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Given the scenario in the globe currently, doves may not be at the driver’s seat
when it comes to policy making and framing strategies. Nevertheless, doves
can surely checkmate hawks as harbingers of peace, progress and prosperity,
words that may be alien to hawks. A glance at prime time news or a magazine
would present a gloomy picture of the world to a person. Majoritarianism ,
intolerance , Alienation, civil war, extremism, war glorifying rhetoric, jingoism
and violence are all common inferences and phenomenon across the globe.
Having fought two wars and countless regional wars, humankind still is
ravenous for more blood! Nuclear weapons have added a new dimension viz
existential crisis. Who can forget gut-wrenching pictures of Vietnam War, the
great wars, holocaust. Needless to mention, Hiroshima and Nagasaki
destruction failed to shake conscience of leaders and warring entities which is
manifested in the successive wars in the aftermath of this brutal event

It is clear that arms race and nuclear proliferation are also not meant for
welfare of mankind but for blood, savagery and destruction. Countries are
spending major shares of public money on defence sector, part of these funds
if diverted to healthcare and social sector could eradicate life-threatening
diseases and improve living standards by leaps and bounds. This phenomenon
is not confined to developed and western countries but encompasses even the
third world countries. India and Pakistan display poor performance in HDI and
other living standards reports but both maintain nuclear weapons and world
class armies, ready to destroy each other at any instant. Four wars destroyed
economies of both countries and another one is round the corner which may
be a threat to existence of both countries, needless to mention the
humanitarian implications and ramifications it may gave.

It is therefore imperative for doves and other concerned citizens across the
globe to join hands for the global peace, stability and security. Policy makers
and leaders have to stop war mongering .The world has to look for alternatives
to violence and extremism. Dialogues, treaties and hi-level talks have to lead
the global stage. It may otherwise be too late for world because the world is at
a critical juncture. Wars, violence and extremism are the last things that the
world and future generations deserve. Let us hope that cooler heads prevail.
Wars, violence and extremism are eclipsed by peace.

“No more blood, the world deserves better”