The cause of the accident Amada was taken in tow by a tug to had been disengaged from the water,
remains under investigation, she said. Pylos. Vessel remains in port. the ingress of the water stopped. At
“It is difficult to assess” if weather Piraeus, Nov 23 — General cargo 1600, local time, Nov 20 An Lan
was a factor, she said. Weather Amada arrived at Kalamata Nov 22 in completed discharging operation and
conditions at the time of the accident tow of tug Aegean Pelagos due to proceeded to Lu Shan Dry Dock for
included four-foot seas, 10-knot winds mechanical failure to her main engine. repairs. — Lloyd’s Agents.
and visibility of two nautical miles, The vessel, loaded with a consignment
she said. Fleet Fisheries arranged for of 1,000 tons of rice in bags,remains in ANTJE (Netherlands)
a salvage company to recover the port awaiting inspection. — Lloyd’s London, Nov 23 — General cargo
vessel, but yesterday’s bad weather Agents. Antje was reported arriving at Perth
delayed the operation, Petty Officer on Nov 21 and sailing on Nov 22,
Hennings said. Mr. Vinjerud said he AN JIN (China) bound for Amsterdam.
did not know the condition of the London, Nov 23 — Following received
vessel or its catch. from Singapore Port Operations, timed ARCO AXE (U.K.)
0415, UTC: A distress signal was London, Nov 20 — Trailing suction
AL-KAHFAIN (Panama) received from general cargo An Jin , dredger Arco Axe (3498 gt, built 1989),
London, Nov 22 — Passenger ro/ro BILM, 3124 gt (built 1982) in lat 08 owned by MCC Leasing No. 21 in
Al-Kahfain is lying up side down but 59.9N, long 109 01E, at 1618, UTC, Southampton, ran aground while
not completely submerged off Safaga. Nov 21. Of the 22 crew on board nine entering the Outer Harbour of
Vessel is not obstructing navigation. have been rescued and 13 are still Flushing, near the green entrance
missing. An oil spill and debris has light, at approximately 1930 hrs,
ALDRIN (Bahamas) been found in area by vessels which yesterday. The tug Walcheren was soon
London, Nov 22 — Following received are searching for the missing crew on the scene and secured a towage
from Stavanger RCC, timed 1040, members but no sighting of the vessel. connection. The dredger was refloated
UTC: General cargo Aldrin (4297 gt, London, Nov 23 — Following received shortly afterwards and was able to
built 1978), cargo cement, had engine from Singapore Port Operations, timed proceed to its berth in the Outer
problems in lat 57 01.29N, long 04 2240, UTC: General cargo An Jin : Harbour to discharge its cargo. The
24.9E at 2143, UTC, Nov 20. Vessel Thirteen crew remain missing. Search vessel sustained no known damages in
taken in tow by Gjert Wilhelmsen to operation will resume at dawn. this grounding incident.
Haugesund, ETA one hour. London, Nov 24 — A press report, London, Nov 21 — Following received
London, Nov 22 — Understand that dated today, states: Thirteen Chinese from Kiel, dated today: On Oct 19
general cargo Aldrin , Gdynia for sailors are missing and feared dead trailing suction dredger Arco Axe ran
Leith, is currently at the port of after their ship (general cargo An Jin), aground in the outer harbour of the
Kopervik effecting repairs to damaged Shanghai for Singapore, cargo steel, Dutch port of Vlissingen at 1930 hrs.
engine. Vessel’s ETA at Leith is now sank in waters off southern Vietnam, a The tug Walcheren was at the
Nov 26. local official said today. Nine sailors grounding site within short time and
were rescued by a relief ship from the succeeded in getting the vessel free
ALEXANDRA I (Panama) Vietnam-Russia joint venture oil shortly after the grounding.
See “Persian Gulf” under “Piracy”. company VietSovPetro that is London, Nov 24 — Trailing suction
operating in the region, said Nguyen dredger Arco Axe was reported
ALLIANCE (Germany) Ngoc Hung, official of the Vung Tau arriving at London at 0021 hrs, Nov
Genoa, Nov 21 — Research Alliance people’s committee. “A search for the 23 and sailing later in the day, at 0537
is still at Genoa, under repair. — missing sailors is still ongoing but we hrs.
Lloyd’s Agents. fear they may be dead,” Hung said,
adding the cause of the incident was ARCTIC OCEAN (Canada)
ALLORA (Honduras) not yet known. London, Nov 17 — Fishing Arctic
London, Nov 24 — Following received Ocean (148 gt, built 1988) touched a
from Gothenburg MRCC, timed 1140, AN LAN (China) reef just off the Inner Port Hardy Bay,
UTC: General cargo Allora (285 gt, London, Nov 22 — A press report, BC, at 1730, PST, Nov 15. The vessel
built 1964) ran aground in lat 58 47N, dated Nov 19, states: A cargo vessel, was towed off at high tide.
long 13 11E, just after midnight. carrying 4,880 tons of steel materials,
Vessel remains aground. Coast guard struck a container ship after losing ARIS (Thailand)
are on scene arranging salvage. Water control on the Huangpu River about Hanoi, Nov 23 — It is reported that
ingress reported. 0615 yesterday. No one was injured in efforts on refloating operations for
the collision. general cargo Aris were not successful.
ALTAIRE (U.K.) Shanghai, Nov 22 — At 0600, local Yesterday, Salvage Company 2 said
See “Illegal Fishing, Denmark” under time, Nov 18, general cargo An Lan refloating operations were obstructed
“Awards & Settlements.” collided with c.c. I.Dong Hong 12. At by rough weather with wind scale 6
0630, local time, An Lan temporarily (strong breeze), 7 (near gale) and
AMADA (North Korea) berthed at Zhanghuabang port strong waves. At 0800, Nov 19, during
London, Nov 21 — Lloyd’s Casualty (Shanghai) with a hole at starboard discharge of timber to barge Jay
representatives in Piraeus report: bow, and ingress of water. Dong Hong Abadi , hired by shipowners, Aris
General cargo Amada (995 gt, built 12 proceeded to Wusong anchorage. At listed 14 degrees to starboard and
1971) Egypt for Albania, loaded with a 0750, local time, the ingress of the cracked between two holds. The two
cargo of rice, was sailing 17 nautical water had been controlled and An Lan remainder crews on board were
miles west of Pylos (in lat 36 48N, 21 stopped sinking. At 0900, local; time, rescued safely. However, it is worried
43.12E) not under command due to 360 tonnes of steel coils had been that surrounding buoys were seriously
engine damage Nov 19. Engine-room discharged from An Lan and damaged by the barge and strong
sustained flooding. Immediately the transhipped by barge crane and 30 waves, anchor was also broken and the
Coast Guard stations of Pylos and tonnes of fresh water had been barge drifted to shore. A large amount
Kalamata were alerted and dispatched discharged for refloating the ship. At of timber fell to the sea and now
A complete online archive covering the last 10 years of Lloyd’s Casualty Week. For further information please call +44 (0) 20 7017 4779.


floating around the area that may tropical typhoon passing through the added. The 20 other crew members
cause danger to the sea Philippines was generating large were rescued on Friday (Nov 18) by
transportation. Danger of oil pollution waves and strong winds making rescue the Japanese-flagged LNG Bishu
is also concerned if the vessel capsizes. operations difficult. The missing Maru. — Lloyd’s List Correspondent.
The salvage company has given crewman, a South Korean chief
noticed to the shipowners that due to engineer, remained missing. The rest BULGARIA (Bulgaria)
force majeure, no salvage and of the crew, made up of 10 Filipinos Rotterdam, Nov 23 — Bulk Bulgaria
refloating operations will be and 10 South Koreans were picked up (30596 gt, built 1978) laden with soya
continued. — Lloyd’s Agents. from their life boats by a passing cargo beans grounded on the Amazon River
vessel heading for Dalian. — Lloyd’s Oct 7. A salvage officer/naval architect
B.G.IRELAND List Correspondent. was immediately mobilised from
(Antigua & Barbuda) London, Nov 20 — Following received Belem and was backed up by a salvage
London, Nov 20 — C.c. B.G.Ireland from Coast Guard Manila, timed 0410, master from Rotterdam. Two tugs were
arrived at Rotterdam at 2355 hrs, Nov UTC: Bulk Bright Sun sank in lat 18 chartered from local Brazilian
12, departing at 1425 hrs, Nov 14, 17N, long 120 16E. The vessel’s crew partners and after bunker transfer
bound for Dublin. were rescued by bulk Tian Rong Hai and an inspection the tugs were
which en route to China.. connected. Under instruction of the
BARGE W543 (U.S.A.) London, Nov 21 — A press report, salvage master the bulk carrier was
See R.S.Sterling. dated today, states: No sign of a successfully refloated and redelivered
Korean engineer has been found two to the owner Oct 10. — SMIT Salvage
BEACON 3 (Belize) days after his ship, bulk Bright Sun, BV. (Note — Bulgaria had sailed
Piraeus, Nov 17 — C.c. Beacon 3 still sank off Ilocos Norte on Friday, the Aarhus Sep 7 for Itacoatiara, River
remains in Piraeus port. No repairs Philippine Coast Guard said. Efforts to Amazon. Vessel subsequently arrived
have been reported up to today. ETD: look for the engineer, whose name was Belfast Oct 29.)
Unknown. — Lloyd’s Agents. not given, have been hampered by
rough seas, according to PCG BUMI JAYA (Indonesia)
BOKA STAR (Tonga) spokesperson Lieutenant Armand Chittagong, Nov 19 — The local
See “Iraq-Kuwait” under “Political & Balilo. Balilo said the PCG Auxiliary agents of general cargo Bumi Jaya ,
Civil Unrest”. Squadron was forced to halt search Unicorn Shipping Lines Limited, have
and rescue operations yesterday after informed that the vessel is presently
BOTANY TROJAN (Panama) its two tugs were battered by big lying at Chittagong outer anchorage.
London, Nov 17 — Chem.tank Botany waves. But two PCG helicopters were The owners of the vessel have decided
Trojan (9553 gt, built 1996) struck the still looking for the engineer. Balilo to tow the vessel to Singapore for the
wharf while berthing at Valleyfield at said no definite date to end the search necessary engine repairs, but the date
1645, EST, Nov 16. Vessel sustained had been set, adding that this would and time of sailing of the ship is yet to
damages. No pollution or injuries depend on the assessment of the be fixed. — Lloyd’s Agents.
reported. situation by the search coordinator.
Montreal, Nov 17 — Chem.tank Bright Sun’s 20 other crew members, CANADIAN LEADER (Canada)
Botany Trojan : On arrival vessel 10 Filipinos and 10 Koreans, were London, Nov 18 — Bulk Canadian
contacted the pier at Valleyfield rescued on Friday as they sat in life Leader arrived at Thunder Bay on Nov
afternoon, Nov 16, causing damage to rafts after their vessel sank. They 15.
a section of concrete and local indents were taken on board LNG Bishu Maru London, Nov 22 — Bulk Canadian
to the vessel’s starboard side ballast and later transferred to the China- Leader sailed from Thunder Bay on
tanks. No repairs required to the bound bulk Tian Rong Hai. Nov 17, bound for Sorel.
vessel and it has continued on its Manila, Nov 21 — After three days of
planned voyage to Clarkson, Ontario. continous searching, salvage tugs have CP AMBASSADOR (Bermuda)
Damage to the pier is considerable and been unable to locate bulk Bright Sun See Passaden.
repairs will be required. — Lloyd’s which sank Friday. Harbour tugs
Agents. Monarch and Stanford have been DAGNA (Netherlands)
searching an area, 25 nautical miles London, Nov 18 — General cargo
BRIGHT SUN (South Korea) off Currimao town, province of Ilocos Dagna (4000 gt, built 2005) bound
Manila, Nov 18 — Bulk Bright Sun Norte, where the bulk carrier sank. Canada: The emergency generator
(22271 gt, built 1985) sank at 1400 The two 3,000 hp tugs are owned by room of the vessel flooded, damaging
hrs, today, 25 nautical miles off Manila-based Malayan Towage and its emergency generator and
Currimao town, in the northern Luzon Salvage Corp which has been switchboard in lat 45 00N, long 55
province of Ilocos Norte, the Philippine contracted by SMIT International to 00W at 1045, EST, Nov 17.
Coast Guard reported. The vessel was search and if possible salve Bright St. John’s, Nov 21 — General cargo
on its way to China from Vietnam Sun . SMIT International has been Dagna was in Montreal “on Sunday
when it encountered rough waters off hired by the insurance underwriters of Nov 21” and is currently mid-Lake
Ilocos Norte and capsized. Twenty Bright Sun . Having no tugs in the Ontario upbound for Clarkson. —
crew members were plucked from their Philippines, SMIT Interantional has Lloyd’s Sub-agents.
lifeboats by the passing Japanese chartered the tugs of Malayan Towage
vessel Bishu Maru. The South Korean to salve the vessel. Rough seas have DBL 152 (U.S.A.)
chief engineer remains missing, hampered the search for Bright Sun. London, Nov 18 — Following received
however. Coast Guard spokesman Lt. “Even if we find the vessel , it will be from Coast Guard New Orleans, timed
Armand Balilo said that the rescued difficult to salve it because of the 1523, UTC: Tank barge DBL 152 is
seamen would be disembarked in water’s great depths,” Capt. Renato still lying in the same position. Cargo
China. The exact cause of the sinking Torreno, Malayan Towage operations removal has commenced and is
is still to be determined, he added. — manager said. — Lloyd’s List expected to take about three weeks.
Lloyd’s List Correspondent. Correspondent. London, Nov 20 — A Coast Guard
Manila, Nov 19 — The Philippine Manila, Nov 21 — The Korean chief Port Arthur press release, dated today,
Coast Guard today said that it had engineer of the bulk Bright Sun is still states: Salvage and clean-up
dispatched a search and rescue vessel missing four days after his ship sank, operations resumed yesterday after
and a rescue helicopter to search for a the Philippine Coast Guard have rough weather that moved into the
missing crewman from bulk Bright reported. Efforts to look for the officer area Tuesday had suspended all
Sun which sank yesterday. The search have been hampered by rough seas, operations. Divers surveyed tank
and rescue team, which includes brought about by typhoon “Bolayen”, barge DBL 152 yesterday evening and
divers, were searching the area, 25 Coast Guard spokesman Lieutenant discovered a 2.5-foot by 8-foot hole in
nautical miles off Currimao town in Armand Balilo said. A Coast Guard the top of the No, 3 starboard cargo
the northern Luzon province of Ilocos helicopter continues to search for the tank. The No. 3 starboard cargo tank
Norte, where the bulk carrier sank. A missing crewman, however, Balilo was damaged sometime after the barge
Receive immediate notice as soon as a Casualty occurs. For further information please contact Andrew Luxton on +44 (0) 20 7017 4625.


