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10/5/2018 Mylab 30 - Técnicos de mantenimiento Foro

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MyLab 30
Tags: Ultrasound, ESAOTE
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10/5/2018 Mylab 30 - Técnicos de mantenimiento Foro

MyLab 30
March 22, 2018 09:29

Problem on MyLab 30. When you press any key there is a beep but no other response. Also
the keyboard icon at the top of the screen blinks.
Any suggestions on the issue?
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Fedor Uvarov
re: MyLab 30
March 24, 2018 04:44

Hi !
(22) You have several problems with the device. Most likely the hard drive is
(4) faulty.
What needs to be made.
1 To make the copy of the hard drive Akronis.
2 To write down codes of licenses.
To remove patients from the database, it will be very long (it borrowed me
all night long)
3 To disassemble completely the device and to clean from dirt and dust. On
board of the computer to remove the black block with a radiator and to
change thermopaste on the central processing unit.
4 To replace the hard drive
There can be a problem, hard drives of the IDE format aren't issued any
I established Solid-state
disk. For its installation will be necessary the IDE adapter - SATA, the SATA
cable, the poiwer splitter for SATA. I bought adapters in China, with board of
the adapter the socket deleted SATA and soldered a SATA cable directly
(otherwise isn't located instead of an old disk) Kabel stretched under the
case to CD rom, in the same place established a new disk.
Several devices are remade, normal weeds more than a year!

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Eduardo Santander
re: MyLab 30
March 27, 2018 09:44

(2) This error happens because this unit is two modules integrated in one
machine (one module is the ultrasound and the oher is a Computer), in this
case the computer is not loading or has a fault.

The firts thing you need to do is turning on the device after the green bar is
displayed you have to press CTRL + ALT + ARCHIVE REV, this will show you
what's happening in the computer

Here you will have 3 posibles situations:

1. BIOS battery Low.

2. Blue Error Windows Screen
3. A display Error on Screen.

You also need to have available a USB Keyboard in order to do another test
and try to solve the problem.

As I have write you on top, do this test to figure out where the problem is
and then you can write me and if sftware or anything esle related to this
machine I can help you

Best Regards


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10/5/2018 Mylab 30 - Técnicos de mantenimiento Foro

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