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1978 The Cullen Abduction

(The 9th Alleged ET Implant Removal By Dr. Roger Leir & Team)
Tim Cullen is a hard working cement contractor from Yuma, Colorado. He was raised
there, and resides with his wife Janet, and three daughters. Three things happened
to Cullen in 1978 that changed his life forever. He suffered a terrible car
accident, saw his first UFO, and suddenly realized that both events had appeared to
him in dreams well before the actual occurrences. Was he then also psychic? "

The events that have happened to me over the past twenty-seven years have had an
enormous effect on my life and what I believe," Cullen, a practicing Catholic, told

"In a short span of time in 1978 it was revealed to me that we are not the only
intelligent life in the universe, and it was also proven to me that God is with us
always, without a doubt."

On April 2, 1978 Tim Cullen dreamed that he was in a terrible car accident. On
April 9, 1978, he and his friend Ken Ruberg, were driving on Highway 34 when Tim
realized he was living out his dream.

"I thought about stopping and going back to townbut didn't," Tim said.

Seconds later, he rolled the car five times, breaking his neck on the first roll.
Ruberg helped Cullen up out of the ditch, and waved down a passing station wagon.

They took Cullen to the nearest hospital. The event was a replay of his dream.
While in the hospital, under sedation, Cullen dreamed of an encounter with a UFO.
Returning home from a medical check-up in Denver on May 30, 1978, Tim and his wife
Janet, a registered nurse, were driving north on Highway 59 near the Vernon Road
junction (about a quarter mile north of it).

It was dark, after 11:00pm at night. Tim saw a large dimly lit object pass in front
of the car, go behind a low hill, and re-emerge then, "It went out a ways, along
side, and as I brought the car down to a stop, it came back toward us a bit. I
backed the car up, and the UFO went out to the west of us. It came in under the
power and telephone lines and hovered over a pasture.

"It was about a hundred foot long and twenty foot wide, and about ten foot high,"
Cullen relates.

"It didn't make any noise. There were two diffused lights that shone at the back of
the craft, one a light yellow, and the other red.

We couldn't see very good. We sat there and stared at it for awhile. After we
looked at the two lights for a few minutes I turned to my wife and told her we
might as well go on to town."

Janet was five months pregnant with their first child. The Cullens have no memory
of being taken aboard the craft, nor of any missing time.

"Now, when I think about it, when I turned and started driving, I did have an odd
feeling, but it didn't really register with me. I remember coming back to Yuma, but
not looking at a clock. I was kind of shocked by the whole thing. I didn't really
think of looking at a clock," Cullen said.

Twenty years later in 1998, while setting rebar at a job, Tim Cullen hit his thumb
with a hammer. Sometime later, he thought the finger might be dislocated so he went
to see Dr. Mark Hubner at the Yuma Clinic. The doctor suggested they take an X-ray.
On returning with the film, Dr. Hubner asked, "Did you know you have a piece of
metal in your arm?"

At that moment, Tim Cullen knew what the object was. He knew that he and Janet had
experienced missing time on May 30, 1978. In 1980, Cullen experienced another
encounter, at exactly the same spot! The craft hovered and two diffused yellow
lights came on. Then one started blinking, and he stared at it.

"This can't be happening!" he thought. "Not right here!"

The craft kept moving in back of, and out from behind a low hill. Then it moved
slowly away from him. Figuring they didn't want him to see them, he got back in the
car and returned to Yuma. Again, in 1994, with his wife and three daughters, they
encountered a smaller craft with a strobe light, about forty miles south of Yuma.

"It hovered off the road in front of us, and we stopped and looked at it for five
to ten minutes. It moved around for awhile and finally went off to the north,"
Cullen related.

"The girls seemed mystified by it, but they were younger and I don't really think
they realized the enormity of what they were seeing."

Tim didn't think much about UFOs or abduction before his experiences, and had never
heard about Alien implants. But after seeing the X-ray, and knowing where the
object in the film came from, he started exploring the Internet about the subject
of UFOs and abduction. He joined an on-line encounter group, and learned about a
man in California, Dr. Roger K. Leir, who removed what were reported to be "Alien
Implants". He and Leir communicated for over a year.

The ninth alleged alien implant was surgically removed from the left forearm of Tim
Cullen on Saturday, February 5, 2000. The operation was performed at a medical
facility in Thousand Oaks, California. The procedure was performed by a surgical
team led by Dr Roger Leir; the surgery by Dr. John D, Matrisciano.

"I know nothing about UFOs or implants," Dr. Matrisciano said after the operation,
"but I think that's what is needed in this case; to be objective."

Removal of the small, "melon seed" type implant went very quickly, and smoothly.
The operation was videotaped by The Learning Channel for an upcoming show.
Recently, at a MUFON Board meeting, I saw videotape of the object that was removed,
which was shot through a microscope.

The object was about 7 centimeters long and 4 centimeters wide. It is covered by an
amazing reddish-brown membrane and has several long, proceptors (which were
connected to nerve endings) on one end. A dark area reveals a metal core. When a
magnet was placed a half-inch from the object, it literally leapt to the magnet! As
yet, the object has not been sent to anyone for analysis. An appropriate laboratory
is being sought, as are funds for performing various tests of the object.

Tim Cullen has become very outspoken about his experiences and about the object
that was recently removed from his arm. Unlike others who have had implants
removed, Tim has allowed his name to be used in the press, has given out his phone
number, and has recently established an Email address:

On returning to Yuma, Colorado after the implant removal, Cullen told his story to
Yuma's local paper, The Yuma Pioneer, and addressed both the congregations of his
Catholic Church, and his wife's Presbyterian Church. He has also been on the Art
Bell Dreamland show with Dr. Roger Leir and host Whitley Streiber. While at one of
the church presentations a woman reached out and touched Tim's sleeve.
"My husband and I know exactly what you've been through," she told him.

Tim plans to talk with them. Another man E-mailed Tim and told him of an experience
he had had. Many have come forward with stories since his return from the implant

"A lot of people around here have seen strange lights in the skies," Cullen
reports. "

Yuma is an agricultural area. They raise a lot of corn, pigs, and cattle here. Many
of the ranchers have reported cattle mutilations, several within the last few
months. One lost a prize bull. Understandably, the ranchers are angered and
frustrated about these events. They don't understand why they happen.

Tim doesn't like not being able to remember what happened to him when the object
was planted in his wrist. He is considering going through hypnotic regression in
California to see if his subconscious can reveal any answers, as it has in others.
He now admits he thinks he has been abducted. Why is he being so open?

Analyses from seven of the eight other implants removed have shown that the
membrane surrounding the metal objects seems to keep them protected from foreign
object rejection.

"This could be a huge medical breakthrough for doctors who want to use biological,
metal, or implants of other materials, in their patients. Several prestigious labs
have chemically broken down the make-up of the membrane. With the proper research,
funded by large pharmaceutical companies, human body rejection of such implants
could save many lives in the future," Cullen said.

"I'm coming forward because someone has to put a face to the alien stories, and
cause more people to come forward," Tim Cullen told the Pioneer. "The more people
we can find with implants, the more evidence we're going to have. We can study
things a lot more and get things done; get rid of the stigma around it."

Tim Cullen says proudly. "The truth needs to come out!"