capsized, it contained approximately Aeolian Isles struck the quay with its date has been limited to the use of
563,000 gallons of oil. It is not known left foil whilst departing for Lipari floating booms and the application of
how much oil has leaked from the No. Island at about 1900, Nov 19. dispersant and degreaser solutions,
3 tank, but divers located oil under Understand that the foil sustained which while reducing oil at the surface
the barge. Today’s operations are considerable damage and also that the has resulted in spreading it
focused on locating the submerged oil, peralluman side-plating was torn and throughout the water column.
beginning the clean-up process and that sea-water made ingress. All
preparing to remove the remaining oil passengers were able to leave the ENOL FRIO (Panama)
in the barge’s cargo tanks. There was vessel unharmed but understand that London, Nov 18 — Following received
submerged oil located near where the one passenger did sustain light from Cape Town MRCC, timed 1044,
accident occurred. Assets are being injuries. The vessel was subsequently UTC: Ref Enol Frio is currently
mobilized to begin removal of this oil. beached on the beach at Rinella, effecting repairs at anchor and expects
At approximately 2330, Nov. 14, DBL Salina. to be under way at about 1200, UTC,
152 capsized. Progressive flooding had today.
caused the barge to roll onto its DONG HONG 12 (China) London, Nov 18 — Following received
starboard side at about 1630, Nov 14. See An Lan. from Cape Town MRCC, timed 2130,
As a weather front moved into the UTC: Ref Enol Frio is still effecting
area responders worked quickly to DORIA (Germany) repairs. ETC not known.
stabilize the barge, and oil clean-up London, Nov 22 — A press report, London, Nov 19 — Following received
operations were suspended at about dated today, states: The master of c.c. from Cape Town MRCC, timed 0755,
noon Tuesday due to the rough seas. Doria (10811 gt, built 1987), currently UTC: At 2300 hrs, yesterday, ref Enol
The barge is now in lat 29 12.3N, long on the Eldock floating dock in Durban Frio reported it was underway and
93 28.14W. has admitted guilt with regards a spill proceeding to East London, where ETA
London, Nov 21 — Following received of between 80 and 100 tonnes of oil approximately 0900, UTC, Nov 19.
from Coast Guard New Orleans, timed into Durban harbour earlier this London, Nov 19 — Following received
1545, UTC: Tank barge DBL 152 is month. The vessel had grounded off from Cape Town MRCC, timed 0848,
still lying in the same position. A large the West Coast but after refloating UTC: Ref Enol Frio arrived off East
anchor has been attached to the vessel was able to proceed to Durban for London. The vessel did not enter the
to prevent it drifting. repairs where the ship’s master port, soley offloading the equipment it
London, Nov 21 — A Coast Guard neglected to advise that he still had had used to effect repairs. The vessel
Port Arthur press release, dated today, about 300 tonnes of bunker oil in the is underway, on passage for Maputo.
states: Divers completed the damage fuel tanks before going onto the
assessment of the capsized tank barge floating dock. As the vessel began to EUGENIO
DBL 152 today, which revealed that a rise cracks in the hull opened allowing London, Nov 24 — As of Nov 23
third cargo tank has breached. The the oil to spill into the harbour, where general cargo Eugenio was still
No.1 port cargo tank hatch was most of it was held behind floating berthed at the Dormac repair quay,
damage sometime after DBL 152 booms. However a SW `buster’ blew up Durban.
capsized on Nov 14. The cargo tank that night causing some of the oil to
contained approximately 440,000 spill over the booms and spread across EURO FJORD (Norway)
gallons of oil. A diver survey of the the Bayhead area of the harbour. London, Nov 23 — Following received
barge on Saturday evening discovered from Stavanger RCC, timed 1040,
a 2.5-foot by 8-foot hole in the top of EAST EXPRESS (DIS) UTC: General cargo Euro Fjord (634
the No.3 starboard cargo tank. It also Lonon, Nov 21 — General cargo East gt, built 1962) ran aground in lat 62
had been damaged sometime when or Express was reported passing 20N, long 05 44.5E at 0448, local time,
after the barge capsized, and it Gibraltar at 0453 hrs, Nov 20, in an today. Vessel remains aground. A
contained approximately 564,000 easterly direction, destination refloating attempt will take place at
gallons of oil. The No.1 starboard unknown. high tide at 1500, UTC, today. No
cargo tank was damaged in the contact damage or injuries.
with debris on Nov 10. The entire EIDER (Hong Kong) London, Nov 23 — Following received
contents of all three damaged cargo London, Nov 23 — A press report, from Stavanger RCC, timed 2315,
tanks were 1,309,000 gallons of oil. It dated Nov 22, states: At 0100, Oct 31 UTC: General cargo Euro Fjord
is not known how much oil has bulk Eider grounded on the rocky refloated at 1615, local time. A diver
escaped the damaged tanks. There is shores of Antofagasta. A large amount inspection was carried out and no
no visible surface oil. Response teams of diesel was discharged into the sea, problems found. Vessel is now in
are conducting multiple surveys to along with heavy mechanical lubricant Fosnavaag harbour.
locate submerged oil. Concentrations hydrocarbons. Around 7 km of coastal Trondheim, Nov 24 — General cargo
of submerged oil have been found, and shore has been directly impacted by Euro Fjord, loaded, grounded outside
assets are being mobilized to begin the resulting oil slick. The Chilean Heroy at about 0440, Nov 23, due to
clean-up. The Texas General Land authorities have been preventing oil steering problems, according to the
Office has created a network of entering small bays known as vessel’s master. The vessel refloated
individuals to monitor Texas beaches “caletas”, using floating booms. under its own power at about 1430 the
for any indication of oiling. This Working with volunteers of the Wild same day, and arrived at Averoy at
network will remain active for several Fauna Rescue and Rehabilitation 0345 today, escorted by rescue vessel
months. The TGLO, the Louisiana Oil Centre of the University of Plato .. Cargo discharge is now in
Spill Coordinator’s Office, the barge Antofagasta, a number of stricken progress. The vessel is awaiting
owner, the Coast Guard, and other seabirds and several migratory permission to proceed to a repair yard
agencies have developed a shoreline Franklin Gulls were captured, at Hitra. — Lloyd’s Agents.
clean-up plan, which will be although access to the birds proved
implemented if oil is found along the difficult. In addition at least 80 oiled EVER MIGHTY (Panama)
Texas or Louisiana coastlines. Brown Pelicans, several Gray, Band- London, Nov 18 — Following received
Company officials and the National tailed and Kelp Gulls, and Red-legged from Aarhus MRCC, timed 1107, UTC:
Oceanic and Atmospheric and Neotropic Cormorants have been Operations have now commenced to
Administration are conduction surveys sighted, but have not been rescued. lighter cargo from bulk Ever Mighty.
on a submerged platform with which Peruvian Boobies are regularly Lightering is expected to take
the barge is suspected to have struck. feeding within the affected are but approximately 48 hours.
The platform was damaged during the none have been recovered to date. London, Nov 18 — Information
recent hurricane. Green Turtles Chelonia mydas were received from Kiel, dated today, states:
among the other significantly affected Lighter vessel Aalmeergrach arrived
DONATELLO (Italy) wildlife. Further casualties are on Nov 17, after improvement of the
London, Nov 22 — Hydrofoil expected. Contingency action weather at the grounding site of bulk
Donatello (173 gt, built 1980) in the undertaken by the Chilean Navy to Ever Mighty off the Danish island of
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Samsoe. As soon as the authorities the Holsatia amidships. Holsatia was FOSTRAUM (NIS)
approve the plans, 8,500 tons of coal on passage from the Sandau harbour London, Nov 18 — Chem.tank
should be lightered from the casualty. to Salzgitter port. The stern of the Fostraum was reported passing
Lightering works are expected to start Fehn Star was slightly damaged. The through the Dover Strait on Nov 17,
today. A salvage attempt could be vessel returned to Hamburg for on passage from Corunna for Delfzijl.
attempted on Nov 20 if the weather inspection. Both ships have London, Nov 19 — Chem.tank
permits. subsequently departed the harbour Fostraum arrived at Delfzijl at 1016
London, Nov 20 — Following received after completion of and inspection of, hrs, Nov 18.
from Aarhus MRCC, timed 1050, UTC: repairs. (Note — Fehn Star w a s
Bulk Ever Mighty was successfully subsequently reported sailing FOWAIRET (Qatar)
refloated at 2220, UTC, yesterday. The Hamburg at 0210 hrs, Nov 17, bound Maassluis, Nov 18 — C.c. Fowairet is
vessel is currently in Kalundborgfjord, for Grovehurst Jetty, where it arrived still under repair. Damen shipyard is
where inspections have been carried on Nov 19.) presently engaged in removing a part
out. The Class Society has given of the (damaged) hull. After that the
approval for the vessel to complete one FENIX (Panama) vessel will (a bit shorter) sail on its
voyage to Tilbury. Chittagong, Nov 20 — Bulk/c.c. Fenix schedule. Subsequently, it will get a
London, Nov 21 — Following received (19385 gt, built 1985) was reportedly new part in the hull. Dates etc.
from Kiel, dated today: At 2320 hrs, damaged by lighter vessel Protul at currently unknown. — Lloyd’s Sub-
Nov 19, SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage 0525 hrs, Nov 17, while casting off agents.
B.V. refloated the grounded bulk Ever after taking a load from the mother
Mighty , in a controlled operation, vessel. Reportedly Fenix has sustained GALINA (Cambodia)
using four tugs. The vessel thereafter damage in way of the starboard double Falmouth, Nov 18 — General cargo
was towed to Kalundborg Fjord for bottom tanks Nos.2 & 4. Fenix is Galina is still under detention at
completion of salvage services. The presently lying at Chittagong outer Falmouth and is undergoing repairs.
operation had earlier included the anchorage with approximately 5,000 — Lloyd’s Agents.
lighterage of nearly 10,000 tons of tonnes of wheat on board. — Lloyd’s
cargo to give the vessel the necessary Agents. GENERAL GROT-ROWECKI
buoyancy. Refloating operations were (Malta)
completed yesterday, when tugs FILIPINAS MAASIN (Philippines) See Finnsailor.
scheduled to take part in the See Our Lady of Rule.
refloating operation were mobilised in. GOLDEN BELLS 2
Under control of the SvitzerWijsmuller FINNSAILOR (Sweden) See Plato.
salvage team the SvitzerWijsmuller Malmo, Nov 17 — Ro/ro/c.c.
tugs Sigyn, Egil and Fenja as well as Finnsailor was in collision at 0445
the tug Aros refloated Ever Mighty in hrs, Nov 13, with bulk General Grot- GRETA R. (Myanmar)
London, Nov 17 — Bulk Greta R. was
a fully controlled and planned manner, Rowecki in the south Baltic, in reported passing through the Panama
at the first attempt. The lightered position “Kadettrannan bouy 70.” Canal, in an easterly direction, on Oct
cargo is planned to be reloaded from German police have been on board 30.
the lighterage vessel after the after the collision. Finnsailor was
necessary diving surveys, to determine damaged on its starboard aft, close to
the condition of the casualty, have the stern-ramp. It proceeded to Malmo GUOYUAN 1 (China)
London, Nov 22 — Following received
been completed. for discharge and then to Landskrona from Coast Guard Portsmouth, Va,
Copenhagen, Nov 21 — Discharge of shipyard for repairs, which will take timed 2215, UTC: Bulk Guoyuan 1
coal from bulk Ever Mighty to lighter about a week. General Grot-Rowecki (36606 gt, built 1987), loaded, dragged
vessel Aalmeergrach stopped during proceeded to the Gruth shipyard in anchor from its position at the G3
the afternoon of Nov 19 and the vessel Szczecin, Poland. — Lloyd’s Agents. anchorage, Chesapeake Bay, and
was refloated at 2320, local time, same London, Nov 19 — Following received became soft aground on mud earlier
day. Early yesterday morning Ever from Kiel, dated today: Ro/ro/c.c. today. Vessel refloated by itself when
Mighty arrived at the roads of Finnsailor, of the Nordoe-Line, which the tide came in and it was escorted
Kalundborg Fjord where divers collided while on passage from back to the anchorage by tugs. No
examined it for possible damage. Luebeck-Travemuende to Malmoe, damage or pollution.
Classification society recommended with bulk General Grot-Rowecki at London, Nov 23 — A press report,
reloading of coal and this operation 0525, Oct 13, was drydocked at dated Nov 22, states: Bulk Guoyuan 1
started on Nov 20. Class also required Oerosund Yard, Karlskrona, on Oct broke free from its anchorage and ran
internal inspection of double bottom 14. The repairs to the starboard side aground near Naval Station Norfolk
tanks 1, 2 and 3 to be carried out at of the stern will take about one week, today. The Coast Guard says the ship,
Tilbury, where final discharge of the so the ferry will probably not return was moored at the G3 anchorage when
coal is to take place. — Lloyd’s Agents. to service before Nov 21. To unload there was a problem with its anchor.
Gothenburg, Nov 21 — Bulk Ever the trucks which were carried from The ship broke free and drifted .85
Mighty refloated after discharging Travemuende to Malmoe, the stern mile before running aground 200
cargo into another vessel, came off the ramp first had to be welded open in yards from shore at Sewells Point
ground by itself with own engÌnes, Malmoe where the Finnsailor arrived Spit. The ship sat on the mud bottom
supported by tugs from five hours behind schedule. General until the incoming tide refloated it.
SvitzerWijsmuller at Hatter Reef. Grot-Rowecki , which was in ballast, Tugs from Moran Towing Company
Vessel proceeded to Kalundborg for on passage to Ventspils went to towed the vessel back to its anchorage.
reloading of cargo and survey of Swinemuende for inspection. The The Coast Guard said there was no
vessel/divers etc. It was allowed to ship had flooding in a hold after a pollution as a result of the grounding.
depart from Kalundborg with a pilot ballast tank on the port side was torn
on board. — Westax Marine Services open. On scene after the collision The ship is normally used to carry
AB. were the tug Fairplay 25 , the grain, and was scheduled to take on
environment protection vessel cargo tomorrow. The ship will be
FEHN STAR (Antigua & Barbuda) Arkona , the rescue vessel Theo required to undergo a damage
London, Nov 21 — Following received Fischer and the patrol boat BG 26 as assessment before it’s allowed to load
from Kiel, dated today: On Nov 16, the well as a police helicopter. Arkona and depart.
Antigua & Barbuda-flagged general accompanied the bulk carrier until it
cargo Fehn Star (2867 gt, built 1989), had left the German zone. The cause HAJ SALEH AL JADID (Egypt)
collided with the German river vessel of the accident is still under Beirut, Nov 18 — Schooner Haj Saleh
Holsatia (length 67 metres, 904 dwt), investigation. There was some mist Al Jadid completed repairs and sailed
when leaving the port of Hamburg for and force 4 seas, in the so-called from Tyr at 0400, local time, today.
Sittingbourne. The Fehn Star was Kadetrinne between Denmark and Declared destination Damietta. —
leaving its berth stern first, and hit Germany. Lloyd’s Agents.
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HELSE (Antigua & Barbuda) empty barges, connected by steel ISSAQUAH (U.S.A.)
London, Nov 19 — Following received cabling, broke free about 1030 hrs as London, Nov 23 — A press report,
from Kiel, dated today: On Nov 18 the tug, owned by Holly Marine dated today, states: Ro/ro Issaquah
general cargo Helse (1582 gt, built Towing, of Chicago, was trying to (18405 gt, built 1980) was stranded in
1992), struck the west jetty of German enter the harbour from the north. Washington State’s Puget Sound this
port of Busum at 1300 hrs, when Holly Headland, owner of Holly afternoon on the way to Vashon Island
entering port. Both the jetty and the Marine, said the tug and barges were with hundreds of passengers on board.
ship were severely damaged. The seeking safe harbour from the weather The ferry, which serves the
vessel`s bow hit the jetty, at a right after dropping off a load in Muskegon. Southworth-Vashon-Fauntleroy run,
angle and damage is estimated at The tug was en route back to Chicago. was inoperable for about 15 minutes
several thousand Euros. The incident The tug retrieved the barge inside the due to a propeller problem, according
happened “one hour before flood pier head yesterday afternoon, and to a spokeswoman for the state ferries.
caused probably by the current”. The Headland said they expected to get the It has since been tied up on Vashon for
vessel had a pilot on board. Helse beached barge when the waves repairs and it will be out of service
reached the harbour without subsided, perhaps today. U.S. Coast until further notice. The popular
assistance after the incident. The Guard officials said 35 mph winds triangular ferry run was placed on an
police have started an investigation. prevailed at the lakeshore yesterday, emergency two-boat schedule. It is
London, Nov 23 — General cargo with gusts to 45. The tug’s crew told unclear how long the Issaquah will be
Helse was reported transiting the Kiel the Coast Guard the boat overheated out of service. The route serves the
Canal, in an easterly direction, at and the rudder jammed as they terminals at Southworth, Vashon
0031 hrs, Nov 22. entered the harbour, possibly causing Island and Fauntleroy, and long
the mishap. Headland later reported queues could form at all of them if the
HOLLY ANN (U.S.A.) the tug was fine. Issaquah is out for a prolonged period.
London, Nov 19 — A press report, London, Nov 19 — A press report,
dated Nov 18, states: The U.S. Coast timed 1758, today, states: One of two JAGUAR (Poland)
Guard says tug Holly Ann (220 gt, barges that broke away from tug Holly Gothenburg, Nov 18 — Tug Jaguar
built 1926), with two large barges, Ann yesterday remains beached at (280 gt, built 1970) sent a Mayday, two
may have lost power trying to bring Holland State Park. The barges nautical miles west-north-west of
them into the harbour around 1030 separated from the tug yesterday Barsebaecks port at 1318, local time,
today. Holly Ann, out of Chicago, was morning while being towed from today. At 1400, today a helicopter
towing two 110-foot, 220-ton barges Muskegon to Chicago. The tug and one found one man who was taken to
and heading to Holland (Lake barge have been moved into Lake hospital at Lund and confimed dead
Michigan) to escape bad weather. The Macatawa. The Coast Guard is making upon arrival. The man having sustain
boat lost power as it headed toward plans on how to moved the one that is serious head injuries. Still at this
the pier. The master then tried to still beached. point, a large numbers of units are
steer, which is when he lost control of London, Nov 20 — A press report, participating, and pilots ordered on
the empty barges. No one was injured dated today, states: Crews removed a board the casualty and negotiations
and no citation has been written as barge from Holland State Park today. where to proceed. The cause of the
the investigation continues. One The barge was one of two that came accident is not known. The other man
barge ended on the rocks has since loose Friday morning while being still missing. — Westax Marine
been taken away. As for the other moved from Muskegon to Chicago. The Services AB.
barge, efforts could take a while as Coast Guard says the 200 yard towing London, Nov 18 — Following received
most salvage boats are in dry dock cables broke on the breakwater as tug from Gothenburg MRCC, timed 1825,
this time of year. Any of those boats Holly Ann pulled into the Holland UTC: Tug Jaguar : One person has
that are not in dry dock may have to Channel to escape rough waters. died as a result of serious head
wait for more favourable weather to Witnesses say the cables got caught on injuries. SAR operations for the
move the barge. the pier, snapped, and set the barges missing crewmember have ceased and
Troy, Mich., Nov 19 — As at 1900 hrs, loose. One ended up on the rocks in presumed dead. Understand the crew
today, one barge remains on the beach the mouth of the channel. The other, members were injured and thrown
at Holland State Park. Reports overboard by the tow line which was
indicate that the group left Muskegon on the beach. After the accident, the connected to an unknown subject.
and was returning to Chicago with tug boat and other barge were moved to Jaguar anchored about one mile from
Holly Ann in the lead. Increasing wind Lake Macatawa. an anchoring area in lat 55 48.5N,
and waves prompted them to seek safe London, Nov 21 — A press report, long 12 49E. It is not known if Jaguar
harbour at Holland (MI). Around 1030 dated today, states: Crews removed a was damaged.
hrs while attempting an entry, the tug barge from Holland State Park
lost power and steering. The barges yesterday that had been beached there JAMES NORRIS (Canada)
then hung up on the end of the north for days. The barge was one of two London, Nov 18 — Bulk James
breakwater. The tug and one barge that came loose Friday (Nov 18) Norris (12962 gt, built 1952) while
were pushed inside the breakwall and morning while being moved from attempting to depart St.Lawrence
on the rocks which protect the Muskegon to Chicago by tug Holly Cement dock in Colborne, in lat 44
structure. The other barge broke loose Ann . The Coast Guard says the 200- 00.30N, long 77 51W became pinned
and was driven on the beach to the yard towing cables broke on the against the dolphins by high winds at
north. Plans to remove it are unknown breakwater as the tug pulled into the 1015, Nov 9. Both vessel and dock
at this time. It is thought that the tug Holland Channel to escape rough sustained damage.
lost power and was forced against the waters. After the accident, the boat London, Nov 22 — Bulk James
pier causing the barges to break loose. and other barge were moved to Lake Norris arrived at Hamilton(CAN) on
The tug and a second barge are in the Macatawa. Nov 16, sailing on Nov 17, bound for
Holland channel. The Coast Guard is Port Colbourne.
working to get all the vessels back to HOLSATIA (Germany)
shore. It’s currently unknown if See Fehn Star. KALINA (Germany)
anyone was injured in the incident. — London, Nov 21 — C.c. Kalina was
Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping HOPE (Croatia) reported arriving at Oslo at 0550 hrs,
News. See “Croatian Vessel Blockaded Off Nov 18, sailing later the same day at
London, Nov 19 — A press report, Gdynia, Poland” under 2305 hrs.
dated today, states: High waves and “Miscellaneous”.
strong winds hampered tug Holly Ann KAPITONAS MARCINKUS
from recapturing two 195-foot barges ILKA (Germany) (Lithuania)
that broke free yesterday, one drifting London, Nov 20 — General cargo Ilka London, Nov 21 — Bulk Kapitonas
to Holland State Park beach and the arrived at Rotterdam at 0255 hrs, Nov Marcinkus was reported arriving at
other just inside the pier head. The 19, from Perth. Uddevalla, Sweden, on Nov 20.
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KARAVI (Malta) vessel, with three crew on board, near MAERSK ENSENADA
London, Nov 21 — A press report, Bourgas at around 1740-1800, local (Antigua & Barbuda)
dated today, states: Vessel Traffic time, Nov 18. As a result, the fishing London, Nov 21 — A
Services (VTS) authorities said today vessel capsized. One of the fishermen SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage BV report,
that general cargo Karavi (4337 gt, was killed and the other two were dated Nov 19, states: A 1998 build
built 1986) had experienced engine injured. La Vella was detained by the container vessel (c.c. Maersk
breakdown in the Canakkale Strait. Bulgarian Border Police and is Ensenada) grounded on Cuba during
Rescue teams will help the crew fix presently under arrest at Bourgas hurricane “Wilma” at the end of
the vessel’s engines. Port. — Lloyd’s Agents. October. The Cuban state salvage
London, Nov 23 — General cargo company was contracted to assist the
Karavi was reported passing Istanbul LADY HAMILTON (Hong Kong) vessel, but a week later requested
at 0255 hrs, Nov 22, on passage Oran London, Nov 17 — Bulk Lady SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage to assist in
for Nikolayev. Hamilton (22388 gt, built 1983) lost the salvage operation. Immediately
its starboard anchor while SvitzerWijsmuller salvage experts
KARMSUND (Barbados) manoeuvring to leave the anchorage of were flown to Cuba and a tug and
London, Nov 24 — Following received Pointe aux Trembles, Montreal, at barge were loaded with a
from Stavanger RCC, timed 1118, 1015, EST, today. considerable amount of special
UTC: General cargo Karmsund (2728 Montreal, Nov 17 — Bulk Lady salvage equipment, flown in from
gt, built 1979) bound Mandal, ran Hamilton lost its starboard anchor and SvitzerWijsmuller warehouses in the
aground in lat 58 02.4N, long 06 57.3E several links of chain when it hauled it area. The salvage team flown in
at 0330, local time, today. Vessel up at the Montreal anchorage. Class consisted of a salvage master, a naval
refloated by its own means and has allowed it to continue on it architect and salvage divers and
proceeded to Lyngdal. Vessel sustained planned voyage to load grain at Port technicians. Upon arrival of the tug,
minor hull damage and a small Cartier for Europe. The anchor will be barge and equipment on site, the
leakage. replaced in Europe at the end of this north coast of Cuba, the salvage
voyage. — Lloyd’s Agents. operation was continued in full force.
KINSMAN INDEPENDENT The operation concerned so-called
London, Nov 22 — Bulk Kinsman
LB 200 (Panama) “regaining-buoyancy” techniques and
Bergen, Nov 22 — Pipe layer LB 200 environmental precautionary actions
Independent now renamed Voyageur is in port at Hanoeytangen, near which included cargo discharge,
Independant , sailed from Bergen. The vessel will stay in port for removal of the bunkers and
Hamilton(CAN) on Nov 17, bound for approximately five months for repair pressurising breached tanks; most of
Thunder Bay. and maintenance. — Lloyd’s Agents. the double bottom of the container
vessel was breached. With all
London Nov 18 — General cargo
Dalian, Nov 18 — On Nov 8, cargo preparations executed the planned
Korex Incheon arrived Busan on Nov vessel Liaopuyun-777 sailed from refloat operations Nov 16 succeeded
10. Pikou port to Haiyang Island port for in freeing the vessel during the first
discharging. The vessel was also controlled attempt. The container
carrying passengers at the time vessel was subsequently towed to
LA VELLA (Cambodia)
London, Nov 19 — A press report, because the ferry Zhangzidao 5 Havana to be re-delivered in dry dock
dated today, states: A border police between Pikou and Haiyang Island for repairs.
cutter held Cambodia general cargo La had been suspended for two days due
Vella (641 gt, built 1968) after the ship to mechanical problems. There were MARIA V (Marshall Islands)
London, Nov 18 — Bulk Maria V
collided with a Bulgarian fishing boat 58 tons of air bricks, six tons of (36679 gt, built 1987) berthing at
near the St. Anastasia island at 1815 cement, 120 boxes of beer, 39 section 15 of the Port of Sorel, struck
hrs (yesterday) and tried to escape, passengers and seven crew members the wharf at 0110, EST, Nov 18. Vessel
the National Border Police Service on board.The cargo was loaded on the sustained somes damages. No
said. After the collision the ship top deck and most people stayed on pollution and injuries reported. (Note
continued its course en route Bourgas the lower deck. Liaopuyun-777 — Maria V passed Dover Strait west
for Izmit. The cutter started the chase overturned while it was being Oct 31 for Sorel.)
and La Vella was held at 2000 hrs and discharged at a berth at Haiyang
convoyed back to the port of Bourgas. Island at about 1900, local time, Nov
Meanwhile the rescue operation for 8. All but one of the 46 people on MARVITA (Malta)
See “France” under “Port State
saving the fishermen had been board fell into the sea. Twenty-seven Control”.
launched. Two of the fishermen were of them were rescued. The other 19
saved and they are hospitalized. The died in the accident. The vessel was
doctors claim there is no risk for their refloated with the help of the 350-ton MAWASHI AL-GASSEEM (Kuwait)
London, Nov 24 — A press report,
lives. The rescue operation for revolving crane engineering ship dated today, states: The crew of
searching the third fisherman Zhiffudao, belonging to Yantai Salvage livestock Mawashi Al-Gasseem ,
continues for 13 hours now. (Later): Bureau, in the morning of Nov 11. impounded at Adelaide’s outer
The search for the fisherman Todor Understand that the stability of the harbour, has won an eight-month
Alarmiev, 67, in Bourgas Bay who vessel was not good and the incident battle for unpaid wages. The 69 mostly
went missing yesterday after the remains under investigation by the Filipino crew members, who were
collision between a ship and a fishing MSA. Liaopuyun-777 is at the berth of stranded on the ship, were owed
boat with three men onboard Haiyang Island, Lujun port now and almost $500,000 in wages. She has
continues, BNR reports. The ship was all the cargo has been discharged.
held in Bourgas Bay by a police cutter. Understand that the vessel itself was since been sold to a Jordanian
The fishing boat was discovered close not badly damaged and looks in company as part of a Federal Court
to the place of incident. Two of the normal condition. The next step order. Jamie Newlyn, from the
fishermen Stoyan Arnaudov and regarding repairs will determined by Maritime Union, says crew members
Nikola Minosyan are in good the result of the investigation. — should be paid in the next week. The
condition. They are in the Bourgas Lloyd’s Agents. ship sailed last night with some of the
hospital. The maritime administration original crew on board. The MU says
is still searching for the missing third LODBROK (Sweden) they will be protected under an
fisherman with two rescue ships and a Gothenburg, Nov 24 — Repairs to the agreement between the International
cutter of the Border Police. Their Stockholm bridge which was struck by Transport Federation and the new
actions are hampered by the bad crane barge Lodbrok are proceeding owners.
visibility and the strong wind. according to plan, and are scheduled
Bourgas, Nov 21 — General cargo La to be completed Dec 30. — Westax MEDEA K. (Panama)
Vella collided with a Bulgarian fishing Marine Services AB. See “Nigeria” under “Piracy”.
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MOKAMI (Canada) London, Nov 23 — Information (2706 gt, built 1972), near the
London, Nov 21 — Product tanker received from Kiel, Dated today, entrance to Forestville harbour, in lat
Mokami (2968 gt, built 1989) made states: General cargo Nathalie (852 gt, 48 44 22N, long 69 02 53W, at 1250,
contact with the bottom while built 1989) ran aground west of the EST, Nov 16. OTM 3072 grounded
approaching Natashquan harbour, in Finnish port of Russaro, near Hanko, nearby but was subsequently refloated
lat 50 11 12N, long 61 50 43W, at during the night of Nov 22. The vessel and brought to port.
2347, UTC, Nov 20. No apparent was on a voyage from Kantvik to
damage. Taalintehdas, both in Finland, without OTM 3072 (Canada)
cargo and was holed in the hull. Later See Ocean Foxtrot.
MSC RACHELE (Panama) it was able to get off the ground
Maassluis, Nov 20 — C.c. MSC without help and reached Hanko in OUR LADY OF RULE (Philippines)
Rachele (90745 gt, built 2005) the morning. Manila, Nov 18 — Ferry Our Lady of
grounded at Buoy 48 while outbound Rule, in collision with ferry Filipinas
from Antwerp at 1522, local time, Nov NDS PROSPERITY (Belize) Maasin while leaving Cebu port, Nov
20. Vessel refloated by own engine at London, Nov 22 — A press repoprt, 14, resumed normal operations on Nov
1531, local time, and is proceeding to dated today, states: Container vessel 16 after undergoing repairs to its
Flushing anchorage for inspection. — Prosperity (? general cargo NDS damaged forecastle at Cebu. The
Lloyd’s Sub-agents. Prosperity , 13237 gt, built 1992) has vessel left the port at around 1900
London, Nov 23 — C.c. MSC Rachele gone to anchor about five miles off hrs, bound for Ozamiz port on Leyte
was reported passing Cape Finisterre Saldanha Bay after experiencing a island. — Lloyd’s List Correspondent.
on Nov 22, on passage Antwerp for loss of engine power. Earlier in the Manila, Nov 21 — Ferries Our Lady
Valencia. week the vessel reported it was having of Rule and Filipinas Maasin both
difficulty but when it began to drift sustained very minimal damage to
MUIRNEAG (U.K.) close to the coast SAMSA (SA their accommodation ladders during
Glasgow, Nov 21 — Ro/ro Muirneag Maritime Safety Authority) gave the slight contact with each other.
only sustained minor damage, and instructions for the ship to go to Both vessels proceeded to their
repairs were carried out alongside at anchor. In addition salvage tug Zakher destinations after the incident. —
Stornoway Nov 11-15. The vessel re- Delmon has been instructed to remain Lloyd’s Agents.
entered service on Nov 16 and is on standby near the vessel, which is
currently operating a daily ferry attempting to make repairs without OVERSEAS COLMAR
service between Ullapool and incurring a salvage tow. (Note — NDS (Marshall Islands)
Stornoway. — Lloyd’s Agents. Prosperity sailed Durban Nov 17, London, Nov 23 — A press report,
arrived Cape Town Nov 20 and sailed dated Nov 22, states: Crude oil tanker
MYSTIC (Netherlands Antilles) Nov 21 for Luanda.) Overseas Colmar lost its anchor and
Poznan, Nov 24 — Ref Mystic is lying London, Nov 23 — Following received rudder gear as it ran aground near
afloat at GRYFIA shipyard in from Cape Town MRCC, timed 1355, Sakhalin Island. The hull of the vessel
Szczecin. No repairs have commenced UTC: General cargo NDS Prosperity is sustained punctures and dents that
so far. — Lloyd’s Agents. still effecting repairs off Saldanha were found by divers of the Sakhalin
Bay. ETC not known. emergency-rescue department at
NAFTOCEMENT V Korsakov port who inspected the
(St. Vincent & Grenadines) NINA 1 underwater part of the vessel. The
London, Nov 21 — Lloyd’s Casualty (St. Vincent & Grenadines) tanker has absolutely no manoeuvring
representatives in Piraeus report : London, Nov 21 — General cargo capability, it is staying at one anchor
Cement Naftocement V (1606 gt, built Nina 1 (998 gt, built 1984) bound for and guarded by Sakhalin tugs at the
1970), was making berthing Antwerp, had to drop anchor because port, the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk sea
manoeuvres at the port of Samos in its engine had stopped, due to polluted rescue sub-centre, which is controlling
collision with general cargo Super fuel oil, in the entrance of the the situation with the tanker in
Georgia (1135 gt, built 1974) Noordgat near West Kapelle at about distress, said today. Following the
afternoon, Nov 19. Both vessels 0700, local time, this morning. The grounding tugs Atlas and Rubin towed
sustained some hull damage but there tug Gent towed it to the anchorage in the tanker to the Korsakov port. Now
was no pollution caused. Samos port the Everingen, River Scheldt, where it the problem is where to repair the
authority prohibited departure of the did anchor in position Delta at about tanker, as there is not a single dock on
vessels pending issuance of class 1330, local time. Here a bunkering Sakhalin where an almost 200-metre-
maintain certificates. vessel came alongside to refuel the long vessel could be placed.
coaster. Understand that Nina 1 has
NATHALIE (Finland) been towed to Flushing for repairs. PARKER DRILLING RIG 247
Helsinki, Nov 22 — General cargo London, Nov 24 — Parker Drilling
Nathalie (852 gt, built 1989), with four NORMAND NEPTUN (NIS) Company reported that Rig 247,
crew, ran aground off Hanko at the London, Nov 23 — Tug/supply operating in Turkmenistan, sustained
western gulf of Finland early this Normand Neptun was reported a well control incident. All non-
morning. According to the Finnish arriving at Ferrol (? in tow) on Nov 6. essential personnel were safely
Coast Guard, the vessel is safe and no evacuated, and no injuries have been
leakages are reported. — Lloyd’s NOVA SCOTIA reported. A team of well control
Agents. (Antigua & Barbuda) specialists is currently on location and
London, Nov 22 — Following received London, Nov 21 — Ref Nova Scotia working to control the flow from the
from Turku MRCC, timed 1109, UTC: sailed from Buenos Aires on Nov 16. well. The gas content of the mud and
General cargo Nathalie has been Montevideo, Nov 22 — Ref Nova water flowing from the well is not
refloated and arrived at Hanko under Scotia (5875 gt, built 1983) arrived material, resulting in minimum risk of
its own power. Montevideo Nov 21 in tow of an fire. In addition, certain equipment is
London, Nov 22 — A press report, Argentinean tug due to engine trouble. being cleared from the well site and
dated today, states: General cargo The vessel was then taken in tow by a stored at a safe distance. Although no
Nathalie ran aground south of the Uruguayan tug, and is presently at final damage assessment to the rig
island of Russaro in Finland’s Montevideo Anteport awaiting a has been made at this time, the
southern archipelago this morning but surveyor nominated by the owner. The company does not anticipate a
managed to sail to Hanko for repairs vessel will probably undertake repairs material financial impact from this
under its own steam. The Gulf of at Montevideo. — Lloyd’s Agents. incident based on the estimated
Finland Coast Guard District told the insurance payments for the physical
Finnish News Agency (STT) that the OCEAN FOXTROT (Canada) damage to the rig and lost revenues.
crew of four had not been in danger. London, Nov 17 — Anchor handling Once the well is under control, the rig
The vessel reportedly has a small hole tug/supply Ocean Foxtrot (700 gt, built will undergo repairs. It is expected to
in its forepeak. (See issue of Nov 23.) 1971) lost its tow, barge OTM 3072 return to service in mid-2006.
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PAROS (Cyprus) connected towage/passage plan will be Plato entered Lough Foyle about three
London, Nov 23 — Bulk Paros was given to the Isle of Man and UK hours ago and appears to be heading
reported arriving at Veracruz on Nov authorities. Port of Liverpool have towards Londonderry.
12. agreed to accept vessel.
London, Nov 18 — Following received POCAHONTAS (U.S.A.)
PARSIVAL (Antigua & Barbuda) from Coastguard Liverpool MRSC, London, Nov 18 — A press report,
London, Nov 23 — General cargo timed 2310, UTC: General cargo dated today, states: Service at the
Parsival was reported passing Tarifa Philipp : Tug Trafalgar reported 10 Jamestown Scotland Ferry was
on Nov 22, proceeding to the U.K. minutes ago that it will arrive at suspended for 45 minutes yesterday
casualty in approximately 30 minutes. after fully loaded ferry Pocahontas
PASSADEN (Finland) London, Nov 19 — Following received (1272 gt, built 1995) struck a dock
London, Nov 21 — Information from Coastguard Liverpool MRSC, following a mechanical failure. There
received from Kiel, dated today, states: timed 0041, UTC: Tug Trafalgar were two minor injuries, said Tiffany
General cargo Passaden (3828 gt, built commenced towing general cargo Erbach, a spokeswoman for the
1991) in collision with c.c. CP Philipp from lat 54 15.5N, long 03 Virginia Department of
Ambassador (40436 gt, built 1987) on 23.5W, at 2350, UTC. Tow speed Transportation, which operates the
the river Weser Nov 18. Passaden agreed at six knots. Passage plan free ferry service. Erbach said it’s
arrived from Hamburg to unload submitted to Isle of Man authorities thought a propeller failed to slow
containers in the port of Bremerhaven. and Liverpool MRSC. ETA Liverpool down as the boat neared the
While trying to turn around, it made basin 2000, UTC, Nov 19. Jamestown dock at 1645 hrs, causing
contact with the CP Ambassador . London, Nov 19 — Following it to strike the dock at about 5 mph.
Both vessels sustained damages of received from Coastguard Liverpool She said cars were waiting on the
some thousand Euros. They were MRSC, timed 1259, UTC: Tu g dock, and the ferry, capable of carrying
released after the classifiation had Trafalgar towing general cargo 70 cars, was loaded. The service,
been renewed. Philipp passed Liverpool Bar, inbound which shuttles cars across the James
London, Nov 20 — General cargo to the River Mersey at 1015, UTC. River from Surry to Jamestown, was
Passaden was reported sailing from Philipp is now berthed in Princess stopped from 1645 to 1730 hrs,
Bremerhaven at 0720 hrs, Nov 18, Dock, Birkenhead. causing significant backups. It
bound for Hamburg, arriving later the resumed with another ferry operating
same day, at 1640 hrs. The vessel PLATO (Barbados) alone. Erbach said Pocahontas will be
sailed from Hamburg at 1745 hrs, Nov London, Nov 22 — Following received out of service until an investigation by
19, bound for Klaipeda. c.c. CP from Coastguard Belfast MRSC, timed the Coast Guard and VDOT is
Ambassador sailed from Bremerhaven 1000, UTC: At 0208, UTC, fishing completed. Because of the decreased
at 1250 hrs, Nov 18 and was next Golden Bells 2 (25 gt), on channel 16 ferry capacity, she said riders should
reported passing through the Dover VHF, reported it had been involved in expect delays.
Strait on Nov 19, bound for Le Havre. collision with an unidentified green
London, Nov 22 — General cargo coaster in lat 53 55N, long 05 18W, PROSPERITY NO.28 (Bolivia)
Passaden arrived at Klaipeda on Nov approximately 25 nautical miles east- London, Nov 23 — Following received
21, sailing later the same day. C.c. CP south-east of Kilkeel. The fishing from Hong Kong MRCC, timed 0335,
Ambassador arrived at Le Havre on vessel had sustained damage on its UTC: A Cospas/Sarsat alert was
Nov 19. starboard side, but was not taking detected from fish carrier Prosperity
water. It was in the process of letting No.28 , CPA736, 251 gt, MMSI
PATRIZIA D’AMATO (Panama) go of its nets with the intention to 730601000, length 34.4 metres,
See “Hurricane ‘Katrina” under proceed to Kilkeel harbour. The yesterday. Hong Kong MRCC
“Weather & Navigation”. colliding vessel was now two nautical helicopter was sent to the area to
miles to the north of them. Fishing investigate and rescued all 15 crew
PAVO (Antigua & Barbuda) Havilah responded on channel 16 and from the vessel that had sunk in lat 20
Bremen, Nov 17 — General cargo commenced hauling nets to proceed to 29N, long 114 04E. The 15 crew
Pavo called at Bremerhaven Nov 11 escort Golden Bells 2 towards Kilkeel. members are now in a Hong Kong
and sailed same day for Swinoujscie Coastguard Holyhead MRCC, hospital.
shipyard to effect repairs. — Lloyd’s identified general cargo Plato (1990 gt,
Agents. built 1989), in the vicinity, according PROTUL
to AIS. Vessel was on passage to See Fenix.
PHILIPP (Antigua & Barbuda) Londonderry, with an ETA of
London, Nov 18 — Following received 1600/1700 hrs, today. Belfast MRSC PUERTO DE ALTAMIRA (Panama)
from Coastguard Liverpool MRCC, contacted Plato confirming that the Veracruz, Nov 23 — The owners of
timed 0847, UTC: General cargo vessel had been involved in the cutter suction hopper dredger Puerto
Philipp (2567 gt, built 1978), collision with the fishing vessel. Plato, de Altamira inform that the vessel is
Manchester for Greenock, with empty not taking water, was requested to still afloat at the TNG shipyard in
containers, was at 0800, UTC, today, remain in the vicinity of Golden Bells Veracruz. They have not yet made a
reported in the position, lat 54 05.1N, 2 until Havilah arrived on scene. decision as to who is going to repair
long 04 58.5W, 5.5 nautical miles east- Newcastle RNLI all weather lifeboat her and when. — Lloyd’s Agents.
north-east of the Calf of Man. Vessel’s was requested to launch. At 0332,
rudder is jammed at 10 degrees to UTC, Golden Bells 2 proceeded toward R.S.STERLING (U.S.A.)
starboard. Vessel has main engines, Kilkeel with Havilah escorting. Plato Veracruz, Nov 22 — Ferry
but is unable to steer. Vessel is was released to continue passage to R.S.Sterling (797 gt, built 1950)
maintaining its position off the Isle of Londonderry and requested to keep dragged its anchor and ran aground in
Man. Its’ owners have arranged for a Belfast MRCC informed of progress at heavy weather in front of a small town
tug to attend the vessel. ETA on scene three hourly intervals. Newcastle called El Conchal in the Municipality
is 1600, UTC. MRCC are maintaining lifeboat arrived on scene at 0411, of Boca del RÌo, a few miles south of
contact with the vessel. Weather UTC, and took over escort of Golden the port of Veracruz. We understand
conditions on scene: winds, easterly or Bells 2. Golden Bells 2 arrived Kilkeel the ferry was being towed by tug
southeasterly, force 4 or 5, becoming where met on arrival by Kilkeel Verona , which had been travelling
variable force 3 or 4, Visibility is good. Coastguard at 0600, UTC. SAROPS from Freeport, Texas, to Guatemala
London, Nov 18 — Following received terminated. There were five persons and thence to the Cayman Islands for
from Coastguard Liverpool MRSC, on board Golden Bells 2 and eight on scrapping. The ferry owner has been
timed 1358, UTC: Tug Trafalgar Plato. trying to get a tug to pull the ferry off
contracted to tow general cargo London, Nov 22 — Following received the shore and refloat it but there was
Philipp from current position, lat 54 from Coastguard Belfast MRSC, timed heavy weather on scene until this
08.4N, long 05 08.2W, to Liverpool. 2155, UTC: General cargo Plato , morning. The ferry had been anchored
Trafalgar ETA 1900, UTC. Once tow collision with fishing Golden Bells 2: by the tug personnel while the tug
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entered Veracruz to discharge the vessel is owned by Cebu-based morning. Understand tugs are in
cargo carried on barge Bruce W543 Maypalad Shipping Lines. There were vicinity of the casualty.
(1139 gt, built 1992), which was also no reported injuries. — Lloyd’s List London, Nov 21 — Following received
being towed by the same tug. While Correspondent. from Coast Guard San Juan, timed
the tug was placing the barge Manila, Nov 22 — Authorities 2015, UTC: Product tanker Sperchios
alongside No 1 Pier in Veracruz to be reported that negligence caused the is still aground about two metres into
tied up and discharged, it lost control fire which consumed the cargo hold of coral reef, with tugs on scene and
of the barge in the heavy weather and passenger ro/ro Samar Star. According booms being placed around the vessel
it struck the pier several times, to the Cebu Fire Department, the fire as a precaution. Lighter barges are en
causing damage to itself and the pier. was caused by construction workers route to take off some fuel from the
The Veracruz Port Captain has been performing a welding job above the vessel if this proves necessary.
refusing to let the tug and barge out of cargo deck. Sparks from the welding London, Nov 22 — Following received
the port while the damages to the pier rods fell through the ceiling and set from San Juan, timed 1230, UTC:
are either paid for or guaranteed. — fire to wooden crates carried on the Product tanker Sperchios: A meeting
Lloyd’s Agents. cargo deck. The fire quickly spread is taking place between the vessel’s
through the cargo area, fire representives and salvage authorities.
RAINBOW WARRIOR department officials said. — Lloyd’s Vessel remains aground, lightering
(Netherlands) List Correspondent. barges on scene.
Manila, Nov 20 — Yacht Rainbow London, Nov 22 — Following received
Warrior is now in Loboc Port, Iloilo SAN CARLO (MALTA) from Coast Guard San Juan, timed
City, in central Philippines, after See “Somalia” under “Piracy”. 1745, UTC: Product tanker Sperchios
leaving Manila on Nov 15. — Lloyd’s is still aground and some cargo will
List Correspondent. SARAH JANE need to be taken off before refloating
Vigo, Oct 30 — Ref Sarah Jane is efforts are carried out.
RODINA (Bulgaria) still under repair at Vigo. — Lloyd’s London, Nov 23 — Following received
Gothenburg, Nov 21 — Fredericia Agents. from Coast Guard San Juan, timed
repair yard confirmed additional time 1430, UTC: Product tanker Sperchios
for docking of bulk Rodina would be SD TRIUMPH (Panama) is still aground in the same position.
required as the actual damage to London, Nov 22 — Bulk SD Triumph Salvors will attempt to refloat the
vessel’s bottom is worse than (38267 gt, built 1994), shifting in vessel this afternoon.
previously reported in accordance with Vancouver Harbour from United Grain London, Nov 23 — Following received
the general survey carried out, where Growers west berth to Pacific Elevator from Coast Guard San Juan, timed
a total of 80 tons of steel is to be No 2 in fog, struck the dock in position 2335, UTC: Product tanker Sperchios
replaced in the bottom section. It is lat 49 18N, long 123 16W, at 1552, was refloated at 1350, local time, and
now confirmed that double that PST, Nov 20. Vessel sustained damage is now anchored in Guayanilla Bay for
amount will be required to carry out to forepeak and No 1 hold above the inspection.
satisfactory repairs which will require waterline. London, Nov 24 — A Coast Guard
considerable extra time. — Westax San Juan press release, dated Nov 23,
Marine Services AB. SEA MAGNOLIA (Panama) sttaes: Product tanker Sperchios was
London, Nov 23 — Following received successfully refloated at 1350 today.
ROYAL PACIFIC (Panama) from Coast Guard Seattle, timed 2015, The refloating efforts were undertaken
London, Nov 23 — A SMIT Salvage UTC: We have just been informed that by the Unified Command composed of
BV report states: In July passenger bulk Sea Magnolia (35350 gt, built federal and state agencies, along with
Royal Pacific capsized in the port of 1991), currently at Elliot Bay, Seattle, private stakeholders representing the
Kaohsiung. In the first weeks of is experiencing very minor water tank vessel. As part of the refloating
August SMIT Salvage was contracted ingress. (Note — Sea Magnolia arrived evolution and in an attempt to lighten
by the P&I club to remove the Seattle Nov 22 from Zhoushan.) the weight of the vessel an
constructive total loss vessel. A approximate quantity of 60,000
salvage team and the 1,000 tonnes SEVEN STARS (U.S.A.) barrels of crude oil were transferred to
sheerleg crane Smit Cyclone were Honolulu, Nov 18 — Fishing Seven a barge brought alongside the
mobilised to remove the wreck. Before Stars is breaking up on the rocks. No grounded ship. Simultaneously, the
removing the wreck it had to be cut salvage has been attempted due to grounded vessel pumped sea water
into nine liftable sections. The cutting weather conditions at the site. None of into its ballast compartments in order
was done by using our advanced the 700 gallons of diesel was removed to hold in place the position of the
cutting wire. After the cutting was and it is reportedly spilling, but the vessel, awaiting to be freed from its
finished the sheerleg crane lifted and spill is going out to sea. The vessel grounded location during high tide.
landed the wreck sections on a barge, reportedly had on board The U.S. Coast Guard deployed safe
which subsequently transported the approximately 4,000 lbs of fish, which boats along with local law enforcement
sections to a local scrapsite. The is now spilling into the ocean adjacent vessels to enforce a safety zone around
operations were carried out in close to the vessel. The State has put out a the ship and the area of operations. As
conjunction with the local port warning not to swim in the area due to a preventive measure a U.S. Coast
authorities and the Taiwanese an abundance of sharks the fish is Guard HH-65 Dolphin helicopter was
Environmental organisation. The last attracting. — Lloyd’s Agents. at the scene monitoring the refloating
wreck section was landed on the barge of Sperchios along with a specialized
on Nov 11. SHANGHAI PRIDE (Panama) oil spill recovery vessel from the
Colombo, Nov 22 — Both general National Response Corporation, St.
RYUHO MARU (Japan) cargo Shanghai Pride and bulk Salam Croix. At 1200 hrs. water in the
See “Gulf of Thailand” under 4 are still lying in anchorage. vesselsø ballast compartments was
“Pollution”. Understand that the repair work to pumped out to lighten the weight of
Salam 4 has already commenced, the vessel, and slowly Sperchios began
SAMAR STAR (Philippines) while the owners of Shanghai Pride moving away from its grounded
London, Nov 21 — The Philippine are still negotiating with regard to location under a controlled refloating
registered passenger ro/ro Samar Star repairs. — Lloyd’s Agents. operation involving the assistance of
(128 dwt) caught fire shortly after five tugs. During the refloating of the
docking at Pier 2 of the port of Cebu in SPERCHIOS (Liberia) vessel, the preliminary assessment
central Philippines today. Initial London, Nov 21 — Following received revealed no indication of any type of
reports from a local radio station from Coast Guard San Juan, timed oil spill or pollution taking place in
DYAB-Cebu said that the fire broke 1530, UTC: Product tanker Sperchios the Guayanilla Bay. Sperchios was
out on the coastal passenger/cargo (39964 gt, built 1982) ran aground in able to operate under its own
vessel at around 1100 hrs after it lat 17 57.69N, long 66 46.06W, propulsion, however, tugs were at the
arrived from Samar province. The between 0530-0730, local time, this scene and guided the ship to a
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designated anchorage site where the under investigation for alleged owned by Cebu-based Trans Asia
vessel finally anchored at 1500 hrs. At manslaughter in connection with the Shipping Lines. — Lloyd’s List
this time a thorough underwater hull seven deaths stemming from the Correspondent.
integrity assessment is being capsizing of ferry Tahiti Nui IV in
conducted. As a preventive measure Sep 2003. Puputauki, former head of TRANSFER (Antigua & Barbuda)
the ship has been surrounded by the GIP, as the intervention group is Belize City, Nov 18 — Part c.c.
protective booming and an known, was questioned Friday (Nov Transfer remains aground on
environmental team is currently at 18) in the capsizing of the vessel, Lighthouse Reef, Belize. Belize
hand 24 hours until the vessel is which is operated by the GIP. salvage company Pinnacle
determined to be seaworthy to Examining Magistrate Anne Barruol Construction & Engineering Ltd have
continue operations by the U.S. Coast put Puputauki under investigation expressed an interest to salve the
Guard. for alleged manslaughter after vessel. — Lloyd’s Agents.
London, Nov 24 — Following received questioning him, French daily
from the managers of product tanker newspaper “Les Nouvelles de Tahiti” TRANSMODAL (Argentina)
Sperchios: Pleiades Shipping of Greece reported. He was head of the GIP Buenos Aires, Nov 21 — Ro/ro
is pleased to report that Sperchioshas when the shipwreck occurred off Transmodal is expected to complete
been successfully re-floated with no Rimatara in the southernmost repairs by Dec 15. — Lloyd’s Agents.
loss of cargo or pollution. The vessel Austral Islands of French Polynesia.
has proceeded to the inner anchorage Seven persons who died in the
under her own power, where she will incident were either sailors working TRINITY SEA (Canada)
London, Nov 18 — Tug/supply Trinity
undergo an inspection and all being for the GIP or employees of a private Sea (2623 gt, built 1983) reported it
well, will then berth to discharge her construction company. Fourteen had a shaft generator fire in engine-
cargo. The vessel grounded on a sandy passengers had to be rescued. Tahiti room in lat 44 01.00N, long 60 57W at
bottom some 1.5 miles south of the Nui IV was the subject of a damning 2243, UTC, Nov 17. Fire self
port of Guayanilla, on the southern report last January from the extinguished. Vessel proceeding to
coast of Puerto Rico at 0600 hrs, Nov Accident and Investigation Office Halifax.
21. The Company will work closely (BEA), the newspaper said. The
with the vessel’s crew and with the report corroborated the testimony by
authorities in order to establish how the survivors, who said water TRIZAN (North Korea)
London, Nov 23 — Lloyd’s Casualty
this grounding occurred. Pleiades entered the hull through the forward representatives in Piraeus report : The
Shipping would like to thank the US part of the vessel, the added weight Coast Guard received a Mayday from
Coast Guard for their professionalism causing it to capsize, according to
and assistance during this incident. “Les Nouvelles.” The Tahiti Nui IV general cargo Trizan (1652 gt, built
did not undergo a sufficient amount 1967), Porto Lagos bound for Turkey,
STEVA (Malta) of maintenance during the last loaded with 1657 tons of cotton seed,
Piraeus, Nov 23 — Marine pollution months of its operation, becoming near Thassos, this morning.
from bulk Steva (13227 gt, built 1980), increasingly difficult to navigate, the Immediately the nearby vessels were
covering 40 square metres, was newspaper quoted from the report. notified to keep a look out and a
observed by Piraeus Port Authority Puputauki claimed that the freeboard helicopter was despatched. The nearby
Nov 22. The pollution occurred while certificate necessary for obtaining a Minerva Nounou located the casualty
the vessel was performing slops navigation permit had been issued which had drifted from its anchorage
delivery at Neos Molos, Drapetzona. and renewed until January 2004. The and grounded at the coast of Potamias,
The vessel’s third engineer was BEA does not challenge that but Thassos. The master of the vessel
arrested and is liable to prosecution. noted that the certificate had been requested assistance for the crew to
— Lloyd’s Agents. granted in the absence of any dry abandon ship. Four out of the seven
dock inspection or visit of the ballast crew were rescued by helicopter while
STRILEN area, according to the newspaper. the master, chief and second engineer
(St. Vincent & Grenadines) The BEA further noted that in the remain on board. In the area the are
London, Nov 23 — General cargo vessel’s final months of operation it winds east-south-east 8 Beaufort
Strilen was reported arriving at could only sail by nearly permanently (gale) .
Fredericia on Nov 22. pumping out the forward London, Nov 23 — Following received
compartments of the vessel, “Les from Piraeus RCC, timed 0905, UTC:
SUPER GEORGIA (Greece) Nouvelles” reported. The vessel Trizan, seven persons on board, is still
See Naftocement V. required increased maintenance, aground in lat 40 43N, long 24 45E.
which in 2002-2003 became Three persons remain on board vessel,
SUZIE Q. (Antigua & Barbuda) increasingly insufficient. Under such four persons rescued by helicopter.
Yokohama, Nov 22 — General cargo conditions, the question arose as to Piraeus, Nov 23 — General cargo
Suzie Q. had engine trouble near the whether the vessel deserved its Trizan, Lagos, Greece, for Turkey with
Tokala Islands, Kagoshima Pref., and freeboard certificate, without which a 1.657 tons cotton seed, drifted while
was towed to Yosu Nov 14. — Lloyd’s navigation permit cannot be anchored near Thasos Island and
Agents. delivered, the newspaper reported, subsequently grounded at Potamia
citing the BEA report. bay, Thasos, this morning, due to
SVIR (Russia)
London, Nov 21 — A press report, TONG CHENG 818 strong winds. Four crew members
dated today, states: Fire broke out on See “China” under “Weather & were rescued by a Coast Guard
board general cargo Svir (2794 gt, Navigation.” helicopter. The vessel’s master, first
built 1980) in the Bosporus today. engineer and second engineer are still
Vessel’s crew extinguished the fire and TRANS ASIA I (Philippines) on board. — Lloyd’s Agents.
there were no injuries. Manila, Nov 21 — Ro/ro Trans Asia I London, Nov 24 — Following received
London, Nov 21 — Following received (3797 gt, built 1972) arrived at from Piraeus RCC, timed 0455, UTC:
from Ankara MSRCC, timed 1835, Cagayan de Oro port at approximately General cargo Trizan is still aground.
UTC: General cargo Svir is still 1145 hrs, today, after suffering a Piraeus, Nov 24 — General cargo
anchored off Istanbul, fire out, no mechanical breakdown, during its Trizan is now experiencing water
danger, situation under control. voyage from Cebu to Cagayan de Oro, ingress in the engine-room. The
the Philippine Coast Guard reported. remaining three crew members have
TAHITI NUI IV (French Polynesia) An inspection by Philippine Coast been picked up by a Coast Guard
London, Nov 23 — A press report, Guard personnel at Cagayan de Oro helicopter. — Lloyd’s Agents.
dated Nov 22, states: Leonard indicated that water had seeped into London, Nov 24 — Following received
Puputauki, the former controversial it’s fuel tank contaminating the from Piraeus RCC, timed 1200, UTC:
head of the French Polynesia vessel’s fuel supply. There were no General cargo Trizan remains
government’s intervention group, is reported injuries. Trans Asia I is aground.
Receive immediate notice as soon as a Casualty occurs. For further information please contact Andrew Luxton on +44 (0) 20 7017 4625.

Marine/Piracy/Piracy/Port State Control/Seizures & Arrests

TU KING (Hong Kong) was on Sunday (Nov 13), raided by that some compensation would have
Santos, Nov 21 — Bulk Tu King privates who stormed the vessel at the been given to the captors for them to
arrived at Santos at 1555 hrs, Nov 20, outside bar, some 15 nautical miles release the ship,” he told Reuters in
from Rio de Janeiro. — Lloyd’s Agents. outside the Lagos Port Complex, the Nairobi. There are still six ships being
“Daily Sun” has learnt. The vessel held along with their crews by pirates
VERONA which was chartered by Messrs Yinka and at least five ships have been
See R.S.Sterling. Folawiyo and Sons Limited, was attacked weeks in a sharp rise of
loaded with bulk cement from Europe banditry in the busy Indian Ocean
VOC GALLANT for Lagos but was delayed at the sea corridor off the coast of the East
(Antigua & Barbuda) for some days, owing to the port Africa. — Reuters.
Dubai, Nov 20 — Bulk VOC Gallant congestion being experienced in
sailed (from Dubai Drydocks) on Oct Nigeria now. Reliable sources told the
26, bound for Doha, Qatar. — Lloyd’s “Daily Sun” on Monday (Nov 14) that
Agents. the vessel which loaded 14,100 metric
tones of bulk cement was low enough
WESTWOOD MARIANNE in the waters, which made it easy for
(Bahamas) the pirates to climb on board with
London, Nov 17 — Bulk/c.c. hooked ladder ropes. The Group
Westwood Marianne sailed from Managing Director of Yinka Folawiyo
Nagoya on Nov 14, bound for Osaka, and Sons Limited, Captain S. Kadiri, FRANCE
where it arrived later the same day. conformed the attack but could not St Malo, Nov 18 — Due to
give any details. He said øthe vessel discrepancies found by the port state
XIN QIN HUANG DAO (China) arrived outside bar on Saturday (Nov control, general cargo Marvita (2061
London, Nov 24 — A press report, 12) and moved some 15 nautical miles gt, built 1980) detained in St Malo
dated today, states: C.c. Xin Qin away from the Lagos harbour. øShe evening of Nov 17. — Lloyd’s Agents.
Huang Dao (66433 gt, built 2004) would have sailed straight into Yinka (Note — Marvita arrived St Malo Nov
Hong Kong for Long Beach, lost six Folawiyo Jetty but for the letter of 16.)
containers overside Nov 18. Claim of waiver granted this company some St. Malo, Nov 23 — General cargo
heavy weather will likely be disputed weeks ago by the Minister of Marvita was released by from the Port
by cargo interests. Determined that Transport, Dr. Abiye Sekibo, which we State Control detention at 1415 hrs,
upper container in six container stack were yet to receive at the shipøs Nov 22. The vessel departed from St.
exceeded stack weight by 159%. Broke arrivalø. He said his company had Malo, yesterday evening, bound for
twist locks, tore deck pads when six been chasing the waiver for days Rotterdam. — Lloyd’s Agents.
container stack broke loose and without success, stressing that
toppled overside. (Note — Xin Qin without it, the Nigerian Ports
Huang Dao arrived Long Beach Nov Authority (NPA), would not allow the IRISH REPUBLIC
Dublin, Nov 18 — General cargo
21.) vessel to berth. Captain Kadiri said he Yulia (2598 gt, built 1992) was
could not give details of the shipøs detained at Drogheda after failing to
YULIA (Malta) invasion øbecause even though the fulfil Fire Safety Standards. The
See “Irish Republic” under “Port vessel informed us of the attack, the Department of Marine and Natural
State Control”. Master of the ship, Captain Fassulis Resources carried out an inspection of
Hristos, a Greek national, was very the vessel and found that it needed
ZENITH (U.K.) reluctant to talk to anybodyø. fire doors. An engineer has been
Glasgow, Nov 21 — Following the Although no life was lost during the called in to survey the vessel and then
outbreak of fire on board, while raid, the “Daily Sun” learnt that the fire doors will be ordered. It is
fishing Zenith was moored in marauders collected a reasonable expected that these may take two
Fraserburgh Harbour at 0800 hrs, Nov ransome from the vessel. At the time weeks to be delivered and fitted. —
8, attempts were made to tackle the of filing this report, the “Daily Sun” Lloyd’s Agents.
fire, but difficulty was met in bringing counted 32 vessels at the outside bar,
this under control. Eventually, the waiting to berth.
vessel was placed into the drydock at
Fraserburgh and the fire was PERSIAN GULF
extinguished by “sinking” the boat in London, Nov 21 — Following received
the dock. This course of action from Australia RCC, timed 1711, UTC:
successfully extinguished the fire and Bulk Alexandra I (35886 gt, built
averted any harbour pollution. The 1994) reported at 2250, UTC, Nov 19,
vessel is reported to have sustained that the vessel had been boarded by
severe damage due to the fire and the pirates in lat 29 43.5N, long 48 38E.
damages will have been exacerbated The pirates had entered the master’s ATLANTIC MERCADO
by the action needed to extinguish it. cabin and stolen property. No crew (Antigua & Barbuda)
durban, Nov 23 — General cargo
Subsequently, on Nov 14, Zenith was injuries reported. Atlantic Mercado is set for auction on
towed out of the drydock and placed on Dec 8. — Lloyd’s Agents.
the shiplift at Fraserburgh where the SOMALIA
damage has been assessed and Nairobi, Nov 19 — Somali pirates
possible repair options are being have freed a vessel and its crew after AUDREY
London, Nov 17 — A press report,
considered by insurers. At present, holding them hostage for almost one dated Nov 13, states: Four Filipino
this is still in progress. — Lloyd’s month off Somalia’s northeast coast, a sailors marooned on tug Audrey off
Agents. maritime official said today. The Bahrain’s coast for eight months say
Maltese-owned product tanker San they will forfeit $17,000 in unpaid
Carlo, with a 24-member Greek crew, wages if it means they will get to go
was hijacked on October 20 in the home soon. Seamen Romeo Dacanay,
Indian Ocean as it made its way from Luis Lamigo, Ruben Archangel and
Bahrain to South Africa. “We have Novi Peregua are all that remain of
information that the vessel was the original nine-crew members of
released yesterday and we believe that Audrey. They had planned to sit it out
it is making its way to its original until a legal dispute between the
destination which is South Africa,” ship’s Filipino owner and the Dubai-
NIGERIA said Andrew Mwangura, programme based company that was renting it is
London, Nov 18 — A press report, co-ordinator at the Kenyan Seafarers’ settled in the hope that they would be
dated today, states: Greek registered Association. “We don’t know whether paid. However, they want to call it a
bulk Medea K. (9529 gt, built 1978), any ransom was paid, but I am sure
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Seizures & Arrests

day after the Philippine Embassy stage. One of the seamen, Romeo sailors reach dry land. Mr Dacanay
advised them that the case could drag Dacanay, said the ship was and the other seamen hope to return
on for some time. “We understand now commissioned in 1969 and was in to the Philippines soon and are even
that the court case in Bahrain could desperate need of maintenance. “The willing to forfeit $17,000 in unpaid
take a long time, possibly years,” Mr air-conditioning stopped working last wages if it means they will be allowed
Dacanay said from the ship yesterday. year and so did the other generator,” to go home.
“I feel as if we are just sitting here he said. “The water is also not that London, Nov 24 — A press report,
and waiting for nothing, whereas if we deep where we are anchored. It is dated today, states: A hole in the hull
go back home we could find other jobs. about six metres deep.” Mr Dacanay of tug Audrey was successfully
However, sending them back home is said the crew was doing its best to patched up yesterday. The Filipino
easier said than done, according to keep Audrey afloat, making sure the sailors on board, Romeo Dacanay, Luis
embassy officials who are working generator that does work kept Lamigo, Ruben Archangel and Novi
closely with port authorities to allow pumping water out. “We try to patch Peregua, said they managed to cover
the Audrey to dock at Mina Salman. It up whatever we can, but without the hole with materials provided by
was detained with the approval of proper tools or materials, I don’t think the Bahrain International Seafarers
Bahrain’s courts because of a financial we can do it,” he said. Society (BISS).
dispute between the ship’s Filipino London, Nov 23 — A press report,
owner Richard V Jorge, whose dated today, states: Four Filipino BALTIC KRISTINA (Latvia)
company R V J Shipping is based in sailors stranded on board tug Audrey See “Riga Sea Lines”.
Ajman, and Dubai-based company off the coast of Bahrain were working
Venture that chartered it. The RVJ around the clock yesterday, trying to CENTURY BRIGHT (Belize)
Shipping’s phone and fax numbers are patch up a hole in the hull of the London, Nov 18 — General cargo
no longer in service and Mr Jorge has vessel, which has started taking in Century Bright sailed Hong Kong Nov
failed to respond to e-mails. Sources water. A Bahraini Coast Guard vessel 9.
said that Mr Jorge has left the UAE pulled next to the tug, anchored about
and is now back with his family in two kilometres off Mina Salman, to FAROUK M. (North Korea)
Las Pinas City, in the Philippines. check on the crew’s progress as they Limassol, Nov 22 — General cargo
Embassy officials have not been able worked on keeping the vessel afloat. Farouk M. (1285 gt, built 1971) which
to get in touch with Mr Jorge or the Three members of the Bahraini Coast arrived at Larnaca on Nov 18 from
charter company. Meanwhile, over a Guard reportedly went on board at Alexandria, has been detained by the
month has passed since the embassy around noon to inspect the vessel, but Dept. of Merchant Shipping. — Lloyd’s
sent port authorities an official left shortly afterwards. “I thought Agents.
request to dock Audrey at Mina they were there to help us, but they
Salman. “We have not received a just took a look around and left,” said JERBA (Tunisia)
response yet, but we are remaining acting deck officer Romeo Dacanay. “I Bizerta, Nov 23 — General cargo
hopeful,” said embassy consular don’t know if they are going to come Jerba is still lying at Ml Bourguiba
assistant Ramon Nerida yesterday. back.” The four-member crew said under arrest. — Lloyd’s List.
The embassy is also encouraging the they were concerned that if their
families of the sailors to file vessel sank, they would “get into even MERWEDESTROOM (Netherlands)
complaints at the OWWA in the bigger trouble”. “It will be a big London, Nov 22 — C.c.
Philippines against Mr Jorge. The problem if the vessel sinks,” said Mr Merwedestroom sailed from Rotterdam
sailors are getting humanitarian Dacanay. “Sinking means the vessel at 1945 hrs, Nov 11, for Hamburg,
support from the boat’s agent, the will pollute the water — with all the where it arrived at 1544 hrs, Nov 12.
Gulf Agency Company, and the crude oil — and that, I understand,
Bahrain International Seafarers’ comes with great penalties. We don’t PAN YUN BO 1 (China)
Society, as well as charity groups and know if we are going to be blamed by London, Nov 18 — General cargo Pan
other private establishments. They the Bahrain court for this, even Yun Bo 1 is still at Western Anchorage
are being provided with food, water, though we know we are not at fault.” No.1, Hong Kong, under detention.
books, pre-paid phone cards and other Mr Dacanay and the rest of the crew
necessities. said they were tired of working to PISHVA (Iran)
London, Nov 22 — A press report, keep the vessel afloat, depending only Abu Dhabi, Nov 22 — Ro-ro Pishva is
dated today, states: Concern is on a faulty generator to pump out still under arrest at Mina Zayed. —
growing for the welfare of four water as they try to patch up the hole. Lloyd’s Agents.
Filipino sailors stranded off the coast Philippine Embassy officials are on
of Bahrain after their tug Audrey alert in case the vessel does sink. The RED POINT (Italy)
started sinking. A hole has been vessel, owned by Filipino Richard V London, Nov 23 — Chemical/oil
discovered in the hull of their 36- Jorge — whose company R V J carrier Red Point sailed from
year-old vessel, which has started Shipping is based in Ajman, — Rotterdam at 2125 hrs, Nov 22.
taking in water. The only hope for the arrived in Bahrain’s waters last
crew, who have been confined to December with its original nine- RIGA SEA LINES
Audrey since March, is to pump out member crew. Their main role was to Riga, Nov 21 — Passenger ro/ro
water using a faulty generator. supply equipment to other vessels in Baltic Kristina is under arrest. The
Philippine Embassy officials were the area. However, Audrey w a s crew are still on board the vessel. —
yesterday reportedly on alert in case detained with the approval of Lloyd’s Agents.
Audrey does sink. Embassy officials Bahrain’s courts because of a financial Riga, Nov 21 — Passenger ro/ro
have been trying to get the ship to dispute between Mr Jorge and the Baltic Kristina has been at Riga since
dock at Mina Salman and are Dubai-based company Venture, which Oct 15, and has been arrested. The
reportedly still waiting for port chartered it. Mr Jorge has since gone Port Authorities have started court
authorities to respond to an official into hiding. After the vessel’s proceedings against the Owner/
request sent last month. “We are very detention, it was moved in March operator of the vessel, Messrs. Rigas
concerned about the fate of our from a mooring buoy to its current Juras Linija. The Court hearing will
countrymen,” said embassy consul location at sea and the crew ordered continue for at least two months, then
Imelda Panolong. “An embassy by the court to remain on board. RJL will be accepted as bankrupt. The
official last went on board Audrey last Embassy officials have been trying to Crew refused to leave the ship until
week and that was when the crew get the vessel to dock at Mina Salman their salaries have been paid. —
told him that there was a new and are reportedly still waiting for Lloyd’s Agents.
problem on the ship. “We understand port authorities to respond to an
that they only have one generator left official request sent last month. In the SENTINEL (Comoros)
to pump out water and that the boat event that the vessel does sink, Genoa, Nov 21 — General cargo
may sink, but we are very much embassy officials said they would do Sentinel remains under arrest at
hoping that it does not reach that whatever they could to help the Genoa. — Lloyd’s Agents.
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Seizures & Arrests/Pipeline Accidents/Pollution

