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Vocal Selections from “CALL ME MISTER” MELVYN DOUGLAS and HERMAN LEVIN preseat CALL ME MISTER ALONG WITH ME + CALL ME MISTER THE FACE ON THE DIME LOVE REMAINS THE SAME MILITARY LIFE (The Jerk Song) SOUTH AMERICA, TAKE IT AWAY! 120 Dp MELVYN DOUGLAS and HERMAN LEVIN present ‘CALL ME MISTER, Music and Lyrics by ..... HAROLD ROME all me mister. Vocal Score. Selections, mM 1508 Rbb C3X a 19-90 ee ee ALONG WITH ME......... bette ete e nee e ees 6 CALL ME MISTER............................ 10 THE FACE ON THE DIME ..................... 22 LOVE REMAINS THE SAME .... veeeeeee 19 MILITARY LIFE (The Jerk Song)............... 14 SOUTH AMERICA, TAKE IT AWAY! ...............2 {1900 WARNER BROS. PUBLICATIONS ING. "Al Fights served SOUTH AMERICA, TAKE IT AWAY Words and Music by HAROLD ROME, The at-om bomb and the Good Hu“. man, We thinkow Sir Somer-t-ean, Be wel wi Foe Hhumba Tempo or == SS Se You beau-tiful ands te = low ont know what you be ee oe Top Pe ae ee sel We PELE ¥ ETE Ft SS _= SE (© 1846 WARNER BROS. NC. (Renewed) ‘Alig Rasowed 3 bz g. To put st plainiy, Tmtiredat shaking 43 ie ea WRT es FP PE: CHORUS ¢ ‘Take back your sem-ba Ay! yourshum-ba Ay! your con-ga AY, yay, yay! ‘ant keep my rumble Ay! an-y long-er Ay, yay, yay! Nowmay-be Lat-ins Ay! in thelr an Ay! are built strong-er, aut alt this mak 2 F of the Sto ves Be sch |) iat you stake it and you put it there ak TEESE “add | 3 red Fs SSS 2S Sas 3 ae ‘Then you shake it and you put it Then you shake it and you put it “there — = ass TER EF]? , res fe == : ES === = HF eS ae =F a ea mei gli dats DIES ecole) ey nthe Teme Tent = SSS = ¥ ria = ‘That's e-nough, that's «-nougs. take it back; Myspinc’s_out of whack! There's a great big crack in the aimed ee al SS Se SS SSS SSeS bo Ve ang ew wher Taw silt ea Am7___D9 Sanboo cong a back of my sa-cro ~ fi-ivact J2erowvoe Take back your con-ge Ay! your gine ay! your aes ees eg pets ss if chuats Dn drloctatin’ ny Weel = As bras Ge a7 Why can'tyou sendus Ay! tess stren-u - Ay!- ous num-ber! fRarcbr 4% ym ring Back the old days AY! of dancing “Te” mam-bal AY JY bap we Ay Abe, oe = — cenbe A aot mort d, Ws get-ting so now Ay! that e- ven Ay! in slum-ber 4, T ear'the My hips are creaking AY! and shrieking Ay! ca - ramsba 49° Fvegot Netgheba [y teokany all Hocewps down gy-rateet dryay partnn le eS St ore cf rock-ing of ma-ra-cas and the knocking of the knockers in my car-cass! wrig-gle and a did-dle and a jig glelike a fid~ dle in my a Nowy SOUTH A ? [ee Da kM The alla dete Te belly yaw, a7 ANN eh opted Ad comes! to-ths Ang atn dewmmin rious me Wee ‘Take back your mid-die, ou ‘me shaltyloye my pee tehoose ‘ Thenbn, 295! os Tiknow there's dan-gerreal-ly lurk-ing if my rear-end keeps on work-ing at this jerk-ing! Ho-tay_ Dm gu c — SOUTH A - MER-I-CA, TAKE If A - WAYT— — Jat Ss Ses eee —=— } para Gee BSS 2 ALONG WITH ME Words and Music by Cc HAROLD ROME I Moderately Freely