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Newton: The irony of Indian democracy

The film starts keeping a any turnouts in first few hours
character at the centre named of the Election Day and nobody
Newton (Nutan Kumar) who is a except Newton was worried about.
government clerk by profession; However, the scenario changed
he is honest and has divine when the DIG (Deputy inspector
faith on the Indian general of police) called the
parliamentary democracy. He officials to inform that foreign
wants to make a change in this journalists are visiting the
system full of problems but area and the show of elections
believes that the way to do it should look happening, free and
lies in the doctrine of the fair.
system itself. A photo of Dr. B.
R. Ambedkar in his room gives Atma Singh took up charge,
some clues of his inspiration in troops were sent into the
this regard. villages and adivasis were
forced to come to the polling
As a part of his duty he chose booth. When the villagers came
to conduct election as a to know for the first time that
presiding officer in a Maoist this whole election system was
controlled area in Dandakaranya, all about choosing their
Chhattisgarh. The film representatives to Delhi, the
beautifully portrays his villages promptly forwarded
contradiction with a para- their Patil (leader of the
military commander Atma Singh adivasi clan or village). The
who ideologically is a man of irony was that while there was
the status quo. He believes that no mechanism in this democratic
the current status quo with all system to incorporate him who
its problems shall prevail, and was the actual leader of the
rather than being divine, the people, none of the so called
laws and democratic appearance leaders in the ballot list among
of the system is just to run it which they have to choose were
smoothly. Newton wants to known to them.
conduct free and fair election
in the area and Atma Singh with “Voting Machine Ek Khilona Jaisa
support of the higher officials, Hai.. Jo Pasand Aaye Achcha Lage
in the name of security from the Woh Button Daba Do.” (“Voting
Maoists, tries to neutralize all machine is like a toy.. press
his efforts. any button you feel like”) said
Atma Singh. As directed, at one
After reaching the polling end the adivasis started
booth, on looking at the signs “playing with the toy” without
of torture by the Indian armed knowing whom they are voting for
forces and by seeing their and at the other end greatness
behavior with the people, it of the Indian electoral system
slowly gets clear to Newton that was sung by the journalists to
they were nothing but mammoths the media. The hypocrisy of the
of terror in front of the Indian Parliamentary Democracy
villagers. As expected, the was brazen! And Newton watched
polling booth did not receive the whole affair helplessly, he

SPARK- An initiative of Ambedkar Bhagat Singh Study Circle. Issue no. 3, October 2017 1

it does not show the way to bring a change but passionately shows the dire need of it. knowingly or unknowingly they laughed at the irony of the Indian democracy. but the stock of democracy could offer them. a man of the system had to take up arms against the system. Newton and the team. more representative of the adivasi and more truth about the system community to watch what this unfolds. 3. SPARK. The film presents these ironies with beautiful humor in a satirical way.An initiative of Ambedkar Bhagat Singh Study Circle. spirit. The movie raises tough questions.tried to complain the anomalies Throughout the process of the to the DIG but he seemed to be election a local adivasi school aware of everything and more teacher Malko Netam stayed with than happy about it. in order to carry on with the voting further. The maker’s personal astonishment while this discovery causes both. Issue no. At last. However. Like for example. It appeared as if she was present as a As the movie progresses. it also suggests that bringing such a change won’t be quick or easy. the magic of the narrative and the lack of end-to-end clarity. The situation raises obvious question whether the state is at all honest while granting such rights. not by someone with sustained answers. or smaller and smaller. we hear a lot about the terror of Maoists in the film. While the audience laughed at the satires the film presented. but by ones who discovered lot of questions. and answers Newton has becomes she probably got the answer. This time the irony was that to ensure a basic right of voting granted by the constitution. The film is maybe she already had the written and made in a similar answers. Newton had to take up gun against the security forces and Atma Singh. but learn nothing about their passion. October 2017 2 .