SPANISH FISHING VESSELS Omsk to Irkutsk. There was no fire. hose by unexpected external force. At
SEIZED BY NORWAY Maintenance and rescue teams are the time of accident, strong winds and
London, Nov 23 — A press report, now working at the site. The leak has high waves have been recognised. The
dated today, states: Spain has already been fixed. Oil spilled on an owner has now arranged for P & I
launched a formal protest to the EU area of 300 sq m. At 0832, Moscow Surveyors and also the attendance of
against Norway’s arrest of two time, train service was stopped for marine superintendent to protect oil
Spanish trawlers in Svalbard waters fear of an oil fire. spillage and investigation of root
at the weekend (Nov 19-20). The cause.”
protest was presented by Spanish London, Nov 24 — A press report,
Agricultural and Fisheries Minister dated today, states: Crude oil from
Elena Espinosa at a meeting of the EU Sunday`s (Nov 20) oil spill near
Agricultural and Fisheries Council in Thailand`s main aquatic playground of
Brussels yesterday. In her statement the eastern coast is threatening coral
to the council, Espinosa underlined reefs and tourism, and suggesting that
that the two trawlers and their crews Thai Oil Public Company Limited was
must be released immediately. She premature in announcing that it had
further claimed that Norway had no GULF OF THAILAND contained the 20,000-litre “leak.” Oil
right to put into effect measures which London, Nov 20 — A press report, slicks from Thai Oil`s leaking tanker
would curtail access to the waters dated today, states: About 50 tons of delivery pipeline are endangering
around Svalbard for vessels under an crude oil spilled into the Gulf of coral reefs around Koh Khang Khao
EU flag, or to take sanctions against Thailand from a Japan-registered Island off the country`s eastern
them. The EU Commission has also vessel today, as it attempted to Chonburi Province, home of
underlined that in its opinion, Norway dispense some of its cargo at a Thailand`s most visited tourist
has no right to take sanctions on its refinery buoy, a company official said. beaches, Thai News Agency reported.
own against vessels from other flag Crude oil tanker Ryuho Maru (149362 Though government authorities have
states. “Our view is very clear on this gt, built 1999) had moored to unload applied chemical dispersants to make
point. If a fishing vessel is suspected oil from the Middle East but it leaked layers of oil slicks submerge beneath
of illegal fishing, it is the flag state because of faulty equipment, said a the ocean surface in a bid to keep the
which should be informed and which refinery relations manager from Thai coral reefs and marine life safe,
should follow it up,” EU Commission Oil PLC, who spoke on condition of masses of oil are coagulating on one of
spokeswoman Mirelle Thom said. anonymity, citing company policy. “It the tourist area’s few remaining
“However, the EU and Norway enjoy failed because of an equipment failure. relatively intact coral reefs. The
excellent relations, and it ought to be The dock hose might have leaked,” possibility that the reefs might be in
possible to sit down and discuss these said the manager, adding that there critical danger — after the company
matters,” she said. The issue is would be an investigation. The assured both the government and the
expected to be discussed in meetings company has cleaned up most of the public that the problem was contained
between the EU and Norway in the oil, using a spray to disperse the — is not encouraging, said an
near future. remainder, he said. The oil spill environmental observer. The
occurred off the Thai coast about 50 Department of Marine and Coastal
TAPORO V (France) kilometres south-east of Bangkok. Resources said the booms being used
Papeete, Nov 23 — General cargo Bangkok, Nov 21 — According to a to provide a barrier could not contain
Taporo V was voluntarily scuttled off news report, the Japanese crude oil the oil slicks due to strong winds on
Papeete, in the position lat 17 20S, tanker Ryuho Maru was (yesterday) the sea surface. Chemical dispersion is
long 149 30W, on Oct 7. — Lloyd’s discharging crude oil from Oman when the only hope now for the authorities
Agents. (Note — Taporo V arrived at a pipe was stated to have ruptured to protect the coral reefs along the
Papeete on Jun 18, 2004, and in causing a large oil spill. It was stated northern and eastern shores of the
November 2004, was reported still in that the spill was about three kms island. Officials from the Marine and
port, under arrest/retired from long and contained about 100,000 Coastal Resources Department and
navigation by the French Maritime litres of crude oil. The incident the Pollution Control Department will
Authorities.) occurred while the crude oil was being assess the environmental impact
transferred from the tanker to the which could affect the coral reefs and
TOR (Comoros) Thai Oil refinery plant in Siracha other marine life. More compensation
London, Nov 20 — General cargo Tor District, Cholburi Province in the Gulf may be demanded from the oil firm in
sailed from Venice on Nov 11 and was of Thailand. The Marine Department addition to the baht five million which
next reported arriving at Rijeka on will be sending vessels for clean-up. It the Marine and Coastal Resources
Nov 17. is feared that the oil slick may head Department has already claimed, as
for the beach resort of Pattaya in the the containment and clean-up costs
same province. — Lloyd’s Agents. may be much higher than originally
London, Nov 21 — Following received estimated. The incident occurred on
from IIno Marine Service Co., Ltd., Sunday when oil was being piped to
Japan, management company for the Thai Oil refinery in Si Racha from
crude oil tanker Ryuho Maru , dated crude oil tanker Ryuho Maru , which
today: “ Ryuho Maru was involved in anchored offshore while making a
oil spill accident at 0800 hrs, Nov 20, standard delivery to the refinery.
in Sriracha (Thailand) during the About 20,000 litres of oil leaked into
discharge of crude oil which loaded the sea. Thai Oil, the country`s largest
KEMEROVO REGION, SIBERIA, from the Arabian Gulf. The vessel refinery, said it accepts full
London, Nov 23 — A leak occurred on berthed at a Single Bouy Mooring with responsibility for damages, but they
an oil pipeline in the Kemerovo Region connection 2 hose to her manifold and have had yet to be determined. The
in western Siberia early this morning, has steadied discharge rate. The company said the oil spill would not
a duty officer at the Emergency master could not find any failure of affect its refining output of about
Situations Ministry regional center crew handling cargo, her equipments 200,000 barrels per day.
said. “A track patrolman inspecting and structure. However duty crew on
the tracks near the town of manifold found leakage of oil from RYUHO MARU (Japan)
Predmetkino-Suslovo in the Kemerovo shore floating hose and immediately London, Nov 21 — A press report,
region heard an explosion and saw oil stopped cargo discharge. However an dated today, states: Thai Oil PCL said
gushing as high as the top of the trees amount of cargo oil leaked into sea today an oil spill yesterday hasn’t had
along the roadbed,” the officer said. from shore floating hose. The master any impact on its refining capacity.
The accident occurred at 0648, Moscow and loading master supposed the The company, the country’s largest
time, today the Anzherka-Rybnoe cause of the leakage to be functioned refiner in terms of capacity, said in a
stretch of a pipeline carrying oil from of the brake away system of floating filing to the Stock Exchange of
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Pollution/Weather & Navigation

Thailand that around 20 kilolitres kilometres an hour, rescue work particularly in Athens. A number of
(126 barrels) of crude oil had spilled progressed slowly. About two-thirds of villages in northern Greece were cut
into the sea while the Japan- the ship had submerged into the sea off because of snow-covered roads,
registered crude oil tanker Ryuho by early Wednesday morning, and while several schools were also shut
Maru was delivering crude to the rescuers were worried the ship would for the day. (See also Abdulrahman
company’s refinery in Chon Buri. sink any time. A team of rescuers and Trizan under “Marine.”)
However, the situation is now under finally managed to board on the
control, and the company has cleaned sinking ship and connect cables from HURRICANE “KATRINA”
up the spill without any impact on the two boats. The wreckage was safely London, Nov 22 — Bulk Patrizia
marine environment, it said. The pulled to the Luhuashan anchoring D’Amato was reported arriving at
company’s refining capacity is around site. A crane finally raised the ship Damietta on Nov 16.
200,000 barrels a day. early yesterday morning. Rescuers say London, Nov 23 — A press report,
they are still pumping water out of the dated today, states: The Federal
SONGHUA RIVER, CHINA ship, a must before draining the liquid Emergency Management Agency will
See “Petrochemical Plant, Jilin gas. remove only three of the remaining 28
Province, China” under “Fires & vessels blown onto land at Bayou La
Explosions”. CROATIA Batre by hurricane “Katrina” — a
London, Nov 24 — A press report, decision that upset local officials.
dated yesterday, states: Gale-force FEMA officials said the agency would
winds disrupted road and sea traffic remove three vessels that are
along Croatia’s northern Adriatic coast considered a public health threat
today, causing occasional power because they are close to homes.
failures, national television reported. However, FEMA spokesman Jay Eaker
Due to winds gusting up to 200 in Montgomery cited federal law in
kilometers per hour, the bridge linking refusing to remove the other 28 vessels
Croatia’s largest northern island of beached in more isolated and wooded
AUSTRALIA Krk with the mainland was closed to areas. The federal Stafford Act
London, Nov 22 — A press report, traffic. Ferry lines for the northern requires that FEMA exercise “due
dated Nov 21, states: More severe islands of Cres, Rab and Pag as well as diligence” to recoup the salvage fees it
thunderstorms are expected in south- the one for the southern island of Solta incurs — up to $60,000 per vessel.
east Queensland today. About 30,000 were cancelled for most of the day. In “They’re doing the same thing in
customers lost power during the village of Drazice, near the Mississippi and Louisiana that we’re
yesterday’s wild weather. A series of northern Adriatic town of Rijeka, doing,” Eaker said today. Bayou
severe thunderstorms hit Brisbane winds ripped off a roof from a local officials were informed of FEMA’s
about 1600, AEST, yesterday. school. In Rijeka, winds toppled trees decision last night. Two weeks ago,
Jimboomba, Logan City and Ipswich and also ripped off parts of roofs, FEMA officials shut down the federal
bore the brunt of the storms, with sligthly injuring one firefighter. Due to contractor preparing to move all of the
reports of hail, severe winds and rain. strong winds sections of the Rijeka- vessels beached in the area by the Aug
About 32,000 homes lost power. Most Zagreb highway as well as of the 29 hurricane. Coast Guard Capt Ed
outages lasted just 90 minutes and highway linking Zagreb with the Stanton, in charge of the bayou vessel
power was restored by midnight. southern Adriatic town of Split were removal operation, said he had sent
closed. the contractor hired for the Alabama
CHINA vessel removal, Titan Maritime LLC of
London, Nov 19 — A press report, GREECE Fort Lauderdale, Fla, to remove
dated today states: The Shanghai London, Nov 24 — A press report, beached vessels in Mississippi. Wright
Salvage Bureau finally managed to dated today, states: A number of said he will now look for other ways to
raise half-submerged Lpg Tong Cheng flights and ferry services were pay for the boat clean-up. He will ask
818 yesterday morning, four days after cancelled in Athens and Thessaloniki ConocoPhillips Co as well as former
the ship was swamped during bad yesterday as heavy rainfall and high President Clinton each for the $2
weather in the East China Sea. The winds swept across the country, million, he said. Clinton visited the
ship was carrying 799 tons of liquified authorities said, forcing at least three Bayou in October looking for ways to
gas when it hit rough seas on Monday large-scale sea rescue operations. spend the approximately $100 million
(Nov 14), creating the threat of a Authorities said adverse weather he and former President Bush have
major leak if the vessel was not raised conditions grounded some flights to raised for “Katrina” relief. Wright and
quickly and safely. Rescue workers had islands in the Aegean while ferries Clinton discussed boat removal as one
to move the half-submerged ship to a remained anchored at the port of possible use for the money. During the
safe place before they could raise it, as Piraeus for most of the day. Coast visit, Clinton said the money would be
weather in the East China Sea guards were busy across the country. used to address “problems the
shipping lane was still terrible, said Late yesterday, rescue teams were government can’t or won’t solve.”
Zhao Guocai, a spokesman from searching for a sailing vessel that sent
Shanghai Salvage Bureau. The salvage out a distress call some 90 miles south HURRICANE “WILMA”
prevented the vessel from sinking of the Peloponnese. The Ukraine- London, Nov 22 — A press report,
along an important shipping route just flagged boat had a seven-person crew dated today, states: The Boca Raton
beyond the mouth of the Yangtze on board. Earlier in the day, coast Airport sustained nearly $12 million
River, officials said. The cargo vessel, guards mounted rescue operations to in damage from hurricane “Wilma,”
which was coming from from Dalian aid two North Korean-flagged not counting the yet-undetermined
was caught in the cold front from merchant ships (general cargo Abdul costs of aircraft destruction, airport
Siberia on Monday afternoon. Officials Rahman and general cargo Trizan ), officials said today at the monthly
said giant waves hit the vessel about stranded in gale-force storms in the meeting of the Boca Raton Airport
100 sea miles from Sheshan Hill. The eastern and northern Aegean. The Authority. The estimate is preliminary
master ordered the crew to give up the master of Abdul Rahman , which and costs could rise, said Ken Day, the
flooded ship in the face of the experienced mechanical failure near airport manager, adding he hoped to
worsening sea conditions after their the island of Evia, refused help from have a final damage estimate by
efforts to pump out the water failed. rescue teams while crew members January. He could not provide a figure
All 14 crew members were saved from were evacuated from Trizan , which for aircraft losses although he
the sinking vessel by rescuers from the ran aground off Thasos. There were no observed that at least 50 aircraft were
Shanghai-based Donghai Rescue reports of injuries among the crews of damaged. “Every structure in the
Bureau on Monday. Two rescue boats either vessel. The bad weather caused airport received damage,” Day said.
and a crane ship managed to approach flooding in different parts of Attica, Two large hangars with aircraft inside
Tong Cheng 818 the next morning. such as in Marathon, but was them collapsed at Boca Aviation, one
With winds still blowing at up to 88 generally milder than expected, of the airport’s five tenants. Other
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Weather & Navigation

tenants reported damage to roofs, a large area of low pressure in the then for short periods of time. “The
walls, and doors of hangars and other south-west Caribbean. It is now an occurrence of these unique weather
aircraft. The airport’s air traffic enlarged system that will expand and conditions has forced the temporary
control tower has damage to its affect northern and southern parishes closure of the port on a number of
parapet wall, beacon, hurricane tonight (last night) and tomorrow with occasions over the last few weeks,
screens, lighting rods, aluminum heavy thunderstorms on the south resulting in a negative impact on the
siding and ceiling tiles, Day said. coast,” duty forecaster Adrian Shaw of operations of the port,” he said.
Meanwhile, last year’s hurricanes did the National Meteorological Centre According to Ndlovu the decision to
not hit the airport’s hangars and only said last night. close the port was taken in a carefully
$85,000 in damage was reported, he considered operational manner by
said. Since the airport reopened two MALAYSIA senior marine personnel acting in the
days after “Wilma” passed, the tenants London, Nov 24 — Floods in interests of safe port working and
have begun fixing hangars in order to Malaysia’s northeastern states this those of the port’s clients. “The risks
remove damaged aircraft. The tenants, week have killed at least three that are faced in continuing to handle
not the airport authority, are children and forced more than one marine vessels in such weather
responsible for fixing the hangars and thousand residents to flee the area, conditions are many and the potential
aircraft. Debris collection remains reports said today. Heavy rains have for catastrophe is great as one of the
ongoing. Airport officials applied for been lashing the east coast of outcomes could result in the grounding
money from the Federal Aviation Malaysia’s peninsula since Monday of a vessel in the entrance channel
Authority and FEMA but Day said (Nov 21). Northeast Kelantan state which would have a negative effect on
there was no guarantee the federal police chief Zulkifli Abdullah said the the entire economy of the country.” He
government would provide any bodies of two children were found said that the procedure before closing
financial assistance. The airport may yesterday. Mohamad Amin Azmi, 16, the port is that the senior pilot on
reopen for nighttime air travel by the drowned after falling into a flooded duty consults with the harbourmaster
end of the week, he said. The airport monsoon drain while nine-year-old Nor in making an assessment of the
closes at 2300 hrs and reopens at 0700 Amira Sharifuddin was swept away by situation, before making the decision
hrs because of concerns that loose strong currents as she was playing in whether or not to close the port. In the
debris may hit incoming aircraft at an irrigation canal, he was quoted as event that the port is closed the
night when there is no service from saying by the national Bernama news situation is re-assessed every two
the air traffic control tower. Airport agency. In neighbouring Terengganu, hours, with the senior pilot traveling
authority members braced for higher the body of three-year-old Tengku to the port entrance on the pilot boat
deductibles and premiums. To avoid Fakhrul Razi Idzam was found to make the assessment. As soon as
paying a new $250,000 windstorm floating in the Dungun river near his conditions begin to improve, the re-
deductible for the tower, members home, district deputy police chief Che assessment gaps are reduced to every
today approved combining the airport’s Hamzah Che Ismail said. More than 30 minutes. However, the weather has
hangar insurance policies. Previously, 1000 people have been evacuated from not been the only factor causing the
the same deductible cost $25,000. Terengganu and Kelantan as well as port to close in recent days. Twice in
central Pahang state which borders the past week the pilot boat
IRAQ the other two, while thousands more Tsitsikama has broken down and been
London, Nov 23 — Basrah Oil could be moved soon as water levels unable to ferry pilots to waiting ships.
Terminal tugs are presently sheltered continue to rise in local rivers. The The marine helicopter is currently
at Umm Qasr, due to bad weather. water levels in at least eight rivers in undergoing a major overhaul and is
Rough conditions have been the three states had reached not available, and ships agents say it
experienced at the terminal since dangerous levels as of late yesterday. is ludicrous that a port as busy as
yesterday afternoon, with a wind A Meteorological Department Durban, with an average of more than
speed of 30 knots/hour. spokesman said heavy rains were 30 movements each day should not
London, Nov 24 — Berthing and expected to continue in Kelantan until have a replacement craft available in
sailing operations are temporarily tomorrow, followed by intermittent the event of the pilot boat not being
suspended at Basrah Oil Terminal due rains over the weekend. available. They pointed out that there
to continuing rough weather. However, are several privately owned craft in
the terminal’s tugs returned from the harbour that are suitable for this
Umm Qasr (where they were ROMANIA
Bucharest, Nov 24 — Constantza, duty in an emergency.
sheltering) yesterday afternoon. Midia and Mangalia Ports were closed
due to bad weather wind south-south- SRI LANKA
JAMAICA east beaufort 6-8 (strong breeze-gale), London, Nov 22 — Heavy rains have
London, Nov 17 — A press report, sea 5 6 feet, yesterday. Constantza caused floods in parts of Colombo, the
dated today, states: Three persons died port was closed at 2200 hrs and was capital of Sri Lanka. Thousands of
yesterday as torrential rains triggered re-opened today at 1200, today. Midia people working in the city were left
massive mudslides in St. Mary, port was closed at 2140 hrs and it still stranded, as floodwaters reached
marooned hundreds of motorists, and closed at present. Mangalia Port was waist-height on some roads leading
caused major flooding in northern St. closed at 1945 hrs and it is still closed out to the suburbs. On the roads that
Catherine and Trelawny. Several at present. Sulina Channel was closed could carry cars, motorists sat for
roads, such as Camberwalk to at 0600, today due to bad weather, hours in traffic jams. Colombo and its
Rosemount, Bernard to Freetown and wind east-south-east beaufort 6-7 surrounding area has received around
Golden Valley to Gibbs Hill, leading to (strong breeze-near gale), sea 5-6 feet 177 millimetres of rain in the last 20
Border, remained blocked last night. and it is still closed. — Lloyd’s Agents. hours but it is expected that this will
Four houses in Castleton were washed ease up. Meanwhile, flash floods have
away by the floods. According to SOUTH AFRICA also occurred as a result of the rains in
weather experts, the intermittent London, Nov 22 — A press report, some areas, according to officials at
showers in St. Mary last week dated today, states: The Port of the country’s meteorological office.
intensified into fierce thunderstorms Durban is again experiencing delays Colombo, Nov 23 — Floods triggered
Monday (Nov 14) and Tuesday night, this week with ships being held by heavy rains in Sri Lanka have
dumping several inches of rain on outside the port due to adverse affected some 40,000 people, the
already saturated land, resulting in weather conditions. According to a government said today, including
the mudslides. In the meantime, the statement issued by the port manager, many living in makeshift shelters
rest of the country is bracing for heavy Basil Ndlovu, extraordinary weather since last year’s tsunami. Water levels
rainfall that authorities warned could conditions are being experienced, had begun to fall in most parts of the
cause more deadly mudslides and flash including sustained wind and swell country after the rains eased, but
floods. “The remnants of Tropical conditions that have only rarely been officials were still assessing the
Depression 27 have got caught up with experienced in previous years and damage in the north and east. “At this
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Weather & Navigation

moment we are still collecting data,” attempting to get food supplies to the four quadrants. The maximum
assistant director of the National affected people “within the shortest significant wave height is 34 feet. At
Disaster Management Centre G.M. possible time.” Last week 900 food 0600, UTC, Nov 23, the centre is
Gunawardena said. “It looks as though hampers, 1,000 loaves of bread, 700 predicted to be near lat 13.9S, long
the worst affected areas are the north boxes of crackers and 1,920 bottles of 89.2E, with maximum sustained
and east. Officials said there was no water were delivered to flood victims winds of 80 knots and gusts to 100
figure yet on deaths caused by the in the regional corporation, the knots.
floods but newspapers said that at Ministry said. Supplies were also sent London, Nov 23 — Following received
least two people were killed in central to the Sangre Grande Regional from the Meteorological Office:
Colombo when a wall, weakened by Corporation and emergency food Tropical cyclone “Bertie” near lat
the rain, collapsed. Gunawardena said hampers were delivered to the 12.8S, long 90.3E, at 0600, UTC, Nov
some 40,000 people were affected, a Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo and 23. Movement past six hours 180 deg
broad term covering those who had Nariva/Mayaro Regional Corporations. at four knots. Position accurate to
suffered damage to their homes, A statement from the Ministry said within 20 nautical miles, based on
businesses or any other property. — that, through the Urgent Temporary centre located by satellite. Maximum
Reuters. Assistance Grant, assistance will be sustained winds 115 knots with gusts
London, Nov 23 — A press report, given to valid claimants with housing to 140 knots. Radius of 64-knot winds
dated today, states: Floods triggered repairs and household items such as 20 nautical miles. Radius of 50-knot
by heavy rains in Sri Lanka have beds, bedding and appliances, and winds 40 nautical miles. Radius of 34-
killed six people and damaged personal effects, including school knot winds 120 nautical miles.
thousands of homes, affecting many textbooks and school uniforms, will be Forecast for 1800, UTC: Position lat
still in shelters after last year ’s replaced. 13.6S, long 90.3E. Maximum
tsunami, the government said today. sustained winds 105 knots with gusts
Some 2,000 homes were destroyed and TROPICAL CYCLONE “ALVIN” to 130 knots. Radius of 64-knot winds
at least 63,000 people affected, a See Tropical Cyclone “Bertie”. 20 nautical miles. Radius of 50-knot
broad term covering those who had winds 35 nautical miles.
suffered damage to their homes, TROPICAL CYCLONE “BERTIE” London, Nov 24 — Following received
businesses or any other property. London, Nov 20 — Following received from the Meteorological Office, dated
Water levels fell in most of the country from the Meteorological Office, dated today: Tropical cyclone “Bertie”
after rains eased, but officials were today: At 0600, UTC, today, the centre renamed “Alvin” as it has crossed 90E
still assessing flood damage. Around of tropical cyclone “Bertie” was located in lat 14.6S, long 89.8E at 0600, UTC,
1,200 families were in temporary near lat 08.3S, long 93.5E, today. Forecast position lat 15.0S, long
shelters. Three of the dead were killed approximately 305 nautical miles 89.4E at 1800, UTC, today. Maximum
in Colombo, two when a rain- north-west of the Cocos Islands. It has winds 90 knots. Forecast position lat
weakened wall collapsed, while most tracked southward, or 190 degs, at 15.2S, long 88.2E at 0600, UTC, today.
of the other dead appeared to have five knots over the past six hours. The Maximum winds 80 knots.
drowned trying to swim to safety, he position is accurate to within 40
said. nautical miles and is based on the TROPICAL STORM “DELTA”
centre being located by satellite. London, Nov 24 — A pres sreport,
THAILAND Present wind distribution: maximum dated Nov 23, states: Tropical Storm
London, Nov 23 — A press report, sustained winds: 50 knots, gusts 65 “Delta”, the 25th storm of the busiest
dated today, states: Recent flash floods knots. Radius of 34 knot winds: 35 hurricane season in history, formed in
caused 60 million baht in damage to a nautical miles in all four quadrants. the central Atlantic today, but the only
hospital in Bang Saphan district of The maximum significant wave height threat it posed was to ships at sea,
Prachuap Khiri Khan. Anuthep is 23 feet. At 0600, UTC, Nov 21, the forecasters said. “Delta” had sustained
Malotra, director of Bang Saphan centre is predicted to be near lat winds of about 60 mph and could
Hospital, said medical supplies, 10.4S, long 92.6E, with maximum briefly strengthen into the 14th
equipment and computers were sustained winds of 60 knots and gusts hurricane of the season, the National
destroyed in floods brought by rain to 75 knots. Hurricane Centre in Miami reported.
over the weekend. Yesterday, about 25 London, Nov 21 — Following received “It’s way out there in the middle of
border patrol police were sent to the from the Meteorological Office, dated nowhere,” hurricane specialist Stacy
hospital to help clean up. Outpatient today: Tropical cyclone “Bertie” near Stewart said. “It shouldn’t threaten
services will resume on Friday (Nov lat 9.3S, long 92.4E at 0600, UTC, the United States or probably any
25), Mr Anuthep said. About 5,000 today. Movement for the past six hours other land area for that matter.” At
homes in 71 district villages and 245 degrees at seven knots. Position 2200, EST, “Delta” was centered about
30,000 rai of agricultural land were accurate to within 40 naitical miles. 1,175 miles south-west of the Azores.
flooded, according to a survey. Many Maximum sustained winds 75 knots, It was moving south-southeast near
roads and bridges were made gusts 90 knots. Forecast position lat eight mph, and was expected to
impassable. Initial estimates put total 10.4S, long 91.6E at 1800, UTC, today. eventually turn north.
damage at about 100 million baht. Maximum sustained winds 80 knots, London, Nov 24 — Following received
gusts 100 knots. Forecast position lat from the Meteorological Office, dated
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 11.7S, long 91.0E at 0600, UTC, Nov today, states: Tropical storm “Delta”
London, Nov 22 — A press report, 22. Maximum sustained winds 90 centre located near lat 24.7N, long
dated today, states: The Government knots, gusts 110 knots. 39.8W at 0900, UTC, today. Position
has started assessing homes in the London, Nov 22 — Following received accurate within 40 nautical miles.
Tunapuna/Piarco Regional from the Meteorological Office, dated Present movement toward south-
Corporation that were damaged by today: At 0600, UTC, today, the centre southeast or 155 degrees at seven
heavy rains and subsequent flooding of tropical cyclone “Bertie” was located knots.Maximum sustained winds 55
last week. Social Development near lat 11.5S, long 90.7E, knots with gusts to 65 knots. Forecast
Minister Anthony Roberts, Ministry approximately 365 nautical miles west position lat 24.2N, long 39.6W at
officials and members of the of the Cocos Islands. It has tracked 1800, UTC, today. Maximum winds 55
Corporation visited residents of St southward, or 215 degs, at seven knots knots, gusts 65 knots. Forecast
Helena, La Paille Village, Kelly over the past six hours. The position is position lat 23.9N, long 39.4W at
Village, Dookie Singh Street and accurate to within 20 nautical miles 0600, UTC, today. Maximum winds 60
Manuel Congo yesterday. Roberts and is based on the centre being knots, gusts 75 knots.
described the flooding as a “natural located by satellite. Present wind
disaster” and noted that the distribution: maximum sustained TROPICAL STORM “GAMMA”
watermark where floodwaters rose winds: 80 knots, gusts 100 knots. London, Nov 18 — A press release
was visible in some homes. He said Radius of 64 knot winds: 15 nautical from Reuters, dated today, states:
that some residents lost food due to miles in all four quadrants. Radius of Tropical storm “Gamma” is forecast to
the flooding and the Ministry was 34 knot winds: 95 nautical miles in all strike Honduras at about 2100, GMT,
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Weather & Navigation

Nov 18. Data supplied by the US later today. At 0900, UTC, today, the major operation to rescue people
National Hurricane Center suggest centre of tropical storm “Gamma” was stranded by floods in the north of the
that the point of landfall will be near located near lat 16.7N, long 85.0W. country as the storm, downgraded to a
lat 16.4N, long 85.6W. “Gamma” is The position is accurate to within 20 tropical depression, headed back out
expected to bring 1-minute maximum nautical miles. The present movement into the Caribbean. The civil
sustained winds to the region of is toward the north or 360 degs at two emergency committee (Copec) said
around 64 km/hr. Wind gusts in the knots. The estimated minimum that more than 23,000 people had fled
area may be considerably higher. — central pressure is 1006 mb. The their homes and helicopters were
Reuters. maximum sustained winds: 35 knots rescuing some people from rooftops
London, Nov 19 — Following received with gusts to 45 knots. The radius of and airlifting food to stricken areas. A
from the Meteorological Office, dated 34 knot winds: 90 nautical miles in the Copec spokesperson said the death toll
today: At 0900, UTC, today, the centre north-east quadrant, zero nautical had increased to 32, from 15 earlier in
of tropical storm “Gamma”, was miles in the other three quadrants. At the day, and that 13 people were
located near lat 16.9N, long 86.2W. 0600, Nov 21, the centre is predicted missing. The storm and floods washed
The movement over the past six hours: to be near lat 17.5N, long 85.0W, with away dozens of bridges and much of
325 degs, at five knots. The position is maximum winds of 30 knots and gusts the Islas de la Bahia department was
accurate to within 30 nautical miles. to 40 knots. under water, officials said. About 2
The estimated minimum central London, Nov 20 — A press report, 000 homes were destroyed. The Copec
pressure 1005 MB. The present wind dated today, states: Tropical Storm spokesperson said an entire family of
distribution: maximum sustained “Gamma” weakened today into a six were buried by a mudslide in
winds 40 knots, gusts to 50 knots. tropical depression after it deluged the Locomapa, in Yoro Department, 240km
Radius of 34 knot winds: 90 nautical Central American coast, killing 12 north. Copec helicopters were flying
miles in the north-east and north-west people - nine in Honduras and three in over the zone to find stranded victims
quadrants and zero nautical miles in Belize when a small aircraft belonging on roofs and in trees. United Nations
the south-east and south-west to a lodge owned by filmmaker Francis agencies were helping to distribute
quadrants. At 0600, UTC, Nov 20, the Ford Coppola crashed. Forecasters food. (See also V3-HCT under
centre is predicted to be near lat said the slow-moving storm was likely “Aviation.”)
18.4N, long 86.8W, with maximum to miss Florida. The storm’s top London, Nov 22 — A press report,
sustained winds of 45 knots and gusts sustained winds decreased to 35 mph - dated Nov 21, states: Two Americans
to 55 knots. below the 39 mph needed to be killed when a private aircraft crashed
El Progreso, Honduras, Nov 19 — considered a tropical storm, the in Belize during Tropical Storm
Tropical Storm “Gamma” doused National Hurricane Center in Miami “Gamma” were honeymooners who had
Central America with heavy rain said. Forecasters said “Gamma” would been married only a week, family
today, killing three people and cutting move east over the next three days members and U.S. authorities said
off part of the Honduran coast, as the and its center could move south of today. The couple were identified as
storm inched towards Mexico’s Jamaica by Wednesday (Nov 23). At Douglas Scratchley and Cristy Dy
Yucatan Peninsula. “Gamma” was 1000, EST, the depression was about Scratchley of St. Petersburg, Fla.
expected to curve to the north-east as 80 miles north-north-east of Limon, Douglas Scratchley graduated high
it neared the Yucatan and move over Honduras, and 195 miles east-south- school in Sacramento, where his
western Cuba before taking aim on east of Belize city. The storm hit mother and stepfather live. The U.S.
southern Florida. Rainfall linked to Honduras the hardest; emergency State Department confirmed the
“Gamma” killed at least three people officials said nine people died and 15 couple died on their honeymoon but
in Honduras and 13 were missing were missing from floods and had no further details, department
today, officials said. Honduran officials mudslides. It said the storm damaged spokesman Justin Higgins said.
said more than 5,000 people were or destroyed 300 homes and other Belizean military officials said the
evacuated along the Atlantic coast and buildings while forcing 11,307 people couple’s bodies had been transferred to
authorities estimated more than from their dwellings. Five people died Belize City. Authorities blamed heavy
50,000 were cut off as bridges were in the northern town of El Progreso, wind and rain associated with the
damaged or destroyed, leaving several said Mayor Nelly Soliman. Heavy storm on the crash of the aircraft
cities and towns isolated. Engineers winds and rains also pounded the Bay carrying the couple and a Belizean
were working to erect temporary Islands, off the Honduran coast, said pilot, who also died.The aircraft
bridges in heavy rainfall. Several Hugo Arevalo, co-ordinator of a belonged to Blancaneaux Lodge, an
people disappeared when a rescue boat national disaster-response committee. exclusive resort owned by U.S.
overturned in raging river waters. By In Belize, search teams blamed bad filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola. The
1500, GMT, “Gamma” was located weather associated with “Gamma” for aircraft crashed into a ravine near
about 160 miles east-south-east of the crash of a private aircraft another exclusive ranch in Cayo
Belize City and 255 miles south-south- belonging to an exclusive lodge owned province. The family had been in touch
east of Tulum, Mexico, near Cancun, by Coppola. The crash killed Belizean with authorities in Belize, who
the U.S. National Hurricane Center pilot Rene Ram and two guests, said described the aircraft as a twin-
said. Maximum sustained winds were Kathleen Talbert, a representative for engine, 10-seat aircraft named “Sofia,”
45 mph and the system was moving Coppola. The aircraft disappeared after Coppola’s daughter. The aircraft
toward the north-north-west at 5 mph. Friday (Nov 18), last making radio crashed as it was en route from
Honduran officials urged communities contact with air controllers 10 minutes Belize’s international airport to the
cut off by the storm to ration food and into its 35-minute flight to the Blancaneaux airstrip. It crashed a few
water until help arrived. About 60% of Blancaneux Lodge near the western miles short of the resort in heavy fog.
El Progreso, a city of 200,000 people border with Guatemala. Rescuers were
on a river near the coast, was under still searching for five Belizean TYPHOON “BOLAVEN”
water, authorities said. Rescue fishermen from the northern fishing London, Nov 18 — A press report,
workers were taking boats to isolated village of Sarteneja near the Mexican dated Nov 17, states: A major storm is
communities on the Ulua River to border who disappeared on Friday. forecast to cross the Philippines into
search for stranded residents. The Their 20-ft vessel was capsized by a the East Sea Sunday (Nov 20),
storm was expected to produce up to large wave, police said. Vietnam’s Southern Hydrometeorology
15 inches of rain in parts of Belize, the London, Nov 22 — A press report, Station warned. Storm “Bolaven”, the
Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba.— dated today, states: The death toll in 23rd this year, lay centred in the
Reuters. Honduras from Tropical Storm southwestern Pacific Ocean, the office
London, Nov 20 — Following received “Gamma” increased to at least 32, said today. With cold fronts
from the Meteorological Office, dated with 13 people missing, officials said intensifying in northern Vietnam, the
today: Tropical storm “Gamma”: A late yesterday. In neighbouring Belize, storm’s direction and intensity were
tropical storm warning remains in five fishermen were missing at sea however difficult to predict, it said.
effect for the Bay Islands of Honduras. because of the storm, Belize media London, Nov 18 — Following received
This warning may be discontinued said. Honduran authorities launched a from the Meteorological Office, dated
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Weather & Navigation/Earthquakes