G7 C19 “ my Gm7 19 5 Am7 C97 F6 that picture that we took “Fourth. of Ju - ly.” 4 FRO-S E9 Edo pho when nights were long, - ‘ry -thing seemed wrong, say at the things you'd 'd be you A tempo- Broadly i! | ‘ Ao Dmaj7 D6 Dmai7_D6 Ay CwT F9 Bbmaj7—-Bb6 Bb that warmed in my heart, Am? > Fmaj7 m6 Am? Am? p79 Abm7 Bb maj7 Gm7 BG G dream oo = Fo7 cr9 co Fmai7 Fo7 ou ta G5749 F6 CALL ME MISTER ¢ Words and Music by HAROLD ROME VOICE eb Bye oni? be eb cni? Da-di-ds, da-di-da, da-da-dee a Cat By Da-di-dip, da-di- da, da-da-dee,da-dee-da, da-di-dum, — di- dum. CHORUS Kb cmi7__Bb? Eb ___ emit beau-ti-ful day, aint it? So. ex - ci-ting and gay, fa 1 1946 WARNER EROS. NC. Renewed) ‘A igh Reserves ai Bhmaj? Fai? oui? Abaai? hii aint iW7_ There's a beau-ti-ful bue— in the beau - ti-ful blue > > = ‘iF tt abr eb cn?___nb? b mi? MIS-TER! Love-ly weather we've got, airit it? Not too cold or too hot,— By Hhmaj? __ Emi? Goi? a Ami? v7 aint it Theresa Ueau-ti-ful breezeinthe beau - ti-ful trees.— CALL ME fen bh ebdim Pai? abt = = =e f= ‘MIS-TER! There'sa lift. in the air;. Abmi Bb? Fei? i? tang in, a bang in, just liv-ing! —- Da-di- ah- da-da__ Its a Bb emi? ab? beau-ti-ful time, ain't it? All the world is in rhyme,— aint it? Epi? Oni? Abmaj? ~ gont. = beau-ti-ful shorefromNew Jer - sey to Or - Aba Bb? Fmi? wb? phr-9 JUST CALL ME MIS-TEI Fai? MIS - TERI, -ly CALL ME MIS- TER! Just GALL ME BST _pmi?_Bb9 _wh7- BD cni? Bie kb cm? MIS-TER fromnow on! Da-di-da, da-di-da, da-da-dee Da-di-da, da-di- he Bb cat be cm? da, da-da-dee Da-da- dip; da-di-da, da-di-deeyd-di-da da-di-dum, di-dum abe eb di-da-di, da-di-doo-di - da MILITARY LIFE (The Jerk Song) Words and Music by HAROLD ROME Tempo di Marcia a fads in all the pa-pers, there are signs on ev~'ry truck With a pic-ture of ‘the sol-dier’s friend, The SS === SSeS ia === AOS j= 7 SS good old rup-tured duck! And it says be-neath the pic-ture, kind-ly es! aes aha (© 846 WARNER BROS INC (anon) ‘apna Reserves sen-ti- ment ver-y dear to each one 7S oes = ct Ppoet: ann Go 725345554 as mem-ber what the first col-um-nist, a Greek named EE SSS SSS SSS aia wrote! “You can't make a ay -lon pock-et book out of eae SSS SSS Dab 4 ma- tion point, un - fact you ought to note. Take the CHORUS, Tempo di Marcia AAR oo De s ret <= 5 = 3 C 6S SSS Ee ~ SPSS 4. He was a jerk be ~ fore he got in-to the serv = ice. He was a slob be - fore he got in-to the serv - ice He was a a + and nev- er ‘on the square. Hr would shot with Ioe* = e~ quain-tan-ees would say. His de - port-ment was - n' ¥ Em AT Loved to ped = dle stof-en tee, Stole milk from ba - bies in his He — in-dulged in ev -'ry vice ‘That plagues — the Board of San- i - a : = = Se 7 the charm of Ar my life! the charm of Ar- my life! Ar D touch of dis - touch of dis nd strife! Thru the nd strife! Thru the | Gain - 7 - = == 2S eS Sy Imock and the mite, Thru the flack and the firey The mil-i-tar-y magic did its mash and the mush, Thru the crash and the