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My name is Fabian Vega, I am from Bogotá and I have 22 years old. My

expectation of this course is to improve my English in the part oral and
written and also finish all this 9 levels the English Dot Works and more. My
best friend is whoever never us betrays and us loves " god "...

1 Hello everyone, mi name is Camilo Carrion, I am 29 years old, I live with mi wife in Bogotá D.C., I
work in IDIPRON, I am business administration, my hobies are play soccer 5 and chess online, I
hope achieve a development in my fluency in the part speaking and reading of my English.

2 My name s Gustavo Andrés Fernández Girón, i´m 22 years old, i´m industrial engineer
and i´m very exciting to improve my skills with this beautiful language.

I´m from Cali but in this moment i´m living in a little town calls Jamundí, i like watch and
play soccer, read and do a lot of things with my friends... go tho the swimming pool, drink
some beers, party, bbq, etc.


3 Hello everyone, My name is Lorena Herrera, I'm 16 years old. I am

student the grade 10', in my free time, to me like playing volleyball, to go
out, to dance. Sometimes usually lecture. I
do course that to me like and will be even very important at this time and

4 Hi teacher and mates

My name is Jorge Martinez Garcia, I am 32 years old and I am from Santa Marta "The
Pearl America". I study business administration.

I hope further progress in English courses offered by SENA, for me it is important to learn
about the English language because it can take advantage of occupationally and
socially.See you soon

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Hello! My name is Karen Milena. I'm from Cartagena. I grew up well disciplined
by my beloved parents. I live in Cartagena with my family. I live with my mother
and my two sisters. I love sport, Basketball, Volleyball etc. In my free time I like to
play computer, sleeping, reading, listen to music. My favorite foods are, rice,
steak, all kinds of fruits, and all kinds of vegetables. I like to drink juice, and
water. My favorite activities are, camping, traveling, carpentry, studying, and watch
TV. My dream is to make family memories, family, business, travel and be
financially free. I want a twenty million a month salary. I want to be a professional
investor and business owner in the next ten years. I want to live in my own house
in Europe. Finally, I hope all my dreams will come true. I will be very happy if I
succeed in my studies and in my life.
Best Regards,

6 My name is francia jaramillo I am 25 years old.

I want to do this course to improve my english and I hope to learn many things, about my
activities in my free time i like to go to the gym and do exercise also go for a run, on
weekends i like to go to the cinema and watch some movies, eat ice cream and visit some
friends have a good time. I certanly enjoy the life


7 Contraer

Hello everybody.

My name is Jhonnis chiquillo, I'm from Cartagena and I'm 21 years old.

I'm studying Forestry Engineering at Universidad Universidad libre and

I'm in my 8th semester.

I love all about forests, I really like to watch football like the matches of
Barcelona FC. I also like listening to music, genres like rock, gospel and

I hope to enjoy this course and learn much more.

Have a nice day.

8 Hi Steve, I am Juan David. I am sixteen years old. I was born in Bogotá and now i live

Last year i finished my school formation and now i begin at university.

I wanna have a good experience with this course and i want learn too much.



My name is Angela Liseth Infante Cardenas, my nickname is lala, born the one of December
de 1992, I am 23 years old, I am SENA´s student, of technological negotiation administrative,
I am from Santa Rosa de Viterbo – Boyacá, I am unmarried, I pleasure spend time with my
family, play volleyball, play basketball, swim, listen to music and one of my hobbies favorite
is salsa´s dancer and eat hot dog, I dislike the fruits as the apple, pear, tangerine, grape,
orange, between other.

My favorite color is blue; my favorite music is the salsa, meringue and the bacchant. I dislike
him being kept waiting, I dislike him some vegetables, the people disrespectful and the mans
that not knowledge dance. I dot not have any pets.

Between weeks I live only in Tunja, the weekend live with my father, my mother and my
brother in Santa Rosa de Viterbo, my brother is student, my mother is housekeeper my father
is employee.

I do like get married, and have two sons, being a big professional.

This technological negotiation administrative is very interesting and Useful. Opens many job
options, to improve my quality of life and that of my family.

This English course is helpful for my work performance in the company where you work,
improves the communication and favors the development of activities in my job.

10 Hello everyone, My name is Ginna Carolina Acosta , I had working at the marketing
department in a Regional Bearing Distributor,
I am a professional in advertising and I love to study a lot, especially things related
to the history and what it has to do with my area , marketing. In my free time, i
prefer listen to music, go to different places in bicycle and share time with my little
daugther. I love to dance salsa, and go to the cinema.I want to master the English
language , it is one of the many goals in my life , because it is very important for
my professional and personal life.

Thanks for your time.

11 My name is carlos jimenez

I have 20 years old,

I live Cartagena
I play volleyball.

I like eating and cooking

I like to share with my family.

I want to learn a lot about the English is very important.

Thanks Good Bye

12 Contraer

My name is jose salcedo

I am 29 years old

I am single

I am Colombian

In my free time i like to listen to music, play video

games, play soccer with my father and watch movies
with my family

I hope to have fun and learn a lot

thank you

13 My name is Sonia Lizbett Suarez Rodriguez, I have 35, I was born in BOGOTA DC,
working on Neptune Insurance Consultants Ltd., I'm analyst bonds, we issue all compliance
policies, my favorite music, my expectations with the level of English is to remember and
expand my knowledge in the language and add it in my career.

best regards
14 Good ninght Teacher

my name is Henry

I am from Colombia

I am 31 years old

I am single

I am a Ingenery in system

I live in La Plata Huila

In my free time i like to play soccer, chaiting and listen music.

My expectations to take and passthe course.

15 Hi teacher.

my name is hernan barraza almanza.

I am technologist in water and sanitation.

I'm 25 years old.

Location Valledupar, Cesar, Colombia.

I am a father of a beautiful child of 5 months old.

And my expectations are the best way to finish the course in order to increase my
knowledge in the English language.

16 Good Afternoon teacher,

My name is Waltter Smith Amon, I’m from Venezuela, I’m 27 years old, I am Electrical
engineer and I live in Ocaña city. I like to play basketball, read and play the guitar. I arrived
to this beautiful country 2 years ago. My wife is from Ocaña city, Colombia. I will hope to
learn about all the topics of the course.

nice to meet you