today: At 0600, UTC, today, the centre London, Nov 20 — Following received
of typhoon “Bolaven”, was located near from the Meteorological Office, dated
lat 14.1N, long 128.5E. The movement today: At 0600, UTC, the centre of
over the past six hours: 290 degs, at tropical depression “Bolaven”,
five knots. The position is accurate to downgraded from a tropical storm, was
within 60 nautical miles and is based located near lat 17.8N, long 121.7E,
on the centre being located by satellite. approximately 200 nautical miles
The present wind distribution: north-northeast of Manila,
maximum sustained winds 65 knots, Philippines. It has tracked
gusts to 80 knots. Radius of 50 knot northwestward, or 315 degs, at 10 BOLIVIA/CHILE
winds: 30 nautical miles in the north- knots over the past six hours and is Santiago, Nov 17 — A strong
east and north-west quadrants and 25 now located over land. The position is earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9
nautical miles in the south-east and accurate to within 55 nautical miles and shook Bolivia and northern Chile
south-west quadrants. Radius of 34 and is based on the centre being today, but there were no initial reports
knot winds: 105 nautical miles in the located by satellite. Present wind of damage, officials in Chile and the
north-east and north-west quadrants distribution: maximum sustained United States said. “Its depth of focus
and 95 nautical miles in the south-east winds: 30 knots, gusts 40 knots and is such that we probably won’t have
and south-west quadrants. At 0600, dissipating as a significant tropical any damage. It’s not in a heavily
UTC, Nov 19, the centre is predicted to cyclone over land. At 0600, UTC, Nov populated area. It’s on the Chile,
be near lat 14.9N, long 125.6E, with 21, the centre is predicted to be near Bolivia border,” said Waverly Person, a
maximum sustained winds of 75 knots lat 19.8N, long 120.9E, with maximum geophysicist at the United States
and gusts to 90 knots. sustained winds of 25 knots, gusts to Geological Survey in Colorado. The
Manila, Nov 18 — About 1,100 ferry 35 knots, and dissipating as a USGS measured the magnitude of the
passengers were stranded at Matnog significant tropical cyclone over water. earthquake at 6.9. The University of
port in Sorsogon province, 400 km Manila, Nov 20 — The Office of Civil Chile’s Seismology Institute said the
south-east of Manila, after the Defense said here today that it had epicentre was 18 miles south-east of
Philippine Office of Civil Defense lifted the hold departure order for the northern Chile resort town of San
restricted all vessels to port because of vessels at the major domestic port of Pedro de Atacama, near the Bolivian
stormy sea conditions brought about Matnog and other southern Luzon border, and put the magnitude at 6.8.
by Typhoon “Bolayen.” State weather ports. Authorites said that sea The quake, at 1929, GMT, was felt
bureau ,Philippine Atmospheric, conditions had improved considerably strongly in Tocopilla, about 900 miles
Geophysical and Astronomical with the departure of Typhoon north of Chile’s capital, Santiago.
Services Administration or PAGASA, “Bolaven”. Southern Luzon island “There were situations of alarm, but
raised public storm signal No. 2 over ports have been allowed to resume no damage has been reported,”
the area. During a category 2 storm, normal operations as a result. Last Carmen Fernandez, chief of civil
all vessels are prohibited from leaving Friday (Nov 19), the Office of Civil protection for the National Emergency
port as a precautionary measure Defense had suspended operations at Office, told local radio. — Reuters.
against possible accidents at sea. the Southern Luzon ports of Matnog,
PAGASA said that as of 0400 today, Pilar, Bulan, Tabaco, Pio Duran, INDONESIA
satellite and land surface data tracked Sabang and Bapor. The suspension London, Nov 19 — A press report,
the center of the typhoon at 400 km order resulted in 22 vessels confined to dated today, states: A magnitude 6.5
east north-east of Legaspi City in port and at least 2,000 ferry quake rattled two islands off the coast
Albay province. It was packing passengers stranded. The majority or of Sumatra today, triggering a tsunami
maximum sustained winds of 120 kph around 1,100 passengers were alert and panicking some residents,
near the center and gustiness of up to stranded at Matnog port, the main officials said. There were no
150 kph and moving west at 13 kph. domestic port in Southern Luzon. As immediate reports of damage or
The weather bureau forecast the precautionary measure, vessels are casualties. The quake’s epicenter was
typhoon to be 140 km north-east of confined to port at the approach of a located off Simeulue Island, about 160
Legazpi or 80 km east of Virac, category two typhoon to prevent miles south-west of Medan on
Catanduanes, tomorrow morning and maritime accidents. — Lloyd’s List Sumatra’s west coast, according to the
50 km north of Calapan City in Correspondent. U.S. Geological Survey. It struck just
Oriental Mindoro or 90 km south of London, Nov 21 — A press release after 2100, local time. Indonesia’s
Metro Manila on Sunday (Nov 20). — from Reuters, dated today, states: Meteorology and Geophysics Agency
Lloyd’s List Correspondent. Typhoon “Bolaven” struck the put the magnitude at 6.2, saying it
London, Nov 19 — Following received Philippines as a tropical storm at was centered 19 miles under the
from the Meteorological Office, dated about 0000, GMT, Nov 20. Data Indian Ocean seabed, about 40 miles
today: At 0600, UTC, today, the centre supplied by the US Navy and Air south-west of Sinabang, the main town
of typhoon “Bolaven”, was located near Force Joint Typhoon Warning Center on Simeulue island. The quake
lat 15.9N, long 124.3E. The movement suggest that the point of landfall was strongly jolted nearby Nias island and
over the past six hours: 305 degs, at near lat 16.9N, 122.9E. Bolaven was felt in Medan, said an official at
nine knots. The position is accurate to brought 1-minute maximum sustained the Meteorology and Geophysics
within 60 nautical miles and is based winds to the region of around 83 Agency’s Jakarta office.
on the centre being located by km/hr.
satellite. The present wind JAPAN
distribution: maximum sustained UNITED ARAB EMIRATES London, Nov 16 — A press report,
winds 55 knots, gusts to 70 knots. London, Nov 23 — Zirku port in Abu dated today, states: An earthquake
Radius of 50 knot winds: 15 nautical Dhabi has been closed for vessels’ measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale
miles in the north-east and south-east operation, due to adverse weather, shook the seabed off the east coast of
quadrants and 20 nautical miles in the since 1430, local time, today. Japan, the second “strong” quake in
south-west and north-west quadrants. the region in two days, the US
Radius of 34 knot winds: 75 nautical VIETNAM Geological Survey (USGS) reported
miles in the north-east quadrant, 65 London, Nov 21 — A press report, yesterday. The tremor occurred at
nautical miles in the south-east dated today, states: Floods caused by 0520, local time, today, according to
quadrant, 95 nautical miles in the torrential rain have killed three people the report. Its epicentre was off
south-west quadrant and 115 nautical from Vietnam’s central region since Honshu island, about 295 kilometres
miles in the north-west quadrant. At last weekend, local newspaper Young south-east of Tokyo. A quake
0600, UTC, Nov 20, the centre is People reported today. The floods, measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale
predicted to be near lat 17.5N, long which lasted between Nov 18-20, also shook northern Japan early yesterday.
122.3E, with maximum sustained inundated tens of thousands of houses London, Nov 22 — A press report,
winds of 50 knots and gusts to 65 and many road sections in the two dated today, states: An earthquake
knots. provinces. measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale
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Earthquakes/Political & Civil Unrest

shook southern Japan today in the presence of UN Secretary-General Kofi shelter in the tent village. Schools for
latest major tremor to hit the Annan at Thuri Park Tent Village boys and girls have also been set up
archipelago, but there were no reports while talking to the accompanying there. — Lloyd’s Agents.
of damage, officials said. The media team. Pakistan holds an London, Nov 21 — A moderate 5.5
earthquake rocked wide areas of the International Donors Conference here earthquake, depth 10km, occurred in
main southern island of Kyushu at today amid expectations that lat 34.74N, long 73 60E at 0826, UTC,
1236 hrs, the meteorological agency international community will extend today.
said. It was focused off Tanegashima maximum grants and soft loans to
island, 1 000km south-west of Tokyo. meet at least $3.5 billion PAPUA NEW GUINEA
reconstruction cost in the wake of the London, Nov 23 — A 6.0 earthquake
MARIANA ISLANDS REGION October 8 earthquake devastation. occurred in eastern New Guinea
London, Nov 16 — A magnitude 5.8 Major donors, including multilateral region, Papua New Guinea at 1511,
earthquake occurred at 2301, UTC, agencies, are expected to pledge UTC, Nov 22. The depth was
Nov 15. The event has been located in contributions primarily in grants and estimated to be 68 km.
the Mariana Islands Region. The soft loans that will set the tone for
hypocentral depth was estimated to be individual countries and aid agencies SEA OF OKHOTSK
86 km. to come up with donations once the London, Nov 24 — A 5.7 earthquake
conference is over. A bipartisan occurred in the Sea of Okhotsk at
PAKISTAN resolution has been moved in the US 1933, UTC, yesterday.
Karachi, Nov 17 — A local press Congress, seeking $1 billion for the
report, dated today, states: Direct and earthquake victims in Pakistan. The TAIWAN
indirect losses to crops, livestock and resolution, jointly signed by two key London, Nov 17 — A press report,
irrigation infrastructure from last members of the Congressional dated Nov 16, states: An earthquake
month’s earthquake in northern Pakistan Caucus, Dan Burton and measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale
Pakistan and Azad Kashmir total Sheila Jackson Lee, was proposed at a rocked eastern Taiwan today, but
more than $440 million, the Food and breakfast meeting on Capitol Hill on there were no immediate reports of
Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said Thursday (Nov 17). The Asian casualties or damage, officials said.
yesterday. But the Rome-based agency Development Bank (ADB) yesterday The epicentre of the quake, which
regretted that it has not received one said $1.7 billion was urgently needed struck at 1714, was about 26
cent of the $25 million it has sought to bring immediate relief to millions of kilometres east of Taitung county on
for immediate emergency aid. “To help quake survivors before the harsh the eastern coast at a depth of 125 km,
these farming communities resume Himalayan winter set in. Bank the Central Weather Bureau said in a
their economic activities as soon as President Haruhiko Kuroda said he statement.
possible, quick impact activities have was hopeful an international donorøs
to be started at once to clear conference here today would also come UNITED STATES
cultivated areas, restock animals, up with enough money to fund longer- London, Nov 21 — A press report,
restore land productivity and rebuild term reconstruction needs. Pakistan dated yesterday, states: An
livestock shelters and grain storage,” and the international donors earthquake measuring 6.0 on the
FAO Emergency Operations Service community have agreed to adopt a Richter scale rattled a remote region
Chief Fernanda Guerrieri said. “Lost broad six-point strategy to ensure that of Alaska early today, the US
or destroyed machinery and benefits of reconstruction and recovery Geological Survey said. The quake
equipment also needs to be replaced,” effort reach every affected person of shortly before 0400 hrs struck in the
she added, releasing the findings of an the October 8 earthquake. The region of Unimak island some 95
FAO assessment. With the death toll strategy has been jointly prepared by kilometres south-west of the small
currently estimated at 70,000, few the government and leading donor Alaska village of False Pass.
families in the quake-affected areas agencies. Britain on Thursday pledged
escaped the loss of human life, the £70 million for reconstruction of the
assessment found. Those affected have quake-affected areas of the NWFP and
also seen a dramatic depletion of their Azad Jammu and Kashmir, sources in
assets. With up to three million people the Department of International
estimated to have been left homeless, Development (DFID) said here. DFID
shelter has been reduced to rubble, Junior Minister Gareth Thomas left
water and emergency supplies have for Islamabad on Thursday to
been cut off and the transport system represent Britain at the international
seriously threatened by unstable link donorsø conference, the sources said. AFGHANISTAN
roads and there is the strong US Assistant Secretary of State Kandahar, Nov 23 — Afghan police
likelihood of further landslides as Christina Rocca yesterday said that today found the body of an Indian man
winter sets in.” — Lloyd’s Agents. the US military personnel involved in who Taliban insurgents said they
Karachi, Nov 19 — As per the press relief and rehabilitation work would kidnapped and executed, a provincial
news UN Secretary General Kofi continue to stay in Pakistan as long as official said. The body of the engineer,
Annan said yesterday that opening of it was required.But, she stressed, it who had been working on a road
the Line of Control (LoC) following was wrong to exploit the presence of project, was found on a dirt road in
last monthøs earthquake provided those military personnel for political the southern province of Nimroz, said
Pakistan and India a historic purpose. The Sialkot business Mohammad Hashim, a district chief in
opportunity to resolve the Kashmir community has established a 200-bed the province. The engineer, P.M. Kutty
dispute. This opening of the LoC is a well-equipped hospital in Balakot for from India’s state-run Border Roads
first step and will be seen as an providing free of cost medical facilities Organisation, was abducted from his
important confidence building to quake victims. Talking to press here car along with an Afghan driver and
measure (CBM) between leaders of the yesterday, SCCI president Dr Nouman two guards in Nimroz on Saturday
two countries to further discuss and Idrees Butt and senior vice-president (Nov 19). A Taliban spokesman, Qari
resolve the Kashmir dispute, he told a Faisal Mehmood Khan said that cityøs Mohammad Yousuf, claimed
press conference after his meetings all the trade bodies had donated relief responsibility for the kidnapping
with President Pervez Musharraf and goods amounting to Rs200 million for yesterday and said Kutty had been
Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. earthquake victims. The army with killed after a deadline for his company
President Gen Pervez Musharraf the assistance of the Polish to announce its withdrawal from
yesterday held out the assurance that government and an NGO has made Afghanistan had passed. The
there would be transparency and arrangements for providing special spokesman said today that Kutty’s
accountability of earthquake relief winter tents at Maira tent village in body had been dumped beside a road.
assistance flowing into Pakistan from the Alai valley. Over 600 tents have Kutty’s driver was released but the
other countries and donor agencies.He been provided to families who have Taliban spokesman said the fate of the
held out this assurance in the migrated from hilltops and taken two guards had yet to be decided. In
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Political & Civil Unrest

another incident, yesterday a U.S. previously rejected calls for talks by deadlock, Mr Pretelt made no mention
soldier and an Afghan interpreter Nkurunziza, and analysts say lasting of Mr Murillo’s case, but he did
were killed when a roadside bomb peace cannot be achieved in the promise the AUC the government
struck their armoured vehicle in the country unless the FNL disarms. A would review conditions in the jails
central province of Uruzgan during an U.N. Security Council delegation where many of the group’s leaders
anti-militant operation by U.S.-led visited Burundi last week to assess were likely to end up, Reuters news
troops. — Reuters. progress since August elections agency reported. AUC leaders who co-
produced an ethnically-mixed operate with the demobilisation drive,
BANGLADESH government. The vote was held under confess their crimes and surrender
London, Nov 24 — A press report, a U.N.-backed plan to end the war stolen property are expected to get
dated today, states: An opposition- between Hutu rebels and a Tutsi elite reduced jail terms under the peace
sponsored general strike today aimed which controlled the state for most of deal.
at forcing new elections shut down the years since independence in 1962. London, Nov 22 — A press report,
stores and schools and disrupted The government has said U.N. dated Nov 21, states: Colombia’s
traffic across Bangladeshi cities and operations in Burundi should shift second largest rebel group says it is
towns. The opposition Awami League their focus away from peacekeeping to prepared to hold exploratory talks
party and its 13 smaller allies called more urgent needs like education and with the government to discuss the
the nationwide dawn-to-dusk strike. health. The mandate for the U.N.’s terms of a possible peace process.
The opposition has accused Prime operation in Burundi is up for renewal However, the National Liberation
Minister Khaleda Zia’s four-party in December. — Reuters. Army (ELN) said in a statement that
coalition government of corruption, Bujumbura, Nov 24 — Burundi’s it was not suspending its armed
incompetence and authoritarianism - government forces have killed 41 campaign. One of ELN’s main leaders,
allegations the government denies. Zia fighters from the last remaining rebel Francisco Galan, was recently
has vowed to remain in power until group and captured 50 over the past released in an attempt to pave the way
her five-year term expires in October few weeks, an army spokesman said. for dialogue. The ELN and the larger
next year, paving the way for new In clashes that undermine the Farc have been involved in a 40-year
elections within three months. In country’s transition to peace, 23 rebels conflict with state forces and right-
Dhaka, the capital city of 10 million belonging to the Forces for the wing fighters. Alejo Vargas, who
people, streets were almost empty and National Liberation (FNL) were killed serves as a mediator, said that the
most public transportation not in their stronghold in Bujumbura, and ELN statement was optimistic. “The
running. Commuters either walked in a further 18 were killed in the north- big step is that for the first time the
sunny weather or rode tricycle west Cibitoke province, army group at the highest level is willing to
rickshaws that were allowed by the spokesman Adolphe Manirakiza said sit down with the government.”
strike organizers to operate. In Dhaka, late yesterday. He said that while 50 Francisco Galan is serving a 30-year
some protesters threw stones at a few rebels had been captured, around 60 sentence for rebellion, terrorism and
buses that defied the strike, witnesses rebels and some 800 of their young kidnapping. The government allowed
said. Police detained several recruits had voluntarily surrendered him to leave jail for three months in
demonstrators, they said. General during the clashes. “The army has also September in the hope that he would
strikes are a common opposition seized nine machine guns, six hand convince the ELN to begin talks.
protest tactic in Bangladesh. They grenades and an important quantity of President Alvaro Uribe has already
sometimes turn violent, with clashes ammunition,” Manirakiza told started a peace process with the
between strike supporters and journalists. He also accused the FNL country’s main right-wing
opponents or police. of beheading eight civilians. There paramilitary group, the AUC, but the
was no immediate comment from the terms of them have been strongly
BURUNDI FNL. — Reuters. criticised by human rights groups. The
Bujumbura, Nov 18 — Burundi said Farc, or Revolutionary Armed Forces
today U.N. troops would begin COLOMBIA of Colombia, has refused to negotiate
withdrawing in January, after London, Nov 18 — A press report, with the government.
fulfilling much of their peacekeeping dated Nov 17, states: Colombia’s right-
mission in a country emerging from a wing paramilitaries have agreed to DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC
12-year civil war that killed some resume disarmament after a OF CONGO
300,000 people. Burundi’s Foreign breakthrough in talks with Bogota, Kinshasa, Nov 23 — Congolese troops
Minister Antoinette Batumubwira the interior minister has said. The have launched an offensive to end
said up to 40 percent of the U.N.’s AUC group halted disarmament last militia raids which have displaced
5,500 blue helmets could be gone by month fearing the government 50,000 people in the remote eastern
April, according to recommendations planned to extradite one of its leaders province of Katanga, the military and
made by a joint commission to the US. The new deal resumes UN sources said today. However, some
representing the government and demobilisations and keeps the peace UN sources warned that undisciplined
United Nations. Batumubwira said a process “on track”, Interior Minister troops were killing civilians as well as
decision on how the remaining U.N. Sabas Pretelt said. He said the militiamen in at least one operation.
troops would be withdrawn would be interruption in the process meant the Diplomats said the army had killed
made in March. She said U.N. soldiers original December 31, deadline for several hundred Mai Mai militia in
would remain in three provinces disarmament would be extended. No operations launched this month to end
bordering Democratic Republic of new date for the deadline was given. pillaging by around 2,000 former
Congo where Burundi’s last rebel The AUC has demobilised half of its government-backed fighters in an area
group, the Forces for National 20,000 fighters since entering peace known as the “Triangle of Death.”
Liberation (FNL), is still active. talks with the government two years “The operations are continuing well.
“Apart from controlling security at the ago. It halted the process in October We have killed some Mai Mai. We
Burundi frontier with Congo, after one of its leaders, Diego have recovered ten areas from the Mai
peacekeepers who will stay in Burundi Fernando Murillo, was moved from Mai and we have freed the population
will be dealing with the protection of house arrest to a high-security prison. that was being terrorised,” General
ONUB (U.N.) personnel, demining This prompted speculation that the Widi Mbuilu Divioka, Congo’s army
operations, disarmament and government was planning to extradite commander in Katanga, said. The
resettlement of former combatants,” him to the US, where he is wanted on army said it had killed 57 militiamen
Batumubwira told a news conference. drug trafficking charges. AUC leaders in a separate UN-backed operation
The FNL said yesterday it was ready said they wanted guarantees their over the weekend (Nov 19-20) in the
to talk peace with rebel-turned- leaders would not be extradited. The district of Ituri in the far north-east.
president Pierre Nkurunziza’s government threatened to send the The clash happened south of Bunia,
government for the first time, army to attack the AUC unless it the main regional town, army
provided its imprisoned members were resumed disarmament. Speaking after spokesman Felly Shindano said. UN
set free. The 3,000-strong group had meeting AUC leaders to ease the peacekeepers, who provided back-up
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Political & Civil Unrest

but were not involved in the fighting, 1,350 policemen would leave the afterwards and imposed a curfew, AFP
said they had similar figures for the province on the northern tip of reported. Khanaqin is a mixed
dead but said the army appeared to Sumatra island by Friday (Novf 25) Kurdish and Shia town near the
have fired indiscriminately, killing under the third withdrawal stage. Iranian border. The town lies within a
civilians as well as gunmen during the During the first two phases of Kurdish-controlled area that has so
operation. — Reuters. decommissioning, GAM surrendered a far escaped much of the violence that
total of 570 weapons. Of these, 424 has afflicted other parts of Iraq. In
FRANCE were accepted by both monitors and Baghdad, the detainee abuse scandal
London, Nov 18 — A press report, the government. A further 52 weapons was sparked five days ago, when US
dated today, states: Urban violence were accepted by monitors but are still troops found 173 prisoners - some of
has dropped to normal levels in disputed by Jakarta, the monitors whom had reportedly been tortured -
France after three weeks of unrest in have said. — Reuters. in a bunker in an interior ministry
its run-down suburbs, police said building. Today, UN High
yesterday. Ninety-eight vehicles were IRAQ Commissioner for Human Rights
set ablaze on Wednesday night (Nov London, Nov 18 — The following Louise Arbour called for an
16), a sharp drop from the peak of the security incidents were reported in international investigation into the
violence when about 1400 vehicles Iraq, as of 0800, UTC, today. In conditions for detainees in Iraq. Most
were torched on the night of Nov 6. Baghdad, at least four people were of the detainees are believed to be
Police detained 33 people during the killed today, including two children, Sunni Arabs - the main group involved
night. “The situation has returned to and 40 wounded, when two suicide car in the insurgency. Sunni politician
normal because about 100 vehicles are bombs exploded near a hotel used by Saleh Mutlaq has accused the
set on fire each night in France,” a foreigners in the Jadiriya district of government of holding more than
police spokesman said. Urban unrest central Baghdad, police said. Also, in 1,100 prisoners at the ministry and
has receded since the government Baghdad, gunmen kidnapped a Shi’ite suggested a number of them had been
adopted emergency measures politician from his home in western tortured to death. He also called for
including curfews last week, although Baghdad yesterday. Police said Tawfiq the alleged abuses at the detention
few areas have used the anti-riot al-Yassiri was a candidate for the centre to be referred to international
powers. The Senate approved a December 15 elections, heading a list courts.
government law on Wednesday called Sun of Iraq, a mixed bloc of Baghdad, Nov 19 — Car bombs killed
extending the measures for three Shi’ite and Sunni Arab politicians. In at least 48 people in Iraq today, a day
months, completing the bill’s passage Talafar, one U.S soldier was killed and after more than 80 died in suicide
through parliament. two others were wounded yesterday in blasts across the country and as U.S.
a vehicle accident in Tal Afar north of President George W. Bush pledged
INDIA Baghdad, the U.S military said in a never to relent in his war on terror. In
Srinagar, Nov 23 — Three policemen statement. In Buhruz, two Iraqi the deadliest of today’s attacks, a
were killed and three wounded today policemen were killed and seven suicide car bomber blew up his vehicle
when suspected Islamic guerrillas wounded yesterday when a roadside near crowded condolence tents during
stormed a barracks in Kashmir’s main bomb exploded near a U.S.-Iraqi the funeral of a Shi’ite tribal sheikh in
city of Srinagar, police said. Two patrol in Buhruz, 60 km northeast of a town north of Baghdad. Police
rebels were also killed in the hour- Baghdad, an ambulance driver said. Colonel Muthaffar Aboud said 35
long battle. “Two Fidayeen (suicide No information was immediately people were killed and around 50
attackers) hurled grenades and fired available from the Iraqi police or U.S wounded in the attack in Abu Sayda,
automatic weapons before they military. — Reuters. near Baquba, about 65 km northeast
stormed the building. Both were London, Nov 18 — A press report, of Baghdad. Earlier, another suicide
eliminated,” federal police officer dated today, states: A series of suicide car bomber targeted a crowded market
Ranjit Sinha told reporters. No group bombings in Iraq has left dozens of in the Diyala Bridge area of southern
has claimed responsibility for people dead and about 100 injured. At Baghdad, killing 13 people and
attacking the police barracks in a least 55 people were killed and 62 wounding around 20, the Interior
former cinema taken over by security injured when two bombs were Ministry said. In Cairo, several dozen
forces. — Reuters. detonated inside two Shia mosques in leaders from across Iraq’s political and
Khanaqin in north-eastern Iraq, sectarian spectrum met to discuss the
INDONESIA officials say. The bombers blew country’s relentless insurgency and a
Jakarta, Nov 22 — Former rebels in themselves up while hundreds of way forward in talks sponsored by the
Indonesia’s Aceh province successfully worshippers were attending Friday Arab League. It was the highest level
ended the third round of a weapons prayers. Earlier, two car bombs killed gathering so far organised between
handover today after struggling to at least six people outside an interior Iraqi government leaders and
surrender enough arms that met the ministry building in Baghdad. The opposition figures. Addressing U.S.
criteria of international peace attacks near in the central Jadiriya troops in Osan, South Korea during a
monitors. Juri Laas, a spokesman for district injured at least 40 people and tour of Asia, Bush was unremitting in
the European-led Aceh Monitoring brought down a block of flats. A hotel defence of the war in Iraq, saying
Mission overseeing a landmark peace used by foreigners may also have been troops would stay until victory and
pact, said former rebels handed in 57 targeted in the attack. A nearby rejecting critics’ calls for a timetable
weapons today and monitors accepted interior ministry detention centre has for the withdrawal of 135,000 U.S.
all but one piece. “It means the third been at the centre of a detainee abuse troops. He quoted a top U.S.
phase has been completed,” he said. scandal. The suicide bombs in commander in Iraq as saying that a
Under the August 15 peace deal, the Khanaqin are the latest in a string of deadline for pullout would be “a recipe
Free Aceh Movement (GAM) has to attacks against Shia mosques in Iraq. for disaster”, and said that as long as
give up 840 functional weapons to Diyala provincial council leader he was president, “our strategy in Iraq
monitors by the year-end during four Ibrahim Hasan al-Bajalan told the will be driven by the sober judgment
phases. In turn, Indonesia, which had AFP news agency that local hospitals of our military commanders. We will
30,000 soldiers and 15,000 policemen had received 55 dead and 62 injured. fight the terrorists in Iraq, we will
in Aceh before the truce, is required to “Two suicide bombers wearing stay in the fight until we have
trim its forces to no more than 14,700 explosive belts walked into the achieved the victory that our brave
soldiers and 9,100 police. GAM was 44 Greater and the Smaller Khanaqin troops have fought for,” said a leather
weapons short of the 210 target under mosques and blew themselves up,” he jacket-clad Bush. Ahead of December’s
the third round deadline late last said. Mr Bajalan said the blasts election, Bush said there was cause for
week, forcing an extension. Indonesia’s completely destroyed the two mosques optimism. In the 2.5 years since
military began pulling more soldiers and he expressed fears that many Saddam Hussein was toppled, he said,
out of Aceh on Saturday (Nov 19) more casualties may be trapped Iraqis had elected a transitional
under the third stage of the pact. The beneath the rubble. Security forces government, ratified a constitution
military has said 5,700 soldiers and moved into the area shortly and were ready to vote on a
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Political & Civil Unrest

permanent government. That view The convoys usually travel with signs push by US. officials to encourage
contrasts sharply with the feelings of warning people in Arabic to stay back Sunni Muslim participation in the
many Iraqis who are frustrated by the and that deadly force will be used if upcoming election, which will install
lack of progress since Saddam’s they get too close. the first non-transitional government
overthrow, including high Baghdad, Nov 22 — A suicide car in Iraq since the 2003 invasion. Some
unemployment, scant rebuilding, bomb blast killed 18 people, including Sunni-led insurgent groups have
soaring corruption and a widespread 10 police, in the northern city of declared a boycott of the election and
lack of security. — Reuters. Kirkuk today and mortars landed near have threatened politicians who
Baghdad, Nov 20 — The death toll the US ambassador to Iraq during a choose to participate in it. Also today,
from a suicide car bomb attack on the ceremony in Saddam Hussein’s the US military announced a new
funeral of a Shi’ite sheikh rose to at hometown of Tikrit. The bomber operation with Iraqi troops in
least 50 from 35, doctors said today, as detonated his explosives-laden car predominantly Sunni western Iraq.
the number killed in a spate of attacks next to a group of police vehicles on The operation launched yesterday in
over the past two days rose to 150. the main road leading south from Ramadi, 70 miles west of Baghdad, is
Another 75 people were wounded Kirkuk to Baghdad shortly after aimed at preventing insurgents from
when the bomber blew up his vehicle sunset. Police Colonel Borhan Tayyib interfering with voting there, a US
near a crowded condolence tent at the Taha said 28 people were wounded in military statement said. It is the third
tribal sheikh’s funeral on Saturday in the blast. Ambulances ferried the operation in Ramadi since Nov 16. US
Abu Sayda, a small town near Baquba, worst cases to hospitals in Kirkuk. Marines yesterday announced the end
65 km northeast of Baghdad. Medical Police said they expected the toll to of a major operation to secure towns
officials in Baquba, who asked not to rise as many of those injured were along the Syrian border used by al-
be identified, said many victims were badly wounded. Kirkuk is a mixed Qaida to smuggle foreign fighters into
badly mutilated, making identification Arab, Kurdish and Turkmen city that Iraq. Ten US Marines and 139
difficult. The attack at the funeral has seen frequent episodes of violence, insurgents were killed in “Operation
capped a bloody two days in Iraq some the result of tensions between Steel Curtain,” which began Nov 5
during which six U.S. troops were also the separate communities, all of whom with about 2,500 US troops and 1,000
killed. Sectarian divisions appear to claim ownership of the city, which lies Iraqi soldiers, a military statement
be widening as an insurgency by close to vast oil reserves. The blast said. US commanders plan to establish
Sunni Arabs and foreign fighters follows a string of suicide bombs a long-term presence in the area to
against the Shi’ite- and Kurdish-led across the country in the past five prevent al-Qaida and its Iraqi allies
government and its U.S. backers days in the build up to elections set for from re-establishing themselves in the
shows no signs of abating before Dec 15. At least 180 people have been towns of Husaybah, Karabilah and
December 15 elections. Yesterrday, killed since Friday (Nov 18), including Obeidi along the Euphrates River. In a
another suicide car bomber killed 13 77 Shi’ite Muslims blown up in twin positive development, a senior
people and wounded 20 more in an suicide bombings on mosques in the government official said a
attack on a busy market in the Diyala mixed Kurdish and Shi’ite city of representative of an unidentified
Bridge area just south of Baghdad. Khanaqin. Today’s attack came hours insurgent group responded to an offer
Five soldiers were killed in two after insurgents fired two mortars at a by President Jalal Talabani to talk
makeshift bomb attacks on a patrol in complex of palaces built by Saddam in with those willing to lay down their
the northern town of Baiji yesterday. Tikrit, where US Ambassador Zalmay arms. Presidential adviser Lt Gen
The U.S. military said today a Marine Khalilzad was attending a ceremony Wafiq al-Samaraei told Qatar’s Al-
was killed yesterday in a bomb attack handing the palaces back to the Iraqi Jazeera television last night that he
near Haditha, about 200 km northwest government. No one was injured by had received a call from someone “who
of Baghdad in the mainly Sunni desert the blasts, which the US military said claimed to be a senior official of the
province of Anbar, one of the hotbeds failed to detonate properly, but resistance.” “I informed him that I
of the insurgency. That took the toll of television pictures showed US soldiers would welcome him in a meeting to
U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq since the and Marines, as well as Khalilzad and hear from him, but this doesn’t
invasion to topple Saddam Hussein in other dignitaries, diving for cover indicate our acceptance of their
March 2003 to 2,090, according to during a panicked few seconds. demands,” he said. Al-Samaraei, a
information compiled from the General George Casey, the top US former head of military intelligence
military. Increasingly sophisticated commander in Iraq, was also under Saddam, did not identify the
makeshift roadside bombs — known attending the ceremony. — Reuters. caller, and it was unclear whether the
by the U.S. military as improvised London, Nov 23 — A press report, overture represented a breakthrough.
explosive devices, or IEDs — are now dated today, states: Gunmen wearing A suicide bomber struck a busy
the biggest killer of U.S. forces in Iraqi army uniforms broke into the commercial street in Kirkuk
Iraq, accounting for almost 40 percent home of a senior Sunni leader today yesterday, leaving 22 dead and
of deaths. — Reuters. and killed him, his three sons and his another 23 people wounded, after
London, Nov 21 — A press report, son-in-law on the outskirts of insurgents lured police to the scene by
dated today, states: Five members of Baghdad, his brother and an interior shooting an officer, officials said. Half
an Iraqi family were killed when US ministry official said. Khadim Sarhid the dead were police who rushed to the
forces opened fire on their vehicle al-Hemaiyem was the leader of the scene after gunmen killed a fellow
outside a military base near the city of Sunni Batta tribe and the brother of a officer, according to police Brig Gen
Baquba. A US military spokesman parliamentary candidate in the Dec 15 Sarhad Qader. More than 160 Iraqis,
said the minibus they were travelling election, the official Maj Falah al- most of them Shiites, have died in a
in failed to stop as it approached a Mohammedawi said. Another of the wave of spectacular suicide operations
checkpoint at about 0800 hrs (0500, slain man’s brothers said the family across Iraq since Friday (Nov 18).
UTC). Two men and three children had been attacked before. “A group of Baghdad, Nov 24 — A car bomb
were killed and two women and a child gunmen with Iraqi army uniforms and exploded near Iraqi police outside a
were wounded, Iraqi police said. The vehicles broke into my brother’s house hospital in a town south of Baghdad
family was travelling to a funeral at in the Hurriyah area and sprayed today, killing 19 people and wounding
the time, witnesses said. The them with machine gun fire, killing dozens, doctors at the local hospital
roadblock had been set up to allow him along with three sons and his son- and witnesses said. The explosives-
military vehicles to turn off a highway in law,” said his brother, Nima Sarhid packed car was parked in front of
into the base. “The Iraqi car wouldn’t Al-Hemaiyem. “His eldest son was Mahmoudiya’s General Hospital and
slow down and warning shots were assassinated one month ago in the Taji blew up as two patrols of Iraqi police
fired,” Maj Steven Warren told news area, northern Baghdad, when pulled up outside, witnesses said.
agency AFP. He said the vehicle did unidentified men shot and killed him.” Doctors at the hospital said 34 people
not stop and came under machine-gun Al-Mohammedawi said government were also wounded in the blast. It was
fire. Correspondents say Iraqis forces were not involved and the not clear if it was a suicide car bomb
generally pull over to the side of the investigation was focused on attack. Mahmoudiya is in a violent
road when coalition forces approach. insurgents. The slaying follows a big region south of Baghdad dubbed the
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Political & Civil Unrest

Triangle of Death for the high number Iraqi carrier in 1991, Buresli said. The number of Hezbollah targets
of attacks. It is part of a belt of mixed amount along with interest is yesterday, Israeli security officials
Sunni and Shi’ite towns in the area currently estimated at $980 million, said. The Israeli strike came a day
where sectarian tensions have spilled he said. The emirate has so far not after the Lebanese guerrilla group
over into violence, leading to fears received any part of the compensation Hezbollah fired mortars and rockets
Iraq could be sliding toward a full- and is awaiting the formation of a toward the Israeli-Lebanese border,
blown civil war. — Reuters. permanent legitimate government in wounding 11 Israeli soldiers and
Baghdad, Nov 24 — A car bomb blew Baghdad. In 2000, KAC won $795 damaging a house in an Israeli border
up outside a hospital where Iraqi million in damages from a case filed in community. The shelling sent
police were gathered in a town south London against insurance companies. thousands of Israeli civilians into
of Baghdad today, killing 31 people In October, 2003, Kuwait turned down bomb shelters. Israeli return fire
and wounding more than 20 others, an out-of-court settlement by Iraqi killed four Hezbollah guerrillas.
doctors, police and witnesses said. The Airways which offered to pay $150 Ibrahim Gambari, the UN
explosives-packed car was parked in million for a lawsuit demanding $890 undersecretary-general for political
front of the General Hospital in million. KAC operates a fleet of 15 affairs, blamed Hezbollah, saying the
Mahmoudiya, just south of Baghdad, Airbus and two Boeing 777 aircraft. exchange started on the Lebanese side
and blew up after two patrols of Iraqi of the border. “The violations show
police pulled up outside, witnesses ISRAEL once again the importance of the
said. The head of the emergency room London, Nov 18 — A press report, government of Lebanon extending its
at the hospital said 31 people were dated today, states: Israeli forces have control over all of its territory and
killed and 28 wounded in the blast. shot dead two Palestinian militants exerting its monopoly on the use of
Police sources put the death toll at 30 near the West Bank city of Jenin. The force,” Gambari said in a statement
with around two dozen wounded. It Army says Israeli paramilitary border released by his office. The United
was not clear if it was a suicide car police set up a roadblock to catch the States also accused Hezbollah of
bomb attack. The bombing is the latest men and opened fire after they ignored provoking the fighting and urged the
in an apparently stepped-up campaign calls to stop. That caused them to Lebanese government to take charge
of militant violence over the past week drive off the road and crash. The Army of the area. Hezbollah’s Al-Manar
and in the run-up to parliamentary confirms the border police had hit the television today aired videotape
elections set for Dec 15. Since last pair, but did not know whether it is showing scenes from Monday’s
Friday (Nov 18), nearly 200 people the shots or the crash that killed clashes. The tape showed a fire at the
have been killed in a series of suicide them. A farmer who witnessed the Israeli military position of al-
bombings and car bomb blasts, incident says the Israeli forces had Abbassiyeh after a hit by Hezbollah
including 77 killed when bombers ordered the men to get out of their car rockets, the announcer said. It also
strapped with explosives blew before being shot. Palestinian security showed a volley of Hezbollah rockets
themselves up inside two Shi’ite sources identified the men as hitting the Israeli military outpost in
mosques in the northern town of militants from al-Aqsa Martyrs the border village of Ghajar.
Khanaqin. Many of the attacks have Brigades, a group within President Yesterday’s Hezbollah attack “was the
borne a sectarian element, with Sunni Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah movement. largest-scale, most hostile since the
Arab insurgents targeting Shi’ite Sources say the men were on Israel’s departure of Israeli forces from
Muslim communities. Mahmoudiya is wanted list, but had been absorbed Lebanon in 2000,” Mofaz said in
in a violent region south of Baghdad into the security forces as part of Mr remarks broadcast on Israel Radio.
dubbed the Triangle of Death for the Abbas’s moves to end attacks on Israel The Israeli response “was the widest
high number of attacks. It is part of a following a truce in February. Israel against attempts by Hezbollah to
belt of mixed Sunni and Shi’ite towns stepped up raids in the West Bank escalate the situation.” Mofaz said
where sectarian tensions have spilt following a suicide bombing by Islamic Israel hit targets that “had not been
over into violence, leading to fears Jihad that killed six Israelis last attacked since the Israeli withdrawal
Iraq could be sliding towards a full- month. Continued violence has from Lebanon,” including Hezbollah
blown civil war. Earlier, Iraq’s Defence dimmed hopes that Israel’s command, intelligence and
Ministry said soldiers had found a car withdrawal from the occupied Gaza communication posts. The defence
west of Baghdad that was filled with Strip in September could lead to minister also said Hezbollah
booby-trapped children’s toys packed renewed peacemaking. (See issue of apparently suffered the greatest
with hand-grenades and explosives. A Nov 16.) number of casualties since Israel’s
government spokesman said two Jerusalem, Nov 21 — Israeli troops pullout from Lebanon. The fighting
people had been detained. — Reuters. killed four Hizbollah gunmen today marked a sudden surge in violence,
during an exchange of fire near the the first cross-border fighting in five
IRAQ-KUWAIT Lebanese border, the Israeli rescue months. The United States accused
Rijeka, Nov 18 — Ro/ro Star ex Boka service ZAKA said. It said the gunmen Hezbollah of provoking the fighting,
Star is still laid-up at Rijeka. It is died after storming the border village and urged the Lebanese government to
expected that the Court’s sale will be of Ghajar, exchanging fire with the take charge of the area. Lebanon has
announced during the beginning of Israeli garrison there. An Israeli was requested that UNIFIL, the UN
December. — Lloyd’s Agents. also killed during the clash, ZAKA peacekeeping force stationed in the
London, Nov 24 — A press report, said. There was no immediate country, appeal to Israel to persuade it
dated today, states: State-owned confirmation from the Israeli army. — not to further retaliate for the
Kuwait Airways Corp has won a Reuters. (See issue of Nov 21.) Hezbollah strikes, Israel Army Radio
lawsuit ordering Iraqi Airways to pay London, Nov 23 — A press report, said. Israeli army chief Lt Gen Dan
more than $319 million in invasion- dated Nov 22, states: Israeli said its Halutz confirmed that Lebanon had
related compensation, an official said warplanes struck in Lebanon today in turned to UNIFIL, but would not
yesterday. “The amount will be in what Israeli Defence Minister Shaul elaborate. Hezbollah frequently
excess of $400 million when interest is Mofaz described as the largest-scale targets Israeli troops in the Chebaa
calculated,” KAC spokesman Adel Israeli response to cross-border Farms area, which the Iranian-backed
Buresli told said. The ruling was attacks by Lebanese guerrillas since group says should have been returned
issued by a British court last week. 2000. Mofaz spoke just hours after by Israel when it withdrew from south
The damages were awarded by the Israeli fighter jets attacked a Lebanon. Israel says it captured the
court for four Kuwaiti passenger command post of Hezbollah guerrillas area from Syria in 1967 and will
aircraft stolen by the Iraqi carrier in south Lebanon and after army discuss its control of the land only in
during the 1990-91 occupation of the bulldozers entered Lebanon to any future peace talks with the Arab
emirate and which were destroyed demolish a Hezbollah post just north country.
during the Gulf War, he said. So far, of the community of Ghajar. Hezbollah Beirut, Nov 23 — Hizbollah
KAC has won damages totalling $750 and the Lebanese army denied Israeli guerrillas clashed with Israeli troops
million for stolen aircraft and spare warplanes struck in southern Lebanon on the Lebanese border today, in the
parts since filing lawsuits against the today. Israeli warplanes struck a second round of fighting in south
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Political & Civil Unrest

