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Bachelor of Commerce, Mansoura University ( Egypt ) ,Pg May 2010.

Accounting department.

Jeddah, Saudi Aribia

 A training course titled " The Basics of Capital Market "
00966 54 964 2374 has successfully completed by The Egyptian Exchange.
 A training course titled " The Basics of Forex "
has successfully completed at Money Maker Center.
 " English conversation course " has successfully completed at American international academy .
 A training course titled " Galileo GDS " has successfully
completed at Egyptian Travel Agents Association - E.T.T.A.
002 0100 850 1716
 A training course titled " Amadeus GDS " has successfully
completed at Egyptian Travel Agents Association - E.T.T.A.

 I have an experience in IT as i was work at technical

company in Egypt for 2 years.
 I have an experience 3 years as a ticketing officer in Egypt.
 Travel consultant at AL-AHRAM travel as frontline and corporate service
in Jeddah (KSA) from FEB, 2012 to DEC, 2012.
 Travel consultant at AL-ARABIYAH tours in Riyadh (KSA) from JAN, 2013
till DEC, 2015 handling MIC corporate and help for cash-walk.
 Travel consultant at Al-Zahid Travel in Jeddah from JAN, 2016 till JAN,
2017 handling implant corporates.
 Senior sales agent at ARJAA travel in Jeddah from FEB, 2017 till now.

 I was working as IT, so I have fluency in dealing with the

 Mr. Hamdy Elghareib computer for various applications that serve the workflow.
General Manager at Alarabiyah Travel  I have an experience of GDS Galileo for 3 years & Amadeus for 8 years.
Mobile: + 966 56 392 1111
E-mail:  I have an experience of tours and hotels booking for online and offline
 Mr. Ahmed Kohail suppliers.
Account Manager at Etihad Airways  I have an experience of marketing such as social media marketing,
Mobile: + 966 55 667 7119 promos and other applications for web.
 In my capacity as an accountant and by virtue of my experience at (SEC)
 Mr. Ahmed Saad and (Forex) I’m a good observer of the economic events which’s makes
Team leader & MICE at Kanoo Travel
Mobile: + 966 05 980 0110 me able to read the market indicators and take advantage of the
E-mail: ongoing analysis to achieve the greatest gains to my company.