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Opening Prayer
Lord God we thank you for today,we thank you for once again giving us the opportunity to
share your word Lord.
We pray Lord God,that your words Lord God come alive within us Lord to inspire us, to heal
us, to cleanse us, to teach us, to restore us and to guide our hearts and minds. We pray that
You will fill our lives with Your love Lord God, fill our conversations with grace and truth, fill
this group Lord God with Your presence . Open our minds Lord God so that we may receive
Your eternal wisdom. Open our spirits so that we may know Your leading and guidance. And
open our hearts so that we may receive Your wonderful love.
Warm Up Question
Have you ever gotten lost? What happened? How did you find your way?
Oo naman.Madalas.Siguro ung first place in mind sa boarding house namin sa Makati. Halos
23minutes kasi kami naglalakad everyday,paunta tapus 25minutes ulit pabalik.Kapag nasa
Makati ka kasi talaga,hindi pedeng hindi ka maglalakad.Bago ka kasi makarating sa boarding
house madami ka pang kantong dadaanan.Mga ilang liko din yun,so ung mga fisrt two days
ko dun ,dun ako naligaw,hindi din naman exactly naligaw,maybe nalito,sa ibang kanto ako
nakarating,good thing isa maliit lang din ung lugar and may landmark kasi dun,ung barangay
hall,basta nakarating kas sa barangay hall,it means malapit ka na sa boarding house kasi
malapit lang ung sa amin dun.Kung baga ung landmark which is ung barangay hall ung
nagserve as a way para makarating ako sa bahay.
7The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making
wise the simple; 8the precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart; the commandment of
the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes . . . PSALM 19:7,8
So ung topic natin today is under pa din ng wordview series,so ung last week is
Inspiration,today ung topic naman natin is about Benefits. Benefits that we could acquire from
reading the bible. If babasahin natin ulit ung verse kanina,we could see a description of the
word or the bible,it was been characterize as perfect,as sure,as right,as pure. Then from that
description,we can see a function that follows, the law of the Lord is perfect,since it is
perfect,what does it does or panu siya nagfunctionsabi niya,that it revives the soul.the
testimony of the Lord is sure,what does the word do,making wise the simple,the precepts of
the Lord are right,rejoicing the heart and so on. From that point,we can say na bago natin
maappreciate what the bible can do,we need to know the characteristics of the word first,kung
anu ba siya.

1. The law of the Lord is perfect,reviving the soul.

When we say perfect,it means,its complete,its beautiful,its practical,it is not lacking in any
way.In reality,therese seems some things in our life that is perfect,seems complete,tulad
ng mga phone natin diba,it used to fulfill its function perfectly.Parang ang hirap na din para
sa atin to live a life without it. That we used to seek it,that we used to be too attached to
it,lalo na kung may iphone x ka diba,or Samsung s9,coming to the point that we also used
to seek to tell others about it. How about the word right? It is perfect,it lacks nothing,but do
we seek it,naisheshare din ba natin siya sa ibang tao?
2. the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple;
Sure means its dependable,its reliable.It is God’s word that makes us wise. Since ang
wisdom naman it has nothing to do kung ikaw pa ung pinakamatalinung tao sa mundo,or
ikaw ung may pinakamataas na IQ, since wisdom deals with our ability to respond
correctly to every situation that would come in our way. Ung wisdom na tinutukoy natin dito
is un ung nagbibigay satin ng ability para masolve ung problems that we have and get
results. And we get it from reading the bible. For example,kung ang isang tao is
single,nandiyan ang bible to give us a great deal of wisdom about the kind of person we
should marry.The bible is full of wisdom sa ibat ibang aspect ng life natin,sa finances,sa
friendships,sa health,sa marriage,and success. It covers all area of life.
3. the precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart.
The bible is our source of genuine happiness. If you would find yourself
everyday,punung puno ka ng optimism,positivity na alam mo yun,you cant take any
negative thought or opinion mula sa ibang tao,and at the same time iba yung joy.
When we fill our mind everyday with the word,we are reminded that God loves us,that
He is in charge of our life,that God takes care of us,He protect us.Eh panu pag andiyan
na ung troubles,ung problems. Whenever He leads us through difficult times, He is
bringing us into a more abundant place. He leads us to greener pastures.

4. the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes.

Purity means speckless, without spot, goodness or righteousness.The word of the Lord
becomes pure and beautiful because it revelas all the corruptions in our life. It exposes
who we really are. If we would remember the topic last week,inspiration,one of the things
the bible do is to reproof,to expose kung sinu talaga tayu,kung anu ung mga maling bagay
na patuloy nating ginagawa, but at the same time it tells us what to do to make things right.
And that leads us to purity, to righteousness.

Without the word,we cant see well enough, and it manifest itself in stumbling,madalas tayung
mastumble right,everytime we are not in the word,wala na naman tayung devotion,the faith is
shaken,we fall most of the time. And minsan we are fearful of what is out there,of what is
ahead of us,that God has reserve for us,out of word defficiency,ganun ung nararamdaman
natin. But with the Word the light is turned on. Our eyes can see. We gain a new ability to
see. This new ability changes everything. Our sight has been changed so that we can now
say right along with Paul:

[16] So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being
renewed day by day. [17] For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal
weight of glory beyond all comparison, [18] as we look not to the things that are seen but to
the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are
unseen are eternal. (2 Cor 4:16-18 ESV)

Closing Question:

When you read the Word this week, what are you praying to get from it? What will you do to
prioritize the Word this week, and trust God to reveal Himself to you?

Closing Prayer:
“Father, I thank you for your word. I thank you for your promises. I thank you for the things
that you have spoken concerning my life. I know that they are true. I know that I’m going to
fulfill my dreams. I know that your promises will be fulfilled in my life. I know that I will fulfill my
vision. I know that I will finish my assignments. I know that I will bring glory to you. Thank you
for your word. Thank you for being a faithful God. Thank you for being within me. I thank you
for your strength in me. I thank you for your presence in me.”