Lebanon in three days, Hizbollah held last month. A U.N. resolution, said in a statement. He said the rebels
sources said. The fighting was taking adopted in October, called for a new would continue talking with the
place near the border village of Mais prime minister to be named with full parties about how they could rejoin
El-Jabala, they said. There was no powers over the cabinet to carry out the political process. His
immediate word on casualties. — disarmament and electoral reforms so announcement came days after the
Reuters. that a free and fair vote could be parties said the Maoists were ready to
Jenin, West Bank, Nov 24 — An organised. — Reuters. accept multiparty democracy and end
Islamic Jihad leader in the West Bank violence. “We are committed to end the
surrendered today to Israeli troops MEXICO autocratic monarchy and establish full
who mounted a day-long siege of his London, Nov 19 — A press report, democracy through a forward-looking
hideout, the Israeli army said. Iyad dated Nov 18, states: Two bombs were political solution,” Prachanda’s
Abu el-Rob, the Palestinian militant planted today at branches of a statement said. Prachanda said the
group’s chief in the Jenin area, gave Spanish-owned bank on the outskirts rebels had not yet agreed to join the
himself up along with an aide after of Mexico City, the latest in a series of parties in street protests against the
the soldiers fired rockets at a five- attacks against foreign financial king. — Reuters.
storey building where the two men institutions in recent years. One bomb
were hiding and began demolishing failed to detonate and the other PHILIPPINES
part of the structure. An Israeli caused no injuries. The first device Manila, Nov 17 — The Philippine
military source said Rob had plotted exploded before dawn just below the military chief said today fighting on
three suicide bombings in Israel window of a branch of Bancomer, the southwestern island of Jolo would
including an attack in October that owned by Spain’s Banco Bilbao not spill over into rebel attacks on
killed six Israelis in the town of Vizcaya Argentaria, said Mexico State Manila, as 3,000 troops pursued
Hadera and four other assaults which Attorney General Alfonso Navarrete. suspected Muslim militants with ties
were thwarted. Describing Rob as “a The bomb shattered glass, wrecked to al Qaeda. Some 29 people, including
senior Islamic Jihad terrorist”, the computers and overturned furniture. A four soldiers, have been killed and
army said in a statement he came out second device, found at a nearby dozens wounded in fighting with
waving a white flag and troops who branch of the same bank, failed to members of the Abu Sayyaf group in
entered the hideout found assault detonate, police said. In the wreckage mountains near the town of Indanan,
rifles, grenades and ammunition clips. of the first bomb, police found a letter on Jolo, that began on Saturday (Nov
During the course of the Jenin raid claiming responsibility for the attacks 12). “So far, we have received no
yesterday, Israeli troops killed one from the previously unknown reports of possible retaliatory attacks
Palestinian and wounded 12 while Barbarous Mexico Revolutionary in the capital,” General Generoso
quelling stone-throwing protests, Workers’ Commando, Navarrete said. Senga told reporters. “We are taking
Palestinian security sources said. The The same group sent an e-mail to The measures to thwart plots to bomb soft
army said troops had opened fire after Associated Press railing against targets in Manila by the Abu Sayyaf.”
coming under attack from gunmen “neoliberal reorganization and Senga said army and police
who fired automatic weapons and capitalist expansion” and singling out intelligence teams were not aware of
threw fire bombs and other explosives U.S. businesses in Mexico, including any suspicious movements or
at them. Two Israeli paramilitary Wal-Mart and McDonald’s and the activities by militants in Manila that
border policemen were wounded. — U.S.-backed proposal for a Free Trade may be related to the fighting on Jolo.
Reuters. Area of the Americas. Senga said fighting in Indanan has
been contained and pursuit operations
IVORY COAST NEPAL were about to be terminated as troops
Bouake, Nov 17 — Ivory Coast’s London, Nov 22 — A press report, took control of three rebel hideouts. A
rebels today rejected a shortlist of dated today, states: At least four anti- team of marines killed a suspected
prime ministerial candidates proposed government guerrillas were killed and militant leader and two of his three
by African mediators trying to revive a 28 others injured in eastern Nepal men in a separate gunbattle on the
deadlocked peace process, because today, a local police office said. The southwestern island of Tawi-tawi, the
their leader had been left off it. incident occurred when a group of military said. Major Melquiades
Nigerian President Olusegun guerrillas and security forces clashed Ordales, a marine spokesman, said
Obasanjo, chairman of the African at Sapsukhola area in Khotang troops on patrol in Panglima Sugala
Union, canvassed opinions from district, some 200 km east of town ran into an Abu Sayyaf group led
government and rebel leaders in Ivory Kathmandu, the police office said in a by Jatib Jainal Usman, alias Milikan
Coast two weeks ago on who should be statement. The guerrillas opened fire Usman, who is wanted for a string of
the new prime minister and promised at a team of security forces and kidnappings in Malaysia and the
to present a shortlist of names. government employees that was Philippines. “Our troops killed three
Nigeria’s Foreign Minister Oluyemi returning to the district headquarters rebels, including the leader,” said
Adeniji met with Guillaume Soro, the after conducting a mobile services Ordales, adding one militant was
rebel movement’s political chief, in its camp. After the incident the guerrillas captured. Senga said the rebels on
northern stronghold of Bouake today abducted a paramedic from Jolo had been on the run after
and proposed four names, a rebel Dandagaun health post, the statement attacking a military base in Panamao
spokesman said. The list, which had added. town on another part of the island
been whittled down from 16 Kathmandu, Nov 22 — Nepal’s yesterday. Fighting around Indanan
candidates, excluded Soro, whose Maoist rebels said today they were began late on Saturday when soldiers
name had been put forward by his ready to end years of violence and on a mission to capture Radullan
New Forces movement. “The list of rejoin the political mainstream. The Sahiron, a one-armed Abu Sayyaf
four persons ... which seems to exclude move confirms a breakthrough commander, ran into a large group of
the Secretary General of the New announced by Nepali political leaders militants. An estimated 25 guerrillas
Forces, does not interest us,” rebel visiting New Delhi last week. But the were killed in the clashes, but only
spokesman Sidiki Konate told rebels did detail their conditions for three bodies were found. It was not
reporters after the meeting. He said ending the fighting. Nepal’s seven possible to confirm the rebel or
appointing the rebel leader prime main parties recently met the military casualties. Sahiron, who has
minister would counter-balance Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist a bounty of 5 million pesos ($92,000)
Gbagbo’s powers and give the New (CPN-M) to discuss ending years of on his head, is wanted for a series of
Forces more recognition as key players war and creating a united political kidnappings, including the abduction
in the search for a peaceful resolution front against King Gyanendra, who of 21 tourists and resort workers from
to the conflict. Gbagbo’s constitutional sacked the government and took power Sipadan island in Malaysia in 2000. —
mandate ended on October 30, but he in February. “The CPN-M expresses Reuters.
has been given U.N. backing to remain its commitment to march ahead Manila, Nov 20 — Maoist-led
for up to a year to work towards peacefully into a new political guerrillas killed nine Philippine
presidential polls that could not be mainstream,” Maoist chief Prachanda soldiers and wounded 20 in an ambush
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Political & Civil Unrest

near a sugar cane plantation in the 50. “A thinly stretched armed forces intense,” Aleo told reporters. “We’re not
central province of Iloilo, an army open up further opportunities for the giving our enemies any breathing spell.
spokesman said today. Major Bartolome NPA to strike at its weakest and most We’ll pursue and hit them hard with
Bacarro said the soldiers on Panay vulnerable points,” Rosal said. He said everything we’ve got.” Army howitzers
island were returning to camp by truck the attacks also “clearly show the pounded rebel positions in the
late yesterday when communist New growing armed strength and wide mass mountains near Indanan and Patikul
People’s Army (NPA) rebels detonated a support of the NPA”. Operations towns as the air force prepared OV-10
crude land mine. After the blast, the against the NPA “will be pursued ground assault planes for bombing
rebels sprayed the soldiers with without let-up”, said Ignacio Bunye, sorties, if the weather permitted. Aleo
automatic gunfire, Bacarro told President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s said troops inflicted heavy casualties
reporters. He said the rebels had tried spokesman. Bunye said the president on the rebels, citing intercepted radio
but failed to seize the dead men’s wanted a tough counter-insurgency traffic and soldiers’ accounts. He said
weapons because the wounded held campaign under proper rules of soldiers were battling about 150 Abu
their ground and fought back. He said military engagement. Talks between Sayyaf rebels and disgruntled members
pursuing troops had found bloodstained the government and the National of the Moro National Liberation Front
clothes and backpacks along the rebels’ Democratic Front (NDF), the (MNLF), a larger Muslim separatist
escape route to nearby mountains in communist rebels’ political arm, stalled group that signed a peace deal with the
the island’s interior. The military said last year when Manila declined government of the country in 1996. —
the guerrillas were also demands to help persuade Washington Reuters.
indiscriminately attacking civilians to remove the rebels from a terrorism
and non-combat troops in remote areas. blacklist. Norway has been brokering SPAIN
A policeman was killed and three were the talks since 2001. — Reuters. Madrid, Nov 20 — Two home-made
wounded when about 50 Maoist-led Manila, Nov 23 — Philippine troops devices exploded in a car show room
rebels ambushed a patrol car on a and about 100 suspected Muslim near the Spanish city of Vitoria early
national highway in Quezon province, militants exchanged heavy gunfire deep this morning, causing some damage but
south of the capital, early today. — in the mountains of the south-western no injuries, Basque police said. “There
Reuters. island of Jolo, killing one soldier and were two explosions at about (0420,
London, Nov 21 — A press report, an unknown number of rebels, the UTC) ... the devices were fabricated
dated today, states: Government troops army said today. Brigadier-General from camping gas bottles,” a police
killed seven people and wounded 10 Alexander Aleo, commander of the spokeswoman said. She added that a
others in a shooting incident before military’s counter-terrorism task force, home-made bomb which exploded
dawn today in an interior village of said fighting broke out late yesterday yesterday evening at a bicycle factory
Palo town in Leyte. Inspector Rito when soldiers ran into a large group of in the same city had been attributed to
Pacanan, Palo police chief, said that Abu Sayyaf rebels in the mountains Basque separatist guerrillas ETA. —
aside from the 10 wounded, the near Indanan town. The clash was the Reuters.
military also captured eight suspected first contact with the rebels since a
rebels whom they turned over to the week ago, when troops in Panamao SRI LANKA
Palo police station for custody. town came under mortar barrages. “We London, Nov 18 — A press report,
Manila, Nov 22 — Communist lost only one but our troops may have dated today, states: Suspected
guerrillas killed three Philippine inflicted a heavy toll on the enemy separatist rebels threw grenades into a
soldiers and wounded nine in an attack side,” Aleo said. “Sporadic fighting Mosque during morning prayers today,
on a mobile telephone relay tower near continued through the night.” Abu killing at least four Muslim
a coconut plantation south of Manila, Sayyaf, the smallest of four Muslim worshippers, police said. “Two grenades
the army said today. A total of nine rebel groups in the southern were thrown at the mosque that killed
soldiers, one policeman and 10 rebels Philippines, is suspected of links with four people and wounded 10 others,”
from the New People’s Army (NPA) al Qaeda and the regional militant said Nimal Lewke, deputy inspector
have been killed in ambushes and network Jemaah Islamiah. Abu Sayyaf general of police. There were no other
clashes in several parts of the country has been blamed for a wave of immediate details of the attack in the
since Saturday (Nov 19). Colonel bombings in the south and Manila since city of Akkaraipattu, 140 miles east of
Tristan Kison, an army spokesman, 2002. Aleo said five soldiers had been the capital, Colombo.
said the three soldiers were killed late killed and 25 wounded since Nov 11, Colombo, Nov 18 — Hawkish
yesterday as they defended a relay when troops hunting a one-armed, President-elect Mahinda Rajapakse
tower in Tiaong town against about 50 horse-riding Abu Sayyaf commander vowed today to bring peace to Sri
NPA rebels who tried to storm and clashed with a group of rebels near Lanka after beating main rival Ranil
burn down the facility. It was the third Indanan town. An estimated 25 rebels Wickremesinghe to the top job. “I will
attack on a cellular phone site in had been killed, but only three bodies bring about an honorable peace to the
Quezon province in two days, Kison were found at the scene. Nearly 5,000 country respecting all communities,”
said, adding the rebels were hitting residents of three villages around Rajapakse told a news conference after
businesses that refused to pay Indanan fled their homes and farms. the island’s election commissioner
“revolutionary taxes”. “We see these The military has been searching for confirmed his victory in yesterday’s
successive attacks as part of pressure Radullan Sahiron, the Abu Sayyaf chief election. The poll was seen as a
tactics by the rebels to force our on Jolo, after police apologised for referendum on how to rescue the
government to convince Washington arresting a man who turned out to be a island’s faltering peace process and
and European states to remove the lookalike missing the wrong arm. tsunami-hit economy. Rajapakse has
Communist Party of the Philippines Sahiron is wanted for a series of high- vowed to take a tough line with rebels
from their terrorist blacklist,” Kison profile kidnappings, including the from the ethnic Tamil minority and has
said. “These demands are unacceptable. abduction of 21 tourists and resort rejected their demand for a separate
We cannot allow them to hold our workers from Sipadan island in homeland in the north and east.
government as a hostage by attacking Malaysia in 2000. — Reuters. Rajapakse, who has allied himself with
soft targets such as Manila, Nov 24 — One Philippine hardline nationalists from the Buddhist
telecommunications, mining, logging soldier was killed as renewed fighting Sinhalese majority, is due to be sworn
firms and other businesses.” Kison said with suspected Islamic militants with in tomorrow, government officials said.
the military had adequate forces to ties to al Qaeda entered a second day — Reuters.
deal with the NPA rebels, who are on the remote southwestern island of
active in 69 of the country’s 79 Jolo, an army general said today. SUDAN
provinces. In a statement yesterday, Brigadier-General Alexander Aleo, Juba, Sudan, Nov 22 — Rebel attacks
rebel spokesman Gregorio Rosal commander of the military’s counter- on civilians in southern Sudan are
claimed the NPA seized at least 25 terrorism task force, also said two preventing aid workers from helping
small arms from soldiers and police soldiers were wounded in the clashes the vast region recover from two
officers in a two-week period, killing with Abu Sayyaf rebels in mountains decades of war, aid workers and
nearly 20 troops and wounding about near Indanan town. “Fighting was very officials said today. Rebels from
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Political & Civil Unrest/Labour Disputes

Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army said. A packed commuter minibus was damaged. The local police Rapid
(LRA) killed three people yesterday in raked with gunfire today in Pader, the Action Battalion (RAB) arrested
a Sudanese village south of Maridi, same district where at least five Mujibur Rahman, vice president of
near the border of Democratic members of a cultural dance troupe association on Nov 18. General
Republic of Congo, UN sources said. were killed in an ambush on Friday secretary of the Bangladesh Road
Earlier this month they also killed two (Nov 18). “Between 10 to 12 people Transport Federation (RTWF),
mine clearance workers in the south, were killed ... These are just Habibur Rahman, on Sunday called
preventing key roads from reopening propaganda attacks to let the world the nation-wide transport strike in
in one of the poorest areas in the know that the LRA still exists,” said protest against arresting Mujibur
world. “They are trying to cut off the Ugandan army spokesman Major Felix Rahman. He also appeared in the BTV
supply routes,” said a UN source. The Kulayigye. He said troops were news yesterday and said they will
LRA, operating from bases in southern pursuing the rebels and were also continue the strike unless Mujibur
Sudan, has terrorised civilians in investigating whether the attacks in Rahman, arrested by RAB without any
northern Uganda in a long war to Pader were the result of any Ugandan reason, was released. Meanwhile,
overthrow Uganda’s president, Yoweri officer failing to do his duty. — Bangladesh Bus-Truck Owners
Museveni. However, a recent Reuters. Association has extended its support
agreement between Uganda and to the transport strike. — Lloyd’s List
Khartoum to allow Ugandan troops to Correspondent.
chase LRA fighters anywhere in south
Sudan has forced them to go on the FRANCE
run in smaller cells. The rebels are London, Nov 18 — A press report,
now heading west from those bases dated today, states: Leftist parties and
into more densely populated areas of some unions have called for a
Sudan where they might do even more nationwide strike in France for
damage, aid workers said. David tomorrow, with thousands of people
Gressly, a UN aid worker, said recent AZERBAIJAN expected for a demonstration in Paris.
attacks had closed off a vast area for London, Nov 24 — A press report, The strike has been called to protest
UN workers, now restricted to dated yesterday, states: More than a government plans for privatization
emergency operations only. — Reuters. thousand oil workers have returned to and is part of a campaign against the
work in Azerbaijan after staging a 24- ruling government’s economic policies
TURKEY hour strike in protest at their pay and and plans. The current call is aimed at
Istanbul, Nov 18 — One man was working conditions. The workers, the partial privatisation of France’s
killed and 11 people were injured employed by US oil services firm EDF electricity company. There is also
today when a bomb exploded near a McDermott, barricaded themselves in concern about a possible privatization
closed theme park in Istanbul, Turkish a factory near Baku used to construct of train services. In October, tens of
officials said. The city governor’s office oil rigs for BP. The workers claimed thousands of French people, including
told Reuters a bomb had caused the they have been stopped from forming a teachers, postal employees and public
explosion, which was in a suburb far trade union and have no access to transportation workers, took to the
from the centre, but no more details healthcare. McDermott said it would streets to express anger at
were immediately available. The investigate the workers’ grievances. government plans to overhaul the
injured were ferried to hospital, police About 1,500 staff took control of the country’s social security system and
said. A Reuters photographer said the plant, 40 miles from Baku, yesterday labour market.
bomb went off in a rubbish bin. — and refused to allow management into London, Nov 21 — A press report,
Reuters. the site. The fabrication plant is used dated today, states: Workers of Societe
to build offshore oil rigs and other Nationale des Chemins de Fer, or
UGANDA equipment for BP drilling operations SNCF, France’s national railroad, will
Kampala, Nov 20 — Uganda’s Lord’s in the oil-rich Caspian Sea. The staff go on strike tonight against what they
Resistance Army (LRA) rebels killed claim they are paid far less than call the “rampant privatization’’ of the
five people and wounded four others in foreign workers in the country’s state-owned company”. Four unions,
an ambush on a civilian lorry in the booming oil industry, earning about $2 the Confederation Generale du
remote north of the country, the an hour. They also allege that they Travail, Sud- Rail, Force Ouvriere and
military said today. The attack took have no access to health insurance or Fgaac, issued a strike notice and will
place on Friday (Nov 18) as the compensation if they are injured at demonstrate against a share sale,
members of a local dance troupe drove work. A BP spokesman said it had SNCF spokesman Jean-Paul Boulet
to a function in eastern Pader district, been told staff returned to work today said in a Nov 16 interview. The strike,
said Lieutenant Chris Magezi, while McDermott had agreed to starting tonight at 2000 hrs, will last
Uganda’s northern army spokesman. investigate the workers’ concerns and until the morning of Nov. 23. The
“Five civilians were killed while four report back within a week. McDermott strike marks yet another test for the
others were injured, some critically. had previously said that the strikers’ government of Prime Minister
After ambushing the lorry between claims over a lack of insurance were Dominique de Villepin, which is just
Patongo and Adilang (villages) ...the not true. The dispute is politically emerging from the country’s worst
thugs looted the vehicle and set it on sensitive since the oil industry is a civil unrest in almost four decades. It
fire before disappearing in the bush,” major source of employment and comes just after the sale last week of
he said. The military could not income for the country. Critics claim shares in Electricite de France, whose
confirmed reports from local residents that Western companies have too shares will start trading today. About
who said as many as nine people may much power over the industry while 40 percent of the TGV high-speed
have died in the attack, 350 km north ordinary Azeris are not benefiting trains will run, SNCF said. Four out of
of the capital Kampala. Magezi said from the country’s extensive oil five Eurostar trains, which link Paris
about 10 rebel fighters carried out the resources. to London, and Thalys trains, which
latest ambush, adding that troops connect Paris and Brussels, will be in
later attacked them south of Patongo. BANGLADESH service, SNCF said. As much as 50
“Two rebels were killed and two sub- London, Nov 22 — Bangladesh Road percent of the traffic will be ensured
machine guns were recovered, (along Transport Federation (RTWF) has in Ile de France, the Paris region, and
with looted items),” he said in a observed a country wide wildcat strike a third of the trains serving lines C
statement. — Reuters. against arrest of their leader Mujibur and D of the Reseau Express Regional,
Kampala, Nov 21 — Rebels from Rahman yesterday. Local media or RER, the regional train network
Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army reported that the first day of the that connect Paris with its suburbs,
(LRA) killed up to 12 people today in strike was passed off amid sporadic will be running, SNCF said.
the second ambush in three days to clashes at different places in the London, Nov 22 — A press report,
target civilian vehicles in the north of country leaving a number of transport dated Nov 21, states: Rail workers in
the country, a military spokesman workers injured and vehicles France have begun a national strike,
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Railway Accidents/Computer Systems

crippling the rail network for at least tries to meet public deficit targets set strike that must have cost between 20
24 hours. As many as two-thirds of by the European Union. He can also and 30 million euros,” Gallois said. —
trains stopped running as commuters do little to address the unions’ Reuters.
tried return home tonight. Unions are opposition to EU plans to open
striking to protest against any markets for rail freight to outside INDIA
privatisation of the rail network, competition next year. SNCF chief London, Nov 22 — A press report,
despite government assurances. Louis Gallois says the company will dated today, states: Normal life in
Disruption to commuter and high- lose about euros 20 million a day most parts of Kerala was hit today
speed services will continue until during the strike, which was due to with private bus operators
tomorrow evening, but the strike could last at least 24 hours and was likely withdrawing services from midnight
last for an indefinite period. to be extended. Strikes are also last night, demanding a hike in fares.
London, Nov 22 — A press report, expected on Paris’s subway and on Responding to the call for an
dated today, states: A strike by French suburban trains tomorrow, and the indefinite strike by the Kerala State
rail workers caused chaos for unions have taken a tough stance as Bus Owners Association, around
commuters today. Many commuters they prepare for leadership elections. 22,000 private buses across the state
drove to work, causing long traffic “We want real negotiations today and went off the road affecting the
jams around Paris, and others crowded hope Gallois will have the desire and travelling public, mostly in the
into the few trains that were running means to respond to our demands,” northern districts, where people
despite the strike organised by unions said Didier Le Reste, head of the depend heavily on private services.
who fear the state SNCF rail company railway branch of the CGT. However, Kerala State Road Transport
will be privatised. Some commuters, “Otherwise I think rail workers will Corporation (KSRTC) buses operated
used to transport strikes, simply took decide to extend the protest.” The their services. Private jeeps, taxis and
the day off to avoid problems. Four government has already faced other vehicles operated services in
trade unions started the strike at 2000 warning strikes by hundreds of these districts. Thiruvananthapuram
yesterday, despite a letter from the thousands of people this autumn over district was not much affected by the
transport minister assuring them low pay, an unemployment rate of strike as KSRTC services were plying
there were no plans to sell SNCF or to almost 10% and falling living regularly. Many of the 110 private
close some railway lines. The strike is standards. — Reuters. buses plying in the capital city also
indefinite, and can be extended by the Paris, Nov 23 — A nationwide rail did not join the strike. A report from
unions, but is due to last at least 24 strike caused new delays for Kollam said a section of bus owners
hours. SNCF chief Louis Gallois says commuters in France today but trade did not join the strike and many
the company will lose about 20 million unions were set to end the stoppage private buses were operating services.
euros a day during the strike. The after several hours of talks with the Bus owners’ federation in the district
unions were due to meet later today to SNCF railway operator over pay and had decided not to withdraw services.
decide whether to extend the protest. pensions. Union members were A report from Kochi said that school
Conservative politicians said the strike expected to vote early today to end the students and office-goers had a tough
was partly a show of strength by union sixth strike to hit the SNCF this year. A time reaching their destinations. At
leaders who soon face leadership separate strike began late yesterday on least 1,500 buses ply in the city, while
elections. Tomorrow, strikes are also the Paris Metro but has not caused nearly 3,000 buses operate service in
expected on Paris’s subway and on serious disruption. After long Ernakulam district. Several private
trains to the suburbs outside the negotiations on union demands over mini buses and jeeps operated services
capital. pay, bonuses and pensions, as well as charging double the normal fare.
Paris, Nov 22 — French President union concerns that the company will London, Nov 23 — A press report,
Jacques Chirac called for negotiations be privatized, SNCF chairman Louis dated today, states: The two-day-old
to end a nation-wide rail strike that Gallois has also voiced optimism for an strike by private bus operators in
caused commuter chaos today and end of the strike. Gallois has said the Kerala has been called off after the
poses a new threat to his government, company would lose about 20 million Government agreed to the operators
just days after urban riots abated. The euros a day during the strike. French demand for fare hike. After holding
strike, which began yesterday evening, rail traffic remained disrupted, talks with the private bus owners
disrupted trains across France as four although there were fewer cancellations federation, Transport Minister N.
trade unions at the SNCF railway than yesterday. — Reuters. Sakthan said the minimum bus fare
operator pressed demands over pay Paris, Nov 24 — French rail traffic has been increased by 50 paise from
and protested what they say will be a returned to normal today after trade Rs 2.50 to Rs three in ordinary
gradual privatisation of the company. unions called off a nationwide strike services and six paise increased per
Chirac reiterated promises that SNCF which cost state railway company km from 42 paise in ordinary services.
would not be privatised after the SNCF up to 30 million euros ($35 In fast passenger services, the
unions threatened to prolong the million). “It’s over,” SNCF Chairman minimum fare has been increased
strike indefinitely if the government Louis Gallois told France 2 television from Rs three to four. The discussions
did not quickly address their concerns. after a large majority of workers voted were held on the recommendations of
“SNCF, which is a brilliant French to end the strike over pay, pensions the Transport Commissioner who
company and essential to France, is a and concerns that the government will looked into the problems of private bus
public service that is absolutely privatize the company. The strike owners. However, there was no change
indispensable to our country,” Chirac began on Monday (Nov 21) evening in the concession rates for students
said. “It is a public company and will and caused chaos for commuters, given by the private bus operators.
remain so,” he said. “I call for leaving only one in three regional
negotiations, responsibility and high-speed trains running at its peak NETHERLANDS
reason.” SNCF said only one in three on Tuesday (Nov 22). By this morning London, Nov 22 — Following press
high-speed TGV trains was running there were only isolated problems, release, dated today, received from
and fewer than one in three other Gallois said. The unions welcomed an Smit Internationale NV: Despite
regional trains was in service. Four of offer of an interim pay rise of 0.3 intensive efforts, negotiations between
every five trains operated on the percent pending wage talks in Unions and SMIT Harbour Towage
international Eurostar and Thalys January, and a promise that each Rotterdam have not resulted in
services. French people often say they employee will receive a bonus of at mutual acceptance of terms and
support the motives behind transport least 120 euros. The conservative conditions for a new collective labour
strikes, but there was little sympathy government and President Jacques agreement (CAO) at this point in time.
today for the sixth SNCF stoppage Chirac, who pledged not to privatize This has as a consequence that the
this year. Prime Minister Dominique SNCF, averted a prolonged strike Unions have called for industrial
de Villepin may be banking on public which would have increased pressure action as from today at 0630 hrs, for
anger over the strike forcing the on them following three weeks of twelve hours initially. We are not sure
unions to back down, but he has little rioting by youths in poor suburbs. “We what other actions are contemplated
room for manoeuvre on wages as he have not done the sums yet but it’s and how long same will last. SMIT
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Labour Disputes/Awards & Settlements

will make every effort to resolve Press by the plaintiffs. That was man who died in an aircraft crash at
outstanding differences and to quickly followed by a $53 million fine RAF St Mawgan has won a £5m
mitigate the inconvenience which in a similar case brought by rival payout from the Ministry of Defence.
these actions may cause to our PepsiCo Inc., according to a Banker Hugh Paton, 43, was piloting a
customers. spokesman for the Federal Cessna when it nose-dived into the
Competition Commission who was not runway on 23 June 2001. Mr Paton’s
NEW CALEDONIA authorized to give his name, but widow Julia, 49, and two daughters
Noumea, Nov 18 — Following the confirmed both amounts today. The from Highgate, London, blamed an
strike of SLN Nickel factory at amounts are being appealed and by RAF Sea King helicopter for
Noumea since last Monday (Nov 14) policy will not be publicly announced manoeuvering too close by. The MoD
the bulk carriers Mount Fisher, Santa until the appeals are over. Coca-Cola denies liability, but reached a
Christna , Jules Garnier and Super Export Corp., the Mexican subsidiary settlement ahead of a High Court claim
Alexander could not load or unload at of Coca-Cola Co., based in Atlanta, for damages due to start next week.
Doniambo Nickel factory private would only be liable for a small part of The family had taken off on the
harbour and were on mooring at sea. any fines that survive the appeal morning of the accident from Elstree
Since this morning, the doors of process. Coca-Cola bottlers and airfield in Hertfordshire and flew to
Noumea terminal were then locked by distributors would be responsible for Cornwall where Mr Paton was
union pickets of SLN Nickel factory the rest, although it wasn’t clear intending to treat the family to lunch
and all stevedores works were then exactly how much. Chavez expected to at a Padstow restaurant. The weather
stopped. — Lloyd’s Agents. lose when a Coke distributor told her was fine and the visibility good when
to get rid of Big Cola, an upstart Mr Paton was given clearance to land
brand that arrived in Mexico recently at St Mawgan. However, just as the
from Peru, or risk having Coke stop Cessna was about to touch down, the
selling to her. Coca-Cola Co. denied Sea King, which had just taken off,
that it has engaged in monopolistic suddenly loomed into view. In his
practices. “As we stated before, we written argument to the court, the
respect the ... decisions,” spokesman family’s counsel, Mr Charles Haddon-
Charlie Sutlive said. “However, we Cave QC, said the helicopter “made as
have used the appeal processes open if to cross the runway” directly in the
ACCIDENT AND NUISANCE, to us to present arguments that our Cessna’s path and Mr Paton “had to
UNITED STATES business practices comply with deal with an immediate and life-
London, Nov 22 — A press report, Mexican competition laws, and to threatening situation”. Mr Paton took
datelined Chicago, Illinois, Nov 21, demonstrate that our commercial emergency-avoiding action but lost
states: A verdict totaling $120.1 practices are fair.” Coke, whose share stability after the Cessna passed
million was reached today for of the Mexican soft drink market through a wake vortex from the
plaintiffs in consolidated class-action hovers around 70%, is a must-have helicopter’s powerful rotas and the
lawsuits against a now-defunct oil item for small stores. Chavez still sells light aircraft crashed just beside the
refinery in Blue Island. A jury it. But she also resented being told runway. He freed his wife Julia and
awarded funds to two of three classes what she could sell. In 2003, her daughters Elizabeth and Charlotte, but
that sued Clark Refining and customers began asking for rival “Big died of burns injuries nine days later.
Marketing, since renamed Premcor. Cola,” which had begun cutting into
One successful class sued based on a Coke’s market with lower prices. Coke EXPOSURE TO ASBESTOS,
chemical accident in 1994 that made told her to get rid of the brand, but UNITED STATES
numerous high school students ill, and she refused. Chavez took her London, Nov 23 — A press report,
another class was contained in a complaint to the Federal Competition dated Nov 22, states: West Virginia
nuisance complaint against the Commission, but after two months of University has reached a settlement in
refinery by neighbours, according to a inaction, she blew up at the anti- a class-action lawsuit affecting up to
clerk for Circuit Court Judge Cheryl A. monopoly agency. They finally 5,600 former and current employees
Starks, who presided over the civil accepted her complaint, investigated who may have been exposed to
trial that ended today, and plaintiff it, and found evidence of similar asbestos, the school announced today.
attorney Mary Ann Pohl. The class for incidents, some documented by Big As part of the proposed settlement,
the high school students received Cola, which later joined the case. Two WVU will institute and pay for a
$100,000, while the class of neighbours years later, on Jul 4, the commission medical surveillance program to be
alleging the nuisance received $80 ruled in a closed-door session that 15 conducted for 20 years. WVU also
million in compensatory damages and Coke bottlers had violated anti- agreed to pay $1 million to cover
$40 million in punitive damages, the monopoly laws in the case, and fined potential claims and attorney fees. A
clerk said. A third class, which was them about $15 million. On Aug 12, a judge must approve the agreement
suing for family expenses to pay similar case that had been held up in before it becomes final. A hearing is
medical bills, did not receive any hearings for years was suddenly scheduled for Dec 22. University
money in the verdict, Pohl said. In resolved, again, with a ruling against employees sued in 2000 and sought
October 1994, a chemical release from 54 Coke distributors who were ordered medical monitoring for potential
the refinery required 48 students from to pay about $1 million each, the asbestos-related health problems as a
Eisenhower High School in Blue Island maximum fine allowed. A copy of one result of working in university
to be hospitalized, according to a news of the rulings obtained by The buildings containing asbestos
report. Premcor shut down the refinery Associated Press showed that some insulation. The workers, including
in 2001, according to a news report. Coke distributors had threatened to professors, custodians, secretaries and
remove company-supplied other staff, alleged that asbestos in
ANTI-MONOPOLY FINE, MEXICO refrigerators and displays from shops campus buildings put them at an
London, Nov 17 — A press report, that sold other brands. The increased risk of cancer. The
dated Nov 15, states: Mexico has distributors also allegedly shifted university said in a statement that the
imposed anti-monopoly fines of about competitors’ merchandise away from agreement had been reached in the
$68 million against a Coca-Cola Co. prime locations in some stores, bought “spirit of compromise.” “WVU
subsidiary and dozens of distributors it all up and dumped it, or offered maintains that all standard,
and bottlers, largely due to a three- Coke merchandise in return for not recognised practices for asbestos
year battle waged by one woman who selling the other brands. removal have been followed over the
got tired of being told what to sell at years, and that the general population
her one-room store in an impoverished AVIATION ACCIDENT, of employees, through routine
Mexico City neighborhood. Raquel NEWQUAY AIRPORT, CORNWALL, monitoring of buildings and air
Chavez’s victory resulted in fines of at UNITED KINGDOM samplings, remain safe from any
least $15 million, according to legal London, Nov 18 — A press report, harmful effects of asbestos-containing
documents provided to The Associated dated today, states: The family of a materials,” the university said.
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Awards & Settlements

