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GC210 Portable Single gas detector

GC210 single gas(Combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen) detector is a portable single
gas(Combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen) detector with intrinsic safety ( detector
hereinafter ), continuously monitor single gas(Combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen)
density. It is applied for explosion-proof, toxic gas leak detection, rescue, and also
applied in the surroundings such as underground pipe and mine, to keep the workers
safe from invasion of the toxic, deleterious gas and avoid damage to equipment. The
detector inspects single gas(Combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen) density by natural
diffusion and adopts imported electrochemical sensor(catalytic combustion sensor for
flammable gas), having good sensibility and excellent repeatability. The device has
embedded micro control technique and Chinese user menu, making the operation easy.
Complete function and dependability makes the whole device a leader in the nation.
The cover of the detector is refined from high-intensive engineering material
(compound elastic rubber), which made the detector touches well, waterproof and
Application: The detector monitors the single gas(Combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen)
density and is widely used in metallurgy, electric factory, chemical, mines, tunnels,
underground pipes etc, effectively prevent toxic accident.

◆ Reliable and durable fixed life by the imported sensor
◆ Automatical calibration and zero-set
◆ Apparent and Clear Display
Chinese menu, displaying real time and battery capacity, low battery indication and
automatic turn-off for low voltage
◆ Rapid and effective warning with audible alarm, and extremely bright visual light
alarm and vibrating alarm as standard.
◆Advanced self-test of complete functions automatically when turned on
◆ 2000 record capacity
◆ Alarm for sensor failure
◆ Password management to avoid wrong operation;
◆ Advanced self- calibration for accuracy.


◆ Range: See attached table.

◆ Gas Detected:single gas(Combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen)
◆ accuracy: 3% F.S
◆ Response time: T90<30s
◆ Indication: Large STN LCD indicates real time and system state
◆ Alarm indication: Wide-angled light emitting diode, 85db buzz(the frequency of
buzz depends the density),vibrating.
◆ Fault indication: indications of Zero point drift and sensor failure.
◆ Operating temperature: -30 ~ + 50 degree
◆ Humidity: < 95%RH non-condensing
◆ Voltage: DC3.7V Li-ion battery 1200mAh
◆ Charging time: 4h~6h
◆ Duration of operation: flammable gas ≮ 8 (non-stopped); toxic gas ≮
◆ IP Grade: IP66.
◆ Weight: about 120g(including battery)
◆ Dimension: 102 mm×56mm×26mm.

Detector Model Gas Detected Range Range Optional Resolution

CO Detector CO 0-1000ppm 0-500/2000/5000ppm 1ppm ≤20s

O2 Detector O2 0-25%VOL 30%VOL 0.1%VOL ≤20s

O3 Detector O3 0-10ppm 0-100ppm 0.01ppm ≤20s

H2S Detector H2S 0-100ppm 0-50/200/1000ppm 1ppm ≤30s

H2 Detector H2 0-1000ppm 0-5000ppm 1ppm ≤30s

CL2 Detector CL2 0-20ppm 0-10/100ppm 0.1ppm ≤30s

NH3 Detector NH3 0-100ppm 0-50/500/1000ppm 1ppm ≤30s

SO2 Detector SO2 0-20ppm 0-50/1000ppm 0.1ppm ≤30s

NO Detector NO 0-25ppm 0-500ppm 0.1ppm ≤30s

NO2 Detector NO2 0-20ppm 0-50/100ppm 0.1ppm ≤30s

CH2O Detector CH2O 0-50ppm 0-5/10ppm 0.01ppm ≤30s

HCL Detector HCL 0-20ppm 0-20/100ppm 0.5ppm ≤30s