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is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea ,Spanning 11000 square kilometres in
area. Jamaica lies about 145 kilometres south of Cuba, and 190 kilometres west of Hispaniola

Jamaica is a mixed economy with both state enterprises and private sector businesses. Major
sectors of the Jamaican economy include agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism, and
financial and insurance services. Tourism and mining are the leading
Kingston is the country's capital and largest city, with a population of 100000. Jamaicans predominately
have African ancestry

The currency The Jamaican dollar has been the currency of Jamaica since 1969
The current population of Jamaica is around 3 millions

The commercialization of products related to marijuana generates the largest source of

income in this country. Nowadays the self-cultivation of this plant is allowed
typical meals

Jerk chicken

Jamaicans use a lot of spices. A mixture of condiments such as Scotch Bonnet peppers, pepper,

Any meat can be brusque, but chicken is the favorite, and Jamaican chicken is unlike any you'll
find in Europe.

The Jamaican Patty

There are as many types of empanadas with lobster, pork, chicken or even with vegetarian


The music of Jamaica follows the history of the island; as

major changes occurred socially and politically
some mento musicians branched off into the creation of a new style of music: ska.

Jamaica continued to evolve, the bad politic climate of the island aided in the development
of reggae.

the reguue is the most important type of music of jamaica and the main representants are
bob marley and inner cycle