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Bombshell ! Satoransky leave the club to

play for the Wizards
The basis signed last March renewal for four seasons until 2020,
but had the option of leaving this summer for the United States.
Satoransky, however, was committed to the club to continue at
least one more season. Finally, Tomas has decided to cross the
pond and try your luck in the best league in the world.

The news was a bucket of cold water within the FC Barcelona. Not
surprisingly, Rodrigo de la Fuente, General Manager of FC
Barcelona basketball section, spoke this afternoon with Satoransky
and Czech at no time communicated its intention to sign for the
Wizards. De la Fuente learned through Twitter and then confirmed
by the Czech player agent. Satoransky must now pay its exit
clause, which is 1.5 million euros. The Wizards can only pay

objective of the section will continue to fight

for all the titles, but the new coach will not be
assessed on the basis of what has been
achieved, but evolution in three years of the
new project. The director of professional
sports club, Albert Soler, by the director in
charge of basketball, Joan Bladé, and the
brand new general manager, Rodrigo de la
Fuente, have worked on a new model that
changes substantially lived in the section in
recent years.


Barca Lassa has had excessive signings in
So will the change of model recent seasons, some more successful than
others, but all he has done is to disorient the
Barca Lassa a new era after years of success under the tandem Joan amateur, who has failed to identify with
Creus Xavi Pascual-. But that model has been exhausted and the Barca them, and many have come to desist from
directors has decided to blow the Blaugrana helm basket to give a new going to Palau, without being participants in
approach and where homegrown players will gain significant weight that group.
from now the


Number 1 to 60: this is

the 2016 NBA Draft.
. I am 64 years old and I have spent 34 basketball team
with 59 titles I won I have been one of the 60 ..."
dijo.Confesó that " I'm sad, but I knew that the end had to
come, but one is, pulls well ahead ... and was fine. I was
told it was time relay. okay. I do not opined ".Reconoció players and coaches that coexisted. This was the case
that" I will miss all this, of course. Now I do not because I'm
of Aito Garcia Reneses, Roger Estaller ...
on vacation, but in August yes, in August I'll miss. I
dedicate myself to my family, ".Bové not come to assess Bove, which was defined as "the Angel Mur
whether deserved another end. "I do not know ... Things basketball," said that in 1982 went to El Ferrol to
have gone well and we must accept them" .In any case, "learn to heal with herbs," which is what made "the
almost certainly, will continue linked to FC Barcelona. It will descendant of the healer who had the Spanish selection
join FCB Universitas Area, Club area dedicated to
basketball in the 40s. " Then he formed academically.
scientific research to enhance athletic performance and
transmit conocimiento.Catalunya Ràdio paid tribute When asked if he had done some miracle, he said that
passing some cuts "it depends on the players. I can do many things, but
the player should want to recover.

200 subscriptions culture of effort for

exhausted students:
For the fifth consecutive year, Valencia Basket drives this initiative
where he is rewarded with a season ticket to the first 200 students
who have submitted a transcript with all approved courses and a
score proficient or higher in at least one subject foreign language.
these 200 young people who have come to the club offices to meet
the eligibility criteria for this initiative will enjoy all the home games
of Valencia Basket at a significant discount on your season pass
through this reward for his esfuerzo.José, Benjamí, Gustavo Miguel
and Raul were it is
Paul Gasol played for Spurs
The NBA market lives a convulsive days. On Monday
one of the major unknowns in the free agent market
cleared when Kevin Durant announced that it would sign
for the Golden State Warriors.A From here, the ripple
effect is served and the next on the list to change the
destination has been Pau Gasol. The pivot of Sant Boi has
chosen the Spurs and sign a contract of 30 million dollars
for two seasons, the second option in which could again
be a free agent.