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Writing Test 2 Hour

1. Open this question paper when notified.

2. Write down your name and number in the space provided.

3. Your answers should be written in the spaces provided
in this question paper.
4. This question paper must be submitted to the invigilator
at the end of the exam.

Examiner Section

Examiner Name :
Full Mark Mark
1 4 /
2 6 /
3 6 /
4 4 /
5 6 /
6 6 /
7 6 /
8 6 /
9 8 /
10 8 /+2
11 10 /
12 10 /
13 12 /
14 12 /
Total 100

NAME : ______________________________________________________

CLASS : ____________________________________
Answer all the questions. Please write your answer in the answer space provided in this
question paper.
Answer all questions in the space provided.

1. a) Match the following with the correct term.

Meaning Terminology

i Animal without backbone Vertabrate


ii Animal with backbone Amphabian


(2 Marks)
b) Tick (/) for the correct statement of non-flowering plants
The conifer breeds by producing spores
Moss breeds by producing spores
Ferns have a vascular system
The moss has a vascular system
(2 Marks)
2. a) Fill the box with the choice of the answer given
Habitat Population Ecosystem Community

i Small pools with lotus trees, grass, a group of tadpoles, some fish,
ducks and frogs
ii A group of cows in the meadow

iii A tropical rain forest inhabited by plants and animals that are mutually
dependent on each other

iv The grasslands are home to a bunch of cows.

(4 Marks)
3. a) Complete the statement below with water physics properties
i) The boiling point of the water is 100c whereas the freezing point of water is……………..
ii) Water is a type of colorless solution with density………………………
(2 Marks )

b) Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. Build and label the molecular structure of water in
the space provided.

(2 Marks )
5. Syafiq has an unhealthy eating habits. Lately, she has frequent constipation problems.
a) State the definition of constipation.

(1 Marks )
b) Figure 1 shows the supply content provided by Syafiq's mother to be brought to school.

Figure 1
Explain how this provision can help solve the problem of constipation faced by Syafiq.

(4 Marks )
c) Predict the health problems faced by Syafiq if he does not consume vegetables and fruits

(1 Marks )
6) Figure 2 shows the cells found in the human body.

Figure 2
a) i) Name the cells shown in fig. 2

(1 Marks )
ii) State two ways the cells in figure 2 kill the pathogens

(2 Marks )
b) State the meaning of immunity

(1 Marks )

c) One child has been infected with chicken pox. After two weeks she was healed without any
i) The following diagram shows two graphs of two types of immunity. Tick (/) for a graph
indicating the type of immunity the child acquired during the disease.

(1 Mark )
ii) State a feature of the type of immune acquired by the child.

(1 Mark)
7) Dengue hemorrhagic fever is a contagious disease that can be fatal.
a) Name pathogens and vectors for this disease.

(2 Marks )
b) Give one example of another disease that is spread through the same vector with dengue

(1 Mark )
c) Explain how this disease can spread.

(3 Marks)

8) a) Figure 3 shows a beaker containing water.

Figures 3

Based on fig 3, explain why water is categorized as a compound.

(2 Marks )
b) Figure 4 shows the apparatus provided to decompose water molecules.

Figure 4 / Rajah 4
i) Name the K liquid

(1 Marks )
ii) Explain why liquid K needs to be added to the water

(2 Marks )
iii) Predict the gas volume ratio collected in P and Q

(1 Mark )
9.a) Figure 5 shows the structure of vilus on the surface of the small intestine

Figure 5

i) Name the system in the human body that contains the structure in fig. 5

(1 Mark)
ii) The presence of vilus increases the area of the small intestine for absorption of digestible
food. Apply the importance of vilus to the small intestine.

(2 Marks )
11. a) Figure 7 shows a food pyramid that guarantees healthy eating to maintain body health.

i) Based on the above preliminary, state two problems that may arise if the food at the primaid
peak is taken excessively.

(2 Marks )
ii) State two factors to consider when planning a balanced diet.

(2 Marks )
b) Table 1 shows body weight status based on body mass index (BMI)
Body mass index (BMI) Body weight status
< 18.5 Less weight
18.5-25 Normal Body weight
25-30 Over Body weight
>30 Obesity
Table 1
i) Mrs. Anita's weight is 80 kg, its height is 150 cm. Calculate BMI Mrs. Anita and state her
weight status.
BMI= Berat (Kg)
Tinggi(M)X Tinggi (M)

(2 Marks)
ii) Suggest how Mrs. Anita can overcome the problem.

(2 Marks )

c) Figure 8 shows a child who is facing a disease

Figure 8
i) What caused the disease

(1 Marks )
ii) What foods can be taken by the child to recover from the disease.

(1 Marks )
12. Father Amira owns a booth. After school, Amira often helped her father prepare a variety of
a) i) Amira mixes sugar to prepare the drink. State the solvent used to prepare sugar water.

(1 Mark
ii) How can Amira prepare sugar water more quickly?

(1 Mark )
b) Amira conducted a brief experiment on the solubility rate of sugar by using the same volume
of water.
Number of tablespoons of sugar Solution state
2 Dilute
8 Concentrated
16 Saturated
Table 2

Based on experiment results
i) Explain how the quantity of sugar affects the state of the solution.

(1 Mark )
ii) Explain how Amira can recover the excess sugar from saturated solution

(3 Marks )

c) Diagram 9 shows two types of solutions.
Rajah 9 menunjukkan dua jenis larutan.

Figure 9 / Rajah 9
i) State the type of solution for:
Nyatakan jenis larutan bagi:
- Chalk powder solution
Larutan serbuk kapur tulis:
- Oil
(2 Marks /2 Markah)
ii) Differentiate the two solutions above
Bezakan kedua-dua larutan di atas.