ILLEGAL FISHING, DENMARK County jury has awarded a Meshoppen the scars, we hope this settlement
London, Nov 17 — A press report, couple $3.25 million verdict, the package will bring comfort and a
dated today, states: The skipper and largest award in county history. The sense of victory and vindication for
mate of trawler Altaire were fined a jury awarded $2.5 million in non- the children and grandchildren of
total of £90,000 yesterday for the economic damages to Cindy White for survivors... It’s been a wonderful day.”
biggest black fish case ever brought in injuries she suffered as a result of a The deal also includes C$60m for a
a Scottish court. John Peter Duncan car accident in 2001 and $750,000 to truth and reconciliation process
and Jerry Ramsay pleaded guilty at Mrs. White’s husband, David White, designed to promote awareness of
the High Court in Edinburgh to for “loss of society and what happened in the schools. Justice
landing 7,600 tonnes of illegally companionship.” The accident occurred Minister Irwin Cotler described the
caught herring and mackerel in April 24, 2001, near the intersection of abuse which took place as “the single
Denmark between 2000 and 2002. The Jenkins-Stark Road and Route 6 in most disgraceful, racist and harmful
value of the fish was £3.4 million, but Tunkhannock. Mr. White was heading act in our history”. He said he hoped
after expenses the court accepted that west on Route 6 in the left lane of the the settlement would mark a turning
the two men, both from Ollaberry, had four-lane highway. His wife was in the point for Canada. The government has
only netted £990,000 from the haul. passenger seat. Jay R. Robinson II of already settled about 2,800 of the
Last month they were given two weeks Tunkhannock was travelling east on 15,000 lawsuits already filed, paying
to pay this money as compensation. Route 6, and failed to yield the right of out C$110m in compensation.
The two men appeared for the fourth way, and was struck by the Whitesø
time in court yesterday when Duncan vehicle. Mrs. White was taken by SEXUAL ABUSE, UNITED STATES
was fined £50,000 and Ramsay was ambulance to Tyler Memorial Hospital London, Nov 20 — A press report,
fined £40,000. in Tunkhannock for treatment and dated today, states: Two sisters who
discharged. She later required a sued a Coronado man convicted in
MISCONDUCT AND NEGLIGENCE cervical fusion at Community Medical 1999 of molesting them when they
IN REPORTING SEXUAL ABUSE, Centre for a severe cervical disc were children have been awarded
UNITED STATES herniation in her neck. She more than $1.7 million for emotional
London, Nov 23 — A press report, subsequently has had substantial distress suffered as a result of the
dated Nov 22, states: The Mormon problems swallowing due to the abuse. Howard Eugene Everett III, 64,
church has been ordered to pay $4.2 rubbing on her esophagus from the was ordered to pay the women ø now
million to two college-age sisters who plate inserted to stabilize the spine as 22 and 18 ø for past and future
say a bishop mishandled complaints of a result of the accident. medical expenses, pain and suffering.
sexual abuse by their stepfather, a A San Diego Superior Court jury
Mormon priest at the time. A jury SEXUAL ABUSE, CANADA awarded the older sister more than
Friday (Nov 18) found the church London, Nov 24 — A press report, $953,000 and the younger sister more
liable for misconduct and negligence dated Nov 23, states: Canada has than $826,000. Included in each award
in the case of Jessica Cavalieri, 24, offered to pay more than C$2bn was $150,000 in punitive damages.
and her younger sister, Ashley, 19. The (US$1.7bn) compensation to The verdict was given on Wednesday
girls had been abused by their indigenous people who were abused at (Nov 16). In their lawsuit, filed Jan.
stepfather, Peter N. Taylor, at their government-funded residential 28, the sisters claimed that Everett
home during the 1990s. Taylor pleaded schools. Some 80,000 people who used his position as a trusted family
guilty to child molestation in 2001 was attended the schools over decades are friend to manipulate and sexually
sentenced to more than four years in eligible. About 15,000 of them have molest them from 1990 to 1999. They
prison. Jessica Cavalieri said in court begun legal claims against the contended that Everett’s actions
documents that she told her government and Church, which ran caused them to suffer severe
congregational leader, Bishop Bruce the schools - to be dropped if they emotional and physical problems,
Hatch, in 1994 that Taylor had been accept the deal. The draft package including depression and post-
abusing her since she was seven. But must still be agreed by the courts but traumatic stress disorder. The older
Hatch told Jessica’s mother that there has been welcomed by indigenous sister lives in Imperial Beach and the
was simply tension between Jessica leaders. Thousands of former pupils younger one now lives with her mother
and her stepfather, suggested they at the 130 boarding schools have in Vermont. Everett pleaded guilty in
work it out through worship and never made allegations of physical and 1999 to four counts of felony child
alerted civil authorities, according to sexual abuse spanning seven decades. molestation of the same victims and
the Cavalieris’ lawyer, Timothy D. The schools were set up in sparsely was placed on 12 years’ probation.
Kosnoff. Under Washington state law, populated areas in an attempt to Heine explained that when Everett
members of the clergy are not required assimilate Canada’s indigenous was sentenced, the victims’ parents
to report sexual abuse, but Kosnoff peoples - known as the First Nations - didn’t sue and the girls were too young
argued that Hatch was acting as a into mainstream society. Attendance to do so on their own. That’s why they
social services counselor when the older was mandatory and children were waited until now. Attorney Richard P.
sister confided in him. The older sister forcibly removed from their families Verlasky said Everett did not contest
said she was ashamed and too scared to and forbidden from speaking their the women’s claims of childhood
tell anyone else, even when Taylor language. Most of the schools were sexual abuse in the civil case and he
began abusing her younger sister. shut down by the mid-1970s, with admitted he acted with malice. In
Gordon Conger, a spokesman for the surviving students now 60 years old documents filed in response to the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day on average. Many victims have lawsuit, Everett’s lawyer wrote that
Saints, said the church will already died. Under the terms of the his client “acknowledges his crimes
“aggressively pursue an appeal.” A draft deal, each claimant will be with great remorse.”
lawyer for the church, Von G. Keetch, eligible to receive C$10,000 and then London, Nov 23 — A press report,
noted that the bishop testified that he an additional $3,000 for each year dated today, states: The Mormon
never had any confirmation of abuse. they attended beyond their first year. church has been ordered to pay $4.2
“Our position was Bishop Hatch did not Those aged over 65 can apply for a million to two college-age sisters who
know,” Keetch said. Jessica Cavalieri fast-track advance payment of $8,000. say a bishop mishandled complaints of
said she hopes the case helps the National Chief of the Assembly of sexual abuse by their stepfather, a
church deal better with such situations. First Nations Phil Fontaine said the Mormon priest at the time. A jury
“They don’t know how to handle abuse settlement was the biggest in Friday (Nov 18) found the church
victims and pedophiles,” she said. Canadian history. “Today marks the liable for misconduct and negligence
“They’re just completely naive.” first step towards closure on a in the case of Jessica Cavalieri, 24,
terrible, tragic legacy for the and her younger sister, Ashley, 19. The
ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT, thousands of First Nations girls had been abused by their
UNITED STATES individuals who suffered physical, stepfather, Peter N. Taylor, at their
London, Nov 24 — A press report, sexual or psychological abuse,” he home during the 1990s. Taylor pleaded
dated Nov 23, states: A Wyoming said. “While no money will ever heal guilty to child molestation in 2001 was
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Awards & Settlements

sentenced to more than four years in DYFS should have known about their UNLAWFUL KILLING,
prison. Jessica Cavalieri said in court malnourishment because child-welfare UNITED STATES
documents that she told her workers visited the home regularly to London, Nov 18 — A press report,
congregational leader, Bishop Bruce check on a girl the family was trying dated Nov 17, states: A federal jury
Hatch, in 1994 that Taylor had been to adopt. State Department of Human has awarded $4 million to the family
abusing her since she was 7. But Services Commissioner James M. of a man who was shot to death during
Hatch told Jessica’s mother that there Davy signaled the government’s an altercation with Los Angeles
was simply tension between Jessica intention to settle the case last year. County sheriff ’s deputies who were
and her stepfather, suggested they Vanessa Jackson, now of Glassboro, responding to a burglary call. The
work it out through worship and never pleaded guilty to endangering the family had initially sought $30 million
alerted civil authorities, according to welfare of her four adoptive children for the November 2002 shooting of
the Cavalieris’ lawyer, Timothy D. by depriving them of adequate food Robert Mitchell, 40, who had
Kosnoff. Under Washington state law, and denying them medical attention. previously served prison time on
members of the clergy are not required She faces a maximum of seven years charges of assaulting a peace officer.
to report sexual abuse, but Kosnoff in prison when she is sentenced in Dale Galipo, an attorney for the
argued that Hatch was acting as a February. Bruce Jackson is a ward of family, said the verdict Tuesday (Nov
social services counselor when the the state and his settlement money 15) resulted from Mitchell being
older sister confided in him. will go into a trust overseen by a “unnecessarily and unjustifiably shot
court-appointed guardian for his to death by a deputy sheriff working
STARVATION, UNITED STATES finances, attorney William M. for the county of Los Angeles.” A
London, Nov 18 — A press report, Tambussi of Westmont. The state also police report said deputies answered a
dated today, states: A federal judge agreed to provide health insurance burglary call at the home of Mitchell’s
has approved a $12.5 million under Medicaid for the younger boys sister’s neighbour in Littlerock in the
settlement between the state and four until they reach 21 and pay as much Antelope Valley and spotted Mitchell
Collingswood boys whose adoptive as $185,000 a year for educational walking away from the neighbor ’s
mother admitted starving them while services not covered by their school home. The sheriff ’s department will
her home was under the supervision of districts. appeal the verdict and county officials
the state Division of Youth and Family said they were confident they would
Services. Bruce Jackson, 21, will STOCK-TRADING ABUSE, prevail on appeal.
receive $5 million, while each of his UNITED STATES London, Nov 22 — Actor Robert
adoptive brothers, Keith, 16, Tyrone, London, Nov 24 — A press report, Blake, who was acquitted of his wife’s
12, and Michael, 11, will receive at dated Nov 23, states: A California murder in a criminal trial eight
least $1.875 million, according to the judge yesterday approved an unusual months ago, has been found liable for
agreement approved Wednesday (Nov legal settlement that will require her death in a civil case. Bonnie Lee
16) by U.S. Magistrate Judge Joel B. Oracle Corp CEO Larry Ellison to Bakley, 44, was shot outside a Los
Rosen. The three younger boys will donate $100 million to charity and Angeles restaurant in May 2001. Mr
receive half of their settlement money pay another $22 million to the Blake, 72, the star of In Cold Blood
in cash to fund a trust overseen by attorneys who sued him for alleged and the Baretta TV series, has always
their court-appointed guardian, stock trading abuses — forcing claimed that he was inside the venue
Marcia R. Lowry. Lowry is executive Ellison to dig deeper into his pockets at the time of the shooting. The actor
director of Children’s Rights Inc., an than he originally wanted. Barring an was acquitted of the murder in March
advocacy organization based in New appeal, the $122 million settlement last year, but in August, Ms Bakley’s
York. The other half of the settlement made final by San Mateo Superior children initiated a wrongful death
will be used to purchase annuities Court Judge John Schwartz closes the suit against him - in a civil trial, the
that eventually will pay the boys books on a shareholder lawsuit filed burden of proof is not as stringent as
about $4,400 a month for life. Lowry’s nearly four years ago on behalf of in a criminal case. On Friday, Mr
attorney, Eric Hecker of New York, Oracle, one of the world’s largest Blake appeared pale and stunned as
said the annuities will serve as software makers. The civil complaint the verdict was read out at the Los
insurance to “make sure that, no revolves around a $900 million gain Angeles superior court. After the
matter what happens to these kids in that Ellison generated by selling verdict, he quickly left the courthouse
the future, the one thing they will some of his Oracle stock shortly through a rear exit and made no
know is that they will have a before the company’s shares comment to the media. He must now
substantial amount of money coming plummeted in 2001. Like many other pay $30m to the Bakley children,
in every month for the rest of their life high-tech companies, Oracle’s sales including his own daughter, five-year-
to provide them the kind of security sagged badly that year amid the old Rosie. The jurors, nine men and
that, unfortunately, the foster-care aftershocks of the dot-com implosion three women, voted 10-2 in favour of
system was not able to provide during that wiped out hundreds of finding that he intentionally caused
their childhood.” The remaining companies. Oracle’s shares plunged his wife’s death. They were split 9-3 in
$1.875 million is earmarked to pay the by 52% in 2001, wiping out about $85 favour of awarding the $30m sum.
lawyers for the three younger boys. billion in shareholder wealth.
The state has objected to that amount WAR ATROCITIES DURING
and Rosen asked the attorneys for UNFAIR DISMISSAL, EL SALVADOR CIVIL WAR
both sides to resolve the dispute UNITED STATES London, Nov 18 — A jury held a
through negotiations. If the lawyers’ London, Nov 23 — A press report, former Salvadoran Army colonel
fees are reduced, the difference will go dated Nov 22, states: A jury awarded responsible for murder and torture
to their clients. Bruce Jackson’s $3 million today to a blind woman who during El Salvador’s civil war in the
attorney, Michael Critchley of West was fired from her job as director of 1980s and ordered him to pay $2
Orange, worked for free. The past Pennsylvania’s agency for the blind million in damages. The federal court
week has seen the resolution of the and visually impaired. Christine L. jury’s verdict today came in a lawsuit
civil case and the only criminal Boone, who was forced out as director filed by five current or former
charges to emerge after a neighbour of the Bureau of Blindness and Visual Salvadorans who say they were
found Bruce, then 19, searching for Services in 2003, claimed she was tortured or had family members killed
food in a trash can outside the White discriminated against because of her by soldiers under the command of
Horse Pike house where he and 10 disability. A lawyer representing the Nicolas Carranza. The jury agreed
other children lived with the boys’ defendants argued Boone was fired with four of Carranza’s accusers and
foster and adoptive parents, Raymond because of her shortcomings as a awarded $500,000 for each plaintiff, or
and Vanessa Jackson. When they were manager. The jury awarded her $2 million total, in compensatory
discovered in Collingswood in October $180,000 in punitive damages, but her damages. The jurors could not reach a
2003, the four boys each weighed 45 lawyer said he would instead ask U.S. verdict in the fifth case, and Judge
pounds or less. Lawyers for the District Judge Sylvia Rambo to Jon McCalla told them to continue
younger boys sued the state, claiming reinstate her to her old job. deliberations. The lawsuit accused
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Awards & Settlements/Railway Accidents

Carranza, who has lived in Memphis passengers on the train and no one FOREST PARK, ILLINOIS,
since 1985, of failing to stop crimes was injured. But it took almost six UNITED STATES
against humanity when he was a top hours to clear the track, causing some London, Nov 24 — A press report,
commander of El Salvador’s security stations to be closed and causing long dated Nov 23, states: Forest Park
forces. delays in other parts of the network. police say no one was injured when a
Some passengers chose to return their freight train derailed in the western
tickets and took other transport. Chicago suburb of Forest Park last
night. Sergeant Steve Zanoni says four
CENTRAL SQUARE, NEW YORK southbound Canadian National
STATE, UNITED STATES Railway cars left the tracks about
London, Nov 21 — A press report, 1940 hrs and that none of the derailed
dated today, states: More than 24 cars, including three petroleum
hours after a train derailed in Central tankers, were damaged. Some area
Square, one major road is still closed business were temporarily evacuated
AMIRGANJ STATION, NARSINGDI as crews work to clean up the mess. as a precaution, but Zanoni says no
DISTRICT, BANGLADESH Route 49 opened back up, but Route 11 hazardous or toxic materials were
London, Nov 23 — A press report, is shut down. Investigators are trying spilled or released. No one was injured
dated today, states: A slow-moving to figure out what caused the CSX in the derailment, and no chemicals
express train rammed into another freight train to jump the tracks. The spilled, said agency spokesman
train standing at a station in central southbound train went off near Warren Flatau. The agency, which is
Bangladesh, injuring at least 25 people, Drybridge Road and the Route 11 working with Forest Park and other
the state-run railway said today. The bridge Saturday (Nov 19) afternoon. local authorities, may not know the
collision occurred last night at Twenty-eight cars derailed — six of cause until next week, he said. The
Amirganj railway station in Narsingdi which contained toxic materials. One National Transportation Safety Board
district, just east of Dhaka, said Golam carrying sodium hydroxide did have a is conducting an investigation.
Mostafa, an official at Bangladesh small leak, but crews were able
Railway. The Upakul Express, running contain it quickly. Crews said they HOMESTEAD, PENNSYLVANIA,
from Dhaka to the eastern district of expect to be there cleaning up for some UNITED STATES
Noakhali, ran into the Noakhali time. No one was injured in the London, Nov 18 — A press report,
Express which was standing at the derailment. dated Nov 17, states: Police said a
station, Mostafa said, adding that the Norfolk and Southern train was
Upakul Express was slowing to stop at CHARBAGH STATION, LUCKNOW, headed westbound at about 0230
the station. About 25 passengers were UTTAH PRADESH, INDIA today. Six cars of the 124-car train
injured in the crash and have been London, Nov 16 — A press report, jumped the tracks near 8th Avenue
taken to a hospital, said Mansur Ali, a dated today, states: Four bogies of an and Amity Street. One of the six cars
doctor in the area. Mostafa declined to express train derailed at the Charbagh has been uprighted. Fortunately, the
comment on the cause of the accident railway station this afternoon but no cars were not carrying any hazardous
but said railway authorities had one was injured, Government Railway materials. Road crews at the scene
ordered an investigation. Police sources said. Four bodies of the said the cleanup could last until this
London, Nov 23 — A press report, Barauni-Gwalior Express derailed just afternoon. Heavy equipment will be
dated today, states: Two passenger when it was rolling in at one of the brought in to clear the area. There
trains collided head-on last night near platforms but no one was injured as were no injuries.
Narsingdi, about 60 km north of the train was very slow, they said.
Dhaka, injuring at least 100 Efforts are on to put the bogies back MERSIN, TURKEY
passengers. Local private television on the rails and clear the platform, London, Nov 23 — A press report,
channel NTV in its late night bulletin sources added. dated today, states: Nine people were
said one train was going to killed and 18 others injured today as a
southeastern Noakhali, 190 km from DAMASCUS AREA, SYRIA passenger train crashed into a vehicle
the capital and the other train was London, Nov 24 — A press report, carrying workers in the southern
coming to Dhaka from Noakhali. dated Nov 23, states: Dozens of people Turkish province of Mersin, the semi-
Railway sources feared many might were injured when two trains collided official Anatolia news agency reported.
have died in the accident. outside Damascus, state-run TV The report said the train was en route
Karachi, Nov 24 — Bangladesh reported today. It said the collision from another southern province of
Railway said rail communications occurred because both trains were on Adana to Mersin when it collided with
between Dhaka and the eastern region the same track. The TV said that a lorry in Tarsus town in Mersin. Nine
of the country resumed after it railroad workers failed to co-ordinate people died at the spot and the injured
suspended for eight hours following a the change of tracks thus causing the were rushed to a nearby hospital for
collision between two passenger trains collision. It quoted eyewitnesses as treatment, the report added. Hasan
near Amirganj rail station under saying the collision occured in Tahsin Koprulu, regional director of
Narshingdi district yesterday. It is Nassiriya area. the Directorate General of State
said at least 100 people were injured Railways, was quoted as saying that
in the accident that took place at DHARI VILLAGE AREA, AMRELI the passenger train did not derail in
about 2225, Tuesday (Nov 22). Rail DISTRICT, GUJARAT, INDIA the crash and that the railway was not
communications on the Dhaka- London, Nov 16 — A press report, shut down.
Chittagong, Dhaka-Sylhet and Dhaka- dated today, states: Seven bogies of a
Noakhali routes resumed at 0643, goods train derailed near Dhari village PHATTALUNG PROVINCE,
yesterday after a relief train from of Amreli district of Gujarat, affecting THAILAND
Dhaka removed the two damaged passenger train services on the route, London, Nov 21 — A press report,
trains from the rail track. — Lloyd’s railway sources said. No one was dated today, states: In the southern
List Correspondent. injured in the incident that occurred province of Phatthalung, a close watch
yesterday evening, the sources added. is being kept on water sources in
BEIJING, CHINA Cranes and other equipment from the Laem Tanod Khuan Khanun district
London, Nov 22 — A press report, Bhavnagar division have been rushed one week after a freight train carrying
dated today, states: A big part of to the accident site to clear the tracks, highly toxic nitric acid derailed there.
Beijing’s Metro train system was they added. Passenger train services Seven of the 18 cargo compartments
blocked for six hours yesterday after a on the metre-guage route between have been salved, but three of the
train on a test run left the track on a Amreli, Veraval and Junagadh has remaining compartments contain
bridge, Shanghai Evening News been temporarily suspended following barrels with a large quantity of nitric
reported today. The train of Metro the derailment. The exact reason for acid. When the train came off the
Line No.13 ran off the rails when it the derailment was not yet known, the tracks, the barrels were tossed
was changing tracks. There were no sources added. around, splashing the highly corrosive
Receive immediate notice as soon as a Casualty occurs. For further information please contact Andrew Luxton on +44 (0) 20 7017 4625.

Railway Accidents/Computer Systems/Miscellaneous

liquid onto the interior of the freight FBI or CIA has unleashed a computer browsing 30 illegal sites and asks
compartments and creating holes virus that spread rapidly worldwide, them to fill in an attached form about
through which it could flow into the US officials and security experts say. this activity. Anyone clicking on the
environment. Local residents are The FBI released a statement on its attached form gets a fake error
concerned the nitric acid could website noting that the agency was message while, in the background, the
contaminate creeks and waterways not the source of the emails. But virus starts plundering an infected PC
that empty into the Thalay Noi inlet. experts said that the virus was for e-mail addresses to send itself to.
Phatthalung Governor Prachak propagating because the authors made Responding to the outbreak the FBI
Suwannaphaksi said the province the message appear authentic. The said: “These e-mails did not come from
lacked the necessary expertise to FBI statement said recipients of this the FBI.” It added: “Recipients of this
handle the problem. The State or similar messages “should know that or similar solicitations should know
Railway of Thailand had not informed the FBI does not engage in the that the FBI does not engage in the
anyone that a train carrying such a practice of sending unsolicited emails practice of sending unsolicited e-mails
toxic substance was passing through to the public in this manner.” The to the public in this manner.” The
the province, he said. The train was messages appear to be sent from an virus also comes in varieties that
reportedly heading for Sadao district email address such as, purport to hold a video of Paris Hilton,
in neighbouring Songkhla., or a similar fake password change notices and e-
address, and direct the recipient to mail error messages. It can only infect
RAWLINS AREA, WYOMING, open an attachment to answer a those using Windows PCs. F-Secure
UNITED STATES question. The opening of the file said the outbreak was the “biggest of
London, Nov 19 — A press report, activates the virus and causes it to the year” and Symantec said the virus
dated Nov 18, states: A Union Pacific spread to others. The Internet security was spreading very fast in the wild.
freight train derailed west of Rawlins firm Sophos said similar emails may Statistics gathered by Trend Micro
this week, blocking one track for appear to come from the Central suggest that most victims were in
nearly 24 hours. The derailment Intelligence Agency, but that both North America. The spread of the
occurred about 0645 hrs, Tuesday (Nov contain a strain of the Sober virus virus slowed yesterday but anti-virus
15) on a straight section of track about that has been spreading worldwide. In firms urged users to update their
four miles west of Rawlins, according a four-hour period, the worm “has protection and not to click on
to Mark Davis, UP spokesman based accounted for over 61 per cent of all attachments to unsolicited e-mail
in Omaha, Neb. Eleven cars of a 77- viruses reported to Sophos, making it messages.
car freight train derailed. No one was currently the most prevalent virus
injured, but 500 feet of track had to be spreading across the world.” “This
repaired, Davis said. The damaged variant of the Sober worm may catch Miscellaneous
line was reopened about 0620 hrs, out the unwary as they open their
Wednesday (Nov 16), he said. Another, email inbox this morning,” said
undamaged line was reopened to Graham Cluley, senior technology
traffic about 2200 hrs, Tuesday. The consultant at Sophos. “Every law-
train that derailed was hauling abiding citizen wants to help the
flatbed cars stacked with shipping police with their inquiries, and some
containers filled with a variety of will panic that they might be being CLOSURE OF COAL MINES,
freight, Davis said. It originated in falsely accused of visiting illegal CHINA
Lathrop, Calif., and was bound for websites and want to click on the Beijing, Nov 22 — China has closed
Marion, Ark. The cause of the unsolicited email attachment. All nearly 2,000 coal mines since August
derailment is under investigation. users should be reminded to follow in a bid to cut the death toll in the
safe computing guidelines, and PCs world’s most deadly mining industry,
SANDIACRE, DERBYSHIRE, should be kept automatically updated the official Xinhua news agency
UNITED KINGDOM with the latest anti-virus protection.” reported today. Work has been
London, Nov 18 — A press report, The email says: “We have logged your suspended at around 13,000 mines,
dated Nov 17, states: Emergency IP address on more than 30 illegal the report said, quoting safety
officials evacuated some homes in a websites,” and directs the recipient to watchdog the National Bureau of
Derbyshire town after two gas mains open an attachment to respond to Production Safety Supervision and
were ruptured in an accident. The questions. Administration. Explosions, mine
eight-inch and 10-in gas mains were London, Nov 24 — A press report, collapses and other accidents killed
damaged when a train crashed dated today, states: A Windows virus over 6,000 miners last year, and
through buffers, a Derbyshire fire that warns users about illegal net use Beijing launched the latest in a series
spokeswoman said. The incident is spreading online. The bug-bearing of safety crackdowns after flooding at
happened at Station Road in message claims to come from either a mine in southern Guangdong
Sandiacre this afternoon. No-one was the FBI, CIA or German BKA police province claimed 123 lives in August.
hurt and a 250-metre exclusion zone agency, and warns users they have The government has also ordered
was imposed. National Grid employees been detected visiting illegal sites. officials to withdraw all investment
were called to the area to deal with Those opening a questionnaire from mines to prevent collusion with
the rupture. A National Grid attached to the message will be owners, and demanded that a
spokesman said gas supplies in the infected by a variant of the well- manager accompany miners
area were not affected, but advised known Sober virus. Anti-virus firms underground on every shift to look for
nearby residents to reduce their gas have caught millions of copies of the potential dangers. But coal provides
usage until the leak was fixed. malicious program, suggesting a lot of around three-quarters of China’s
Evacuated residents were allowed to people have fallen for the fake electricity, and high prices and
return to their homes at about 2030, warning. The Windows virus started booming demand mean many mine
UTC, this evening. circulating on Nov 22 and mail owners with an eye on profits ignore
filtering firm MessageLabs said it regulations, push production beyond
caught almost three million copies of safe capacity or re-open illegally after
Computer Systems the Sober variant in the first 24 hours suspension. State media said in
of the outbreak. By the end of August the country had around 24,000
yesterday Postini said it had netted mines, meaning over half are now out
more then seven million copies of the of operation. The shutdowns are
bug. The virus travels in an e-mail unlikely to have much impact on
message with the subject line of “You output however, because thousands of
visit illegal websites” or “Your IP was mines in the massive, fragmented
SOBER VIRUS logged”. The body text of the message industry produce less than 45,000
London, Nov 23 — A scam involving makes it appear as if the recipient has tonnes a year and many of the most
emails appearing to come from the been caught by the FBI, CIA or BKA dangerous mines are among the
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smallest. Xinhua also reported that too late. The solution is using laboratory in Australia for further
over 9,000 mines had been closed vaccination.” Indonesia, its resources investigation. State media reports said
since January. — Reuters. stretched by the tsunami disaster last the new virus strains are H3N4 and
December, has largely resisted calls H4N5. Vietnam is tackling more than
CROATIAN VESSEL BLOCKADED for a mass cull of chickens, saying it a dozen H5N1 outbreaks in poultry
OFF GDYNIA, POLAND does not have funds to compensate and has stepped up culling in its two
London, Nov 17 — A press report, owners. China, battling several main cities. In the latest outbreak, an
dated today, states: Greenpeace outbreaks of H5N1 among poultry, set Agriculture Ministry report said 286
activists today chained themselves to itself the tough target of vaccinating chickens and geese had died or been
the anchor of bulk Hope (17152 gt, billions of birds. Jia Youling, director- slaughtered in the northern province
built 1982) off the northern coast of general of the Agriculture Ministry’s of Son La. That took the number of the
Poland as part of a bid to prevent it veterinary bureau, said the central affected areas to 14 of Vietnam’s 64
from offloading its cargo of genetically government would cover 50 to 80 provinces since the virus returned in
modified (GM) soya, the percent of provinces’ costs, the Xinhua October. Infectious disease expert Lo
environmental group said. “Three news agency reported. It gave no Wing-lok, a member of a scientific
people, a Pole, Hungarian and timetable for the inoculation committee on zoonotic and emerging
German, have chained themselves to campaign. The nine outbreaks diseases in Hong Kong, said if the
the anchor of the boat,” the Croatian- reported across China this autumn strains were allowed to spread in
flagged vessel, which was waiting at “have been basically brought under poultry, people in close contact with
the entrance to the Polish port of control”, Jia was quoted as saying. the birds would be at risk. There was
Gdynia, where it is supposed to deliver Migratory birds have carried the virus also the risk of these subtypes mixing
a 25,000-tonne cargo of Argentinian- to eastern Europe and Kuwait and and exchanging genetic material with
grown GM soya, Greenpeace’s Poland experts fear it will soon spread to the H5N1 virus. There would then be
spokesman Jacek Winiarski said. Africa. Britain said it believed an the possibility of the H3N4 and H4N5
“Several more Greenpeace activists outbreak last month in a quarantine strains becoming more pathogenic.
have unfurled a banner that says center was caused by birds from Influenza type A viruses, which
‘Poland doesn’t want GMOs’ on one Taiwan, rather than a parrot from include human and avian flu viruses,
side of the ship,” he said. One sailboat South America, originally thought to are categorized by H and N
and six inflatable speedboats which be the carrier. More than 50 birds components, which denote specific
belong to Greenpeace had put to sea from Taiwan died at the quarantine types of proteins on their surface. The
and were near the Hope . “We are in center, the government said. Officials H component governs the ability of the
contact with the port authorities. We said tissue samples from the finch-like virus to bind to and enter cells, which
want the cargo to go back to where it mesias were pooled so it was become virus-making factories. The N
came from, Argentina. We will stay impossible to say how many of the 53 component governs the release of the
here for as long as it takes to get our dead birds had H5N1, although some newly made viruses from the animal
way,” the Greenpeace spokesman said. did. — Reuters. host cell. There are 16 H subtypes and
Beijing, Nov 16 — China’s Ministry nine N subtypes. Human influenza
OUTBREAK OF “BIRD FLU” of Health today confirmed the viruses are usually strains of H1N1,
Hanoi, Nov 15 — Vietnam country’s first-ever human cases of H2N2 and H3N2 but avian flu
slaughtered thousands of birds in its bird flu, reporting two in the central subtypes H5 and H7 can also infect
two largest cities today, while other province of Hunan and one in eastern people. Media reports said two more
Asian nations boosted efforts to halt Anhui, the official Xinhua news people in Hanoi, a 15-year-old girl and
the spread of deadly avian flu. China agency said. The agency’s brief a 71-year-old woman, were in hospital
vowed to vaccinate its entire stock of dispatch gave no further details. with symptoms of bird flu and were
14 billion poultry against bird flu, Earlier today, the Health Ministry being tested. The latest cases bring to
with the government promising to help said it had not reached a final five the number of suspected
pay for the process. Officials in conclusion regarding the possible infections in Vietnam. — Reuters.
Vietnam were racing against time to detection of bird flu antibodies in a London, Nov 17 — A press report,
meet the government’s deadline of nine-year-old boy from Hunan dated today, states: Two more people
today for ending poultry raising in the province. The boy and his 12-year-old have died from the H5N1 strain of
capital Hanoi and in Ho Chi Minh sister fell ill last month and were bird flu in Indonesia, raising the
City. Police, veterinarians and health treated for pneumonia symptoms. The number of deaths there to seven, the
workers, wearing masks and boy was discharged from hospital last health ministry said. Tests were
protective clothes, gathered at duck weekend but his sister died. Xinhua carried out on a woman and a teenage
farms in Hoang Mai district on the did not say whether the boy and girl girl, both from Jakarta, who died
edge of Hanoi where outbreaks were were the confirmed bird flu victims. It earlier this month after coming into
detected earlier. “We are carrying out also did not identify the person contact with dead chickens. “We
the city’s decision to kill all the infected in Anhui, where an outbreak received the test results this morning
poultry inside the city,” veterinary of avian influenza among poultry was and both victims were positive for bird
official Phi Thanh Hai said as 3,500 reported on Monday (Nov 14), and did flu,” health ministry official Hariadi
ducks quacked in bags after being not elaborate on the condition of any Wibisono told news agency — Reuters.
rounded up at a pond next to the Red of the three cases. — Reuters. London, Nov 17 — A press report,
River. Hanoi poultry farmers said they Hanoi, Nov 16 — Vietnamese dated today, states: Fourteen
got compensation of 15,000 dong for scientists have found more variations provinces and cities in Vietnam have
each destroyed duck, which cost of bird flu viruses in poultry, adding to been hit by bird flu outbreaks since
40,000 dong to raise. Indonesia and the health risk to people if these the reoccurrence of the disease in
Vietnam should be given more strains keep circulating, a health early October, the Ministry of
resources to help stamp out the spread official said today. Dong Manh Ha, Agriculture and Rural Development
of the virus, the head of a global director of Ho Chi Minh City Regional said Thursday. So far, the total
animal health body said today.Bernard Animal Health Centre, told Reuters a number of poultry killed by the
Vallat, director general of the World study conducted by the centre found disease or culled is more than 600,000
Organization for Animal Health, urged new avian influenza strains of the H3 in those provinces and cities,
vaccination of poultry. “Early detection and H4 subtypes in poultry. Scientists according to the Animal Health
is the first line of defense in defeating say strains of the H3 and H4 subtypes Department under the ministry.
the virus but Indonesia and Vietnam, are capable of causing death in birds Hanoi, Nov 18 — Bird flu, which has
which do not have enough resources but are generally less virulent and killed 42 people in Vietnam, has
and adequate organization, were late spread more slowly than the H5 spread to three more northern
in responding to bird flu,” Vallat told subtype they fear could trigger a provinces as the government called for
Reuters during a visit to South Korea. human pandemic. Ha said that a meeting of Pacific Rim health
“They cannot manage this virus by samples had been sent to a World officials to seek ways to prevent a
just killing animals at this stage. It is Organization for Animal Health (OIE) human pandemic. The Agriculture
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Ministry said today outbreaks hit Phu the past month to 15, state media said London, Nov 21 — A press report,
Tho, Thai Binh and Hoa Binh today. In one of the outbreaks, near dated today, states: Tests on poultry
provinces, with more than 3,400 Xiaoyi city in northern Shanxi found dead in Romania have showed
chickens, ducks and geese found dead province, the disease killed 8,103 they had the deadly H5N1 bird flu
or slaughtered by health workers as birds, Xinhua news agency reported. strain, officials have said. Last week,
tests showed the dead birds had the In the other near Urumqi, the capital Romanian authorities announced four
bird flu virus. President Tran Duc of north-western Xinjiang region, new cases of infected domestic birds
Luong said he expected Asia-Pacific eight birds had died, the agency from the village of Caraorman, in the
leaders meeting in Pusan to accept reported. Danube delta region. They said the
Vietnam’s call for the group’s health London, Nov 19 — A pres sreport, village, which has no road access,
ministers to meet in Hanoi in 2006 to dated Nov 18, states: A strain of H5 would be quarantined and 2,000 birds
discuss measures such as vaccines and bird flu virus has been found in a would be slaughtered. Romania was
anti-viral drug production. Dr Nguyen commercial farm duck in the Fraser the first European country to detect
Thu Van, a researcher with the Valley of Canada’s western province of the deadly strain of the disease in
National Hygiene and Epidemiology British Columbia, officials said today. poultry last month. The tests on four
Institute, said a human vaccine would The Canadian Food Inspection Agency hens were carried out by a British
be tested on up to 30 volunteers after (CFIA) is visiting farms in a five km laboratory. “Regarding the samples in
the government and the World Health radius around the infected premises to Caraorman, the laboratory in London
Organization approved the trial. test birds and is warning bird owners confirmed it was the highly pathogenic
“Many people have telephoned here to practise strict biosecurity, the CTV H5N1 virus,” Romania’s agriculture
saying they were willing and ready to television reported. The provincial ministry said on its website.
join the test,” Van told Reuters officials said they are not sure which Romanian Agriculture Minister
Television. The next step involves strain ofthe H5 virus was found in the Gheorghe Flutur told news channel
injecting up to 300 people. “It would duck. They stressed there is no risk to Realitatea TV: “We are keeping things
take at least three months for the human health, but the farm where the under control.”
clinical tests, including injecting and duck was found has been quarantined. London, Nov 21 — A press report,
evaluating the results, so the tests “Due to the precautionary principle, dated today, states: A duck at a
would finish by the end of the first it’s really important to lock down as British Columbia poultry farm has
quarter in 2006,” she said. If all went quickly as possible and make sure we tested positive for avian flu virus, but
well, mass production would start in quarantine before it spreads further,” not the form circulating in South-east
the second quarter of 2006. Van works said Dr. Eric Young, Deputy Medical Asia that has been blamed for more
for the National Hygiene and Health Officer of the British than 60 deaths, Canadian officials
Epidemiology Institute. The center’s Columbia. Swab samples from the said. The Canadian Food Inspection
deputy head, Pham Ngoc Dinh, told duck are on their way for further Agency said yesterday the infection
Reuters on Wednesday the vaccine had testing and results could take up to 48 at the duck and goose farm in
been tested successfully in chickens hours. Chilliwack, just outside of Vancouver,
and monkeys. The vaccine is being Beijing, Nov 20 — China today was different, but that 60,000 birds
made using cell culture technology, reported two new outbreaks of bird flu on the farm would still be
which involves taking a deactivated or in which almost 3,700 poultry died slaughtered as a precaution.
weakened form of the virus from a and more than 7,000 were culled as Veterinarian Cornelius Kiley said the
patient who had died of bird flu. The provinces hit by the deadly virus H5 virus found in a commercial duck
sample is then cultivated in monkey tightened preventive measures. About was a low pathogenic North American
kidney cells, a process researchers at 3,500 geese died at a family farm in a strain, which means it does not kill
the institute say can produce the best development zone in Shishou city in poultry. “This confirmation means
results within the shortest time. The the central province of Hubei, the we’re looking at a virus capable of
H5N1 virus has now spread to 17 of official Xinhua news agency said, causing only a mild disease in birds,
Vietnam’s 64 provinces since returning adding that 3,800 poultry were if any at all,” said Kiley, who works
in early October. Most of Vietnam’s slaughtered within a radius of three for the food inspection agency.
affected provinces are in the cooler km. In the northern region of Inner Federal officials separately reassured
north and the virus seems to thrive Mongolia, 176 domestic poultry died Canadians that the strain of the flu
during the winter. The Health and 3,202 poultry were culled, Xinhua found in British Columbia and
Ministry said no human cases, said. It gave no further details. The positive test results for the H5N1
suspected or confirmed, were recorded agency quoted Health Minister Gao avian flu virus found in two wild
between October 24 and November 17. Qiang as saying China has basically ducks in Manitoba pose no threat to
The latest bird flu death was of a 35- brought bird flu under control. Beijing humans. On Saturday (Nov 19),
year-old man in Hanoi in late October. and four provinces have tightened officials said the avian flu viruses
The ministry statement did not preventive measures, the Web site of found in the wild ducks was not the
mention five suspected cases, the Ministry of Agriculture said. — dangerous form of the virus
including two deaths, which state Reuters. circulating in South-east Asia. “I
media reported in the past week. But Jakarta, Nov 21 — Local tests have want to emphasize that the H5N1
the virus has resulted in the death or shown a 35-year-old man has died in subtype detected in Manitoba is
slaughter of more than 657,000 birds Indonesia of the H5N1 strain of bird completely distinct from the strain
in Vietnam since last month, even flu but the results have to be currently present in Asia,” Dr. Brian
though about 60 percent of the confirmed by a laboratory in Hong Evans, Canada’s chief veterinary
country’s 220 million domesticated Kong, the Health Ministry said today. officer, said in disclosing the findings.
fowl has been vaccinated. This week, The ministry’s director general of “The identification of this virus,
Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang disease control, I. Nyoman Kandun, which has been previously identified
stepped up mass culling to purge all said it was unclear if the man had in North American birds, poses no
poultry and pet birds. The Agriculture contact with dead chickens. He died a new risks to human health,” added Dr
Ministry said the total number of dead few days ago, he said. “We have sent Arlene King, head of respiratory
and slaughtered poultry in the the sample to Hong Kong for diseases for the Public Health Agency
infected areas and other cities reached confirmation,” Kandun told Reuters of Canada. Avian flu viruses bearing
nearly 900,000 since early October. by telephone. “We have not yet the same subtype name can vary
Prime Minister Phan Van Khai has determined how he got the disease.” widely in their ability to cause
pledged 1.3 trillion dong more to help Indonesia has had seven deaths from disease in poultry or pose a human
contain the virus. — Reuters. bird flu confirmed by the World health threat. Officials said on Friday
London, Nov 18 — China has Health Organization-affiliated they had found a duck with the H5
reported today two new outbreaks of laboratory. There have been four avian flu virus on the farm in British
deadly bird flu, bringing the total positive cases where patients Columbia. The 60,000 birds on the
number of confirmed outbreaks over survived. — Reuters. farm, mostly ducks, will be
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Miscellaneous/Fires & Explosions

slaughtered in line with a plan set up delta in southern Russia, Yevgeny

after an outbreak of avian flu in the Nepoklonov, deputy head of the Federal
Fraser Valley in 2004 in which about Veterinarian and Phytosanitary
17 million birds had to be destroyed. Control Service, said. “Villages in the
London, Nov 23 — A press report, Volga delta are under quarantine, and
dated Nov 22, states: The US and domestic birds are staying indoors,”
Asian ban on British Columbia poultry Nepoklonov said. The Astrakhan
will have a minimal effect on the veterinarian service said swan deaths
Canadian economy because British started near the Astrakhan Nature
Columbia exports less than 10% of its Park a week ago. The region’s chief AUTO PARTS PLANT, HURON,
flock, Canadian officials said today. veterinarian, Alexander Vasilyev, said OHIO, UNITED STATES
The US, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many birds had gathered in the Volga London, Nov 21 — A press report,
Japan banned poultry from mainland River delta but only swans born in dated today, states: A fire that may
British Columbia yesterday after a spring died. “They might have been have started in a faulty light caused
duck tested positive for bird flu, and weakened by the long voyage,” he said. an estimated $1 million in property
Canadian officials said today that the The Agriculture Ministry said four and structural damages at an auto
same strain — nonfatal to humans — other regions are still affected by the parts plant in Huron, the fire chief
had been found at a second farm in the bird flu — Altai, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk said. A few Lear Corp. employees who
area. They said the virus was not the and Tambov regions — but quarantine were in the plant when the fire started
strain in South-east Asia that has is expected to be lifted in previously had evacuated from the building by
been blamed for more than 60 human infected localities in the Altai, Tambov the time firefighters arrived about
deaths. British Columbia only exports and Chelyabinsk regions later this 0645 hrs, yesterday. No one was hurt.
about 6-7% of its poultry to other week. Sparks fell from the ceiling and landed
countries, said provincial Agriculture Beijing, Nov 24 — China reported a on some plastic auto parts packaged in
Minister Pat Bell Dr. Brian Evans, bird flu outbreak in the remote cardboard, igniting the blaze,
Canada’s chief veterinary officer, western region of Xinjiang, bringing to witnesses said. One of the plant’s
noted that the virus in British 21 the number of outbreaks since mid- overhead mercury lights likely short-
Columbia was different from the one October. China, which said late circuited or faulted, fire Chief Paul
in Asia, but acknowledged, “We’re yesterday that a second person had Berlin said. It took an hour for about
dealing in an extremely hypersensitive died of the deadly H5N1 virus, has 50 firefighters from seven
environment in the world.” The already culled more than 20 million departments to extinguish the blaze.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency birds this year to contain the spread of The building’s sprinkler system helped
slaughtered about 56,000 birds on the the disease. The new outbreak save the business, Berlin said.
farm in Chilliwack, just outside of occurred at a family farm when 2,000
Vancouver, where the illness was first birds died on November 15, but H5N1 CAR PLANT, FUJIMATSU, JAPAN
London, Nov 22 — A press report,
discovered, as a precaution. The H5 was not confirmed until yesterday, the dated today, states: Toyota plant in
virus there is a low-pathogenic North Ministry of Agriculture said in a central Japan has been forced to halt
American strain, unlike the deadly statement on its Web site. Authorities production of the Prius hybrid car and
H5N1 strain in Asia. Federal officials have culled 84,000 birds within a two other popular vehicles for at least a
have assured Canadians that the mile radius of the outbreak, the week after a fire damaged the car-
strain of the flu found in British ministry said, in line with standard assembly line, the company said today.
Columbia poses no threat to human practice. China has bought in police Toyota Auto Body, part of the world’s
health. Dr Cornelius Kiley of the and army units to hold back to spread second-largest car maker, normally
Canadian Food Inspection Agency said of bird flu, and has threatened fines assembles about 1000 finished
an H5 strain of the flu was found on and other punishments for local vehicles a day at the Fujimatsu
one of four other quarantined farms. officials and people who cover up Factory, about one-quarter of which
Preparations were under way to cull disease outbreaks or obstruct are hot-selling Prius gas-electric
the birds at the second farm. “We have prevention efforts. The government hybrids. After the blaze which broke
multiple positives on the second farm,” has also announced plans to vaccinate out late yesterday, the company is
Kiley said, declining to specify how billions of birds and state media has assessing whether the halt will cause
many cases had been found. He said said that a human vaccine is ready for a delay in vehicle supply, a
the second discovery revealed a low clinical trials. China has confirmed spokeswoman said. “We have
pathogenic case of the flu that causes three human cases of bird flu. The suspended production, except for some
only mild disease in birds. He said the third person, a nine-year-old boy, parts to be supplied to other factories,”
situation was not worsening and there recovered. His dead sister is a she said, adding that it would take “at
was no new risk to the public. Canada suspected case. — Reuters. least a week” to resume production.
is expected to produce a report in
coming days with detail on additional TEMPORARY CLOSURE OF COAL MINE, PANLONG,
testing in the area of British Columbia REFINERY, KWINANA, WESTERN GUIZHOU PROVINCE, CHINA
where the diseased birds were found, AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA London, Nov 18 — A press report,
and depending on the report’s results, London, Nov 17 — A press report, dated today, states: In China, five
the could narrow its ban to a smaller dated today, states: BP has announced workers are dead and another 11 are
region, said Jim Rogers, a spokesman its Kwinana refinery, south of Perth, missing after a powerful gas explosion
for the Department of Agriculture. is back up and running ahead of ripped through a coal mine in
The US bans imports of poultry from schedule and the company will begin southern Guizhou province. Officials
any country where the high- delivering premium unleaded to petrol says 25 miners were working in the
pathogenic virus from Asia has been stations across the state tomorrow. shaft at the time of the blast. So far,
found. Those countries include Most of the 600 stations supplied by nine workers have been rescued. The
Cambodia, Romania, China, Russia, BP have run out of the fuel after a cause of the blast is yet to be
Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, mechanical fault at the refinery halted determined but the mine had been
Thailand, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Laos, production three weeks ago. BP operating without a safety certificate.
Vietnam and Malaysia. spokesman Chandran Vigneswaran London, Nov 20 — A press report,
London, Nov 23 — Russia’s says most retailers should have dated today, states: Rescuers have
veterinarian authorities confirmed premium unleaded by the end of next recovered ten bodies as of today from
yesterday that some 250 swans had week. “It will take some time the site of the latest coal mine gas
died of bird flu in the southern region obviously for us to get out there and blast in south-west China’s Guizhou
of Astrakhan in the past week. “Tests restore sites to their normal operating Province, but six people are still
showed that nearly 250 swans had supply, so they might be a little bit missing, according to the provincial
died of bird flu” in the Volga River sporadic for the next week,” he said. work safety supervision bureau.

