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How did we decide


on the options in the

Did the land use combinations meet the vision How did we choose the best overall
and all the objectives? combinations for the city?
We assessed each combination against the These are the criteria we considered to decide

exhibition? vision and objectives: Only combinations that

met all the objectives went through to step two.
the best overall combinations to include in the
refined shortlist.

This is a big decision for our city. The Effectiveness of The ranking of options from
process needs to be comprehensive and meeting vision an analysis against the vision,
rigorous to ensure we get it right, and so we
and objectives objectives and weighted criteria
have followed a series of methodical steps. STEP TWO
(result of step two)

Each stage of selecting the options, from Strategic Including but not limited to the
How well did each land use combination meet
shortlist to final land use plan, involves the vision and objectives? How did each rank priorities and priorities and objectives of the
assessing the combinations of land uses objectives Crown, Christchurch City Council
against the other combinations?
against the vision, objectives (step one) and and Ngāi Tahu
land use assessment criteria (steps two and These are the criteria and weightings we used
to score each land use combination. This ranking Landowner Consideration of the interests of
became one of the criteria in step three. interests current and future
land owners
Wellbeing 20% Economic benefits The financial and non-financial

This process is set out in the Environmental enhancement 20% and costs benefits and costs of
Outline for the Ōtākaro Avon Affordable 15% each option
River Corridor Regeneration Plan Visitation / activation 15% Financial and Consideration of the financial and
Accessibility 10% fiscal implications fiscal implications
Connectivity 10% Risk to achieving Consideration of the level of
Employment 5% vision and uncertainty that the option is able
Achievable 5% objectives to deliver the vision and objectives

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