(2 Marks / 2 Markah)
13. Three residents in the town of Kunak died while their family members were hospitalized due
to illness. At first, all victims suffered from hot fever, headache, muscle aches, vomiting and
diarrhea. A week later, there was a rash in the body and the eyes became red. The three dead
victims have kidney and lung failure. They work at a slaughterhouse in Kunak town.

Tiga orang penduduk di pekan Kunak meninggal dunia manakala ahli keluarga mereka
dimasukkan ke hospital kerana dijangkati sejenis penyakit. Pada mulanya, kesemua mangsa
mengalami demam panas, sakit kepala, sakit otot, muntah dan cirit-birit. Seminggu kemudian,
terdapat ruam-ruam di badan dan mata menjadi merah. Ketiga-tiga mangsa yang mati itu
mengalami kegagalan ginjal dan peparu. Mereka bekerja di sebuah tempat penyembelihan di
pekan Kunak.

a) In your opinion, are all three death patients contracted for infectious diseases? Give one reason
to support your opinion.
Pada pendapat anda, adakah ketiga-tiga pesakit yang mati itu dijangkati penyakit berjangkit?
Berikan satu alasan untuk menyokong pendapat anda.

(2 Marks /2 Markah)
b) Based on the symptoms shown by the patient, identify the disease they are facing.
Berdasarkan gejala-gejala yang ditunjukkan oleh pesakit itu, kenal pasti penyakit yang dihadapi
oleh mereka.

(1 Marks /1 Markah)
c) Figure 10 shows the situation in the garbage dumps behind a shop in the town of Kunak.
Rajah 10 menunjukkan situasi di tempat pembuangan sampah di belakang kedai di pekan Kunak.
i) Circle the picture on the diagram of the 10 factors that cause the illness you have stated in (b)
Bulatkan gambar pada rajah 10 faktor yang menyebabkan penyakit yang telah anda nyatakan
dalam (b)

Figure 10 / Rajah 10
(1 Mark/1 Markah)
ii) Based on figure 10, it is likely that more people in the Kunak town will face the same disease
as the death of three residents there.
Berdasarkan rajah 10, kemungkinan besar lebih ramai penduduk di pekan Kunak yang akan
menghadapi penyakit yang sama seperti kematian tiga orang penduduk di situ.

Do you agree with the above statement? Justify your answer.

Adakah anda setuju dengan penyataan di atas? Wajarkan jawapan anda.

(2 Marks /2 Markah)
d) The cholera is a disease caused by vibrio cholerea
Taun adalah penyakit yang disebabkan oleh vibrio cholerea
i) How cholera the spread?
Bagaimanakah taun merebak?

(1 Mark /1 Markah)
ii) Mrs. Abby is a food vendor. Abby always helps her mother at the food stall. What precautions
should they take to avoid cholera disease?
Ibu Abby ialah seorang penjaja makanan. Abby selalu membantu ibunya di gerai makanan itu.
Apakah langkah berjaga-jaga yang perlu dilakukan oleh mereka untuk mengelakkan penyakit

(2 Marks /2 Markah)
iii) Abby wants to catch the flies by using a fly trap. You are required to design a fly trap model
using the materials provided.
Abby hendak menangkap lalat dengan menggunakan perangkap lalat. Anda dikendaki untuk
mereka bentuk satu model perangkap lalat dengan menggunakan bahan-bahan yang disediakan.
Sketch the fly trap model according to your creativity explain how the model works.
Lakarkan model perangkap lalat mengikut kreativiti anda terangkan bagaimana model tersebut

(3 Marks /3 Markah)
Material required
Bahan yang diperlukan

Sugar solution Blue Food colour Drinking Water

Larutan Gula Pewarna Makanan Biru Botol Minuman
Answer Space
Ruang Jawapan :

(1 Mark /1 Markah)

14. Figure 11 shows a water supply system.
Rajah 11 menunjukkan satu sistem pembekalan air.

Figure 11 / Rajah 11
a)i) What are the ingredients added in the clumping tank?
Apakah bahan-bahan yang ditambah di dalam tangki penggumpalan?

(1 Marks /1 Markah)
ii) State the function of the material specified in 14 (a) (i)
Nyatakan fungsi bahan yang dinyatakan di 14 (a)(i)

(2 Marks /2 Markah)
b) State the function of chlorine added to the water in the chlorinated tank?
Nyatakan fungsi klorin yang ditambah ke dalam air di dalam tangki pengklorinan?

(1 Mark /1 Markah)
c) Why should river water be collected and kept in the first level?
Mengapakah air sungai perlu dikumpul dan disimpan di peringkat pertama?

(1 Markah)
d) State 2 ways the country has no water supply to get water?
Nyatakan 2 cara negara tiada bekalan air mendapatkan air?

(2 Marks /2 Markah)
e) You are provided with a container containing sea water, a large pot with lid and one empty
glass as shown in fig. 14.2. seawater needs to be boiled to get water to drink. You are required to
make adjustments to the pot to enable you to obtain potable water from the seawater.
Anda dibekalkan satu bekas yang berisi air laut, periuk yang besar bersama penutup dan satu
gelas kosong seperti rajah 14.2. air laut perlu di didihkan untuk mendapatkan air yang boleh
diminum. Anda di kehendaki membuat pengubasuaian terhadap periuk tersebut bagi
membolehkan anda mendapatkan air yang boleh diminum daripada air laut tersebut.

Sketch your modifications in the space below. Explain your reason.

Lakarkan pengubahsuaian anda pada ruang di bawah. Terangkan alasan anda.

Explaination :

(5 Marks /5 Markah)