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Fires & Explosions

Twenty-five miners were working polymer shop at 0041, Moscow time. regional water official, who declined to
down the pit when the blast occurred There were 15 people in the shop when give his name. “It has entered the
and caused a cave-in early Friday the fire broke out. Most of them Songhua River and has affected the
(Nov 18) at Shagou colliery in Panlong managed to escape, but one woman banks and lower reaches.” The Beijing
town, in the city of Liupanshui. Nine died in the blaze and two Times newspaper said the pollutants
of them escaped. The chance for the metalworkers received serious burns in the partly frozen river included
survival of the six missing miners is and were rushed to hospital. The fire, benzene, an industrial solvent and
slim as there is high density of carbon which began on the ground floor, component of petrol. An environmental
monoxide underground, said experts spread to the first and the second official quoted by Xinhua said the
at the site. Police have arrested the floor. It was put out at 0455 hrs. polluted water was expected to reach
owner of the mine. Twenty-nine fire engines took part in the stretch of river where Harbin
combating the blaze. siphons off its drinking water this
COAL MINE, QINGLONG COUNTY, evening and clear the city by Friday
GUIZHOU PROVINCE, CHINA FIREWORKS FACTORY, (Nov 25) afternoon. “Several major
London, Nov 22 — A press report, MAGDALENA APASCO, MEXICO tributaries join the Songhua River on
dated Nov 21, states: An explosion at a Mexico City, Nov 22 — An explosion the downstream of Harbin,” the official
coal mine in southern China killed 15 at a fireworks factory in southern said. “It will help to lessen the degree
miners and injured three, the Xinhua Mexico killed at least five people of pollution.” The Songhua runs into
news agency reported today. The today, an emergency services official Russia several hundred kilometres
explosion occurred yesterday at the said. The civil protection agency said beyond Harbin. A Foreign Ministry
Zhongxing Colliery in Guizhou the factory in the town of Magdalena spokesman said yesterday that China
Province’s Qinglong County, the Apasco in Oaxaca state did not have a always took care of other countries’
Xinhua News Agency said. Eight of license to manufacture fireworks. border water interests. Prices of
the 41 miners working underground at “Five people died there, all of them bottled water soared in recent days
the time of the explosion were killed burned in the explosion,” the official and state media said shops had been
instantly, Xinhua said. Seven others said by telephone. — Reuters. ordered to restore prices to normal to
were trapped in the shaft and were prevent panic buying. U.S. beer-
presumed dead 20 hours after the MARINA, LOCH LOMOND, making giant Anheuser-Busch, which
blast, it said. The cause of the accident CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES runs a brewery in Harbin, said it had
was under investigation. London, ov 23 — A press report, not been affected because it uses well
dated Nov 22, states: A classic 1928 water. A notice on the city government
FACTORY, BIRMINGHAM, wooden vessel and another vessel were Web site saying supplies would resume
London, Nov 21 — A press report, destroyed in a fire that swept through in four days has been superseded by
dated yesterday, states: At least 70 a marina near San Rafael in another saying a resumption date
firefighters tackled a serious blaze at California, officials said. The boats would be announced later. “The new
a clothing factory in Birmingham were under a covered portion of the notice does not necessarily mean an
today afternoon. The fire broke out at Loch Lomond Marina when the fire extension,” a Harbin government
KBT Fashions on Nechells Parkway was reported Monday morning. spokesman told Reuters. “But we will
around lunchtime, according to a West Damage to the boats and dock was make a decision after four days
Midlands Fire Service spokesman. estimated at $335,000, officials said. according to the water quality at that
Fifteen fire engines and a hydraulic “Because of the distance from the time. There is sufficient water.
platform were sent to the scene of the roadway and the length of hose lines Residents have all stored a lot and we
incident, the fire service said. Crews we had to stretch out, they called a have been rushing in water from other
tackling the blaze at the single-storey three-alarm,” San Rafael Fire places. We also have safe underground
factory were hampered by low water Battalion Chief Jeff Buscher said. “We water.” — Reuters.
pressure. needed a lot of people to get the hose London, Nov 23 — A press eport,
down there and to be prepared if the dated today, states: Panic was today
fire got larger.” No gas or oil leaked spreading in Harbin, with officials
into the water and the blaze was preparing to cut off water supplies as
London, Nov 19 — A press report, quickly extinguished. The cause of the heavily polluted river water flowed
dated Nov 18, states: Firefighters fire is under investigation. towards the Chinese city. Stockpiling
estimate a Howard pizza dough began afresh at midnight when the
factory has about one million dollars PETROCHEMICAL PLANT, local government switched taps on
in damage from a fire Wednesday (Nov JILIN PROVINCE, CHINA again for 12 hours after having cut off
17) night. The fire started just after Beijing, Nov 23 — China confirmed supplies to almost four million people
2000 hrs, at Alive-N-Kickin’ on today that an explosion at a yesterday. The temporary switch-on
Cornell Road. More than a dozen petrochemical plant had caused “major came after revised calculations showed
people were in the plant when the fire pollution” of a river which has led the pollution would not reach Harbin
started but all got out safely. authorities to shut off water supplies until early tomorrow morning. “As the
Firefighters say it appears the fire in one of its biggest cities for at least exact time of the pollutants flowing to
started in the ceiling above the front four days. Residents of Harbin, capital the city’s drinking water intake spot
offices. “When it gets up in the ceiling of far northeastern Heilongjiang has been confirmed, we hoped that
and it’s a suspended ceiling, it can province, were jamming the airport citizens could take time to hoard as
pretty much go any place, so it was and rail stations to get out, a witness much water as possible ahead of the
going throughout the front portion of said. China’s State Environmental water cut-off,” an executive from the
this building,” Fire Chief John Protection Administration said that Harbin water company said. Residents
O’Connor said. The front part of the the Songhua River had suffered “major were storing water supplies in
building is ruined. The factory in the water pollution” after the November bathtubs and buckets ahead of the
back sustained smoke and water 13 explosion at the plant upstream, expected three-day drought.
damage. the Xinhua news agency said. Taps Supermarkets reported panic buying
were turned off in Harbin at midnight, of water, milk and soft drinks, while
FACTORY, VORONEZH, RUSSIA yesterday, after two days of panic Harbin’s airport and railway station
London, Nov 23 — One person was buying of bottled water and food. The were jammed with people fleeing the
killed and two more received serious explosion happened in neighbouring area. The provincial government was
injuries during a fire at the synthetic Jilin province only a few hundred also trucking in water from
rubber plant in the Russian city of yards from the Songhua River, which neighbouring areas, testing little-used
Voronezh overnight to today, sources supplies water to Harbin, a local wells and demanding 1,400
from the regional department of the metropolitan area of nine million tonnes of activated charcoal to purify
Russian Ministry for Emergency people. Five people were killed in the the water intake after the pollution
Situations said. The fire began at the blast. “Pollution is definite,” said a had passed through the city. Harbin’s
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Fires & Explosions

authorities warned residents not to emergency ministry said. The warehouse could explain why flames
even approach the Songhua River contamination follows an explosion on destroyed it so quickly. Arson has not
because of the risk of pollutants Nov 13 at a chemical plant at Jilin been ruled out by investigators
escaping into the atmosphere when city, about 380 km upstream from examining the remains of Primark’s
the polluted water hits the city around Harbin, on the Songhua River. Some main depot, measuring 440,000 sq ft
0500 tomorrow. The 50-mile-long schools and businesses have closed at Lutterworth, Leicestershire. The
stretch of pollution is not expected to and flights out of Harbin are sold out. premises, run by TNT, collapsed
flow out of the city until Saturday “Everyone wants to leave Harbin and within minutes of the flames starting
(Nov 26). The city, in China’s icy it is very difficult to buy tickets,” a on 1 November. A team made up of
north-eastern Heilongjiang Province, factory manager said. Water was police, firefighters and hauler staff
has a population of 3.8 million and restored to the city briefly yesterday has been at the site since trying to
draws most of its water from the to allow people to stock up before the establish a cause. In a statement,
Songhua. The river has been contaminated water reached Harbin. Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service
contaminated with more than 30 times More than 16,000 tonnes of drinking said: “The cause of the fire has not yet
the usual levels of benzene after an water is being brought into Harbin by been established and this may take
explosion at a chemical plant on its road, the Chinese state news agency some more time yet as no obvious
banks. The blast, in the neighbouring Xinhua said, though this is less than ignition source has been found to be
Jilin Province, happened on Nov 13, Harbin’s residents normally use in a the cause. “Investigators are keeping
killing five people and causing 10,000 day. Fifteen hospitals have been an open mind and they have not yet
to be evacuated from the area, officials placed on stand-by to cope with ruled out that it may have been
said. The state Xinhua news agency possible poisoning victims. The initial started deliberately. “The burst in the
said nobody had yet been taken ill but announcement of water stoppages led water main supplying the sprinkler
15 hospitals were on stand-by to deal to panic-buying of water and food in system, earlier on in the day, is
with pollution victims. “There is Harbin, exhausting supermarket thought to have had a bearing on why
sufficient water. Residents have all supplies and sending prices soaring. the fire travelled so quickly and
stored a lot and we have been rushing “The city was full of ridiculously large involved the whole of the building. “It
in water from other places. We also queues. People were buying water in is still not clear why the fire broke out
have safe underground water,” a massive quantities,” English teacher of the roof with such force.” The
government spokesman said. Water Craig Hutchinson said. investigators are examining CCTV
supplies were also reported to have footage and data collected by the fire
been cut in at least one district of PREMISES, COLUMBIA, alarm system. Their inquiries are
Songyuan city, around 90 miles south- MISSOURI, UNITED STATES hampered by concern over the safety
west of Harbin, although local officials London, Nov 23 — A press report, of the structure. All 140 workers at
denied the reports. A doctor from the dated Nov 22, states: Officials from the Magna Park site escaped unhurt.
Ningjiang District Central Hospital the Columbia Fire Department and The company switched its operations
and a teacher from Ningjiang No 1 the 3M plant today were still to a nearby, similar-sized warehouse
Middle School said water had already investigating the cause of a fire complex and Primark organised
been cut off for between five and seven Sunday (Nov 20) in a hazardous replacement stock from Europe.
days already. materials storage room that caused
London, Nov 24 — A press report, more than $2 million in damage to PREMISES, WINNIPEG, CANADA
dated today, states: A huge swathe of equipment and lost time. Battalion London, Nov 24 — A press report,
toxic water has reached Harbin in Chief Steve Sapp said today the fire dated Nov 23, states: Several
north-eastern China after drifting was in a platting machine in the plant buildings in downtown Winnipeg were
down the Songhua River which is the at 5400 N., Paris Road. No one was evacuated this afternoon due to smoke
city’s main water source. Massive injured in the blaze. billowing from a major fire on William
amounts of the chemical benzene were Avenue. Students at Victoria Albert
released by an explosion 11 days ago PREMISES, LEAVENWORTH, School on Bannatyne other buildings
at a chemical plant in Jilin. Mains WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES on William Avenue were asked to leave
water supplies remain shut off, and London, Nov 18 — A press report, due to heavy smoke from the two-
the authorities have warned people to dated Nov 17, states: Fire destroyed a alarm fire at Young’s Asian Food
stay away from the pollution. A restaurant and severely damaged Market in the 300-block of William
witness in the city says Harbin seems another building in the north-central Avenue. The building was considered a
to be well stocked with bottled water. Washington city of Leavenworth early total loss by early afternoon, and
Of particular concern is the plight of today. The fire broke out shortly after firefighters turned their concern to
farmers and people living in between 0400 hrs inside Echos Bistro on saving the Diamond Wax building next
the cities who would normally use the Commercial Street, Mayor Mel Wyles door. The building was emptied of
river water for irrigation, for washing, said. The fire then spread to a most of its stock of industrial floor
for drinking, eating and making food. neighbouring building on the corner, a waxing and stripping supplies, and
Reports today said the contaminated three-storey commercial building with firefighters worked on preventing the
body of water had levels of benzene retail space on the first floor and six building from catching fire. Fire
more than 30 times higher than is apartments on the top two floors. The officials say no one was hurt, but three
considered safe. China’s restaurant collapsed and was people who were in the food store
environmental watchdog had found destroyed, as was the top floor of the when the fire started and two
levels in the river 108 times the safe neighbouring building. The rest of the firefighters who were trapped in the
limit yesterday. Authorities shut off commercial building suffered smoke building’s basement were taken to the
water to Harbin, a city of more than and water damage, said Doug hospital for observation.The fire
three million people, after Williams, fire information officer.All started in the basement around 1100
confirmation that the accident 11 days the apartment tenants were able to hrs, but the cause has not yet been
ago had sent pollution downstream get out and no injuries were reported. determined.
towards the city. The authorities are The cause of the fire was not
also digging new wells to augment immediately known. There was no REFINERY, TEXAS CITY, TEXAS,
supplies. Neighbouring Russia was estimate on the damages. Because the UNITED STATES
urgently seeking information from fire burned toward the corner, it did London, Nov 24 — A press report,
China on the spill as officials not spread to any other structures, dated Nov 23, states: Texas City BP
predicted it would take two days to Wyles said. workers felt the refinery’s top priority
pass through Harbin. A state of was making money and managers
emergency will take effect in Russia’s PREMISES, LUTTERWORTH, neglected safety in the months before
eastern Khabarovsk region tomorrow, UNITED KINGDOM a March explosion that killed 15 and
amid fears of possible contamination London, Nov 17 — A burst pipe in a injured more than 170, according to an
of the Amur river, officials from the sprinkler system at a chain store’s anonymous worker survey released
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Fires & Explosions

today. BP released the survey and an Friday’s (Nov 11) fire, apparently footage. Water-dropping helicopters
audit after attempting to keep the caused by a toaster oven left on were called in to assist hundreds of
documents and thousands of others overnight in room 207, was reported firefighters who were protecting
from public disclosure. More than from a cell phone shortly after 0130 neighbourhoods.
140,000 BP documents - a majority of hrs and occurred in the older section London, Nov 21 — A press report,
them marked confidential - have been of the sprawling high school and the dated Nov 20, states: A nearly 4,000-
filed in an ongoing Galveston lawsuit room was not equipped with acre wildfire burning in rough terrain
filed by families of workers who were sprinklers. However, the sprinklers in above Ventura, California, was 90
killed or injured in the March blast. adjacent classrooms and offices did percent contained tonight, despite the
BP said in a statement today that it activate and helped stopped the return of hot, gusty Santa Ana winds.
wasn’t “productive or helpful” to spread of the blaze. øThe fire,ø Crest The blaze began Friday (Nov 18) in
continue fighting to keep the Forest Fire Chief Bill Bagnell stated, the foothills above expensive homes,
documents confidential. It said the øbasically didn’t burn outside the but none had burned and none was in
anonymous survey of more than 1,000 classroom but flames did cause some immediate danger, fire officials said.
employees “does not report the damage around some windows and Firefighters expected to have the fire
‘objective’ truth about safety doors of adjoining classes and offices.ø fully contained by Tuesday (Nov 22)
performance or conditions” at the The chief indicated about 35 fire evening, Ventura County Fire
Texas City refinery. “We cannot personnel and San Bernardino County Department spokesman Joe Luna said.
change the past or repair the damage Sheriff ’s deputies were involved in “The winds were our main concern,”
this incident has done,” the company suppression operations during the Luna said. “But now that we improved
said in a statement referring to the early morning blaze. Firefighters our containment lines, the winds won’t
March explosion. “But we are working spent several hours mopping up the be much of a threat.” A red flag
to provide fair and reasonable operation. Rim of the World School warning for dangerous fire conditions
compensation to people harmed by our District Maintenance Supervisor Bill in the area expired this evening, and
mistakes without the need for lengthy Gibson and his maintenance crews the National Weather Service had no
court proceedings.” The company said immediately began putting together a immediate plans to issue a new one.
it voluntarily released the survey and recovery team to start assessing the The cause of the fire remained under
audit, “even though we believe that damage and making plans for investigation.
our confidentiality designations were reopening the 200 wing. Once a London, Nov 21 — A press report,
warranted by the law.” Brent Coon, structural engineer determines the dated today, states: Around 1,300
one of the plaintiffs’ lawyers suing BP safety of the structure, repairs can firefighters in Ventura got
said at least 95% of the documents BP begin. øWe anticipate reopening some unexpected help from cool ocean
has filed in the case have been of the rooms about Thanksgiving,ø winds in curbing the fire that has so
stamped confidential and are being principal Guy Bonanno stated far smoked 3,700 acres of land in the
kept from the public. “BP has Tuesday morning. øWe’ll only do that area. The fire, which began in School
legitimate and very important need - once the engineer determines it’s safe Canyon on Friday (Nov 18), led to
even legal obligation in cases - to keep to reoccupy that wing. Classes have some evacuations and burnt power
certain internal information been moved to other locations, poles on California 33 as also 150 oil
confidential,” the company wrote in its sporting events have gone on as wells belonging to Aera Energy. But
statement. “We have met our scheduled and clean-up crews have 60% of the fire, which had flames as
responsibilities in discovery through been working to get some of the high as 30 ft on Friday, is now under
the rapid and continuing production of classes ready for the inspection.” A control. Luckily, no home was
information and documents to hastily summoned meeting of the Rim damaged by the fire and no casualties
plaintiffs’ counsel in this case.” The of the World School District’s Board of were reported. Ventura County Fire
audit released today was completed Trustees was called shortly after noon Department spokesman Joe Luna was
following the March blast by a 17- to authorize immediate clean up and hopeful that the fire will be
member team of internal and external solicit bids for the replacement and completely extinguished by Tuesday.
experts. The experts found managers repairs of the classrooms. Because the Earlier, a red flag warning was issued
at the refinery failed to hold workers fire was reported in the middle of the to warn against the strengthening of
accountable for complying with night, arson investigators were the fire due to dry winds. The
processes and procedures; failed to summoned to the campus, but after National Weather Service has also
complete recommended actions from checking through the burned warned that the speed of nightly
audits, peer reviews and incident classroom they determined the winds might go beyond 50 miles per
investigations; and reacted with probable cause was a toaster oven hour.
complacency to safety risks, “driven by accidentally left on. London, Nov 21 — A press report,
a lack of awareness of potential dated today, states: Low winds and
consequences.” Among other issues, WILDFIRES, UNITED STATES cooler temperatures allowed
the audit also cited areas of the London, Nov 18 — A press report, firefighters to nearly encircle a brush
refinery which did not appear well- dated today, states: Pushed by fierce fire near Ventura late yesterday, with
maintained, a failure by leaders to Santa Ana winds, a wildfire tripled to officials saying they hoped for full
connect with the workers and nearly 1,500 acres today and crept containment sometime today. The
inconsistent compliance with rules toward large, ridgetop homes where School Canyon blaze erupted early
and procedures. BP said it has taken residents were told to stand by for Friday (Nov 18) and charred 4,000
the necessary action to comply with possible evacuation. The blaze was acres of canyons and hillsides, nearing
“the vast majority” of the audit’s reported around 0330 hrs in the homes at the edge of Ventura’s historic
recommendations. School Canyon area between Ventura downtown. No homes were lost, but
and Ojai, about 60 miles north-west of two oil company sheds were destroyed
SCHOOL, CREST, CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles, fire officials said. At north of the city. Yesterday, the fire
UNITED STATES midmorning, a wall of flames as high smoldered in the rugged backcountry
London, Nov 18 — A press report, as 30 feet snaked along hillsides and between Ventura and Ojai. By late
dated Nov 17, states: A fire in a thick, black smoke hovered over evening the blaze was 90% contained,
classroom caused an estimated $1 homes. In just a few hours, the fire said Joe Luna, spokesman for the
million damage at Rim of the World grew from 500 acres to 1,487 acres, Ventura County Fire Department.The
High School. The fire and subsequent said fire department spokeswoman cause of the blaze was still unknown,
efforts by Crest Forest Fire and San Michele Faina. Two nearby schools and the cost of fighting the fire was
Bernardino County Fire Department were closed, and two evacuation pegged at nearly $2 million so far.
units to extinguish the blaze centers were being set up. The cause More than 1,300 firefighters from
eventually resulted in smoke and of the fire was unknown. At least one agencies around the state remained on
water damage to additional classrooms structure had burned, apparently on the scene, although many were
and the Counselling Centre. Last an oil field, according to television expected to be released today.
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dropped before colliding with the trying to get to areas in the Waikato
ground. The aircraft was destroyed as their search for businessman
and the two occupants received fatal Michael Erceg whose helicopter went
injuries. Transportation Safety Board missing a fortnight ago. The official
of Canada investigators were deployed search was called off a week ago, but a
to the occurrence site. private search has continued. The
head of that search, Roger Smith, says
CRASH INTO LAKE CHESDIN, a dozen searchers are making their
VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES way on foot to several areas where
London, Nov 22 — A press report, London, Nov 21 — A press report, trees have been spotted with broken
dated today, states: China Eastern dated today, states: An aircraft branches. It is in the area southwest
Airlines is facing a potential lawsuit crashed into Lake Chesdin with one of Hamilton, where a series of locator
after the park, the site where one of man on board. The single engine beacon signals have been detected.
its aircraft (Bombardier CRJ200 B- aircraft crashed into the Dinwiddie London, Nov 20 — A press report,
3072) crashed last year killing 55 County side of Lake Chesdin dated today, states: Air accident
people, has asked for a 105 million yesterday. One pilot was on board the investigators will today head to the
yuan, US$13 million, compensation. private aircraft and he survived the site of the crashed helicopter of
The airline is being blamed for the crash. The aircraft landed in 22 ft Auckland businessman Michael Erceg.
environmental pollution that resulted deep water. State Police say the The aircraft carrying the 50-year old
from the disaster. Nanhai Park, site of investigation into the cause of the and his Dutch associate Guus Klatte
the crash in Baotou, released a report crash has been turned over to the FAA disappeared more than two weeks ago
on the aftermath of the crash on the and the aircraft will be removed from on a flight from Auckland to
first anniversary of the disaster the water today. Queenstown. Extensive official and
yesterday. Based on a detailed study of private searches had failed to find any
the environmental pollution, it asked CRASH, CUNDINAMARCA STATE, trace of the helicopter or the two men,
China Eastern for a compensation of COLOMBIA but the Eurocopter was found last
105 million yuan. The report, based on London, Nov 21 — A press report, night near Mt Karioi, just south of
a three-month study by China dated Nov 20, states: A helicopter Raglan, and officials say it appears
Research Academy of Environmental carrying a Colombian congressman both men died on impact. Mr Erceg’s
Sciences, alleged that the crash left a and five others crashed today in a family and friends believed the pair
large amount of petroleum residue and storm in the mountains north of would be found alive and funded their
organic pollution in the lake water. Bogota, killing all aboard, a police own search after the official one was
The crash also destroyed the lake’s official said. The helicopter apparently called off a week ago. Yesterday, they
ecological system, largely reducing the had turned back to the capital because were optimistic that faint voices heard
variety of the life forms in the lake, of bad weather before plunging to the over a radio were coming from the
according to the report. Yu Wei, ground, killing all on board, said downed helicopter and a large scale
director of the administrative office of Cundinamarca state police spokesman search was planned for today.
the park, said if the negotiation fails, William Rodriguez. “There was a
it would sue China Eastern, which storm and it was raining heavily,” CRASH, OTSEGO COUNTY AREA,
would make it the first environmental Rodriguez said. “There is nothing to UNITED STATES
compensation lawsuit caused by an air indicate a terrorist attack.” See N1153C.
crash in the world, said business Conservative Party congressman
insiders. According to Yu, the amount Roberto Camacho, Cundinamarca CRASH, SNAKE RIVER CANYON,
only covers the direct economic losses state deputy Efren Bejerano and WYOMING, UNITED STATES
the air crash caused in the lake. The former Cundinamarca deputy governor London, Nov 19 — A pres sreport,
total losses are much higher, he said. Adolfo Leon were among those killed. dated today, states: An experienced
Half of the harbour in the park was Jackson pilot died yesterday after his
destroyed from the crash, Yu said. CRASH, MOSCOW AREA, RUSSIA small plane apparently clipped a river
Most tourist boats and related London, Nov 21 — A press report, gauging wire in the Snake River
facilities also burned down. In April, dated Nov 20, states: Eight people Canyon, flipping the plane and
China Eastern paid 2 million yuan to were killed late yesterday when a causing it to crash into the river.
Nanhai Park to help it resume its Cessna aircraft carrying them crashed Fletcher F. Anderson, 57, died on
business, yet the amount, according to near Moscow, news agencies reported impact when his Cessna 182R hit the
the park, is far too small. A sticking today. The aircraft, which departed thick cable, which is strung between
point in compensation negotiations is from Voronezh last night and was due trees low on the river to gauge river
that the park wants the airlines to to land at Moscow’s Domodedovo height. Anderson was flying the plane
compensate the employees for the airport, disappeared from radar close to the water through the canyon
park’s dismal business after the screens ten minutes before the on his way from Jackson to Afton. The
disaster. The park also insisted that planned landing and crashed outside plane went down near Wolf Creek,
the airlines should pay for the Moscow, according to the Itar-Tass about 10 miles north of Alpine.
reconstruction of restaurants. China news agency. All eight on board the Anderson was the sole occupant of the
Eastern does not only face the park’s aircraft died. four-seat aircraft. The crash happened
looming lawsuit. Twenty-one members London, Nov 22 — A press report, at 0855 hrs. An officer from the
of the victims’ family from the Baotou dated Nov 21, states: Investigators in Wyoming Highway Patrol was on a
air crash have already filed a lawsuit Russia are trying to determine what routine traffic stop in the area when
in California, demanding caused a small Cessna aircraft to he heard a “strange sound” coming
compensation from the Canadian crash near Moscow, killing eight from the river canyon, according to Lt.
aircraft maker Bombardier and the people. Itar-Tass reported that Tom Kelly, division supervisor of the
plane’s engine maker, GE for product everyone on board died on board the patrol. The sound of the plane flying
defects that they say caused the aircraft, which was carrying two pilots through the canyon “caught his
accident. and six passengers. Viktor Beltsov, a attention,” Kelly said, and he “went
spokesman for the Ministry for over (to the canyon side of the
Emergencies, said yesterday that the highway) because it sounded unusual,
London, Nov 23 — Ryan Aeronautical bodies had been recovered and that and he found what he didn’t want to
Navion B (CF-TRM) had engine fail investigators were at the scene. find.” Anderson’s plane was about 200
during initial climb after take-off yards downstream from the wire,
while departing Runway 23, CRASH, MOUNT KARIOI, upside-down in the river. The wing
Brantford, Ontario, at 1200, EST, Nov NEW ZEALAND was 100 yards upstream from the
20. The aircraft was observed to enter London, Nov 18 — A press report, main cabin. Rescuers said Anderson
an abrupt right turn and the nose dated today, states: Ground-based died on impact. Officials did not know
searchers have spent the morning why he was flying low in the canyon.
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Anderson was a member of the Civil Hotels near the airport were all full caught unaware at Harare airport
Air Patrol and was flying to Afton to and many stranded passengers had to today, leaving passengers milling at
pick up Doug Henry, also of the CAP look for accommodation in the city check-in counters. But today the
and a member of Star Valley Search centre. Air travellers coming from airline ran radio advertisements
and Rescue, for a training flight. The other airports were also left waiting as advising passengers to check for new
Forest Service closed boat ramps in flights to the base were either diverted developments. Air Zimbabwe’s board
the area as the National or cancelled, reports the Weekly News. of directors has responded to the
Transportation Safety Board ordered Meanwhile, the backlog of passengers grounding by suspending the airline’s
the wreckage to remain in the river has resulted in hundreds more being chief executive officer Tendai
pending investigation. The plane was affected today as airlines try to get Mahachi and two other top managers,
tethered to a tree in the canyon, and people to their destinations. with transport officials saying
was blocking much of the river Manchester Airport also suffered as a Mugabe’s government felt
channel. result of fog, with around 130 flights embarrassed by the halting of flights.
here cancelled or diverted. “All planes have been grounded
EMERGENCY LANDING, because there is no adequate foreign
BUSH INTERCONTINENTAL G-BDLS currency to buy fuel and flights have
AIRPORT, HOUSTON, London, Nov 17 — A press report, been suspended until further notice,”
UNITED STATES dated today, states: A man was killed said one Air Zimbabwe official. Air
London, Nov 23 — A press report, when a two-seater light aircraft Zimbabwe’s official spokesman David
dated yesterday, states: A Continental crash-landed on a road in Northants. Mwenga, and board vice-chairman
Airlines aircraft made an emergency The aircraft, carrying two men, came Jonathan Kadzura, who issued a
landing this morning after one of its down on a road known as Corn Hill statement to state media announcing
engines went out, officials said. Flight between Bugbrooke and Pattishall, the suspension of the airline’s top
1514 bound for Houston from Dallas near Northampton, this afternoon. managers, were both unavailable for
had 57 people on board when the No. 2 The second man suffered serious immediate comment today. In his
engine failed in flight. The 737 made injuries and was taken to the statement, Kadzura said the board of
an emergency landing at Bush Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry. The directors had been forced to suspend
Intercontinental Airport shortly before aircraft is believed to have taken off the three “pending investigations into
1030 hrs without incident. The from an aerodrome in Cranfield, the serious disruptions of the
aircraft is being checked out for the Bedfordshire, earlier. A spokesperson national airliner ’s operations and
cause of the malfunction. for Northamptonshire Police said: services to customers.” He said the
“Two men were travelling in the plane board was working to restore services
EMERGENCY LANDING, at the time of the incident. “Sadly, as but gave no indication of when Air
CASTLE ROCK AREA, COLORADO, a result, one of the males has died Zimbabwe might resume flights. The
UNITED STATES and the other has been taken to airline has long-haul international
See N7460P. hospital with serious injuries.” Air flights to London, China, Singapore
Accident Investigation Branch and Dubai. Critics say the airline is a
EMERGENCY LANDING, officials were informed and were on victim of gross mismanagement and
HILLSBORO, OREGON, their way to the crash site, the almost daily government interference
UNITED STATES spokesperson added. in its operations, including by
London, Nov 21 — A corporate jet London, Nov 18 — The aircraft which Mugabe who has sometimes
carrying executives from the Nike crashed near Bugbrooke on Nov 17 commandeered planes for his
company experienced landing gear was Grumman-American AA-1B, business trips abroad. Air Zimbabwe
problems but made a safe emergency registration G-BDLS. had 15 airplanes when Mugabe
landing at a US airport. One wheel on London, Nov 18 — A second man has assumed power at independence from
the Gulfstream V jet failed to retract died after a two-seater light aircraft Britain in 1980, but the fleet has
shortly after it took off from Hillsboro crashed on a Northamptonshire road. dwindled to seven, including two
airport in Oregon. Four executives and The man, who has not yet been small planes bought this year from
three crew were on board the flight, named, was a passenger in the aircraft China. — Reuters.
which was bound for Toronto but spent which crashed at Corn Hill, between
hours circling above Hillsboro to burn Bugbrooke and Pattishall on Thursday N1153C
off excess fuel. Emergency crews were afternoon. He died in hospital on last London, Nov 17 — Rockwell
on alert at Hillsboro and also at night. The pilot, 35-year-old Paul Commander 500B N1153C crashed
Portland International Airport. Hanley from Northampton, died at the near Gaylord, Michigan, at 2328, Nov
scene. The aircraft had taken off from 16, while on a flight from Grand
EMERGENCY LANDING, SYDNEY an aerodrome in Cranfield, Beds. An Rapids, MI, to Gaylord. The aircraft
AIRPORT, AUSTRALIA investigation has begun into the was destroyed. The one person on
London, Nov 18 — A fuel leak has cause. board was killed.
forced a Qantas flight that was
travelling from Brisbane to Los GROUNDING OF ZIMBAWEAN N130HS
Angeles to turn back. The aircraft NATIONAL AIRLINE London, Nov 22 — Eurocopter EC
landed at Sydney Airport, after Harare, Nov 22 — Zimbabwe’s state- 130 N130HS and Eurocopter AS 350B
turning around near Tahiti. owned national airline has grounded (Ecureuil) N264BH were in collision
Passengers say they were about four- its entire fleet after running out of Near Homestead, Florida, at 0141,
and-a-half hours into the flight when fuel as the southern African country’s Nov 21. The aircraft each had one
the captain announced that the 747- economy continues to crumble, person on board, one of whom was
400 had to turn around. At least 380 company officials said today. Critics killed while the other suffered minor
passengers are now spending the night blame President Robert Mugabe’s injuries.
in Sydney hotels and will resume their controversial policies and government London, Nov 22 — A press report,
trip just after midday today. mismanagement for a long-running dated yesterday, states: Two
crisis that has left a once vibrant helicopters collided at the Homestead-
FLIGHTS DELAYED/DIVERTED economy struggling with shortages of Miami Speedway after the NASCAR
DUE TO FOG, UNITED KINGDOM food, fuel, foreign currency and a championship yesterday, killing one
London, Nov 22 — Thousands of decaying infrastructure. A senior Air pilot, authorities said. One helicopter
people were left stranded after thick Zimbabwe official said today the was taking off from the speedway’s
fog brought chaos to Liverpool John national passenger carrier was forced helipad shortly before 2100 hrs while
Lennon Airport (LJLA). After 1000, to ground all seven of its planes another was attempting to land, said
GMT, yesterday, all flights were yesterday, and to cancel all domestic Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue Battalion
cancelled from the base as the and international flights “until further Chief Richard Martin. “They had
conditions made taking-off and notice” due to fuel shortages. Air either a mid-air collision or a near-
landing almost impossible for aircraft. Zimbabwe officials say people were midair collision. One of them did a
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hard landing right on the helipad. No people were aboard the aircraft, which Safety Board investigator previously
one on that craft was injured,” Martin apparently was headed from Brown said the pilot of the aircraft was listed
said. The other pilot died after being Field in San Diego to John Wayne as Daniel M. Neuman of Foothill
airlifted to a Miami hospital, a Airport in Santa Ana. The identities of Ranch. Others believed by authorities
spokeswoman for the Miami-Dade the four people were not immediately and the Baldwin family to be on board
Police Department said. released. Bodies had not been were Jeffrey TenEyck and Rick
recovered. Giudice said there was a Olausen, both longtime friends of
N26399 possibility that the airplane could be Baldwin. The plane left Saturday (Nov
London, Nov 23 — A press report, raised tomorrow. 19) from San Felipe, Mexico, and
dated Nov 22, states: Emergency London, Nov 22 — A press report, stopped at San Diego’s Brown Field to
crews were up against heavy snow and dated Nov 21, states: A private clear customs before taking off for
wind working to reach a small plane salvage company will attempt John Wayne Airport in Orange County,
that crashed around 1830 hrs, tody. tomorrow to retrieve the Cessna 210 authorities said. It was cruising along
The plane went down on Partridge that was believed to be carrying off- the coast at about 3,500 feet when
Hill in Williston, which is about two to road racer Jason Baldwin and three there was a rapid descent, said Nicole
three miles from Burlington other people when it crashed into the Charnon, an NTSB investigator.
International Airport where the pilot ocean over the weekend (Nov 19-20).
was apparently trying to land. The The attempt to raise the aircraft will N666DE
pilot was killed in the crash. His begin at daybreak, and if the bodies London, Nov 24 — A press report,
identity has not been released. Fire are located the county coroner’s office dated today, states: A Lake Worth
crews believe the plane was trying to will become involved, said Jim couple flying to Virginia for
land at Burlington Airport. But they Amormino, a spokesman for the Thanksgiving died yesterday when
don’t know where it was coming from. Orange County Sheriff’s Department. their Piper PA-32-300 (Cherokee Six)
Airport officials say it was on its two The Cessna 210 crashed Saturday crashed in a heavily wooded area of
mile final approach when they lost afternoon about three miles west of North Brevard County, Florida. On its
contact. Emergency vehicles Dana Point, Amormino said. A way down, the aircraft hit an oak tree
surrounded Partridge Hill to keep National Transportation Safety Board east of Interstate 95, leaving tangled
people away from the plane while they investigator identified the pilot as steel in its branches, and landed
waited for crews from the FAA and the Daniel M. Neuman of Foothill Ranch. upside down about a mile north of the
Medical Examiner’s office. There was The others were identified by State Road 46 exit in Mims. The
no early indications as to the cause of authorities and the Baldwin family as engine was ripped from the aircraft on
the crash and and no official word on Jeffrey TenEyck and Rick Olausen, impact and came to rest about 30
the type of plane, but airport officials both longtime friends of Baldwin. yards from the fuselage and strewn
say it was a Piper Aztec a twin-engine, Authorities could not confirm the parts. Officials identified the couple as
four-seater. identities of the victims until their 69-year-old Fred Rosenbaum and his
London, Nov 23 — Piper PA-23-250 bodies were recovered and identified, 63-year-old wife, Linda, of Lake
(Aztec) N26399 crashed near Amormino said. The aircraft is Worth. They were en route to Virginia
Williston, Vermont, at 2343, Nov 22, submerged in 200 feet of water. A for the holiday, the Brevard County
while on a flight to Burlington, VT. sheriff ’s underwater search and Sheriff ’s Office said in a written
The aircraft was destroyed. The one recovery team located the nearly statement. “There was some kind of
person on board was killed. intact aircraft by sonar after it went engine malfunction. They radioed in
down, said Sgt. Karl Von Voight of the the air that they were in distress,”
N264BH Orange County sheriff ’s Harbor said Cmdr Jimmy Donn of the sheriff’s
See N130HS. Patrol. The aircraft took off in office. Air controllers at Daytona
Mexico, stopped in San Diego County Regional Airport notified the sheriff’s
N400PD for customs purposes and apparently office that the aircraft was in trouble
London, Nov 22 — Schweizer 269C was headed to John Wayne Airport at about 1045 hrs, officials said in a
N400PD crashed near Manhattan, when the crash occurred, said Lt. written statement. The sheriff ’s
Kansas, at 2024, Nov 18. The aircraft Tony Migliorini of the U.S. Coast helicopter crew found the bodies about
was destroyed. The two persons on Guard. There was no radio 1140 hrs, officials said. “They died at
board were not injured. communication from the aircraft the scene,” Donn said. The aircraft
before the crash, said Nicole took off from Palm Beach Gardens,
N546BC Charnon, an air safety investigator according to the sheriff ’s office. The
London, Nov 20 — A press report, for the National Transportation pilot radioed that engine fluids
dated today, states: A small plane with Safety Board. Radar showed the sprayed onto the windshield, blocking
four people aboard crashed in the aircraft cruising at 3,500 feet then his view. He said he was trying to
ocean off San Clemente yesterday, but making “a pretty rapid descent,” she make it to Arthur Dunn Air Park in
search-and-rescue teams were unable said. The cause of the crash was Titusville to land, according to the
to locate any survivors, authorities under investigation. sheriff ’s office. Airport radar in
reported. Orange County sheriff ’s London, Nov 22 — Cessna T210N Daytona Beach tracked the aircraft
deputies said they received reports (Centurion II) N546BC crashed into near I-95 in the Scottsmoor area about
about 1400 hrs, from boaters that a the sea off Dana Point, California, at 1100 hrs, and a caller reported seeing
single-engine Cessna 210 had crashed 2203, Nov 19, while on a flight from an aircraft circling around Grant Line
about three miles from shore. Lt. Ted San iego, CA, to Santa Ana, CA. The Road near US 1 in Titusville before
Boyne said sheriff’s divers reached the aircraft was destroyed. The four the aircraft went down. According to
scene within 10 minutes of the persons on board were killed. the Federal Aviation Administration
mayday calls. The U.S. Coast Guard London, Nov 23 — A press report, Website, the aircraft, tail number
also received reports about the plane dated Nov 22, states: Divers recovered N666DE, is registered to Legal Air
crash from boats in the area. Divers four bodies today from a small plane LLC, based in Palm Beach Gardens.
searched the chilly waters and used that crashed into the Pacific Ocean National Transportation Safety Board
sonar to try to find the wreckage and last weekend and sank in about 200 investigators from Miami are to
any bodies. The depth in the area is feet of water. The plane was believed determine the cause of yesterday’s
about 200 feet. “There’s nothing on the to be carrying off-road racer Jason accident.
surface except a strong smell of oil and Baldwin and three other people when
some debris,” Boyne said. Search it went down. Divers brought the N70MT
teams remained at the crash site plane up, and the bodies were taken to London, Nov 23 — American
yesterday night and located the main the coroner ’s office for positive Champion 8-KCAB N70MT crashed
wreckage with sonar. Sheriff’s Lt. Erin identification, said Lt. Hans Strand. near Colorado Springs, Colorado, at
Giudice said the search would resume Investigators plan to study the 1530, Nov 21, while on a local flight
today. Coast Guard personnel are wreckage for clues about what caused from Colorado Springs. The one person
assisting. Authorities believe that four the crash. A National Transportation on board was killed.
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Aviation/Product Recalls