crush, © The mil~ i-tar- y mag-ie did its An cme SS =_ work! From «for - eign shore he is back once more! job! With the oth - er men he's come back a - gaint ee os eh + StL a jerk’ Still a iguog v TLS —ybry pred 18949 204 ITAA Kqsoyouom ays AON IHeNY 204 PIP PEL on] WOT]. sys, > 8H PUD YOY OM NGL jus ou) Pu HOsIE Oy NIT, ‘pup otmjdiostp jo yono} ous jayn| Atmap fo wapy> oy YO Ing uo sjuod yrim ButyikuD 1D pojoosp puy "apeq eiqnop Auput dn ofo%g —ispoiys 01 spueus} 104 409) pinom ous ‘eoun]6 184 Ulyjt s1UD poy—o1oq D SOM ous ‘eoraie® oy oft 108 os alojeq eioq B EDM Ogg (81D) SAHOHD HLL laud ¥ THs. souion> wont Uy 00} st UO 3.9%] MON duu6 ay 708 stbpur LiDyyyar ous, vqeour ou) puD ysiur oy TAY, ysojs oy! pup yEnys oy) nadL joys pub suypdiseyp yo yonor ouy jam Atwab jo WaEy> ay Yo IME jhurammu sty Uo eBo6Hom D pesojooi0g “Toijoy 9[6D9 ay opoat oy TL sDI]oP BO} UO PIO PmOm 9H wojo © uDMy ZeyY6%) PUD dup D spm, ‘enjaios at) o1ut 108 94 s10}oq dup D sD oH SAYOHD HLMNOd inna ¥ TIS —pouinje! mou S04) 3H ‘pourpo| oy SBuri OW HiLAA rung ory epour 2}6ou ADI oy “ym oq) pup zuds om) aug ‘iey OM puD Zing ow NAL joie puo eundiosp Jo Yano} oy oj Kuso Jo IBD oy) "YO IM ‘Aopung uo spjB3nq D 2q OL ‘poq sm y) Sunsabfine sod pop pup pur sx 1D9q pom oH ‘auop pub pins st |[D Uayse wing D SDM OF ‘otaies ou} out 708 9 oxojaq wing msm OF SMYOHD GUIKL al LOVE REMAINS THE SAME c Words and Music by Medium Jump Tempo ro Dai? Cms?__ mi? Dei? We may won-der how Great Grand-ma and Great Grand-pa got a - long ad = ae ' yr RF i an pal? @ Foie y charm-ing but so in-con-ven-ient days that we re-call. But the ver-y fact that TT trp RPT Gna? Dat S, Dmi? you and I are here to sing this song Seems to prove that tho’ the (© 1246 WARNER ROS. INC (Ranemes) ‘ates esored Dai? o? Some things nev - er change at CHORUS Medium Jump Tempo bt 0? iH Girls may cange tee a ay s+ te = 2 i Dai pai? c v? a aus, Chassis But LOVE_—RE-MAINS THE SAME! Views may changesTa-boos may change;Ho- = >> >> ia Dai? c Dm ast « More legmay be show-ing, But LOVE_ RE-MAINS THE SAMEI_ Aes >> > > i a ae 4 = 2 7 Cc mi? o maj? they meet, flir - ta-tion A hug, A kiss, ‘Then ring the bells for the next gen-er-a-tion! Names may change, And @ aug. a7 e a? bmi games may change,Andtimes may seemmore chum-my.— _ Whist be-comesgin Fum -my— But love,— => ip i = ea S= — thank the Lord, re-mains the same.. > >> > | 2 THE FACE ON THE DIME Words and Music by HAROLD ROME Slowly —~ s>~ _—_ — Ga IS = —3— Xonar —s— ich — = =a face on a dime, on a ein = y new dime. How can a cee ee az gai? lug. 3 — Dm? gs to tell my heart 2. new dime, He's not © 1816 WARNER ORS. INC (Renonee) i Fights Resarnd ww5g4. 2a a c Fay? —3——c_ami?_Dmi? C SSS SS SS Agi —s aug, —s—, Yong — in the past,— but his name sure will last Down thru time, Down — thru = = FP eer Let the few —_ rant and sean - dal and doubt him. — They did —_—d ers AL em? Pang. Bai? Dai? 3 that to Abe Lin - coln be - fore. As for me, Tl teach my kids a