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Trinity exam level 4

Practise questions
1) What are you going to talk about for your topic?
2) What are you going to do after the English class?
3) Are you going to sleep a siesta tomorrow afternoon’
4) What did you do last weekend?
5) What did you eat for dinner last night?
6) Where did you go for your holiday last year?
7) How log did you stay there?
8) Did you ride a horse on holiday?
9) What do you like to do on the beach?
10) What do you like to do in the mountains?
11) When did you come to this English school?
12) When did you start the primary school? ( or elementary school)
13) How long are you going to stay at Bridges today?
14) How often do you practise sports?
15) How often does your teacher do gym?
16) How often do you have a gym class at bridges?
17) What are some of the differences between England and USA?
18) What are some of the differences between a monkey and a bear?
19) Tell me about your hobbies.
20) Compare 2 sports you like .
21) what are you going to eat for dinner tonight?
22) What did you have for lunch today?
23) How do come to your English class?
24) Compare 2 friends. (4 lines)
25) What are you going to do next weekend if it is a rainy day?
26) Are you going to go picnicking next 21st September?
27) What presents would you like to receive on your next birthday?
28) Where would you love to go on holidays next Summer?
29) Compare Summer and Winter.(3 lines)
30) Why do you study English? (Use “so that” with 10,11,12)
31) Why do you exercise a lot?
32) Why did you get scared when you saw “The others”?
33) How do dogs bark at night?
34) How do cats run?
35) How do you read ion English?
36) When you were 6 years old...How did you write?
37) What do you like doing on rainy days?
38) Look around and describe what 2 people are doing.
39) Compare 2 teachers at school. (5 lines)
40) What does your father do every day? (5 lines)
41) What did you do for our last holidays? (5 lines)
42) What are you going to do for your next holidays? (5 Lines)
43) Yes / No questions
44) Are there 3 boys in the class?
45) Were “The Beatles” from Holland?
46) Were you born in Summer?
47) Was you mother at home last night?
48) Is Miss Claudia going to gym classes today?
49) Did you shout at school today?
50) Does Ma. Herminia have a pet?
51) Is there a big tv at Bridges?
52) Are you going to have chocolate milk at tea time?
53) Are whales dangerous animals?
54) Were dinosaurs poisonous?