N7460P snow and the pilotøs violating the reported today. Almost all the
London, Nov 17 — Piper PA-24-250 flight regulations caused the crash. company’s baby milk on the Italian
(Comanche) N7460P lost power and RIA Novosti news agency reported market was targeted by the order as
landed on Interstate 25, sourh of that among the passengers was Igor “the milk is contaminated by a
Denver, Colorado, at 1600, Nov 16. Olshansky, an assistant and son to a substance in the packaging,” Ansa
The aircraft sustained no damage. The deputy in the State Duma, lower said quoting Italian judicial
one person on board was not injured. house of parliament. There were also authorities. A statement by Nestle’s
two women on board. The passengers Italian subsidiary, dated November 21,
N821KF were reportedly returning to Moscow said the company had decided on the
London, Nov 17 — Cessna 177B after spending the day hunting in “immediate recall of all the products
(Cardinal) N821KF crashed into the Voronezh, added. indicated by the authorities”
Neuse River near New Bern, North London, Nov 21 — Cessna 208B containing traces of a product, ITX,
Carolina, at 1745, Nov 16. The aircraft (Grand Caravan I) P4-OIN, operator used in the manufacturing of
was destroyed. The one person on Ivolga-Avia, departed Voronezh at packaging.
board was seriously injured. 2117, Nov 19, on a flight to London, Nov 23 — A press report,
Domodedovo Airport, where it was dated Nov 22, states: Nestle SA, the
N86TR supposed to land at 2240 hrs, however, world’s biggest food company, said
London, Nov 18 — A press report, the aircraft crashed 10 km from today it had recalled hundreds of
dated Nov 17, states: A small aircraft Stupino around 2230 hrs. There were thousands of gallons of baby milk from
landed safely on its belly after circling two crew and six passengers on board France, Portugal, Spain and Italy
an Atlanta airfield for nearly half an who were all killed. after traces of ink from the packaging
hour with landing gear that wouldn’t were found in the product. Nestle
deploy. The King Air twin propeller V3-HCT spokesman Francois-Xavier Perroud
skidded to a stop at the Fulton County London, Nov 22 — Britten-Norman said the substance posed no health
Airport just after noon yesterday, and BN-2A-21 Islander, operated by risk and disputed an Italian official’s
the three people on board walked Blancaneaux Lodge departed at 1003, claims that it appeared to be toxic.
safely from the aircraft. Firefighters Nov 19 for a 35-minute flight from Routine tests in Italy in the autumn
sprayed the aircraft with foam, even Belize City to the airstrip of the had revealed the presence of
though no sparks or smoke appeared Blancaneaux resort. Last radio contact isopropylthioxanthone in its Latte Mio
during the landing. The aircraft, with the pilot was at 1016 hrs when he and Nidina 1 and 2 milk brands, he
registered to an Atlanta company, was reported near La Democracia while said. Perroud said most of the milk, up
on a flight from Savannah, Ga. The climbing to 2,500 feet. As the aircraft to 530,000 gallons, was recalled in
pilot tried to land the aircraft once descended for the Privacion Airstrip Italy, and “much smaller” amounts in
earlier by “bumping” the runway to try poor visibility conditions were France, Spain and Portugal. “We are
to dislodge the landing gear. He encountered. On a 240-degree heading sad that the packaging material that
returned to the sky and continued the airplane flew into a wooded we bought from a reliable source did
circling to burn fuel before landing the hillside, 50 feet from the top, at an not live up to the standards that we
aircraft on its belly. altitude of about 1800 feet. expect,” Perroud said. “We are
London, Nov 17 — A small aircraft London, Nov 22 — A press report, replacing every single contaminated
(N86TR, Beech B100) that was having dated today, states: Civil aviation product that you can lay your hands
landing gear trouble landed safely this authorities in Belize said heavy winds on.” Earlier today, authorities in Italy
morning at an airport near Atlanta. and rains from tropical storm said they ordered the confiscation of
Television pictures showed the aircraft “Gamma” were a factor in the crash of about eight million gallons of the baby
making a belly-landing with its gear Britten-Norman BN-2A-21 Islander milk. Cristina Attina, an official with
retracted, and three people emerging V3-HCT. The crash on Friday (Nov 18) forest rangers in Rome whose duties
from the aircraft. The Federal killed the Belizean pilot, Rene Ram, include overseeing food safety, said a
Aviation Administration said it had and two passengers on board the batch of milk due to expire in
some sort of landing gear problem. private aircraft belonging to September, 2006, had been
The aircraft circled the Charlie Brown Blancaneaux Lodge, an exclusive contaminated by a chemical that
Airport in Fulton County and made a jungle resort owned by the filmmaker leaked from the packaging. It said the
touch-and-go landing before circling Francis Ford Coppola. The Americans substance appeared to be toxic. Nestle
again and landing with the gear up. were identified as Douglas Scratchley Italy said it had withdrawn the milk
FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown said Jr and his wife Cristy Dy Scratchley of in question from the Italian market
the Beechcraft King Air left Savannah St. Petersburg, Fla, according to the and that new milk using alternative
this morning. man’s family and US officials in packaging had since been distributed.
London, Nov 18 — Beechcraft King Belize. Civil aviation authorities in Nestle’s office in Spain, where Perroud
Air B100 N86TR made a gear-up Belize said heavy winds and rains said the milk was packaged, said
landing at Fulton County Airport, from “Gamma” were a factor in the recalls there were precautionary and
Atlanta, Georgia, at 1710, Nov 17. The crash, which saw the aircraft fall into that the substance was not dangerous.
aircraft sustained minor damage. The a ravine near another exclusive ranch. “In the quantities that this chemical is
three persons on board were not found in the food, it is not a health
injured. risk and there is a broad scientific
N9928H consensus about that,” Perroud said.
London, Nov 22 — Cessna 182R “It is simply a chemical and chemicals
(Skylane) N9928H crashed near have no business in food.”
Alpine, Wyoming, at 1543, Nov 18,
while on a flight from Jackson, WY, to BABY STOLLERS,
Afton, WY. The aircraft was destroyed. UNITED STATES
The one person on board was killed. London, Nov 17 — A Colorado
BABY MILK, EUROPE company is expanding its recall of
P4-OIN London, Nov 22 — A press report, Mountain Buggy jogging strollers.
London, Nov 20 — A press report, dated today, states: Italian judicial Sycamore Kids Inc., is adding about
dated today, states: A Russian plane authorities ordered the recall of 30 3,200 Mountain Buggy Urban Single,
with eight people on board crashed million litres of baby milk produced by Urban Double and Breeze Strollers to
overnight killing all passengers and Swiss food giant Nestle after ruling an earlier recall issued in July. The
crew, Russian media reported toay. the product unfit for human company says the handlebar can crack
The Cessna light aircraft came down consumption. Members of a special or break, causing the handlebar to
just outside Moscow and burst into security unit were deployed come off while in use. Sycamore Kids
flames when it hit the ground, news throughout the country with orders to has received 22 reports of the
agencies reported. Officials said heavy seize the milk, the Ansa news agency handlebar either cracking or breaking
© Lloyd’s Marine Intelligence Unit 2004 These reports may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means
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Product Recalls

when the stroller was pulled up or notices will go out Dec 1, with the between Jun 9 and Oct 19, 2005.
taken down stairs. This resulted in straps to be replaced by Ford dealers. Approximately 13,400 motorcycles are
two reports of bruises and scrapes. Ford spokeswoman Kristen Kinley included in the recall. The
The recalled strollers have a metal said that the company discovered transmissions in the affected
frame and a cloth seat with a sun problems with the metal straps during motorcycles have a defect which under
canopy. The strollers were sold in a high-mileage testing. No reports of certain circumstances may allow them
variety of colors including, navy, red, problems have been reported by to go into a false neutral position even
black, silver and orange. The recalled customers, she said. though the neutral indicator light is
Mountain Buggy Urban Single London, Nov 16 — Ford, the illuminated. As part of its Initial Care
strollers have item number U1204- Dearborn, Mich.-based automaker is Program for 2006 Dyna motorcycles,
002, and serial numbers between also recalling 98,836 of its 2005 Ford the Company will provide owners with
000000 and 012893. The recalled Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car and free pick-up and delivery, if desired.
Mountain Buggy Urban Double Mercury Grand Marquis sedans This service will commence and recall
strollers have item number U2204- because of fire risk associated with kits will be available at dealerships
002, and serial numbers between battery cables. Vehicle owners should beginning the week of December 12,
000000 and 006957. The recalled have a dealer inspect the cables, 2005. The Company estimates that the
Mountain Buggy Breeze strollers have according to NHTSA, and a recall will costs associated with this voluntary
item number B1204-002, and serial begin on Nov 18. recall will be less than $5.0 million
numbers between 000000 and 000191. London, Nov 17 — A press report, and it will reserve these costs in the
The serial number and model number dated Nov 16, states: Ford is recalling fourth quarter of this year.
are on the back of the metal plate. All more than 225,000 mid and full-size
recalled buggies have a grey cars to rectify problems that could OSCILLATING ELECTRIC
handlebar button. The recalled cause the vehicles to catch fire. TOWER FANS, UNITED STATES
strollers were sold at furniture Affected by the recall notice are Washington, DC, Nov 22 — The U.S.
retailers and baby product stores and 127,492 Ford Five Hundred and Consumer Product Safety
Web retailers nationwide from Mercury Montego sedans from the Commission, in co-operation with
December 2004 through July for 2005 model year. According to Ford, Haier America Trading LLC, of New
between $400 and $640. those models are vulnerable to having York, N.Y., today announced a
the straps that hold the fuel tank give voluntary recall of about 150,000
CHERY MOTOR VEHICLES, CHINA w a y, allowing the tank to come in oscillating electric tower fans,
London, Nov 22 — Chinese auto contact with the driveshaft or exhaust manufactured by Metropolitan
maker Chery has filed a report to the system. Those recall notices will go Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd., of Hong
General Administration of Quality out on Dec 1.Ford emphasized that the Kong. Consumers should stop using
Supervision, Inspection and recalls are purely precautionary, and recalled products immediately unless
Quarantine for a recall of its Oriental that no injuries or accidents have ben otherwise instructed. Internal
Son models which were produced caused by the defects. electrical arcing in the fan can cause a
between July 14, 2003 and May 6, London, Nov 17 — A press report, fire hazard. Haier has received eight
2005. This is the first such action by a dated Nov 16, states: A problem reports of fires or flames associated
Chinese sedan brand in China. Qin potentially affects 98,444 new Crown with this electric fan, including minor
Lihong, vice general manager of Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and property damage and one report of
Chery’s marketing company, said in an Lincoln Town Car sedans. Those minor burns. This recall involves a
interview on Nov. 20 that Chery has vehicles are being recalled because a Haier oscillating electric tower fan,
made full preparation and guarantees battery cable could rub against an model FTM140GG. The gray tower fan
sufficient supply of components and adjacent bolt, sending an electrical has three speed settings and a 120-
parts for this move which will begin as charge into vehicle’s frame and minute shut-off timer. “Haier” is
of Nov. 26. The national quality potentially causing a fire. Owners of printed on a silver label near the top
watchdog issued its annual report on the affected vehicles will start of the front of the tower. The model
the implementation of regulations on receiving recall notices on Nov 18. number is printed on the lower back
recall of defected automobiles recently. Ford emphasized that the recalls are of the fan. No other Haier fans are
Since the regulations were purely precautionary, and that no included in this recall. Sold at
promulgated in Mar. Last year, 29 injuries or accidents have ben caused discount department stores nation-
such actions have had been initiated by the defects. wide from February 2004 through
by 21 Chinese and foreign auto London, Nov 18 — A press report, November 2005 for between $20 and
makers by Sep this year, involving 33 dated Nov 17, states: Ford is issuing a $30. Manufactured in China.
models and 339,696 units recalled. recall involving a couple hundred Consumers should immediately stop
thousand vehicles. The latest recall using the tower fan and call Haier for
FORD MOTOR VEHICLES, covers about 235,000 pickups, vans instructions on how to obtain a $30
UNITED STATES and sport utility vehicles in the 2006 coupon redeemable for the purchase
London, Nov 16 — A press report, model year because of potential from Haier of any available product.
dated today, states: Safety problems problems with the windshield wiper Consumers who previously received a
related to fuel tanks on three models motor. The models include the E-150, $10 mail-in rebate will get a $20
are prompting Ford Motor Co. to recall E-250, E-350 and E-450 vans, the coupon. — Consumer Product Safety
some of its popular new vehicles. The Escape, Expedition and Explorer Commission.
models — the Ford Freestyle crossover SUVs, F-150 and Ranger pickups and
and Ford Five Hundred and Mercury Taurus sedan. It also includes the SCANIA TRACTORS,
Montego sedans — are among the Lincoln Navigator SUV and Lincoln SOUTH KOREA
most important of Ford’s new product Mark LT pickup and Mercury London, Nov 21 — A press report,
lineup. Ford’s total sales in October Mountaineer and Mariner SUV. The dated yesterday, states: Scania Korea
fell 26%, marked by a big decline in National Highway Traffic Safety Ltd, the local unit of Swedish
trucks, but sales of the Freestyle, Five Administration is concerned that if the truckmaker Scania, will recall more
Hundred and Montego all rose last wiper motor breaks during bad than 300 tractors for defective electric
month. There are about 123,206 of weather, it could cause a crash. wire covers in their power generators,
these 2005-model vehicles affected by the Ministry of Construction and
the recall, according to HARLEY DAVIDSON Transportation said today. A total of
announcements on the National MOTORCYCLES, WORLDWIDE 342 tractors will be recalled, the
Highway Traffic Safety London, Nov 23 — Harley-Davidson ministry said, adding such uncovered
Administration’s Web site. Straps used Motor Company has issued a electric wires could cause an electric
to hold the vehicles’ fuel tanks could voluntary safety recall on 2006 model discharge. The tractors were sold from
break, according to Ford. Recall year Dyna series motorcycles built Jan 1, 2004 to Jun 30, 2005.
© Lloyd’s Marine Intelligence Unit 2004 These reports may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means
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Product Recalls/Port Conditions

SUZUKI/MAZDA/NISSAN the sudden deceleration of the vehicle. ITALY

MOTOR VEHICLES, JAPAN A Suzuki spokesman said the company Genoa, Nov 21 — There are cuurently
Tokyo, Nov 24 — Japanese auto does not disclose estimated recall costs. no delays in berthing at Genoa, Savona
makers Suzuki Motor Corp., Mazda The 660cc vehicles are only sold in or La Spezia. — Lloyd’s Agents.
Motor Corp. and Nissan Motor Co. will Japan. — Reuters.
recall a combined 359,589 minivehicles
in Japan built by Suzuki to fix faulty MALAYSIA
transmissions, a recall report issued to t London, Nov 21 — Due to bad
the government showed today. The weather, all operations at TCOT
affected cars are Suzuki Alto, Mazda Kerteh Port SALM No.1 & SALM No.2
Carol, Nissan Moco and other minicars, were suspended from 1630, yesterday
all built by Japan’s top minivehicle until further notice.
maker — under an original equipment
manufacturer deal for the Mazda and
Nissan models — between November FRANCE NEW CALEDONIA
2000 and June 2002. There was no London, Nov 21 — Due to See under “Labour Disputes.”
report of any accident resulting from maintenance, piers B & C (CPP/DPP)
the defect, which in the worst case at Lavera Terminal will be unavailable
scenario could cause the bearing in one from 0730, Nov 22 until 1830, Nov 25. NIGERIA
of the gear shafts to break, resulting in See “Nigeria” under “Piracy”.

Port Delays

(Information received from BIMCO, Denmark and Indian Ports Association, New Delhi)

Country/Port Date of report No. of vessels waiting and/or days delay

Abbott Point 21-Nov-2005 Coal: 10 vessels due by 17/12; no delays expected.
Brisbane 21-Nov-2005 Coal: Fisherman Island coal berth: 2 vessels due by 18/12; no delays expected.
Dalrymple Bay 21-Nov-2005 Coal: 3 vessels berthed and loading; 24 vessels due by 1/12; up to 4 days delay expected due to berth
congestion and cargo availability.
Dampier 21-Nov-2005 Iron ore: Parker Point A berth: 3 vessels waiting to load; 8 vessels due by 3/12; 1-6 days delay
expected due to berth congestion and cargo availability; a 54 hour maintenance shutdown is
planned to start 17/11; Parker Point B berth: 1 vessel waiting to load; 2 vessels due by 25/11; no
delays expected; East Intercourse Island: 1 vessel berthed and loading, 3 waiting to load; 7 vessels
due by 29/11; up to 5 days delay expected due to berth congestion and cargo availability.
Gladstone 21-Nov-2005 Coal: R.G. Tanna coal terminal: 2 vessels berthed and loading; 36 vessels due by 12/1; up to 1 day’s
berthing delay expected subject to port congestion and cargo availability; plant shutdown for repairs and
maintenance on shiploader 2 from 28/11 to 8/12; Barney Point: 7 vessels due by 27/12; no delays
Hay Point 21-Nov-2005 Coal: 2 vessels berthed and loading; 10 vessels due by 30/11; up to 2 days delay expected due to
berth congestion and cargo availability.
Newcastle 21-Nov-2005 Coal: Kooragang 4, 5 and 6: 1 vessel berthed and loading, 1 waiting at berth; 54 vessels due by 13/12;
1-6 days delay expected due to berth congestion and cargo availability; 10 vessels off port awaiting
berths; Dykes 4+5: 2 vessels berthed and loading; 20 vessels due by 13/12; 6-9 days delay expected prior
to berthing due to planned maintenance at Kooragang terminal, coal product problems with some
shippers berthed congestion and cargo receival; 5 vessels off port awaiting berths.
Port Hedland 21-Nov-2005 Iron ore: BHP Iron Ore Pty. Ltd., Mt. Newman (Nelson Point), “A” berth: 7 vessels due by 30/11; up to 3
days delay expected due to berth congestion and cargo availability: “B” berth: 1 vessel berthed and
loading, 2 anchored; 5 vessels due by 28/11; 1-3 days delay expected due to berth congestion and cargo
availability; BHP Iron Ore Pty. Ltd., Goldsworthy (Finucane Island) “C” berth: 2 vessels due by 25/11;
no delays expected; “D” berth: 1 vessel waiting at anchor; 5 vessels due by 30/11; up to 4 days delay
expected due to berth congestion and cargo availability; Cockatoo Island: 1 vessel berthed and loading;
no delays expected.
Port Kembla 21-Nov-2005 Coal: 12 vessels due by 20/12; up to 1 day’s delay expected.
Port Latta 21-Nov-2005 Iron ore: 2 vessels due by 25/11; up to 1 day’s delay expected due to berth congestion and cargo
Port Walcott 21-Nov-2005 Iron ore: 2 vessels berthed and loading, 9 vessels waiting to load; 9 vessels due by 10/12; up to 4 days
delay expected due to berth congestion and cargo availability.
Whyalla 21-Nov-2005 Iron ore: 7 vessels due by 14/12; no delays expected; wharf maintenance is taking place on fender
piles at ore jetty berth from 10-30/11 inclusive.

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electronic, mechanical, photographic, recorded or otherise without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Port Conditions

Bourgas 21-Nov-2005 Six vessels in port operating, of which 2 loading (1 bulk ammonium nitrate, 1 coils), 4 discharging
(1 metals, 1 salt, 1 zinc concentrate, 1 coals); 1 vessel detained in roads; 15 vessels due, of which 7 to
load (1 wheat, 2 gasoil, 2 containers, 1 sunflower seeds, 1 copper concentrate), 8 to discharge (2
containers, 1 gasoil, 1 pig-iron, 1 iron ore, 1 chemicals, 1 billets, 1 zinc concentrate).
Varna 21-Nov-2005 Varna East, Varna West, Electrical Power Station, Balchik: Conditions 14-20 November: Thirty-six
vessels in port operating of which 25 loading (1 scrap, 1 silica sand, 1 packed hardboard, 1 cement/
equipment in packing cases/pipes, 1 silica sand/other, 3 bulk wheat, 1 bulk wheat/empty bags, 1 bulk
maize, 1 liquid urea, 1 bulk sulphuric acid, 9 soda, 1 soda/other, 1 bulk clinker, 1 bulk cement, 1
sunflower seed meal), 6 discharging (1 bulk feldspar, 1 equipment in packing cases/pipes, 2 bulk coal, 2
bulk copper concentrate), 5 discharging/loading containers; no vessels waiting in roads.

Paranagua 22-Nov-2005 Twelve vessels berthed of which 2 fertiliser dischargers, 1 reefer loader, 3 sugar loaders, 2 pellets
loaders, 4 other loaders/dischargers; 8 vessels waiting in roads, of which 5 to load (1 sugar,1 pellets,
3 other vessels), 3 to discharge (2 full containers, 1 sugar); 40 vessels due over the next 7 days.
Rio de Janeiro 22-Nov-2005 Porto do Rio: 2 steel products loaders, 1 paper coils discharger; Tecon: 1 container loader/discharger;
Porto de Sepetiba: 1 iron ore loader, 1 coal discharger, 5 other loaders/dischargers; 24 vessels due over
the next 7 days.
Rio Grande 22-Nov-2005 Two soya meal loaders berthed; 3 vessels waiting in roads; 37 vessels due over the next 10 days.
Sao Sebastiao 22-Nov-2005 Nineteen vessels berthed of which 1 bulk salt discharger, 4 sugar loaders, 1 bulk wheat discharger,
2 bulk soya loaders, 3 fertiliser dischargers, 3 chemical products loaders, 1 Ro/Ro, 1 full container
loader, 1 citrus juice loader, 2 other loaders; 12 vessels waiting in roads; 30 vessels due over the
next 7 days; Private terminals: Terminal 37: 2 full container loaders/dischargers; Tecondi: 1 full
container loader/discharger; Termares: no vessels; Rodrimar: 2 full container loaders/dischargers;
Cosipa: 4 steel products loaders, 1 bulk coal discharger; Ultrafertil: 1 fertiliser discharger; Cargill: 1 bulk
sugar loader, 1 bulk pellets loader; Santos Brasil: 2 full container loaders/dischargers; Cutrale: 1 bulk
pellets loader; Dow: 1 chemical products loader/discharger.
Vitoria 22-Nov-2005 Four vessels berthed of which 1 steel products loader, 1 cellulose loader, 1 pig iron loader, 1 pipes
discharger; Terminal Vila Velha: 2 full container loaders/dischargers; Tubarao: 1 fertiliser discharger, 3
iron ore loaders; Praia Mole: 3 steel products loaders, 1 coal discharger; Portocel: 1 cellulose loader;
Ubu: 1 iron ore loader; 26 vessels due over the next 7 days.

Antofagasta 22-Nov-2005 Five vessels berthed, 2 berths vacant; 17 vessels due this week to load/discharge concentrates, bulk
copper, containers and general cargo.
Arica 22-Nov-2005 Four vessels berthed, 3 berths vacant; 18 vessels due this week.
Iquique 22-Nov-2005 Three vessels berthed, 4 berths vacant; 16 vessels due this week.
Lirquen 22-Nov-2005 Three vessels at terminal, 3 berths vacant; 14 vessels due this week.
Puerto Montt 22-Nov-2005 Two vessels at terminal, 1 berth vacant; 7 vessels due this week.
Punta Arenas 22-Nov-2005 Three vessels at terminal, 4 berths vacant; 13 vessels due this week.
San Antonio 22-Nov-2005 Five vessels berthed, 4 berths vacant; 22 vessels due this week.
San Vicente 22-Nov-2005 Three vessels berthed, 2 berth vacant; 19 vessels due during the week; Steel pier: no vessels at
terminal, 2 berths vacant; 1 vessel due this week; Coronel pier: 2 vessels at terminal, 2 berths
vacant; 5 vessels due this week; Oil terminal: 1 tanker at terminal, 1 berth vacant; no tankers due
this week.
Valparaiso 22-Nov-2005 Three vessels berthed, 5 berths vacant; 4 vessels anchored; 19 vessels due this week.

Larnaca 22-Nov-2005 One conventional vessel discharging at berth; 1 conventional vessel due 23/11; no delays expected.
Limassol 22-Nov-2005 Five container vessels loading/discharging at berth, 1 conventional vessel discharging at berth; 5 vessels
due 23/11, of which 4 containers, 1 conventional vessel; no delays expected.

Adabiya 21-Nov-2005 Seven vessels berthed (loading/discharging), of which 2 general cargo, 4 bulk carriers, 1 containers.
Alexandria 21-Nov-2005 Thirty vessels berthed (loading/discharging), of which 19 general cargo, 6 bulk carriers, 2 tankers,
2 container vessels, 1 cruise vessel; 19 vessels dry-docked; 18 vessels at inner anchorage, 30 at outer
Damietta 21-Nov-2005 Fifteen vessels berthed (loading/discharging), of which 11 general cargo, 2 bulk carriers, 2
containers; 4 vessels at outer anchorage, none at inner anchorage.
Dekhaila 21-Nov-2005 Twelve vessels berthed (loading/discharging), of which 2 general cargo, 7 bulk carriers, 3 container
vessels; 1 vessel at outer anchorage.
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Port Conditions

Port Said 21-Nov-2005 Four vessels berthed (loading/discharging), of which 1 general cargo, 3 containers.
Suez 21-Nov-2005 Eight vessels berthed (loading/discharging), of which 2 general cargo, 3 reefers, 3 passenger
vessels; 4 tugs, 1 vessel dry-docked.
Suez Canal 21-Nov-2005 Twenty-one vessels transiting Northbound, 25 Southbound.

Tallinn 21-Nov-2005 Paljassaare (formerly Kopli): 2 vessels loading at berth (1 fertiliser, 1 sawn timber), 1 food
products vessel discharging at berth; no vessels waiting at anchorage; 3 vessels due, with 10 days
berthing delay expected.

Kolkata 21-Nov-2005 6 vessels operating at berth of which 3 loading (General Cargo, Iron Ore, Containers), 3 vessels
discharging(Pulses, Edible Oil, Containers); 1 vessel working at mid stream waiting to discharging
Crude; 1 vessel awaiting berth to discharge; 4 vessels under repairs; 1 vessel waiting to sail; 5
vessels due (Containers-2, Timber Logs, Edible Oil, Petroleum Coke).
Haldia 21-Nov-2005 17 vessels operating at berth of which 6 loading (Iron ore-3, Thermal Coal, Benzene, POL), 10
vessels discharging (Palm, Crude, Coke-3, Fertilizer-2, Net Coke, Steel, Rock Phosphate); 1 vessels
loading and discharging Containers; 10 vessels awaiting berth (4 to discharge, 4 to load, 2 to load
and discharge); 6 vessels waiting at anchorage (5 to discharge, 1 to load); 4 vessels due (Crude, POL,
Iron ore, Containers).
Paradip 21-Nov-2005 11 vessels operating at berth of which 4 loading (Iron ore-2, Chrome Concentrate, Thermal Coal), 7
vessels discharging (Coking.Coal, N.C.Coal-2, A.Coal, Met Coke, Rock Phosphate, Lime Stone); 1
vessel awaiting berth to load; 2 vessels waiting at anchorage to load.
Visakhapatnam 21-Nov-2005 12 vessels operating at berth of which 4 loading (Iron ore-3, Soya Bean), 8 vessels discharging
(Coking Coal-2, Steam Coal-2, LPG, MOP, Alumina, Timber Logs); 1 vessel awaiting berth to
discharge; 11 vessels not ready to work and waiting at anchorage (5 to discharge, 6 to load); 1
vessel under repair(MV Chin Shwe Haw at Hsy Jetty which was collided with MV Uttar Kasi); 31
vessels due (Iron Ore-6, Aumina, Illeminate Sand, Thermal Coal, Food Grains-3, B.F.Slag, Feld
Spar, POL, MOP-3, Rock Phosphate, Urea, Sulphur, Coking Coal-5, DBM Bags, Antracite
Coal, Containers, Peas, POL Products).
Chennai 21-Nov-2005 10 vessels operating at berth of which 2 loading (HSD, Iron ore), 8 vessels discharging (Wood
Pulp/Project, Urea-2, Soda Ash/S.Pipe, Met Coke, Petroleum Oil, S.Coal, Crude Oil); 3 vessels not
ready to work and waiting at anchorage (1 to discharge, 2 to load); 4 vessels due (S.Coil/Granite
Blocks, General Cargo, Containers-2).
Tuticorin 21-Nov-2005 9 vessels operating at berth of which 2 loading Cement, 7 vessels discharging (Thermal Coal-2, LPG,
Urea, Sulphur, Project Cargo, Logs); 1 vessel awaiting berth to discharge; 3 vessels not ready to work
and waiting at anchorage (1 to discharge, 1 to load, 1 to load and discharge); 1 vessel at the anchorage
after completion of cement loading operations for want of MMD clearance.
Cochin 21-Nov-2005 3 vessels operating at berth of which 1 vessel loading Gas Cylinders, 2 vessels discharging (Crude,
Rock Phosphate); 2 vessels (*) awaiting berth to discharge.
New Mangalore 21-Nov-2005 7 vessels operating at berth of which 3 vessels loading (POL Product, Iron ore Fines-2), 4 vessels
discharging (Bentonite, Fertiliser, Crude Palm Oil, LPG); 2 vessels waiting at anchorage to load; 18
vessels due (Granite Stone-3, Machinery, Iron ore(P)-2, Iron ore (F), Urea, POL Product-4,
Containers, POL Crude-2, LPG, Soya Bean Oil, Iron ore ( C )).
Mormugao 21-Nov-2005 1 vessels operating at berth and discharging Coal; 4 vessels working at midstream to load Iron Ore; 5
vessels under repairs/dry dock; 8 vessels due (Containers, Scrap, MOP, Met Coke, Iron ore-4).
Mumbai 21-Nov-2005 18 vessels operating at berth of which 9 loading (General Cargo-7, POL-2), 6 vessels discharging
(General Cargo-3, POL-3), 3 vessels loading and discharging (Containers, General Cargo-2); 1 vessel not
ready to work and waiting at anchorage to load; 7 vessels awaiting order to discharge, 3 vessels waiting
at anchorage (2 to discharge, 1 to load and discharge); 10 vessels under repairs/dry docked, 6 vessels
under arrest, 1 vessel under laid up (Berths not required for cargo operations); 33 vessels due
(Containers-11, fertilizer(RM)-2, General Cargo-20).
J.N.P.T. 21-Nov-2005 8 vessels operating at berth of which 1 loading RKO, 2 vessels discharging (Lubricant Oil, SKO), 5
vessels loading and discharging Containers; 2 vessels awaiting berth to load and discharge; 2
Containers vessel due.
Kandla 21-Nov-2005 14 vessels operating at berth of which 7 discharging (DAP, Timber Logs-3, SB.Oil, Chemical-2), 5
vessels loading (Agriculture Product-3, Salt, BL/TP Cargo), 2 vessels loading and discharging
Containers; 1 vessel working at mid stream to discharge Timber Logs; 11 vessels awaiting berth (7
to discharge, 4 to load); 4 vessels not ready to work and waiting at anchorage to discharge; 1 vessel
under repair/dry docked; 1 vessel under arrest; 1 vessel under dredging purpose.
Ennore 21-Nov-2005 1 vessel operating at berth and discharging Thermal Coal; 1 Thermal Coal (MV Rani Padmini)
vessels due.

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Port Conditions

Maputo 22-Nov-2005 Eight vessels in port operating, of which 2 loading bulk coal, 2 discharging (1 bagged rice, 1 bulk
maize), 1 discharging/loading containers, 1 under repairs, 1 tug, 1 other vessel; no vessels due to berth
22/11; 18 vessels due by 30/12 of which 7 to load (2 aluminium ingots, 2 bulk coal, 1 gaz condensate, 1
stakes, 1 general cargo), 7 to discharge (1 bagged rice, 2 bulk wheat, 1 frozen fish, 2 bulk alumina, 1
containers), 4 to discharge/load (1 containers/steel plates, 3 containers).

Gdansk 21-Nov-2005 Six vessels loading at berth (3 coal, 1 general cargo, 1 bulker, 1 tanker), 2 vessels discharging at berth (1
general cargo, 1 grain); 8 vessels under repairs/dry-docked; no vessels waiting at anchorage; 2 general
cargo vessels waiting in roads; 18 vessels due.
Gdynia 21-Nov-2005 Five vessels loading at berth (2 general cargo, 3 grain), 3 vessels discharging at berth (1 general cargo, 1
grain, 1 coal); 18 vessels under repairs/dry-docked; no vessels waiting at anchorage, none waiting in
roads; 45 vessels due.

Novorossiysk 21-Nov-2005 Seventeen vessels in port operating, all loading, of which 1 WRIC/coils/steel billets/equipment, 1 scrap, 3
steel billets, 1 equipment/coils/pipes, 4 wheat, 1 copper, 1 steel billets/coils/steel sheets/tin plate, 1 bulk
ammonium nitrate/bulk urea, 1 coils, 1 aluminium, 2 diesel oil; 11 vessels waiting in roads of which 10 to
load (1 copper, 1 slabs, 3 wheat, 1 coils, 2 steel billets, 1 bulk NPK, 1 pig-iron), 1 to discharge bulk
sugar; 71 vessels due, of which 69 to load (2 DRI, 9 bulk ammonium nitrate, 2 copper, 6 steel billets, 2
scrap, 3 bulk urea, 8 wheat, 1 steel sheets/coils/WRIC/steel billets/steel sheets/pipes, 1 steel billets/pipes,
4 bulk NPK, 2 WRIC, 1 steel billets/coils/steel sheets, 1 coils, 1 DRI, 1 steel billets/coils, 1 UAN
solution, 1 H-beams, 3 aluminium, 3 bulk cement, 2 HBI, 1 cars, 1 steel sheets/steel billets, 2 slabs, 1
WRIC/steel, 3 pipes, 1 steel sheets, 1 bulk ammonium nitrate/bulk NPK, 1 diesel oil, 1 flowers, 1
cartons, 1 ammonium sulphate, 1 rails/copper), 2 to load/discharge containers; Oil terminal: 3 tankers
berthed, all loading crude oil; 3 tankers in roads, all to load, of which 2 crude oil, 1 diesel oil; 13 tankers
due, all to load, of which 10 crude oil, 2 fuel oil, 1 diesel oil.

Koper 21-Nov-2005 Port working normally. Ten vessels berthed of which 3 bulk carriers discharging coal/minerals/solid
chemicals, 1 bulk carrier loading grain, 3 vessels loading sawn timber, 2 car carriers discharging/loading
vehicles, 1 tanker discharging mineral oils; no vessels waiting at anchorage; 21 vessels due over the next
2 days of which 6 to discharge/load containers, 4 bulk carriers to load coal, 1 barge to load coal, 5
vessels to load sawn timber/timber products/general cargo, 3 car carriers to discharge/load vehicles, 1
Ro/Ro to discharge/load trailers, 1 tanker to discharge mineral oils.

Bilbao 22-Nov-2005 Twenty-six vessels operating (5 tankers, 21 other vessels), of which 7 loading, 13 discharging, 6
Cadiz 22-Nov-2005 Nineteen vessels in port of which 8 operating (3 Ro/Ros, 2 containers, 1 clinker, 1 sunflower seeds, 1
passenger vessel), 11 vessels under repair; no delays.
Sagunto 22-Nov-2005 Twenty-seven vessels in port operating, of which 4 loading (1 steel products, 1 cement, 2 bulk fertiliser),
18 discharging (15 steel products, 2 vehicles, 1 anhydrous ammonia), 5 discharging/loading (1 steel
products, 4 general cargo); no vessels outside commercial wharf; no berthing delays at present.

Sri Lanka
Colombo 21-Nov-2005 Berthing/unberthing (pilotage) delays being experienced on breakbulk/conventional vessels. Delays to
conventional vessels are due to the fact that container/feeder vessels are given priority at breakbulk berths
if there is container congestion. Conventional cargo vessels at BQ 1 and 2 are facing navigation delays.
Five container/feeder vessels loading at berth, 17 vessels discharging at berth (9 containers/feeders, 1
bagged cement, 1 bulk cement, 1 bagged soya bean meal, 2 bulk palm oil, 2 steel cargo, 1 bagged maize);
1 bagged maize vessel waiting at anchorage to discharge; 6 vessels dry-docked, 1 at dolphin tanker berth;
4 container/feeder vessels due, with no delays expected.

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Port Conditions

Mariupol 21-Nov-2005 Fourteen vessels in port operating, of which 12 loading (5 steel, 3 fire-clay, 1 coal, 1 bran, 1 sulphur, 1
sunflower beans), 1 discharging fluorspar, 1 loading/discharging borax/containers/steel; 7 vessels in
roads, all to load, of which 2 steel, 2 fire-clay, 2 coal, 1 other; 44 vessels due, of which 42 to load (23
steel, 10 coal, 2 fire-clay, 1 sulphur, 1 pitch, 1 wheat, 1 kaolin, 1 barley, 1 coke, 1 equipment), 1 to
discharge pipes, 1 to discharge/load containers.
Illichevsk 21-Nov-2005 Six vessels in port operating, of which 3 loading (1 steel products, 1 sunflower oil, 1 ferro nickel), 1
discharging scrap, 2 discharging/loading containers; 1 vessels in roads to discharge/load containers; 32
vessels due, of which 18 to load (11 steel products, 2 sunflower oil, 1 cake, 4 grain), 3 to discharge (2
nickel ore, 1 palm oil), 11 to discharge/load containers.
Odessa 21-Nov-2005 Twelve vessels in port operating, of which 7 loading (5 metal, 1 barley, 1 wheat), 3 discharging (1
bananas, 1 luggage, 1 citrus), 1 loading/discharging containers, 1 passenger vessel; 3 vessels in roads, of
which 2 to load (1 metal, 1 corn), 1 to load/discharge containers; 57 vessels due, of which 31 to load (18
metal, 4 pig-iron, 2 ore, 1 ferro alloy, 1 corn, 2 wheat, 1 wood, 1 soya beans, 1 pitch), 7 to
discharge (1 ore, 1 oil, 1 meat, 1 rice, 1 citrus, 2 wheat), 19 to discharge/load containers.

United States
Beaumont,TX 22-Nov-2005 Seasonal cold fronts may reduce available deep draft sailing drafts. No new restrictions in draft (normal
38 ft. 0 ins. f.w. max. deep draft enforced). Traffic schedule: 22/11: inbound traffic a.m., outbound traffic
to follow; due to damage from hurricane Rita, the Sabine waterway is open under following conditions:
one way, daylight traffic only with max. transit draft 38 ft. until further notice; shoaling has been
observed in some parts of the Sabine waterway; parts of the port are still without power and city services.
Louis Dreyfus terminal: no delays.
Houston, TX 22-Nov-2005 Seasonal cold fronts may reduce available deep draft sailing drafts. Pilots report normal 45 ft. 0 ins. max.
draft up to Shell terminal, 40 ft. 0 ins. max. draft above Shell terminal to 610 ship channel bridge, 36 ft. 0
ins. max. draft above 610 bridge to turning basis area; Cargill terminal: 1-2 days delay; LDC Dreyfus
terminal: 1 day’s delay.
Kalama, WA 22-Nov-2005 Kalama export terminal: 4 days delay; United Harvest terminal: 1 day’s delay.
New Orleans, LA 22-Nov-2005 Mississippi River terminal berthing delays: Cenex-Harstates/Myrtle Grove: 5-6 days delay expected;
Cargill-Westwego: 2-4 days delay expected; ADM/Ama: 3-4 days delay expected; Bunge/Destrehan: 5
days delay expected; ADM/Destrehan: 3-4 days delay expected; ADM/Reserve: 3-4 days delay expected;
Cargill/Reserve: 1-2 days delay expected; ADM/Paulina: 3-4 days delay expected; Zen-Noh/Convent:
2-3 days delay expected; Cargill/Baton Rouge: no delays; Mississippi River mid-stream buoys -
estimated berthing delays based on new vessel presented as load-ready and weather permitting:
Mile 121.5 ADM (Gemini) - Destrehan: 1 day’s delay; Mile 158.0 Myrtle Grove midstream
terminal: in the process of being set up; Mile 180.0 Cooper (America) - Darrow: 1 day’s delay.
Portland, OR 22-Nov-2005 Columbia Grain terminal: 2 days delay; CLD Irving terminal: 2 days delay; CLD, O Dock
terminals: no delays.
Seattle, WA 22-Nov-2005 Louis Dreyfus (Pier 86) terminal: 1 day’s delay.
Tacoma, WA 22-Nov-2005 Temco terminal: 2 days delay.
Vancouver, WA 22-Nov-2005 United Harvest terminal: 4 days delay

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